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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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tween democrats and republicans. what does it mean for america and the world in these remaining two years of donald trump's presidency. find out on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sorry robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our last headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i firmly believe that the draft withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated british prime minister treason may when her cabinets approval for a draft breaks a deal that major hurdles remain on the way forward also pro-government forces halts their attacks on the yemeni port city of a data growth for a diplomatic breakthrough. and trouble for the israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu is a key coalition partner defense minister avigdor lieberman resigns in protest over the garza ceasefire. and an exclusive with file just there we meet the most wanted man in what the u.n. calls a forgotten conflict in central african republic. of into the new the u.k. prime minister truth may has won the backing of the cabinet for a draft deal struck with the european union this is may says the decision is a decisive step towards a final deal paul brennan reports. the maritime cabinet meeting concluded after five hours the outcome theresa may has the backing of her government ministers at least. the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the northern ireland backstop the collective decision of cabinet was that the
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government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outline declaration and there was a deeply personal phenolic i believe that what i owe to this country is to take. decisions are in the national interest and i firmly believe with my head and my heart that this is a decision which is in the best interests of our entire united kingdom since the first leaks of the draft rex a deal emerged on choose the evening has been a feeble use fear in westminster ahead of the cabinet meeting there was a boisterous session in parliament and without even having seen the text of the deal the opposition leader heaped school on it it breaches the prime minister's own red lines it doesn't deliver a strong economic deal that supports jobs and industry and we know they haven't prepared seriously for no deal so does the prime minister's still intend to put
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a false choice to parliament between her a botched jail or no jail the position of northern ireland's democratic unionist party is also crucial in all of this the prime minister's minority government relies on d p support in parliament but they're backing on bricks it looks down full if she thinks that she's going to get this through parliament she has nothing coming out all the groups she needs none of them seems willing to help the i d e p one vote for this deal because it puts a barrier between great britain northern ireland the whole bracks is going to put it because it keeps in the customs union a lot of remainders going to it because it reduces our influence it does nothing for services but it keeps us erasers without any say the overrunning of the u.k. cabinet meeting meant that in brussels a meeting of e.u. ambassadors had to break up without getting the chance to discuss the draft text nevertheless michel barnier the e.u.'s chief negotiator hailed the decisive progress as he put it that he said had been made to. this agreement as
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a decisive crucial step and conclude in these negotiations and it's also the achievement of a method of a methodology in negotiations carried out in transparency from the word go and fill in respect of our respective man. this cabinet approval means plans can now be accelerated for a summit of e.u. leaders most likely on november twenty fifth but in actual fact the collective approval of her cabinet ministers was perhaps the least of prime minister to resign may's worries important though it was remember she still faces the prospect of a no confidence vote in her leadership from her own party backbenchers and there is the prospect of a parliamentary landscape with so many different contingents that there is no clear consensus or majority of anything other than oppositions have a plan paul brennan al-jazeera westminster. let's take a close look at the draft withdrawal agreement the document is five hundred ninety
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five pages long and outlines a future relationship between the united kingdom and the european union both sides have committed to avoiding a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland it protects the rights of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. and britons living in the e.u. after breck's it the deal proposes a twenty one month transition period after the u.k. leaves the e.u. in march next year and it details the divorce bill the u.k. will have to pay the e.u. thought to be around fifty billion dollars john johnston is a political reporter at politics home a news website focused on the u.k. parliament he says it will be difficult for prime minister may to get this deal through parliament. it's a deal and that's progress of a kind there's been a lot of commentators of the the previous few months who said that a deal wasn't possible between the u.k. and the e.u. the problem now for the prime minister is that she has to sell this deal both to her party and to the country and for her remain backing m.p.'s no deal is going to
