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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 325  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2018 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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song. while a. total. vacuum some in the house trained me to commit genocide would be a general viet. nam this is where you go to show you. are still here she didn't. have to try to keep their. father to. a so i have washington. decided it's a bloody haven't said so now look up i love this stuff i. can't believe. the hype. about the month of. ramadan the holy month that it will. be it did to much. of the me i didn't.
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know margaret and i mean mcconville enough of the stuff i think including with what i learned that i'm a good at it as told that. the whole new mom about out on the thing in me and with a formality. i took a sign of how often we may bow out of an implicit. mind if. i don't go whole hog. and. in the. ground. zero mosque on a. yes. i sure wish that. this is me not to know how soon do doesn't.
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as much as you kid. oh man you know how when that any nine hundred salad this shop is that a lot that a hot man is sokolow aging in law she was awful out hanging out on me at home the one in golf. and you know sort of the off market at a. seminar you shop on hell no. longer those damn few shiny shoes not a hard job and you're here for a short. son more than two months and you know you're not going to see and you are shrewd very. money on didn't arrive next near the point. made i mean that with the home of parents he meant the money my house and i know that not in the house i did not have a good method. had
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this fan who she does still being. who she does a line and also of a knuckle engine in milan just one question shy only the. time todd is home and she will miss any job until cindy and keep. them attention in the event that. one half i could be in the hall and ahead of the station because you own your own mission on hand. than the town sounded so open the shot then he holds find out the stance. of the missile could ha ha. ha ha mission is how. it's a serious serious.
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and i found it because i'm missing much that she thinks any kind of specifics you first. need to get. to vote is part of your game i mean we couldn't go. in there tonight using.
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she looks like. she. looked. when she went into this and of a van now whom i'm. sure
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. will be on the scene again they're so good june. because. it's on a cold cold cold with them dodging by yaks not by a hole but out the my tree. and. for the most part it was this ocean that was this is how that somebody. should. hi hi i listen to her m.b.a. i nanny i had them on our guard and i am in law but how they just said i'm sad and walk on yeah i said nonny and to me how many. there is
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a lot of korean companies work in baghdad you know k a i come there come on time that you know you say. to the airports don't know yet you know a lot of companies want to know what we can follow you. follow you need them one point zero zero zero zero zero sun the sun even time oh yeah. i don't. know. if it. could in ash you know so we had a one hundred on t.v. the stuff. when you look a job or some way. most of the chinese have a ten month communication been on the market and she's mom damn it might to be from
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one room i had to go out on the left and you got i guess my name was richard number that is she nine economics of a time in a budget to me i walk out what i'm going to be an icon name to minako you. know what i mean you know the only thing that you know if it is to you about a moment yes well then why am i mean. when the. call i mean. john out of korea. has softly on a bit and you are a should not quote a general and enough is enough that hired a short and i would call it. what hannah in the amended has said when you had to add everything just told her she'd see a haitian against you on the corner here. you see in yourself but i want to wear accordion and if you don't. sleep i'm not good for ya mind you i was
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going out with a stranger now i'm awfully sorry i'm unlucky it's studied even know why she was with you because she was this little make up on your knees as though he doesn't know the senate locally not because i said it because it's the south i have a lot to say because it was an. issue that's been living with asthma see how it shall be included there are many that allegedly i mean i'm very markets you see people going to. scientifically i've got a lot of fire and i guess it is the other song on the. you know and. that is so mean by the heart and. i mean we're not an anti-war oh no one is someone who wanted. to work. for us.
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and. because you know he did us the semi-colon and you cannot go and get into haiti do it seems. that you've got to be some kind of one hundred like you know how the so. i may not work out well you know you know me i'm very you know how you fell under. the sun and this is kind of evil stuff that can. just put the colombian that. was not now my issue in this vein without that why we have the whole world has. also been headed to me when i jump i think that it's i'm going to stay you know i couldn't without the how bad they said you know how bad could it. on the i'll be the judge of mystical idea but
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i'm married as you have a. son i want. a most are them in. my home. but here i'm forty. you have a. compass in me to my yeah. and this is. not all come custom i could not. hold up. to the scholarships care about the master degree each professor he signed. to select order tuesday students depending on their funds oh you want to see somebody through the poem through the different races this. these three. or maybe even better lives for my. person you said electron microscopes.
