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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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are going to join the global conversation on how does iraq history has called it the great in the final episode the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come and world war one through our bodies on al-jazeera. more political drama in sri lanka as the parliament passes a no confidence motion against the newly appointed prime minister mahinda rajapakse . l.o.l. come on peter w. watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up palestinian factions in gaza and
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israel agreed to a cease fire ending the worst violence there in ease. members of the u.s. senate for new calls for sanctions against saudi arabia in the wake of the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi. and the u.s. vice president tells me in maher's leader and some sushi violence against muslim or hindu is quote without excuse. because parliament has passed a no confidence motion against the president's pick for prime minister but the government prevented a formal vote from taking place on tuesday the supreme court blocked president's matter of policy dissenters attempt to dissolve parliament and call a snap election next year the decision opened the way for a parliamentary vote on his nominee for prime minister the former president mahinda rajapaksa said a center sparked a constitutional crisis in october by sacking the prime minister ronald.
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wickramasinghe and replacing him with a bunch of packs of smith has more now from colombo. it's difficult to say now who is in charge in sri lanka there is this tussle going on this constitutional battle for supremacy between parliament and the presidency parliament has passed a no confidence vote in the decision by the president to appoint a rajapaksa as prime minister and the cabinet ministers without so parliament has passed that vote then legal suggestions are that will mean the rajapaksa is no longer prime minister it stays with run it will run a single and his ministers but then a rajapakse is people don't accept this they also say what's happening is unconstitutional and they're refusing to go so we're left almost really with a power vacuum in sri lanka nobody knows really who's in charge and all of this is because of a constitutional change a couple of years ago but took power from the president and gave it to parliament executive power what is being tested is that constitutional change since the end of
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october when mahinda rajapakse was appointed prime minister by president my policy resign or we have this constitutional battle going ahead and it's beginning now the stresses are beginning to leak out onto the streets rajapaksa very charismatic politician in sri lanka his supporters are beginning to be angry that he is not being allowed to stay as prime minister a ceasefire agreed between palestinian group it's in gaza and israel is so far holding the egyptian brokered truce came after a major escalation in violence the source seven palestinians killed leaders say they'll abide by the agreement as long as israel does the same thing now the announcement was met with celebrations in gaza and protests in israel stephanie decker following that story for us she joins us from west jerusalem stephanie how much stomach was there or is there i guess on either side for more violence at this point. both sides of maintained for
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a long time that they don't want a full on military escalation because the question is you know what is it going to achieve we've been here before multiple times in military conflict or is ends up in destruction but then they still have to sit at the table negotiate and figure out how to move forward but having said that what we witnessed over the last forty eight hours was the worst escalation between the two sides in years if you look at the amount of rockets fired out of gaza four hundred sixty according to the israeli army even though it wasn't done jaring the two thousand and fourteen war israel hit back of course for a major mass in infrastructures according to the army is one hundred sixty targets but yes we have now seen once again a deescalation but it remains fragile people you speak she will tell you that it is unpredictable what happens all the time but there are bigger issues at stake and i think there's also now looking to see perhaps
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a diplomatic fallout here in israel the defense minister who according to media leaks and also his office mentioned yesterday off to a six hour security cabinet meeting in tel aviv that he did not agree with the cease fire well he's now every door lieberman and now it's an unexpected press conference or statement after meeting with his party around noontime that's about two hours' time from now so a lot of speculation in the israeli media that he might be handing in his resignation over this whole situation if he does turn does resignation in will then become a case of did he jump or was he pushed. well i think people will tell you that in his position as the defense minister if he didn't agree with such a massive decision when it comes to dealing with gaza with a ceasefire following the events that we saw unfold what kind of position does that put his legitimacy in his credibility some media reports are saying that if he
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stays in his position perhaps it's career suicide perhaps resigning will will have him man tain some political dignity if you will this is all speculation of course but yes there definitely seems to have been odds in that cabinet meeting when it came to how to progress on gaza but they were briefed by the army and also the intelligence services here and the advice from them was that a war was not a good option i think there is a realization also among the political establishment here at this point that gaza needs to be dealt with perhaps in a different way particular when it comes to the humanitarian situation which is never been worse and that is why we've seen an injection of cash over the last week we've seen an injection of fuel that is fueling more electricity for people in the last two weeks and that fuel has continued to go into gaza even throughout this conflict in the last thirty six hours so again when i have to wait and see how the next couple of days progress peter but for the moment the cease fire is holding all