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be better than the one we currently have with the e.u. and for the breck city or faction within our party they don't see this deal as properly meeting the requirements of the referendum they don't think that this is satisfied those conditions if the deal gets voted down in parliament all bets are off really whether that would trigger a general election whether that would possibly trigger a so-called people's vote a second vote on the referendum remains to be seen. at the moment it looks incredibly difficult for mrs may to get this deal through parliament there's no particular group within her party who have committed themselves or whore hard to backing this deal as she now has to to put the case to them i think the way that she's going to have to do this is say to the brakes a tear faction it's either this deal or potentially no break so it's and on the other side for her remain or she will have to say to them it's either this deal or
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no deal we crush it without a deal but it's a very very difficult path for her to tread through parliament now pro-government forces in yemen have palls an offensive against the rebel held port city of her data the phone to the boat. coalition which has thrown its way to be heard of the road to view and load talks to end the conflict but it is the male entry point for most food aid into yemen the un has warned of a humanitarian catastrophe if the port sustains heavy damage but who didn't know her small neighboring djibouti. there is a law in the fighting in the port city of the day there but so far it seems like a unilateral ceasefire with the fighters go home farming the polls in fighting say that both sides are keeping to their positions but quickly added that they were willing to continue fighting if need be on the streets of the day that the u.s. state the minister for foreign affairs and we're going to gosh has told journalists that his government supports
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a ceasefire in the data and out of town to peace talks for parties in the conflict in yemen saudi government also as part of a goodwill gesture before the start of peace talks agreed to lift up to fifty injured fighters probably to amman now we're also seeing some sort of consensus between western powers including the united states britain france and even russia to try and stop the war in yemen some sort of a cease fire that would lead to talks this time in sweden after the failure of the last round of was supposed to take place in geneva switzerland which failed because the whole thing is. everyone understands too well what is the option to the vital services of the portal for they could do to an already daya humanitarian situation which led the united nations secretary general and tony good terrorist to warn that the ports activities should not be disrupted whatsoever because it's
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a lifeline for up to fourteen million yemenis who need aid to survive. if we don't leave is israel's defense minister he voiced a cease fire with palestinian groups that he described as surrendering to terror his abrupt announcement has brought prime minister benjamin netanyahu coalition government leaving it with just a one seat majority in the knesset stephanie decker has more from west jerusalem. less than twenty four hours after the gaza ceasefire came into. the fact the diplomatic fallout. i'm here to announce my resignation from the role of the defense minister of the state of israel the question which needs to be asked is why not i aspire as i'm concerned what happened yesterday yesterday to cease fire together with the entire process of reaching out to respond with a mouse is a capitulation to terror bush should pull out go in defense minister avigdor lieberman also said he disagreed with katter bringing fifteen million dollars into
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gaza last weekend to pay the salaries of civil servants and the fuel shipments that have increased gaza's electricity moves that are all parts of efforts to ease gaza's humanitarian situation the mass wasted no time in reacting to lieberman's resignation. this constitutes a victory for the resistance and recognition of defeat and failure by lieberman and the zionist occupation and it is a failure of the policy of siege and devastating wars against the gaza strip this is the result of palestinian people steadfastness. hamas had already celebrated the earlier ceasefire as a victory for the palestinians to. gaza is of course a large reason for lieberman's resignation but there is no denying that domestic political factors are also at play when israeli media report describes the resignation as the opening salvo of israel's elections the expectation is that the election reset for november next year will be brought forward to what's happening
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now in israeli politics is a major event because you have the defense minister which is the number two position in the government at a party in this government has resigned and he's resigned and basically showed his no confidence with the prime minister now it's not going to bring down the government right away it could it could lead to elections but he's showing he's positioning himself to be the opponent in it and you know the opponent to the right of it and you know what the events of the last few days show is that gaza will remain at the center of israeli politics as long as the situation there remains unresolved stephanie decker al-jazeera west jerusalem. i mean has this update from goals there's been widespread skepticism over how long it will last. is a search and. an all out war didn't break out this is one of the buildings that were targeted. it belonged to the.
