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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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this place there was a village with peaceful working people running through the structure fully a floor these villages were completely destroyed my will is to show you all the lives it was here and to say be careful never ghana why more. these days it's hard to imagine the sheer scale of the terror that was unleashed on the hills above. but the last entry in a war diary by a french soldier gives you some impression he wrote that crazy to do what they're doing now what a bloodbath what horrible sights what a slaughter hell cannot be as hideous as this people are insane it was here president francois mitterrand chancellor helmut kohl held hands in a historic act of reconciliation and friendship between france and germany the tide of warfare may have moved to different shores but it still shows no sign of turning . david chaytor al-jazeera there dan. any number of
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things going on online today to commemorate or almost as what did you come up with so much kemal but many on line at the moment are using the hash tag on a stay one hundred marking the day the king at how communities from all over the world contrary to or for jury world war one and more than three million people across the british empire and the commonwealth served alongside the british army including many muslims four hundred thousand of them in fact but some say that their contribution has been forgotten and a think tank called the british future is trying to revive that in schools today and they shed this clip on twitter. it's a pretty story people of every community should be aware of that significant contributions from so they. feel an ownership in the community they themselves feel they belong to. which i wasn't the only country which contributed to the success of the war but
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those also indian people canadian people i'm australian people who helped out in many different ways someone might not be born here and they come over here. is interesting because you learn about that transition and who they are and how they feel about being british and that ethnic background how that mix is into that. and now shifting on to belgium a third generation moroccan is proud to learn about her family's contribution from north africa. from the us here in this learning about this part of history makes you feel stronger if you're confronted with your roots then you can say i was born here and this is my country if you learn about your grandparents contribution to country that was back then not theirs it just gives you more energy and it is empowering and the conversation goes as far as new zealand as you mentioned earlier around one hundred thousand new zealanders or ten percent of the population at the time served overseas during the war and over eighteen thousand of them were killed the nation's firefighters took part in
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a roaring chorus sounding their sirens to. that it that day and this is also said on twitter. now on the other side of this u.s. president will trump caused some controversy by counseling a trip to u.s. cemetery on saturday because of bad weather people online were quick to criticize him some called him weak and too precious to pay respects to the dead another set of voiding military service was disrespectful and his fellow countrymen and women as well and just as you're talking about where he were he is speaking now at the american cemetery in this american battle monuments commission doing just an absolutely fantastic. exactly one hundred years ago today on november eleventh one thousand nine hundred eighteen world war one came to an end thank god it was a brutal war millions of american french and allied troops that fought with extraordinary
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skill and valor in one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history we are gathered together at this hallowed resting place to pay tribute to the brave americans who gave their last breath in that mighty struggle earlier monny and were deeply honored to be the guests a president mccrone and bridge at the centennial commemoration of armistice day was very beautiful so well done to all of the french military leaders and dignitaries in attendance with us now thank you for joining us as we honor the american and french service members who shed their blood. together in a horrible horrible war but a war known as the great war we're also joined by many distinguished american military leaders. thank you to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general
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joseph dunford thank you jim thank you army chief of staff general mark milley thanking more supreme allied commander europe general curtis scaparrotti general thank you. that air force commander europe general taught walters thank you thank you jen thank you as well to the members of congress who have joined us ralph abraham anthony brown john carter paul cook henry why are richard hudson bill huizenga dutch ruppersberger john rutherford and steve stivers thank you all very much for being with us thank you very much and know you wanted to be here very badly we appreciate it in the united states armistice day is now in shrine as veterans day we have
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a number of amazing veterans with us today including six veterans of world war two james blaine james where's james james thank you thank you james frank divvied. thank you frank thank you very much you look so comfortable up there under shelter as we're getting drenched you are very smart people. pete do pray pete thank you very much gregory melich in thank you gregory steven miller come off. thank you thank you steven and jay trimmer. thank you thank you jay thank you you look like you're in really good shape all of you. i hope i look like that some day. you look great
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america is forever in debt and we are forever in your debt we really appreciate you being here we're also joined by another very special guest a thirteen year old boy from the united states they matthew haski matthew is in the eighth grade and he worked and saved all of his money for two years to make this trip to france he wanted to be here in person to honor the american heroes of world war one matthew thank you you make us very proud where is beth you matthew matthew. thank you very much you're way ahead of your time matthew thank you. on this day in the year one thousand eight hundred church bells rang families embrace tinsel celebrations as you know filled the streets like never before in towns throughout europe and the united states but victory had come at
