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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 181  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2018 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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who says they've been held without charge because of comments about crown prince mohammed bin some men there was or who is called on the us president donald trump who was known to all house his own mandate on the kingdom of saudi arabia to exercise pressure on the crown prince in order to release them i also requested the french president where it is more difficult since france hardly intervenes in such domestic issues however it was only the french president who he did my call and handed over the dossier to the foreign ministry to act and seek answers from the saudi authorities and the animals government says it is ready to start repatch rating muslim range of refugees from bangladesh this month officials say an initial group of twenty two hundred would be sent back from mid november with another repatch relation of one hundred fifty a day more than seven hundred thousand ranger refugees have crossed into bangladesh from western myanmar since august last year after a military crackdown the poverty level is rising in britain and the united nations
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is trying to find out why it is investigating areas in the u.k. hardest hit by a decade of austerity one place is the town of j. week on england's east coast from there lawrence lee reports. half a century ago j. week was a thriving holiday resorts that it's hard to imagine now for years this village on the east coast of england has been listed as one of the u.k.'s poorest places five thousand people have been left to work out how to live and almost complete isolation. danny has taken it upon himself to speak for the community he sets up the j. week happy club to define gesture of hope over diversity with the younger people robyn to take the rungs on because there's no jobs they might not they might get into bad habits like it's like i'm going to be sore doing drugs or drinking but we can save these people like giving them opportunities everyone in every town has
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everywhere the restorers of the impacts of declining austerity john is an unemployed thai official the government is changing his benefits as part of a deeply controversial new system which leaves people without money for weeks on end john has food for three more days but we're going to do if you get post when sitting on a food. drive and friends and. feel about them you know very well because it does not bar and rarely. i know they're not there for a possible sign from the council. j.j. cycled past someone has given him an old gate he collects and sells bits of scrap metal to make ends meet with really is what passes for work. we have on my own age in the house for electric. whenever we need so we do it it and. national news recently when it was misleadingly used in
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a campaign photo trump warning of the effects of socialism on america since the roads have been paved it's what passes for success here there are many right wing politicians and commentators who are absolutely livid that the united nations is here at all how dare the u.n. come to one of the richest countries in the world they say and lecture us like this but it is still a fact that the wealth gap in the u.k. is now enormous and poverty in places like j. week has both absolute and entrenched all this walk to the united nations on poverty and human rights certainly i've heard from a lot of people who are living pretty grim lives. a lot of misery in the country i think a lot of the statistics are pretty discouraging in terms of rough sleeping in terms of child poverty in terms of at least talk about suicide and so on
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so there's obviously a lot of problems in. the united nations will have left with an impression of a place which is proud nothing more than hope even if it has a profound sense of injustice but even if the united nations is listening it's not at all clear what the politicians just one hundred kilometers away in london have any idea about life here. jane.
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all right tom spun out his santa and give our lives has been without a south american football looks to be advantage where the plates after they scored two goals and the first leg of the copilot better as final and i guess at their fish rivals boca juniors got on the way a day later off the heavy rain and when osiris always has. so many this is the biggest dalby much in the world juniors hosting river plate on for the first time ever in the final of the cup at liberty doris. it was river who fired the opening salvo in the resumption of this one hundred ten year old football feud i just did rossi with the power and the ball go. up the other end franco amani save the ram on appeal is first shot. but not the second i meant that would have raised the roof if one at a had one i river hits back lucas proctors goal met with miss silence
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i wife finds a bomb from both likes of this final. but that's about all sort again one down to zero bennett that's high school football coach before half time i but colace roberto is scioto silence the bulk of fans again fifteen minutes into the second. kala status then set then it does so well for a moment of history but it remained just a footnote i to tell you the fine school no lessons i still want to do we're going to get both i have a good feeling because the team didn't just stay down we went to get the draw which could be achieved against a tough opponent right and these matches are like that cup matches tents with first and second legs if you make a mistake it has a cost. you gave him but of the today it was a real final today barker and river plate a real final and i'm happy with what barca has done i live with the pain that we
