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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 314  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2018 10:33am-11:02am +03

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the disaster at sonic amish is still marked by local people. prayers as sad every friday for the third autumn an army. some of the older members of the community like this village elders recall a popular poem from the time it accuses unwatched pasha of betraying his own men a betrayal of a say that bordered on treason. wishing again you are sol da da da lot dot. go or latter and shuttle disregard the. whole lot but shut the la molle up not to be gay subject. pasha blamed the defeat on armenians who he claimed had sided with the russians. in april nine hundred fifteen the government rounded up two hundred fifty armenian intellectuals and community
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leaders in istanbul. armenian men were killed and army conscripts put into labor battalions. women children and the elderly were deported and forced on to law marches into the syrian desert. the facts are still hard to agree on but some historians believe that the young turk government the unionists forced up to a million and a half armenians from their homes and that as many as eight hundred thousand died. already at the time of the silly commission. we have and that. and that's it is that it's just so good church it is the russians. pushing out all these balls in populations from. towards our minds and they're
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causing destruction for our war effort do you think we should in turn we should be exiled and armenians into russian territories us troops in revenge and in he not going to cause a similar degree of economy and a conservative destruction. that says all that slips think about this it's in time this german um i it will be converted into a mass deportations towards that happened ten years towards them and maybe in south . and armenian soldiers in up to uniform are separated into forced labor back but the idea has firmly and is that the armenians have become totally undeniable hostile population it seems that and that and come out more than china. he's an eminence. treacherous
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nation and let's not beat for it happen this time let's act first and then undertake a massive preemptive. hundred years on these events are still a matter of debate. but one of the lasting effects of the armenian exodus to the arabian sufi has been the racial diversity it brought to the region. in the twenty first century their descendants are now part of the advance rich social fabric in areas like bush the moon in beirut. the muzzle was through the horn can. assist will be with on
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a high at the moment what was the. link i had been on or how moved but but you know how did with him him. i thought i was a kid i had an idea before so what a horror. and some of us madison were a month. early has it all make but i don't get under the gun with me. bob thought about or says why the certain. ethnic diversity has also characterized this city and the northeast of the ottoman empire and the early nine hundred. s. alone eking salonika in modern greece. after very expulsion along with the muslims from and then you see your southern spain in fourteen ninety two as a father to jews found refuge here in salonika edge. in the center is an ottoman all of this was mainly the jewish city it was called the jerusalem of the balkans.
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salonica was one of the cities that benefited from a series of autumn reforms in the mid nineteenth century these included equality with muslims for both jews and christians. the nationalist leader of modern turkey most of our kamaal was born and raised in this house it's now a turkish museum. the story of utter talk as the founder of modern turkey is often told. less well known is salonica spot in the life of another nationalist leader. one who would change the map of the middle east.
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polish jewish students there walked along here nine hundred eleven he wore affairs like any other ottoman citizen he was here to learn ottoman turkish before going on to study law at the university or istanbul his name david been guardian all would become the first prime minister of israel. and. that is. been good and was a student in salonica and istanbul he actively supported the ottoman army and encouraged around forty jews to join a pro-government militia in jerusalem. he visited america to drum up support for the ottoman empire travelling via egypt and gori and toured thirty five u.s. cities and hope to recruit some ten thousand men in support of the ottoman calls. but he failed and
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a major british military advance changed his loyalties. in august one thousand nine hundred sixty the british went on the offensive against the autumn is in suez under general edmund alamy. by early one nine hundred seventeen that removed the ottomans from the sinai peninsula and continued their march towards palestine. in december allonby entered jerusalem on food out of respect for the holy city. the bloodshed of greater syria was forced out allenby pressed on to take the whole of the levant and force a complete ottoman retreat. the signing of the armistice of mood ross took place on the thirtieth of october nine hundred eighty a month later the whole war was over. once jerusalem fell david ben-gurion joined
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a jewish regiment of the british army in london before returning to palestine to pursue his political career. ben-gurion story typifies how the war presented opportunity it wasn't so much the speed at which he transferred his allegiance it was more that he recognized that a time of radical and far reaching change was dawning in the region. a new world order was about to take shape and he wanted to be one of its architects . the first world war gave birth to three nationalist movements turkish zionist and i. and the relationship between the turks and arabs changed forever as for centuries
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of autumn rule ended by four years of conflict. the awakening of consciousness that grew out of this shift in power was a foretaste of the arab nationalism that was to come. in the next episode. britain's contradictory promises that proved impossible to deliver. the secret agreements between britain and france that carved up the middle east for generations they assumed that these peoples couldn't possibly believe that when the british and french troops and national freedom that
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it actually meant political independence. the hopes of that independence that were ignited by the war. and the crushing disappointment as these hopes were dashed by colonial self interest in the us of the and it was in the truth in them as that. in the final episode of world war one through our of the i. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts in of ages and policymakers from one hundred countries. one experience
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sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal a healthier world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit.
