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and then the british and the french negotiated and clemenceau and lloyd george themselves negotiated probably in a taxi between victoria station and ten downing street when clemenceau arrived and in london and in december of one nine hundred eighteen so it was completely casual and resisted and opposed by virtually everyone in the region. so mark sykes died soon after the war aged thirty nine he cast a long shadow across the arab world especially palestine. on the sykes picos map it was colored brown an area under international administration yet to be decided.
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of britain's three wartime promises the one made by foreign minister author balfour proved the most enduring and controversial. kind of ma that cycle a one one. said they're. going to be a lot of latin with up to four one at c.s.u. i'm going to show any of her site by then her mom and all her while it's a lot. about the battle for. there were many reasons for baal for his promise after centuries of a nice image ism in russia and europe jews had started to settle in palestine. the jewish nationalist movement zionism was gaining momentum its leader was a russian born chemistry professor in manchester. the vitamin process for producing acetone fed britain's wartime munitions production and his notoriety enabled him to
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lobby the british government to support a jewish national home in palestine. in june one nine hundred seventeen vitamin and the jewish banker and politician walter rothschild met arthur balfour in london to request a formal declaration of support for zionism five months later came his reply. on the second of november balfour wrote to rothschild to say that the government viewed with favor the establishment in palestine of a national home for the jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this project. this is the famous balfour declaration the letter of foreign secretary up of bad percent in november night is seventeen to laud the rothschilds as at the first of what is the
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bad for decoration meant that one nation promises to the second nation the country of a third. what is extraordinary is that this letter was not that it by balfour or his stuff instead it was drafted for him by high in vitamin the future president of israel. i think if we're trying to understand the british imperial establishment relationship it's on it's in from the time of the first of all that it's actually a key that we recognize the significance of the bible and british culture so that they narratives of zionism is the ancient jewish nation and the landscape with the by returning to its former glory days was an idea that was not overly familiar to many people in britain by the time of the first whoa whoa but remained tickers well. there were also wider strategic reasons for supporting
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zionism. jewish influence was strong in the government to britain's new war ally the united states under president woodrow wilson. two of woodrow wilson's top advisors felix frankfurter on the one hand and louis brandeis on the other hand were ardent zionists now the british were very suspicious of woodrow wilson although the united states had already entered the war and the british were also very suspicious of the huge amount of german and german immigrants in the end states and irish immigrants in the united states that were opposed to britain and the british empire so what they wanted to do was somehow get the united states to make sure the united states stayed on board in the first world world war and what that of course entailed was making sure that woodrow wilson's top advisers kept on pushing him giving him a goal or giving them a goal to fight for to the bitter end. and the other power the british
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wanted to keep happy was russian. the idea that the british thought most that many of the bolsheviks had jewish backgrounds beyond trustees a real name was bronstein after all and what the british thought once you scratch these people underneath it really jewish so therefore what we've got to do. we've got to give venice something that will a piece of them to make sure that they would stay in the war and fight to the bitter end as well didn't quite work out that way. and just as mark sykes had called his approach to negotiating with the french as practical politics there was good old british pragmatism. the idea of having a jewish colony somewhere to the north of the suez canal the british were in egypt in the suez canal and in the north you would have a jewish colony that would be very dependent on the british and of course the main british strategic goal was to protect the route to continue. lloyd george
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and the people around him sat down and thought to themselves it's a cost as if it doesn't cost us anything it might have some benefit why don't we just do it little did they know how much it was going to end up cost. and still to come the arab aid for independence from ultimate rule shareef sainz revolt general but often. what but a move initiative for saying fuck up and yet as i hear it come. the idea of the mandate the league of nations time for continued foreign rule over again until the then in. the cuts at luna all over the global. sea it's a little dead but something that these are the love of them in the open. and the long time impact on the arab world of british and french double dealing who can
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handle some of anything it does up until about whom i look at places. as migrants seek sanctuary on its shows the e.u. must choose rescue or deterrence. italy's anti immigration government has allied with the libyan coast guard in an operation often at loggerheads with n.g.o.s trying to save lives. of people in power is on board with both sides rescue at sea announces iraq. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. it is
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just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives us and gives us the ability to identify the people in a way or the other side of the wall but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. the mates the world project ahead they don't want the members of the community vaccinators targeted and vaccines rejected pakistan faces a constant battle in its war against polio a very difficult situation al jazeera follows the extraordinary health workers who risk their lives in one of polio his final strongholds. through terse work with her remains her the story of saw. lifelines the last drops on al-jazeera.
