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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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across china millions of cameras are watching citizens every move and scoring their behavior one used investigates china's surveillance crackdown. to zero. zero. where ever you. are going around to the top stories here on out is there a saudi arabia seeking the death penalty for five suspects charged with the murder
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of journalist. riyadh insists crown prince mohammed bin sound man had no knowledge of the operation. u.s. treasuries impose sanctions against seventeen saudis for their role in the murder former top aide to the crown prince of saudi qahtani and saudi consul general mohammed other tavi are among those targeted. theresa may standing firm as politicians from her conservative party launched a bid to remove her as british prime minister in response to her drop bricks agreement works at hardliners say the deal makes too many concessions to the e.u. and violates your case over to. bangladesh has suspended plans to start repatriating more seven hundred thousand range of a few g.'s to me and ma officials say they were on able to find anyone who was willing to go earlier on thursday thousands of hinges protested in refugee camps in bangladesh over the deal citing safety fears many also complained they'd been put
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on the transfer list. despite their opposition to returning here's what some of the refugees told about their fears before by this his announcement was under learned we didn't know how it i've been crying because of how sad i am that we might be sent back our relatives were killed in myanmar we were all persecuted there so much we came here to bangladesh to find peace this is a peaceful country but we're not at peace because we've been told we're on a list we think twice and before we go back to me and if it looks like they will try to move my children and i'll buy poison from the market here and we'll drink it i don't love that we don't want to go back to myanmar because the camps they would put us in and there are worse than the camps we are in here if we go there we won't be able to pray in our children won't be able to go to school. droom as the latest from john tony refugee camp in cox is bizarre. it looks as though this is simply
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a temporary suspension because we've heard some somewhat contradictory statements coming from different quarters of the government here on the one hand you have an official announcement that has finally been made after hours of waiting to day confirming what we thought was going to happen all along which is that this repatriation plan which was supposed to begin today with was supposed to see as many as one hundred eighty five of families returning to me in march that that has been delayed but at the same time we are being told that anyone in their refugee who wants to return voluntarily can do so there are officials with the row him relief and repatriation commission that are saying that in essence a mechanism has now been set up by which the ladies are refugees who would like to return to me and more can do so we don't yet know what form that has taken and what
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steps refugees would have to take in order to do that what i can tell you though is that every injury refugee with today's who has told us that they are on that list to potentially be repatriated they have said that they do not want to return that they are afraid for their safety that their citizenship rights aren't guaranteed and that they would not even consider going back until they thought that they could actually live in me in martinique something warm of peace and security. a saudi led coalition is ordered to pause in the offensive against sunni rebels and yemen's main port city have had a day but they run backed rebels have denied that hostilities have ended saying strikes in and around the city is continuing the un has warned of a humanitarian catastrophe and support sustains heavy damage as it's the main entry point for the majority of food and aid into yemen. i mean i do has more from.
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the club just happened in the suburbs off to haiti to solve but they were about a few kilometers away from that point it was said to be offensive on the positions of pro-government fighters who have been receiving reinforcements overnight in these shelters of forty eight hour lull in the fighting in the hills most of bottles you saw in the past. days and people have been given a rest for about forty eight hours before these recent clashes and this happens. talks of peace talks resuming this time in sweden the so the lead coalition has confirmed that they have told their allies in yemen to stop targeting the positions and to stop the fighting and as we go forward in the preparations of these talks will see more clashes like lease. of both sides take to try to take more territory and come to the talks on a position of strength. chaos has broken out in sri lanka's parliament after the
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speaker declared the country has no functioning prime minister or cabinet insults and objects were thrown around the house deepening replay tical crisis bennett smith reports on the. the battle for control of sri lanka has turned physically ill it's a been thrown at the speaker of parliament along with many insults. caro jayasuriya provoked the fury of some m.p.'s by saying sri lanka has no prime minister or cabinet following wednesday's vote of no confidence in mahinda rajapaksa on thursday former president appointed three weeks ago defied the speaker by giving a speech anyway is a time to easily as you office after bypassing polman to being sworn in by his successor president my three policy or a cena is failing so there's a new tactic. we want the election general election two years before one is
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june as soon as it was when we had to go vote election or something like that i was going to have a lot i mean is the best way to sort all of this out just to have an election year is there any days or any other way. the man the president fired says he's still prime minister in charge of running away from a single supporters say it's time to take to the streets we are organizing a mass protest stand. against this undemocratic unconstitutional and illegal militias by president might be by the c.d.c. and the corporate crime is right with the speaker losing control of parliament government paralyzed some civil servants are privately saying they don't know who's in charge and who can sign off on deals and projects all this political instability is hitting the line because economy there are more than four billion u.s. dollars in foreign loans due to be repaid next year to sri lanka's repeat if it is