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building a movie theater should be. their goal. right up to the time. until the. very time of the stuff we do not want to talk about all the fun that we will build back . to you with all the doings of the wounded in the west. are all part of the global economy the weather and the bugs no pin event is it is sad an event that started twenty six years ago just thought up by gordon green to bring toys mentality where a list it's growing by fifteen percent have b.m. and already we've gotten record numbers through that but this time of the day we've already got people of next four to one to just one minute twenty seven point three
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eight and that the flash is female have a lot of practice and females come back but she's just smashed the world record of them donald and so he's got it. live there's no bill white train for fox no plan is nothing like silk and in the in egypt or in sharm el sorry but basically the people that tend to get the best times are in the top of the price hump bush because they think that the control of them greet them and they just seem to go down that book and back off it's fifty five now it's not all that touch the right coast and come back up without putting an ad in the state up into the bank or something but getting all others have been there to smoking twenty cigarettes a day come to the parts of all this was going to look at i think i'm a consummate author of the diet book but that's most arctic on the surface was very rich in the scope of this going down and this is i didn't know until this morning that we do. lives driven into a field and i worry that. i
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know that i don't know anything. at all hagar. cohen one of them every. few days and run down to one area where there are there are very there that are. fighting and i'm going to get around them and how you know listening to you keep going to. be a good one. won't beat. changes. on currency the cost u.s. sanctions on iran are back as europe files not to step into line we'll look at how difficult it is to resist the financial minds of the dollar plus china insists its
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economy is opening up the latest on the trade war with the us counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm down in jordan this is the out as ever news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. we have given the recordings to saudi arabia to the americans to the british to the germans to everyone president the international pressure on saudi arabia over the killing of. demanding the truth about who murdered the journalist. world leaders unite to remember world war one them a growing political divisions between the u.s. and european powers. the democratic republic of congo struggles to deal with the country's worst outbreak which has claimed almost two hundred lives. these eleven people are dead and thousands are forced on their homes as wildfires rage in california. turkey's president. has increased the pressure on saudi arabia to reveal the truth
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about the murder of the journalist. otoh and says he said audio recordings related to the killing with saudi arabia the u.s. . france germany and the u.k. and he's demanding that riyadh comes clean on what happened to her body sources say officials who listen to the tapes were horrified by its contents they're said to contain audio of the killing itself and prominently feature saudi a senior aide to saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin until he was fired in late october has more from paris. it was a crucial moment for president who was hoping to push the americans towards a tougher stance against sandy arabiya i guess a battle of the murder of the saudi journalist. turkey wants the international community to keep up the pressure i guess the saudis for the kingdom to come out and say who gave the order to kill. he has somehow dominated the
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agenda of some of the meeting specifically the meeting between presidents donald trump and him and well mike rann they said that they wanted the saudis to give more details about what happened to the saudi journalist but also they said they were concerned that the repercussions from the merger could further destabilize the region i think they were basically concerned that the fallout from this particular case could destabilize the royal family if the kings of not turkey is concerned that this saudi or the u.s. and the e.u. could be using their leverage in a way or another to shield the royal family in saudi arabia because the e.u. and the u.s. have look pretty of what has and business deals with the oil rich kingdom but for to be there needs to be a tougher international stance against saudi arabia while i say nascar is professor of international affairs at george washington university he says the release of the recordings is
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a significant step. this will embarrass the united states and saudi arabia and great britain most the saudis clearly because they wanted this the united states because it's amazing that it is the major support of saudi arabia and also the united kingdom because they supplied along with the united states the arms that saudi arabia uses in its activities in yemen and in places but i think this moment why this moment is that the leaders of the world are getting together they're talking about the end of the first world war the hundredth anniversary and he's going to put pressure on them to get what he wants because this is a time that if they don't do anything they look stupid on the world see so this is winds pick this are i think the gun is clearly all along has played a very smart game what he wants to get out of this with turkey are the following i think in the case of the united states he wants to get any sanctions lifted and he
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also wants america's support these are the saudi arabia. he also wants to get money out of saudi arabia because i think the saudis are known there's some countries who fight the saudis try to buy everything and so he knows that he can get a large loan donation whatever you want to call it from saudi arabia because the turkish economy is in trouble and said what he wants to do is to be in support because. all along been very supportive of mr advani. fighting has again intensified in yemen centered on the key port city of data as the humanitarian crisis worsens the case has brought increased international focus on the conduct of the war by the western backed saudi and erotic coalition fighting who the rebels supported by iran mohammad the reports from nearby djibouti. they call themselves
