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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 329  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2018 3:32am-4:00am +03

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peaceful relations with china as. a busy farmer's market in taipei the day after voters delivered their verdict on the ruling party and its leader the mood festive relaxed the results being welcomed by china's leaders who say it shows taiwanese people want peaceful relations with the mainland and some here certainly hope that's now possible. the results show that presents high seas and doing a good job she needs to make more after his to ease tensions with china. due to political reasons we cannot export our products to china if the markets open up after the elections and be good for us. the election was a remarkable turnaround for the opposition k m t the party china's leaders tend to favor it now has the political control of three quarters of taiwan city's president signing when accepted the blame for the ruling party's poll showing and resigned as
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party leader. zion when remains president but her power and influence within the ruling party has been weakened and the inevitable questions are being raised about whether she can be the party's candidate to run in the twenty twenty presidential elections analysts say president xi jinping believes china's strategy of isolating taiwan has worked and is unlikely to stop so they will leave that. for the next election in years and plenty there is just a double down in the continue their effort and attack in the syntactic it wasn't just relations with china concerning voters others were pension reform unemployment taiwanese identity and same sex marriage just seventeen months ago gay rights activists were celebrating after taiwan's highest court ruled in their favor but in
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a referendum alongside saturday's election voters overwhelmingly backed conservative pro-family groups. victoria swath has been waiting five years to marry her partner she worries the government will now be under pressure to water down the promised legislation this is not a favorable climate for l.g.b. people live in our society so but but technically speaking this wouldn't the legal rights of gay people to get married victoria has to stay upbeat but given the setback for progressive politics here she feels uncertain adrian brown al-jazeera type. so more for you on this news hour in fact the sports news coming up as a stray is cricket is celebrated another crushing world cup victory.
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they join one of the world's most notorious groups. but found a way out rebuild their lives and now it's. a tale of course recruitment child soldiers and the refit exploitation of women the daughters are. part of the radicalize nude scene and it's gone on to zero. the latest news as it breaks an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees with detailed coverage but now president of the detective says there's not much that can be done in the south china sea is now inside a session. from around the world challenges in the aid sector in chad are driving
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refugee families to return for many are now back in the villages they fled when the worst part. just a couple more stories before we get to sport the former leader of motoring giants nissan and renault has for the first time denied the allegations against him of financial misconduct japan's national broadcaster in h.k. says carlos cohen has told investigators he did nothing wrong and that he was paid appropriately a loan that was arrested in japan on monday accused of underreporting his pay by millions of dollars u.s. dollars over several years now a committee of the british parliament has gotten its hands on thousands of secret documents from inside facebook and i was surprised the top bosses at facebook
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unhappy about the files were seized as part of an inquiry into the cambridge analysts to get data a company which was accused of harvesting information from millions of facebook accounts included in the cash is said to be some of my own e-mail correspondence we spoke to larry magid earlier c.e.o. of connect safely dot org which is an internet privacy and security company actually advises companies including facebook on safety issues i asked him i spoke to him earlier and he says the u.s. and the e.u. do have a common interest in facebook following privacy rules. i think the government says and certainly the u.k. and the european commission the united states have an interest in making sure that facebook is first of all a subscriber you its own privacy policy thinking of all deaths of scribing to the ajo european general data privacy rules and just generally treating customers are you there is a privacy properly this is an extraordinary case because you have this lawsuit that happening in my neighborhood in california where this company which is actually
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a company whose purpose was to show you pictures of people in bikinis women i presume in bikinis they're not even in business anymore they're under but they were involved in a lawsuit with facebook and have these documents now if the documents are what where it's being illegible it could show that facebook is violating privacy and it's extracting information from users but of course the mere fact that these are allegations of i mean it's truthful first of all if parliament can get their hold hands on the documents they'll get a better of us to what this company alleges and at that point i suspect facebook will respond because they'll be some very serious allegations out there about it but again we don't know yet what this what this cache of data is going to show it's a publicly held company in that it shares are still in the stock market but it's a private company and whether mark that commercial or sandburg resign or change their role it's really up to them unless there's some kind of government action against them but bottom line is that these are the people who have been running the company for a year they're the people who brought the company into profitability i remember
