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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 15, 2018 8:00am-8:33am +03

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press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who compromise on the true. news from just one part of the viewfinder series on al-jazeera. i firmly believe that the draw for withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated. wins cabinets approval for a draft or breaks it deal but major hurdles remain. one of them are. also coming up. pro-government forces hold their attacks on the yemeni port city of data as hopes growing through for a diplomatic breakthrough in. the death toll in northern california goes up to
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fifty six as firefighters battled the worst wildfire in the state's history. convenes a day all to passing a no confidence in the rajapaksa as the prime minister. u.k. prime minister theresa may has won the backing of her cabinet for a draft breaks that deal struck with the european union may says as a decisive step towards a final dale reports. the marathon cabinet meeting concluded after five hours the outcome theresa may has the backing of her government ministers at least. the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the northern ireland backstop but the collective decision of cabinet was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outline political declaration if i may
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and by just and there was a deeply personal phenolic i believe that what i owe to this country is to take decisions that are in the national interest and i firmly believe with my head and my heart that this is a decision which is in the best interests of our entire united kingdom since the first leaks of the draft rex a deal emerged on choose the evening has been a feeble use fear in westminster ahead of the cabinet meeting there was a boisterous session in parliament and without even having seen the text of the deal with the opposition leader heap scorn on it it breaches the prime minister's own red lines it doesn't deliver a strong economic deal that supports jobs and industry and we know they haven't prepared seriously for no deal so does the prime minister's still intend to put a false choice to parliament between her a botched jail or no jail the position of northern ireland's democratic unionist
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party is also crucial in all of this the prime minister's minority government relies on d u p support in parliament but they're backing on bricks it looks down for if she thinks that she's going to get this through college and she has nothing coming all the groups she needs none of them seems willing to help the i d e p one vote for this deal because it puts a barrier between great britain northern ireland the heartbreaks is going to boost it because it keeps in the customs union a lot of remainders going to it because it reduces our influence it does nothing for services but it keeps us erasers about and he said. the overrunning of the u.k. cabinet meeting meant that in brussels a meeting of e.u. ambassadors had to break up without getting the chance to discuss the draft text nevertheless michel barnier the e.u.'s chief negotiator hailed the decisive progress as he put it that he said had been made to. this agreement as a decisive crucial step in concluding these negotiations and it's also the
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achievement of a method of a methodology in negotiations carried out in transparency from the word go and fully in respect of our respective mandates cabernets approval means plans come out be accelerated for a summit of e.u. leaders most likely on november twenty fifth but in actual fact the collective approval of her cabinet ministers was perhaps the least of prime minister to resign may's worries important though it was remember she still faces the prospect of a no confidence vote in a leadership from her own party backbenchers and that is the prospect of a parliamentary landscape with so many different contingents that there is no clear consensus so we're joined by anything other than oppositions have a plan paul brennan al-jazeera westminster pro-government forces in yemen have poor as an offensive against the rebel held port city of data advices aback by the coalition which has thrown his weight behind another round of un led talks to end
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the conflict a day that is the main entry point for most food and aid into yemen the un has warned of a humanitarian catastrophe if the port sustains a heavy damage that has more from neighboring. there is a law in the fighting in the port city of the day there but so far it seems like a unilateral ceasefire with the fighters following the polls in fighting say that both sides are keeping to their positions but quickly added that they were willing to continue fighting if need be on the streets of the day that the u.s. state the minister for foreign affairs and we're going to gosh has told journalists that his government supports a ceasefire in data and out of town to peace talks for parties in the conflict in yemen so would the government also as part of a goodwill gesture before the start of peace talks agreed to lift up to fifty injured who will fight is probably to amman now we're also seeing some sort of
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consensus between western powers including the united states britain france and even russia to try and stop the war in yemen some sort of a cease fire that would lead to talks this time in sweden after the failure of the last round of was supposed to take place in geneva switzerland which failed because the whole thing. everyone understands too well what are the civil option to the vital services of the port of they could do to an already daya humanitarian situation which led the united nations secretary general and tony good terrorist to warm the port activities should not be disrupted whatsoever because it's a lifeline for up to fourteen million yemenis who need aid to survive. one has quit as israel's defense minister a voice anger over a ceasefire with palestinian armed groups which he described as surrendering to tara his abrupt announcement has rocked promise
