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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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they have a legitimate travel and trade mission they have a terrorist mission and they say that at number five is the screening of asylum seekers and so while that philosophically may be something that one could support or oppose it what you're saying now is we're not going to lead you seek asylum by crossing the border and accessing a border patrol agent you have to go through the port of entry and they're deliberately slowing down the processing of the port of entry so that people can apply and that's not going to create a good fact pattern for then the people who are challenging this in litigation same aware of my supposed to apply for asylum and that is that fact pattern in addition with the fact that the law is actually not on the president for reasons i can explain are going to probably lead to this being stricken down that was what i wanted to ask you how do you anticipate it will actually play out if we use the so-called muslim ban the travel ban as as a blueprint which got challenge to but then was eventually allowed through what do
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you anticipate here. there's a big difference between this and the travel ban because the statute that the president used for the travel ban is actually a statute that prevents entry of people and entry has a very specific legal definition in the immigration code meaning meaning that one has actually inside the land of the united states and is free from custody and so every single person who crosses the border and ask for asylum has already entered and so a statute banning their entry is irrelevant it has no it has no application to them because they've already entered and so then the question is can they use this entry jute as a way to piggy back a ban on allowing people to apply for asylum because they say anybody who is banned then can apply for asylum and i do not think even this composition of the supreme court will say that be very act of applying for asylum makes you as
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a matter of discretion in eligible to apply for asylum that would be circular logic that would have visitor ate the entire statute and i don't think that's going to be able to survive as a specially with the fact pattern where there are deep prioritizing the application of asylum at the port of entry well then what is somebody supposed to do in the situation and i think they've set this up quite poorly in terms of how they're going to be approaching this moving forward donald trump said a little bit earlier in his soundbite that we need democrat votes we need to change the repub story the immigration laws one of us on facebook live david said we haven't had immigration reform because republicans never tire of using it as a wedge issue they're the ones that keep it going what do you think of that comment . well i think two points i think number one it is a correct statement to say that this does need to be resolved by congress that the president has sort of used all of the powers already at his disposal to try to stem
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this as much as possible and that the real solution is for congress to created different alternatives for how to process people and i think this actually can be done quite easily using mexico as a processing location for people to make a legitimate claims under a legitimate standard not a draconian that then if they win then they can actually enter the united states i do think that the alike that can be reached but it requires a good faith on both sides on the side of democrats and on the side of republicans republicans to be slightly more willing to be welcoming and tolerant of legitimate refugees in this group and of democrats to understand that you do need to have some tighter enforcement for the people who are not considered refugees in this group and so both of those sides need to come together to make a congressional deal because that's the only deal that will actually at the end of the day be able to change things because this proclamation i don't think will survive the courts this by people thinking well the president won the drabble bay
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and yeah these are actually completely different scenarios leon for always enjoy talking to thank you for your time today. freelance journalist is documenting the caravan's progress found a zero dot com account at sixteen stories in less than a month actually this is her most recent the last call it's about the thousands of would be migrants who've gone missing over the years trying to reach the united states and the present day attempts to find them this is a reminder of what people do risk to make this journey regardless of which point of entry they make have a read for yourself the last call at al-jazeera dot com you can get in touch with us of course as andrew mentioned before hashtag a.j. newsgroup i've heard from cathy on facebook line who said waiting on a bridge for three weeks is not efficient why not instead of wasting money on troop deployments use the money for more judges in the ways to help progress this the legal asylum seekers she's watching at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera the live stream you can also use this number plus one seven four five zero one triple one four nine if you've got whatsapp or telegram either of those messaging apps you can
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get in touch with us directly now we saw president trump a little bit earlier he's actually heading to paris on friday for a weekend of ceremonies to mark a hundred years since the end of world war one one of and he won't be attending though is a summit on global cooperation so an organized by the french president to coincide with the gathering well from james bays now. this is the paris peace forum final preparations are being made at the venue which the french president wants to use to bolster international cooperation at a time when many leaders are putting domestic interests above global ones the forum is the idea of president emmanuel merkel but some are not attending it looks like president trump will be among those who'll be in paris but will be skipping the forum when global leaders last met together in new york at the u.n. in september it was pretty clear there are increasingly different visions of the way the world should work trump talks of strong independent nations putting their
