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tv   Eye Of The Fire  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2018 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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soon be ready to testify. for some families that is the best they can hope for they say. their loved ones are gone and there won't be an end to their grief. dugan al-jazeera province central philippines saudi arabia's former spy chief says the kingdom will never allow an international investigation into the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi prince turki al-faisal made the comments while addressing the international peace institute he added he expects saudi arabia will fully investigate a soldier's death and insists there was no cover up riyadh is under pressure from many countries including the united nations as one of the parties pressuring them as well to allow an independent inquiry the kingdom is proud of its legal system. it would never accept. foreign interference in that system as other countries have refused to allow. international tribunals to to base you gate
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horrific acts that have happened either on their soil or elsewhere committed by their citizens so the kingdom. is not going to accept an international tribunals to look into. something that is saudi and the saudi judicial system is it is up it's running and. it will take its course. and the police in california are trying to work out what motivated the gunman behind the latest machine sitting in the u.s. the twenty eight year old former marine walked into a crowded bar and shot dead twelve people he then killed himself when confronted by the police partly for pain explains more. another day in the united states another day to learn the names and the stories of the victims of a mass shooting among them a small business owner a police officer
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a college freshman just eighteen years old a man who took care of disabled children and a twenty seven year old who survived the mass shooting in las vegas just over a year ago my name is susan are fine with my son with tell her find out if we lost him last night at the borderline shooting my son was unwell spare us with a lot of his friends and he came home he didn't come home last night and i don't want prayers i don't want thoughts i want gun control and i hope to god nobody you know offends me anymore breyer's i want control no more. think you it has become a familiar pattern each and every time americans are killed in mass by an armed man the politics break down into two camps for republicans it is about mental health the shooter was trained to be an excellent shot by the u.s. marines he served in afghanistan well he was a war veteran he was
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a marine he was in the war he served time in pretty bad things and a lot of people say he has the p.c.'s the. tough feel for democrats it's about guns this is a. kind of change. this doesn't happen anywhere else on planet earth. and we can't let folks forget that you can't lose sight of that can allow this to be normalized it's been a constant conversation with little action while the republicans controlled all branches of government that changes in january and the likely house leader nancy pelosi put out a statement promising house democrats will fight to pass bipartisan commonsense solutions to prevent gun violence in communities across the country and it was going to happen. but right now it seems much more likely that we'll learn many new names new victims new stories of loss and horror long before congress agrees to act . al-jazeera washington. still to come here on the news in the sports
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news the supporting actor who fluffed his lines at the start of the world chess championship. the final harry. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging there but it is particularly because you have
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a lot of people that are divided on political issues. we do people believe to tell the real story so i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. time for sports is far peter thank you so much it's the biggest state in south america's football calendar the final of the couple libera to doris but this year it's not just another match is to win the biggest rivals in the game for the first time argentina's buccaneers are taking on their one of cyrus rivals were played daniel swam
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a reports i never before in the fifty eight year old competition of two teams from the same country mix in the latin america's properly but the door is final that has happened this between two of the world's great his rivals in peak condition is a four point five history to some people. in the last few months river have improved a lot unbeaten for a long time they've got a well balanced team and must be strong contenders they were better than river in the semifinals. junior is a six times witness the first game will be played in a daunting stadium before some of the world's most passionate and expectant fans. every pocket fan has dreamt of a final against riva plight and what could be better than an international told went it's a dream come true. the ultimate i'll be in the clouds i'd rather win this in the national championship or see argentina win the world cup
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a ground ten times the size could not accommodate all of the baucus fans and the frustration is tangible number one already i mean one the side of a divided city a divided country outside the people who don't have club juniors in the working class area of one of cyrus a stark contrast to here just fifteen kilometers a world away river play known as the millionaire set in the affluent pneumonias neighborhoods a clash of styles of culture and history three times with his of the river plate of some catching up to do he's a not the only two clubs in one of cyrus although it sometimes feels that way so why such intense rivalry. they were neighbors then became big clubs that began to win championships at the same time that's where the rivalry was born then they've always been opposites river the million is for the people at the dreams and expectations this side of when osiris a no that's intense i want i want boca do you