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a terrible cost among the allied forces more than one million friend soldiers and one hundred sixteen thousand american service members had been killed by the wars and millions more wounded countless would come home bearing the lasting scars of trench warfare and the grisly horrors of chemical weapons during the final battle of the war over twenty six thousand americans lost their lives and more than ninety five thousand were wounded it was the single deadliest battle in united states history think of that twenty six thousand americans lost their lives in a battle. here on the revered grounds of sue wren american cemetery line more than one thousand five hundred u.s. service members who made the ultimate sacrifice in the first world war among those
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buried here are legendary marines who fort in the battle of bella wood in that treacherous forest and the surrounding feels american marine soldiers and allied forces fought and they fought through how to turn the tide of the war and that's what they did they turned the tide of the war it was in that battle that our marines earned the nickname devil dogs arising from the german description of their ferocious fighting spirit john kelly knows that name devil dogs very well john. earlier this year president mccrone presented an oak sapling from belo wood as a gift to our nation and enduring reminder of our friendship sealed in battle we fought well together you could not fight better than we fought together sergeant
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eugene where from hazleton pennsylvania was one of the marines that bellow would eugene race great into a barrage of enemy fire like no one has ever seen before to bandages friends wounds and carry him back to safety months later eugene was mortally wounded he passed away one day after christmas is mother would come right here to mourn by the grave of her precious son she loved him so much she was one of the thousands of american moms and dads whose beloved children found their final resting place on the hills of sioux wren. each of these marble crosses and stars of david marks the life of an american warrior great great warriors they are who gave everything for family country god and freedom through rain hail snow
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mud poisonous gas bullets and mortar they held the line and pushed onward to victory was a great great victory costly victory but a great victory never knowing if they would ever again see their families or ever again hold their loved ones hear the words of a young soldier named sergeant paul maynard from a letter he wrote only a few days before the end of the war dear mother i think of you all at home and i know if i am spared to get back that i shall appreciate home more than ever ever before it will seem like heaven to me to be once more where there is peace and only peace on november
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eleventh one thousand nine hundred eighteen paul died in the final hours of battle just before the end no sadly he did not make it he was among the countless young men who never returned home but through their sacrifice they ascended to peace in heaven rest in peace paul the american and french patriots of world war one embody the timeless virtues of our two republics honor and courage strength and valor love and loyalty grace and glory. it is our duty to preserve the civilization they defended and to protect the peace they so nobody gave their lives to secure one century ago it is now my great honor to present major
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general william mats with an american flag as a symbol of our nation's gratitude to the american battle monuments the commission has done such an incredible job in general we very much appreciate it today we renew our sacred obligation to memorialize our fallen heroes on the soil where they rest for all of eternity thank you very much. general this is a great honor thank you very much u.s. president donald trump speaking at saran the cemetery there where he's been speaking about the sacrifices made by u.s. forces during the first world war today armistice day one hundred years since the end of the first world war james bays is out diplomatic editor in paris has been singing along to that as well i guess james this is the speech that we were supposed to hear yesterday when donald trump chose not to go to the cemetery
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because of the weather. yes a different cemetery but there was a combination of paying respect to those marines that he was going to visit the graves of twenty four hours earlier and that clearly some of that speech was about them in this speech it's worth telling you about where he is right now saran it's on the outskirts of paris on a hilltop overlooking the city and worth telling you that there are mainly those that died during world war one one thousand five hundred and forty one veterans who died there although there are also twenty four unknown soldiers from world war two but it's worth telling you that they actually these people who are buried in surrender with those that died in military hospitals there are people who died because of their appalling wounds because of illnesses because of an influenza
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epidemic i think an indication of the appalling conditions in the trenches jury in what is known as the go the great war ok james thank you james bays is our diplomatic editor in paris as we've been watching that speech from president trump now we also have max arthur with us who is a world war one historian author of several books on the great world wars joining us from london it's a pleasure to have you with us we get a lot of comments coming through to us on this show from our viewers watching on facebook and on you tube and the thing i'm getting from all of them is saying we haven't learned the lessons one hundred years later elizabeth has said we didn't forget world war one we ignored it and one of our other viewers raney has been saying although we remember the past we're still repeating it do you agree with that. war is very more the lone time where since a preemie of times. first there was
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a grey and horrifying war you'd sink if any war is going to finish and in mine ever contemplating war it would have to be the first world war but the second world war was any twenty years afterwards so it remains a mystery to me as to why we're still fighting still developing arms. still getting ready for the next one ready would cause such a massive army war that americans chinese are massive on is ready for war and mirrored in the art of ours ever wants and you can see that from the sentiments on. the veterans that have been there men i met i never met really a first world war veteran agency the first who other than as some like i guess who keep going go ahead lou.