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own people first while mark rolle stresses cooperation through multilateral institutions like the un america will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance control and domination. only sessions we should support those working for peace and humanity unesco the conscience of the united nations the human rights council the international criminal court unaware for whom we are increasing our support bernard kushner is a former french foreign minister. and i worry about nationalism because this addition of nationalism. even in europe and the famous as so many new rock. overseas edition of the nationalism are very dangerous because too much a national is and drive will drive us to war. the reason leaders from about
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eighty countries are gathering here a commemoration of a hundred years since the end of world war one that war was followed by increasing nationalism particularly in germany the league of nations forerunner to the united nations failed after the us didn't join it because of opposition from hardline republicans a wiser person to me once said history doesn't repeat itself. but it rod james plays out zero hours so we're going back to that breaking news we brought you at the top of the current three large explosions in somalia's capital market issue with god mohammed abraham bubel with us who is a radio or t.v. journalist who's on skype thank you mohamad tell us what you know where did this happen. where learn three car bombing explosion is. in mogadishu in the heart of mogadishu somalia a bit on friday afternoon and the similar times explosion is in the heart of mogadishu is visual and the piece is a junction in mogadishu in
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a metaphor junction and. remain an investigation department the explosion it is has been to get it as a half the and yet tell and report is say that guinean trying to form a half years has been should have been shot and killed by the security forces before the storm. so this is the kind of area the kind of targets without which al shabaab have hit before it will well fight is claimed responsibility for the for these attacks is saying that it is yet how they carried out these explosions so three car bombs oh tell me what has mogadishu been like in recent say weeks or months has there been a lot of other bombings has it been relatively quiet tell us what it's been like in the lead up to this. after the three explosions it is said that begin mean
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trying. i've been shoot and killed by the to. at least seventeen over seventeen people said i killed in these in this explosion is and more others injured ok mohamed ever him bringing us up to date with those multiple bombings in market issues that i thank you for that. now we are more than five weeks since the murder of jamal khashoggi and turkish police are ending their search for his body it is believed the saudi journalists body may have been disposed of using chemicals al-jazeera has launched traces of acid were found at the saudi consul general's home the kind of developments which of course have shocked the russians fiance. who reacted quite emotionally on twitter i've got her tweet here i am unable to express my sorrow to learn about dissolve in your body jamal they killed you and chopped up your body depriving me and your family of
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conducting your funeral prayer and burying you in medina as wished are these killers and those behind it human beings oh my god jamal show reporting from istanbul now it just goes to the heart of the story doesn't it jamal we often i think get caught up in the politics between saudi arabia and turkey and the united states and whoever else but really that tweet says it all about the man himself. indeed i mean it is somebody's mind that at the heart of this story which is gripped the world's attention is the plight of a family who not only is lost a loved one but has been deprived of the basic kind of human rights of being able to mourn and bury and get some sort of maybe closer or peace something that is indeed very we struggle to grapple with as people reporting gets and it would give you an idea of just how difficult it is for those close but i mean aside from this
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latest developments in terms of the police may be losing hope now that there is any . that there was any of the body being found or at least body parts being found it is raising some other questions so while they have closed that door and saying that they are going to or they've stopped the search with the most likely probability or possibility that's his body was dissolved there are other questions because the acid you mentioned the chemicals were found in the well of the consul general's home and that is raising the question why have the saudis not allowed the turks to search that's home again considering they've also for that repeatedly over the past three weeks where is the consul general he was rich the way by the saudis for me stumble even though the authorities here had requested officially that they wanted to talk to him he is not only a witness come out to what's happened in the consulates and that's. from the very beginning he was the president who dealt with quickly and told him he could come to
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the consulate and everything will be fine but also obviously this evidence is being collected and gathered in his home is he under some sort of house arrest under from the saudi authorities in riyadh or somewhere in the kingdom or has something even worse happened to him in order for him not to be able to speak so there is a growing question as to why the saudis on being forthcoming as they claim they would be if they're saying that they're going to be part of this joint investigation and want the truth and surely the most significant of all testimonies year is that all. the consul general that's what's leading people now to start wondering if he is even still alive or where is he and will he be able to speak so yes another on certain sense that's we're getting more information as to what happened to the body but still so many questions that have left have been left unanswered five weeks later as well michael. in istanbul thank you the latest updates page on jamal khashoggi still taking over down to zero dot com remember there are always developments in the story big and small our online team working very hard to put them all in one place for you jamal khashoggi all the latest
