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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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he said we also and he was talking directly to other world leaders there we have a great responsibility of passing on a safer world let's just quote miss your macro had to say let's just listen to a particular part of his speech there where you were talking about heroism in the context of the deaths of so many many people between one hundred fourteen on the eleventh of november one thousand nine hundred eighty. paulson was se to cut the good book to the citizens aristocracies simple people all colors fighting next to each other with heroes some during those four years europe nearly killed itself there in a merciless struggle and confrontation which drew in all who fought in it no matter what their nationality was. well we have two correspondents in paris covering this story james bases. with. the atmosphere almost electric people with genuine being gauged with what misty was saying.
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yes it was a very moving and wide ranging speech you might say he will touch on the face the brutality the folly of the first world war when he recalled the millions of people who died the millions of people from all over the world from all continents that have been drawn into that conflict the last more than four years and that international aspect really reflected with the world leaders here more than seventy of them listening to his speech he did of course return to one of his favorite themes that he's a he's touched throughout this week of commemorations and that is a key is warning about the dangers of nationalism and he said it again patriotism is not nationalism that is because it is a fierce proponent of multilateralism all leaders working together and it was perhaps something of a swipe to leaders such as u.s. president dilma trump with his make america great again
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a policy as pointed out that the u.s. is putting that multilateral vision in danger doing things like pulling out of iran deal climate change and he mentioned the climate change amount on my call he mentioned the importance of supporting international bodies such as the united nations he also touched on one of the keys of this commemoration and that is that the accident is on reconciliation is not on glory or national trying to. that is why we have seen emmanuel marcos route this whole ceremony very close with the german chancellor angela merkel they walk together up the shores and use a towards the arc de triomphe and then were seated together. at the end and they have a very good relationship politically they are the axis of europe today we know this but personally as well there is clearly a friendship there and that's perhaps particularly poignant today for mrs merkel because she's announced she is moving away from the front line of european politics relatively soon. as rights very important for both of those leaders
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who have fought so hard and continue to fight so hard for the future of europe to be seen together you know they representing su nations that were once the bitterest of enemies the tour each other apology of the first world war the second world war and now also close the closest of european allies they both have the same vision for the european union they are both fighting against the rise of nationalism within the bloc of those far right and tea parties that threaten the very future of europe so for them to be standing side by side today is very important for them a new pool sends a strong symbol and a strong message to thanks very much i'm just wondering if we can just get a sense of the orchestral performance going on. morrisroe eight hundred seventy five to one hundred thirty seven it was originally composed as a ballet commissioned by the russians. but we are the house of
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already being represented. in the russian president as well. off to the left shop there. these pictures more talks james bays out of matagorda sir james your take away points from what masooma com was saying. well i thought the speech from the president was very interesting i thought the focus on the word nationalism was very interesting and saying that the patriotism was the opposite of nationalism as in some ways the take away comments because they back his world view as natasha said that's so different from america first yes this is a moment of commemoration of an awful moment in world history but the contrast between the macro view and the trump view i think is very very telling i was just a few days ago at the white house when president trump was giving that news conference and he was asked about being a nationalist and saying it was a nationalist and he wouldn't denounce that word and just listen to what president
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says about that whole concept of nationalism and where it's taken the world in the past as it was a defense of the world working together of the european union of the united nations and that's what we're going to see as the day goes on i think with a paris peace forum that's going to be taking place in a few hours time after all the leaders returned here to the palace i think the other thing to tell you about the elise a palace of it maybe a small thing as you can see i'm drenched in the rain but we saw quite remarkable scenes where it was raining quite a bit heavier which is when the world leaders came out of that door and down that red carpet they too were drenched in the rain walking together from here then walking again up the leaves a i think a show of humility from those world leaders and i think it is worth remarking on the fact that president trump didn't join them in any of that that's i think