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were winning twice and they hit us twice. bocker not quite hitting the rights no charge for through this final these fans will have to watch at home as the second doctor's played across town at el monument to. pull reese al-jazeera. preventers have extended their own beat and run at the start of the syria season as they got a hostile reception at the sense here a christian or another on his team facing a similar insider who are trying to regain their status as heavyweights of the tallying game but they went one nailed down in just the eighth minute by one stitch with the header for you they mean and then missed the penalty gonzalo go an unusually off target and ronaldo punished them nine minutes from time with his eight league goal of the season six points clear at the top and ukraine had a bad day who was sent off just afterwards. and has already wrapped up the
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formula one world title and he was a winner again at the brazil brazilian goal or he got a bit of help from force india driver is the about o'connell who solved the race leader max there stop an off the track they gave hamilton his chance to take the race and also secured the constructors' championship for his mercy this team. just whatever works for you know everyone wakes up goes to work every day and tries to bring the best out himself and i really pull together as a unit and i've always told you how much you want is there to drive for them and today was like the best out there we could do it because we were struggling. the national hockey league has on it the first black player to ever join the league sixty really henri began his career with the boston bruins he faced racism from fans and other plays but as daniel that reports he's induction into the sport hall
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of fame shows that attitudes have changed. black player to compete in the national hockey league and made history that night when he took to the case for the boston bruins honoring willie o'ree in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight he became the first black player in the n.h.l. born in eastern canada a replayed at the junior level in u.s. and canadian cities but his big league debut paved the way for many of today's black hockey players when i was fourteen years of age i set two goals for myself the first ones to play professional in the second one was hopefully to get into the national hockey league despite his breakthrough it wasn't easy a re often faced racist taunts from fans and other players and even had to fight during games to get respect now at eighty two he travels north america encouraging young players who look like him to strive for the big leagues the opportunities are there you know if you feel strong and if you do have some talent and skills you
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just have to work towards and say hey i've got to this golden temple to get into the make much has changed since willie o'ree first broke barriers in professional hockey there are major stars who are black and many more of them than there used to be but those who follow the sport say there's still room for improvement but there's no longer a color bar in the n.h.l. even now more than one thousand three percent of players are white many from europe and rural north america where fewer people of color play the game as children hockey is expensive with equipment costing thousands of dollars a year that's a barrier for immigrant families at least in their first years in a new country it's changed slowly hockey has become integrated slowly and that is. much a cultural thing as it is i think an issue of a color bar but we are seeing now a much more diverse n.h.l. than we saw certainly twenty years ago and certainly fifty years ago but it's not it's still not like other sports canada's favorite game will keep changing as the
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country itself is becoming more multicultural and open to the best talent from around the world it's the only way to keep winning then you lack al-jazeera toronto in the n.b.a. le bron james helped the l.a. lakers to one point victory over the atlanta hawks over in portland the trailblazers beat the boston celtics to win the fourth game in a roll off open you know made that important three point is that to leave them two hundred to ninety four victory over the celtics. denver not good so we're defeated at home but the milwaukee bucks the bucs winning hundred twenty one two hundred fourteen to snap an eight game losing streak in denver. india have won the second straight game at the women's world twenty twenty in the west indies pakistan by seven wickets and go on to back to back as their opening victory against new zealand and aiming to reach the final of this event for the
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first time. and the season ending a.t.p. finals got underway in london with roger federer suffering a shock defeat in his first round robin a match again isha corrie was on the verge of losing the first set on sunday when he pulled off this rescue and went on to take the set on a tie break federer hadn't lost an opener at the final for two thousand and thirteen and fought back in the second but the japanese that wall number nine wasn't shaking pulling off a seven six six three when you. know about talk of it already has his hands on a trophy at the finals this bit of silverware is for finishing the year as the world number one. everything seems a little big on real to be honest you know we're looking back to july where i was you know ratings wise but also how i was feeling on the court and i was playing really close to my best so so this is really a dream come true and. you know this is a perfect stage
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a perfect setting for me to celebrate this trophy this season when you guys thank you so much. and about the highs and stuff thanks so much sun and that is it for this news hour but i'll be back in two minutes with more of the day's news and as always there's lots more on our website and just you know don't call. travel often. by tranquil hutus and purple forests and they provide longboards talks of honoring. on cities. on sundry incentives. in the middle of everything. is that so. why icons landmarks. valleys and scotland's. maybe it is of gladness and the total seem to. it's the places you've trained off and with
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dreams come true. when you live for adventure. and discover the hidden charms when you're warm inside when it's warm on the outside because moments make memories of foreign places close that anything. going on says together with cats i always. treasure.