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updates you will find links to it all over the web site and you can also just look in the what's trending section it's often in there as well. now a fast moving wildfire has forced tens of thousands of people out of their homes in northern california the entire town of paradise with a population of around twenty seven thousand people has been emptied out as the flames engulfed homes and businesses and there are reports of a number of injuries to both residents and five his child stratford's report. flames engulfing trees and buildings on both sides of the road branches falling on the windscreen of this car the driver is lucky to be alive as the wildfire ripped through woodland on these north california hills emergency services ordered the entire population of the town of paradise some twenty seven thousand people to evacuate their stuff they were burning on all sides of us on the way out here some
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residents abandon their cars this driver tries to remain calm go go go go go. hurry up people go it's not known what started the fire which was reported at six o'clock in the morning within six hours it had spread across an area of more than sixty eight thousand five hundred square kilometers serenely hazardous lots of smoke dark devastation active burning of all throughout the town to me and i lived there for eighteen years and it looks like the fire came from. east enders came straight through town all the way to the west a vast spreading cloud of smoke filled the sky some people were said to be sheltering in a nearby hardware store i know there was a plan put in place they used the walgreens up in paradise as a temporary refuge area and why we do that is to get civilians or people that are
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out me elements meaning the fire in the smoke we try to get him into an area that is safe away from the fire and smoke until that fire front pushes through we did have fire personnel with them and so once they deemed it safe we were. able to get them out of. the town located on a mountain ridge there were very few escape routes traffic turned to gridlock one woman reportedly went into labor waiting in a traffic jam a hospital was among the buildings reportedly completely destroyed firefighting aircraft were unable to fly because winds were too strong and those winds were expected to strengthen further hampering efforts to extinguish the blaze racing across dry woodland slopes. they have been unverified reports of at least one person dying in the fire millions of dollars worth of property have been burnt to the ground as want to merge and she spokes person said pretty much the entire
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community of powered ice is destroyed cha strafford al-jazeera right so we have to look ahead at the weather patterns for california now north and south actually here is evident thought one of our in-house meteorologists. well kemal this really is the results of what has become a six a year drought the dry weather the parts landscape and some of the very strong and gusty winds they have been affecting much of california now for quite some time but it's better to see some rainfall at least across northern parts of california by this time of the year but that's not simply hasn't been the case about the satellite picture up to just show you there really is little or no cloud anywhere here and there's no rain in the forecast for the disabled future the winds across northern parts of california they should be so that should help just across northern areas but further south those santa anas the strong dry winds they are set to continue as we go through the next couple of days of course when we see conditions like this question of quiet change always resists had and there has to
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be said kamau battling wildfires all year round has now become the new norm and stuff everton folks there weather's and folks on twitter if you want to catch up there this is the news great interview with us on facebook live we've got an extra story for you now about the well after the most recent gun violence in the u.s. it's about how the gun industry actually ends up profiting from mass shootings and then later a judge puts a stop to the construction of a controversial oil pipeline this is the one connecting canadian oil fields to u.s. refineries is it the end for keystone from actually. follow we've still got some sherry right into parts of the middle east that a cloud there still spilling out of syria making its way into iraq making way for the next systematically wanted to live the shells just creeping across the sinai
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peninsula heading towards that eastern side of the mediterranean so i could see one of to share some showers there it out into jordan into israel some thick cloud for eleven central areas of iran. really fine and dry that dry weather stretches the way over towards the himalayas west and south of the himalayas maybe into a speck is dan could see wanted to share was here absolute wintry night as you can see on mattie gets no woman around seven degrees celsius little further south as can at twelve degrees cloud of rain will make its way across iraq so baghdad will see some rain for time as also the case into kuwait and that rain could be a little heavy chaucer wanted to share just around the eastern side of the met some of that sherry rank it at its way towards the northeast of saudi arabia for every close to us here in qatar hopefully we'll just not a little further more move across the gulf and head into iran so generally dry but we could see some bits and pieces of right there a lesson we want to watch out for also keeping a close on
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a side plane making its way towards the northeast of madagascar this weekend. i think this is fun for me to think i'm having fun if. it. isn't her contribution hunters and teachers. just as it is to. thank. the racing for someone. just looking.
