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to boot his opponent i was trying to think what would i have done in his position. as bold to stop the rally because i don't know if it's an umpire's decision or not and while you're hearing that might go through your head you know so i would have probably said who would be keep on playing to know these things happen and i never like it we see it in other sports all the time and turner says it's rare so when it happens it's we feel it really is very personal and we take it very direct and i think it's unfortunate that this happened doesn't deserve it. will be a big ask falls vera in the final the serb took very little time getting there beating kevin anderson six two six two later on saturday the world number one has now won thirty five matches and lost just two since the wimbledon finals in the summer or european champions portugal have become the first team into the final stages of the way for nation's league fernando santos his men who were without
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cristiana rinaldo played out a goalless draw with italy they take an unassailable lead at the top of league a group three the result also means a tele cannot be relegated from the group islands of b. to new zealand for just the second time in rugby union history the all blacks went down sixty nine in dublin on saturday their first ever defeat to the irish came only two years ago in more than one hundred years of matches between what are currently the world's top two ranked nations it's also just new zealand second to test the feet of twenty eighteen lots of other international schools to update you on wins for australia and wales while england came from behind to beat the next world cup host japan scotland losing at home to south africa france were beating argentina a short time ago in lille. cricket and england have given themselves a good chance of winning a test series in sri lanka for the first time since two thousand and one going into day five of the second test in kandy the tourists need to take three more wickets
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for victory on the final day sri lanka also have a chance chasing a target of three hundred one they need seventy five runs to have only one recognised batsman left the nearest sundeck wella england lead the three much series one help you zero in the four back in the first test against pakistan in abu dhabi of the bowing out the black caps four hundred fifty three pakistan collapse to two hundred twenty seven alliance having been one hundred seventy four for pakistan have however already struck in the second innings leaving new zealand on fifty six for one and trailing by eighteen at stumps india have scored a major victory at the women's world t twenty in the caribbean they beat three time champions australia scoring one hundred sixty seven for the loss of eight wickets in their twenty overs the indians then dismissed australia for just one hundred nineteen the forty eight run win means the top group.
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maverick vinyasa as has waited all season for his first moto g.p. pole position and the spaniard finally grabbed the chance in the last race of the year he was helped by world champion mark marquez here who came off the track in valencia i would finish fifth in this qualifying session now has been jaros took full advantage for his first top spot on the grid since the arrogant groom prix in september twenty seventh. alex rins on the underage of it zero so behind him at the start for sunday's race. in the n.b.a. kyrie irving scored a season best forty three points to lead the boston celtics to one hundred twenty three hundred sixteen win over the visiting toronto i raptors over in philadelphia meanwhile the seventy six ers beat the utah jazz four time all-star jimmy butler who was acquired from the minnesota timberwolves on monday scored twenty eight
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points to lead his side to eight hundred thirteen hundred and seven when well the timberwolves didn't seem to be struggling without butler they thrashed the visiting portland trail blazers one hundred twelve to ninety six andrew wiggins tops scored with twenty three points while derrick rose added seventeen more to lead minnesota to their third straight when. well the worst team so far of the n.h.l. season picked up a rare win on friday the twenty four team champion los angeles kings beat the chicago blackhawks two to one and say copa targets in the win in a shootout so the l.a. six win from seventeen and ends a three game losing streak. it was also a close win for the dallas stars jason dickenson scoring in overtime to secure a one nil victory over the boston bruins. defending ski world cup champion mckayla shifrin has won the first slalom event of the season this taking place in
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lavey in finland the americans combined total from her two runs points fifty eight seconds faster than petra bill over the nine the slovakian back to back wins in the arctic circle the two time olympic gold medalist shifrin starting her season in the best possible way and even more importantly she got the traditional prize of a reindeer for her troubles. news for how do you back to nick engle and the forwards and more of that and later in the night goes on paul thanks very much indeed for that is it plenty more of course on our website al-jazeera dot com as you dress the final conclusion on the killing u.s. state department that is it the news i will be back in a couple minutes with the day's news.
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for eighty five years we have had many proud moments around the world and in the sky and now starting from october twenty ninth church ish airlines will be checking off from the new aviation center of the world for a new journey. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing the realities that's from the very beginning of the. providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. al-jazeera
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. with and for you. well if we cannot have probably seen my. government was suddenly not allowed britain to control french palestine would be an outrage but then we need to find another solution before we come to blows over a century ago britain and france made the secret deal that changed the shape of the middle east and so. now we can draw on the. psychs pekoe lines in the sand on all just.
