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tv   Championship Dreams  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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sure well surgery started done on the ship helicopters fly patients to one of the comforts twelve operation rooms. many like these children had never seen a dentist before there's like a boy who arrived weeks ago from venezuela were desperate for medicine her two year old has chicken pox two month old suffers from dispirit ory problems. you can't find any medicine in venezuela hospitals are empty doctors are gone there is nothing left. but we couldn't find the medicine nor afford it business well as economic downturn has ravaged its hospitals which shortages of drugs back scenes and outbreaks of infectious diseases that have spread across the border. it's increased like two thousand percent in a year it's on the sky i think we're almost the number one cog in the world there's no way. the doctors will stay in rio for five days one of
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two stops the mission is making in colombia the u.s. closest ally in the region in the country that has already received over a million venezuelan migrants the u.s. government says the mission is a reflection of friendship and solidarity with the americas but it's also certain to irritate the business well and government officials who insist that there is no humanitarian crisis in their country. in response to the mission the chinese government one of venezuela's few friends has dispatched its own medical ship to venezuela i think there's very few cases of purely altruistic actions on the part of governments unfortunately. medical missions are an important aspect of soft power.
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time for sport with ana thank you very much. south american football officials will meet later on tuesday in part to decide when or if the second leg of the call play better said those final can take place and violence resulted in the game between argentinian rivals river plate and boca juniors being postponed the italian city of genoa has offered to stage the match to shoot it's a historic links with the two clubs the male when osiris has named river plate hood against a foreign attack on book as team bus on saturday football writer one arango says argentina's hopes of co-hosting the twenty thirty world cup are now all but over. now it's pretty much a death knell to that so that bad there's been a lot of talk too about argentina backing out of the world cup a bit after twenty thirty that should be probably announced sometime in march when
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you start looking at the people council going to be taking place here in miami actually and that's another big issue to be talking about for for the time if you really can't organize a match of this magnitude imagine trying to get the logistics down for a world cup we see the worst case scenario unfolding right in front of our eyes and it's unfortunate because it does i mean what we saw on the pitch a couple of days ago over at level one it is the potential of what can be seen as far as this rivals recent sort of the pageantry the intensity all those factors that people want to see on the pitch is not what you want to see outside down when you see the rivalry in the political ramifications that it's had and the divisions and it's created not just within football circles but also in sushil circuits in argentina that's where you start to see the big problems emerging as far as that's concerned i think that's really where you start seeing the roots occurring and that's the biggest problem that this rivalry is really running to in the past couple of matches plus some of europe's top teams have the task to secure their place and the knockout rounds of the champions league later on mantissa city are in
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france said to play liana when we'll see the premier league need as progress into the last sixteen but leon beat fit and man to stow in the teams played at it this season when you start the season until now and the most important issue is quite a few questions for the term disney for the premier league it's important to be that of course of that but the deal you have more time but if you make a line of two mistakes you can be out in this so dan just competition this one so then yours. valmont to say not his first task is to get to their home stadium on time for the game against young boys of switzerland united have arrived late for their last two european fixtures due to heavy traffic and the kickoff for their match against violence yet had to be delayed say more in europe had to walk to the ground for their recent game against your dentist. we are going to stay in the hotel just. a few metres away.