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reich me yes i've got to go ahead write a so on are not. a not a tool sure why it continues but it does continue past everywhere in brit peroration for possibly another war. i think oh we haven't lost a breeze soldier in the last four years apart from some people in the special forces so there is good it's a good sign but what do you make of the lot of pillar eight hundred two what do you make of the sort of world order that we have now could be is is today we had seventy world leaders going to paris there are clear divisions in them and emanuel mccrone wasn't afraid to port to call it out was that he was wasn't afraid to say we have nationalism and we have patriotism and patriotism is better he said i sickly. crew of. pages
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is such a tricky word to use. it's nice to feel pride in one's country's eden assyria have to go to war over it pressures in the feeding of growing into one country is fine and remarkable it's nationalistic and it's it's what we see a problem is cricket matches news that don't have to go to war to prove anything at all but we do. max out there i'm sorry a pleasure talking to you thank you for your time on this very important day. but i would say we've got more of that global perspective of course this is from al jazeera dot com an opinion piece on how the end of world war one actually much the beginning of some big changes in places like turkey and in the middle east as well and right down the bottom of the scroll further we haven't loops and embedded video there of a special series on al-jazeera called world war one through arab eyes so there's that one and then there's also a feature piece from tanzania on
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a battle you've likely not heard about a four year guerilla war against a german force in east africa during world war one both of these pieces you will find just by searching for world war one around as they were dot com if you click the latest filter these have both been posted in the last five days or so as you find those pretty easily thank you for your comments as well coming in i read some about the gifts and as i say the overriding feeling is people saying that we haven't learnt lessons from first world from the first world war donna watching in australia points out that the first world war remains the costliest conflict for australia in terms of deaths and casualties and some of you struggling with watching president trump giving his speech there given the fact that he decided not to go yesterday because of the rain feeling there was a level of disrespect shown by the u.s. president your comments your questions the hash tag a.j. newsgroup on twitter facebook whatsapp and telegram now one of the attendees in paris was president reject type one of turkey he has just arrived home from those
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events in paris he met as you're seeing here with president donald trump the white house says the two leaders discussed the killing of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi jamal i'll show you how it is with us to talk through that in istanbul bring us up to date with what came out of that meeting and any new developments. well come of the exact details of that meeting we expect to hear. within the next twelve hours or so on monday morning to actually present in our two undecided for a brief some people on the plane on the flight back i understand from my sources that he described his meeting with the u.s. president as a positive one however the details as i mentioned of that meeting won't be disclosed of until early on monday morning. this is obviously on the backdrop not only of the fact that the charts had shared information and the
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evidence they have of the killing and murder of john paul two with the american counterparts but also on the wider things that comes on the backdrop of relations between iran and washington following that huge fallout over the trial of a past u.s. pastor was then eventually released as well as the u.s. imposing trade tariffs on strike and essentially effectively devaluing the currency so it would have here according to the talk president that they've overcome maybe those bad days so to speak of those relationships she's case playing central to the discussions there but also on economy. relations as well in those meetings aside from that one of the main talking points that are also indirectly related to this is the war in yemen come out as you know there are a lot of countries have been talking about how there is a need now to evaluate the policies that have been detrimental and essentially
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damaging just ability not least the war in yemen and the fact that the u.s. is one of the biggest or the biggest rather military supplier to the saudis and has been refueling for example giving support to the fighter jets there there's talk about that there's been a protest outside the saudi consulate in stumble earlier today a couple of hours ago not that large but it was a loud one must be noted it was organized by people. i was simply calling for an end to the war in yemen but they are supporters of i did medical doctor with us the shia militia there so it's not a. objective let's say or neutral group but it does show that's the case of jamal khashoggi is much much broader and bringing in a lot of people to try and use it to further their own goals or principles or agendas ok thank you jamal as shale in istanbul and jamal talks about yemen you know at least sixty one people have actually been killed as the fighting intensifies in yemen this is the port city of her day that we're talking about
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between those forces backed by the coalition and the rebels a group say the humanitarian crisis is dire as many caught in the conflict just lack access to the basic medical care for forces are trying to close in on who the held areas in the east of the city all of this says a hoot the information minister actually defected and fled to saudi arabia let's check in with mohammed oh he is following the story from djibouti at the moment mohammed good evening the latest from you on what's actually happening in the data this this escalation in attacks. good evening come all fighting is going on in a list very different from around. the city of the. part of the city fighting happening on the streets in some of the residential areas thousands of pro-government militia fighters who are being supported by united arab
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emirates helicopters as well as the strikes have been cutting out. all through positions. east to take this strategic and vital port from the control of the fighters also know that the stakes are really high and losing a day that would also deny them much needed a moment of supplies for most of them all feels wrong and i've been putting up here resistance the concern right now is for the people who are still holed up in this city the people who could not leave when their neighbors. quite close up because of the wrong. checkpoints that have been put there by might is also concerned about what the fighting could. hold and ellen this eruption could be catastrophic for the entire yemeni.