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we few days away from confidence building measures being put in the public domain on both sides. all the issue between the two sides of course is a major lack of trust and the timing of this bought special forces operation came as a huge surprise to everyone experts will tell you that israel does take take and take these undercover operations quite often but you never hear about them because they're usually successful it came at a time when as we were just saying you know there was a cash injection to gaza just last weekend fifteen million dollars hand carried by the cutty and boy you had this injection of fuel which also we haven't seen in years people in gaza live with sporadic four hours of electricity a day ph well there are now enjoying up to sixteen hours a day because of this these are put this is a bit like a political top when it comes to gaza it's almost as if there's a negotiation if you behave to
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a certain point we will lessen the pressure on you so that bush operation this whole escalation came at a time when some people thought finally these long painful talks have come to some kind of fruition so there is no trust but i think the real question is now is how is israel going to deal with hamas going forward because there's a whole other issue of palestinian reconciliation that they want the palestinian authority in that a mother to take over gaza and then there's the question can they even deal with security will the armed wing of hamas disarm these are all future questions that show you just how difficult the situation situation is to address but in the short term is a humanitarian situation that needs to be dealt with the pressure must be ease on the people there and i think there is a realization here in israel now that that is something that is very urgent stuff thanks very much the u.n. security council met after the cease fire was announced but failed to agree on any action israel's ambassador to the u.n. says members must condemn what he calls imus's aggressive stops. we take action to
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protect our people and we continue to do that unfortunately danger there you have the hamas regime that they continue to dig tunnels they continue to think about ways to attack israel and we will continue to take any measure no measure necessary to protect our people regarding that the future. is very clear if you do not be quiet. you to not be quiet in gaza and i think the hamas leaders know exactly what are the capabilities of these very i.d.f. and they know we can get to them even if they hide beneath tunnels and beneath hospitals well the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. is also in the security council to take steps to end the violence we want the security council to shoulder its responsibility with regard to this situation threatening international peace and security and it is unfortunately the security
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council is paralyzed it did not sure that it's the responsibility nevertheless we will keep knocking on the door of the security council to shoulder its responsibility i hope the efforts by our brothers in egypt of having the cease fire to be put in place that will hold the u.s. republican senator lindsey graham has described as crown prince mohammed bin as unstable and unreliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of the saudi journalist killing on a resolution to cut off all assistance to riyadh for the war in yemen could also happen in weeks the senate has asked the secretary of state mike pompei of the defense secretary jim mattis and the cia director to give a briefing this month about yemen and about the murder of jamal khashoggi and her simmons with more now from istanbul. the political dimension to this crisis has
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never been bigger and tape heard one the turkish president is looking to the united states for the next move not just the president donald trump who has said that he would form a strong opinion that hasn't been delivered yet what it will mean but to congress particularly people like the republican senate certain lindsey graham who's said that that mohammed bin solomon is unstable and unreliable in his latest comments he said he doesn't see a situation where the u.s. can do business with such a man now that is a view shared by many republicans and also democrats of course but is it enough to actually form the persuasive vote within congress hard to call but there are a set of sanctions being looked at and the democrats are saying that they may go for sanctions to the highest level of the saudi royal household and so
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this debate is getting heavier but there is also a body of opinion particularly here in turkey and that the united states is the more the time goes by and it's seven weeks since the murder then the more the time goes by the more likelihood that there could be a deal of some sorts with saudi arabia to ride this out and that's the major concern here still to come here on al-jazeera stem cells could hold the key to beating a disease that's looked to millions worldwide. to months of negotiations but can it get approval of the cabinet and the parliament today. from the clear blue sky of the doha mooney. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of you know. how i we've got some motto whether pushing into western
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parts of europe at the moment turning decidedly cold across the eastern side of the continent that this big area cloud here will see the boundary between some disturbed weather pushing in and the cold enough air that we already have in place across that eastern side further west will see bands of cloud and drying trying to make their way in but with this area of high pressure in place things should be relatively quiet winds coming in from a southerly direction said fourteen celsius for london and paris very very mild here while the gray having said that bright enough they say across eastern parts minus one the top temperature there for a moscow plus one in kiev a big line of snow which will tend to thin and break as we go through thursday that cloud stays in place let us else just the berlin generate satele six day in celsius in london bobby conditions coming through said a fair bit of cloud mist and folk will become more of an issue as you go on into the weekend with falling temperatures by this day come to the south as
