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tv   China All The Single Men  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2018 6:33am-7:00am +03

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one more for me we live in poverty we come here early in the morning and sometimes when i come home my child complained saying i don't see you we're not even often fridays in the middle of winter when everyone sits next to a heater we're in this freezing cold we're forced to do this otherwise we wouldn't do it help. while the government has poured money into helping the saffron sector thrive the benefits have yet to trickle all the way down is in basra the older zero four brotherhood the rear. taiwan is holding key local elections this weekend and the outcome will be closely watched by china which has concerns over leadership of independence leaning president in when china regards taiwan as part of its territory which can be taken back by force if necessary relations between the two sides of worsened since i took our and as adrian brown now reports that is hurting the economy. it'll be another six months before pineapple farmer new
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shoe complete in picking his crop normally three quarters of what he grows in these fields would be exported to china but in may the orders suddenly stopped a loss of business that cost him more than three hundred thousand dollars he's not hopeful things will improve. now the government should find ways to help farmers to sell their fruit i think the situation will get worse next year with the government's failure to connect to china another bad year can be expected. china's leaders cut off communication with taiwan's government after zion win was elected president in two thousand and sixteen her party supports independence the port city of couse shown is taiwan third largest city and was once popular with chinese tourists but operators say visitor numbers from the mainland of fallen by more than a million and a half in the past two years the faltering economy is one of the reasons why morris cho is considering looking for
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a job in china become tree many taiwanese consider as the enemy if we want god to china what our needs we won't talk about politics because the most important thing for us is to have a better career in the future. zeiss party has held for twenty years but recent poll shows the main opposition party gaining ground this city is a stronghold for the ruling democratic progressive party their supporters like the president's tough and the china stance but they worry about the impact it's having on the economy and if the d.p.p. were to lose this city it would represent a severe setback for the president or that will be a major blow for the ruling government and the wrong party because they have secured the position for more than twenty years and. well there's. over. that will be.
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i china's leaders like opponents in taiwan will be pleased if that happens because they want to ensure she's a one term president adrian brown al-jazeera. had for you on this. in the final of the day i was i am. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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time now for the sport. thank you very much spanish football giants real madrid have been forced to deny allegations that they captain sergio ramos failed a drugs test ahead of the champions league final back in twenty seventeen german magazine der spiegel has claimed that the spain defender tested positive for an anti inflammatory drug which is banned if tester's on not informed of its use the magazine added european football's governing body you wafer had accepted an apology from ramos and the player had blamed the club's doctor for the incident. so your arse has never breached anti doping regulations you ever requested specific information and immediately closed the case as is usual in such cases following tests carried out by experts from the world anti-doping association and u.a.e. for itself. rail or an action against a barn saturday meanwhile the club's two biggest rivals barcelona and i'd like to
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go madrid will meet in a high profile match to go hoping for a first championship since winning the title in twenty fourteen and could go top of the leader with a win at the wonder metropolitano pastor of the defending spanish champions another current league leaders they have scored more goals than any other club in the composition of the season but i'd let it go but it's the toughest offense in the division. to give us an emotional. week later if you know both teams have a very clear style and we will both play more or less according to our usual methods so we know what logical usually starts both halves aggressively is there likely to pressure us in our own area but they will play in their usual way where they feel more comfortable and that approach has served them well. over an england premier league leaders manchester city travel to west ham on saturday they haven't lost so far in the league this season but manager paper audio listeners he doesn't expect there to last heading into a busy few weeks they are not the machines there but it's
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a good one game we're going to lose important is competing don't get we're going to lose be there the target is not to be invincible being beaten that is not sent play good every day and be happy the guys where the people are which is in the game interest to of course when the three points we want to stay longer here if we don't win games. we're still over here meanwhile manchester united will be hoping to kickstart big campaign at home to crystal palace second place liverpool travel to watford former premier league winning manager claudio ranieri takes charge of for them for the first time against southampton and tottenham and chelsea meet in a london dobby. world football rivalries don't come any bigger than that between origin time clubs at river plate and bucket genius that seems well played to the side which will be crowned copper limited or its champions this weekend and supporters are being whipped into a frenzy over this game barca fans packed into the stadium in our side is simply to
