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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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we're going to see i think a real criticism of that the kinds of hearings that they're going to be calling and is going to i think bring up a lot of ugly facts for many americans that they are very much complicit in this war through use three fueling logistics intelligence you name it so i do think that this is mounting pressure and of course the death of a definitely i think increased international wear n'est on saudi foreign policy it is a really awful war it is not difficult to solve without doubt but the same time we have to find a way to solve this because really the many people have suffered far too much still had on al-jazeera from holiday town to one of the poorest places in britain the u.n. sends a team to find out how this happened. however
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we still have unsettled weather affecting a good part of the middle east at the moment bits and pieces a cloud of rain from snow over towards the western side of the himalayas as fair bit of cloud there just spilling off the mediterranean sea this little area of a stormy weather also just pushing through iraq into iran heading towards the caspian making its way into western parts of iran and i will continue to be the case is because through the next day or so i suppose some places a cloud right around could see some showers along the spells of right spotty rain today with some snow wave towards the eastern side of the region further west well even some bits and pieces right once again into lebanon maybe into jordan to certainly something to watch out for and still a little list to make our way south across northern parts of saudi arabia we had some violent storms here in qatar has we went through sunday some really unsettled weather that's still not too far away from monday actually hopefully it will just not just where little further north woods and east was dry weather coming in behind it temperatures struggling if we can call it that to get to about twenty eight
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degrees celsius more in the way of sunshine around about the high twenty's to which a good part of southern africa lots of dry weather lots of sunshine a cloud just making its way towards that eastern side of madagascar. in twenty twenty tokyo will host the paralympic games when the nation has a troubled history caring for people with disabilities want to win he examines japan's disability shame on al-jazeera. the lights are on. and there's nowhere to hide do you think we're going to see some kind of scene change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy affronts own al-jazeera.
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hello again the top story. commander of the military wing of hamas has been killed in is really on the ground raid in gaza six other palestinians and israeli soldiers died during that attack and munis the prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cut short his visit to paris to return to israel the new york times is reporting top saudi intelligence officials close to the crown prince discussed using private companies to assassinate iranian embassy enemies it says inquiries were made to a small group of businessmen last year and the u.s. has renewed its call for an end to hostilities in yemen street battles have brought chaos to residential areas in the main port city of. a pro-government alliance backed by the saudi erotic coalition is trying to seize control of the city from.
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opposition parties and car petitioning the supreme court to review the president's decision to dissolve parliament and call a snap election president. has already fired and replaced the prime minister but sacked ministers say it's illegal and there's no constitutional provision to call an election at this time but now for an end this is joining us from colombo so the supreme court is sitting well can we expect from outside. basically there are ten petitions so far that have been filed briefs before the supreme court the building you see behind me this morning and the chief justice had to be approached this morning by senior counsel of those petitioners basically urging him to take up the petitions for the first stage obviously is for the court to give leave to proceed basically look at the petition decide if there is
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a case and then basically agree to go into that so that is basically the first hurdle and this chief justice has agreed that the cases the petitions will be heard this morning as i speak the petitioners are in a courtroom which is expected to take up those petitions so most of them a majority political parties of the petitions that have been filed and most of the petitions making the argument that the dissolution of parliament last friday by president might the pilot seriously enough is a violation of the constitution the constitutional provision that does not allow the president to dissolve parliament less than four and a half years into its term it was far short of that it's a year and three months short so that's what the petition is seeking leave to proceed to declare this dissolution of parliament a violation to the constitution so there is some context for us in terms of the
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political crisis that's been going on now since last month what happens next. right now all eyes and ears are on the building behind me the decision that's going to come out of there during the course of today like i said that's a first base if the supreme court decides there is a case and grants leave to proceed they will look into it obviously it might take the rest of the day we can sort of second guess the supreme court but they will decide as to whether there is a case look into it now the second part of those petitions is to seek basically a stay order until the supreme court decides on the petitions whether the constitution was violated or not basically the petitioners want any preparation for an election halted either by a stay order or what the supreme court could do now this all within a sort of a political uncertainty in this country all started off on the twenty sixth of