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lowest level ever against the dollar as investors withdraw foreign exchange burnitz may al-jazeera in trying because parliament. u.s. president donald trump will travel to california on saturday to meet victims of the wildfires the killed at least fifty nine people it comes as firefighters are battling a new blaze in ventura county forty kilometers northwest of the was a fire that devastated malibu and the surrounding areas further north rescuers searching for one hundred thirty people still missing in and around the city of paradise which was almost totally burnt to the ground the u.n. security council has voted to extend its peacekeeping mission in central african republic by a month and another vote to extend the mission by one year is expected soon the current president. has little control over his country an arms embargo in place and fourteen militia groups fighting for control of the territory he's now called on russia to help out there is nicholas haq has been given unprecedented access to
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their military trainers in their ngo south of the capital bangui. deep in the jungle on the ground of the band in palace of africa's last emperor. a russian operation is underway. massed russian fighters. somewhere in ukraine others in syria or chechnya now there in the central african republic training an army that has lost control of the country. they call the store dyaks has ties blood to me or not his real name says discipline is one of the problems sectarian violence fueled by militia groups has divided muslims and christians the russians are training men who once fought each other to unite for a government too weak to secure its own borders. sanctioned by un arms embargo the army is ill equipped at the request or president ouattara the security council approved imports of russian weapons last december now they are providing
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both arms and training launching an ambush on a building they call this the storms danya exercise. in a few short weeks they'll do this with live ammunition to put the soldiers under stress. they go through scenarios like this on a daily basis trying to prepare me soldiers to deal with real life events so that the government here can regain control of the country. here to help is valerie's ahead of the new special advisor to the president dispatched by moscow well the u.n. fact african union initiative has stalled russia together with sudan is trying to broker a peace deal between the fourteen active the little group. or i forgot but the i'm here is to avoid a blood she'd so i've traveled the country and meet with the various rebel leaders to get them around the table. in july three russian journalists were killed in car
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they claimed these russian instructors are in fact mercenaries working for a private security company called wagner's which has close ties to the crowd and. so how tough denies these claims close close of his presidency shows what wagner this is just an urban legend these are russian reservists nothing more than. whatever they are twenty seven years after the fall of the soviet union the russians are stepping back in the heart of africa at a time when the west and notably france the former colonial powers retreating. with more weapons and instructors on the way this may be just the beginning nicholas hawk al-jazeera baringo the central african republic. cuba's withdrawing thousands of its world renowned doctors from brazil after president elect. questioned their training and demanded changes to their contracts eight thousand cuban doctors
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working poor in remote parts of brazil which now may be left without access to health care the tour occasionally reports. brazil's biggest health challenge isn't chronic disease it's a chronic shortage of doctors especially in poor neighborhoods and remote rural areas. five years ago brazil began importing foreign doctors mostly from cuba but that arrangement is the broccoli and become an official statement read on cuban television blamed president elect. a president elect oil as. the elected president of brazil with direct derogatory and threatening references questioned our doctors education and their presence in the more doctors program. unacceptable conditions make it impossible to maintain the presence of cuban professionals in a program. the more doctors program was started in twenty thirteen by former president dilma rousseff since then twenty thousand keep in doctors have worked in
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brazil including in seven hundred districts that had never had a resident doctor but the program is controversial human doctors are paid less than their brazilian colleagues brazil paid around three thousand one hundred dollars a month through the pan american health organization pay each doctor the doctors themselves receive only about a quarter of that the rest goes back to the cuban government both blamed the collapse of the program on the keeping government's intransigence tweeting we condition the continuation of the program doctors on the completion of skill tests full salary payments to keep in doctors much of which now goes to the dictatorship and the possibility for doctors to reunite with their families unfortunately cuba refused. both sonora says brazil will offer asylum to cuban health care workers who want to stay in brazil even if some take up the offer the sudden departure of
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others will leave brazilians in paul and remain areas without access to adopt a victory gate and be. among the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia seeking the death penalty for five suspects charged with the murder of journalist. as the kingdom tries to contain its biggest political crisis in a generation but the announcement was almost immediately dismissed as inadequate by turkish officials. has more from istanbul the turks are seeing this latest statements by the prosecutor general's office as moving away from completely lying too as one senior official described to me as coming to admit to hard truths in the sense that we've finally admitted that this was a murder operation that they are the ones who conducted it however fail to admit that it was premeditated in the sense that there was never any option or intention
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to extract such acute the filter admits that this was by order of the senior members of the saudi government so while family to reason may has stood firm despite cabinet resignations and a bid from politicians within her conservative party to remove her as british prime minister it's in response to her draft divorce deal to withdraw britain from the european union regs that hardliners say the deal makes too many concessions to the e.u. and violates sovereignty by treating northern ireland differently from the rest of the u.k. . i'm sorry that they've chosen to leave the government and i thank them for their service but i believe with every fiber of my being that the course i have set out is the right one for our country and all our people bangladesh has suspended plans to start repatriating more than seven hundred thousand revenger refugees to me in
