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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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turning back on bilateral ties with iran what president donald trump has done is to show people there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies from around the world a big group of pro independents stormed the police station. killing four placements . this is zero. and i welcome to the al-jazeera news out on live from my headquarters in doha i'm in is a problem coming up in the next sixty minutes. in front of an empty space where his coffin should lie. as reports submerge of another audio recording from inside the
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saudi consulate where he was murdered. also ahead the british prime minister goes radioactive to sell her troubled plan while some of her colleagues downfall and why the long wait for scientists who've been trying to redefine the kilogram. non-porous with all your sports roger federer reaches the semifinals of the season ending told months in london two wins away from clinching his one hundredth career it's all. muslims around the world have been remembering saw the journalists during friday prayers as they gathered at mosques and in asia to saudi arabia and the u.k. andersen's reports from istanbul forty five days. they come to pray. with the grief that permeates
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a gray rainy day. abound all the more poignant because of the empty space of the most solid stone here where a coffin should rest one of his friends set the tone of the day after this prayer we are going to look for. justice not anger. deep grief but we are looking consistently justice for. another friend expressed similar sentiment even by moment done by us into this was a barbaric act committed in the twenty first century this wasn't just the murder expressions of anguish of regret and the quest for justice amongst it all more revelations from a turkish media about the last moments of jamal khashoggi his life events that
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dispute the saudi account of what happened. took his harriet newspaper says a so far on heard of odia recording disproves the saudi assertion that jews murder was not planned the newspaper says the team can be heard discussing how to kill him the audio apparently contradicts the latest version of events from the saudis who are only twenty four hours ago said he died after being injected with a large dose of sedative following a brawl. and turkish investigators say it's already been established from the original recording that g. was strangled to death a not drugged a ruling party official who knew well says the saudi investigation can't be credible. it's an investigation that is headed by the crown prince and that investigation says he isn't related to what happened in each one organization of this investigation is problematic you can expect an independent fair judgment from
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that court among those here were many who didn't know because shoji he was murdered in the tragic way unfortunately so that's why i'm here today it's really symbolic for me to this prayer. is impossible not to react as a muslim and the human being we are here to do our duty for jamal khashoggi for loved ones who maintain privacy on this day there may be some level of comfort spiritually but closure seems a long distance away and drew simmons al-jazeera is dumble. well let's go now to tony he's standing by outside the consulate and talk us through what's heard tony in the latest order of according. well i have to say there is no corroboration yet of this revelation that's been put out by her newspaper except
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that the newspaper has been very close to the government on this story i have to say that all the leaks have proved to be accurate and all the denials by the saudis have been proven to be false so there's probably some credibility we've had no response from the turkish government or the saudis yet on this but it does show that there was premeditation or something that the saudis have always denied they said this was basically almost an accident that this was an attempt to persuade mr casady to come back to saudi arabia a fight ensued and he was killed there was no premeditation and there was no orders from on high this is something they decided what this revelation today says that it was premeditation there was a tape which according to this newspaper showed that these so-called saudi hit squad was planning to kill mr because argy there were discussing who was going to do what and how and that there are several other elements that go into this equation what makes you think there are serious questions to be answered there also evidence that the turkish authorities of late about suitcases having being bought
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by the saudi consulate members on the morning of mystical soldiers murder these relate to seeing going out of the consulate it's believed that perhaps mystical saudis body parts were in these two cases there's also evidence they say about a phone call that was made after mr mystical saudis murder when a phone call to saudi arabia when someone said tell the boss the deed has been done now the question mark is who is the boss a lot of fingers of suspicion have been pointing at the crown prince mohammed bill solomon they have denied that the saudis they said he played no part in this but there is strong suspicion that he was involved what this revelation from area does also say is that this now takes this case very much back to the doorstep of the saudi royal court now it wasn't the crown prince the question is who was it and from the mine. and the saudi government have said that they have identified a number of individuals some of them are even going to face the death penalty
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they're not going to extradite them to turkey as has turkey have been asking for so then what are turkey's options now for this investigation turkey wants the united nations to have an independent investigation into this they say that's the only fair way to resolve this matter to bring the truth into the open there's lots of evidence that has not been revealed we're talking about the tapes no one apart from some governments have heard these tapes and certainly not want today the americans the british the germans the french have all heard that first seven minute tape but we don't know exactly what's on those tapes and what more revelations are due to come there may be some video that's coming those video on social media purporting to be from the scene whether the whether or not that is accurate remains to be seen but there's still a long way to go in this story and no one seems to be pushing the saudis any strongly about this we have twenty one people as you say who have either been indicted or or are under investigation but no names no court dates no charges yet