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the information i have from. the club and the club contacts. with the police is that. sings are going. to be much better than the last time. she isn't better i walk. or the teenage racing driver who survived the horror crash in china says she hopes to be competing again within a year seventeen year old german sophia underwent a nine hour operation on her spine after this incident at the formula three form korean macau earlier this month is now on her way home and is expected to make a full recovery. well i think the video says all. it was my first big crush and it took me some while to get over it but i'm over it now and i think now a new chapter starts and. as i said it was about. the ripple
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really very good still and i'm still here want to. be back facing and chasing my dream. the toronto maple leafs have won the latest episode in one of hockey's all this rivalries the leafs beating the boston bruins for tune in and shell match up that dates back to nineteen twenty four when that was formed to want to sit in the atlantic division one place had to buy. a special series of tie breakers will be needed to decide the world chess champion after a remarkable match between the two grandma says and london all twelve games between champion magnus carlsen and challenger fabiano caruana finished in draws the wedding's explains how the champion will finally be decided. for the past three weeks the best two chess players in the wild magnus carlsen the champion from the
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life of fabiano caruana the challenger from brooklyn have been locked in battle draw off to draw millions of chess fans absorbed by the attention but they can only be one champion some think has now got to give this is the final shot jude guy going twelve eleven join gangs up to this point is a situation that had not happened in the history of the tournament why could they not be separated in fact they have taken a look at some risks old world but there are some good too depends both on them so it's just been a very interesting game since i can see it's not the only game similar just defense and soulmates i think it's been very very interesting out of attacking games the apparent deadlock has been gripping for those that understand the levels of skill and concentration but this is main chess one break out when new funds to support a much between two cool guys in their twenty's showing off their moves i feel that we have a bigger interest also from my mainstream media than ever before and they are all i
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think that you now have an american up playing and they're there says well the story that in ninety city two we had the last world champion from the from the united states so. and magnus and self he's of course. for didn't resist to call himself you could say i mean he's been a model and he's in drunk all kinds of commercials so. from both sides of the match this is a very very cool event. was finished in the almost inevitable draw which means they need to come back on wednesday using different formats to try to decide who is champion rapid guides and if that doesn't work something complex guides if they're still not separated it will be a guy called oh my god where whoever plays block if i haven't lost will be declared the champ. one of.
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the. question to who that was the best female surfer is australia second ago mark hasse want to call it the seventh world title up top the championship this event in hawaii and is now level in the all time standings with compassionate. well known figures being a young girl like surfing all day long it is all i could think about and it's just you know it's still my first love and it gives me so much so much joy just challenges just everything so. special. for me richelle thank you for. the first ever spacecraft designed to study the inner depths of mars has successfully touched down on the red planet. will help shed light on how the planet was formed billions of years ago jordan has more
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insight should now be experiencing the peak heating rate after ten years of dreaming designing and testing. my heart was basically i just think to stop beating for seven minutes i don't know if that's healthy or not but. but then when we got the indication of parachute deployment which was absolutely terrifying thing to think about we got that positive and then listening to christine still a call out as we got closer and closer to the surface every time she made a call out you know the hairs on the back of my neck would start rising a little bit higher a little bit higher touchdown for the mars insight lander on monday as suggested by the santa mation touchdown compare. that insight first photo from its new home the elysium planet sia using a two metre robotic arm a seismometer and other instruments in sight will dig a hole five meters deep so it can record so-called mars quakes and calculate just
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how hot the red planet's inner layers get they want to understand why mars which once may have been habitable by life is no longer wonderful nasa scientists say this data will help them understand more about mars origins and perhaps about the earth as well and boost u.s. efforts to get humans on mars by the twenty thirty s when we can actually begin to estimate you know which ones might be happy to pull and which ones maybe not habitable based on some of the geophysical understanding that will get just by looking at mars. that's to see. if sending insight to mars was the hard part one nasa scientist says it's only going to get harder but that first photo will be a big help everyone gathered around the very front and was immediately deciding where to replace instruments and this is a great indication we were all certain that that first image would help us
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determine how difficult of a job we would have in placing the instruments and i'm very happy that it looks like we'll be able to add to it quite easily we hope the payoff is already coming in a second photo taken by. one of too many communication satellites that flew within sight. this and the prospect of future discoveries have these scientists celebrating before they get back to work. in al-jazeera washington that's all for me for the news hour keep it here peter to operate as at next at rest.
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when old age back and it can feel like the end. but for some it's a new beginning and what at some point in life you realize you started to go backwards al-jazeera world tells inspirational stories every time. but as long as she's healthy she can produce and do something that. a new lease of life on al-jazeera. because we're not if they are as sure. rights are being violated. and free to be stripped away. on a certain adverse street. wish the whites let's stand up. stand up for human rights. a father should be a protector. for. he was her tormentor.