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a headline from al jazeera dot com and what's sending to medicine store. number one the india joining taliban for peace talks there was also russian involvement today in taliban. development and movements with regards to afghanistan there and then the latest on that somalia bombing as we told you about a little bit earlier bomb blasts and gunfire in mogadishu just in the last now so that's what's trending this friday with. we'll have a quick look at some other stories making news around the world now and he's in australia say an attack in melbourne city center is now being treated as terrorism a pickup truck was driven onto a central city footpath it was then set alight after which people in the street were stacked the man with a knife who was known to police killed one person and injured two others in that busy street book street the car he was driving burst into flames police say it was
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filled with gas cylinders he then tried to stab police officers but was shot in the chest and later died in hospital or bystanders were seen on video stepping in to try to stop the attack and the premier of the state of victoria thanked them for their courage strangers people who are still as people who knew nobody involved who stepped in without a moment's hesitation to render support the systems to those bright members of victoria police to. people whose qualities michael was proud as well the central african republic refugees mostly muslims have slowly started to return to their homes but their arrival is causing new tensions in the city of qana because the homes and businesses they left have now been occupied by non muslims the un and aid agencies hope to avoid any further violence by building new homes this from nicholas hark it is easy returned home from
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a two year long exam. gone are the pictures of his son mohamed do into my room the wall. so the bed shared with his wife and the so for the family sat around to watch t.v. . only the memories remain. lehman the diamond dealer was looted by friends and neighbors who after a lifetime living side by side in peace chase his family from their home because they are muslim. i have come back because we will only find peace of my friends and neighbors see me again and accept me as their own it's not easy because after come back here for the love of my homeland my house is my country but some of the homes muslims left behind are now occupied by christian families they too are fleeing sectarian violence. this is last thursday burning our temporary shelters for mostly christian displaced villagers satellite by our muslim
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militias wanting them out they burned all the site meaning that they left twenty seven thousand internally displaced people with nothing they have been displaced one time twice those displacement are also hope and we've now told how do you want people to get into consideration. repeated cease fire agreements are broken fourteen armed groups continue to fight pitting communities a against each other to control a country larger than france rich in minerals diamonds and gold as a result more than a million people whether christian or muslim are on the move searching for a safe place to live on the surface this may appear as a conflict about sectarian violence christians against muslims but take a closer look and you'll find deep inequalities between those that control land and
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those that don't caught in the middle are the people of central african republic trying to rebuild their country brick by brick. holmes for those displaced away from the violence it's an initiative from the norwegian refugee council here both muslims and christians live side by side like how the man who once lived tired of being on the move no longer a refugee in this and then big crisis it is this desire to be part of a community that has brought him back home nicholas hawk al-jazeera cardo central african republic. and one of the school children kidnapped in cameroon this week says their captors want all schools in the region closed the seventy eight children were released on wednesday two days after being taken to members of staff still in captivity the government says the kidnappers are separatists from cameroon english speaking minority now scientists are preparing to fire lasers into space to blast
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some of the one hundred seventy million pieces of manmade debris that are orbiting the earth that cosmic cluster poses a constant threat to satellites and spacecraft and people who are firing lasers into space sounds like science fiction scientists say the technology does play a very real role in keeping our planet safe. we've been launching things and people into space since nineteen fifty seven satellites for your favorite programs spacecraft to explore the unknown people to take our first deep and in the more than sixty years of space exploration with managed to leave behind around one hundred seventy million bits of junk to give you a sense of just how big the problem is take a look at the scruff from scientists at the university of texas these orange dots a functioning satellites orbiting the earth every day everything else the sea of
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pink the below is debris junk basically some of it's tiny some of it says big as a bus all of it's hurtling around the earth at speeds in excess of twenty seven thousand kilometers an hour crisscrossing at different orbits and on a potential collision course with the things and people that we want up there. scientists warn it has the potential to create a string of catastrophic even unstoppable collisions that could read up parts of space unusable nesa scientists donald case the first identified the scenario thirty years ago scientists have been trying to come up with ways to clean up after ourselves if a sentence has the predicted that when the population density of space debris reaches a certain point it will start to self and start multiplying by itself and we're seeing the beginnings of that we see increasing number of satellite collisions. through core you know the best minds on the planet in this to mine we have another
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ten years we could be very lucky and have twenty years or twenty five we could be very unlucky and it could happen tomorrow scientists are making progress with innovative ways to clear the class a but none of it's ready to launch just yet that's where a new use of well established laser technology comes in ataman astray leah working with the experts from around the world is preparing to fire high powered lasers to blast space debris away to a safer orbit yes it is rather cool using simple high browed lasers to gently nudge them to size gently gently match the space race one would to another we don't have a solution for space to bring out we have the means to reduce the scale of the problem and. the doomsday event so we get more time space based laser technology dates back to the one nine hundred seventy s. and now has a myriad of applications that already make
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a real difference to us down here on earth but it's this latest use of laser ranging technology to clean up the cosmic junkyard around our planet that's capturing global attention it's the biggest clean up if it ever the same and this corner of the universe at least madame holland al-jazeera i am glad some of that debris is not. to scale my goodness now it's a major victory for environmentalists and a huge blow for the trumpet ministration a u.s. federal court judge has blocked construction of the controversial keystone pipeline this is the one that would transported oil from canada through to texas the judge accused the trumpet ministration of ignoring climate change facts in its bid to give the project a go ahead environmentalist send native american groups along force against the pipelines construction on the grounds that it would worsen climate change the ruling though does not permanently block construction we're going to talk about that more shortly but andrew's back right now for what you've covered this plenty on the channel and on the news grid what's been the reaction to all of this well
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come all people are calling it a major blow a stinging setback that's just some of the ways that people are responding to it online this is a u.s. court blocking construction of one of the most controversial infrastructure projects in modern american history just take a look at where this is meant to be we're talking about in one thousand nine hundred kilometer pipeline which is meant to transport about eight hundred thirty thousand barrels a day of crude oil from canada and montana to nebraska then onward to the texas gulf coast now trans canada was preparing to build the first stage of its eight billion dollars pipeline in northern montana but it's along with the u.s. state department was sued by environmental groups now the judge says that the government failed to study a few basic things such as the cumulative effects of greenhouse gas emissions the impact of oil prices on the pipelines economic viability or including updated modeling on in the potential for oil spills.