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watch late in a training session ahead of saturday's final the club's played out of two to draw in the first leg here two weeks ago these fans won't get to see the second leg across town at rovers. stadium as a way fans are banned one of them getting too excited even for this but fortunately for him carlos tevez rescued him from the cops and introduced him to the guys the forty nine thousand seater stadium was over capacity on thursday so now authorities have closed it down for safety reasons and any victory celebration may not be held there back on river have never played each other in a couple ever to do this final before this year our team will be live in when our side is at the momento on saturday. croatia are on the verge of winning the davis cup for the second time that of the border challenge and marin chile each won their singles matches on friday to put them to love up over hosts and defending champions france will number seven chile had little trouble getting past joe wilfred tsonga who has been out of action through injury for much of twenty
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eighteen and back showed here should each closing out a six three seven five six victory to put croatia firmly in control. earlier boehner tried it should go to croatia off to a flying start with another straight sets win the world number twelve beating jeremy shockey sixty seven five six four croatia need to just win one of the remaining three matches and no team has lost over two love deficit in a davis cup final since one thousand nine hundred thirty nine on saturday the people of taiwan asserts a vote in a referendum on whether to change the name the athletes compete on the at the olympics that name is currently chinese taipei changing it to taiwan is politically sensitive and may even mean the athletes can compete at tokyo twenty twenty adrian brown is in the taiwanese capital. well politics affects all aspects of life here in taiwan and now it's the turn of sport this is a very controversial referendum and it's stirring interest not just here in taiwan
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but of course also overseas now just a few days ago to illustrate the divisions this issue is causing a number of athletes took part in a protest they are against the name change they fear that it could lead to taiwan being excluded from the twenty twenty lympics the i.o.c. has ruled that that could happen if taiwan goes ahead with the name change but supporters of the name change say that it's humiliating for taiwan to have to compete in international sporting events as chinese taipei and not taiwan and they point out that this place has been a self governing island for the past sixty nine years the voting age in this referendum is also being lowered from twenty to eighteen that's significant because opinion polls show that many young people are in favor of the name change also the threshold for eligible voters has been reduced from fifty to twenty five percent
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which means that a simple majority will suffice all of this of course poses something of a di lemma for taiwan's government because if the vote is in favor of a name change it means that legislators will have to present a bill for parliament to vote on and that will present the government with further entanglement and of course raise tensions with china at a time when there's already a deep strain in that relationship australia's rugby team of preparing to take on england in london on saturday hoping to end a run of five defeats to the english this will also be the first time australia where especially designed indigenous choosey in an overseas match the most senior wallaby with aboriginal heritage is currently below but he's been dropped even though he is still playing in education roles. i don't want to be romantic about that talk of stuff you know it's means a lot to all of us and. and currently shared a couple of stories this week every time we wear that jersey we want to learn
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a little bit more about. an indigenous history which it probably isn't taught to us a lot of school is much richer day and. he told us stories with passion this way can now cause a learning more and more about that all the time and as representatives of a struggle in the sporting field i think that's the right thing to do meanwhile in cardiff wales will host south africa took the welsh ninety three years to beat the springboks for the first time that was back in one thousand nine hundred nine but now they are in a three match winning streak against the south africans and looking to go unbeaten during the november test period for the first time ever england's men are in a decent position at the close of the first day's play in colombo in their third cricket test against sri lanka and it was mostly thanks to a century from jonny bairstow that we could keep has been relieved of glove duty and promoted to bat at number three in his first appearance in this series he justified the selectors decision by scoring one other than ten election some become
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would dismiss based on his way to form for ninety one england end of the day three hundred twelve for seven. and that's all the sport expect to marry him in london. thank you peter well that wraps up the news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with much more of the day's stay with us. impoverished excluded and under attack roma communities are paying the price of hiking nationalism in a country but war with itself. people in power
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investigates the surgeon hate crimes at the hands of far right groups. ukrainian roma repression on al jazeera. to cope with driving in kabul you need nerves of steel and a strong heart the afghan capital has some of the most challenging driving conditions anywhere even though women are allowed to drive by law many men say culturally it is wrong that they are for that mia there are lots of men here that the abuse you they block your column it's a site it's right alongside shouting bad things no one helps us when the taliban were in control women were forbidden to drive but outside of the main cities it is rare even now to see a woman behind the wheel society is changing albeit slowly but the women drivers of afghanistan there was a long road ahead before they are fully accepted. stories of life.
