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tv   Venezuelas Exodus  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2018 7:32am-8:00am +03

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political solution to a war in which the all the lame victims britain has a new box at secretary as prime minister theresa may fight to save a draft agreement struck with the european union stephen barclay replaces dominic rab one of a number of conservatives who quit after the cabinet fact the deal may face is growing opposition from within her party with many calling for a no confidence motion the number of people reported missing from those wildfires in northern california has jumped to more than one thousand the region sheriff says an estimated one thousand and eleven people are now missing authorities have recovered the remains of eight more victims raising the death toll to seventy one or than fifty two thousand people have been displaced those are the headlines keep it on al-jazeera talk to al-jazeera as that next. on counting the cost the briggs's endgame there's a complicated raw deal on the table we'll break it down that's really what it means
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for people living in the u.k. you plus why saudi arabia wants to slam the brakes on oil production. counting the cost on al-jazeera. hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the country with the largest known oil reserves in israel. until six years ago it was one of latin america's most prosperous nations but when the price of oil plummeted the exodus began first the wealthiest class left by plane followed by middle class professionals. now with a hyper inflation rate that's almost impossible to measure it's the turn of those who can only afford to leave by bus or by foot and they're leaving in astonishing
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numbers going south to other latin american countries to neighboring colombia where there's now an estimated one million venezuelans or brazil and ecuador which are mainly stepping stones to peru and chile if they can make it. according to a u.n. estimate as of july two point three million venezuelans many of them with no money at all have left their own country that are just influx of refugees in latin american history poses a huge problems for venezuela's neighbors some countries have declared an immigration emergency and are making it more difficult for them as whalen's to enter yet the exodus continues the first to leave were mainly opponents of the government but now those. yes but to leave belong largely to the working class the hardcore support base of the bolivarian revolution initiated by the late former president bill childish. people
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like all that but then cool the forty three year old hairdresser cuts hair in what might once have been a cheerful unisex salon in a working class neighborhood in the state of meat and on these days there's no running water no electricity and at least half of the now rundown cell on well you know over here but that doesn't plan to stay much longer she's living with her elderly mother to save money and is trying to sell whatever she can so that she can leave behind the hardship and violence that she says as destroyed her family or go you've had three children what happened to them when they're on. board. and. also for them i do not want to look out a meal you know mark on me so when we. go from an order they are no
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you said a month. in the us yet they are young as they were before me hall but they have already. gone most good on me i want to go a quasi i'm going to not cause you know my thought of me i can never say are you also not a nobleman. and what about you know this and i understand he is if he's really been here it is three million or so for family members as the one. of us who i. work out on the but i. don't i call on me go ahead on because of ok bye. and we're going to understand you two want to leave they want to vote on the debt by a vote on the fisa bill mother pulled it out. it is a lot of hands up and i'm not new but i've got about that are harder but i can tell
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michael mcconnell. didn't but everyone a lot of us eyes and i was in a boy in the boat over the phone said then tommy told us when the took almost a year plus i. went hiking got access sambolin a community in the year in which i. couldn't i'm not out of time in good fettle got it i mean i'm going to say me going to them. when did life start to become unbearable for you here going to sit. on your single most. and then when you don't mean well you end up our model foreman on the point i just want to be the cause but along the line may your benefit also is going to put . on a call me that's what i mean i'm not. your mouse over the man but up until. you
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know no one through this has been a communist but yes one minute. you're going up until it's one of us in a bit of a coin op mentioned by a lot of us women who come in for the game but things there's a lot of us well not that i was simple but i like them or not but i do see five benefit economic i'll add a little more because i'm in the middle conceal book amassing to make it in kolkata more than there were no longer the concealable don't know what a lovely book in venezuela will but i doubt that all you have to blather mickey lloyd but i'll let you know you're at the door more i will beat all this in the thing when i'm eating it i'm going through a little to do it then you're. not always to come on up about on a medical or meal but the innocent almost tell your courtship don't go with the book again i find both on both imbued. really and i fear madiao. boy have it the most awful thing that i'm not the political god do you have any idea what you would do if you were to leave initially if you were to go to temple to quote to
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join your son would you have the n.t.l. getting the job this week you're going up with another you and michael monico. call me home craving like wild and ready tell me your boys who biotic of us i want to call me that i'll come even if they simply would then forget me said well no one is what i meant that a bit of that's what it is to lead double triple but i have one pull such. but only mandy chillout up as another thing archie licking feeling me that our whole movement we. saw an illusion me it is i had my t.v. . but i will make a homebody and they're going to bargain with it going this is i seem to know. when do you think you're going to leave and then my second come up i see low water when they look at even the endless hours. on the me past. but other times when i thought about it when i. had just feel to know to leave
