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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2018 8:00am-8:20am +03

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railways and pipelines the development promises to bring jobs but many people in balochistan say china is exploiting pakistan's resources the chinese government says it's asked islamabad for more security what can i do you can work you know josh the chinese side strongly condemns any violent attacks targeting any diplomatic missions and requests the pakistani side takes measures to ensure the safety of chinese nationals and organizations. pakistani prime minister imran khan says the attack on the consulate was part of the conspiracy against economic cooperation between pakistan and china the foreign minister also condemned the gunman. one attacker detonated his suicide vest killing two policeman but police killed the other two attackers before they could into the consulate premises we're glad that all the consulate staff are safe the government says chinese consulate staff have been moved to
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a safe location and that security forces have the area under control however they're braced for more attacks from people who feel china is transforming their impoverished region but not giving them a fair share of the benefits victoria gave him be out there just hours after the consulate attack there was an explosion in a crowded market in northwest pakistan at least twenty five people were killed and fifty others injured in the iraq side district near the border with afghanistan most of the casualties were minority shia muslims backus on a prime minister in qana condemned the bombing calling it an act of terrorism the no one has yet claimed responsibility for that. and over the border in afghanistan a suicide bomber set off his explosives inside an army base mosque killing at least twenty six soldiers this is in host province in the east just as friday prayers were finishing almost sixty others wounded there. the u.n. special envoy for yemen has urged all warring sides to maintain peace in hyundai is
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saying the attention of the world is on the yemeni port city this is a crucial gateway of course of food and aid for millions of yemenis who are on the brink of famine the rebels have agreed to talks which could result in the u.n. running the port city iraqi coalition forces have been battling the hoodies for control of the data for months now but it's important to be here because the danger is the center of gravity of this war and it's here that we can begin that road people often ask me why we need to race to peace you know better than me that every day that lost in the search for peace means a day that children the yemeni children lose their lives. more from mohammed to his reporting from nearby jeopardy. u.n. special envoy martin griffiths a.c.s. managed to get some farm commitment from both parties in the conflict in yemen to peace talks to be held december in sweden he visited the port city of the day that met the management. of the day the way more than seventy percent of the country's
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imports including aid go through the un want some sort of supervisory role in the management of the poll conducted under intense pressure to hung over the management of the ports to patty griffin says he has managed to get. the agreement of the management of the poll to talk about how the u.n. can get some sort of a role in the management of the port there seems to be consensus building all around within the international community for peace talks to be held it's the only way it's believed that yemen kundra tun to peace and also the humanitarian crisis in the country can be resolved these a lot of pressure on not only the fighters on the pro-government alliance but also the sodium supporting the government in yemen. is what's coming up for you on the
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news hour protests on black friday why amazon workers walked off the job during. an accused war criminal. goes before judges at the hague. and sport madrid forced to deny claims their captain failed a drugs test he said with the details of that. has been a significant white house report released quietly the day after a national u.s. holiday in fact which says extreme weather disasters are getting worse in america and climate change is to blame it frequently. president donald trump who once said global warming was a hoax this is the national climate assessment was written before the catastrophic wildfires in california but interestingly it does warn that the warmer and dry conditions have contributed to an increase in large forest fires in the western united states it goes on to say damaging weather events in the past few years of
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smash records costing four hundred billion dollars and twenty fifteen and one of the co-authors actually remarks we are seeing the things that we said would happen and they're happening in real time let's start with mike hanna looking at this report for us from washington d.c. it's an old political trick isn't it mike drop the bad news when everyone else is busy with something else. well indeed yes it's actually failed remarkably given that this is now received extensive coverage within the us on a day when not to very much else news is happening so certainly the reporters are only due out in about a month's time administration officials saying it was decided to release it at this particular stage because of the number of international climate conferences that are coming up in coming weeks there is another body of opinion as well that believes that the drafters of the report may have decided to slip it out early to