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people around. you can imagine the fear. that night. this is a place that still hasn't recovered from the previous war back in two thousand and fourteen people here has been extremely worried about how things could develop know how mass on this side has put forward to the people here this cease fire. that coupled with the news of the resignation of the israeli defense minister. saying that that was actually. a victory and an acknowledgement by the israelis that. now people. are happy that has returned but this is a certain degree of skepticism. a cease fire has been very difficult
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to reach. agreement over a long term ceasefire. but they do worry. that we so over the past two days might make. a long term agreement more difficult than it already was. well as the united nations the u.k. and sweden have been pushing for more possibly even a different approach to the stalled peace process between israel and the palestinians on diplomatic entity james. well from the secretary general an ongoing call for a strength from both hamas and israel we're told that the special coordinator of the un nicholai madden off is monitoring the situation on the ground the un security council are also following things very closely because clearly we've had some very important military and now political developments in recent hours the
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security council met late on choose day the overall position with regard to the peace process of course the last two years this is a u.n. security council that has been waiting for the united states for that peace plan from president trump son in law jared cushion and i'm beginning to detect behind the scenes there is growing impatience from ambassadors on the security council that the plan is not being announced and the situation is just getting worse just listen to the comments of two of the ambassadors as they were arriving this morning and these are two close allies of the u.s. i think we are under play under playing our own role a six security council on some issues and the world this is one of them. i think the security council a lot of people still look up to the council to take preventive action i don't think we've been managing to we have not been able to do that in this particular
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situation i think that needs change i think the council would would very much like to see some concrete proposals and wants to get behind mr mlodinow of and support his moves on the ground obviously very concerning what is happening there and the biggest wary of course is that it could lead to something even worse than what we're seeing now some of criticize the security council for not meeting quickly enough on the latest violence they will be meeting again pretty soon on this issue and that's because there's a regular monthly meeting on the israeli palestinian situation and that is taking place on monday here in new york. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including firefighters in california continue their battle to contain the deadliest wildfires in the state's history. also u.s. asylum controversy the defense secretary visits the border where thousands of american troops have been deployed. and the death of
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a thirteen year old kickboxer rig those debates in thailand over children in the ring piece of that story. has had to south asia now where bangladesh a shuttle to begin treating some of the hundreds of thousands of writing good muslims for start of me and of but many refugees have refused to go back fearing for their safety now the united nations is urging bangladesh not to send people back under the current circumstances but i would judge a report from cox's bazaar this is the week when for many trauma became terror will hinge on refugees who escaped so much violence were shocked to learn they might be repatriated to me and more recently learned there were many little i would do i wouldn't doubt it i've been crying because of how sad i am that we might be sent back our relatives were killed in myanmar we were all
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persecuted there so much we came here to bangladesh to find peace this is a peaceful country but we're not at peace because we've been told we're on a list. that list is the reason there's so much fear in this place it includes the names of thousands of ro him to refugees who've been chosen as candidates to potentially be sent back to iraq and state as part of a deal between the governments of bangladesh and me and more. many are a bedroom tells us her camp leader informed her that she and her three children are on the list but she says they'd rather die than return and i would think twice and before we go back to me and if it looks like they will try to move us to my children and i'll buy poison from the market here and didn't think it the government of bangladesh insists repeat relations will be on a voluntary basis only but menorah is not convinced the atmosphere here is filled with an increasing sense of dread and several of these huts that used to house
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refugees now sit empty that's because people are so terrified that in the past few days at least five families have fled this camp the united nations refugee agency which does not believe current conditions in iraq kind state are conducive to a safe and dignified return of refugees from bangladesh says there are approximately four hundred eighty five families on the repatriation list for us it's very important that we first do these assessment of voluntariness and this is really a basic condition for us and the record she is not only have to decide they have to decide based on on knowledge they need to know what's going on the enemy on law they fled from the little more than a year ago before they returned they have to know what's what's going on there but many refugees say they're all too aware of the horrors that await them i don't know i love that when the not i don't know we don't want to go back to myanmar because
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the camps they would put us in there are worse than the camps we are in here if we go there we won't be able to pray and our children won't be able to go to school for now members of one of the world's most persecuted minorities continue to worry they may be victimized all over again mohammed. at the gym told a refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh. turkey's foreign minister says the time is right to move the investigation into the killing of saudi journalist. shogi to the international stage they have told parliament that his government is committed to solving the murder and that shown the evidence it has to all interested parties turkey privily said it would cooperate an international investigation and had called for a u.n. probe. there's a cure to cancer is due to vote on thursday about extending its peacekeeping mission in central african republic there's rarely been a moment of peace since the conflict began there nearly five years ago an alliance
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of muslim rebels known as the celica overthrew president francois busies government in twenty thirteen a few months later rebel leader by michel was sworn in as interim president but he was forced to resign after fighting between the celica christian fighters known as the anti continued the un said peacekeeping force to support african union and french forces already there but since then cease fires have been signed and violated all sides been accused of war crimes or world war two by both the un and ca our government is neighbor. he was once a celica rebel but is now in charge of a neighborhood known as p k five in the capital bogey in this exclusive interview with al jazeera he tells nicholas haq that he'll stay and defend his people in hiding but still in charge surrounded by young heavily armed teenage boys is