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ok. the show. so president trump signed an executive order as you just saw there two days into his presidency pushing this project forward he'd campaigned on this issue attacking president barack obama for failing to counter protests like these and the environmental concerns that they. race activists say that the pipeline would damage the climate by extracting thick low quality oil from canada's oil sands that involves a lot of tree cutting and of course energy consumption all of that increases greenhouse gas emissions there's also the issue of native american groups who say that the route violated historical treaty boundaries and also impinge on the water systems and their sacred lands and that's hannah safford at u.c. davis told us it shows how the administration rushed through an approval process without studying the effects on the environment you have to look at both the direct
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environmental impacts associated with the construction of the pipeline as well as the more injury act impacts that you have of extracting oil from the oil sands of the keystone pipeline originate sat and shortly after the champion ministration issued their criminal our construction to go where ridge you cited two hundred thousand plus gallons of oil spill from the south dakota portion of the pipeline that already exists so it's clear the date the pipeline itself even if it's possible to construct in a way that might not have those direct environmental impacts isn't being done in a way in that way because we've already seen those types of damages and then again the jet age ruling to block the construction of the pipeline found the trump administration hasn't done a sufficient job of the counting for the climate impacts and the oil sands and so again that's in the many speak brother study now trance canada says they are committed to this project in the long term let us know what you think about this latest roadblock though and the pipelines construction and you can tweet us
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whatever questions you may have using the hash tag age in his grid thank you andre me go been with us now the host of democracy now don't always been involved in protests against the keystone pipeline joining us from new york i guess from your perspective congratulations are in order were you expecting this sort of decision. well i'm a journalist who covers the kind of citizen action that takes place and disobedience on the part of people in this country civil disobedience when it comes to the government doing things involved with exacerbating issues of climate change this decision on the part of the judge yesterday is extremely significant i mean president trump really drew the line in the sand when he became president within a few days he had issued an executive order that green lighted the keystone x.l. pipeline and the dakota access pipeline both of which have been fought by so many
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activists for so long and now a judge is saying that the trumpet ministration failed to take into consideration among other things the effects of the keystone x.l. pipeline on climate change i mean this is some carrying some of the dirtiest oil tar sands from canada through the united states it is a true victory for indigenous rights leaders for environmental leaders in this country so many years they have spent. even during the obama years in two thousand and eleven more than a thousand people were arrested in circling the obama white house demanding an end to the keystone x.l. and it was in two thousand and fifteen right before the paris climate accord that historic u.n. agreement when president obama reversed course and said the united states would not
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approve the keystone x.l. pipeline when trump came into office he immediately reverse that and that's what the judge is challenging this week the problem being that i mean everything you've just outlined there and everything that the court has backed up as well it's it's not going to change the opinion of donald trump wars administration is that if these on climate change are very clear they've already withdrawn or tried to begin the process of withdrawing from the paris climate agreement and this would probably be challenged wouldn't it. well it may not change his mind you're correct that donald trump has called climate change a chinese hoax but that's certainly not the view of most americans or to say the least of scientists around the world and what the decision does do is it simply prevents the keystone x.l. project from moving forward what ever president obama thinks i mean goodman thank you so much for your time today i do appreciate it it's an important story
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which we will be keeping a close eye on once again for you on facebook live a story now about well something you probably never really considered ballet shoes been known what dunces interesting story and then lee is here with us or. athletes a flying high at the world trampoline championships in russia hoping to catch a cold quick look at some international weather.