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goes further to fuel suspicion that there's going to be a whitewash and some people are going to be the fall guys but not the real culprits tony thank you very much for that for now that is tiny barely live and as will thank you. now u.s. senators are proposing sanctions on saudi arabia for the murder of jamal khashoggi and for the kingdom's role in yemen's war the bill is supported by republicans and democrats and seeks to block arm sales and prevent saudi warplanes from refueling at u.s. bases mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . arrives today to call for an end to the u.s. involvement in the war in yemen well the issue after moloch was not on the senate agenda today it was very much on the minds of senators it was the senate that invoked the global mix act in terms of which the sanctions have been imposed and while the move has been welcomed senators on both sides of the aisle insist it does not go far enough. senator rand paul is one of those who insists the saudi crown
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prince should be among those sanctioned maintaining muhammad at least knew of the murder and probably ordered it i think opinion is changing over whether or not we should be arming saudi arabia and they did some of it themselves you know by chopping up a dissident which wasn't really probably the best for their public relations a view echoed by senator bob corker the administration today sent out notice that they were sanctioning seventeen of individuals that were involved hopefully additional steps were made up asked for a level briefing with matters peo and you know i asked paul to come in as soon as we get back to share with us what is happening with saudi arabia on both fronts both yemen and what is happening as it relates to the journalist who was assassinated in my opinion at the garage and the crown prince of saudi arabia us and this from the democrat senator ben cardin i remain concerned that the administration is enabling the kingdom of saudi arabia in its effort to protect
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crown prince mohammed bin salman from accountability the u.s. state department describes the saudi announcements up indictments as a good first step implicitly implying that the should not be seen as the end of the process this is a step in the right direction it is an initial investigation finding it is important that those steps continue to be taken toward full accountability we will continue to work diligently to ascertain the facts but congress making very clear it will maintain pressure for stronger action to be taken by the trumpet ministration and introduced in the senate what is called the comprehensive saudi arabia accountability and yemen act the bipartisan legislation demands among other things the suspension of u.s. arms sales as a sanction for both the saudi role in yemen and the murder of jamal khashoggi if possible could face the veto of
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a president who strongly. posed to economic moves against saudi arabia but this veto in turn could be overridden by a two thirds majority vote which with congress in its present angry mood is a real possibility mike hanna al-jazeera washington let's move on to other news now and u.s. president donald trump says he's written answers for the investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election trump has repeatedly criticized special counsel robert morris inquiry calling it a witch hunt he says is drawing to a close and that he answered the questions himself my lawyers are working on that i'm working that i write the interest by law is the right answers i write it says i was asked a series of questions i've answered the very easily very easily i'm sure there tripped up because you know they like to catch people you know with the weather sunny or was it brady he said it may have been a good day it was really there for he told a lie perjured himself ok so you have to always be careful with your questions with
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people that probably have bad intentions but. you know it's the questions were very routinely answered by me by me let's get more on this now white house correspondent kimberly hellcat is joining us live from washington d.c. so where is the investigation is that coming to an end could it be coming to an end as donald trump a suggesting and as we heard even last week kimberly. we've been hearing that for a long time many many months in fact there were suggestions by donald trump's legal team about this time last year that the investigation would be coming to an end but of course we now see that that has not been the case but it has been very quiet in the last eight weeks and that has a lot to do with the fact that the midterm elections were taking place in the united states we didn't hear very much from robert mueller in fact the last move really heard anything on this case was september fourteenth when paul manna for donald trump's former presidential campaign chair pled guilty said he was working
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with investigators but things got very quiet so with the election's over now much of washington has been bracing itself trying to figure out what will happen next there are certainly some very close advisers to donald trump by the name of roger stone jerome corsi they have both said publicly they expect to be indicted charged by the special prosecutor so there's a holding of breath in that regard and then there's a lot of interest about the president and we've known for many many months that the special prosecutor robert mueller is very interested in hearing from the president specifically when it speaks to the issue of the firing of the former f.b.i. director james comey want you to know his answers base of course this many have suggested was the president's desire intent to obstruct justice in the overall russia probe so in that clip you played just a moment ago you have the president there saying that he believes that his answers
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were very forthright that his lawyers will go over them and as he said again on twitter and as he has said repeatedly in the last twenty four hours and also in the last year or so he is also cast doubt on this investigation saying that he believes it's a witch hunt saying that again that there is no collusion and that he has nothing to hide can be a couple of questions about that what is the procedure and why is the president giving his. writing and also you mentioned that there wasn't a lot of activity we didn't hear a lot because of the midterm elections we know that there's a different makeup of congress with democrats holding more power in the house of representatives now do we know yet what that will mean for the investigation. ok so let me take these in two parts we'll take the second part first the reason that we didn't hear very much has an awful lot to do i suspect with the twenty sixteen presidential election you will remember right before the vote it was thrown into chaos when the f.b.i.