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a lot has them seeking the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump says he'll get a full report on the killing of saudi journalist in the next few days he's spoken to the cia chief after reports the spy agency believes saudi arabia's crown prince ordered the murder that contradicts the saudi government's claim the cell man was not involved still justice audience than our cia director to revoke and very knowledgeable and been studying this very closely and it's a horrible thing that took place the killing of a journalist very very bad situation. and somebody who is respected it should never have happened and we'll be having a very full report over the next two days more than a thousand people are missing in northern california after the worst wild flies hit the region since records began donald trump has made his first visit to the area
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he's been to the town of paradise where at least seventy one people died christina salumi has more from chico california just whole neighborhoods burned to the ground we saw recovery crews going through cellars looking for remains of people to try to identify bodies that benefit people that may be on that missing persons list just even the downtown area of paradise industrial buildings in some cases were burned to the ground so really a scene of utter devastation and all the people that lived there had to flee and go somewhere many are in shelters some are staying with family some are in hotels the saudi military led coalition has resumed and strikes against yemen's hooty rebels in the port city of data the united nations say is the war has pushed some eight point four million people to the brink of starvation. investigators in argentina say a navy submarine found a year after it disappeared in the atlantic ocean imploded the ira san juan
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vanished four hundred kilometers off the argentine coast with forty four crew members on board in france a protest has been killed in more than two hundred injured demonstrations against the rising cost of fuel prices of risen twenty percent since the start of the year the government's added the taxes to try to lower air pollution as part of its environmental policy those that are headlines now it's back to world war one three hour by. on counting the cost the breaks it end game there's a complicated draft deal on the table we'll break it down to tell you what it means for people living in the u.k. m.b.e. you plus why saudi arabia wants to slam the brakes on oil production. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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money to rekey the two newseum writer and broadcaster is telling the story of the first world war from an arab perspective. in one thousand nine hundred fifteen and sixteen the war in europe was bloody mary silis and i'm going to lend to. the british and french were called down in the trenches against a stubborn jam and. but it was a different kind of war in the middle east. britain strategy was to capitalize on growing out of nationalist feeling against for centuries of ultimate rule. carolina and the hold up with that minute the key it became at the age dumb hour and jim yet said we have i don't have either mash you home and i am no ministry and i mean
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going to ship at least on the walk i don't and you have thought about it what the number one issue any of us a and and yet as to how the heat if that were. in one thousand nine hundred fifteen the british high commissioner in cairo so henry mcmahon began negotiating an alliance with a same ben-ali the shot of mecca an exchange of letters took place between mcmahon and hussain about the possibility of joining some sort of revolt against the ottomans the result of that was that the british promised should be for sane and his sons gold and guns and an arab state or states to be founded after the war was over and in return for that they would declare war on the ottomans. the same was also the choice of our of the secret resistance groups. that i threw in the water and that is that we have
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a political all of our faces as i behave there what did you have. and. well that lady who what he for life while the had to have them all the walk out of iraq and you have to deal with our one year but they'll be out there on a bit. but it was far from simple. all of this maneuvering was going on at the same time as the british and french representatives mark sykes and francois pico were carving up the middle east between the. shereef a saint dreamt of a great arab state to include the levant from the egyptian border up to the taurus mountains in turkey. plus all of mesopotamia to the border in the north and the whole of the arabian peninsula except for the british colony of aden. kind of.
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how do you. and i know how can i say leap years you've been out of. your country your door the. iraqis in one cocoon or much learned to clean. now i can beat up on you know i did that and now it's so fucked up for him he made much i did ok for that would i have had the guardian united go to many credit of a could but i know who last about how to do another and economic muscle how to do a minute about. britain weighed up the benefits and agreed to sorry for seems to months. for his part hussein called for an arab uprising against the ultimate on the fifth of june nine hundred sixteen. the hashemite forces under the command of her saying the sun faisel mobilized. from their bases they attacked the ottoman supply line to his us railway.
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they found the arab tribesmen of trans-jordan a tough nut to crack. the fourth. the line here today at alcatraz is near the jordanian town of maan a tribal stronghold that the husham ites were never able to capture. before the war the his honour's railway had been a way for arabs here to travel from alcatraz to new destinations one hundred years on the trains don't stop here anymore. were. when feisal hashemites moved north in one thousand nine hundred eighteen and formed a pincer movement with general allen based british divisions in palestine they were able to take damascus on the second of october. the big battles were occurring in
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europe this was the right flank of an army that was invading north from egypt up the coast of the mediterranean eventually to end up in aleppo. after taking greater sea. area faisal felt he did chief his objective and fully expected the british to deliver on their promises. ottoman rule of the levant was at an end and in a month a war would be over. the armistice was signed on the eleventh of november nineteen eighteen. the arabs who fought for the victorious allies thought it was payback time they expected sovereignty and independence. that was how it was understood in the arab world the real problem for the region is that although the british government unleashed this idea to the genie after the
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bottle of the idea of national freedom the pritish understanding and certainly the french understanding of what national freedom would mean for the region is very very different from has conceived across the region itself. first to react was egypt. its people had paid a high price for supporting the british. of the one point two million men deployed in different roles in world war one battle fields five hundred thousand perished. a few months after the war ended the egyptian politician and statesman sod's al ghul asked the british high commissioner if he could lead a delegation.


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