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betrayed for years she carries the evidence inside her. but will this be enough to find justice in afghanistan's patriarchal society. a thousand girls like me. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the saudi crown prince is expected intern in syria as opposition grows against his first overseas tour since the murder of jamal.
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little more compliant p.t.w. watching al jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up a warning from russia ukraine decision to impose martial law could escalate tensions for confrontation in the black sea. the afghan president leaves behind protests in kabul for a conference in switzerland to reassure world leaders about his plans for peace plus. down compared to a. jubilation as nice as probe lands on mars to study the deep interior of the red flag. the. saudi arabia's crown prince is facing legal challenges and
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protests during his first tour overseas since the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi human rights watch has filed a legal complaint in argentina it wants an investigation into mohamed bin salmond's role in the death of jamal khashoggi now it's also asked for an inquiry into suspected war crimes committed by saudi forces in yemen in tunis where the crown prince is due to land on tuesday activists are asking the courts to keep him out we have the latest now from our correspondent jim. first stop him have been some man's regional tour was to his closest ally mohammed bin zayed crown prince of the united arab emirates his saudi counterpart eager to show that it's business as usual for him and that he hasn't been affected by the fallout from the murder of jamal has been said man is also visiting behind in egypt as part of his trip both countries have close ties with riyadh so close they're seen by many to be excessively
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controlled by the saudis no surprise then that he was welcomed with open arms but in tunisia of the birthplace of the so-called arab spring a different type of welcome awaits the prince to newseum protesters angry that their government is welcoming the man widely believed to be responsible for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi on the eve of his expected arrival the journalists union together with a dozen or so civil society groups held a press conference denouncing the visit and holding on to new zealand's to take part in protests nationwide among them the head of the two news international union of students the subject of indian meal for the tunisian people reject hosting someone who continues to kill and commit crimes against humanity in yemen we reject welcoming a man who continues to crack down on basic human rights. human rights groups and activists say that the proposed visit is an attempt to legitimize the crown prince and whitewash his crimes something they say must not be allowed to happen now been
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said many want to continue here just to give an idea that to be accepted by the people said to show that he is welcomed everywhere he goes and i think the position of the tunisian government the position of civil society sorry does show that. if is welcomed by the government that in a civil society refuses that. we approach several politicians and peace to find any who openly support the visits but none wanted to appear on camera possibly because it appears the popular opinion. is so against welcoming the saudi royal. right or more had be we shouldn't be welcoming him if it were up to me i wouldn't let him into my country and the people are against him he's coming to tunisia to clean his image they are going out of his way and i don't know why this visit is happening is that for economic reasons i don't know but i'm against it to new suit not side with this man. and jamal joins us live from the capital tunis jamal
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a big of these protests to be think. well they're louder than they are a bigger pita but it is still the very beginning of them i'll step aside and let the government just give you a bit of an idea of the you're here as you can see obviously lots of different banners being held up most of them with these red crosses across the face of the from the several yemeni flags as well there are people who are very angered not only at the from the for not from the assassination of jamal casualty but also from the war on yemen they don't see an easy a post of a new scenery to me just should not be welcoming somebody like this in the country and therefore they're making their voices heard obviously the weather is playing a part in terms of the size of this it is also a working day peter however the fact that people have come out to the streets in
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this. country is significant because obviously the three stops prior to this egypt buffeting and united arab emirates as you mentioned on the report there have been some and received nothing short of red carpet treatment so here in a country with that it isn't an all to project one one that isn't ruled either by an absolute monarchy or by the military the fact that there is that margin of freedom which is. allowing for at least sections of society that you know you have been such a man as the reform i do know you saudi arabia as a country of stability right now but rather as one that is waging war in yemen but also be stabilizing other countries there making sure that there are representing that opinion as well jamal thanks very much. well senator tension to the war in yemen to find international aid groups in the u.s. to stop all military support for the saudi leg. coalition a joint statement says this fourteen million yemenis are at risk of starving to