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because of the secret service of the u.s. wouldn't let him do that and in fact there was a protester that tried to confront his motorcade so maybe that decision is borne out but i. do wonder how this will play domestically back home in the united states the day off he called off a visit to a cemetery to where he was supposed to a pay tribute to some of those who died fighting for the united states because of the rain i think the pictures of the other world leaders in the rain are going to be quite powerful politically back in the us. as well when he was wrapping up that speech james talking about fighting inequality and also leaving the world a safer place for the generations to come and he specifically talks about climate change i mean we've discussed this over the past two years one of the things one of the first things donald trump did was pull the plug on barack obama having signed up to the paris climate change accords which were put into place what three years ago this coming december i guess it must be. yeah absolutely and
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that obviously was a major global initiative but a major initiative that the french were involved in because this was the home city and the home city of that climate change accord i think there are worries because my normal beat is back based at the united nations and speaking there to diplomats they are concerned about the direction of travel of the submit a stray shin one senior diplomat said to me i don't think president trump wants to pull out of the united nations but it may be that as they keep chipping away at different bits of the international system we've seen though. we've seen them pull out of treaties like the climate change treaty the iran deal we've seen various on happiness going forward with different parts of the u.n. system that they may end up removing so much of their involvement with the international community that the north's
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a full player of the united nations and on that point i think the next big battle is going to be over the un's budget and if the u.s. doesn't pay its share of the u.n. then the whole international system is in some considerable trouble james thanks very much james diplomatic editor there as the assembled presidents and prime ministers and the german chancellor of course angela merkel there serenaded by rebels bolero first performed in paris opera november nineteen twenty eight we'll get you more on those commemorative events a little later i'm sure here on. other events and stories of course being played out in paris the white house says mr trump and his turkish counterpart mr erdogan held discussions on how to respond to the killing of jamal khashoggi turkey's president has previously said an operation
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. killed a journalist was ordered in saudi arabia at quote the highest levels of the one and trump met over dinner on saturday night in paris earlier the u.s. and the french president said saudi arabia should shed more light on the murder under simmons has more now from istanbul. recep tayyip erdogan had left turkey for paris having put out a resoundingly message to the world he had shared the audiotapes with the united states and its main allies including saudi arabia and the message was there is the evidence of jamal has showed g.'s murder now what about the action what unfolds will be key to this whole crisis that started more than five weeks ago with the actions here in the consulate and now we're in a position whatever happens turkey is ready to continue its campaign to try to get what it sees as final justice which has to be outside saudi arabia now saudi arabia
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still insisting it has to be judged within the confines of saudi arabia itself but we're seeing also a promise that there will be more revelations from these audiotapes from the main publication sabah saying that it will go ahead and only on saturday night it's spoke to al jazeera mubasher a senior journalist telling them on the air that the final words from kushal ji were these and he had a bag over his head as he was speaking but he could be heard on the tapes apparently saying i'm choking i'm choking put the bag away from my head i'm suffering from prostrate phobia words to that effect there they were the last words of caution no one can be sure that the resistance to any cover up will be pursued to the very very end in turkey whatever the result is in paris
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firefighters in california say they're up against some of the toughest conditions they've faced as wildfires continue across the states the death toll has now climbed to twenty five hundreds of thousands of people are being forced to leave their homes. at least two hundred thousand. people in southern california have been evacuated as the wildfire there has doubled in size are far far and he seems an extreme. conditions that they say they've never seen him on. two thousand firefighters are battling the blaze many homes have been burnt to the ground in northern california a separate huge wildfire killed a number of people as they tried to flee the town of paradise the town itself was virtually incinerated dozens of people are missing in that area and authorities fear the death toll may rise we've gone to lots of you know wild land fires over
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the years and this is one of the worst we have seen personally so. it's pretty horrific. the fires broke out on thursday and fanned by high winds quickly raged out of control towering clouds of smoke were visible from outer space. on a trip to france president donald trump tweeted as california burned blaming the state's liberal democratic government for poor forestry management he threatened to cut off federal funds for overseeing california wild lands the winds are calm here at the moment but that's not going to last the weather forecast is for high winds picking up in the coming days so unless the weather conditions improve california's wildfires may take a long time to die rob reynolds al-jazeera malibu california the u.s.