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the brigade of giants in reality though they are on the shuttle militia from southern yemen by the united arab emirates they are the frontline force in the battle for the strategic port city of kut they supported by the sodium morality coalition air power eldar in iraq today with god's help we've been able to take over the fabric brothers industrial complex in the east of this city and in the next hours we have control of more areas of the city of her data victories coming we'd prayers for our fighters and for the injured. today that we did support the bring sinew and under the humanitarian aid has become the center of yemen's complete with ground troops allied to the coalition struggling to drive out the whole the fighters controlling it. these hospital on the outskirts of the city has been a battleground for the past five days hold the fighters took up positions on its roof to stop the coalition's offensive from this end of the city attacks on school some hospitals are quite common here with children on the frontline of violence and
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medics are able to cope with the influx of the wounded in the last fifteen minutes there were more than fifteen airstrike fifteen this should be stopped immediately this is the roast needed for the government specially for the city this is the lord's time. for production turns the killing and maiming of civilians including many children in the red sea city has soared in the last three months according to aid workers half a million people are fled the area since june when government forces first started to recover to the city but for many still in her day that there is no escape and little chance of outside help while the number of those remaining and how dangerous is he is difficult to gauge you are not u.n.h.c.r. is worried that people needing to flee for safety are unable to do so their traps by military operations which are increasingly confining populations and cutting off
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exit routes if the rail of yemen in militias fighting to take what they either succeed it will be their foster victory against who the fighters aid agencies are sounding the alarm they say the bottle on the red sea coast could throw yemen into an outright farming while the seventh apos handled the country's imports go through the port of the day than sold us aid and they calls for a ceasefire and a political solution but so far these calls have been ignored with neither side willing to compromise mohamed at all just djibouti all the conflict in yemen has killed more than ten thousand people and thousands of survivors of lost limbs with their suffering worsened because of lack of proper treatment or even basic medical care but would up to one have reports. us one mohammed says a mortar hit her family's house was two years ago she lost both legs in the attack
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but she has not lost hope she says she's grateful to the yemeni doctors who have helped her overcome her injuries but something that i didn't know i was the time with my mom getting ready to go to school when a motor rocket hit us i woke up and realized i was in the hospital. according to the red cross thousands of people have lost limbs in yemen since the conflict started in twenty fifteen. that's largely as a result of bomb blasts mines or gunshot wants the erotic coalition that has been fighting alongside him many government forces has been conducting campaigns to remove landmines it accuses the healthy rebels of planting them but the coolish and forces are accused of targeting areas with air strikes and killing many civilians at this rehabilitation center in the port city of aden
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civil of the able people are receiving artificial limbs as the work continues to create more victims officials here say the center is short of a staff and equipment eleven workers before the war we used to receive up to a thousand cases now we receive up to two thousand cases a month the center's capacity is not sufficient and we don't receive aid from any organizations except the red cross and unicef. is a victim of another war he lost both legs in a land mine explosion in aid in during the one nine hundred ninety four civil war he also lost one of his fingers but he says that does not stop him from making artificial limbs for other this able the people. and i later i'm calling on those who have been disabled by the war to hold onto hope also calling on the state
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institutions to stand by the disabled people and the other victims of the war. as the war continues so does the misery in what the united nations has described the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. yemenis are facing famine disease and a lack of health care. us one's experience is shared by thousands like her and their suffering is unlikely to end anytime soon without there were hate injuries iraq. or phyllis bennis is a fellow at the institute for policy studies she says the killing of them has increased pressure on the u.s. to pull support for the war in yemen. well the murder of jamal khashoggi has certainly put more of a spotlight on the actions of saudi arabia in yemen of course a critique of the war in in yemen was one of the things that jamal had written about so the two issues are very linked but unfortunately i think the united states
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to certain degree france as well and certainly the saudi government all view the murder of jamal khashoggi as a public relations crisis not as a human rights crisis whether the human rights of jamal khashoggi or the human rights of the hundreds of thousands indeed millions of yemenis who have been impacted so terribly by this war so until that changes i'm afraid that the murder itself is not likely to bring about an end to the war it is giving some new attention to the horrors of the humanitarian crisis that is the war in yemen which is very important but i think the real pressure certainly here in the united states too for for actions like the beginning action we've seen today with the announcement that the u.s. would no longer be providing the in air refueling of saudi bombers that's an important step but a small one and it came about largely as a result of domestic pressure here not because of lunch with that that trump was
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arranging today so i think that we have a great deal further to go but there are some indications that some of the pressure is ratcheting up that we are seeing more pressure particularly the top administration leaders from seventy countries are in the french capital for the one hundredth anniversary of the end the world war one for u.s. and french leaders it was a chance to bridge the transatlantic divide and find a political resolution to the war in yemen diplomatic editor james brings reports from paris. at the elise a palace they were in damage limitation and just as he touched down an air force one president trump tweeted the president mcchrystal school. as for a european army were very insulting as they met face to face the french president seemed keen to stress they were still on the same track france has for decades back further integrating the e.u.'s military resources but in a way that doesn't harm nato i do believe that my proposal for european and after
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the consistent with that because it means more europe was in that needle mark fs and you know that it was.


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