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we might leave you there sounds like it's getting a bit noisy behind you but thank you for that update from. we're looking at the california wildfires now where firefighters say they're up against some of the toughest conditions they have. the death toll now at twenty five with hundreds of thousands more people forced to leave their homes rob reynolds with the support now from malibu california. at least two hundred thousand people in southern california have been evacuated as the wildfire there has doubled in size our far far has been a seems an extreme. parkinsons that they say they've never seen him on. two thousand firefighters are battling the blaze many homes have been burnt to the ground in northern california a separate huge wildfire killed a number of people as they tried to flee the town of paradise the town itself was virtually incinerated dozens of people are missing in that area and authorities
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fear the death toll may rise we've gone to lots of you know wild land fires over the years and this is one of the worst we have seen personally so it's pretty horrific. the fires broke out on thursday and fanned by high winds quickly raged out of control towering clouds of smoke were visible from outer space. on a trip to france president donald trump tweeted as california burned blaming the state's liberal democratic government for poor forestry management he threatened to cut off federal funds for overseeing california wild lands the winds are calm here at the moment but that's not going to last the weather forecast is for high winds picking up in the coming days so unless the weather conditions improve california's
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wildfires may take a long time to die rob reynolds al-jazeera malibu california. actually let's just pick up on that tweet which rob mentioned there donald trump on saturday this is what he said in a bit more detail there is no reason for these massive deadly and costly forest fires in california except that forest management is so poor he goes on to say remedy it now or no more federal payments they don't sunday it was as if someone had taken this phone from him and tweeted a more sympathetic response so with those fighting the fires the fifty two thousand evacuated the families of the eleven as it was at that stage who have died god bless them all however it didn't last presumably at some stage just before the armistice celebrations in paris we had this once again with proper forest management we can stop the devastation constantly going on in california get smart . all of that will certainly be viewed by people as not terribly helpful given the circumstances but i've seen a lot of social media that is trying to really help people out all across
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california and this raise awareness of the issue just more generally as well so i said we can see a lot of videos and pictures of the california wildfires and the aftermath being shed on line the fires have spread and the number continue to break out the los angeles county fire department operations is also sharing regular updates on that have on the developments on twitter as well there's also this interactive map which is a good indication of what is currently happening on the ground and they are continuing to update it as we can see there. but it was that tweet that kemal mentioned from donald trump which has drawn the most reaction and hollywood stars are among the most angry and many are concerned for their properties to say a katy perry called trump's tweet heartless and then you have the actress alyssa milano she quoted a response to that the california congressman ted lieu sched saying guess who owns much of the forest land in california your federal agencies california only two
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percent guess who cut funding to forest management in the budget you did well milan a day go on to say that her house is still standing and she's currently on her way to bring firefighters water and food and the actor will smith has shared his video to twenty four million of his followers on instagram. you see on the news they don't read stuff. we're not in the. evacuation. zone. i don't like it we're going to go and then have others who are taking matters into their own hands actor james woods has been organizing efforts with community outreach and he's
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edging people online to use the hash tag camp fire james woods help share resources throughout the state and people can register on the american red cross to mock themselves safe and also notify about missing family members and some have also been contacting woods directly asking him to help find the missing relatives and he has done so by retreating many of those posts there are also a lot of lodges as well taking donations for things like clothes and blankets and toys for those affected many showing pictures like this one so also help raise awareness so if you are currently there or if you know of another disaster recovery effort taking place in the area let us know is the hash tag aging is great just discussion goes to show doesn't it that celebrity rage the amount of follows you have an instrument to it it does have power in a an acute situation like this thank you for that repeal or with staying in the u.s. looking at the state of florida which is once again the center of an election battle eighteen years after the presidential race they descended into chaos
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a recount has been ordered for two high profile races for governor and the senate after they were too close to call using the new york times interactive map a florida sixty seven election department will be given five days to recount or one point three i'm sorry i should point three million ballots cast this is the governor race republican run the census is ahead but only around thirty thousand votes as you see he gets most of his support from all those red rural areas democrat andrew gillum has his base in the urban centers i would also point out georgia just over the border also under side of brian campus a lead over the democratic challenger abrams who has not conceded trying to become america's first black female governor so that's what's happening in the governors' races we'll look at the senate as well a close race. let me start here arizona again and off to warrant a recount right now it's the democrat kirsten sonoma who is leading but it is florida again that has got people talking republican challenger rick scott only in