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a family outs of cloud just around southern parts of spain and portugal that's edging its way into northern morocco all the areas of algeria as well so always a chance of a few spots of rain coming through here further east is generally try he tipped. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. senator robert kennedy was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred eighty three hands or had this to serving a life sentence for his murder. but there have been calls for decades for the case to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed after the trial they had a legal obligation to save the evidence because sir ham was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm peter dobbie these are your headlines this parliament has passed a motion of no confidence against the president's pick for prime minister on tuesday the supreme court blocked president mr palace the dissenters attempt to dissolve parliament and call this number lection for january fifth next year the ceasefire agreed between palestinian armed groups and israel is so far holding the egyptian brokered deal came off to a major escalation fighting the source seven palestinians killed leaders say they will abide by the agreement as long as israel does the same thing. u.s. republican senator lindsey graham has described saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman as unstable and unreliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of saudi journalist jamal killing.
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the u.s. vice president mike pence has told the leader of me and now that the violence against muslim is quote without excuse pence met son suchi on the sidelines of the asean summit in singapore which is attending on behalf of donald trump he also said meehan mas arrest of two reuters journalists was deeply troubling when he joins us live now from singapore when is there a sense that one son suchi is coming under more pressure at this summit. i think very slowly that is certainly happening and that's significant because i as a grouping has a policy of no interference in each other's domestic affairs and over the decades really that is led to a lot of criticism of as an organization as a grouping that it is weak particularly on issues like human rights because of the rating slowly it seems that that has been changing in the criticism of me and my
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end of aung sun suu kyi has been led by malaysia's prime minister mohammad and he again repeated that criticism while he has been in singapore in the last few hours as well as you mentioned it was the u.s. vice president mike pence who offered very strong criticism when he met. this is a tragedy that has touched the hearts of millions of. violence and persecution by military and vigilantes that resulted in driving seven hundred thousand right. back with. this without excuse let me also say. you know we we believe. our democratic institutions ideals. of freedom in. your breast jailing of two journalists last fall was deeply troubling.
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and way was the sentiment about the trade disputes between the u.s. and china. peter certainly that issue has dominated a lot of the talk over the past day or so in singapore with the trade dispute between china and the united states hanging over all the meetings really and there is a lot of concern being expressed by the member states we have to also remember this is not just in some other there's also the east asia summit there are other sideline meetings being held as well so we have russia's president vladimir putin here the japanese prime minister shinzo of a of. the president of south korea among many others so there is a lot of concern and a sense also that most of the countries who are represented here over the summits and the related meetings are pulling in a very different direction from the united states with donald trump the u.s. president very much favoring bilateral deals as opposed to multilateral deals which
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many of the countries represented in singapore are trying to forge ahead like the regional comprehensive economic partnership deal involving some sixteen countries that was instigated by the us young member states now being very much pushed by china china is of course a member of that deal but the united states is not so a lot of concern about that trade dispute in the impact it may have on this region in particular when thanks very much. turning our attention to europe where the u.k. prime minister series a may is should hold for a should a meeting with government colleagues later on when she looks for support for the plans several of her cabinet ministers are reported to have called deep reservations crucially she also needs the support of the day you pm belfast they have issues with the so-called backstop for the border between northern ireland and the other for public the two you've just saying we cannot vote for this humiliation is paul brennan. the prime minister needs all the support she can get at the moment
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and a selected group of her government ministers were brought to downing street on tuesday night to read the text of the negotiated breck's a divorce deal for themselves to date six government ministers have already quit over the way bracks it has been negotiated how many of the current cabinet will choose to follow suit once the brics a term sinkin and even if cabinet unity is maintained leaked details of the draft agreement have provoked howls of outrage from both bracks its supporters and opponents in the british parliament we're going to stay in the customs union on this deal we're going to stay fit to be in large parts of the of the single market and that means it's vassal states we are going to for the first time in a found years of this place this parliament will not have a say over the laws that govern this country it is a quite incredible state of affairs the problem here is the prime minister's not been negotiating in the nationalist press she's been negotiating what you think she
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can get past the cabinet but as i say given the first shambolic nature of the negotiations this is unlikely to be the right deal for britain if any tory party. optimistic words from the british bracks it's secretary for terry some may lead to minority government and the arithmetic looks bleak this is the beginning of the end game for bracks if the full u.k. cabinet convenes a two pm on wednesday european ambassadors will digest the brics a document when they meet in brussels later in the day in a statement the e.u.'s chief negotiator michel barnier cautioned that the text has stabilised but has not yet finalized we are making progress he said but we're not there yet paul brennan al-jazeera. six months after side hariri was designated to continue as the prime minister of lebanon he's still unable to form a government or eerie as accuse hezbollah of structuring the formation by the man in a seat for a sunni. from beirut. sad how d.d.