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director at the time james komi reopened an investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails many people felt that he unfairly influence the election by doing so and so one would suspect that as a former f.b.i. director himself robert mueller. took history into account and let's not have a repeat of two thousand and sixteen for these twenty eight hundred midterm elections and that's very much been the speculation in washington although robert mueller himself has never spoken to that now in terms of the written answers this is a legal procedure in the united states this is called discovery it's called the investigation this is slightly different than a standard trial but it's still a legal process where the special prosecutor can negotiate with donald trump's lawyers and we know that there has been an awful lot of that going on for many months and it appears that what they've agreed instead of having the president sit down for a verbal interview and that could still happen but right now what has been agreed to is that the president would give answers in writing and then they would go from
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there so this is the procedure that both legal teams decided on we do know the president's schedule this week has been very light and we're understanding that the reason for that is because he has been consulting with his legal team all this week so apparently a lot of preparation done before the president put pen to paper now we understand from his own words there that his legal team will review those answers before they are submitted to the special counsel committee thank you very much for breaking all of that down for us that his company how it could live in washington d.c. thank you. now donald trump has lost his latest battle with the news channel c.n.n. at least for now a judge has ordered the press pass for the network's wash house correspondent be temporarily reinstated jim acosta's access was revoked last week after the president objected to his line of questioning in a fiery media conference acosta was also accused of being aggressive towards a white house aide when she tried to take a microphone from him c.n.n. took legal action citing a violation of the reporter's constitutional rights the judge ruled that due
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process was not followed we are plenty more ahead on the news our time to vote the day after politicians come to blows in parliament the future of sri lanka's prime minister awaits the surviving leaders of cambodia's khmer rouge found guilty of genocide and. clapping back name on subsection of a report he gets money for applauding his fans will hear from him and support the. palestinian protesters have been gathering at the barrier fence between gaza and israel for friday protests despite calls to stay away this week organizers restraint off to a cease fire was agreed between palestinian factions in israel on tuesday the terms ended the heaviest fighting between the two sides since the twenty fourteen war batta did trigger
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a political crisis in israel's government with the defense minister resigning russian has a new secretary one day off to dominic robb resigned to protest trey's amaze draft agreement on the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. earlier in the day may took to the airwaves fielding calls from radio listeners in an attempt to sell her bricks a deal and also the criticism hitting her from all sides. this is not the deal of the future relationship with the european union the deal of the future relationship with the european union means we take back control of our laws we end free movement take back control of our borders take back control of our money so we can spend it on priorities like the n.h.s. we're out of the customs union but the single market rather the common agricultural policy rather the common fisheries policy that's right i think people voted for that's what i'm delivering. let's get more on this now correspondent john holl is joining us live from london so as to resume a tries to sell this plan new ministers being appointed join
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a government is it getting back on its feet is it looking more stable. well it's certainly trying to and it is looking more stable but in this context a stable government in this country means it might last the weekend so i wouldn't jump to any conclusions yes she has appointed new ministers including amber rudd a pro remain minister a very close ally of tourism a she left the government just under a year ago she's returned to it now to fill one of the posts vacated on thursday another boost for trees amazed that five for zero leave cabinet ministers who had been considering their position following those resignations on thursday have decided to stay on to stay with her to push this deal through if they can one of them is michael gove's he's the most senior architect of briggs it's still standing in government and he decided to leave that might have been very troublesome for
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juries amazing it's good for her for now that he's staying but this is a government hanging on by a thread as you say she was out trying to sell the deal the draft brigs it agreement to the public having largely failed to sell it to parliament she didn't have an easy ride in this live radio phone in this morning one caller said to her look it's time to do the right thing and stand down another compared to neville chamberlain the prime minister of nine hundred thirty eight who struck a deal with adult hitler a year before world war two broke out but she did give the impassioned defense of her deal that she gave to parliament unfortunately a new poll suggests that only fourteen percent of british people believe her well fifty five percent or more are beginning to think that a second referendum is the way out of all of this so given all of that china as we head into the weekend just how tentative how fragile is her position is she still
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facing the prospect of a leadership challenge and that's before we even get to the possibility of a second referendum. well we'll know more next week there is talk but there's been talk for weeks albeit accelerated talk of the last twenty four hours or so that these letters are flying in now to the backbench committee the nine hundred twenty two committee of the conservative party forty eight letters need to be received by its chairman that's fifteen percent of sitting conservative party m.p.'s in order to trigger a no confidence vote in the prime minister if those forty eight letters arrive then the chairman has to trigger that vote it may happen next week there's talk of it happening on tuesday the truth is nobody knows how many letters have gone in when they when they arrive the vote will be triggered of course if she loses that she will be done for but one has to wonder whether if there is intelligence within the conservative party that there are enough m.p.'s against her why five senior cabinet
