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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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al-jazeera select gang. president trump on the fresh. reports the cia has concluded the saudi crown prince ordered you. know i'm a clown this is out from london also coming up in the program well donald trump is now in california where a devastating fog has destroyed whole towns leaving one thousand people missing. a yeah after it disappeared with all its crude remains of an argentinian submarine have been found on the seabed. traffic halted on roads across
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from so thousands joined protests over the map on the government's fuel tax rise and. so we start the program with developments in the murder of saudi journalist america's us media is reporting that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered killing in the saudi consulate in istanbul the second the findings contradict the saudi government claims that its de facto leader was not involved in the saudi embassy in washington rejects the accusations made by the u.s. intelligence service president donald trump has now been briefed on the situation by the cia and his secretary of state but is yet to comment on it well speaking before he'd been briefed trumpet stressed the importance of u.s. saudi relations. we also have a great ally saudi arabia and they give us
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a lot to give us a lot of lot of economic development they are there but they should be exact you were there to. get on with development and i also say that you know president i think a lot of the scenery well it's in more now from mike hanna from washington in recent days a number of members of congress have demanded that muhammad have been silent be held accountable either by way of tweets or in the case of senator bob corker during a debate about yemen in the senate i asked for a more briefing with matters peo and yet asked overcome innocence we get back to share with us what is happening with saudi arabia on both fronts both yemen and what is happening as it relates to the journalist who was assassinated in my opinion at the garage and the crown prince of saudi arabia us now the washington post reports the cia has concluded that the saudi crown prince ordered the
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assassination of journalist jamal khashoggi the sit says according to people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity the report says in reaching his conclusions the cia examined multiple sources of intelligence including a phone call that the crown prince's brother and ambassador to the u.s. had with the journalist before his murder khalid bin solomon was quick to deny the allegation saying on twitter i never talk to him by phone and certainly never suggested he go to turkey for any reason i asked the u.s. government to release any information regarding this claim. within hours several other news organizations including the new york times and the wall street journal also quoting anonymous officials confirming the report of the cia's finding although it is funny important it's very significant. what the washington post new
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york times. c m b c n n other outlets over the last hours. reported that the cia internal assessment now is pointing straight years. in some as having ordered this operation this has never happened before at the cia we probably will not comment on this kind of report however the washington post wouldn't report this unless they were accurately reporting what the cia they believe the cia said so which is a slight nuance now one can anticipate that the congressional oversight committees will have been briefed or demand to be briefed on this the reports alleging muhammad have been solomon's involvement unlikely to field even further the congressional demands that punitive measures be taken against the crown prince and
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his government the question is whether the president would be prepared to back away from his stated reluctance to take action against the saudi government and its leader as mike hanna al-jazeera washington well let's go live now to rose in jordan in washington d.c. . the president has now been briefed any response from him oh you know anticipating anything. well the president did not speak to reporters when he landed in northern california to take a look at the wildfires that have been a devastating homes and acreage out on the west coast but his spokesperson sarah sanders did tell reporters that there would be some sort of statement about the briefing and about the cia's findings coming from the state department at some point on saturday afternoon perhaps saturday evening so we are now waiting for that statement we do know from sara sanders that the president spoke not just to the cia
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director gina has spelt but that he also spoke to secretary of state mike pompei o while he was flying to the west coast on saturday and rose what does this this whole story tell us about donald trump's relationship with the cia. well that's certainly one thing that has been one of the hallmarks as it were of the president's tenure has been his willingness to basically denigrate everything that the intelligence community has been doing mainly because it's been looking into allegations that russian operatives or people directed by the russian government tried to disrupt the two thousand and sixteen presidential election and that they may have done so in a consultation or in cooperation with members of the president's campaign team during that year that is of course something which donald trump has vehemently denied denied but intelligence officials did conclude early in two thousand and
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seventeen that there had been russian interference in the presidential campaign and there are still investigations underway as we speak looking into the scope of that interference and looking for those who may have made it possible for this interference to be carried out so the president has never looked favorably at the intelligence community because it is raised questions about the integrity and the authoritativeness of his election in two thousand and sixteen that said because according to the a number of national newspapers that the cia has investigated now has looked at the evidence presented to it by turkish officials as well as apparently has carried out its own investigation that they say that there really is no way that the murder of jamal khashoggi could have been carried out without the express intervention of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin saddam on our roads even if the moment was jordan