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march officials say they were unable to find anyone who was willing to go thousands of ranger have been protesting in refugee camps over the deal citing safety fears. a saudi led coalition has ordered a pause in the offensive against hoofy rebels in yemen's main port city of data but iran backed rebels have denied that hostilities of ended saying air strikes in and around the city are continuing their top stories do stay with us when i want to east is coming up next by phone or. china could be facing a debt iceberg that's according to s. and p. global trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and other oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the price we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. in china big brother is meeting big data advanced surveillance technology set up
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to watch everyone's every move what people say do and even think is monitor and more ranking people as good citizens or back to be rewarded or punished. and steve check out on this episode a one on one east we investigate how china is implementing the most sophisticated system of social control in history. china's cities are already flush with cameras around two hundred million of them. what's changing is they're getting smarter. now.
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china is positioning itself to lead the world in artificial intelligence. surveillance technology is a key proving ground. facial recognition body scanning and geo tracking matched with your personal data and online behavior will power the social credit system leaving no. dark corner to hide in. at the world intelligence congress in tanjil big brother's new toys are on shot. several of the exhibit is here including tech giant alibaba and now working with the state to write the algorithms that will calculate your social credit score they've already got the know how and they use a darter from their financial credit system alley pat
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a manager of alli petain is chong. here you tell you about tonight you caught up in a simple and old i gave you just you and with no way to. go through it but if you don't know how right you are in the us you women when they say can do you know we are just young souls into peace in case you don't see here tonight. sounds dramatic but it's the party line. pilot programs for a national social credit system are already on the way by twenty twenty the official outline boasts it will allow the trustworthy to run freely under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step. but
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there are two more tonight that have factions and all the time trying to send that answer or point to john of a council hop. while here it's your decision your battle to the facts out. it's said it all. fact that wasn't us at all. from there it's a. friend dan dan is going places very much the modern chinese woman. she's a marketing professional diligent and prosperous and sees clear skies in her digital future. with intel on the boards and i'll.
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tell you for. now the advantage of. a model citizen dan dan will write highly on social credit. that every action will be tracked and judged is fine by her. for now whether or not are all those. are you play. for there to make us out. to make. sure that what we choke on chains and. don't dance criminal academic and medical records will fade into school as well as state security assessments. the shopping habits will be another measure.
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this school could even change in real time depending on what she puts in a trolley. by a lot of alcohol suggests dependence lose a couple of points. buy a pack of nappies gain a few suggests responsibility. on mortgage payments or your tax return lose a lot more. not that dan dan would risk that. she keeps a close saw on her financial rating vajra mobile payment app so this is sesame credit so what's the score that you have to set seventy three seven hundred seventy three was the maximum you can get i think it's eight hundred so you got a pretty good score oh i am i think of doing while not the best but yeah. top seven simple answer is what kind of access or what kind of privileges does that
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give you this is the like for rent cars i don't have to pay a deposit so you don't have to close it up and this is also for a hotel. no deposit for renting a hardass. china's middle class is on the rise. like dan dan they're mostly young urban and used to living much of their lives online and on devices. that are. nothing while the younger you buy things are more than. just. you know the telephone or bill kristol your guilt trip to see the way to work in their home you know you told a person you know we'll. cut you off. your child will cook the problem not only
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will god show. so you want your always good you're sure. he was but just how sure you don't see it just about how you what you call. the function essential function at your job so you always have a chance to share that with me. to tell you to consider. who you date and ultimately partner with will also affect your social credit. then then married for love but she also chose the right husband junk shouting score is likely to be even higher than her shouting is a civil servant with the justice department a loyal car drove the party of the to do all that was enough of the forty she said
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those legally were shields she owned the woman doesn't leave worry emily. these young folks all for i have all four dollars dollars will let me go off with their girl was sure sounds she was unusual the only good one and go to hell means a lot when mean first year may need about our kids were you going to go without a father as you walk funny as a woman was a new issue or. inclined to intend to go and see the tiffany models that are. coming. to bring to you what are your child's teacher pushes you to walk to the. trench in
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a few hundred feet. first. i've come to chungking city a high tech metropolis in central china where the jailing river meets the yangtze i'm here to meet one of the ten million people who've seen the dark side of the social credit system investigative germ. leo. with his street smart hands on approach who has exposed high level corruption and solved murder cases abandoned by the police in many countries he'd be celebrated not in china where there are no tone from our time d.m. back. online continue until then it has seemed to trenton and. you don't see our bosses for. q.