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ministers have decided to stay in post it's looking rather like if there's a vote she'd survive it china thank you very much for that finale that's john holl live in london thank you. now to sri lanka where police have been cordoned to keep em pings from fighting each other but tempers flare as the appointed prime minister mohammed asha pocs a failed to get the pack backing of parliament this week but a smith has the latest on the battle for power and columbus was. at the heart of sri lanka's democracy total breakdown of law and order the speaker of parliament could only end of the chain but with an advance police god a supporters of appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa old furniture water spiked with chili was in the constitution while those who drafted the weighty book wanted m.p.'s to exploit its full force they probably didn't mean it to be taken literally was the fraying tempers all aimed at stopping
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a vote of no confidence the supporters of rajapaksa know they'll lose. huddled behind the police guard is the speaker jayasuriya. through the chaos eased turning to push on i and with a show of hands the no confidence motion has passed for the second time this week i was the speaker and the police retreat under a volley of messiahs while rajapakse and his son both in red scarves watch from the sidelines a supporter of the ousted prime minister running away from a singer summed up the vote to their idea back again right to disrupt a whole parliament session but. we are able to pass a resolution saying that i did make sure government led by mind that i did back here is no normal but supporters of rajapaksa want an election to break the
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deadlock that's a tactic to bypass parliament all of us can pass an abortion calling the vile human for the solution and calling the violin for election challenging in war parliament has again been adjourned this time until monday carpenters will be in this weekend to patch it up run a witnessing get the prime minister who says he was unconstitutionally fired last month returned to his official government residence physically unscathed and perhaps sensing a return to power the intensity of the violence in parliament has left m.p.'s shaken and still unresolved is the question of who governs sri lanka but after friday's events it must now be getting much harder for mahinda rajapaksa to legitimately claim the title of prime minister. bernard smith al-jazeera and sri lanka's power. immigration officers and have detained more than one hundred people thought to be one hundred asylum seekers who were found on a boat bound for malaysia he said looking into whether the vessel is being used for
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people smuggling. now they murdered and slaved and tortured their fellow cambodians in the one nine hundred seventy s. now to survive in leaders of the mayor of rouge regime have been found guilty of genocide a u.n. bet tribunal has delivered the historic judgment against two of pol pot's deputies sentencing both to another life sentence because florence louis reports many victims relatives of one drink of justice is being served to greater cost. a landmark ruling guilty of genocide the first and only such charges against a former leader of the community ninety two year old. known as brother number two second in command to pol pot was found guilty of genocide against the muslim chom and vietnamese minorities and former head of state q some pawn who has eighty seven was convicted of similar charges against the vietnamese the court also found the peg guilty of crimes against humanity for killing and slaving and torturing people
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at labor camps prisons and execution centers around the country and jail them for life the judgment today in phase two zero zero two is an historic achievement in the world of the extraordinary chambers in the courts of cambodia. this court has once again demonstrated that he has the capacity to prosecute and try the most complex cases you know cordons with international standards almost two million people about a quarter of the population died during the commute from one nine hundred seventy five to nine hundred seventy nine. survived but his vietnamese wife and three children were killed. fourteen years but i still can't forget i think of my beloved wife my beloved children i try to forget but their birth still . calm friday's decision was welcomed by victims of the community many of whom
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had turned up at court to hear the judgement against the two accused the main question is the future of this tribunals it was set up twelve years ago and has cost more than three hundred million dollars three people have been convicted the cambodian prime minister hun sen himself a mid-level c'mere rouge commander before he defected has said no more suspects should be prosecuted there are cases against four other members. but it's not known whether they will proceed. or not requesting that every with the bloody hand it's tried that it's not reasonable that's not impractical but what we are requesting and what we are saying is that three it's not enough for the lives of two million individuals but despite its flaws others say the court has delivered some justice however long that has taken florence louis al-jazeera. there are much more still to come for you
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a human poverty expert gives his assessment on life from poor and doesn't hold back . the strong bond between china and iran and how it's being tested by top u.s. sanctions. and the golden state warriors what is continued in the n.b.a. star player steph curry is still sidelined by injury all that coming up i'm told. there has been some particularly heavy rain recently on a system that stretches from western society right up to the caspian sea and that she talks in behind into turkey but you know there's some standing over the amount of rain that's been the most in the last twenty four hours in western side of iran eighty seven meters it been a flashlight in here surprise this system though fairly active the next twenty four
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hours will almost disintegrate giving a few showers of rain on its way across to afghanistan there but the longer into colder warmed up to five degrees the real code is not coming in through eastern europe and the hint of the green circulation of the turkey is that's where the focus of heavy rain will be in the next day or so so we're back to dry conditions through iran. iraq and back to the coast of the mediterranean where the crowd is indeed increasing but as yet the study dry the arabian peninsula or did say the system went as far south as western society where that's where it is so as we're concerned and it's become your week things are couple of hours maybe in the area then that that's about it and it remains dry was maybe a bit of a northerly blowing down the gulf. a few big showers have redeveloped in the eastern side. as far as a forecast is concerned they are still rare events. senator
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robert kennedy was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred sixty eight sir hands or hand it is to serving a life sentence for his murder but there have been calls for decades for the case to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed after the trial they had a legal obligation to save the evidence because sir ham was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy. discussion could you try. again. she seems to be saying it affects all of us we just don't know or care enough.