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want to know why i've lived the good and the bad with river relegation when we always beat book. i've been coming here for forty years and this would be the best deal in my life i was historic it's what i want more than anything in life hopefully will do it i the phrase it's only football has never resonated in argentina least of all now they calling it the mega final the super super classical they don't know what to call. there it's more could you use this is river plate in the final mascot is j. what more could you want. them for and that is either one of cyrus. a french football federation says it's looking into perry's science jermaine's recruiting policy it comes after the french champions admitted some of their scouts did racially profile players when deciding whether to recruit them for the club collecting personal information about an individual's race religion or ethnicity is
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illegal in france the french website media part made the claims after publishing leaked documents in a statement p.s.g. said it reaffirms its firm condemnation of all forms of discrimination racism or ethnic monitoring forms with illegal content or used by their training centers department responsible for player scouting outside that yield affronts region these forms were introduced at the sole personal initiative of the head of this department. as parents of tennessee has staged a stunning comeback to win the african champions league title found southward and redress their chinnis after they won three nil in the second leg of their final against egypt. had been three one down from the first match in cairo but ended up as four three aggregate winners it's esperance third champions league title and first since two thousand and eleven. of land exhibition match in saudi arabia between the world's top two tennis players has been called off no back jock which
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had been due to face rafa nadal in late december but an ankle injury means the bell won't be fit the pair were under pressure to cancel the contest after the murder journalist jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate and assemble. now this is how much of the next gen turn it means to greet youngsters stefano this step process taken to have set here by russia's in the red suits us having a moment to himself and then taking out his frustration on his towels he tied them up but then noticed that his headphones were partly to blame as well. it all worked out in the end though the twenty year old top seed waiting to set up a follow with alex de mint on in milan. in the n.b.a. the miami heat game winning streak has come to win and they were beaten at home by the indiana pacers the pacers scored the final twelve points of the game over
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a stretch of just under a minute and a half victor only depot had twenty two points and ten assists to lead indiana to one hundred and ten to one hundred and to win that spacers first win after eighty two going lod over in california the sacramento kings beat the minnesota timberwolves on friday the kings who were coming off back to back losses managed to fight off a tough challenge by minnesota late in the fourth quarter willie kohli starting top scored with twenty five's lead sacramento to one hundred and twenty one two hundred and ten wins were city's driver valtteri bottas caught the fastest time in practice ahead of the brazilian grand prix the finn edged his teammate hamilton by just three thousand the second ball just still looking to clinch its first win of the season and has already won his fifth i don't miss avies has a chance to seal the constructors' championship on sunday even if the car doesn't seem balanced. everything we need to. have felt better than it did
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he will be feeling in mexico but we still have some problems that we're still trying to work their way through but understand the pace doesn't seem too bad and so we just keep working on it. rugby world champions new zealand will take on england in london on saturday they were only lost to the english once in fifteen meetings since two thousand and three the all blacks have had a great year while england has been very ordinary the only match new zealand have lost was against south africa which coincidentally is one of the few teams england have beaten saturday's contest is the first match between england and new zealand since two thousand and fourteen focused on what they've got this time around really sort of as a team i think the sydney improved. you know right now you know when the top teams in the world and you know they play a game that you know it can be through the conservative but it was football games and you know i guess i'm. pretty devastating in here and so you're giving the due
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respect for that a century from harmeet pretty card guided india to a big win in the opening match of the women's t twenty world cup in the west indies the indian captain became just the third woman to hit a hundred in a world t twenty muncher one hundred and three helping india to score one hundred ninety four for five in guyana in reply new zealand finished up on one hundred and sixty for nine india winning by thirty four runs. cricketers that level their one day series with new zealand they chased down a victory target of two hundred ten with ten overs to spare and upper darby them on hit eighty eight from eighty eight balls the ciders coming up in dubai on sunday. and there was an early drama at the world chess championship final involving american actor woody harrelson employed to sprinkle some stardust at the start of the tournament in london harrelson first knocked over a king and moved the wrong piece this first game between reigning champion magnus
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carlsen of norway and his u.s. challenger fabiano caruana and in a draw after seven hours of play. all right and that's all your support for now now back to you peter thanks very much to check out the web site it's always there for zero dot com rachelle is here in a couple of moments i'm back from such a sea of. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to.