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and a last year. now sure you are and you draw on r.g.p. would have and i wouldn't have been time for it and could have potentially one. in twenty fifteen who lost a defamation case after you accused an official of extortion he was made to publish an apology and pay a fine but when the court demanded an additional fee who refused then in twenty seven saying he found himself suddenly locked out of society under a pilot social credit scheme he'd been blacklisted as dishonest. you know how in the gulf one. would would hand him. what opponent goodbye was a mean man who maintains he has fully met the terms of his twenty fifth day in case
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he believes he's blacklisting is political but he has no way of challenging it's. a mantra. and or troll the bin now in the machine. how many of our bad. these poor social credit rating has shut down these travel options and confined him to effect of house arrest in chong changed. the sense of the girl so you are twitching up to israel think our women out here are fifty two pushing organs lisa i mean. if you feel i think our. show women. are deemed to be the enemy here and what what is it how do you change a thing or two how is the back for waging the five relief since the cause of it
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since the chung war seeds of whole nature. whose social media accounts have also been closed before his arrest he had nearly two million followers it's where he published much of his journalism or. you know a more. they were hard to handle meola. very good to be from the us you know how to get to the hashmi or. who scrapes by writing for an online publication is it best to get of reports are on hold. it's not his first run in with censorship in august twenty third saying he was detained without trial after exposing a senior party members links with the legal prostitution this is a re creation based on whose accounts it us where they saw it all about
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a year. earlier. so what is international about it. over the course of a year he was interrogated more than seventy times. now compare her. kidney and the. need to go to america. and alcohol they can empower. who refused to confess and was eventually released. now he's trapped again the four walls of a cell replaced by social credits dragnets. tinchy. engineer when ashley and i him that i'm eighty one years of beyond that america and then i know the kind of him to go higher. to measure twenty hours at it wasn't obama here i'm. what i want to say. as she hunted her to think and i'm
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going to. if our horses here walk through fire is a goal. and once he had won. i'm going to a place where the principles of social credits have been taken to brutal extremes the party doesn't want the world to know about its reporting on the situation is risky. to get there we must fly four thousand kilometers from beijing to the western edge of china chin jack the nation's largest province and according to some the world's largest open prison. junk is the homeland of the week is turkey people obviously make by.
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china's rulers have struggled to control the region and its people to millennia. surveillance technology is the new weapon in their campaign. all systems. all melt into the chocolate cake and. it was a look at eight o'clock am on crist sistema later. peddled. tara here is a we get filmmaker and poet from the shin jang city of cashcard you can talk about the situation there because he managed to escape with his family to the u.s. where they've applied for political asylum. made the decision to flee last year.
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and can call their kaesong out of a look at a saucepan too hot so i spoke about under kim's number so spunk negate got us there and we got us to your. mind. on the table on tonight on a call about luck but i sort of on. got to move on to la barre and. could look again to kentucky and get a bit of chicken and as we all along but under. business was going to. get any. condo. under the business hours it was not. an option to busk star and get bottom up as it was not. to make put to it but when you can. turn it into condemned it doesn't get my music business i've got
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a. presentable sort of guard job our pocket i missed out of the bottle caught up. on the can. quite feeling most. young are quite immersed stinger right wingers ask for. tarr here and he's wife were being scanned by facial recognition software their faces match from all angles to enhance accuracy they were even forced to produce a range of facial expression. systems. where you would have lower. initial look at a particular little sister in law. but to. put that would do a lot. but. when that. limit in the. us here. but in georgia and channeled.
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inside cash it's almost impossible to report independently government officials do their best to conceal any sign of the oppression describes look closer and the cracks appear the party approved vision of this.


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