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president trump is briefed by the cia on its findings into the matter of sandy genest remarks about his government says it has not made a final. and on the clock this is al jazeera live from london also coming out of the trump is now in california where a devastating fire has destroyed whole towns leaving more than one thousand people it's. one year after it disappeared with all its crude remains of an argentine submarine have been found on the seabed. traffic halted on roads across france as thousands joined protests over the government's will touch crisis. we start the program with developments in the murder of the saudi journalist amount to sochi u.s. media is reporting that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin
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solomon ordered killing in the saudi consulate in istanbul on top of the second of the findings contradict the saudi government claims that it's a de facto leader was not involved the saudi embassy in washington rejects the accusation made by the u.s. intelligence service president on the trump has now been briefed on the situation by the cia and the state department says the u.s. government has not yet reached a final conclusion speaking before he'd been briefed trump stressed the importance of u.s. saudi relations. we also have a great ally in saudi arabia they give us a lot of jobs that give us a lot of business a lot of economic development they are they have been truly spectacular allies jobs to get on the development and i also take that you know i'm president i have to take a lot of things if you consider race. so let's go live to share were tons in washington d.c. says that she had just to sum up for us where we're at with this only going situation
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. well we have this leak from the cia on the basis of all the circumstantial evidence analysts at the agency have concluded that muhammad bin someone has to have ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi at the at the consulate in istanbul the saudi consulate in istanbul they did so by looking at communications intercepts by looking at the nature of power in saudi arabia and there on the so said look this just couldn't have happened without mahmoud been someone having ordered ordered this action taking place however they accept that there's still those smoking gun there isn't they don't have that key piece of evidence which shows mohamed bin solomon telling his operatives kill jamal khashoggi and that's all the legal way that donald trump needs to continue to say that the administration does not have definitive proof that mohamed been solemn and ordered ordered the killing and in fact we have that that statement from the state
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department saying recent reports indicating that the u.s. government has made a final conclusion are inaccurate there remain numerous unanswered questions with respect to the murder of mr bush and as always with the state department and the white house that key element of the u.s. saudi relationship is always brought in and we will do that while maintaining the we'll continue to seek the facts we will do that while maintaining the important strategic relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia and we can only speculate as to why someone in the cia decided to leak all this information but it seems pretty clear that that conclusion made with high confidence wasn't receiving a terribly sympathetic hearing in the white house and why would that be why i would not want to point the finger at the top level of the saudi government. say the refreshing thing about donald trump is how transparent he is quite often how and nakedly pragmatic is about about his deliberations he says of himself. to
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iran all of all of the trouble ministrations other priorities in the middle east israeli palestinian deal of a century between the israelis and the palestinians he's quite open about this is about money this is about geo strategy and he doesn't want to see what doesn't want to destabilize mahmoud been someone who is key to many of these policies off the trump administration now members of congress are talking about this being a turning point in the relationship between saudi arabia and the u.s. it's often unclear as to how far they will actually go we often hear a lot of bluster from congress where there are now bipartisan bills in the senate for example suggesting that sanctions may be imposed on anyone connected to the killing of jamal khashoggi with credible evidence now a cia report would be taken as credible evidence that would suggest them that congress if they passed that if they passed that bill then they would act to sanction muhammad bin solomon himself having said that though these things come and go in congress the sense that we're getting now there perhaps is instead of going
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directly at muhammad been some on trying to destabilize him the administration is simply going to use all of this is leverage to get some restraint from ahmed been sultan on some one or the on yemen on cats how the blockade of qatar for example on dissidents being arrested in the kingdom of saudi arabia but the cia you can accept he's not going anywhere his position is secure but this might be an opportunity it seems for some of the administration to say look we'll keep him he's going to be central to our plans in the middle east but now maybe we can we can at least calm him down a little bit we can make him more. receptive to what we want rather than his particular whims in the region or she have thanks very much indeed for that she ever tante washington d.c. . well tony burton is outside the site a consulate in istanbul one has the latest from the when this steady trickle of revelations and information coming out from turkey. it's interesting that trump is
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talking about jobs here they're talking about justice and the cia revelation is something that very much endorses what the turkish government has said almost from day one and this was a premeditated murder they pointed the finger of suspicion quietly at the crown saudi crown prince and this really affirms that what they've been saying is correct because this was far from what the saudis claim a and that hoc killing on the spur of the moment this was a meticulously planned operation to kill an opponent of the saudi stablish mint so it's reaffirm what they've said the latest information that's been coming out now to is concerning how he was killed either by a rope or a plastic bag over his head the newspaper which has been the source of a lot of the turkish government leaks said that mr casady was injected injected with a coagulant and this is suppose that this was because to stop the flow of blood so when his body was dismembered would be less traces of his d.n.a.