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when they went public on the stock market and they failed for a while cheryl mark another executive managed to turn the company around i think that moshe are holders are very happy with the performance of dr breggin founder and i want to keep him there having said that i think that have had some issues in the past he is maturing he has when he started this company in his early twenty's in college but he i've known him for over the years and i think in mature nevertheless i think this company might want to bring in some other executives to make sure that they're behaving in the way that it's going to allow them to sustain themselves especially in a regulatory environment that we're in now both in europe the us and of course other parts of the world as well. florida talks what is the big football match going to start or not not not. only the second leg and a couple of or two hours fine in which one member played and boca juniors has been postponed again the match was due to take off on saturday but was delayed for twenty four hours after river fans attacked
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a bus carrying bucket players heading to the stadium let's get more from our correspondent daniel schwann learned his life for us in buenos aires thanks there look quite calm quite different scenes from what we saw yesterday but it's postponed again what happened. really i mean yeah you're quite right there i mean the kickoff was due to be about a little over an hour from now the stadium behind me the river plate stadium should have been strobing to the sound of sixty six thousand river plate fans cheering their team on they hoped the victory over their great rivals a bucket juniors there were several thousand fans inside the stadium because come a ball the south american football thorold's is said early this morning the game would go ahead as scheduled three hours before kickoff that they are now out so they wouldn't go ahead and those thousands of fans for the second day running had to stream along this street to go back home angry indignant confused we do know is
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that. who is as you mentioned the players bus was attacked on saturday they have asked for the game to be suspended saying that their players were in the condition after that attack to play the game they're asking to be given the cup without playing another game or at least to suspend it by some days more so really great confusion all around we do know is that call may ball the south american authorities will be holding a beating at their headquarters in the paraguayan capital on tuesday morning where they will decide when the if the game will be played where it will be played and when it will be played still a whole lot to play for there ok and how damaging has this whole thing been for argentina's football reputation do you think. what the inquest is still going on in the inside out but hugely damaging the security forces who were not able to ensure the security of the game yesterday of the. coming in to
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the stadium here the political fallout all sorts of questions being asked about the way river played organize things i mean the argentine football already has a reputation for violence about organization this was the biggest game. in history yet they did manage to pull it off it's been the longest final i think anyone has ever known the first leg against barca juniors played in the book a stadium about fifteen kilometers from here on the other side of one of cyrus that was also delayed by a day after heavy rain two weeks later we had had the game on saturday we should have had the game today we still don't know who the. winners are so confusing all round and then to put it to his political context argentina is hosting the g twenty summit a few days from now president putin. being all coming to warn osiris not clear. terms what the security situation is and security will be the tightest have ever known it for if they were able to supply the security for a much albeit
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a big football match the questions will certainly be raised ok thanks so much for the update daniel and we'll get more from you a bit later. five time world champion lewis hamilton ended his f. one season in style by winning the season ending abu dabi grand prix american actor will smith started off the race but ten minutes later it was held out after nico holcomb burnt thank crashing into the barriers he was unharmed and able to finish the race for hamilton know it was me sailing the briton led from start to finish and won in one hour and thirty nine minutes in the price bastion battle to secure his eleventh victory of the season red bulls max push back then came in third. i know next year is going to come back strong so going to make sure i try to come back with it but i'm really grateful for the. congrats and as you said i will try we will try and think of a whole team will try to come back stronger to make sure we give him a run into the year and beat defending champions and hosts france to win the davis
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cup final on sunday morning chile which was relentless keeping france's league is probably a little chance of a comeback though world number seven stayed in the lead the entire match not giving feel a single break point home crowd was roaring in support for a pretty old but chilly clinch the title seven six six three six three this is weekend from the dreams and. just incredible incredible feeling to play like this in a final. even one serving in three singles matches this is that is just incredible the level of tennis from even today look up played the great masters said it was it was really really tough just that probably one point they decided that's a break and just extremely proud of with the men reigning and be a champion school the state warriors have regained some of their lost form they picked up their second straight win with a one hundred and seventeen two hundred sixteen victory over the sacramento kings