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there's nowhere to hide isn't the easiest way to solve this time allow u.n. observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish their job i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy. do you think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there is that journalistic integrity and then to in this case it was betrayed told up from its own. israeli special forces move into gaza killing at least seven palestinians including a hamas military commander. has i'm sick of this is just in a live from doha also coming up. chaos on the streets of
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the afghan capital after a suicide bomber targets a minority group demanding better security. the british foreign secretary meets the saudi king as pressure grows on the kingdom to act over the case. and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing they should at all for decades the u.s. justice department expand its investigation into priests accused of child sexual abuse. a low israeli troops have killed seven palestinians including a hamas military commander they entered the territory as part of a special forces operation an israeli officer was also killed while another was wounded in han eunice in southern gaza stephanie decker reports from.
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a large turnout for the funeral of seven members of the masses military wing one of them was a commander in the ranks of the kasam brigade all seven were killed in an operation by israeli forces inside the gaza strip on sunday night. we strongly condemn this ugly crime by the occupying israeli forces are old and the young are with the souls of our martyrs and well wishes to the palestinian resistance or to this israeli plan the participation of thousands in the funeral is a symbol of the fulfillment of the resistance. how says its fighters stop the undercover commandos in a car at a checkpoint got suspicious and called their commander and a gun battle ensued. the commanders and fled to the border where they were helped by israeli air power to escape the israeli military issued a statement saying that the operation was for the purposes of strengthening israel's security and all intended to kidnap or kill what it calls terrorists it is in line with what had massa saying that the operation was not intended to assassinate
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a mass commander one israeli soldier was killed another injured in the gunfire how mass is portraying the incident as a victory for its fighters prime minister benjamin netanyahu cut short his visit to paris returning to israel on monday morning it seems to have been a covert israeli operation gone wrong and the timing could not have been worse with out of this is what you get worried that an israeli military operation in the new in this area will. the military situation between gaza and israel it will be seen in the next hours and days but it seems to me that the situation is under control right now that the gyptian is from the early hours of this is where you made intervened tried to convince both parties both hamas and the israelis to stick to this is far. then the other option the violence. it comes just as progress has been made in talks between israel and hamas led by egypt and also the
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united nations over the past two weeks more fuel has been allowed into gaza increasing people's electricity from four hours a day to over eight and then ejection of cash by katter the cattery envoy reportedly travelling with fifteen million dollars to pay the salaries of civil servants in gaza their pay has been slashed for over a year also due to sanctions imposed by the palestinian president mahmoud abbas the humanitarian situation in gaza has never been worse in all sides say they don't want an escalation but it remains a very fragile truce stephanie decker of jazeera west jerusalem. james bays has more from paris where the u.n. . secretary-general met with the french president the israeli gaza conflict was part of the discussion. prime minister netanyahu had been judas stay overnight in paris and have a meeting here with president mccraw that meeting was canceled he's headed back to tell of the four meetings in jerusalem about the situation in cars still here
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though in paris the secretary general of the united nations and tonio good terrorists as he arrived for his meeting with president macro he told me the situation in gaza was extremely serious the u.n. has been warning some for top some time the special coordinator of the u.n. based in jerusalem nicholai mladin off that perhaps garza could return to a situation of all out war he's given those warnings to the u.n. security council and certainly diplomats there are concerned but there is no consensus on action and that's mainly due to the fact that the u.s. of course is a permanent member it has a veto on any resolutions at the security council and its position for now is wait wait for the u.s. is plan with regard not just to guard but the whole israeli palestinian situation that's the plan that's being drawn up we're told by president trump son in law
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jared kirshner but for now there's no sign of that plan being announced. ardelia sheindlin is a political analyst thank colum messed with nine seven two magazine she says the timing of this operation is suspicious. what we understand you know the army is trying very hard not to let out details about what actually happened but it makes it seem because the timing is so strange and because as you point out the prime minister was in paris also giving a press conference to israeli press arguing for why there should be a deescalation not necessarily a long term arrangement that looks anything like a peace agreement with a mouse but certainly a deescalation the timing is suspect if you consider this to be an attempted targeted assassination as the first rumors said it looks a lot more likely that this was some sort of a plan operation of a different kind of level we're not sure exactly what but something i had been planned for a while and was expected to go off without ever being discovered. a suicide bomber has launched an attack near