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to have you on the al-jazeera news or these are our top stories. prayers have been held around the world. people have been gathering at mosques in indonesia turkey saudi arabia and the u.k. and live pictures from a mosque in maryland in the u.s. but american muslims have gathered to pray for. the u.s. president says he responds to questions raised by the. special counsel
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investigation as examining russian meddling in the twenty sixty eight election has repeatedly called it a witch hunt he says he wrote but hasn't submitted them yet. now dozens of passengers have burnt to death in the second boss disaster in zimbabwe in the past ten days the red cross tweeted pictures of the aftermath of the incident at least forty two passengers were killed and twenty injured some with severe burns a gas cylinder being carried on board a suspected of the and two buses collided last week killing fifty passengers. now seven un peacekeepers have been killed in an operation against an armed group in the democratic republic of congo. also killed or wounded in the offensive near the city of beni it is the biggest. fifteen troops near here are. now as members of the un security council the future of peacekeeping and central african republic one hundred seventy russian military advisers on the ground are on
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the way there has been exclusive access to their operations and rebel held territory and reports from the town of briere. two thousand and eighteen. a beauty pageant in a country torn by sick tyrian violence courtesy of the russian federation the russians are in a charm offensive in the central african republic may develop the new special advisor to the presidents dispatched by moscow. the kremlin is keeping a close watch on a country the west is ignoring fourteen rebel groups are fighting one another pitting muslim and christian communities against each other to control a country larger than france are rich in minerals diamonds and gold. from above the scale of destruction becomes visible these are abandoned villages and ghost towns after rebel attacks. all countries are doing their best to help
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you get peace is a challenge there is no simple solution but we think we can achieve this. it is under russian escort that we travel deep in the country to bring in rebel held territory here the russians have set up a well guarded small clinic in the waiting room is a short video playing on repeat celebrating this new alliance between the two countries. look we get a little bit to eat a little medicine this is war we will take the help that comes until we can return home doctor and ask even if is treating thirty patients a day over israel you know we should go to the world. this is a community suffering from the trauma of war the gunshots the fear and the lack of access to health care has made things worse for them. in september thirty christians were killed by muslim militia andrea and with the u.n.