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and there's been a joint saudi and turkish investigation into the killing no d.n.a. traces were found either at the saudi consulate way he was killed or at the consulate general's house so they did a pretty good job of cleaning up but this report reaffirms what the turkish government said but what does that mean at the end of the day because as tom says jobs are important but justice here is something they think is very important also where as we mentioned president trump is now in california where the number of people reported missing from an early wildfire has jumped more than one thousand and the region sheriff says as many as one thousand and eleven people on the thirties have recovered the remains of eight more victims raising the number of people killed to seventy one more than fifty two thousand people have been displaced. you have the management factor and i know you're. really been up on end and very well and gavin is good is going to be looking at together quite
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a bit of money about five hundred million dollars in the farm bill for management and make and so far it's beyond this area it would really manage for five hundred million that will be in the farm bill we just put it in farm bill is moving along pretty rapidly for a great farmers but we have avenue category and that's management and maintenance of the far story and i want to thank you folks over there right there law enforcement great lakes. or christensen amy has more now from paradise in california. president came to this area paradise to view these scenes of utter devastation some twelve thousand buildings have been destroyed as a result of these wildfires many of them belonging to people who fled with a little more than the clothes on their back in fact rescue efforts are still going on there's more than a thousand people listed as missing and men in white coats and women in white coats have been searching through some of these burned out homes looking for remains of
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people to try to identify those who have been listed as missing president here thanks firefighters for their efforts some five thousand are working to contain this blaze they say it is now fifty five percent contained and away from major population centers but still an ongoing battle there he promised to work with local and state officials to deal with the issue of wildfires moving forward but for the forty thousand or so people who remain under evacuation orders many of them with no homes to try to what happens next remains a big question they're very concerned about where they're going to live where they're going to work fema the federal emergency management association has now moved into california is beginning to try to assess the situation and register people and help them so that they can have help with housing moving forward but it won't be an easy task this is a state with a severe housing shortage to begin with and now thousands tens of thousands will be
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looking for a new place to live or thirty say the argentinian submarine the san juan which went missing with forty four crew on board a year ago imploded the news comes following the discovery of the wreckage of the vessel exactly a year after it disappeared off the country's eastern coast reports no one is there . for a year and two days they walk into the same question where are the forty four loved ones the crew of the sun kwan finally they have some answers but not closure just yet loss and we were sitting at the dining table with my mom when the mrs from the submarine command force arrived saying that an object that was detected just said i was the sun one we couldn't believe it we turned on the television and they said it was the sun one this and one was on a routine patrol before it went missing the crew reported water enter their snorkel area and cost shorts or quitting problems that provoked
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a fire and explosion was later detected submarines are built to be difficult to find it proved impossible for thirteen countries who joined the two week long search operation the argentine may be provoked anger and dismay among the crews relatives by officially ending that search. contracted by the argentine government the u.s. company ocean infinity has combed the deaths for more than two months. on the first anniversary of the disaster that same evening ocean infinity's deep sea experts found an object of interest and sent down a robotic submarine to take a closer look at it positively identified the. resistant shell is in one pace but it's deformed and dented inside which was caused by external pressure of the hydrostatic column at nine hundred meters you know. the government says that now it's time to find out what happened. the president
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specifically told me that we had to find a submarine and find the truth to get justice now we have found a submarine we need to establish what the causes were and if there are people responsible. but the relatives want the judiciary to look into the current administration but also into the previous one the submarine was refurbished to the previous administration of former president cristina kirchner many are calling into an investigation of everyone involved in the process earlier this year the police raided several navy bases in saudi after the head of mi what. my mama i judge is leading an investigation into what happened because the relatives want to know why was it possible that water entered the snorkel area of the submarine which is what caused the fire for the cruise family's closure will only come with accountability . i'll just seat up with a situs. we're watching i deserve still to come on the program where the mexican
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border city of tijuana where the migrant caravan has come to hold and overwhelming resources plus known as the romeo and juliet of east an ancient love story from persia it's real margin contemporary worlds. hello the average temperature in adelaide in the van was about twenty four degrees but as you know if you've been there the last few days even weeks it goes up and down hugely we're up to twenty eight on sunday was a breeze at the interior twenty seven in melbourne bit disappointing in sydney on the edges and the show is still up the queensland coast in fact it's still pretty cool in perth and that's not that usual and getting cooler at the same time we've