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state of florida is again at the center of an election battle recounts being awarded in the races for governor and senate republican candidates have a slight lead in both votes in the first count also results are still unconfirmed in georgia and arizona five days after the midterm elections gave and is under now from washington. the midterm elections are over but not in florida the race for governor and senate are still undecided too close to call so winners have not yet been announced in the senate race republican rick scott got fifty percent of the votes bill nelson the democratic incumbent forty nine point nine percent only fourteen thousand votes separate the two candidates out of over eight million cast in the state now both republicans and democrats are accusing each other of wrongdoing and it's gotten ugly i will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people florida that the governor's race in
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florida is also headed for a recount with republican congressman ron descent this at forty nine point six percent of the vote compared to andrew guillen's forty nine point one about a thirty six thousand vote difference we don't just get the opportunity to stop accounting votes because we don't like the direction in which the vote tally is heading that is not democratic and that certainly is not the american way and america we count every vote regardless of what the outcome may be broward county is florida's second biggest county home to nearly two million people many provisional ballots were counted late and dozens of rejected ballots mistakenly mixed with knowledge ones for u.s. president donald trump it's a personal he campaigned hard for the republicans in florida and them both holding razor thin leads trump insinuated without evidence the democrats are trying to stuff the ballot boxes and all of a sudden they're finding votes i mean after the election they're finding votes
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nelson rejected trump's claim votes are not being file and they're being tallied the confusion has stirred outrage with protesters on both sides gathered outside the offices election officials are meeting to sort through the ballots this isn't the first. time florida has been at the center of an election controversy who can forget the florida recount between george w. bush and al gore in the two thousand presidential race bush ultimately won florida by less than six hundred votes giving him the electoral college victory thus the presidency the florida recount eighteen years ago was ultimately decided here at the supreme court it's unclear if will see a repeat of that what is very certain is that the current recount most likely involve a lot of lawyers lawsuits and drag on for a very long time gabriel's andro. washington heavy rain in brazil has
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triggered a landslide which has killed at least ten people rescuers to searching for at least four people missing in the mud and the deputy outside rio de janeiro eleven others have been pulled out alive residents been advised to move to safer locations but some have refused to leave heavy rain has led to flash flooding across the arabian peninsula jordan has been the worst hit twelve people there have been killed with more. the deluge came barreling down the valley with a thunderous roar sweeping away everything in its path. visitors expecting the serenity of petra's two thousand year old architecture had to scramble frantically to higher ground as the water raged beneath them around three and a half thousand tourists were in the area at the time but none were injured the police were running around the main street shouting up up up and going go up go up a co-op we were in the. temple so we were up. the river
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was it was right. before taking with the biggest. thing three minutes or four minutes there were for all the overall petra's flood channels worked as intended the volume and intensity of a torrent four meters high test at the flood barriers to their limits numerous other areas were similarly affected the city of declared a state of civil emergency and across the country the fatalities included two children and one of the divers in gauged in the rescue efforts. the were. sitting in combing operations by the jordanian search and rescue teams and divers teams are still continuing backed by around forces john di maria public security personnel unfortunately the death figures have risen and include one of the civil defense divers in saudi arabia to friday's sudden downpours quickly filled traffic
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underpasses with water and hundreds of motorists faced being stranded by the rising floods. it's only a fortnight since a flashflood near the jordanian dead sea killed twenty one people including thirteen children who were on a school trip when the bus was swept away that tragedy led to the resignations of both the education minister and the tourism minister over perceived failings in the government's response to the jordanian response in the aftermath of this latest deluge has been an extensive search and rescue efforts but the receding water has left the affected areas in jordan need deep in mud and sludge making the search effort doubly difficult paul brennan al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera these are your top stories the french president emmanuel mcchrystal is doing tributes to the millions of servicemen and civilians who died