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and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wilds. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds. al-jazeera selects palestinians. more evidence that jamal khashoggi is murder was premeditated as u.s. democrats say they will investigate u.s. president's response to the killing of the saudi genest. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up this hour
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suicide attackers target china's consulate in karachi three gunmen and two policemen are among those killed in pakistan. we look at the political newcomer who will represent the main opposition party is the democratic republic of congo prepares for elections in december and a new report warns climate change will cost the u.s. economy hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century. we begin with breaking developments in the murder case of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi turkish investigators analyzing the phone calls and movements of the suspects say the operation to kill him was planned twelve days in advance in the recordings a third voice is heard which security sources say might be that of the crown prince this as democrats will u.s. house intelligence panel say they will be investigating president trump's response
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to the journalist killing more on that in a moment first those who has this update from istanbul. it's been weeks after damascus ship just killing and every day we have a new information coming up according to the latest information al-jazeera gathered from the turkish sources is that martyr optimism a trip to the close security guard of the crown prince mohamed bin sandman has had four phone conversations with southall kaftan in the private aid of the crown prince and in one of those phone conversations there were the there was the third was identified by the turkish officials and they said triangle of believe that this source belongs to mohamed bin sound man the crown prince but of course for now until the technical analysis conclude that way they can't confirm that it belongs to him mohamed bin salman and they tell us that since the had these phone calls with his saudi mobile phone saudi mobile line they are not able to identify the
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source very clearly and they need technical support from the united states so it will be an important detail to see who that to whom that third voice belongs to also their other details which shows that this murder was premeditated for instance consul general of istanbul mama della tavi has been named as the prime suspect of this. of this crime all along with him three other soudan national consulate employees are named to be prime suspects as well and the consul general had three form talks to so they'll catatonia according to turkish officials he has also exchanged one e-mail with them as i said to technical analysis continue and they are they haven't been able to figure out what the content of those phone calls and e-mails were because we were told that they were talking they were using some code and some secret words in order to in order to avoid to show what they are really
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talking about also another saudi official who is now. to be one of the members of the saudi intelligence extent divorce mails voice messages on what's up on the day . it was murdered and he exchanged those messages with troops and elica. so took his security sources and the third prosecutors really believe that this has been a very strongly pre-planned murder all democrats have said that they will investigate u.s. president's response you could show g.'s murder as part of a deep dive next year into u.s. saudi ties of more on this let's speak to rosalynn jordan in washington so roslyn the indication for that from the democrats or ease from one key lawmaker is that when control of the house changes come january there is going to be further investigation into this. that is very much the case mario representative
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adam schiff of california is going to be the new chairperson of the set of the house intelligence committee and he has told the washington post that he is going to convene hearings not just on the murder of jamal khashoggi and the trumpet ministrations response to it but also into the various dynamics of the u.s. saudi relationship writ large shift says it's important one for the house and for all of congress to understand exactly what u.s. intelligence knows about the murder of jamal. about who was to blame who organized it who carried it out so that members of congress themselves can figure out if there's anything that they can do legislatively to try to hold people accountable for because she's murder shift also told the washington post that it's important to understand the full scope of the u.s.