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in washington d.c. let's head over to turkey where we find tony but lee live for us in istanbul and tell you what what's the latest on the turkish inquiry. well there's been a steady trickle of revelations coming out through the turkish media none of which have been denied by the turkish government so we can assume that the correct but the latest is from the newspaper a well respected newspaper they've given details today about the killing of missing . and they basically were saying that they think the murders used a coagulant to stop mystical saudis blood start sort of make his blood clot so when his body was dismembered there was no traces around the scene of the murder that is borne out by the fact the turkish government has said that there's been no d.n.a. of mr karzai found it either the consulate saudi concert behind me or the consul general house so it was suggesting a very thorough or a clean up operation by this team and of course the cia coming out with its
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findings corroborates and confirms what the turkish government said all along that this was a pre meditated murder and this is a fifteen man hit squad that came from saudi arabia lots of circumstantial evidence also and it puts the ball very much in the courts of of riyadh now as to how they're going to respond so far we understand there's been no response to the latest cia report so we can assume that they're now coley collaborated to find a response to that but here they're very much of the mind that this was a premeditated murder they said before that these whole allegations go to the very doorstep of the saudi will court and that suggest that someone pretty high up they've always said the saudi crown prince was responsible the man who gave the order but it wasn't him that it was somebody somebody else who equally is high up the question is who precisely the right tony thanks very much indeed tony in istanbul. well as you mentioned president trump is now in california where the
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number of people reported missing from a deadly wildfire has jumped to more than one thousand the region's sheriff says as many as one thousand and eleven people are now missing authorities have recovered the remains of eight more victims raising the death toll to seventy one more than fifty two thousand people have been displaced. christensen he joins us now from a couple can chico in california where many evacuees are crossing over to you. thanks nic yes some forty thousand people remain under evacuation orders and a lot of them will have no homes to return to even when the fire has subsided enough that it's safe to go back they estimate that more than twelve thousand structures have been destroyed in the area of the wildfires one town was almost completely leveled so people left often just carrying the clothes on their backs and a lot of them ended up here in this lot next to a wal-mart store with tents a lot of them bought the tents once they got here and many of them are struggling
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to figure out where they're going to go next and i am joined now by one of the evacuees his name is joseph zaki and joseph i know you lost your home a lot of your family and friends lost their homes what's the situation been like for you here have you been able to get help and you know are you going back i mean the response of the locals around here has been mazing in surrounding counties. what's been hard is people coping with homelessness that are used to being in their homes and you know they say to the president supposed to come mr trump and you know let's bring the troops back from the border and build some homes not some walls you know because that's what we need fema transact here people have children people have animals and we're not out here because we want to be we're here because we lost our homes. it's already it's it's good i hear people are good but we could be better you know it's a lot of people i talk to there's a big sense of uncertainty about what's going to happen next have you figured that
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out for you i know you're here with your girlfriend i figured where you're going yeah. my partner has a house up in yankee hill we saved it so we're going to have a spot up there we have generators and things from people when they start trickling back we're going to try to do our part we've been running around trying to get things but. i have a home to go to now you know but a lot of people don't that i know and love so it's working to get them out of the ditch and into the house you know. you would think that having our president here and i support he would we would feel the presence already it would be like a blanket wrapped around this community and it should be that saving our country that's what you do that's where his words being said thank you so so thank you so much for joining us so as we just heard the president is we have gotten word that he has landed in this very community he's going to take a tour of the devastated areas he's been very critical of california officials for their handling and management of the fire but more conciliatory tone between state
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and federal officials as the president comes to take a look at the damages and. get the lay of the land as terms of long term arrangements for people of california has a housing crisis to begin with the population here has grown exponentially over the years and it's very difficult to find housing it was difficult before this latest catastrophe and now it's even more difficult especially for people you know from these communities that have been had the hardest nick or christine thanks very much to do that the picture from california is very much. still ahead here on al-jazeera well they've signaled rates the new president says tension over whether the island nation should ally itself more to india and china right. now the nations peacekeepers come under fire in mali as they try to provide a badly needed aid to the local population.