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described as potential war crimes and crimes against humanity in the west you have the anti belike of fighters that are in control the center east and south are various seleka militia groups fighting each other to control the area we wouldn't be able to film here if we weren't under the escort of the russians they're right behind the camera and we kept filming them but since their arrival the fighting here has stopped. one hundred seventy russian military advisers are in the country some are deployed in the northern border more expected to come in the months ahead critics of the kremlin say this operation is led by mercenaries here to steal diamonds in exchange for security a claim they deny. while russia's presence is unsettling to the west the people of the central african republic too often ignored are now finally getting the attention they deserve because hawke al-jazeera banky. so germany now
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is chancellor angela merkel has visited the city of cabinets and the east three months after far right protests and violence the trouble was triggered by the fatal stabbing of a local man in august police arrested an asylum seeker for the attack at an event in the city miracle called on germans to distance themselves from racism and right wing hardliners john mccain has more from the cabinets. angle americal has left the far right protest continuing their call for her to go to leave her office that is the slogan that is heard it all sorts of far right demonstrations in this city in this state in this country maximus back to. the point to make the far right protest this represents one strand of opinion under the national has been hearing many strands of opinion in a sense in an event that took place where she faced several hours of questions quite pointed questions quite often during the event asking her to explain why she
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had taken the decisions regarding refugees regarding migration which many people in the city are in some ways the reason why tension has risen here so was that. her answer was that the government had learned from the errors that it had made but it was toughening the laws that was trying to send back more people who would come here claiming asylum in a bogus way but that she felt that it was important to democracy for all strands of opinion to be heard that's why she said she'd come here even though some questions asked her why has she taken so long had she not missed the opportunity that her perspective was no it was the right time to listen to what people have to say question will be whether she wants to listen to the thought process and the slogans coming from events like this one. now as we reported earlier britain's prime minister is getting plenty of hate over her exit day and but she's facing criticism on another front so how do you weigh. when
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a new report says her government's policies are inflicting unnecessary misery on the poor the leading researcher for the un that's philip alston has just wrapped up a twelve it twelve day tour off the u.k. he spoke to people struggling to find their next mail and families facing homelessness now a fifth of the u.k.'s population lives and poverty that's about fourteen million people and remember this is one of the richest countries in the world and that number is set to rise after the u.k. leaves the e.u. alston says the government doesn't have any plans to protect the poor or middle class who bear the brunt of brics economic impact he says the benefits system is often punitive main spirited and callous instead of providing support and he accuses mayes government of being in denial about the impact of its austerity measures on society it's a totally mechanical economic analysis that ignores the damage that
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i think is being done to the fabric of british society to the sense of community which is been built in part of the sports center is the recreation places the public lands that are being sold off the libraries that are being closed down the youth centers that are being downsized and soon there will be nowhere for people in the lower income groups to go it's perfect because those higher income groups will have more money because their taxes are being counted but they will find themselves living in an increasingly hostile and unwelcoming society because the community roots are being systematically broken. now ben reynolds is the deputy chief executive officer steyn wishes an alliance for better food and farming and he says the government needs to focus more on its people and less on the politics of bricks it. we've already seen problems around job losses with potentially more to come and
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they create the risks around and no deal breakers that are well documented we have food businesses highlighting the potential delays with border checks queues of ports which means that some perishable goods can be more difficult to import and this is going to put a you know real problems in terms of those who are who find it hardest to afford a good diet. their relative in the longer term that you know there are there's a mystery around being able to get sort of better trade deals in order to get better prices but. this doesn't really sort of follow through what we need to make sure is that actually there is you know there are jobs and there is decent benefits support and a decent on the line that a decent. availability of good food for all and that i think sadly may get lost in amongst all the political wrangling now china could be becoming iran's most important economic ally chinese industry has a huge thirst for iranian oil and are staying a loyal customer despite u.s. pressure and sanctions on iran iran's economic lifeline and the same bus driving
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reports from tehran. u.s. president donald trump has threatened to punish chinese companies to do business with iran but no one at this car parts expo into iran seem to worried no doubt the wheels of commerce are spinning a little slower in iran these days but the history of trade ties between the persian and chinese people is older than that of most modern nations having cultivated commercial links for so long many chinese businesses are now taking the long view of iran's future maybe their public the problem for the right for the time being but the problem would go away if you for say i would tell you that what things will happen in the future no one can help and we chinese believe that nothing is impossible and new we've seen that you know i mean also is a very strong. and we admire that spirit of the way you write i think that we can always a fine fine a way. to do business with. the economic climate in iran is unstable something that
9:42 pm
has scared off many investors but chinese traders say this is still a strong resource rich country with a big population things that continue to make it a major market for them. but all is not well. the owner of this restaurant came to iran when he was sixteen against his parents' wishes he says he left china to follow the silk route like many before him and find his fortune. this time last year use of shops restaurants would have been full he blames a dip in the number of chinese business travelers and the fact that many foreigners have left the country iran and one hundred percent no doubt in my opinion if there were no sanctions iran would be number one in the middle east now is the most developed city in the region if you give iran ten years iran will become number one . for some chinese people iran holds a special place in their heart david job or his girlfriend here for iran i think
9:43 pm
it's ok because they have been experiencing this nearly forty years they don't care if there is another sanction more it doesn't matter that has a chinese like we have more business was iran is getting better actually this market has been serving to his chinese community since the mid one nine hundred these days it's not as busy as it used to be but punitive american policies against both china and iran appear to be pushing the two countries closer together and that the long arc of pseudo persian history is anything to go by seasons change and the two ancient communities seem set to endure the winter together same bus ravi all just here at the horizon. to yemen now where civilians hospitals and schools have reportedly been hit in a new round of attacks on the port city of hervey there according to her feet rebels at least six people were killed on friday. that forces are fighting the rebels for control of her mohamad adore has more. than for the.