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death if things don't change the war has also undermined the economy and cause yemen's currency to plummet since the start of the war and twenty fifteen more than eighteen thousand air raids have been carried out and according to save the children as many as eighty five thousand children under the age of five quotes may have died from extreme hunger or disease since twenty fifteen let's bring in becky baca she's a media and communications advisor at the norwegian refugee council and joins us on skype from oslo becky abdullah given that the united states sees its main priority here as profit and loss when it comes to selling arms to the arabia when you don't get what you want what do you do then. well what's happening in yemen is that twenty two million people and like you said fourteen million civilians are on the brink of starving to death on the brink of famine because of
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a fully manmade crisis and we all know that the u.s. is one of the biggest supporters of the saudi coalition and the united arab emirates they're supporting them with the military support them supporting them with a diplomatic scare and what we're saying in this joint letter that we sent to that u.s. government is that now is enough when it completely desperate the more we wait every single minute our work day week we wait means that more simply in shipment lossless and we're saying enough now is the time for the u.s. to use the power they have to end this brutal brutal manmade hell really that we're seeing in yemen today the conflict in yemen i'm sure it be fair to say this is a mosaic of proxy conflicts if you will people outside of that country but in the middle east region around the the arabian gulf region if the united states doesn't listen to you out of those other countries which of those countries do you think is
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more likely to listen to you and to really do something because this this ugly war goes on without end. you're quite right and i mean and i see we've been present in yemen since two thousand and twelve and certainly from the beginning of this brutal proxy war that you say we've been advocating we've been trying to reach out to governments first of all both parties to the cup i'm sad a lot one side the sort of that coalition on the other but also to the u.k. to us to france and also to iran on the other side we've been a begging them to please make sure that we get immediate cease fire followed by a political solution we cannot have small children die of hunger and mit's missiles and bombs brains every single day and allow for it to happen because our own interest and political agendas there are we understand a little later this year the middle of next month middle of december shuttle peace
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talks to take place in geneva how hopeful are you that something will come out of that because we've been there before and it didn't work. you're quite right there have been several as you and learned initiatives to try to bring the parties to this conflict to agree on a ceasefire and the next initiative that was in early december in stockholm that humanitarian aid community of others who are on the ground but also the millions of people in yemen who now have lost all hope in any solution are holding our breaths we truly hope that the beginning of december peace talks in stoeckel will mean a final end to this war we cannot enter and not that yet and see the same civilian suffering as we have seen for for over three years now i was in yemen myself two months ago and i saw with my own eyes what what this war has done to individuals i met one guy my age twenty eight year old use of oh look at me and said what future
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do i have nothing i don't have any future and this is a young man who has the rest of his life in front of him she lost eight of his family members jim the same yes in a lot of single night this has to end the u.s. asked to use their power and never to do something so does the u.k. france iran and all parties to this conflict. thank you very much. russia's warning ukraine is decision to impose martial law could lead to more tensions between the two countries ukraine's parliament voted to give the military more control in response to a naval confrontation with russia in the black sea russian forces opened fire on three ukrainian ships and then seize them the international response has been swift and strong and simmons the latest now from kiev. the ukrainian security service the s.b.u. has said for the first time that two fighter jets opened fire with missiles on the three ukrainian boats on sunday this haven't been heard of before and there was
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a number of injuries caused one of them was a counter intelligence officer who was reporting back to his counterparts on shore there is also developments in terms of the twenty three sailors being held by the russians t.v. released pictures of one man who was evidently under duress saying that yes he had disobeyed russian instructions not to enter the territorial waters of russia he was aware that they he had done wrong now ukrainian officials dismissed this video as being against the geneva convention and also saying that the it was crazy the level of pressure these men are under with the situation now where they do appear to be facing court action in russia now there's also a declaration from the foreign ministry that all of these men are prisoners of war and should be respected as such.


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