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how after a ferry across from the mediterranean for more a week or two so we're about to get more active largely because what's happening of the black sea of this world of cloud of what's coming up from the sas is about developing something to the west there been a few big thunderstorms recently and they're still going on but what will happen is western side of the med for scones by water increasingly wet and windy and at the same time the courts have been down here of circulation just south of greece snow north of greece on the high ground up through the balkans they have run you between sunday and monday this spreads all the way northwards there is cold air now in central europe the temperature at best in vienna two degrees obese and snow on the astronauts on the other southern house and as you correctly see east of hungary to crest at best two degrees so a bit of winter proper now of course is usually an effect for the south the main
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effect we draw but awards at the recent side of libya but actually the fact this cloud is spreading east with eastern mediterranean that would increasingly put the levant at risk of more showers to the west of that lot of cloud of algeria tunisia and of course that matter right in morocco and on north coast of algeria and tunisia. senator robert kennedy was assassinated in june one thousand nine hundred sixty eight sir hand search is still serving a life sentence for his murder. but there have been calls for decades for the case to be reopened including from robert kennedy jr. all the evidence was destroyed after the trial but they had a legal obligation to see the evidence because char ham was going to file an appeal al-jazeera world asks who killed robert kennedy.
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and again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and the u.s. media are reporting that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered jamal khashoggi was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second. president donald trump was briefed on the situation by the cia and his secretary of state swallow routes california is yet to comment on the situation but had stressed the importance of u.s. saudi relations. and trump is in california to assess the damage that the number of people missing from a deadly wildfire in the northern part of the state has jumped more than
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a thousand. argentinas defense ministry says a submarine which went missing with forty four crew on board a year ago imploded a u.s. undersea mapping company from the san juan in the south atlantic on the first anniversary of its disappearance families have been critical of the naval response to the disaster and have vowed to find out the truth lodging tina's defense minister has called for an investigation you can see in the. i mean the president specifically told me that we had to find a submarine and find the truth to get justice now we have found the submarine we need to establish what the causes were and if there are people responsible well to raise the bar has more now from what is it. it is a day full of emotion lots of questions but also a lot of anger here in argentina people are wondering what exactly happened to the submarine now that it's been found that we went to
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a press conference by the minister of defense where they confirmed that the sun had been found they said that it's located at a death of about nine hundred meters and of off about fifty five hundred kilometers away of the argentine coast they said that the video and the images that they guard are not very good quality because of the turbulence and the water in that area and also because of the souls which makes it much difficult to send the images he also said that it's been located in an area that had been investigated and searched over and over again but that they never saw it because that area is a very very has a very complicated accent the minister of defense said that now it's time for an investigation to continue into what went wrong what happened and that's the questions that many of the relatives want and then so to right now are judges of the knitting and investigation in southern argentina into what happened because what many of the relatives want to know is how was it possible that water entered into the snorkel area of the submarine and that is what caused the fire we've been
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in touch with many of those relatives in fact we got the message of one of those fathers who we just got that message of that he's basically saying we never gave up he's at sea and on that ship that sound the submarine we never gave up there will be time to analyze what happened but right now is that we found them and i cannot stop crying so you can imagine the emotion among the relatives here today but of course the fleet to lots of questions that need an answer. has been killed and more than forty others injured during a fuel trucks protest so the roads across frozen since the start of two thousand and eighteen prices have increased by as much as twenty percent the government introduced to the price of fuel to reduce pollution and tackle climate change approaches to say the turks is unfairly punished people who need coast reports from perth. they are the sights and sounds of protest
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in the heart of the french capital there have been many demonstrations during president micron's leadership as he tries to introduce a raft of economic reforms but this new round of protests is different. around two hundred fifty thousand demonstrators took to the streets in more than two thousand protests nationwide this was bordeaux is main square. it began as a grassroots movement called the yellow vests a backlash against tax increases on petrol and diesel the movement's now gathering momentum. in northern france near cali they blocked roads as well as access to fuel depots paralyzing transport routes as a blockade in southeast from a driver accidentally hit and killed a woman demonstrator by simple complication and i'm rowing this universe for a simple reason there are too many taxes in this fuel tax we simply cannot turn
