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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 18, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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its forces took control of these parts of the eastern suburbs a few days ago healthy commanders say the recent clue sharply forces fired is simply a ploy to allow their allies to the group. the military escalation must be met with a similar escalation once the balance of power is gained over they are in possession of advanced technologies sophisticated weapons in addition to the logistic support from the usa then a political solution can be acceptable to them if we remain weak they will dictate their own terms. the two day lolling fighting earlier this week seems all but shouted on the residents of the city are bracing themselves for more fight. video posted on the internet by the pro-government dance brigade shows troops advancing toward the neighborhood south of near the city's airport. data has been under attack for months dolphins' it is aimed at cutting controlled areas from
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their main supply route. the u.n. and the international red cross say the resumption of fighting is and they do the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in that densely populated city the head of the world food program was just visited today the yemenis are only a month away from full scale. we asked the leaders of this country to give us the access that we need the support that we need unimpeded so that we can be engaged doing what we do this. in changing the port of the day that is a lifeline for millions of yemenis up to eighty percent of humanitarian supplies fuel and goods on which they depend dock here aid walker. is still a possibility something that could risk more than fourteen million a dependent yemenis on the fighting is said to continue as both sides try to gain more territory ahead of peace talks due to be held on the end of the year in sweden
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. djibouti all right still ahead when we come back hopes dashed for families of victims of argentina's submarine disaster. an ancient love story reinterpreted as a modern warning against prejudice and division. from long flowing i mean winds to an enchanting desert breeze. and there's more rain on its way it's moving general speed from west to east as a satellite picks up doesn't look very much and never does on this scale to be honest i think we'll see some significant amount we're not into the yangtze still will hands plus eleven if you go north yet the high ground and it starts to snow
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but actually that cold air is really coming much for the south facing the sun warms who hung up with fourteen jong two and across to shanghai as well with the sherry stuff having gone size it puts at risk a certain amount of the area around hong kong that the southeast of china but there's not much to it occasional showers i think will be the limit because much of the actions taken place further south in the south china sea this is a circulation it may still develop into something more but i don't think so but it will bring significant rain through vietnam eventually cambodia as well and by significant i mean probably one maybe two hundred millimeters in the next twenty four to forty eight hours so she's quite lucky this time of the year and that may not be the last just very obvious goodness circulation is taking place to the east the philippines unusual for this time the most the race should be further sastry malays are increasingly in an easy it is but there are scattered showers still they affect jakarta singapore and k o. the weather sponsored by cattle
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and race. history has called into the great in the final episode the two sides fight themselves to a standstill while britain and france conspire behind closed doors to produce a secret agreement that will shape the middle east for the century to come world war one through our lives on al-jazeera. again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s.
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president has spoken to the cia chief after reports the spy agency believes saudi arabia's crown prince ordered the murder of jamal khashoggi conclusion contradicts the saudi government's claim that sandman was not involved. more than a thousand people are missing in northern california after the worst wildfires to hit the region since records began donald trump made his first visit to the area he's been to the town of power dies at least seventy one people died. saudi led military coalition has resumed and strikes against yemen's rebels in the port city of holiday to the united nations says the war has pushed some eight point four million people to the brink of starvation. our leading british cabinet minister has told prime minister theresa may more can be done to improve on her draft breaks it deal andrea lead some leader in the house of commons is heading a group of ministers who one may to amend the agreement the prime minister meets
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e.u. leaders at a summit in brussels next week where the deal will be signed. what i'm doing is working very hard to support the prime minister in getting the breaks it deal at seventeen point four million people voted for and i think there's still the potential to improve on the clarification on some of the measures within it and that's what time hoping to be able to help with a trade tensions between the us and china continue to dominate the apec summit in papua new guinea chinese president xi jinping an american vice president mike pence traded barbs in speeches to world leaders jinping called protectionist actions shortsighted and doomed to fail appends said there would be no letup in the trumpet ministrations efforts to combat china's trade policies and intellectual property theft so paul. resorting to old practices such as protectionism unilateral ism