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tired jam most otherwise known as general force. accused of war crimes including a murder torture rape and extortion the government wants his arrest. but he's not ready to give himself up and if we. mean he's he said we had nine thousand in this neighborhood ready to defend our people even to pick a fight a neighborhood because of us they are under threat from the christian militias the government forces and u.n. soldiers. in april soldiers belonging to the un stabilizing force in car backed by the central african army stormed forces hideout in an attempt to arrest him but despite being better equipped they were outnumbered and retreated the raid was a spectacular failure one thousand died and hundreds were injured in the battle. don't be fooled by these bustling streets when you and soldier describe the current staying calm this is the work the stores there are doing no foot patrol and some of
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them are taking fighting positions as a preventative measure. the threat comes in forces footsoldiers fourteen year old. his house was burnt his parents killed by a christian militia group now he wants revenge baltimore let me just go see even the un are afraid of me because i have a weapon it is a country that has made me this way with this i can become anything a general or even a president of this country one day. the government is calling for peace and reconciliation. but even inside the parliament politicians use guns to get their voices heard despite twelve thousand un peacekeepers central african republic is descending into a spiral of sectarian violence caught in the middle are children seeking justice any way they can. the guards that protect you are our children are young
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how do you explain that they'd be rather then be bearing arms was you more i am their bus commander and the father how do you want them to go to school us muslims are not treatable what happened hospitals we have no schools this is not safe for us force is a wanted man for the moment too powerful to be arrested into well protected by determined young men who have lost everything and have nothing to lose nicholas hawk al jazeera bunky p.k. five. kenneth clarke is the deputy head of the u.n. stabilization and peacekeeping mission in the cia all he says the mission is working and will lead to peace in the future there's absolutely no question that the peacekeeping mission is playing an essential role at preventing a return to the very dramatic violence that we saw in twenty thirteen and two thousand and fourteen every day the ministers peacekeepers as well as the
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military the police the civilian staff are a barrier between a return to a much worse conflicts but they're also making progress the mission is also making progress and laying the foundations for our return to true stability so we we have absolutely no doubt in the central african people have absolutely no doubt that the mission is necessary and if we are able to continue getting the support of the international community if we're able to continue getting the support from the from the african union which is leading the peace process we will be able to help central africa leave this crisis sustainably and get on a track to a better future the humanitarian situation remains extremely disturbing and i have to say extremely underfunded there is still a lot of work to be done to funding the humanitarian situation but the the outlines of progress are also there. the fifty one people in california who come to have
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been killed by the wildfires raging in the state the majority were killed in the months of come fall in the north well that is some way to go before those flames are extinguished as though hope that some of the fun is diminishing and if your custom house will. a new fire developed on tuesday night in southern california it's been called the sierra fire and broke out to the east of los angeles authorities say vegetation ignited and other reminder that president trump's contention that the fires could be prevented with better forest management is wrong the fires burning through california did not begin forests but in brush near development those flames are then encouraged by the effects of climate change there was some relatively good news in southern california by wednesday morning the woosley wildfire which spread to malibu on the pacific was said to be almost fifty percent contained but that still left the other fifty percent you can see the wind
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is still blowing we're not out of the woods yet there's a lot of the light out there so of course it's a great deal of anxiety to the north one hundred people are reported missing many of them elderly national guard troops are helping search for remains new technology means portable devices take hours and not days to identify genetic material we're going to do everything we possibly can to diligently search for those remains but this is a very difficult task more questions are being raised as to the cause of the fires with attention turning to local utility companies if this is their fault they need to be held accountable and they need to do more than just jack up their rates. and they need to they need to help more where they need to go and we both fall or we do something else a lawsuit has been filed in northern california accusing one utility company of not maintaining its infrastructure more are expected to be filed heidi joe castro
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al-jazeera. well still ahead here on the news to electoral victory the military commander turned leader a leading figure in fijian politics also brazil's rightwing president elect is accused of making derogatory comments against thousands of cuban doctors who work in rural brazil. number one never become a young pretender of the world tour finals in london peter will have to tell his story later. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. and we've got a lot of wet weather around the southeast in parts of china that remove ripping off as we head through the next few days as well so you can see it on a chart there for thursday stretching from the south coast all the way out through
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hand and then that really expounds as we head through friday and most of us will be seeing some rain at times the only place really where it should stay drawing a map is down towards the southeast so hong kong should get to around twenty six degrees and it should be fine and settled here i mean for the towards the south is also dry weather across the philippines as well but elsewhere we've got some fairly sharp showers and that with plenty more of them as we head through the next few days say for k.l. and singapore both of us can expect some very heavy downpours and some thunder and lightning to if we head across towards the southern parts of india hey we've got a chopper who cyclamen with us that's gradually creeping its way west woods and once it makes landfall it will begin to lose its intensity and dump all its moisture so for the southern tip of india then and for the northern parts of sri lanka it will be incredibly west as we head through the next few days and the resignedly to be a bit of flooding around times two to the north of all of that it's staying fallen and dry for many of us but we've still got a problem with an air quality in new delhi so twenty five degrees will be rather
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murky twenty five as we head into friday. the weather sponsored by cattle and race . as migrants seek sanctuary on it shows the you must choose rescue or deterrence. anti immigration government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives. people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea announces iraq. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people we live to