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in world war one leaders from seventy countries are in paris today for the one hundredth anniversary of the end of the war twenty million people died france was the epicenter of what was the world's first global conflict. it's to cut the good book to the citizens aristocracies simple people all colors fighting next to each other with heroes them during those four years europe nearly killed itself there in a merciless struggle and confrontation which drew in all who fought in it no matter what their nationality was on the sidelines of that commemoration the white house says president trump and the turkish president reach up to i've heard one have held discussions on how to respond to the killing of the saudi journalist. mr irwin says turkey has shared audio recordings of a shock these last moments with several world leaders. at least sixty one people have been killed as fighting intensifies in the yemeni port city of data between
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the government backed saudi and iraqi coalition and the rebels aid groups say the humanitarian crisis is getting worse as many a course in the conflict lacking access to basic medical supplies and care government forces are trying to close in on rebel held areas in the east of the city north and south korean forces have withdrawn from eleven guard posts on the edges of the demilitarized zone that divides the two countries now the move was agreed on during recent into korean talks in the truce village panmunjom the two are discussing demolishing all the guard posts along the so-called d.m.z. almost two hundred of them in total north and south korea have officially been at war since the nineteen fifties. in bangladesh the main opposition coalition says it will contest the forthcoming general election despite the governing party refusing to agree to a series of demands about the vote the leading party in the coalition the bangladesh nationalist party has boycotted previous campaigns. take part in the
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elections set for december the twenty fifth those are your headlines up next it's inside story i will see you very soon. the political crisis in sri lanka deepens first the president's saxes prime minister now he dissolves parliament and calls for snap elections just how far will this power struggle go and is democracy in danger this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. he sacked the prime minister now he's dissolved parliament and called for elections in january because president. has been accused of violating the constitution the turmoil was triggered last month when he appointed former leader russia as prime minister the man he sacked run ill refuse to leave the prime minister's residence the case is expected before the supreme court on monday we'll discuss with our guests the effects all this could have on sri lanka stability but first mel fernandez reports from colombo. the constitutional crisis continues here in sri lanka and basically it's to paddle realities it just depends on whose version you listen to and now reports continuing about president and city seen as dissolving of parliament at midnight on friday the president has defended his decision saying it's in keeping with the constitution he
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did what was legal that is what we heard from his foreign minister sorry i'm going to go to brief the media earlier today however the victimise in her camp of ousted prime minister on a vehicle missing are saying that this was illegal complaining that there was no constitutional provision to call an election after dissolving parliament in fact the group went to meet the chairman of the elections commission mind the bishop read this afternoon presented their case and d.c. they expect the commission to be meeting and discussing and acting in accordance with the constitution now this being the weekend obviously we're hearing that a number of petitions will be submitted to the supreme court on monday and the supreme court will be expected to give direction as to where it goes from here in a finance inside story. all right now over to our panel in beijing shoe dong job research or on asia pacific affairs and a senior research fellow at the china institute of international studies by skype
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in curial a sri lanka's former electoral district raja would just send a former government official and in london charu out to hawg an associate fellow at the asia program a chatham house welcome to you all roger let me start with you today what the president in sri lanka has done first by sacking the prime minister then by dissolving parliament how much of a surprise has all of this been. because all the time that you know there wasn't all that prime minister. elect said it was time for. him to be breaking down. but there was a look at the hall at the time and then it was empty as well as you know you know who but that president at this depth that perhaps he should have taken earlier now
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in taking that step i think he assumed that he would have a parliamentary majority against the prime minister but that has been doing and throwing up and. there are allegations all by and these on both sides and i think there was a sense that perhaps some saw. or vote of the people might settle things so you have you on the brains or on last night it's all a little. fixed an election for january but didn't book that thing doubts about the constitutionality of the action and it seemed best perhaps that will now be second but even the press should have been taken up before the courts warning that they should. if that happens quickly so that it can get over that some certainty charu there are some that are saying what the president has
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done is unconstitutional and there are some that are arguing that it is constitutional from your perspective what do you say does the president have the power to do all this and is this ultimately going to be resolved in the supreme court. well absolutely from where we're sitting and we're looking at it and indeed the perspective of sri lankan constitutional lawyers is that this is an early illegality all three steps are unconstitutional the dismissal of prime minister granted we can missing in the appointment of. mahinda rajapaksa as the prime minister the prerogative of parliament and then finally the dismissal of parliament all these steps are regarded and considered unconstitutional and the question here is whether the supreme court will show the independence and the neutrality to