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bumped adelaide up to thirty two so we're talking about eight degrees above normal again because it won't last it will go down twenty four hours later as yet another trough goes through so a bit more steady news even this cloud around quite a bit of it but i suspect it will turn into rain quite readily in science and lesser north and in fact we could even see it as snow during monday at some point is christchurch at only eleven degrees in auckland in the rain at about sixteen a similar sort of story from the point of view of rain and it was in coming is true in japan now winter proffers being held a long way north of nuremberg tom minus ten year notice so the sun's out in tokyo but it's not going to last or fred it looks like by the time we get to monday it's rain from north to south through japan. a tamil journalist in search of a missing colleague stops at nothing to bring his story to the public. and sri
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lanka press freedoms are under threat. and some stories can only be told by those who will not compromise on the truth. news from just one part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. alexander amount of the top stories head on al-jazeera and the us media reporting that the cia believes saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon ordered. in the saudi consulate in istanbul on october the second. president donald trump was
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briefed on the situation by the cia and his secretary of state's follow routes california has yet to comment on the situation but has stressed the importance of u.s. saudi relations. trump is in california assessing damage following a wildfire comes as the number of people missing from a deadly wildfire in the northern part of the state has jumped more than one found . one protester has been killed and more than two hundred others injured during a fuel tax protests that have blocked roads across france since the start of two thousand and eighteen prices have increased by as much as twenty percent the government introduced taxes on fuel to reduce pollution and tackle climate change the protesters say the taxes unfairly punish people who need that cause and he reports now from paris. they are the sights and sounds of protest in the heart of the french capital there have been many demonstrations
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during president micron's leadership as he tries to introduce a raft of economic reforms where this new round of protests is different. around two hundred fifty thousand demonstrators took to the streets and more than two thousand protests nationwide this was bordeaux is main square. it began as a grassroots movement called the yellow vests a backlash against tax increases on petrol and diesel the movements now gathering momentum. in northern france near cali they blocked roads as well as access to fuel depo paralyzing transport routes as a blockade in southeast from a driver accidentally hit and killed a woman demonstrator by simply i'm wearing this universe for a simple reason there are too many taxes in this fuel tax we simply cannot tolerate we just keep getting taxed and they getting nothing back here in central paris
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there are several pockets of protests and merging in different parts of the city similar tenuously such as here at the arc de triomphe have also been several somewhat valiant attempts to blockade the roads although here where people are doing is stopping cars to see exactly what the people support what they are trying to do here is a difficult challenge for president to mine your macro on the one handing house to show that he is allowing people the democratic right demonstrations like this or at the same time standing firm on his policies. that don't you government is listening to all the demonstrations and of course we must continue to answer the expectations of the french including those about their purchasing power the one thing is certain major interior ministry is very concerned and always be very concerned for the safety and well being of the people of politics from earlier in the week mccrum said he wanted to reconcile the french people with its leaders the government insists the price hikes and necessary to help reduce carbon emissions is offered
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some financial incentives to encourage people to buy electric cars but demonstrators say tanks it should be imposed on big polluters like heavy industries not ordinary drivers but crumbs popularity has been for lng in recent months he can't afford to see it slide any further leave barca al-jazeera paris they have been protests in athens on the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy three uprising against military rule in greece around three hundred demonstrators threw petrol bombs and stones at police to gas was used to try and disperse the crowd earlier a march was held to mark the forty fifth anniversary of the uprising. almost three thousand migrants who are mexico's border with california say they don't feel welcome in the mexican city of tijuana most of them are staying at a local sports complex sleeping outdoors on a baseball field officials into an open the sports center after local shelters filled up the city's mayor warned the influx of central american migrants will
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continue for six months i d.j. castro's into one in mexico just on the border with the united states. i'm outside the community sports stadium that's become the makeshift shelter for more than two thousand people these are migrants who have been traveling with the caravan from central america that are safe eagerly a continent on foot dealing with the elements only to arrive here in america store stats and have to wait days if not weeks longer women and children have been sleeping with no roof exposed to the elements at night but there have been some signs of hope there are members of the community in tijuana who have come here to open up resources like a trailer offering people she showers clothing being distributed as well as food the reason that so many migrants are now seen in a century stuck in syria want to is that the u.s. government is only allowing a trickle of people to make their asylum claim in the port of entry