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a bunch of us now his coalition government leaving it with just a one seat majority in the knesset seventy deca reports from west jerusalem. less than twenty four hours after the gaza ceasefire came into effect the diplomatic fallout. i'm here to announce my resignation from the role of the defense minister of the state of israel the question which needs to be asked is why i aspire as i'm concerned what happened yesterday yesterday a cease fire together with the entire process of reaching a reassessment with a mouse is a capitulation to terror pusher. outgoing defense minister avigdor lieberman also said he disagreed with katter bringing fifteen million dollars into gaza last weekend to pay the salaries of civil servants and the fuel shipments that have increased gaza's electricity moves that are all parts of efforts to ease gaza's humanitarian situation the mass wasted no time in reacting to lieberman's resignation. this constitutes
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a victory for the resistance and recognition of defeat and failure by lieberman and the zionist occupation and it is a failure of the policy of siege and devastating wars against the gaza strip this is the result of a palestinian people steadfastness. hamas had already celebrated the earlier ceasefire as a victory for the palestinians to. gaza is of course a large reason for lieberman's resignation but there is no denying that domestic political factors are also at play one israeli media report describes the resignation as the opening salvo of israel's elections the expectation is that the election reset for november next year will be brought forward to what's happening now in israeli politics is a major event because you have the defense minister which is the number two position in the government at a party in this government has resigned and he's resigned and basically showed his no confidence with the prime minister now it's not going to bring down the government right away it could it could lead to elections but he's showing he's
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positioning himself to be the the opponent in it and you know the opponent to the right of it and you know what the events of the last few days show is that gaza will remain at the center of israeli politics as long as the situation there remains unresolved stephanie decker al-jazeera west jerusalem. to his foreign minister says the time is right to move the investigation into the killing of saudi journalist america's shoji to the international stage and look as a cover so lou told parliament that his government is committed to solving the murder and has shown the evidence it had to all interested parties to he previously said it would cooperate and in stash the investigation and had called for a un probe is republican senator lindsey graham has described saudi arabia's crown prince one had been salman as unstable and unreliable graham says he and other senators are discussing sanctions against riyadh in the wake of jamal khashoggi killing. has more from washington d.c.
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. senator lindsey graham has always taken a strident tone when it comes to the death. and the fact that he believes there is more to the story then is being let on by saudi arabia with these comments now going much further and given a lot of weight considering that lindsey graham is a senior republican and very influential foreign policy hot he frequently advises the president as recently as last week we did spot him going into the white house even though that meeting was not on the official white house schedule now in terms of action and response to the death of jim by this administration it appears to in the eyes of many on capitol hill be dragging its heels it has rescinded the visas of almost two dozen saudi nationals but it has not sanctioned at the highest levels of the saudi government something that many are looking for on capitol hill now in terms of the pressure by lindsey graham he certainly has not
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only called mohammed bin solomon unstable and unreliable but he also doesn't see the situation being fixed as long as the crown prince is still in charge and as a result he has gone further saying that he sees mohammed bin solomon's leadership as a quote disaster and very difficult to do business there remains of eight people have been found in northern california bringing the death toll to fifty six in the states worst wildfire some way to go all the flames are extinguished there is now some of the fires on diminishing. reports. a new fire developed on tuesday night in southern california it's been called the sierra fire and broke out to the east of los angeles authorities say vegetation ignited and other reminder that president trump's contention that the fires could be prevented with better forest management is wrong the fires burning through california did not begin forests but
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in brush near development those flames are then encouraged by the effects of climate change there was some relatively good news in southern california by wednesday morning the woosley wildfire which spread to malibu on the pacific was said to be almost fifty percent contained but that still left the other fifty percent you can see the wind is still blowing we're not out of the woods yet there's a lot of fire line out there is a great deal of anxiety to the north one hundred people are reported missing many of them elderly national guard troops are helping search for remains new technology means portable devices take hours not days to identify genetic material we're going to do everything we possibly can to diligently search for those remains but this is a very difficult task more questions are being raised as to the cause of the fires with attention turning to local utility companies if this is their fault they need