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on saturday the washington wizards are also back to winning ways all the porter was the star of the night scoring a season high twenty nine points to help with yours beat the new orleans pelicans one hundred twenty four to one hundred fourteen. over in dallas the mavericks took down boston celtics one hundred thirteen to one hundred and four teenage rookie lucas don look at don it scored fifteen points j.j. berea added twenty with a key three pointer that helped put dallas in control and wrap up their six straight home win us really are the new women's world twenty twenty champions after beating england in the final in antigua england got off to a decent start but australia came into the final as three time champions and were soon rattling through the english batting line up we're told one hundred five pretty no problem for the aussies they knocked out all her twenty nine balls to spare. definitely the most satisfying when i've been involved in. especially as a last company is the last couple of world cup exits for us and our team
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a lot and we spoke about that as a group and i'm not hiding away from that fact ok and that's why you support more later perhaps back to you carol thank you so much for that lets you use out from us here and thanks for joining us. more news from you from london in just a few minutes on come on santa maria thanks for trying. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing realities the pain starts from the very beginning of the ballet school providing context housing is not just
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about four walls and a roof hear their story on talk to al-jazeera descend on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility toward hotels tells dramatic stories about high comes of conflicts and last resort shelters in divided cities an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates now and dennis mccoy get an ad try special antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace says they campaign to create the largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global trade december on al-jazeera. stories of life. and inspiration. as series
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a short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit. against the odds. al-jazeera selects palestinians. european union leaders approve of bricks it do but the british prime minister still faces a tough battle to get it through her own parliament. and our entire lives is down to zero live from london also coming up. searching for
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survivors in uganda after a party boat capsizes on lake victoria. thousands march in madrid to mark the u.n. a national day of elimination of violence against women. and one of the biggest matches in latin american club football was postponed for a second time for an attack by fans on they want all teams boss. at the head of the european commission has called it a sad day as the u.k. moves closer to leaving the european union you need to use have approved a final agreement for the u.k.'s exit from the block despite their approval of british prime minister to resign may still has a major battle ahead of us waiting in pays to back the deal john howell reports from brussels. it took european union members just half an hour to endorse the
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negotiated briggs's text and they did so unanimously a momentous step on the road to bring. the mood was resolute this is the best possible move forward this is the best deal possible for europe this is the only possible. place is somber and pointed regardless of how it will all end one think. we will remain friends until the end of days. and one day long. how it all ends depends now on whether the deal is indorsed by the united kingdom itself in the face of her critics to resume a must strike an upbeat tone what we see in this deal today is a deal that delivers to people delivers on the boat delivers in a way that protects jobs and livelihoods and protects all security and all united kingdom and as i've said before i believe our best days lie ahead of us for the
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prime minister the hard work is just beginning you leaders view briggs it now as a done deal they didn't want it but there's no need to sugarcoat it the british prime minister on the other hand has to sell the deal to parliament and to her own people she's got to convince them it's the best deal available. there is enormous opposition to may's deal at home and it could even be hardening with what's been described as her surrender on saturday over the future of gibraltar she handed spain and effective veto over future arrangements for the british territory the latest unpalatable compromise in the rising cost of breaks it. if parliament rejects the deal in the coming weeks want them they was repeatedly asked if she resign i've said before it's not about me and i will say it again it's not about me but my focus over the next few weeks. as i've just said i'm making the case for this deal with the outcome in sat down to the brakes and engage may yet see britain
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stumble towards an exit without a deal or is allowed to allow their voices suggest a second referendum on whether to breaks it at all don't hold al-jazeera brussels. the man set to lead the u.s. house intelligence committee in january has accused president of dishonesty over his response to the murder of. adam schiff says donald trump's links to sound. need to be investigated on official reports washington d.c. . the us president received his intelligence report into the killing of jamal khashoggi and he's rejected the idea it firmly says the saudi crown prince ordered the operation maybe. maybe. donald trump says he's standing by saudi arabia a country he believes will help with his action against iran and could help sell
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a middle east peace deal to the palestinians he's also talked about the arms sales agreed with saudi arabia as important to the u.s. economy even though numerous sources dispute the value in terms of dollars and jobs but the man who will lead the house of representatives intelligence committee in january will immigrant adam shift says he's seen intelligence reports too early and the answer is more definitive the president is not being honest with the country about the murder of democracy. i think in part he feels that by saying that we don't know or that the world is a dangerous place or everybody does it he thinks it makes him look strong it actually makes him look weak but it's not just democrats are piling pressure on the white house trump our live republican senator mike lee says there are bones to be congressional hearings into u.s. links with saudi arabia look i don't know why he's siding with the saudis but i think there are things we can do to change our relationship with the saudis notwithstanding whatever his personal motivations might be donald trump may well