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october with the president sacking a prime minister on a vehicle missing or him appointing the former president by him that rajapaksa in his stead and essentially continuing with a number of measures which many critics have said antidemocratic that go against the spirit of the constitution of sri lanka yesterday a prison might be a policy saying that in another address to the nation a recorded address basically set out his reasons for the dissolution of parliament one of the things he alluded to is the sort of trading of m.p.'s to make up the numbers and the behavior of the speaker coverage a serious so all eyes on the supreme court and the decision it will meet our rights and i'm very i'm being thank you. for more than seventy countries have been in paris marking a century since the end of the first world war twenty million people died in four and a half years of fighting which ended on november the eleven thousand nine hundred eighteen talks about learn more from paris. the gray skies over paris reflected the
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somber mood as more than seventy world leaders walked up the shores of the say to the up to twenty of to commemorate the end of world war one the french president and german chancellor was side by side the nation's once the bitterest of enemies now the closest of allies at eleven o'clock paris time in one thousand nine hundred eighteen the guns fell silent ending more than four years of conflict and bloodshed an estimated twenty million soldiers and civilians were killed a similar number were injured in france where much of the fighting took place few have forgotten you know i had to come here today as my grandfather fought in that wall the fourth of four years so it was to remember him. dozens of students took part in the ceremony representing a new generation and hope that history is mistakes will not be repeated the armistice treaty mogs a victory for allied powers and
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a defeat for german forces but the commemoration hasn't been about national triumph it's been about reconciliation. the french president led the flame of the tomb of the unknown soldier in his speech he spoke at the futility of war and promoted his multilateral vision of the world in the face of that of some leaders who increasingly look inwards the better you teach. it looks like to say. patriotism is the polar opposite of nationalism nationalism betrays patriotism when one says it's also first and who cares about the others we have a is what is most precious about a nation secure make it live what makes it great most importantly it's model values the ceremony pulled together presidents and politicians who are often at odds with each other a moment for them to reflect on and remember a conflict the ravaged continents cut short lives and tore families apart
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a call to never forget the tash butler al-jazeera. and after being criticized for not attending a ceremony on saturday donald trump remembered u.s. soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice our diplomatic editor more from paris. the commander in chief paying his respects to u.s. servicemen who died in a war that ended one hundred years ago the visit to the cemetery overlooking paris took place on a dank afternoon twenty four hours earlier a visit to the graves of u.s. marines had been cancelled the white house said it was because of rain a move that back home in the states prompted widespread criticism exactly one hundred years ago today on november eleventh one thousand and eighteen world war one came to an end. thank god it was
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a brutal war. he went to the cemetery instead of attending the paris peace forum an event deliberately designed to follow the commemoration while global leaders were all in paris the vision of president this was an effort to promote international cooperation to avoid further conflict and without mentioning president trump or his america first policy to push back against nationalism you sometimes you do. we are we can by the return of tragic passions nationalism racism anti-semitism extremism challenge the future that our people are expecting the german chancellor told before him finding peace in yemen was a pressing concern when dealing with the here. since we are here to remember we must not forget that what is probably the worst humanitarian crisis in the world is happening in yemen and it is only because we are seeing very few pictures that we're not appalled at the fact that are not pictures cannot be
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a reason not to act together here in paris the leaders from around the world were united at their horror of the wars of the past what is there now head home to their own countries it's clear there's no easy solutions to current conflicts and increasingly divergent views on the way they should work together in the future james. paris. recounts began in florida for to keep positions in the u.s. mid-term elections ballots are being checked again in the races for governor and the u.s. senate republican candidates how the slightly after the first counts all counties have until thursday to complete the process thirty one people are now confirmed dead from wildfires across the u.s. state of california more than two hundred people are missing and firefighters are struggling to control fires that have destroyed hundreds of homes in los angeles county reports. when the fire ripped through these houses in old
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village it didn't leave much small during the wreckage burned out vehicles a charred exercise bike seventeen houses were completely destroyed but thankfully no lives were lost people here are deeply grateful to their firefighters it just flared up and it just went quick. and those firemen god bless them stood on my parents' deck here and fought off the fire from their house the state of california is under siege from north to south high winds and bone dry trees and brush have fueled deadly wildfires this week california has experienced the most devastating destructive fires that we've seen it's history over one hundred ninety six thousand acres burned. thousands of homes and dozens of lives lost everything depends on the wind a calm day can give firefighters
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a chance to contain the blazes but there are no calm days in the immediate forecast we have to keep understanding it better but we're in a new have normal and things. like this will be part of our future and this will be the beginning it will be things like this and worse oped village where lawn ornaments live for lauren amid the ashes was out of the fire's direct path and would not have burned had it not been for the wind. people here tell us it was embers borne on high winds from another fire perhaps a dozen kilometers away that started these houses a light wildfire makes no distinction between rich and poor famous or obscure all must flee before it's at vance we ran into hockey legend wayne gretzky outside his mansion near thousand oaks we evacuated last night about two am. and still my wife and i young kids and i came back here to check on the house.