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saudi relationship what are the financial ties that dollar trump likes to talk so much about between the two countries how much of it is personal business ties between the president himself and the saudi government how much of it is really incumbent upon supporting the u.s. energy economy or other parts of the u.s. economy these are things that shift says need to be spelled out so that people actually have a baseline against which to measure whether the trumpet ministration is actually doing what members of congress would consider to be the right thing in the case of jamal khashoggi is murder thank you very much from washington rosen and jordan. suicide attackers have tried to storm the chinese consulate in the pakistani city
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of karachi three gunmen and at least two policemen were killed the separatist group the liberation army has claimed responsibility as victoria ports. this is the man who attacked the chinese consulate in karachi armed with guns they calmly walked up to a security checkpoint and opened fire police say the men threw up to ten hand grenades at the compound as they tried unsuccessfully to storm the building they were stopped by gods before they reached the consulate. two policemen who were on duty had been killed the attackers parked their car away from the consulate they were stopped from entering the building three attackers had been killed. the separatist group the baluchistan liberation army said the three gunmen were it's members the groups angry at the so-called china pakistan economic corridor a sixty four billion dollars chinese investment which aims to connect the port of quater in southern pakistan to northwestern china railways and pipelines the
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development promises to bring jobs but many people in balochistan say china is exploiting pakistan's resources the chinese government says it's asked islamabad for more security. work. josh the chinese side strongly condemns any violent attacks targeting any diplomatic missions and requests the pakistani side takes measures to ensure the safety of chinese nationals and organizations. pakistani prime minister imran khan says the attack on the consulate was part of a conspiracy against economic cooperation between pakistan and china the foreign minister also condemned the gunman. one attack. disseminated his suicide vest killing two policeman but police killed the other two attackers before they could into the consulate premises we're glad that all the consulate staff of. the government says chinese consulate staff have been moved to
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a safe location that security forces have the area under control however they're bracing for more attacks from people who feel china is transforming the impoverished region but not giving them a fair share of the benefits big turia gates and be there. or talk to you want to separate attack in northwest pakistan there at least twenty five people including children were killed in an explosion in a crowded market in the iraq site district a rugs i recently merged with a back to enquire province after decades of direct rule from islamabad no one has claimed responsibility for the attack there while moving toward ghana stan now an explosion at a mosque in the eastern part of the country has killed at least twenty six soldiers a suicide bomber detonated his device inside an army base in horse province just as friday prayers were drawing to a close at least fifty seven others were wounded in the explosion to yemen now who see rebels agreed to talks which could result in the united nations running the
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port of data the u.n. special envoy martin griffiths maybe announcement after speaking to the iran backed rebels of course is a vital lifeline for yemenis many of whom a starving juta a four year civil war saudi led coalition forces have been battling to take the data for months but what are joe has more from djibouti. u.n. special envoy martin griffiths says he has managed to get some form commitment from both parties in the conflict in yemen to peace talks to be held december in sweden he visited the paucity of the day that met the management of the vital fault of the day the where more than seventy percent of the country's imports including aid go through the un want some sort of supervisory role in the management of the port on the whole things are under intense pressure to hung over the management of the ports to a third party a multi griffith's ac is managed to get the agreement of the management of the port
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to talks about how the u.n. can get some sort of a role in the management of the port there seems to be consensus building all around within the international community for peace talks to behold it's the only way it's believed that yemen kundra tom to peace and also the humanitarian crisis in the country come be resolved these a lot of pressure on not only the fighters on the pro-government alliance but also the sodium article supporting the government in yemen. now felix just take a day has been chosen as the opposition's main candidate in the democratic republic of congo and coming president presidential elections that only come to the country's oldest biggest party she said katie is a relative newcomer politics and he has his work cut out for him because he's facing long time were president joseph kabila is nominated successor in the december twenty third vote katherine sawyer has more. it was. after his father
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and she said katie died in february last year felix she said cady to go over the reins of the largest opposition party the union for democracy and social progress. his father had come second in the twenty eleven presidential election and the young like to see katie hopes to copy two lies on that legacy and popularity of himself and his father than favoring the same through street cop but unlike the old that she said caddy who had decades of experience both in government and the opposition his son was until recently not in the thick coat of congress politics he lived in belgium for many as as a political newcomer some have criticised his lack of the.


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