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has been trying to put together a cabinet for six months now the three time prime minister was close to announcing his government at the end of october but a new obstacle emerged the shiite political party has is insisting that one of its sunday allies be given a seat and at the showing no signs of compromise how do you blame the iranian backed group of not just blocking the government's formation but attempting to marginalize the sunni muslim community. no one is allowed to accuse others of marginalizing a sect when they themselves are marginalizing a sect i will never allow the tire of a cord to be violated and create norms for ruling the country and trespassing the constitutional powers of the president and the prime minister how did he is considered the leader of lebanon on sunday community and the sectarian based power sharing system of government attempts to break his monopoly are angering his supporters. the.
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government. they want more ministers and they want to. see if they will never be a government we all know the party blocking the formation but no one dares to speak . how did he emerged a weaker figure after elections earlier this year but he has the largest sunni bloc in the legislature parliament is now controlled by hezbollah and its allies hezbollah denies accusations that it is obstructing the formation of the government but increasing its political power would help it counter the trump administration's campaign against its patron iran hezbollah is also facing u.s. sanctions that is why it is demanding service related ministries to give it access to state resources to serve its constituency regional dynamics influence politics in this divided country iran is trying to cement its hold on lebanon at
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a time when international pressure on saudi arabia over the murder of journalist. reduce the bargaining power of its allies here is among them but the caretaker prime minister didn't give up the task of forming a government instead he said his cabinet lineup is already a line up his rivals don't accept without a compromise political vacuum is set to continue senator beirut. the union boy to libya says the renegade general is committed to a u.n. action plan to end seven years of fighting after his rival faisal said and other foreign powers indorsed the plan after a conference in sicily john hall has this report from politico. thirty countries attended this conference on libya's future but what really matters took place among just a few for the first time in six months the country's two main power players met in the presence of their foreign backers general hurley for half dollar who controls
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libya's east is supported by egypt russia and france fires also rose heads the un and italian backed government in the capital tripoli the atmosphere was described as core deal leading u.n. envoy her son salah made to declare the conference a success. will be remembered as a milestone in the common effort. by water and france. have a clear path forward out of the situation. in which the country has slipped and the measure of success here the apparent agreement of the parties and international leaders to follow a new un timeline it foresees and national conference taking place in libya to decide on a format for elections to take place by the middle of next year. we want to reassure and ensure six million libyan citizens men and women who wish to
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vote to decide their destiny and have stability with the united libya a stable libya looking forward to reach these goals libya is a friend we have been linked to for a long time what has emerged of substance from this conference then is a new u.n. action plan that picks up where many others have failed it provides what the u.n. envoy described as a clear path forward for libya it is a path down which the libyans themselves not the international community must lead . but the timeline is tight in a resource rich country riven with often violent internal rivalries and with foreign powers backing. was it sides to serve their own conflicting interests the palermo conference saw no written commitments nothing signed the un envoy is a clear path forwards then appears to be based on little more than trust jonah how al-jazeera italy. international diabetes federation says four hundred twenty five
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million people around the world suffer from the disorder and that number is expected to rise as one in two adults with the condition remain undiagnosed the middle east and north africa region has the second highest rate after north america and the caribbean more than thirty nine million people are diabetic across the region that's expected to reach sixty seven million over the next thirty years the countries in the gulf with the highest rates are saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and qatar well scientists in the u.s. and canada have signed a new partnership to use stem cell research to combat diabetes correlate reports from doha. for nine year old shad mcready every day is a struggle. but once a year along with millions of other diabetics around the world have battle gets global attention shed was diagnosed when she was one but she still suffers the same . i feel i am shaking and i can't control myself then my vision gets