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your mother behind you says just behind us in the us a book of your insecurity in me that out of any advice. you could look at i said but i said but i'm not talking doesn't mean that you i mean. we're going money to make it the market i mean told us what he meant and regret i'm going now this old. but be a gentleman the thing that did the most san pedro has almost amp it all just like a mechanical i mean monarchy. socketed been in there yourself i don't know are going to get here when i sing and i am are you what they saw me had a man. gets on my go to k. goes out. and dance and i you know things don't like i get only a book i make you know able to look at. the south once in awhile to come up but i so see you know what i miss i mean. who do you blame for this situation the government says it's the fault of the speculators right wing oligarchies and
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united states who you really need. to not cause. i so when i said out of all the most. about and most holds. most of them are going to be my companies here and. not going to play out and if. i don't know of course her unique what i know what i hope. you voted for him see your lawyer and they obviously would have bought it. but i think only what they got what in what he told me is you know i've been. looking at how my amy and all but then lawyer we. all know we have. to go on with there will be a. total of an assault on a call and mean you're going to hans van. because i'm lucky it was orderly that we
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would. have to look i mean. you're welcome to talk again and again. well as i can look them but then i won't buy this up argos i know. but then go what i'm going to talk about and i will buy this about. my own oh say. look i went on the cans. what i meant them. but i knew that i had look at him again. you know you i mean. look at me mother in the nasty. so not enough work. most of. our own. electricity g.'s in other parts of the world and israel ins are not always being welcomed with open
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arms i was last month a refugee camp in broad day my neighbor in brazil was attacked by angry local mobs and set on fire with thousand venezuelans had to flee for their lives back across the border and there been more anti refugee demonstrations in other countries like panama and peru. regional governments say public services can no longer cope with so many penniless hungry and ill than is wayland's. twenty nine year old and the middle is one of those who believes he may not survive if you remains in venezuela but leaving is not so simple he has no passport and he suffers from hemophilia the disease has crippled him in the last six months because of the shortage of lifesaving drugs he has also lost a dangerous amount of weight because like millions of in his whalen's he can't afford to buy enough food. almost unable to leave the house he and his mother
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depend on the little that he can make by playing video games for money and i know you say that you feel trapped what do you mean by that. thought about him by. under the name going to make a boy. for the part of the. series that i mean we have royal we are being watched syria we have a not nothing when for my feelings he tell you though that in the agony they've been they're getting they don't say or do or. will. not say they were not so calm or steady about it and we couldn't. put it so they were committing to. but i also understand that you feel that the longer you stay here the more in danger your life
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is because you're not receiving the treatment that you need and that are meant to just. let them in to give you a they thought our. in the old what are your money daddy set up rules in the store to learn better mandela foetid there can be at the lapels the a duck and run the football. so look at one point or tell us that you know. what your money does but is it enough. to be the door to the nonaligned scene. so what is the result of that how how do you how is that affecting your health no. care. my boy. or me salida a. because i mean it's
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a more of the. order i think i had because i feel on any single. one city and i thought were there but i needed some good. one in the door see how they. let me see. a wonder not. that i don't know where. this is a single. this is a a bonded. volare in the senate i'll say. in. a one also don't know the name of the daughter's boy or more get out of the government being morally morally sell the
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side of the foot in the lord calling for a scene or maybe. a scene or so that i've got more. operate a lot of the quality and not want to keep them only me and so therefore i'm allowed to quality on what i saw your coming on no more lead up the. road and. a lot in the end but i mean come on. and if you had the treatment to choose should have how would you be right now then you're in the lurch i'm going to be employed for a study they're going to forgive me and that's if they know what i mean. when i first saw and. in that i had to work with the monk in the they. all gave up at me because it's. a mental illness that dangled a.d.o.m. . forty. one on
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the air will they. do this and i'll forgo course if you have the treatment that you once had would you think about leaving your country or would you be happy to stay here can this your study up please. see venezuela. and. all they want to monitor that please support that arkie. he went on a really. annoying put it to me i in my in the know where. parents can't afford to feed their children buy clothes to send them to school or find the medicine they need. hospitals can no longer provide sufficient vital services like dialysis or antibiotics and vaccines. malnutrition is