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and yeah we were deathly scared and nervous like all citizens around here in open village weary firefighters were hosing down hot spots more than twenty four hours after the flames swept through people here are deeply traumatized you could see it on t.v. you can see it on social media but when you actually see it and smell it that the words can't describe the devastation officials say the fires may take weeks to bring under control for those who live here it's already too late rob reynolds al-jazeera oak village california. well poverty is worsening in britain and the united nations is trying to find out why the world body is to investigate areas in the u.k. hardest hit by a decade off austerity one such place in the town of j.
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wake on england's east coast from their torrents the reports. half a century ago j. week was a thriving holiday resort that is hard to imagine now for years this village on the east coast of england has been listed as one of the u.k.'s poorest places five thousand people have been left to work out how to live in almost complete isolation . danny has taken it upon himself to speak for the community he sets up the j. week happy club to define gesture of hope over diversity we need to help the younger people rob the running because there's no jobs they might not they might get into bad habits like it's like i'm going to be sore doing drugs or drinking but we can save these people like giving them opportunities everyone in every i would sound has everywhere the restorers of the impacts of declining austerity john is an unemployed tired the government is changing his benefits as part of a deeply controversial new system which leaves people without money for weeks on
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end john has food for three more days but we're going to do if you get post when sitting on a food. drive and friends and i. feel about the most very well because of the time not and rarely. i know that if a possible sign from the capsule. j.j. cycled past someone has given him an old gate he collects and sells bits of scrap metal to make ends meet it really is what passes for work. we have on my own it goes in the house for electric. whenever we need. that we do it and it. made international news recently when it was misleadingly used in a campaign photo for donald trump warning of the effects of socialism on america since the photo the roads have been paved it's what policies for success here there
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are many right wing politicians and commentators who are absolutely livid that the united nations is here at all how dare the un come to one of the richest countries in the world they say and lecture us like this but it is still a fact that the wealth gap in the u.k. is now enormous and poverty in places like j. week is both absolute and entrenched so in school this walk to the united nations rapporteurs on poverty and human rights certainly i've heard from a lot of people who are living pretty grim lives. a lot of misery in the country i think a lot of the statistics are pretty discouraging in terms of rough sleeping in child poverty in terms of at least talk about suicide and so on so there's obviously a lot of problems jay with the united nations will have left with an impression of a place which is proud almost nothing more than hope even if it has
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a profound sense of injustice but even if the united nations is listening it's not at all clear what the politicians just one hundred kilometers away in london have any idea about life here. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera a commander of the military wing of hamas has been killed in an israeli raid. six other palestinians. died during that attack and. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cut short his visit to paris to return to israel kerry fossett has more from west to receive them. and israeli covert special forces team was inside gaza territory three kilometers inside from the border fence traveling in a civilian vehicle and that it carried out an attack in which a senior commander of the hamas military wing the office on brigades in qana yunus
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. a man called noor baraka was shot and killed at least was was killed in this operation a thirty seven year old senior commander the new york times is reporting top saudi intelligence officials close to the crown prince discussed using private companies to assassinate iranian enemies it says inquiries were made to a small group of businessmen last year street battles abroad chaos to residential areas in the main port city of the data a pro-government alliance backed by the saudi emirates a coalition is trying to seize control from the rebels britain's foreign secretary is in saudi arabia on monday to call for justice and accountability for the family of murdered journalist. jeremy hunt is the first u.k. minister to visit since he was killed at the saudi consulate in istanbul more than a month ago there also be a focus on ending the war in yemen and britain is a major weapons supplier to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. who are both leading the conflicts firefighters in california are saying they've
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only managed to contain ten percent of the fire burning in los angeles county at least thirty one people have died hundreds of thousands have been forced to leave their homes those are the headlines on al-jazeera one one one zero one east is coming up next they with us. history has called it the great war in the second episode the declining ottoman empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to three nationalist movements the will determine the future world war one through our eyes on a large a zero. when tokyo hosts the twenty twenty paralympics japan's most talented disabled athletes will get their shocks at banks and glory. but outside the stadiums is
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a society that still struggles to accept people who are disabled in the past dows and the japanese citizens were forcibly sterilized for having intellectual physical disabilities now big tips are demanding compensation of what. they were i don't know why i was. under embroidered on this episode of one a one a we make the people fighting to overcome japan but of protection. even on a rainy day such about her looks peaceful. but in twenty six days this small town near tokyo was the size of japan's biggest mass killing since world war two.