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come face to face with the saudi crown prince we heads to the g. twenty meeting of leading industrialized countries in argentina later this week despite widespread international condemnation of the killing of the washington post writer one leading saudi royal says other leaders know they have to do business with mohammed bin selman where their leader is. warming. who would become prince or not i think all of them recognize that the kingdom has a country and they can come and the comp. and. people that they have to deal with congressional leaders seem united on the conclusion reached by u.s. intelligence services that crown prince mohammed bin soundman was responsible for the operation that killed jamal khashoggi senators will receive another classified briefing on tuesday that mean well increased pressure on donald trump not just to use stronger words but to back that up with action alan fischer al-jazeera
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washington. overcrowding and bad weather being blamed for the latest disaster in uganda thirty one bodies have been recovered so far from lake victoria is what one hundred people were on board bari reports they were having a party on the boat now their relatives are in mourning. close to one hundred people were on the boat when it capsized overloading in bad weather in the exact area is being blamed. to people were shouting the music was so loud and we thought that they were just having fun when the theory kept saw us that's when we realized they wanted help some of the fishermen who went to save them or sight died because many people jumped into the small boats. this woman's nephew was one of those fisherman who drowned while trying to save others why why did you go to the lake i
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wish you never went there a nearby resort has been turned into a morgue as police continue to collect bodies there was a boat which was climbing aboard the shows the speech from one of the islands it capsizes it. was just a bit of a tart over ninety people. started the bodies will retrieve the glastonbury. eleven with female. poor men. both for the six by the lake victoria has seen many similar disasters just two months ago hundreds drowned when a ferry sank on the tanzanian side of the largest of africa's great lakes the number of fatalities is often high because many can't swim and vessels don't have enough life jackets as a search and rescue becomes just a search operation familiar questions are being asked about how to prevent
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a repeat of this latest lake disaster. door such a pari al-jazeera. well the three thousand women marched in madrid to mark the un's international day film a nation of violence against women comes just two days after a spanish court failed to convict two men of rape according to amnesty international one in twenty women over the age of fifteen in the e.u. has been raped catherine stone still has more on the march. the streets of the spanish capital filled with thousands of women making themselves heard there calling for gender equality justice for victims of sexual assault and for an end to violence and abuse. it was one of several demonstrations held in other european countries the need for a cultural shift and to encourage more women to speak out against abuse is what drove many here to attend but most of my friends they are in the secret the
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relationships that their boyfriends control them so much and they can not go with their friends and go outside or go to a party without them man and women have to work together to make these for the save button and go for target for everything the march was particularly poignant for women here after a controversial decision by spanish judges on friday two men were cleared of breaking the judge's rules their attack wasn't rape because even though the victim pleaded for her attackers to stop she didn't physically fight back they were sentenced to four and a half years in prison rapists usually gets up to fifteen years in the talks is that very night the three. no three one of them say if. the woman can send the other two they said that the in the would not consent but there were no other at the gresham's so. why because it was not threaten the woman was no threat then
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the one who was not the numbers she did not receive violence. so at the end the doctors is that there was an abuse and. the rape. case sunday was international day for the elimination of violence against women u.n. secretary general antonio terra's said every woman and every girl has the right to a life free of violence spanish courts received more than one hundred sixty thousand complaints of violence against women last year a sixteen percent annual increase in spain we have a comprehensive compression see if they. know it in their base balance but only when he crap asked by by her marrow experiment six hundred violence is invisible story these are the old story these they are not measures they are not progress is not and they are mostly dressed for those women that are suffering. is excited by the names of all types. this year alone more than forty women in spain died in
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gender violence to fight these protesters there's still a long way to go captain stansell al-jazeera. there are also protests happening across france tens of thousands of people join rallies calling for an improvement to women's rights the march also marks the one year anniversary of the by last fall or expose your pig protest process responds to the global need to movement. so to come an al-jazeera local elections in taiwan may have dealt a blow to the ruling party what explain why l g b t people have also suffered a setback. death to america the rallying cry chanted in iran for years some say it's harmless rhetoric others say it's time to move on.


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