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have no ability to bring this devises in our. laboratory so now i see. they make the cable bill that's really. so so you price for me. and my how was she did i ask why no especially. want to use it and then. there's nothing on the. start. he only said it would have had me don't want. to. part time job so. callum mike. the hey lynn whole. if it didn't know. was she always you know what it will show a funny annoying on the has it very much the drama of michelle leave in the job
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with the baby may just want to i said i gotta say i wish. i had as you. say how is the out there as you walk. in the children head charley otoh if we talk about momentum with a phone you have to vary the home so do you want to have a very big. enough so sorely shivah tell you ali g. i don't want to come in on the edge of nona just said i want to model. no a hostel and i was. allowed to leave. my house on a scholarship. both of them and. the fossil still was there oh yeah that was out of the field so false. and off she you know. not at all about it becoming law just it. took over that one.
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poor move by that no i don't mean on the one. it's on that to imply love. jonathan three gunmen so finance and the high on he. has. got to come in handy mt heads going to do one. or two and not instead so i had but as i left. this also. good skin good. fine for what is right on the shores of padded dice progress for some can create
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a living hell for others challenging his government and big business one in nine risks of life to see the community he cherishes the new one my have to be that someone. is what under. the old position a witness documentary on out is enough.
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china could be facing a debt that's according to s. and p. global the trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and all the old call yourself that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. there's a problem in the headlines on al-jazeera saudi arabia's foreign minister says the kingdom is united around its leadership and he rejected a report about
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a change in the line of succession but reuters news agency says it stands by its story which said that members of the royal family want to see crown prince mohammed bin sandman blocked from the throne after the murder of journalist jamal kushal the trumpet ministration meanwhile is standing by some of these rulers as she have a chance he reports from washington d.c. . even as the saudi foreign minister insisted investigations were ongoing into the death of jamal khashoggi it was clear one possibility was not to be considered but the journalist was killed at the order of the highest levels of the saudi government which has led admitting that this was an operation that was that went wrong or people exceeded their authorities did something they're not supposed to do we have made it very clear that we're investigating that those who committed this crime will be protestants and that procedures will be reviewed in which to make sure it doesn't happen again you also dismissed a reuters report that some members of the saudi ruling family wanted to block crown prince mohammed bin salman from assuming the throne he so outrageous comments that
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are being made are totally unacceptable and the kingdom of saudi arabia is unified on this issue the kingdom sanjay is committed to its leadership the kingdom of saudi arabia is committed to the vision that our leaders have put forth for us in terms of vision twenty thirty and in terms of moving along the path of reform of the pentagon u.s. defense secretary james mattis discussed the administration's reasons for backing saudi arabia despite calls for accountability for casualties murder on the khashoggi affair he said presidents don't often get the freedom to work with unblemished partners in all things you don't mention the conflict in yemen if you want to end the war you're going to deal with saudi you can't say i'm not going to deal with them a rejection of the policy advocated by an increasing number of members of congress to apply pressure on saudi arabia to end the war by ending the u.s. arms sales upon which its offensive depends matters a statements echoed the doctrine of spiles by donald trump in his statement on tuesday the us is strategic interest supersede all else and i'll give it the
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received a withering response from the editor of the washington post who published a market share g.'s articles i was astonished even after two years of kind of astonishing and dismaying things from this president this one was is really almost beyond belief and it's wrong on so many levels. i mean of course it's wrong to excuse the murder. journalist. of any human being which is doing but even in town a strategic basis you know i mean he seems to see it is well we can't worry about things like morality and human rights because we need saudi arabia but for now the trumpet illustration seems impervious to criticism of its explanation of why it will act against saudi arabia she ever terms the outer zero washington well apart from the kushal case u.s. defense secretary james mattis has also been discussing the war and yemen he says