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to be held accountable and they need to do more than just jack up their rates. and they need to they need to help more where they need to go and we both fall or we do something a lawsuit has been filed in northern california accusing one utility company of not maintaining its infrastructure more are expected to be filed heidi joe castro al-jazeera. still ahead here on the sierra ranger refugees are set to be sent back to me and mom but many fear for their safety. and we'll tell you why cuba is withdrawing fastens of its doctors from brazil. and are there were so a fair amount of unsettled weather across the middle east at the moment if you look
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at the satellite picture we can see that one system is making its way in from the mediterranean there and then sweeping up northwards and that's giving us a fair amount of wintery weather as well a move that as we had three thursday we've also got another weather system further south that's making its way up from the arabian peninsula and through kuwait and into parts of iran it's a ran on thursday on friday where i think we're going to see some of the heaviest of the rains in this area and it really will be very wet they could well be some disruption here so a bit further towards the south and you can see a good deal of cloud of parts of saudi arabia also over bahrain as well there will be some wet weather at times but i think here in doha we should avoid the majority of it so that she too will be some instead a little bit more in the way of cloud should be with us on friday as that system slowly sinks its way southwards but again the majority of the rain will be over parts of southwest iran elsewhere to the south of all of that should be fine enjoy with a top temperature of thirty degrees down towards the southern parts of africa we still got quite a few showers around parts of madagascar and we can expect quite
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a few more as well as we had three thursday and friday some of the showers roll the heavy elsewhere then looking largely fine and dry force twenty six in durban but quite as will make a turn at twenty. a journey of personal discovery about how the suv huge rule has shaped the present day georgia if you people your past you will never have a future in government buildings and the monuments they seem to inspire all yours always them in your own people. small algis there is time and eventually meets a examines the cultural influences of the soviet union al-jazeera correspondent the soviets.
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know what challenges there as a reminder of our top stories this hour i wish prime minister trey's may has won the backing of her cabinet for draft rights said dale struck with the european union may says as a decisive step towards a final deal equipment will now go to both the u.k. and e.u. parliament for approval. pro-government forces in yemen have forced an offensive against the rebel held port city of the data. backed by the coalition which is throwing its weight behind another round of un led talks to end the conflict today that is the main entry point for most food and aid into yemen. and the remains of eight more people have been found in northern california bringing the death toll to fifty six in the state's west ever wildfire more than one hundred people are still
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missing as firefighters battle to contain the blaze. yes offense actually james mattis has been visiting his country's border with mexico where thousands of soldiers have been deployed in recent weeks it was sent to prevent a group of asylum seekers from entering the u.s. a so-called migrant caravan is making its way north through mexico already hundreds of reached here on the u.s. border reports. it came off as carefully choreographed fellow soldiers tell you do it. one after the other soldiers walking the secretary of defense through this new temporary base secretary jim mattis often meets with the troops but it's pretty unusual for cameras to follow him every step of the way even into the laundry tent the mess bags filled up he was joined by the secretary of homeland security kiersten nielsen both have reportedly fallen out of favor with the president and nielsen is rumored to be on her way out. donald trump consumes a lot of television he will have seen these two cabinet members bringing attention
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to an issue that he talked a lot about before the midterm election so as the caravan and look that is an assault on our country when he warned of an incoming invasion he was talking about several thousand asylum seekers currently walking through mexico many former top military officers have called the deployment a political stunt including general martin dempsey who called it a wasteful deployment of overstretch soldiers but medicine that's wrong i would refer them to the new york times and what happened to the mexican police critics say that is not a fair comparison our border is not the mexican border our border is heavily. is heavily fortified heavily patrolled and the weak the current team that's in place there america has spent tens of billions of dollars fortifying our border there are legitimate questions surrounding this deployment under law the troops are
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limited in what they can do but in this case we were asked by the secretary you'd have a number of people i mean there's a way to back them up what does that mean it means that people do all the work the work in a bind up of a competent builder. that means they can't interact with the migrants they're scheduled to leave before the caravan is likely to make it to the border and it's going to be costly by one estimate this will cost more than two hundred million dollars so this could turn out to be one costly confidence builder pedicle haint al-jazeera washington. because parliament is meeting again one day after voting out the president's pick for prime minister well tensions passed a motion to remove the newly appointed leader mahinda rajapaksa and his cabinet president my surprise her assent to sparks the current crisis by sacking prime minister run away from the singer and then stalling. and spent and joins us now