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tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. welcome back you're watching elvis there is news hour with me so rob a reminder of our top stories british prime minister treason may has won the backing of her cabinet for a draft brix a deal struck with the european union says the decision is a decisive step forwards towards a final deal the agreement will go both to the e.u. and u.k. parliaments for approval pro-government forces in europe and of calls for an offensive against the rebel held port city with data the fight is that backed by
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the saudi a broad coalition which is trying its weight behind another round of u.n. . talks to end the conflict the data is the main entry pool for buy food and aid into yemen and israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has resigned and called for early elections for his government accepted a ceasefire in the gaza strip but he says his party will quit and even that's you know he's brewing coalition leaving it with just a one seat majority in the knesset. u.s. defense secretary jim mattis has been visiting his country's border with mexico where thousands of soldiers have been deployed in recent weeks they would send told the old days of president trump just ahead of midterm elections to prevent a group of asylum seekers from entering the u.s. the so-called migrant caravan is steadily making its way through mexico as political head ripples. it came off as carefully choreographed fellow soldiers are you doing. one after the other soldiers walking the secretary of defense through
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this new temporary base secretary jim that is often meets with the troops but it's pretty unusual for cameras to follow him every step of the way even into the laundry tent the mess back. he was joined by the secretary of homeland security here's to nielsen both have reportedly fallen out of favor with the president and nielsen is rumored to be on her way out. donald trump consumes a lot of television he will have seen these two cabinet members bringing attention to an issue that he talked a lot about before the midterm election so as they carry over and look that is under salt on our couch when he warned of an incoming invasion he was talking about several thousand asylum seekers currently walking through mexico many former top military officers have called the deployment a political stunt including general martin dempsey who called it a wasteful deployment of overstretch soldiers but medicine that's wrong i would refer them to the new york times and what happened to the mexican police critics
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say there is no. not a fair comparison our border is not the mexican border our border is heavily. is heavily fortified heavily patrolled and the current team that's in place there america has spent tens of billions of dollars fortifying our border there are legitimate questions surrounding this deployment under law the troops are limited in what they can do but in this case we were asked by the secretary of the number of people i mean the way to back them up what does that mean it means that people do all the work but we're still in a bind up of a competent builder. that means they can't interact with the migrants they're scheduled to leave before the caravan is likely to make it to the border and it's going to be costly i want us to know this will cost more than two hundred nguyen dollars so this could turn out to be one costly confidence builder pedicle again
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al-jazeera washington. a top u.s. aid to the trumpet ministrations been forced to step down from the position after being criticized by the first lady melania trump out a disagreement with recall the deputy national security adviser during a tour of africa in october a spokesperson for millennia said mcconnell no longer deserves the honor of serving in the white house the total will now move to a new role within the administration. well this time. military rolled into the streets of iraq and of robert mugabe and the four decade rule he was placed under house arrest and forced to resign but there's still despair about the economy after the disputed election or methos a reporter from harare. it's been a frustrating year for street vendors when robert mugabe was in power they were often allowed to sell in the center of harare but many are accused of operating
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illegally they've since been forced to the outskirts of the city part of president was plan to restore order after thirty seven years on the god israel despite a lack of infrastructure here some still a faith when i got one knows what needs to be done to fix the struggling economy as for me speaking for myself. i'm a blank now but on the peace. process. but others are disillusioned zimbabwe has one of the highest unemployment rates in the world and life is hard the poor say they are angry and frustrated they feel it's been a year and say nothing much has changed economically. when the army appeared on state television last year and confinement able to house arrest some people had high hopes things would change thousands marched demanding the long time realistic down he eventually did as members of parliament with appearing to impeach him. opposition party leaders believe zimbabwean project into believing there would be real change they insist a faction in the rulings on
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a pier party just wanted to grab power the former defense chief for instance constantino is now one of two vice presidents we changed but for good to change the system. of the system are still in control and they only know one way of operating all the indicators that indicate progress are failing economy is is failing inflation is bad. the post-election violence in august also raise concerns at least six people posted to do. peter result was shot and killed by soldiers a commission of inquiry is investigating why the army was deployed to disperse civilians and who gave the order the incident also raise concerns but the military's role in government the general practice in southern africa at least is a separate from the politics or the gun does not lead politics therefore that is a general and political tradition of this region this was one of the first where
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the military. keeping the president in fact the reality of the matter is that control of the state but the priority for struggling zimbabweans is the economy when they were promised crippling casualties and create jobs a year later that still hasn't happened there had been times when supplies a basic commodities and fuel have won short the president says economic recovery will be a long and painful process what some people here say they don't want to hear. had a. provisional election results are emerging from fiji where two men responsible for military coups in the past are vying to become prime minister the incumbent leader . holds a sizable lead over former prime minister city veni in the pacific island nation's second election since by and in the rama seized power as well. once an army commander now running to keep his position as prime minister frank bainimarama and
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his fiji first party quietly confident of victory. a majority so we can form a government again come of this election today the result i'll be disappointed if we lose. but supporters of his main challenger city of any ram booker have been hoping for an upset a former prime minister who served for seven years he was only cleared to run in this poll by a judge on monday. just want to tell them that you were given national and the land of freedom hope and glory and we it is our duty to give the people there but not all the people voted to mention re-inforcing the closure of twenty three polling venues some eight thousand will cast their ballots at a later date and open polling stations turnout was patchy to empty.