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al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news the lights are on. but there's nowhere to hide do you think we're going to see some kind of scene change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy affronts own al-jazeera. a congress divided between democrats and republicans. what does it mean for america and the world in these remaining two years of donald trump's presidency. find out on al-jazeera. a disease so stigmatized that those suffering a still shunned by society people is drunk on their penley from the realty from
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their wives and their little teleplays in the whole war what can be done so that they are no longer outcasts in their own community al-jazeera meets the health workers who are challenging al qaeda attitudes and working tirelessly to combat leprosy in india lifelines ancient enemy. the agrees to end its policy of refueling saudi jets as pressure mounts on america to stop aiding the saudi led coalition and yemen. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming out fearful that
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your house will burn yes. or paradise to hell tens of thousands homeless and at least nine people killed as wildfires spread in california plus. remembering the armistice world leaders gather in paris to talk the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the one. and over the andes meet the venezuelan migrants heading for colombia as the crisis at home worries a region. and a significant shift in its approach to the war and yemen the u.s. says it will no longer provide refueling for saudi military planes involved in the conflict defense secretary james mattis says he was consulted by riyadh who decided
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u.s. refueling was no longer needed for a potentially divisive vote in the u.s. congress next week bipartisan members of congress have threatened to take action to end american assistance because of outrage over saudi involvement in the killing of journalist. a saudi amerada coalition now says it has the ability to conduct in-flight refueling by itself there's increasing international pressure for. fire to end for a war that humanitarian crisis at a halt and u.s. refueling is likely to have little impact on the ground there's been a further escalation in fighting in recent days as the coalition tries to recapture they keep port city of who data from who think rebels in the hayward reports. on the edge of her day the battle for territory is intensifying it is a relentless spite with both sides claiming they are making gains data is the prize at the center of this nearly seventy percent of yemen is commercial imports pass
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through the city's poorest practically who un supervised eight pro-government forces backed by saudi arabia say a major offensive is now underway to try to take head dated back. the ones that have remained in order. what sunday dition. scarcity of. goods basic needs like food prices of basic commodities how. structurally cosby deals and schools have closed because of the war. the who think they say they are also impacting heavy losses on saudi backed. this war which is poor years old began when the point is captured the capital sanaa a coalition led by saudi arabia then launched a major campaign to try to restore the government recognized by the international community since then the country has descended into chaos and in
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a place where war has become a daily plight pursued bible hunger has become the norm one child under five in yemen dies every ten minutes the diseases which are killing them are entirely preventable half a million people have fled the area around to data since june when government forces try to recapture the city but for many in the poor city there is no escape and little chance of outside help while the number of those remaining and how dangerous is he is difficult to gauge. the hours of worried that people needing to flee for safety are unable to do so their traps by military operations which are increasingly confining populations and cutting off exit routes there are continued calls for a ceasefire and a political solution to be found for yemen these so far have been ignored with neither side willing to compromise ever heywood al-jazeera. is following the story
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from nearby djibouti. there will be no more refueling all sodhi craft in the air by the united states this is not the main part of the support that the sold in that whole nation gets from the united states but it has been the most divisive because of the massive civilian casualties witnessed in yemen by the sooty in the whole nation now they are other aspects of the support that the united states is giving this led coalition including the sale of arms as well as. the sharing of intelligence including the positions in various parts of the country which they have been targeting. to continue meanwhile in the city where they the fighting is still going on outside the city most of the residents of the city say they are confined to their homes because of. stray bullets and also