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a protest in kabul killing at least six people members of the ethnic minority group the house autos why asking the government for greater protection after a series of recent attacks natascha one name as well. oh the target was this group of protesters. but according to media reports afghan forces were able to stop a suicide bomber before he reached the demonstrators not the four who detonated his explosives killing at least three people they really are on monday there were calls for peace and protection in kabul we actually have raised our voice because we need security if you want security and it's disposability of the government i subjected to discrimination for generation this. was the hayes are a community wants to ensure its voices are heard after a series of attacks by the taliban since last week was almost word of five to five
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days that the children approach to be modest on and also there is going to decide the attack of taliban and. one hundred fifty people killed but there is no action taken by the government to look gunnison on the afghan forces have increased ground and air attacks against the taliban in two districts in the southeastern province of gaza me the has a shiite minority group dominate the districts they've been fighting the taliban who are sunni muslims oh this has raised fears of a spike in sectarian violence in the war weary country and concerns the government isn't doing enough it's not only tribal whole suffered the same thing would become plain but it's of the country. the same thing every day the afghan security forces
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just paying a high price to this country the afghan army chief says it's already lost soldiers additional ground troops are being deployed to me province and u.s. forces are assisting the offensive by air natasha going to al-jazeera. the pressure is growing on saudi arabia to reveal the details of journalist g.'s murder the u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt has arrived in riyadh and met with king sandman he is urging the government to fully cooperate with turkish investigators a spokesman for british prime minister theresa may says hunt will push the saudis to do more to deliver justice and accountability in the her shakti case and canadian prime minister justin trudeau says his government is working with what he
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calls like minded allies on the next steps of saudi arabia we continue to be engaged with our allies on the investigation into accountability for the murder of jamal khashoggi and we are in discussions with our like minded allies as to next steps toward saudi arabia. is following this story for us from istanbul he joins us live from there now so jim what does all this mean then in terms of continuing to keep the pressure on saudi arabia. will has i'm i mean this is a case is going on for several weeks now more than a month and was the international community for us was trying to figure out exactly what happened to modify the ones they established that he was indeed just us and they said they were waiting for the saudis to come up with some sort of narrative or at least a way forward than when maybe that failed it seems that now the western countries
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are sending their own emissaries to riyadh to try and force some sort of movement to a decision or at least a conclusion to this case all the while all of history the turks have been gradually sharing all the information that they've have as you've seen with different countries so we've heard from the turkish president a couple of days ago where he said that he had or his intelligence agencies had shared its with aside from the united states the united kingdom germany france and others and now we're hearing from germany for example in the past few hours that's indeed that has been the case the question is what does this mean well at least on paper it means that these countries cannot deny that they knew exactly what happened. what it means is they are now faced with a very clear decision to make do they pressure saudi arabia to bring to justice those who not only perpetrated this crime but also its or did it or do they try maybe allow for some sort of cover up or some wiggle room for the saudis where be maybe there is
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a scapegoat that's is given but the person who ordered it's widely believed to be crown prince but i'm a bit of money gets off scot free in favor of the bilateral deals which are in the billions between these countries particularly the united kingdom that is something that people are waiting to see very quickly the united kingdom also through its own voices it will be trying to push the saudis to bring an end to the war in yemen which shows that the case of the model social cues much greater than just the murder of one man. lifeless in istanbul thank you don. the u.s. has renewed his call for an end to the civil war in yemen some reports say at least one hundred fifty people have been killed in the past twenty four hours street battles have brought chaos to areas in the main port city of a day that thousands of civilians are trapped by the fighting a pro governor.


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