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but last time was for big players maybe the people of the weather everyone counts yes so it's important for everyone to come in whether the weather is not that good . on the one the twenty fourteen elections by a landslide he's been refashioning his image into that of a stable legitimate leader. hosting un climate change negotiations and high profile dignitaries presiding over three percent of steady economic growth but critics regard him as a thorough tarion holding a tight rein on the media since forcing himself into power in a two thousand and six military coup. his main opponent steve any ram because he has led his own share of coups seizing power twice in the one nine hundred eighty s. on a racially charged platform to return the country to the hands of indigenous fijians away from those of indian descent a principle of opposes the political landscape has a haunted legacy of military influence military led all military consequence.
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inflicted influences within politics in a way that two individuals who are at center stage of the political landscape are two sides of the same going. this is only the second time fijians have gone to the polls since two thousand and six and for bonnie miranda it's a referendum on his leadership the al-jazeera. russian opposition leader alexina valley has been allowed to fly out of the country a day after being told that he was barred from leaving the valley was traveling to france when he was stopped by border guards at moscow airport the european court of human rights in strasburg is due to rule on whether his numerous detentions by police in russia are politically motivated or balls. prosecutors in the us the trial of jockey the drug lord known as el chapo have us the judge to throw out the defense's opening statement because moon's lawyers accused mexican
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presidents of taking bribes from traffickers who is allegedly the head of the sinhala cartel was the main supplier of illegal drugs into the u.s. well state of the americas hubris withdrawing thousands of his doctors from brazil after president elect to. question their training and demanded changes to the cold drugs more than eight thousand cuban doctors work in poor and remote parts of brazil rhetorical because. brazil's biggest health challenge isn't chronic disease it's a chronic shortage of doctors especially in poor neighborhoods and remote rural areas. five years ago brazil began importing foreign doctors mostly from cuba but that arrangement is the broccoli and become an official statement read on cuban television blamed president elect. the elected president of brazil with direct derogatory and threatening references
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questioned our doctors education and their presence in the more doctors program. unacceptable conditions make it impossible to maintain the presence of cuban professionals in a program. the more doctors program was started in twenty thirteen by former president dilma rousseff since then twenty thousand keep in doctors have worked in brazil including in seven hundred districts that had never had a resident doctor but the program is controversial he even doctors are paid less than that brazilian colleagues brazil paid around three thousand one hundred dollars a month through the pan american health organization pay each doctor the doctors themselves receive only about a quarter of that the rest back to the cuban government both blame the collapse of the program on the keeping government. intransigents tweeting we condition the continuation of the program doctors on the completion of skill tests full salary payments to keep in doctors much of which now goes to the dictatorship and the
5:43 am
possibility for doctors to reunite with their families unfortunately cuba refused. both scenarios says brazil will offer asylum to cuban health care workers who want to stay in brazil even if some take up the offer the sudden departure of others will leave brazilians in poor and remote areas without access to a dr victoria gate and they are a. bit corners fallen to its lowest level in more than a year the world's largest cryptocurrency dropped as much as nine percent to just over five thousand six hundred dollars traders and analysts are unclear what caused the price to fall after a period of relative stability. started discussions on the government's twenty knowing team budget which includes tax hikes spending cuts and other all star routine measures the government's trying to stave off an economic crisis with help from the international monetary fund reports that. thousands gathered outside
5:44 am
the argentine congress on wednesday. to protest the nation's latest turn towards us terry they claim that twenty nine thousand budget has been dictated by the international monetary fund and this herding the working class in the foothills of we are upset because the budget will increase social inequality because it takes away from hospitals from schools housing and from the poor and all that money is going to pay the foreign debt this government has taken and the i.m.f. in august the argentine peso devaluated nearly fifty percent due to a lack of investment confidence in emerging markets president was forced to request a fifty seven point one billion dollar emergency loan from the i.m.f. in an attempt to prevent a run on the face off but the devaluation has put inflation in latin america second largest economy close to fifty percent. many are struggling to cope with the rising cost of food transport and utilities tension has been on the rise on the streets of
5:45 am
one side especially since the government. started to implement the austerity measures suggested by the international monetary fund and that's why they believe that this and that you can see here to prevent protesters from waiting on west. inside senators debated for hours those supporting the government claim reducing the deficit is the only way out for argentina. we have gone from being a powerful nation to an economic war in one hundred years we have seen far far in debt restructurings banking crisis is to harper inflation's in twenty loans from the i.m.f. and accounts. now is thirteen more because of a deficit and spending more than what we have. the government making emergency touching social programs really directing spending to those were the can. easily construction hospital. or school.