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rampant as are infant and maternal mortality and so it's mainly the younger generation that's fleeing in droves leaving behind the elderly at this cut access bus terminal families arrive to send off relatives who are leaving to the colombian border and from there on to other parts of south america. looks on as the last of her four daughters out on ice prepares to get on a bus with her two grandchildren the fifty nine year old public servant still has a job but can barely survive on her wage it diminishes by the hour because of hyperinflation and now like hundreds of thousands of others her age and older she is being left on her own saying goodbye. as another bus load leaves the terminal full of people convinced they'll be better off anywhere else. might lend it must be very difficult to watch that bus just take off with so many members of your family
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. or. all of. this influence. on nor will they. be in. a. long. thread all. things that. only that they go there go see when they where you'll meet the feasts do you think your children are doing the right thing when no see what good you know will mean
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you'll. be. all will go from sagan in playoffs they will said why don't they move their wimp little bit and put up with your nanny. lol you are barely legal gay but i don't decide where on but up it all paid pretty good they paid all. that out there lol really solano for your pay you i do it will get stolen also money when they landed oh so mohegan day they will that is so much a means a bit old that i how low down that i have on i.e. the reality. but fear factor the may or may already be only know they will kill. him for me i know i made you see enough. for me. you may well it is see it is so there in this way life will go in and so
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alone by east then every form will chop all day and see you so mortally what's going to become of you now you say you are but you're going to be alone do you have anyone else to take care of you when no. one and man a good thing will be rebuilt by me and what the day he made a man on. it made up example for. me from you yes yes i will not but i fear to own up but all that i call on beyond that i bought a while though you were not done for the only go me. so no by you say. you you have the president my daughter in front of you right now what would you tell him your new abilities. my little. lady had a little they look at us from them and by east but physically real i prefer again
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not build it up a sound lawyer to pull it out a. prince our female and what i can or will bore to you i can see it almost in. the city that i love and they're also going to let it go. minister let it go. even as. we will what the day's so in a soul and i did a little what i saw in the bit old billy really. good tools early. but is not like i'm in the same. all the end of. the bell on me only for a minute but i will know but it's only for good but it's about the one of the quit . it was the only for me one thought the way that one told me you know why you know i you. know what. we're going to get him call me then we'll give you money for
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a mental game by science it is a bit out in england but i guess they know this at the movie end though they are. the mother who will give. it up on sound of a left. to. good will that boys will a flat yes of course a local that are ha. ha they were that book is about how do you mean. then will depend on where will. they got us sick woman will need to get peace with god i'm teaching the. good that i know but that i know very well no young woman deliver my little bit wagging beads to go an angel came on the best man i picked tonight is a bit of a dumbass on the minutes when they get out what if they laugh. and what did it.
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may say. but even if those boxes boxes were distributed you say that would you want us that there should be jobs more jobs. from want the same. man. by the old. but like so many of the world's refugees tens of thousands of in his whalen's are struggling to survive unable to find decent jobs in countries the camp provide for their own in colombia brazil improve women and girls have turned to prostitution or
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begging of the being underpaid and exploited. when the others are depending on charity or the un refugee program venezuela's president. is offering free flights to those who want to return home saying they'll be welcomed with open arms. but most old with little they had when they left and open arms will be enough to feed their families they're skeptical about returning to a country in economic turmoil facing the uncertainty of what lies ahead. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and need sheet off trash you know. not
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that it is significant in the numbers that insignificant ideologically that is significant even as a crime gag down very significant by dictating big government in the fucked up policy. shalt not kill part of the radicalized youth series on al-jazeera and monday put it whirled on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spent most of their days looking for water for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. a rite of passage preserved through the generations my cousin was laying down there until a screaming she was helpless the woman who after endorses goes through cycles of
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pain for what that menai needs the women affected by s.g.m. and those reshaping perceptions do you think people will abandon this event throughout a better than to take al-jazeera correspondent the current. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. a journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring his story to the public. in sri lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who
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will not compromise on the truth. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. yes media report the cia has concluded the saudi ordered the killing of. an empty space where his coffin should lie. and michelle carried this is al jazeera life and coming at. you see.


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