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he is here with the sports trust for the sport that's a great question as i said many times there but it is ok final answer is that it is it's not maybe the most nail biting of sports but it's trying to be the world chess championships are happening in london literally as we speak here's a live look at the board as america's fabiano caruana takes on norway's magnus carlsen carlsen became world champion at the age of twenty two are we well i was there and met up with them before the match in the world of chess that could be more than one grand master the highest right in the guy but i can only be one world champion in the men's guy and that's going to be decided i've the next two weights involved one in central london just two men head to head the twelve guards the
12:39 am
defending champion norwegian magnus carlsen has helped change the image of chess world champion for five years and he's only twenty seven he has the highest ratings of a player in history even getting into magazines and films and t.v. have sometimes made approaches in this must be good for the guy it's never been my man motivation i just play for the love of the game just as they can more and more of an important part of my life. and i mean just the playing part i don't care so much about the other stuff anymore he's opponent fabiano caruana the new kid on the board has been given a genuine chance a victory by chess experts his mother encourage him to take up the game as a small boy in brooklyn and he's been absorbed by it ever since it's taken him so what's been called the most eagerly awaited bowl title match in chess history do you think this is your profiles no i is making chess cool. so i
12:40 am
think that chess has definitely come in color and and there are a lot of people in the celebrity world movies and music who who have an interest in chess. so i think it's definitely gaining more exposure. and i also think that is a great thing. and definitely can be very beautiful and can also be call and and accessible to the larger audience do we have female support for this much do you have female support for this match i don't think so women hate me our republic. thank you magnus this prize money on offer is over a million dollars it costs over one hundred dollars per ticket for some of the four hundred spectators per day in a venue customized chess millions will watch streamed coverage around the globe if it's tied at six six after twelve goings by the end of november there would be a speed tie break but whoever wins the profile of tournament chess is about to move
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forward. they really are a fascinating duo so how do carlson and carolina match up well carson is the world number one carolina is second carlson is a year older but has almost two years less experience as a grandmaster than his u.s. counterpart there on the right total years fourteen and eleven months twenty days to be exciting precise now if their success were measured in twitter followers carlsen would take the lead with one hundred ninety seven followers just about actually just under that and then khurana is in second with fifty seven thousand. point six followers now to a faster paced sport and one of my favorites trampoline athletes are flying high trying to catch gold at the world championships in russia just look at this the chinese it's amazing the chinese one their first all around team final in st petersburg there are four events for the men and women and all teams in the final
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compete completed eight routines portugal won silver and canada came in third with bronze but how exactly does the sport work now trampoline gymnastics or trampoline as some call it was first introduced at the olympics in two thousand the sport's broken up into three divisions the first being the actual trampoline part you can compete in singles or in doubles similar to diving then there's tumbling down on a long spring runway while athletes show off their skills and the third is something called the double many where athletes used to spring boards to complete their in air flips similar to the vault in gymnastics. now if you're oddly fascinated by the sport like i am you can just search for the hash tag trampoline twenty eighteen for videos there's steam china with their gold and for all other updates from usa gymnastics and effigy the championships finish on saturday now we want to know or rather we do you know what you get when you fix motocross and
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drones i want to know you can see for yourself here. her. turn to for. perks thanks. if you like i can do all that in my head let us know if you're following the chess
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championships you can always send me a message on twitter at leo harding a.j. and i hash tag as always a.j. news great n.d. will be back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now back to you come on don't know what you mean by that doing it all and who have a nation or your imagination ok excellent. rights we've got a bit of time before we leave you so i want to update you on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the news that this was out of mogadishu the somali capital three bomb blasts these are the pictures we've got through from social media i mean the extraordinary size there isn't a three bomb blast there's been gunfire afterwards we were talking about ten people dead that's now up to twenty as far as we know and al shabaab claiming responsibility for that so that just happened only a few hours ago maybe an hour and a half ago three bomb blasts car bombs we were told by a journalist in mogadishu the somali capital we'll keep an eye on that story.