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decide that the january elections which have been unilaterally announced by gazette by the by the president are to be upheld and i think that is really the issue if you don't let me get your perspective on all this so there is an argument that is being made that sri lanka was already in a constitutional crisis and that the dissolution of parliament is really the only way out of it what do you say is that really the case. well you know. china watch and their vents. taking place since or lanka you know what we in china would like to see is political stability because as a historical experiences in china have shown that with political stability we can see economic development and improvement of liberians of people so you know natural here in china look at all the. this kind of constitutional crisis
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people here would like to see that the people in surrounding i can walk out of their internal strife so that they can focus on economic development and improvement of the people see a life as a principle in chinese foreign policy. china doesn't interfere in internal affairs of many countries including sir lanka so suddenly had a cause are all part of this lanka to work out there are political differences and the china has enjoyed friendly relations with. no matter who is in. power so a china has not taken sides. with regard to the current political situation in sri lanka what china would like to see is that they can do is that and solve it as soon as possible so that. they can go back to.
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economic development i'm sorry you were social progress let me just ask you a quick follow up building on what you were saying when it comes to trying his relationship with three lanka is that dependent on who is in power. and no actually you know as a principle no you know actually i would have a scene sometimes ups and downs in china so relations with some countries are in couldn't surround her but you know it always as a principle china respects the choice of the people in sri lanka who is a lottery lacked and so china got to work with this government seal and you know in the past few years we have seen that some some china invested projects have experienced some problems and you know some people may have different opinions
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about the projects but china respects you know this the final decision of the government officer and the whoever is in power there are you know for example take the. port project in the. in the press the former president. raja pasa and the project was developed there later on when the new and the station came in power they said oh well they took some and then it is some time to review the project that's a fine and finally you know it was decided by their so lanka government that they should move on because that's good for the economy obviously good for their long term development goal of lanka so now the project is in operation and it will be provide jobs for saranda by twenty twentieth's presume
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that maybe ten thousand job will be accredited. and the sixty thousand jobs in darkly were will be accredited for the people in sri lanka rajiv let me ask you building on what should on there was saying when it comes to the economy i mean what are the concerns right now in sri lanka as to how much of this turmoil will affect the economy. well the economy was in a complete mess. this. up promptly because there was oil i would almost do this sums of dysfunctionality in the approach oh the former prime minister of iran with the missing out you know take this issue of china i'm afraid the west also used to blame the given rock but supposing. they actually accused him of giving in to much to china but i believe the relations between russia and china
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are that he feels that if the sri lanka. sadly went into missing of came in to buy he was very in shutting about china but china behaved very well and in the end has given. and support to rigorously but i'm afraid on hollande it to spend their support they gave. and you know i told them since i was on definition not speak and they said you know the root of the appointment of rajapaksa was an attack on india message that's absolute nonsense but i did find it very authentic they're remarkably good they need in foreign ministers much more circumspect to say that you know to try not to put and i'm wondering guess you'd be given the stamina but with the missing a seems to commit to that doing without consulting on the cabinet obama and the minister opals and shipping who should have been comes on made it very clear that he felt that east. should be developed by sri lanka but he was happy on me some but i'm still hoping that the west i'm in the limit i'm with. as
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it stands i'm not to be productive investment in spain on guys coming from china i personally believe the terms on which government got it i'm not as much in sri lanka as interest as was the situation. so i hope they're going to have the correct of your problem the web the free one can move which will lead one hundred fifty to the dog slim two hundred seventy four when we can signal to prime minister and in the columbia business community that the sense that you know he and his team member absolutely no idea of how to handle the economy so the general sense is that. you know ultimately the more up in the prime minister.


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