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i. joined tenth i. am as i. hold. it up to kashi and to kick her owner who's disabled son was badly injured that day in july twenty sixth jane now than at the store how can that . access doggoned i've saved a lot on tonight by none of the oh they did something we didn't until the day they're not a caucus and i'm. in the early hours of the morning with a knife the kill-a way matson broke into a care home for the disabled room of the famous i'm going to funnel cool right big book right big who got big quinnell. acquittal on along. a former employee at the care home matsue knew his way around. as he made his way
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through the building he stabbed the disabled patients murdering nineteen and injuring twenty seven others. after the attack he surrendered himself at a nearby police station reportedly saying it's better that the disciple would just disappear the northern is still named dave who knew that cutting i come nighty still nine to one up close two months to me and i don't mind on the knee so when you do need to come think this is the. only sense of the. you can do it the utility won't sing you don't and i. almost did a. month before his killing spree when not super resigned from his job at the care home after delivering a letter to japan's palm and. in it he wrote that disabled people should be euthanized and offered to kill four hundred seventy of them. he sent someone. more
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thought since it takes their. second car. and i stay warm coming out script on the side judoka day but we don't know. what it does that isn't it mr mandel an ongoing it's. coming up on as they. are you know. there was an overall tone of. some of the dignity on a new unit called the ninety who number stand up among. the owners first heard about the attack through news reports. as the bodies were being taken away and the police gathered evidence from the killer's house to kick or rushed to the hospital to see her son. more got on they got there now by my stand. and money. and food for thought that it.
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was. joel learn. that a. car or do that's not. there at all of their them. to my kid at a. mall what i was. there won't. see much. in the days after the cash he says the families remained in the dark. still not. going out more got the money there. were. none of my cunny very kind of his make i had to meet it. kazuya has a profound intellectual disability epilepsy and autism he was first
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institutionalized at sixteen to think i was home while not the bunny. i was some. pay. them up. there doesn't mean. couldn't say yes i have taken some it's a book i can't because i thought. the whole better condition i. state so that the more this can all. two years after the attack kazuya has busy clear recovered and lives at another care. but his mother says he is still haunted by what happened call him.
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once a month at a makeshift memorial families affected by the massacre lay flowers so that those who died can reach heaven. when a total stranger arrives at the vigil the owners are overjoyed thank all of us that have received. the visitor says he had nothing to do with the incident but was so affected by what happened that he traveled an hour and a half by bus to pay his respects how little not having won it. any color there when they need. to get into the saloon realigning of a knuckle walking with. the owner is the only one of two families to speak publicly about the attack the rest of the victims have never been named. no causal coots even though could the ma do them wants to get shown why did six seats in the right to call the law. i know corey is the
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matter saw you do him a day you know later he was in the minority kind of personal side. as style from the institution come to pack up the vigil. was there all the good they are there the owners farewell and my friend you are going to go. in twenty twenty tokyo will be the first city in the world to host the paralympic games for a second time. the japanese government hopes this event building crease awareness for the more than seven million japanese living with disabilities. at a training camp for the national team i meet long jumper. tokyo will host the next paralympic games your home country those that make you exhausted or
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a little bit more nervous. had you started training in high school at the time a does more junior was growing in his right arm and doctors were considering amputation. rational for that they were. wrong on this can all. but if i feel guilty and or.
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with these tuman no longer spreading hi jeanne moos paralympic career is taking off in leaps and bounds. after winning bronze in long jump at the recent asian power a games how do you muse ultimate goal is to compete at the summer olympics. japan has a long history of discrimination against the disabled while the country was hosting the paralympics in nineteen sixty four people considered being to lead and
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physically inferior being forcibly sterilized. the eugenics protection law began after world war two when japan was struggling with food shortages and a ravaged economy. close to twenty five thousand japanese citizens with sterilized over the next four decades sixty eight thousand of them against their will. the policy only stopped in ninety ninety six. for years victims have suffered in silence and shame only now some demanding compensation but such is the stigma most do so anonymously. in the northern province of her cargo kiku okra jima is the first to speak out publicly on tiny green or in the civil war the net well that's the gym we are in this is yours or
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the money so regroup can do a new what the. their over all of us are now my oldest and their story they will restore and they grew up in a more a daze she. says his childhood was tough he contract of polio when he was only two and grew up on a farm with a foster family but then always there while most. others in. their minds albeit they could us two must die so the merger moved out of there with the one i see. so now you've been so good so really a body might call my body. because of the we're about as you are there you mean are you seeing more of a zero zero. sort of their ear.


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