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the saudi of erotic coalition has again ceased an offensive around the port city of whole day that earlier the u.n. special envoy to yemen met with the rebel leaders in the capital saima mohsin griffiths is expected to travel to on thursday. president donald trump has faced off with the supreme court chief justice in a dispute over the independence of america's judiciary john roberts seen here swearing trump into office took issue with the president after he denounced another judge who rejected his asylum policy and u.s. troops on the southern border with mexico could be given permission to use lethal force if necessary to protect customs officials thousands of asylum seekers are gathering near the fanti over the u.s. but it could be months before they're allowed to attempt to cross over thousands of border patrol agents and are preparing for the so-called caravan of people. survive as a record wildfires in the u.s. state of california bracing for
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a new threat from nature heavy rainfall forecasters are expecting as much as twenty centimeters of rain by friday in areas around the town of paradise at least eighty three people have died in the fires while hundreds of others a missing. those are the headlines al jazeera correspondent is coming up next. if. and fatman i am an online journalist. and have
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a four year old daughter. i grew up in sweden but ameritrade am belgian. it was while making a web documentary fog of the you know about female genital mutilation that i realize how deeply rooted it is in many cultures including my own. i have family and friends who have been through it but it's not something you talk about. as a child i attended the close relatives gathering after she was caught. it was then that i wondered have i been kept. to my relief my mother told me that she chose not to. when i think about the severe health risks involved in f. g. m. a contact but wonder. why does this practice continue in so many countries.
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and what would it take for to start with and i live on the london end of the model and how do some manage to change my own health attitudes towards cutting while still preserving their own culture. you know and then there are more pastoral questions like whether my mother has been cut. i've never asked or. i'm determined to find out more about the different reasons why f. jam continues and to understand better what's needed to end it. i've come to somaliland because together with the rest of somalia it has the highest. two female genital mutilation in the world. is banned in most countries but here it's still legal.
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in somaliland children mostly caught between the ages of six and eight. after come to the afghan survivor geisha the capital to meet a traditional cutter. known as been cutting girls for over forty years around twenty five a day attack peak. how many girls have you got what you look about and what type of cuts have you performed on the girls. couldn't father why entire leg in the trailer. was hit with an all star. and italy good new chorus of those showered on by little i. said the hell out so would you for only right. now q so know why entire this week.
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so little of say hey i will also tell you. no rush owes me the most common cotton somaliland the chorus the most of us are only qualm what do you do this for oh how is my rock a shelf and. so i put it in the classroom. because our sources tell you don't you the knife my. ass so i. tell you how the war on his i don't. want. just friends. so i can so i can so and i can you show me how do you determine. how big the hole should be that you leave.
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this is how big the opening is only live with but well good luck once and you're supposed to urinate from the earth when you're a teenager mr asian go through this whole. over ninety percent of girls in somaliland are cut by traditional cutters. unlike neuro most have no medical training. most girls and women here have had the for rooney and i want to know the consequences and i. am a busy few new midwife at the local hospital ground you have a very beautiful thank you very much she was born in somalia but moved to freedom as a result of the civil war. that night and night and i i decided to come back to prove something for most people because i needed here how have you been involved in
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the fight against their after them cases which we help those who have fibro fibro decide to murder. which is which form is the collective blood. the blood cannot if the space is very small the ministration cannot go out or if the mantle in the ghetto gets them in a station there will be something left in the uterus so this will form the top. this becomes bigger people will say this she has a little. baby in her stomach so the doctor takes out this and that that will be ok. i know help from the macon maternity hospital. nobody was surprised. to see who said. two days a week of counselors coming out educational outreach work in the community.
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or how. they have only one line in my life. my name right. there how how do you know you mature and i mean. that's what i really want to have here is you got a man who. what i don't know how that is that we. are doing that how do is. to want to discuss stories with the counselors. she's eighteen and pregnant with her first try.


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