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will not result problems but also add to the uncertainties to the corporal economy history tells us taking that road of confrontation whether in the form of a cold war open war or tried war will produce no win it. we have great respect for president. and great respect for china. but in the president's words china is taking advantage of the united states for many many years. and those days are over as the president said and china has tremendous barriers they have tremendous tariffs and as we all know their country gauges in quotas forced technology transfer intellectual property thirty industrial subsidies on an unprecedented scale. i'm france a protester has been killed and more than two hundred injured in demonstrations against the rising cost of fuel says a start of twenty eighteen prices have risen by as much as twenty percent the government's added green taxes to try to lower air pollution as part of its environmental policy the protesters say they are unfairly punished people who need
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their cars need barco reports from paris. they are the sights and sounds of protest in the heart of the french capital there have been many demonstrations during president micron's leadership as he tries to introduce a raft of economic reforms but this new round of protests is different. around two hundred fifty thousand demonstrators took to the streets in more than two thousand protests nationwide this was bordeaux his main square the it began as a grassroots movement called the yellow vests a backlash against tax increases on petrol and diesel the movement's now gathering momentum. in northern france near cali they blocked roads as well as access to fuel depots paralyzing transport routes as a blockade in southeast from
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a driver accidentally hit and killed a woman demonstrator by simple complications i'm wearing this universe for a simple reason there are too many taxes in this fuel tax we simply cannot turn around we just keep getting taxed by michael and me getting nothing back here in central paris there been several pockets of protests emerging in different parts of the city similar tenuously such as here at the on the trio of also being several somewhat valiant attempts to blockade the roads although here where people are doing is stopping cars to see exactly what people support what they're trying to do here is a difficult challenge for president emanuel macron on the one hand the house to show that he's allowing people the democratic right demonstrations like this at the same time standing firm on his policies. on the point that don't the government is listening to all the demonstrations and of course we must continue to answer the expectations of the french including those about their purchasing power the one
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thing is certain interior ministry is very concerned and will always be very concerned for the safety and well being of the people that put extra earlier in the week mccrum said he wanted to reconcile the french people with its leaders the government insists the price hikes and necessary to help reduce carbon emissions has offered some financial incentives to encourage people to buy electric cars but demonstrators say tank says should be imposed on big polluters like heavy industries not ordinary drivers but crumbs popularity has been for lng in recent months he can't afford to see it slide any further need barca al-jazeera paris. the governor's race in florida during the u.s. midterm elections was a hotly contested and very close call but after a recount the democratic candidate has now conceded defeat and gillum officially ended his bid and knowledge the win of his republican opponent ran the sentence the recount was ordered after the initial results showed a very narrow margin between the two almost three thousand migrants who are at
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mexico's border with california say they do not feel welcome in the mexican city of juana most of them are staying at a local sports complex sleeping outdoors on a baseball field the city's mayor warned the influx of central american migrants will continue for six months thousands of central americans are escaping violence and poverty with the hope they will gain asylum in the u.s. castro is in tijuana in mexico just on the border with the u.s. . i'm outside the community sports stadium that's become the make shift shelter for more than two thousand people these are migrants who have been traveling with the caravan from central america really a continent on foot dealing with the elements only to arrive here in america store steps and have to wait days if not weeks longer women and children have been sleeping with no roof exposed to the elements at night but there have been some
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signs of hope there are members of the community into you want to who have come here to open up resources like a trailer offering people should showers clothing be distributed as well as food the reason that so many migrants are now safe in essential stuff into the awana is that the u.s. government is only allowing a trickle of people to make their asylum claim in the port of entry a day only about thirty out of the thousands who are now to america's doorsteps and so what that means is that the awana will have its resources strained for many days to come with these migrant families wondering how they will survive the next few weeks hoping for that chance to make their legal asylum claim in the u.s. authorities say the argentinian submarine the san juan which disappeared with a crew forty four on board imploded the wreckage of the vessel was discovered a year after disappeared off the country's eastern coast tonight about reports from
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one of saris. for a year and two days they walk into the same question where are the forty four loved ones the crew of the sun kwan finally they have some answers but not closure just yet loss and we were sitting at the dining table with my mom when the mrs from the submarine command force arrived saying that an object that was detected just say was the sun one we couldn't believe it we turned on the television and they said it was the sun one this and one was on a routine patrol before it went missing the crew reported water enter the snorkel area and cost shorts or quitting problems that provoked a fire an explosion was later detected submarines are built to be difficult to find it proved impossible for thirteen countries who joined the two week long search operation the argentine maybe provoked anger and dismay among the crew's relatives by officially ending that search. contracted by the argentine government the u.s.