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aerial bombardments that i've killed dozens of people in the past few days. you equalisation have launched a free. all the city they want to take it from the fighters because they believe it has been the main. armament point of whole who theophile it is but the united nations of the assertions operating in yemen are warning of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis if the fighting acts affects the operation of the port of or the that which is the entry point for more than aid to pasta and of yemen imports. shanahan is a research fellow at the institute for international policy he says the u.s. and its harm election results may be playing into this latest decision on yemen i think you're probably seeing. relations main. in washington and that kind of language since emanating from washington it seems. there's
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a greater. sense amongst the trump administration officials that we should be looking or pressing more forcefully for a negotiated solution to end this kind of stuff made in yemen it's never been very popular in the us in terms of american support for the saudi that coalition there painting creasing really strong and reports that the humanitarian situation in yemen so i think in riyadh it's that would start. to be looking at what kind of policy formulation is going on in washington but certainly there's been a change in tone we have really saying these from. secretary compiler and security matters. not necessarily zero eight coherent message that we're talking about potential cease fires to talking about say far as proceeding negotiated political talks saying and the very recent announcement about
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stopping. refueling for saudi. the zero. way points on a potential change in u.s. policy better it is not sitting in concrete from what we know publicly at least for a long time now where the president has dissolved parliament and the clare to snap election for january fifth can suggest hours after his party admitted it did not have enough parliamentary support for its prime minister will nominate mahendra roger pasta it's just the latest developments in a global crisis trigger last month by the president sacco and the sitting prime minister well fernandes has more from colombo. also the prime minister on the vicar missing her and party leaders of his coalition say that they will appeal the president's decision to dissolve parliament and essentially put this to the supreme court asking them to recognize the fact that his decision was in violation of the
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country's constitution now the constitution amended in the nineteenth amendment says that the parliament cannot be dissolved until it completes four and a half years of this decision for over a year short of that deadline but the president is defending his decision in fact newly appointed government ministers in a press conference a short while ago have said that the president's decision is in keeping with the constitution now there are mixed reactions among sri lanka's general public there are those who feel that presidents are saying it took the right decision given the current kind of constitutional crisis that was brewing there are others who say this is a death knell for democracy obviously a lot of ground to be covered in the coming hours in the coming days before we see oh how and in what form this a fictional and his future leaders from seventy countries are gathering on the
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french capital paris to mark the end of the first world war as president to arrive he has met with french president manuel marquez all on landing sparked controversy by criticizing the level of the european funding for nato to the two leaders had to say at the palace a short time ago. we're getting along the border of service and we want you to be sure we want to help you. with the blue shirt with the words we will be receiving if you. can only do so much. to the. i don't have the european security to be being assured just boys the united states and really big big the federal reserve why i do believe that we need more you're going to get the city's more european defense. our diplomatic at her james in paris so donald
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trump also tweeted some of his feelings as well they seem to be trying to smooth things over publicly what fallout has there been james. well i think it's been a morning of damage limitation here or there leaves a palace after that tweet from president trump where he said it was very insulting that president had been talking about a european army and saying instead they should be paying more to nato of course the concept of a european army is one that has been discussed for decades in the e.u. already works together militarily and actually fields military missions for example recently in the central african republic or mali the have been serving and the french position is that the e.u. working together is a good thing because that can bend be a component of nato forces and i think that now perhaps has been persuaded has been
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explained to president trump because they seem to be on the same page in those comments that were made a short time ago just to let you know we're just showing you a few pictures now of what's happening behind me because this is the first lady malani a trouble arriving here at the elise a palace and i think you'll see pictures of the of the president of france and his wife and the president of united states and his wife having lunch a short time from now which i think is showing the good relations between these two countries after what was certainly a heck up with that tweet just as air force one arrived so has a knock on is going to be having a formal donald trump be attending that no donald trump is not attend.


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