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death toll creatively rising. right now we got one more story we want to bring you having a little bit of problem that right let's try now and talk about technology because apparently technology is going to put us all out of a job isn't it not me of course the job that needs human qualities how on earth could a robot has some sort of artificial intelligence they perceived is that how. hello everyone in an english artificial intelligence this is my very first day in saying one is agency my voice and appearance are modeled on a real anchor within the development of the media industry so this is an artificial intelligence newsreader unveiled by the chinese state media as he said as a city he said he's a computer generation developed in both mandarin and english through a machine that has learned to simulate voice and facial movements and the gestures of real life broadcasters i can think of some gestures myself there but then that's
12:46 am
the difference between him and me there's no i mean that is extraordinary that look at that sources look at the pictures there but say he couldn't. look at her dismay i think it's time we got a lot of voices in my ear at the moment telling you to stop talking hash tag twitter facebook and whatsapp it want to keep in touch with us and if you're using telegram as well then you can use that number as well on your telegram messaging. app it's been a long very thank you for joining us we're right back here in studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow saturday. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policy makers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal
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hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. a disease so stigmatized that those suffering are still shunned by society people is drawn from their penley from village b. from their wives and then they don't have a place in the home why are can be done so that they are no longer outcasts in it and community al-jazeera meets the health workers who are challenging al qaeda attitudes and working tirelessly to combat leprosy in india lifelines ancient
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enemy. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. on counter the cost u.s. sanctions on iran back as europe files to step its ally we'll look at how difficult it is to resist the financial lights of the dollar plus china insists its economy is opening up the latest on the trade war with the u.s. counting the cost on al-jazeera. at least twenty people are killed in three massive loss in the somali capital mogadishu.
12:49 am
i know i'm the mozzie in london you know with al jazeera and so coming up the u.s. president signs of proclamation denying asylum to migrants who cross the southern border illegally turkish police officially and the search for the body of murdered journalist jamal khashoggi they say the investigation into his death will continue . in the california town of paradise is lost to flames from a massive fast moving wildfire tens of thousands of people have been evacuated. to the program our top story in the somali capital mogadishu at least twenty people have been killed in a series of attacks in the heart of the city suicide attackers set off two car bombs at
12:50 am
a hotel near the headquarters of somalia's criminal investigations department police say security forces opened fire after the loss a third explosion then hit the streets around twenty minutes later the hotel is often visited by parliamentarians and government officials so that's the latest as it stands right now from the somali capital at least twenty people have been killed in a series of attacks going to bring you more on this as we get details on it but that is the latest details that we have two car bombs at a hotel and then a third explosion in the street some twenty minutes later. well our other top story this hour the u.s. president to sign a proclamation to deny asylum to migrants who cross the southern border illegally donald trump says they must arrive through an official ports of entry until now asylum seekers have been entitled to a hearing in the united states regardless of how they enter the country assigning columns as
12:51 am
a so-called migrant caravan of thousands of people from central america makes its way towards the u.s. border. i just signed. the proclamation on asylum very important people can come in but they have to come in through the ports of entry. that would be is a very important thing again i reiterate we need democratic votes they have to pass new immigration laws because they're flooding our country we're not allowed to get men but they're trying to flood our country we need a wall we're building a wall but we need it all built at one time or quickly. it's very important we need democratic supporter new immigration laws to bring us up to date the laws are obsolete and they're incompetent. let's get the latest now from our white house correspondent kimberly halakhic first of all kimberly what does this proclamation mean for migrants coming through the u.s. border with mexico. well if they don't come to an official port of entry i believe
12:52 am
there are approximately forty eight along the u.s. border then they are going to have their asylum claims denied and that's contrast to previously under u.s. law and we should point out international law where it didn't matter whether you entered the united states legally or illegally if you were fleeing persecution you could make a claim of asylum so what this is going to do is immediately cut down drastically on the number of people who make asylum claims or are able to make asylum claims and the argument being made by the president is this is for national security as you point out that caravan a is in. xico right now it is will soon approach the u.s. border and this is the argument that the united states is making is that it is trying to protect the united states from a national security threat much as we saw when the president made the same argument when he early in his administration put in place the travel ban that was ultimately
12:53 am
upheld by the supreme court but it faced many share challenges in the federal courts in that lead up to the supreme court and the white house already expects that there will be legal challenges in fact we know the a.c.l.u. is already preparing a challenge but the president says given the fact that congress has not come up with any comprehensive immigration reform in almost a generation he is expanding the use of executive power in the absence of action from the legislative power and he has put in place this proclamation that he expects to be challenged but that he believes once it makes it to the supreme court he will ultimately prevail now what has president trump been saying about the dhaka program of course this designed to protect the many thousands of immigrants brought into the country illegally as children what is the latest on that. yeah brought into the united states illegally as children but now have grown up in the united states and really don't call any other country home other than the united states