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bring pressure to bear on the white house all sorts of interpretations of the timing of the particular report but whatever it is it's devastating certainly in terms of its breadth and its impact this is thirteen agencies of government looking at it it's the basis it's the science on which the government is going to base decisions or should be basing decision in the years ahead but it's released by an administration where the head of which is opposed to any form of climate change saying that it is a hoax confusing for example weather conditions with climate as evidence by a recent tweet in which he said where is the global warming because of the freeze over this thanksgiving weekend so certainly the president has the power to bury this report just as he did bury a report that was released about a year ago having been drawn up by the barmy era but congress has the power to resurrect it it will just be a very long and hard battle for congress to do so meanwhile president trump likely
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to go on as he usually does pretending that the report simply doesn't exist my town or in washington d.c. thank you we've got dario with us now from rockville in maryland he is a professor of economics and environmental studies at wesley university also reviewed this climate report for the national academies before it was published nice to have you with us gary the first thing which actually strikes me when you look over the information and maybe this was the same for you is that it's actually not a lot that's new in this just that it's getting worse is that a fair assessment. that it was a very fair assessment and that's almost the point. the previous speaker spoke of the president's reaction move the reaction in the congress that will say essentially what you just said there's nothing new here so so what and. the answer to that is that yes we have been saying this for fifteen or twenty years it's just
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been getting worse and worse and worse of that when it's gotten worse and every rabbit freezing rain or the last two or three is when you haven't done anything he waits the fifteen years of finding this one plan that if you waste another five years it will be even worse and the longer you delay the more expensive the response will be response will have become it's not a matter of when and starting now it is certainly the best on the table so it basically needs someone who believe in it right someone who or a group which does believe in climate change is that the new democratic led house can that make a difference i think he can i think it can a number of them ran with the climate at least that's part of the campaign program. primary focus was was health care and then we're going to be where it's about jobs and things but climate change for the first time in the
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campaign and twenty eighteen was about third on the list all over the country in senate races as well as well. so while we've been talking to gary been running various types of pictures i just notice we've got melting. specs we've got fires we've got super storms and flooding in all of that it just highlights the fact that there are so many varieties of extreme weather and with regards to don't trump is that the problem when he tweets about it weighs the global warming effect it's not global warming it's climate change and it can come in many different forms. that could be. i think that might give a lot of credit to the semantic difference i just think that he find it convenient and politically expedient to say that. climate change is a hoax or more recent he said yes something is changing that it will change that it
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will not change without action and. that's one of the messages that comes out here here exactly like the look around the globe as well in the united states and. to the the u.s. we poor is a mirror of what we could write in fact what the i.p.c.c. released in this special report on one hundred five degrees. of weeks ago things are getting worse the. interesting thing about the series which is difficult to see in the national climate assessment is near term and there are the. most reports talk about twenty nine hundred twenty one hundred and everybody sort of ones and says who cares. he says you talked about twenty thirty with only twenty of those views and. amplifying that with and find that assessment
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policy in the states i think is is it has gotten a lot of attention and when it's when it's really up to the people in your line of work to get the job that is the president is not going to get it. that's what we'll do that terry i thank you for your time thank you for taking time out if you're a defense giving holiday as well to talk to us. thank you for asking me and. they did to get back to. our new alliance has been formed in the battle to replace president joseph kabila this is in democratic republic of congo talk more about that in a moment but first here's a bit of background on what's been happening there the outgoing president joseph kabila has been in power since two thousand and one he is backing his former interior minister emanuel. several opposition leaders that have been blocked from running for president including the former vice president jumpier bamber who's just been acquitted by the international criminal court you might remember for war
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crimes opposition parties had agreed to unite behind a single candidate that is the businessman mansion for you but the deal collapsed after two key opposition leaders holdouts politicians. and felix she said keep have signed an agreement now forming an alliance to make she said i'm sorry she said could be from the u. p.d.s. party their candidate is. to elections as you know. we must. we. did today you. want to decide. today. is the president of congo