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from columbus oh but it was happening in parliament there today after the chaotic scenes that we saw yesterday. chaos again laura and a little bit of violence a lot of pushing and shoving this time convened about fifteen minutes ago when the speaker began by saying that there is after yesterday's vote of no confidence there is no prime minister and there is no cabinet in sri lanka at the moment but that didn't stop rajapaksa who was appointed prime minister by the president getting up and giving a speech trying to justify why the president appointed him become talking about the situation the country the economic difficulties but in an attempt to justify why he was there in the prime minister's the but he descended into a lot of shouting a lot of shouting across the chamber and then we have the speaker saying well you know let's take another vote let's take a proper vote the speaker wants to take a vote descended into chaos again he's descending onto the for the house hopefully
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we'll get you picture of this later on but when you are serious it was when even the feed within the building i mean the parliament building that was cut off so we weren't able to see everything was going on but really very chaotic scenes here or absolutely and even though you say that has the backing of the supreme court and it appears parliament is unlikely isn't it that this is the last we've seen of men direct attacks on. well certainly judging by today's performance is very it's very unlikely he's refusing to accept right rajapaksa and his m.p.'s are refusing to accept what happened in parliament they're essentially saying that the way the speaker went about the vote is not in accordance with the rules of the house by asking for a show of hands and a voice vote is what they took yesterday as if you've got to do you've got to write this down have a written vote instead will soon as the speaker try to do that rajapakse m.p.'s
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started shouting and screaming to prevent it going on all this is essentially really to do with the president and then the rajapaksa trying to stop parliament voting on whether he should be prime minister because they haven't got the numbers and as soon as a legitimate whatever a legitimate voters are women is is have is kept is given what was supposed to be yesterday then rajapaksa are supposed to be out of this terrible situation is leading to. a power vacuum essentially one senior government civil servant said yesterday we don't know who's in charge and we need people in charge to move projects on certainly the political crisis continuing their brand of thanks very much for the update there from colombia now on thursday bangladesh says she will to begin repatch raising some of the hundreds of thousands of random muslims forced out of man ma that many refugees are refusing to return fire in for their safety in ice nations as in bangladesh not to send people back under the current circumstances while the jam june reports from cox is bizarre. this is the week
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when for many trauma became terror will hinge on refugees who escaped so much violence were shocked to learn they might be repatriated to me and more recently learned it will only listen i would do i wouldn't doubt it i've been crying because of how sad i am that we might be sent back our relatives were killed in myanmar we were all persecuted there so much we came here to bangladesh to find peace this is a peaceful country i think but we're not at peace because we've been told we're on a list. that list is the reason there's so much fear in this place it includes the names of thousands of row him to refugees who have been chosen as candidates to potentially be sent back to iraq and state as part of a deal between the governments of bangladesh and me and more. many are a bedroom tells us her camp leader informed her that she and her three children are on the list but she says they'd rather die than return and i would think twice and
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before we go back to me and if it looks like they will try to move us to my children and i'll buy poison from the market and didn't think it the government of bangladesh insists repeat relations will be on a voluntary basis only but many are it is not convinced the atmosphere here is filled with an increasing sense of dread and several of these huts that used to house refugees now sit empty that's because people are so terrified and in the past few days at least five families have fled this camp the united nations refugee agency which does not believe current conditions in iraq kind state are conducive to a safe and dignified return of refugees from bangladesh says there are approximately four hundred eighty five families on the repatriation list for us it's very important that we first do these assessment of voluntariness and this is really a basic condition for us and the record she is not only have to decide they have to
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decide based on on knowledge they need to know what's going on the enemy on law they fled from the little more than a year ago before they returned they have to know what's what's going on there but many refugees say they're all too aware of the horrors that await them i don't know i love that don't know what not i don't know we don't want to go back to myanmar because the camps they would put us in there are worse than the camps we are in here if we go there we won't be able to pray and our children won't be able to go to school for now members of one of the world's most persecuted minorities continue to worry they may be victimized all over again mohammed. at the gym told a refugee camp in cox's bazaar bangladesh. it was her. the councilors voted to lift sanctions against the ira triad an arms embargo asset freeze and travel ban rampages in two thousand and nine amid claims are
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a trust supported feiss and somalia the un vote for as a foreign of relations between eritrea and its neighbors after years of conflict lifting of the sanction regime or near to doesn't of course mean that the region is free of challenges we still face problems that require it first and determination to rezone we still need the help and serious support of the international community but on our part we are determined to accelerate if earth's to create a region where his development and democracy prevail in her many years prosecutors in the trial of walkin guzman the drug dog chopper asked the judge to throw out the defense's opening statement as well as lawyers accuse mexican presidents of taking bribes from traffickers is allegedly the head of a similar cartel once the main supplier of illegal drugs into the united states under reports from new york. on the second day of the trial we heard from the first