12:54 am
but they've had a barrier in order to work go to school and university for example as a result under an obama era program put in place in two thousand and twelve it's the deferred action on childhood arrivals but most people call it daka here in the united states donald trump sought to end that program it has been challenged in the federal courts up to this point the latest ruling a setback for the trumpet ministration essentially saying that the white house cannot and that program so we now know that this is also headed to the supreme court the president talked about this as he left for marine one headed towards paris in the last couple of hours the plan is for this also to go to the supreme court and what the white house is hoping is like the travel ban although it receives push back in the lower federal courts that ultimately again it will prevail at the supreme court level the highest court in the land and this is the other reason that the white house is feeling extra confident they now have an additional supreme court justice that the president himself hand-picked and that of
12:55 am
course is justice brett kavanaugh so the white house is feeling optimistic that well there may be some pushback on doco well there may be some pushback on this latest proclamation regarding asylum that ultimately when it gets to that court that the white house will get its way thank you very much kimberly ok with overnight from the white house. turkish police say they're officially ending the search for jamal khashoggi body but a criminal investigation into his murder continues souces of told al-jazeera traces of acid were found at the saudi consul general's residence in istanbul it's believed the saudi journalist body may have been disposed of using chemicals let's get the latest now from demolish al who is in istanbul what is the latest on the investigation jamal. well i mean it seems that another chapter is
12:56 am
closing only to open a few other ones off the written a story that's continues to grip the attention of people around the world obviously now as you mentioned there the investigators say that they're no longer looking for the body after they had spent several weeks trying to trace body or body parts of the least journalists after they were able to essentially check all the different points that the kill squad that's arrived here from riyadh visited whilst they were here and they monitored the hours upon hours of security footage from more than one hundred traffic cameras in the vicinity and after the search both of consulates in the consul general's home they say that it is most likely that his body was destroyed essentially using those chemicals however there are still many questions as to. exactly who gave the orders obviously that's the main one they're asking but also questions that are being losses through the whereabouts of the consul general himself whose home they found this was he part of this is here with me obviously
12:57 am
he's a witness to this but it was he just a bystander or did he participate considering he is the one who brought jamal khashoggi here a lot of people wonder whether he's even able to talk and whether the saudis baltimore or in order to ensure his silence and that he doesn't give a testimony to the turkish authorities which could very well reveal who gave the orders because after all the turks have been asking to speak to him they've also been awesome to search the consul general home however they haven't been doing it for a second time however they haven't been given permission to do that so one of those questions remains to be asked but the other question that maybe we'll get an answer to sooner rather than later is how the international fall out of this will look like particularly considering that in the next few days mariam there will be that much anticipates a meeting between the u.s. president donald trump the closest ally of crown prince mohammed bin said a man and president of egypt in france and maybe through that we'll get an idea of exactly how we will be moving forward now that the criminal side looks to be
12:58 am
wrapping up thank you very much. well now some news from yemen government backed forces by government forces backed by the saudi that coalition say they have launched a major offensive to retake the rebel held city of a day death ili half a million people have fled the area since june although the u.n. has warned that thousands of others remain trapped by the fighting the rebels have held her data since two thousand and fourteen most of yemen's food and medicine imports pass through the city's whole recently australian city of melbourne a treating a stabbing spree that killed one person as a terrorist attack a somali immigrants set fire to a pickup truck and stabbed three people in the city center before being shot in the chest by armed police thomas reports now from sydney. just after four o'clock on a busy afternoon in the center of melbourne's shopping district
12:59 am
a full whale drawing of the settlement goes on the street watching in horror as a man who had already stepped hawses by turns his knife on police officers tried to subdue him with anything to hand one man even pushes a shopping trolley to the extent. as he continues to attack. one officer up pulls out of iraq. and shoots him once in the chest someone mr mcconnell thinks. on the phone my house is full on it was an attack witnessed by dozens of people. i was just trying to get my nails done and all of these police does cause so to crowding around us and we couldn't really see anything until we saw a guy running across the tram tracks a back street and the police running backwards and then we heard a gunshot go off three men was stabbed one dying from his injuries and police have confirmed that the attacker later died in hospital too from what we know of that
1:00 am
individual we are treating this as a terrorism incident. and he's not until a smiley in respect to relatives that he has that i certainly question is of interest to us. and a someone that accordingly is known to. be troy police and the federal intelligence already. police say the attacker came from somalia in the one nine hundred ninety s. and previously had only been charged with minor offenses traffic violations and smoking cannabis. resta gates's cite a vehicle to drive down buck street was filled with all the q. style gas bottles before being sent home by. play say they don't believe there's an ongoing price but more officers will be deployed at events around the city this weekend especially as christmas shopping begins we will not as a city and a stipend deformed by this act of evil. well simply refused to do that.


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