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so exactly who is felix or katherine sawyer has more in him. after his father. died in february last year felix she said cady to go over the reins of the largest opposition party the union for democracy and social progress. his father had come second in the twenty eleven presidential election and the young like to see katie hopes to capitalizing on that legacy and popularity himself and his father then favoring the same flack street cop. but unlike the old that she said katie who had decades of experience both in government and the opposition his son was until recently not in the thick of congress politics he lived in belgium for many as well as a political newcomer some have criticized his lack of experience there twenty one presidential candidates for the past and to bit is a man diary president joseph kabila successor it will be
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a single round contest opposition leaders and civil society groups have raised concern about an electronic voting system to be used for the first time in the country and the inclusion of some ten thousand voters who they say should be struck out because of irregularities they're worried that the election will not be free and fair. forty six million congolese i expected to go to the polls supporters of the opposition believe this is a chance for their leaders to show a united front after years of divisions and that he likes to say kennedy is a man to lead them to victory catherine saudi al-jazeera. the united arab emirates is reviewing a request for clemency from the family of a british student given a life sentence for spying the u.s. ambassador to the u.k. has defended the judge's decision matthew hedges the man who was arrested at to buy a port back in may while on a trip to research university thesis relatives say he was forced to sign
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a confession in arabic which he didn't understand and has been poorly treated the u.a.e. denies all of that. mr hedges family have made a request for clemency and the government is studying that request british foreign secretary jeremy hunt had a good composition with our foreign minister i also met him yesterday privately as mr hunt say we have an extremely close partnership with the u.k. because of this trend that relationship we are hopeful that an amicable solution can be achieved and still ahead here in this news hour we will look at one of the biggest election issues weighing on voters' minds in taiwan this weekend. backbreaking work on the fields with rich rewards how iran saffron industry is thriving despite u.s. sanctions and fans packed into. areas just to watch a training session still ahead of saturday's big final against the river plate more
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on that. we've got a lot of wet weather still affecting western parts of the u.s. right down into northern areas of california see how the cloud still streaming in off the pacific a big area of low pressure coming in here into the process of starting to ease off but the drought breaking rain certainly will continue for a little time yet before dry weather does push back in some very wet weather into the places spilling off the rockies i'll make its way further east was maybe downpours well the middle antic states bits and pieces of snow up towards pennsylvania southern parts of new york and into that eastern side of canada so for ontario and focus back a fair bit of snow pushing further eastward as we go through sunday but as guys
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come back in behind that is temper just starting to recover quite nicely eleven or twelve for new york and also for d.c. big swathe of snow there into the central plains by sunday drier weather will make its way back into the west coast a fair bit of cloud so hopefully we're going to see too much in may of more rain coming through here not too much right across the caribbean at the moment largely clear skies central america generally settles and sunny sunny wanted to showers around the islands of the caribbean but by and large this vibe and try. china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men. one on one east meets those desperately seeking low any way they can on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera where every year. for this eleven year old girl football is a passion. and a ticket out of poverty. now she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise the stakes a little higher. in her long journey to success. championship dreams part of the viewfinder asia series. on al-jazeera.
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on the news hour here at al-jazeera these are our top stories pressure is building on the u.s. president to act on intelligence that suggests the saudi crown prince was involved in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi trumps responses that's become part of an investigation by congress china has asked pakistan to beef up security at its consulates and kharaj. after governments stormed the building and staged an hourlong shootout the attackers were killed along with two policemen and two civilians. a new report card signed by more than a dozen government agencies so it's climate change will cost the u.s. economy hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century the findings clash with president donald trump's policies which have rolled back environment environmental and climate protections. let's go back to our top story the u.s. media reports of a congressional investigation into donald trump's response to the killing with
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judge we've got john h. jones without is now on skype from west palm beach former senior congressional advisor is a national security adviser in fact the democratic senator chuck schumer thank you for your time i guess the most important thing here is to be clear that this is an investigation into the president doesn't it's not to do with who murdered jamal khashoggi this is about the u.s. reaction to it and the fact that donald trump has been unwilling to go along with will certainly the findings of his own intelligence community.


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