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by around thirteen thousand votes over the incumbent bill nelson and just as it is in the governor's race you see it again that very clear split between the rule republican areas and the urban democrat and so what is it just what is it about florida gabriel elizondo starts off with that. the midterm elections are over but not in florida the race for governor and senate are still undecided too close to call so winners have not yet been announced in the senate race republican rick scott got fifty percent of the votes bill nelson the democratic incumbent forty nine point nine percent only fourteen thousand votes separate the two candidates out of over eight million cast in the state i winced now both republicans and democrats are accusing each other of wrongdoing and it's gotten ugly i will not sit idly by while an ethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people
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florida the governor's race in florida is also headed for a recount with republican congressman ron decentest at forty nine point six percent of the vote compared to andrew guillen's forty nine point one about a thirty six thousand vote difference we don't just get the opportunity to stop counting votes because we don't like the direction in which the vote tally is heading that is not democratic and that certainly is not the american way and america we count every vote regardless of what the outcome may be broward county is florida's second biggest county home to nearly two million people many provisional ballots were counted late and dozens of rejected ballots mistakenly mixed with knowledge ones for u.s. president donald trump it's personal he campaigned hard for the republicans in florida had them both holding razor thin leads trump insinuated without evidence the democrats are trying to stuff the ballot boxes and all of a sudden they're finding votes i mean after the election they're finding votes
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nelson rejected trump's claim votes are not being found they're being counted the confusion has stirred outrage with protesters on both sides gathered outside the offices election officials are meeting to sort through the ballots. this isn't the first time florida has been at the center of an election controversy who can forget the florida recount between george w. bush and al gore and the two thousand presidential race bush ultimately won florida by less than six hundred votes giving him the electoral college victory thus the presidency the florida recount eighteen years ago was ultimately decided here at the supreme court it's unclear if will see a repeat of that what is very certain that the current recount most likely involve a lot of lawyers lawsuits and drag on for a very long time gabriel's on dough al-jazeera washington has john jones with us
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now political analyst former us congress and senate official in washington d.c. i'm going to invoke invoke a bit of the late n.b.c. journalist tim russert here and say florida florida florida he always used to say it was that important can we say in two thousand and eighteen why it is still so close there so i like to say divisive and decisive. absolutely look close votes in florida is like sand in the desert it's the norm when you look at florida you have one of the most diverse states in all of the union you have persons who come from the american south the new york region the midwest latin america the caribbean israel asia and you have a number of people who come from all over the united states for low taxes and for the cultural appeal in some ways college students are retirees so what you get there is a very unique situation in so far that you have one of the most ideologically and
12:36 am
culturally diverse states in all of the union very few states have what har what florida has in its diversity but what you also get with that and that appeal is also a very very split electorate so going forward today two years and four years from now you're always going to have very close elections in florida is this a good reminder then that every vote counts you know how people think on sale on my phone won't make a difference when you're only talking thirty thousand dollars between candidates he a good reminder. it's definitely a good reminder that every vote counts but even more important than that this demonstrates that the counting of every vote counts and what does that mean exactly when you look at what's happening in terms of the recount that is just ahead
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florida has never had an official state wide recount in its history now it's going to have three in terms of its senate race the gubernatorial race and a little discussed race for agricultural commissioner so when you look at that and then you put that along with the fact that you've had some concerns in terms of management understaffing and lack of funding it demonstrates that florida still has a ways to go when it comes to the counting of every vote john jones thanks for your time today we've got a bit more news to get to but thank you so much for joining us on the news grid. as there is new podcast series is the take the latest edition looks at america's post midterms and how the trumpet ministration navigates divided congress it is called checking trumpet features an all star washington cost of chemically halkett rosen and jordan and patti culhane along with host india's tie up podcasts are in the
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more menu at al jazeera dot com of course you can subscribe to play over if you get to put costs. now when someone tells you to stay in your lane it basically means butt out you stay over there let us who apparently know better so deal with things but when the n.r.a. the american national rifle association suggested health professionals should stay in their lane over the issue of gun control very refused here has been looking at the resulting hash tag this is my lane and this caused a lot of outrage online kemal and it all started after the american college of physicians released a report last week about reducing firearm injuries and deaths in america while the n.r.a. then tweeted a statement this week saying they want to toss off this to stay in then when it comes to gun violence research i quote someone should tell self-important anti gun doctors to stay in that lane while the tweet has caused outrage just hours before twelve people were killed in a mass shooting at a california bar the medical community has been using the hash tag this is my lane