9:44 pm
fighting has resumed in the city they are calling. amongst by the sodium the arctic or lucian nothing short of what tactic to regroup they say the pro-government forces have been getting green for from other parts of the country in the past forty eight hours. of killed. on friday in the days of course the. thing that they've continued their operation against the pro-government forces saying they have been targeting positions around the outskirts of the city belonging to the pro-government fighters meanwhile the international committee of the red cross has issued a statement calling for more discipline among the combatants in and around the day that they say before we talk about peace we have to talk about the enforcement of
9:45 pm
international law the whole thing of targeting of civilian areas and also respecting places like hospitals and. the international red cross also called for the respect of the center of civilian lives in the war in yemen. now the number of people listed as missing in a major wildfire in the u.s. state of california has been doubled to six hundred thirty one meanwhile more charred remains have been found increasing the number of people confirmed dead to sixty three cold weather has helped firefighters battle the worst fires in northern california one hundred years and the high number of missing probably includes some who fled and realize that they reported lost now to a story that's taken away to of psalms shoulders scientists from sixteen nations have gathered in france shared after marking the last the landmark decision to overhaul the way a kilogram is assist in
9:46 pm
a barco reports from verse on the outskirts of paris about what it all means we're really does have measurements custodians of the kilogram the international general conference some weights and measures minces gather to vote on redefining a vital calculation since eight hundred eighty nine the kilograms been based on this cylinder of polish platinum alloy the chunk of metal known as k. is so precious it's kept deep in a high security vault near paris. it is the mother of all measurements from which all weighing scales everywhere in the world are calibrated but there's a problem the growing case losing weight over the past one hundred twenty nine years of interacting with the air around it not to mention the occasional polish it's lost atoms fifty micrograms of mass to be precise it's just an object so if you use it you have to use it very carefully even when you put it on a balance you might change its mass a little bit it's not it's not guaranteed to be stable you have to keep it under
9:47 pm
the best condition as you and it is a replica of the gronk a otherwise known as the international kilogram prototype copies like this a calibrated against the original roughly every forty years or so increasing the possibility of in that curious sees some likely to matter much when you're mixing ingredients together for a cake or measuring apples in the supermarket when you're mixing chemicals or putting together the ingredients in sensitive pharmaceuticals hyper accuracy matters. so what will replace le grande k. is the new standard kilogram the answer lies in quantum physics obviously the kilogram will be based on a universal constant to nature such as gravity or the speed of light is called the planck constant very simply it describes the behavior of particles and waves on the atomic scale and is measured using
9:48 pm
a complex instrument known as the kibble balance shifting to do this. which means that now we are in. a lot of technology which are based on that and the need to have units which are you know i create. decision look wrong k. will now retire into storage a relic of a bygone age ensuring a kilogram remains a kilogram for all time and for all people needs barca al-jazeera france.
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
it is time for sport now here's paul less thanks very much roger federer is two wins away from a one hundredth career at sight all the swiss booked his place in the semis as he aims to win the a.t.p. world tour finals for the seventh time federer did it with a straight sets victory over kevin anderson in his final group match anderson was already assured of his semifinal spot for the many teams win over kane isha corrie earlier in the day the world number six couldn't produce the same form that saw and beat federer and if i sat in the wimbledon quarter finals earlier this year federal king much improved from his last initial korea last sunday and edging closer to another career. i've always tried to pace myself in a way and set up my schedule in
9:51 pm
a way that i would have something left in the tank and i would peak at this event so. i'm happy that this is another week like this didn't look like like it you know maybe seventy two hours ago but i was able to come back and play good tennis person i'm still not thinking of the number of hundred and i won't let that you know get in my view make me go crazy because it should be something i'm excited about and not something i would say should feel extra pressure federer it will come up against alexander vera in the semifinals on saturday the german accounts for american john isner in straight sets on friday seven six six three and i've got djokovic stakes on. that rubber great match. the golden state warriors are continuing to struggle without the injured steph curry the n.b.a.'s defending champions loss to the houston rockets on thursday james harden start for the rockets with a team high twenty seven points in the hundred seven to eighty six when they've now
9:52 pm
won their last three games the warriors remain top of the standings despite a second loss in three currie is set to miss at least two games more as he recovers from a growing strike. we're banged up a little bit physically and right now we're going to have a spiritual realm that's there's no getting around that. so we've got to fill up the car. or get our your spirit back your energy and we're going to. a long long season. so it's a tough stretch to do in football now and world champions france need just a draw with another lens in rotterdam lights it's a reach next year's final stage could be a close game with frances two one win in paris the only defeat suffered by the netherlands in their last seven games the dutch need a victory to keep the pressure on fronts in the wife of nations league table. obviously the goal is to go as far as possible and in that case it's to finish
9:53 pm