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a day only about thirty out of the thousands who are now now to america's doorsteps and so what that means is that the awana will have its resources strained for many days to come with these migrant families wondering how they will survive the next few weeks hoping for that chance to make their legal asylum claim in the u.s. they were to him solo has been sworn in as president of the melodies the unexpectedly beat outgoing leader i mean in september the island nation has grown in strategic importance in recent years as china and india vie for influence in the region solar has promised an india first policy is team is also reviewing millions of dollars of investments from china as well as it related that solis previous us that was considered close to beijing well earlier we spoke to junaid muhammed who's a journalist with the mel deaves independent he told us the new president has prioritized strengthening ties with its neighbor india first the mystical the speaking man of the biggest changes would be in terms of how do you look when it is
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perceived by the state and by the government. during the previous administration we saw a lot of. infrastructure projects that were coming up in breakneck speeds on the country and this was seen as. a combatant and promoted as development by the government but the current president he has promised he has pledged and it's included in the state budget for the next year as well now. human development a focus on human development including. more educational opportunities including the sponsoring of higher education for young people the only country he specifically mentioned in the speech which was india he talked about strengthening ties with india and other neighboring countries as well as fully carrying out their role of the maldives in ensuring the security of the indian ocean region so this
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point and i have been speaking to some high low officials within the transition committees as well and who has been so just in that mode will revert back to up what they call an india first order maybe it will hurt us policy this doesn't necessarily mean that modest will stop engaging with china he has reiterated in earlier interviews that his government viewing it it's fine now but it means that india and neighborhood will have more parity the visions between china and the united states overshadowing the apec summit the asia pacific summit in perth were new guinea chinese the dish easing ping took aim at the u.s. protectionism while united states vice president mike pence said that washington would not back down until beijing changed its ways the two have imposed sanctions on each other's exports meanwhile as andrew thomas reports from port moresby proper new guinea which is a place poorest member is hoping the events will send more trade their way.
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technology and international trade mean papua new guinea and we can sell their baskets to anyone in the world crystal q. developed an app to help and at this weekend's apec summit has been awarded a price for innovation so happy that you are looking at this i have a chance to utilize digital technology to parliament in development to. in a very simple people in the into. the ambition of the asia pacific economic cooperation group is to foster better relations and smoother trade between the twenty one biggest economies of the pacific region combined they're worth more than hoff the world's total but papua new guinea's economy is the smallest of those in the apec group and there's obvious poverty in port moresby a city right now where security is tight most years the leaders of all apec
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countries attend its annual summit the u.s. president as leader of the biggest economy in the world is the star attraction but donald trump is skipping this year's event leaving china's president xi jinping as the leader in the spotlight and in his opening speech were clear criticisms of trump's trade policies so paul resorting to old practices such as protectionism and unilateralism will not resolve problems but add to the uncertainties in the global economy. other leaders including both australia and malaysia has criticised terrorists too but the us vice president in port moresby in place of trump criticized china and mike pence had finley veiled warnings for countries tempted by chinese investment and loans do not except for and could compromise yourself to protect your interests preserve your independence the sea in apec stance the corporation but pence his speech seemed more about regional competition and rivalry
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economically and even militarily he announced the u.s. would join australia and papua new guinea in setting up a naval base here on pm jeez man a silent us has been there before obviously during world war two but to be back in this region and potentially partnering with a stranger and on a permanent military facility in this part of the world it's very much a push back on some of that strategic movements in the region this weekend there are strongly in warships protecting port moresby and the cruise line where leaders gave their opening speeches this is the biggest events papua new guinea has ever host states but without the us president it's not as major an event as it's hosts had hoped for though donald trump isn't here his presence is being felt his protectionist policies and china's growing assertiveness are the twin contexts for this conference and the thomas al-jazeera port moresby papua new guinea a tragic love story often compared to shakespeare's romeo and juliet told
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throughout the middle east and central asia for over a thousand years has been reinterpreted through twenty first century contemporary dance jessica baldwin went to see the british premiere of layla and majnoon. musicians from masturbation play traditional persian instruments. setting the stage for western audience to learn the heartbreaking tale of layla and majnoon.


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