5:46 am
infrastructure investments right social infrastructure. there's not an absolute cut but they're growing much less than the rest of the government. is trying to get argentina's economy in order but that's. to the protesters will say that it will come at their expense. well still ahead. to confront the crimes of the franco era. a. year after retiring in the. story after the break.
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5:48 am
welcome back musgrave's are being excavated in spain in the search for the remains of more than two thousand victims of the franco dictatorship those estimated the bodies were dumped in sites across the country during his rule was called whole reports from paternal forensic teams all carefully digging deep into the ground to recover the remains. of the old bones give up their secrets hands tied in front shot by firing squad dumped in mass graves up to six meters deep most here were suspected leftists condemned to die by military judges between one hundred thirty nine and nine hundred fifty six the first half of general
5:49 am
franco's dictatorship. now all forensic archaeologists and anthropologists are trying to match remains to names and return them to surviving relatives and immorality when i'm ashamed that in this country there is still so many mass graves to be examined this is a question of human rights and here crimes against humanity have been committed this is about democracy it's been forty three years since franco died and so it's very difficult to comprehend why there's never been a coordinated effort by any government since then to exuma identify tens of thousands of victims of his regime in part it seems due to lack of funds in part due to lack of political will. only after franco's rule ended family members dared to mark some of the mass graves painted tiles to warn or peasant farmers bricklayers and teaches buried below much of the excavation in identification is
5:50 am
based on the research of local historian. here on earth franco we were bred justas listing almost two thousand three hundred execution victims buried in more than one hundred mass graves of our rules. if we don't get all the hidden information out into the open then wounds will get deeper we have to bring out the dirt so the wounds could be cleaned and then healed. riyad or better. this is a farewell letter from one of the dead to his parents shortly before he faced the firing squad. yes you know i'm not a thief or a mode please raise my daughter as the child of an honest working man jose paid or was executed in paternal in november one thousand nine hundred eighty nine eight months after the civil war ended he was a bus driver a member of the socialist labor union you g.t.
5:51 am
his only child peter was just a toddler i mean. all things considered i can't say i had to be their childhood but something was always missing and i have just had to live with that loss and with that pain peter hopes her father's remains can be formally identified within weeks they're all i hope he is there and i hope my arms can do what my mother wanted to pique him and bring him home and bury him next to my mother that's what she would must have wanted. she like thousands of other families is waiting to reclaim these damp bones loved ones waiting to go home culp a whole jazeera protest in spain well it's obvious paula is peter. thank you very much world number one novak djokovic was on the brink of the semifinals at the season ending a.t.p. tour finals after beating alexander very of in london said if they had to give the
5:52 am
serb some problems in the first set with the help of the net djokovic still won at sixth form a bow and then showed that the gulf between himself and the german is more than just full world ranking places he took the second six one shock of it you say mean to equal roger federer record of six titles here but after the match both players said the shade yelling at the end of the season had to change. this part of the year after the grand slam season is that you have to you know force yourself to leave a card in your davis cup and then you know welting come to the first week of the year it's really over such a within three four months it's just too many too many events and. we have to work it out but you know. when to start school somewhere. the issues that are season is way too long that's the first issue but i've sort of before we close were eleven months a year that's that's ridiculous so you know on no other professions for those that are former world number two. has retired from tennis after
5:53 am
a thirteen year career the poll said in a statement unfortunately i am no longer able to train and play the way i used to and recently my body can't live up to my expectations taking into consideration my health and the heavy burdens of professional tennis i have to concede that i'm not able to push my body to the limits required wayne rooney will wear the captain's armband when he makes against the usa in london on thursday really retired from international football last year but is being honored with one last appearance in the friendly while some of the proceeds will go to east charity he said to come on as a late sub wearing the number ten should the thirty three year old now plays in the states for d.c. united really is england's record score with fifty three goals boss gareth southgate saying that a one hundred twentieth international cap is a fitting tribute. it's been disappointing to see him almost having to defend his inclusion in the game but that's where we are the more important thing is.