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around eight we just keep getting taxed by michael and me getting nothing back here in central paris serving several pockets of protests and merging in different parts of the city similar tenuously such as here at the arc de triomphe have also been several somewhat valiant attempts to blockade the roads although here where people are doing is stopping cars to see exactly what all people support what they're trying to do here is a difficult challenge for president of mine or macro on the one hand the house to show that he's allowing people the democratic right demonstrations like this or at the same time standing firm on his policies. earlier in the week mccrum said he wanted to reconcile the french people with its leaders the government insists the price hikes and necessary to help reduce carbon emissions has offered some financial incentives to encourage people to buy electric cars but demonstrators say tank says should be imposed on big polluters like heavy
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industries not ordinary drivers but crumbs popularity has been for lng in recent months he can't afford to see it slide any further leave barca al-jazeera paris. a number of cabinet ministers have told the u.k. prime minister to resign may there is more work to be done on dr briggs deal under lets him who's the leader of the house of commons is said to be heading a group of ministers who want trees are made to amend the agreement prime minister is set to meet leaders at a summit in brussels next week for the deal is due to be signed off may has faced calls from within her own party to step down over the deal she reached on leaving the european union. what i'm doing is working very hard to support the prime minister and getting the correct sit down at seventeen point four million people voted full and i think they say there's still the potential to improve on the clarification and on some of the say yes measures within it and that's what time helping to be able to help faith china in the united states have clashed on trade
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at the opening of the apec the asia pacific summit in papua new guinea chinese president xi easing painting and said that u.s. protectionism was damaging global growth while the u.s. vice president mike pence one that would be no way into american tariffs until china changed its ways to have imposed sanctions on each other's exports iranian president hassan rouhani says iran and iraq could raise that annual bilateral trade to twenty billion dollars despite u.s. sanctions it made the remarks following a meeting with visiting iraqi president barham salih the visit comes just weeks after the u.s. reimpose sanctions on iran's key oil industry as well as banking in shipping sectors washington says tehran is breaking the two thousand and fifteen international nuclear deal and interfering in regional conflicts and bets ravi has more from tehran. during their talks iranian president hassan rouhani and his iraqi
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counterpart burnham sali discussed the importance of security cooperation between their two oil rich nations rouhani made the point that it is up to the countries in the region to handle their own security a familiar tactic or iranian leaders used to publicly both of the importance of their own role simultaneously characterizing the role of the united states as foreign interference roger my side of the mountain. stream. which were both of the opinion that all people will benefit from stability in this region we don't need foreign intervention regional countries should have closer relationships and mutual cooperation especially iran and iraq and iran and to commit time to form a new regional establishments that would cater to the interests of all nations and so we attach a high importance to the role of iran iraq must be an area for common interest for regional nations not a field for conflicting desires the economies of iraq and iran rely on their
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bilateral trade and iraq is one of the few countries to get a temporary u.s. waiver to keep buying iranian oil and gas and despite threats by u.s. president donald trump to punish anyone doing business with iran rouhani and salad discussed a council for expanding a new trade from twelve to twenty billion dollars they also talk about setting up a free trade zone as well as a railway line to more closely connected to neighbors but iraq is caught in a delicate balancing act the united states has had a major influence over rocks security and politics since they invaded the country in two thousand and three neighbor iran once an enemy is now a key ally could help the rock defeat i so while the iraqi president's visit could be a show of support for iran in the face of american sanctions iraqi leaders no doubt find themselves in an uncomfortable position of trying to please two friends who don't get along. it would have mohammed sort of has been sworn in as president of melodies he unexpectedly beat out going leader of dili i mean in september the island nation has grown in strategic importance in recent years as china and india
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influence in the region so a lot has promised and india for us policy his team is also reviewing millions of dollars of investments from china as well as related debt so the previous i said was considered close to. the number of a number of people killed by a powerful cycling which barreled into the coast of southern india has now risen to thirty three cycling god just struck six districts of time on ninety state on friday with heavy rains and winds that reach up to one hundred twenty kilometers per hour more than eighty two thousand people are at emergency shelters in four hundred state run camps authorities have sent drinking water food and paramedics to help the evacuees in those camps two former presidents of madagascar will face each other in next month's runoff election and juliana and mark revel in manana i came out on top in last week's presidential poll a second round was triggered when neither again david fifty percent of the vote