12:39 am
and some of sharing photos of blood sure in trauma rooms arguing that it is the way others talked about the moment that they had to share news with a parent or a family member that their loved ones just didn't make it and the stock to shed a picture of a chair that she sat in to tell parents that their child had died another approach that we are not anti gun we are anti bullet holes in our patients. well the n.r.a. has not replied to the responses from the medical community on twitter but instead posted this picture of a billboard supporting gun rights if you are currently in the us we do want to hear from you and find out what you think of these a gun laws do you think more control would help reduce gun violence tweet us is the hash tag aging is great and really interesting one thank you for that one retailer . now we're going to talk about the world's most fortified border in their latest trust building step north and south korean troops have withdrawn from eleven gun
12:40 am
posts on the edges of the d.m.z. the demilitarized zone which divides the countries the move was agreed during recent into korean talks and the truce village of pam and john the two are discussing demolishing all god posts on the d.m.z. almost two hundred of them in total lean in other sign that relations have been improving this see a not to forget that north korea have officially been at war since the nineteen fifties let's hear from robert kelly now professor of political science at south korea's prison national university who told us this is just the start of a very long process. a militarily it's not a particularly big deal right i mean the two koreas have large numbers of forward forces on the digital tries on and so these are only posts they're pretty small but it does sort of make the hair trigger a little bit less delicate and it does mean that there's a little bit less sort of immediate forward observation by the two sides so that's good it's something of a build down but it's mostly symbolic but that's what you would expect them something like this that's really sensitive right that what they would start with small steps first and then work up the d.m.z.
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is pretty the developer a zone is pretty heavily militarized you were saying that mines and barbed wire and you know you've got north korean artillery and things like that i mean there's you know got american forces in south korean forces and stuff obvious to the south and so what the current government is looking to do is sort of continue to expand the sort of demilitarized space to sort of you know the mining has been mentioned removing barbed wire the no fly zone over the demilitarized zone has been expanded but a lot of that sort of depends on how these sort of small steps go the big really big thing would be if the two sides could actually start would draw forward based. forces right because the north korean artillery on the south koreans are really worried that if there's a war the north koreans would shell soul which is very close to the d.m.z. so that's really the big one but that's probably a couple years away all right we're looking at the world of sport today with leo if you got football quite a bit of it yeah we have breaking news actually out of argentina the copa libertadores final between river plate and boca juniors bin has been rescheduled after a twenty four hour rain delay fans have been waiting to hear if the show was going
12:42 am
to go on or not and they got the official word from the governing body in this tweet if you don't speak spanish it says the game is in fact on kickoff is that one thousand eight hundred g.m.t. now one of the main reasons it's going to head is because of the hard work of the ground staff the pitch looking far better than the waterlogged mess we saw on saturday our correspondent daniel shrine where is in buenos aires and sent us this . well for the last twenty four hours of the movie around the streets of when osiris or you see these people staring up at the sky and looking at the clouds asking whether it's going to go ahead or not it's a constant count that every website you look out all over the place is a countdown to this fire so you have the expectation that salute huge disappointment yesterday when the gate was pulled off and again it was a day or will they won't they there were thousands of plans in the home when they had a state of nevada stadium waiting for the game to get going joe because he didn't happen to see a huge disappointment as they trailed off code and now the expectation that yes it
12:43 am
will go ahead comical it inspected the pitch and said that it's fine to play this with a huge amount of work but then in the last twenty four hours or so rain is forecast the south are doing but they say not enough to put the game off the most extreme story in a way is the japanese baka fan of her flew in from tokyo for twenty four hours the yesterday for saturday's game only to have it was phoned he's flying back today's missing a long journey for nothing i mean any game between booker jr is over the plate is a big game. in argentina and latin america but this is really what the fans we've been talking to they have been saying it's the biggest game of their lives or the biggest two games of their lives it's the return leg on the twenty fourth that know that some of you have been telling us that they would rather the orca or deal with this game rather than argentina brazil in the world cup final that's how much it means to some of the baccarat river fans here so absolutely huge really this it
12:44 am
will have supposed that it's in a way to talk about this game so we just hope that the two finals the two legged final lives up to some of the hype and expectation we've been we've been getting of the last few days. on the other side of the atlantic you have heavy rain that did not stop the british royal prince harry honoring those who were killed in world war one he laid a wreath ahead of the new england new zealand or the england new zealand rugby match at twickenham thank you. thank you thank you the duke of sussex also observed a moment of silence incoming ration of one hundred years since the end of world war one part of the. the field has soil from the grave of former england captain ronnie coleman under thirty one international rugby players were killed and the three. now switching gears to indy car where fernando along those trending in the us and rightfully so the f one superstar announce he is coming back to the race.