5:54 am
within the group we value what he's done the funeral of a thirteen year old psychic boxes taking place this wednesday as pressure mounts on the government to ban children from fighting a new child died of a brain hemorrhage two days after fighting in a charity match for one hundred seventy times since the age of eight but santa and his opponent were not wearing head gear he's case has reignited debate in thailand which has more than ten thousand registered boxes under the age of fifteen a type parliament is reviewing legislation that would ban children under twelve from taking part in belts. women boxes are training for the amateur world championship which begins in new delhi on thursday they're wearing surgical masks and scarves across their mouths to protect them from small in the indian capital the competition is indoors but in the last few days the level of deadly particles in the air has been eight times the safe limit the smog is being caused by seasonal
5:55 am
burning of crops and a vehicle and industry emissions. will bring just my nose right now if i don't like you can't hear me but my nose is like it when i grieve so they don't mind that we are training site. washing i have worried that you've taken precautions that i'm very much. like. i do feel it the air in denmark is very different so we differ with everything in the eyes and in the mouth and stuff but you know. that's the way it is if. twenty five million people can live here then and i think we will survive as well people in the canadian city of calgary have become the latest to say no to hosting an olympics the city held a vote for backing as a candidate for the twenty twenty six winter games over three hundred thousand votes would cost a larger turnout than expected but fifty six point four percent voted no although
5:56 am
the vote is non-binding the city's mayor said the defeat marks the end of the candidacy that decision leaves just two potential hosts for the twenty twenty six winter games down from an original seven but the joint bid from. doesn't have financial backing from the government and stock also hasn't got the green light from any political parties the decision will be made in june next year public votes haven't gone well for past candidates out of ten held in the last five years only oslo got a yes result but the norwegian capital withdrew its bet anyway. defending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors returned to winning ways on tuesday despite the absence of the injured steph curry and damon green who were suspended for shouting at teammate kevin durant after the warriors lost to the l.a. clippers on monday but it didn't seem to have affected duran to lead the way against the atlanta hawks with twenty nine points one hundred ten one hundred three the final score the warriors are top of the n.b.a.'s western conference. for the
5:57 am
use the rockets ready to a one hundred nine ninety nine when the over the denver nuggets james harden scored nineteen of his twenty two points in the second half of the game to can them the nuggets to a fourth straight loss it was a tough first day in candy for anyone in the second test against sri lanka on wednesday of the winning the first test in goal the tourists won the toss for this or lankan bowlers all contributed before lunch leaving the english one hundred twenty four forward that interval in the one pair picked up four wickets for the hosts but just bottle sixty three and sam karens sixty four helped the visitors reach two hundred eighty five all out the home team would not have it all their own way as cultural silver was back in the happy for the close of play sri lanka twenty six for one and that's all the sport for months from now we'll have another update for you again later on thanks peter lorre is up next with another full half hour of news but you've been watching the auxiliary news hour with me so robert thanks for
5:58 am
your time and your company. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the arts. al-jazeera selects hunted. the latest news as it breaks the world bank says their rival of many young migrants could be beneficial for the colombian economy with detailed coverage by turning back on five lateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people there will be no flirt line between friends and enemies from around the
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world a big group of pro independent cannot storm the playstation but then food on the flight killing for placement of thought. across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior one used investigates china's surveillance crackdown. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every you. to feel meets a woman brought in dead they don't want the members of the community vaccinators targeted and vaccines rejected pakistan faces a constant battle in its war against polio very difficult situation al jazeera follows the extraordinary health workers who risk their lives in one of the year's
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final strongholds and we lose two terse work we have been mostly the story of so we're doing the lifelines the last drops on al-jazeera. i firmly believe that the draw for withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated. which is prime minister wins cabinet approval for a draft breck's it deal but major hurdles remain. and then. there are live from doha also coming up an uncertain future for the israeli government off the defense minister avigdor lieberman resigns over the cease fire in gaza. also ahead of the al-jazeera exclusive we meet.


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