first of the pool so we can play in the semifinals with that it's all but a close deal we know what to expect an opponent who is still in the race and needs a victory and as far as we are concerned he will play this game to win and keep in mind that a draw would be good enough when the egypt have beaten three two in a goal fest of an african nations qualifier in alexandria a ninetieth minute when a from liverpool star striker mohammed sala ensured the win for the pharaohs both teams have booked their place in next year's showpiece and cameroon. well the pressure is off reigning champions cameroon as they prepare to kick up kick off against morocco in the next few minutes the cameroonians have an automatic spot as next year's hosts but current state of staying on slacking they lead second place morocco going into their much in casablanca having picked up points in all four of their qualifying matches of course we make sure we analyze
9:54 pm
and we give them the right respect and attention. but come on national strong team as well we have a lot of the players that can be decisive. and i think that it's important for a team any team any team to to play with their own strength. respecting the adversary or camarines next game will be a friendly against brazil in four days time what's taking place in england where brazil are preparing for that much with its wembley later on friday the two powerhouses of south american football play for bragging rights only as it's a friendly but present star player neymar house had other things on his mind a report last week alleging hate received bonuses of hundreds of thousands of dollars from his club side. just for applauding the fans after each game p.s.g. have denied the claim neymar has also hit back. you know i'm very sad
9:55 pm
very upset because they're making these things up things that are not real i'm sad to some part of the media that give importance to that so i think it is a lack of respect when something is not true and then they don't even ask they are publishing that i think it's bad i think they're losing credibility when they are speaking about this and they don't even come to me to ask for my version of major league baseball's most valuable players have been named and they went as are. boston red sox mickey betts named the american league's m.v.p. as he's holding his new born baby that's the milwaukee brewers christian yellow which won the national league award outfielders were run away when as that's helped the red sox to their fourth world series title in fifteen seasons it was second i mean it means a lot i mean you know it's just a definitely special order and something that you know our chairs but i think the most important thing is that you know we want to world series in got to bring a trophy back to boston. cricket and england captain joe root says
9:56 pm
a century as the tourists built a healthy lead in the second innings against sri lanka in kandy it already made a fifty when batting partner just turned himself inside out by caleb dunn joy with the wicket but roots aggression ensured sri lanka would have a tough chase to win the second test he hit his fifteenth test century only his fourth away from home eventually reaching one hundred twenty four england would end day three three two four for nine hundred seventy eight runs ahead. a sin injured myself today. as a few filthy hacks in their times. i think the way you have to think about batting and the sort of mental protein and game plan you. the different strategies that you might have against different bowlers makes it makes a really good fun and that's that's what it should be about you know shouldn't feel like the pressure is too much we should really enjoy the occasion and make the most of the opportunity that's it for you in. pakistan are well on top of the start of
9:57 pm
the test series against new zealand the black caps were one hundred fifty three all out on day one in abu dhabi mahmoud abbas starting the damage chair kane williamson was the only kiwi to perform relief after hitting sixty three he took two catches in pakistan's reply. ali we're building a partnership by the evening though the de facto home side reaching fifty nine for two close of play on friday. in the n.h.l. there was a twelve goal thriller as the islanders met the rangers in an all new york clash it was the rangers who took the early advantage and led to two one after the first period but that was the only time they were ahead three goals from a scene the islanders take control coward clutterbuck completed the scoring with an empty net a late on it finished seventy five to the islanders their second in the metropolitan division ahead of the ranges in third. it's
9:58 pm
a little but thank you very much for that and that does it for this al-jazeera news album to stay with us because we'll have another full news ability for you from our london studios in just a couple of minutes thank you for watching. the meeting voice of the business world mostly expo brings together hundreds of companies and investors from all over the world if you all ready to enter new markets let's meet in turkey let's win together. november twenty first or the twenty fourth at c.n.n. is dumble for details information and registration exposed dot com the lights are
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on. and there's nowhere to hide do you think we're going to see some kind of scene change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy affronts own al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. on counting the cost the breaks it end game there's a complicated draw deal on the table we'll break it down and tell you what it means for people living in the u.k. and the e.u. plus why saudi arabia wants to slam the brakes on oil production. counting the cost on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the world bank says their rival that many young migrants could be beneficial for the colombian economy with details coverage by turning back on fire lateral ties with iran what president donald trump
10:00 pm
has done is to show people there will be no blurred lines between friends and enemies from around the world a big group of pro independents cannot storm the play station but then stood on the side killing for placement of thought. as muslims around the world pray for saudi journalist jamal console judy a new audio recording reportedly shows his mode. it was premeditated. and i mean this is live from london also coming up in the program president trump says he's given written on.


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