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government witnesses three of them primarily a retired customs official a retired d.-e. a drug enforcement administration official but the big witness for the government on the second day of the trial was a man by the name of hey susan sam who is in serving a big jail sentence in the united states right now but he is the brother of one of the current leaders of this in a low a cartel and he laid out for the jury the inner workings of the cartel and the infrastructure and how they got the cocaine that they purchased from colombia through mexico and into the united states and he talked about the huge profits that they were making as well he said that one kilo of cocaine that the cartel bought in colombia for three thousand dollars could then be sold that same kilo for as much as thirty five thousand dollars here on the streets of new york city times that times a tons of cocaine that they were bringing in and you're talking about hundreds of
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millions of dollars in profits now the defense continues to paint guzman as nothing more than a myth a man they say is being set up by a corrupt mexican government are still in the early stages of this trial a trial that could go on for as long as four months. is when tory thousands of his toxins from brazil presents that john paulson area questions that training and demanded changes that contracts. for. brazil's biggest health care challenge isn't a chronic disease it's a chronic shows he just don't does especially in pull the neighborhoods and roommates rule areas. five years ago brazil began importing foreign doctors mostly from cuba but that arrangement is abruptly ending an official statement read on cuban television blamed president elect. the elected president of brazil with direct derogatory and threatening references
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question our doctor's education and their presence in the more doctors program. unacceptable conditions make it impossible to maintain the presence of cuban professionals in a program. the more doctors program was started in twenty thirteen by former president dilma rousseff since then twenty thousand keep in doctors have worked in brazil including in seven hundred districts that had never had a resident doctor but the program is controversial he even doctors are paid less than that brazilian colleagues brazil paid around three thousand one hundred dollars a month through the pan american health organization pay each doctor the doctors themselves receive only about a quarter of that the rest back to the cuban government. blamed the collapse of the program on the keeping government's intransigence tweeting we condition the continuation of the program doctors on the completion of skill tests full salary payments to keep in doctors much of which now goes to the dictatorship and the
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possibility for doctors to reunite with their families unfortunately cuba refused both sonora says brazil will offer asylum to cuban health care workers who want to stay in brazil even if some take up the offer the sudden departure of others will leave brazilians in pool and remote areas without access to adopt a victorian. era. now with our top story the british prime minister to reason may has won the backing of her cabinet for a draft breaks it deals struck with the european union may says it's a decisive step towards a final deal and agreement will now go to both the u.k. and the e.u. parliaments for approval i firmly believe that the draft withdrawal agreement was the best that could be negotiated and it was for the cabinet to decide whether to
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move on in the talks the choices before us were difficult particularly in relation to the northern ireland backstop but the collective decision of cabinet was that the government should agree the draft withdrawal agreement and the outlined political declaration this is a decisive step which enables us to move on and finalize the deal in the days ahead these decisions were not taken lightly but i believe it is a decision that is firmly in the national interest. as parliament is meeting again one day after voting out the president's pick for prime minister politicians pass a motion to remove the newly appointed leader mahinda rajapaksa and his cabinet about vote is not being recognized by him nor his supporters present miter palace or a center sparked the current political crisis by sacking the prime minister and installing better packs or pro-government forces in yemen have poor as an offensive against the rebel held city of data backed by the saudi amrozi coalition which is throwing
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its weight behind another round of un led talks to end the conflict israel's defense minister has resigned from office after his government accepted the cease fire in the gaza strip. is now calling for early elections he says his party will quit benjamin netanyahu his ruling coalition leaving it with just a one seat majority in the knesset. and us defense secretary james mattis has been visiting his country's border with mexico where thousands of soldiers have been deployed in recent weeks nearly six thousand of them are supposed to prevent a group of asylum seekers from entering the u.s. so called migrant caravan is slowly making its way north through mexico hundreds have already reached the city of tijuana on the u.s. border. not with all that lines are back with another news update on al jazeera after witness. a congress divided between democrats and
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republicans. what does it mean for america and the world. two years of donald trump's presidency. find out on al-jazeera.


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