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needed for an outright win the european union to observe emissions said despite some irregularities overall the election was well organized crime suspect. has been extradited to the hague for his alleged role in atrocities against muslims in central african republic this comes just days after a warrant was issued against your council who is a sitting member of parliament c.d.n. leader within the mostly christian and bloc a movement whose fighters systematically attacked the muslim population after muslim so that the rebels seized power. al qaeda attacks in northern mali are increasing especially against the u.n. peacekeeping mission despite the challenges u.n. troops are trying to fill the gap left by aid agencies who fled the violence how involved is this report. the conflict in northern mali has caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes and lose their livelihoods those who can't
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leave often leave in poverty facing hunger and violence their region is remote there are no public facilities or services and aid agencies are unable to gain access to most areas. from the un mission in mali you start with stabilizing the country and supporting the population the mission of other foreign armies is to provide protection for people and their property but they have their limitations their mission is also to protect the flow of humanitarian aid but it's becoming extremely difficult now add to that the fact the relief workers themselves do not want to be a squatted by men in arms. this may look like a un peacekeeping force but in fact these are al-qaeda fighters on their way to launch an attack the tactic shows how dangerous the situation has become for civilians and foreign armies in mali on qaeda attacks on the united nations mission here and other foreign armies have become a daily occurrence and this despite the fact that the role of the un mission is not
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to participate in war but rather to keep the peace now added to its insecurity challenge the u.n. is trying to fill the void left by aid organizations says our intervention in the area of your culture. but the thirty two distinct today believe one of our largest projects which is to come to some here is a larger force chart green goblin well over three hundred people work and that's an important institution not only for the return of people who were displaced by events in two thousand but thousands for the in the torso for the food security you see. your own troops are also digging wells for biting solar power for education and helping schools in remote areas it's an attempt to win hearts and minds and prevent armed groups from gaining the loyalty of the population but insults are visible but limited save the villages here. i manage that inadmissible has provided
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some water for us but it's not enough look at the plants they need water more water and we need it as well in order to drink and farm better. and others in his village may not be quite happy but they will surely and viewed by hundreds of other villages in more remote and vulnerable areas of northern mali combination of war lack of not to resources on neglect have made me a survivor of the number one concern here mama divide. a reminder of the top stories head on al-jazeera and the u.s. media is reporting that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered jamal khashoggi in the saudi consulate in istanbul taber the second of the findings contradicts riyadh's claims it is de facto leader was not involved the saudi embassy in washington has rejected the accusations made by the u.s. intelligence service u.s.
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president told trump has not been briefed on the situation by the cia and its extra states but is yet to comment on it speaking on it he stressed the importance of u.s. saudi relations. with allies saudi arabia they give us. a lot of out of economic development. and i also think that you know president to take a lot of things that. since those comments president told trump has now arrived in california to assess damage as the number of people missing from a deadly wildfire in the northern part of the state has jumped to more than one thousand authorities have recovered the remains of eight more victims raising the number of people killed to seventy one more than fifty two thousand people have been displaced the argentine navy submarine located a year after it disappeared in the atlantic ocean suffered an implosion according to a senior official the a r a thon one disappeared four hundred thirty kilometers off
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the argentine coast on the fifteenth of november last year with forty four crew members on board a naval commander says the crew had reported what was described as a short circuit in the vessels batteries of their relatives have vowed to fight to get to the truth of what happened now the wreckage has finally been found. one protester has been killed and more than forty others injured during fuel tax protester the blocked roads across france more than one hundred twenty five thousand people taking in around two thousand protests i think part of the around two thousand the controversial fuel tax rise is a part of it emanuel strategy of moving the country away from its dependence on fossil fuels. the headlines are up to date with when i was there it is the listening post life not. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing me on the teams. from the very beginning. providing context housing is not
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just about four walls and a river hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. really as for. the saudi. backed out why. the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week the saudi operative linked to the killing and the lengths he went to to suppress journalism in the kingdom of the koreas the unique genre that is defector t.v. .


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