12:45 am
the spanish driver is leaving formula one at the end of the season and is going to have another shot at the indianapolis five hundred next year he nearly won the indy five hundred last year but was forced out with an engine problem alonzo has won the monaco grand prix twice and also the twenty four hours leaving only the indy left to complete the triple crown of motorsport in the five hundred monaco on twenty four i won them on that are legendary gracie's and we'd be always on top of more before so these three big things you know. any russian driver should the spirits of these one seen in their career and i'm you know i feel very pleased that we've this year here. people are using the hash tag is it may yet to look forward to the big race next year and it seems indy fans are really a bit obsessed with a long so posey posting about how excited they are to have him back if he can
12:46 am
complete the triple color crown he will only be the second person to do so indy car tweeted asking its fans to post one jeff that allowed that shows how they're feeling about alonzo coming back and some of the responses are really quite funny from there that's how excited some people are well if you follow sport let us know what you're tweeting about you can tweet me directly at leo harding a.g.d. or his or hash tag a.j. news great thank you and we will see you back here in studio fourteen tomorrow fifteen hundred hours the entry on monday thanks for joining us. with the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts innovators and policymakers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one go hopefully
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a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. on currency the cost u.s. sanctions on iran are back as europe files stephens ally will look at how difficult it is to resist the financial winds of the dollar plus china insists its economy is opening up the latest of a trade war with the us counting the cost on al-jazeera. to
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stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. as migrants seek sanctuary on it shows the choose rescue over to turn. and government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives. people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea on al-jazeera. a time to build hope not fear a french president's message of solidarity is the well marks the centenary of the
12:49 am
end of the first wild ball. no i'm not. in london you're with al jazeera also coming up in yemen the battle for the rebel held city of her day just builds onto residential streets as the democratic republic of congo battled its worst ebola outbreak a warning that conflict could push the virus into neighboring countries and recounts are ordered for crucial elections in florida which remain on the knife edge five days after the u.s. midterms. it all started when a teenager assassinated the heir to the austria-hungary and thrown that soon erupted into a conflict that killed twenty million people and did empires and rewrote the world
12:50 am
order one hundred years to this day the armistice that ended the first world war was signed an international leaders have gathered in paris to commemorate it french president emmanuel macron led tributes to the millions of soldiers who died in the conflict with a call for the world not to forget the ideals principles and patriotism of those who fought he said this was the time to build hope and not fear he was joined by u.s. president donald trump russian president vladimir putin and the german chancellor angela merkel as well as dozens of other leaders in marking the moments guns fell silent across europe a century ago. begins our coverage of the event. the gray skies over paris reflected the somber mood as more than seventy world leaders worked up the shells he say to the uk to town of to commemorate the end of world war one the french president and german chancellor was side by side the nation's once the bitterest of enemies now the closest of allies at eleven o'clock paris
12:51 am
time in the one nine hundred eighteen the guns fell silent ending more than four years of conflict and bloodshed an estimated twenty million soldiers and civilians were killed a similar number were injured in france where much of the fighting took place few have forgotten you know if i had to come here today as my grandfather fought in that wall before to four years so it was to remember him dozens of students took part in the ceremony representing a new generation of history's mistakes will not be repeated the armistice treaty mogs a victory for allied powers and a defeat for german forces but the commemoration hasn't been about national triumph it's been about reconciliation. the french president lived the flame of the tomb of the unknown soldier in his speech he spoke at the futility of
12:52 am
war and promoted his multilateral vision of the world in the face of that of some leaders who increasingly look inwards and appear to be a teacher. exactly. patriotism is the polar opposite of nationalism nationalism betrays patriotism when one says it's also first and who cares about real there's clear days what is most precious about a nation secure makes it live what makes a great coast importantly its model values the ceremony pulled together presidents and politicians who are often at odds with each other a moment for them to reflect on and remember a conflict the ravaged continents cut short lives and tore families apart a call to never forget the tash butler al jazeera america. james base that has more now on the diplomatic dynamics unfolding in paris. obviously the focus here in paris has been on the commemoration of the war that was
12:53 am
called the great wall those appalling events that ended one hundred years ago but when you get all of these world leaders in the same place at the same time they have discussions over lunch and meetings in between the events that have been taking place here there has been a meeting between president trump and president putin about the i.m.f. treaty that's the intermediate new clear treaty to do with ballistic missiles and cruise missiles of an intermediate length as a treaty signed in one thousand eight hundred seventy as a treaty that the u.s. says russia's been breaching the u.s. now says it's going to pull out and we understand that president putin wants to start new negotiations and we've also been hearing from the german chancellor angela merkel because some discussions have been going on here at the war in yemen with the prospect perhaps by the end of the year but as of a cease fire and she referred to the events of the great war and said that there is
12:54 am
this carnage going on right now in the conflict that she said does not get enough attention in the world or paris was just one of many no cations marking one hundred years since the final day of wild war one. in new zealand thousands gathered for the national service in the capital wellington nearly ten percent of new zealand's population of one million people in one thousand nine hundred eighteen served in the war eighteen thousand of them were killed in while in australia the country remembered its soldiers who died on the battlefield with events across major cities there the war was particularly costly for australia with sixty thousand people losing their lives alice have the three hundred thousand who served or british officials paid tribute to the seventy thousand indians killed in the war with a service in new delhi india comprise one of the biggest contingents of men among. meanwhile forces with one and a half million fighting alongside the ally palace here in the u.k.