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blurry. events like this in qatar for well diabetes day remind shad and others suffer as they haven't been forgotten they also highlight the rising rates of diabetes in the region the gulf states they are suffering from the hyper feelings of diabetes this is because of that the change of the lifestyle i do in the city when we have become rich we are so very lazy and also we eat a lot of. junk food now scientists said this state of the art by a medical research center in doha a working to find a cure along with researches in the us we take a cell from the patients blood turn it into a beta cell under clinical conditions and then grow them up and then give them back to that patient in order to hopefully cure their their diaby. if the therapy
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is approved trials with patients will begin in the u.s. before heading to cutter who will extend this clinical trial to doha and this will be for the first time that we will bring. people to the region most research into diabetes goes on behind the scenes but it's public events like a vis the vital in raising awareness and highlighting ways to prevent it they also reassure people with the condition that advances are being made to find a cure for shot the condition has affected every part of her life even her future she says she now wants to become a doctor. it's something amazing and i want to help children with diabetes. but for now her family hopes every bit of focus on their daughter's condition is a step in the right direction car leg al-jazeera doha firefighters in the northern
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california town a paradise expects to recover more bodies from what is already the worst wildfire in the history of the state forty eight people have died more than two hundred others are missing and it's just one of several fires burning across the state in southern california firefighters are struggling to contain the fire which has killed at least two people it's left a trail of destruction of beach resorts including malibu. more news for now if you wanted on our web site the address al-jazeera dot com you also find links to back half hour news programs analysis as well. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the sri lankan parliament has passed a motion of no confidence against the president's pick for prime minister on tuesday the supreme court blocked president mathari policy that dissenters attempts to dissolve parliament and call snap elections next year for january the fifth. a
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ceasefire agreed between palestinian armed groups in gaza and israel is so far holding egyptian brokered deal came after a major escalation in fighting that source seven palestinians killed leaders say they will abide by the agreement as long as israel does the same thing the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. is searching the u.n. security council to take steps to end the violence we want the security council to shoulder its responsibility with regard to this situation threatening international peace and security and it is unfortunately the security council is paralyzed it did not sure that it's the responsibility nevertheless we will keep knocking on the door of the security council to shoulder its responsibility i hope the efforts by our brothers in egypt of having you know the seize fire to be put in place that will hold the u.s.
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republican senator lindsey graham has described as crown prince mohammed bin solomon as unstable and unreliable he says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi is killing a vote on a resolution to cut off all assistance to riyadh for the war in yemen could also happen in weeks the senate has asked the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o the defense secretary jim mattis and the cia director to know how spoke to give a briefing this month about yemen and her show g.'s death the u.s. vice president mike pence has told me that the violence against rangoon muslims is quote without excuse pens met son suchi on the sidelines of the s.c.n. summit in singapore which is attending on behalf of the u.s. president donald trump he also set me in mass arrests of two reuters journalists was quote deeply troubling. you are right up to speed with all our top stories the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream. in thirty minutes.
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a congress divided between democrats and republicans. what does it mean for america and the world in these remaining two years of donald trump's presidency. on al-jazeera. i'm really could be here in the stream today family planning what makes a topic so controversial in some african nations well explore the issue of family planning on the continent with the help of your comments and your questions so send them to us live on you tube or via twitter. reproductive health organizations in some african countries say they are improving
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the tunnel health and empowering women to have greater freedom in their lives decide when they want to have children one u.n. sponsored initiative has a target of getting one hundred twenty.


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