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company ocean infinity has combed the deaths for more than two months. on the first anniversary of the disaster that same evening ocean infinity's deep sea experts found an object of interest and sent down a robotic submarine to take a closer look it positively identified the sound. resistant shell is in one pace but it's deformed and dented inside which was caused by external pressure of the hydrostatic column at nine hundred meters you know. the government says that now it's time to find out what happened. the president specifically told me that we had to find a submarine and find the truth to get justice now we have found a submarine we need to establish what the causes were and if there are people responsible. but the relatives one the judiciary to look into the current administration but also into the previous one the submarine was refurbished to the
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previous administration of former president cristina kirchner many are calling into an investigation of everyone involved in the process earlier this year the police raided several navy bases shortly after the head of what. my mama had judges meeting an investigation into what happened because the relatives want to know why was it possible that water entered the snorkel area of the summer which is what caused the fire for the cruise families closure will only come with accountability . i'll just see what a situs. a war crimes suspect. has been extradited to the hague for his alleged role in atrocities against muslims in central african republic khatami who is a sitting member of parliament was a senior leader within the mostly christian. movement its fighters systematically attacked the muslim population of the muslim seleka rebels seized power as tragic
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love story told throughout the middle east and central asia has been reinterpreted in a twenty first century contemporary dance jessica baldwin went to see the u.k. premiere of layla and mentioned. musicians from play traditional persian instruments. setting the stage for a western audience to learn the heartbreaking tale of layla imagine. the. dancers from the mark morris dance with interpret the ancient palm that tells the story of two young people who fall in love but aren't allowed to marry. musicians dancers with worlds in contemporary angles singers from different traditions working together something that attracted choreographer morris to the
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project. there is a kind of a bad vibe going on internationally you know this it's not just islamophobia it's like everything a phobia and that that's not good for anybody you know it's not those people and those people and those people it's like. no it's we people that's that's what i like about. the move them style of singing is performed by a father daughter duo. putting his hand to his ear allows an impossible to hear is own voice more clearly in azerbaijan kassim office considered a national treasure. and expert on now surprise yani music says everyone can relate to the tragic love story and the mournful music the music is such a powerful way of. delivering messages to
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people regardless of the language and of the cultural identity. at a time of increased support for walls and tighter borders to protect individual nations this production is all about sharing ideas and collaboration between cultures from across the world. some of the sounds and styles may be foreign to western audiences but the emotions are known to all still relevant and entertaining across countries cultures and centuries jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. this is al jazeera let's get a roundup of the top stories the u.s. president has spoken to the cia chief after a force the spy agency believes saudi arabia's crown prince ordered the murder of
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john murtha shoji that inclusion contradicts the saudi government's claim sound man was not involved. well the founds and people are missing in northern california after the worst wildfires to hit the region since records began donald trump has made his first visit to the area he's been to the town of paradise where at least seventy one people died kristen salumi has more from chico california just whole neighborhoods burned to the ground we saw recovery crews going through cellars looking for remains of people to try to identify bodies a den of five people that may be on that missing persons list just even the downtown area of paradise industrial buildings in some cases were burned to the ground so really.


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