12:55 am
big ben ran once again as millions of people fell silent at eleven o'clock to mark the hour the war ended about one hundred eighty six thousand british troops and one hundred thousand civilians were killed and the. now fierce battles to retake yemen's port city of data have spilled into residential areas as thousands of civilians remain trapped by the fighting at least sixty one fighters from both sides of been killed over the last twenty four hours a pro-government alliance backfires saudi arabia in the united arab emirates is trying to seize data from these. food and medicine apos through the city's ports mama joe is in djibouti just across the red sea from yemen and mohammed what can
12:56 am
you tell us about the fighting currently unfolding in who data and how widespread it's become. well marty i'm fighting is taking place in a list of three front lines in and out on the city in the fighting has already entered some of the residential areas and is happening all the streets hundreds of pro-government slices hocking all of the positions supported by hopeless and so the strikes now the whole thesis know that the stakes are really high and losing they that is not an option for them so residents of the city have been telling us how the importing of stiff resistance how they've been draining mortars on the pro-government fighters who have been shelling them also the concern right now is full the hundreds of thousands of people who still stuck
12:57 am
in the city people who cannot find a way out because of the roads and the many checkpoints put by the whole deal of course also they cause son about the fighting becoming more widespread and affecting the vital services at the port of today that where more than seventy percent of the country's imports go through including much needed humanitarian aid from the united nations and other aid organizations and if the fighting intensifies and it does develop into an all out battle for the port city manager which is what seems to be happening what will that mean not just for the people of the day that that's a people across the country given the strategic significance of this port. the greatest concern right now for the humanitarian community that is these all through the. lifeline for the millions of human is some of them displeased others who have
12:58 am
had their roots and leading to their homes and the villages and towns all because of all. we've been seeing in yemen for the past few years. to depend on food order to survive and the hope is that the. hole is now experiencing the fighting so if any disruption to these were all over him in the lives of millions would be a risk and that's why the humanitarian community have been holding. both sides so far have chosen to ignore us thank you very much from.
12:59 am
the white house has confirmed that u.s. president donald trump and the. discussed how to respond to the murder of jamal khashoggi friends and colleagues of a journalist have gathered in istanbul demanding justice. was murdered inside the saudi consulate there almost six weeks ago the meeting between trump and in paris came after revelations that had shed related to. world leaders let's get more now from jim who's outside the saudi consulate in istanbul so the discussion seems to have taken place israel is saying that. a response over the killing of jamal khashoggi though we don't know what that response is likely to be . it's not clear yet they haven't released exactly whether or what they have agreed upon merriam however from our sources we have been told that. described his meeting with the turkish president as a positive one it was and one simply limits it to the case of jamal khashoggi will
1:00 am
be it's that that was central to the discussion between the two leaders however they also spoke of other issues pertaining to relationship with the relationship between ankara and washington obviously as you mentioned there this comes off the backdrop of earlier one prior to traveling to france saying that he had or his governments rather and security services had shared that evidence with their american counterparts therefore trying to force or maybe we encourage let's say the americans to take a stronger stance i am being told maybe that this stance will be publicized around about the g twenty summits when that takes place later but we're not quite sure exactly the details of it again these things are have been from the very beginning with either with a lot of secrecy or through leaks and therefore what we've managed to ascertain is very difficult to say the least obviously aside from this. there has been other elements to the case not least how people have been viewing saudi policies in
1:01 am
particular not only how they've gone off to dissidents both at home and abroad like jamal khashoggi but also how they've been undertaking.


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