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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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allowing kerry fifty five thousand. on this train. shows the international committee. this is progress being made. that were made between the two koreas this year i made a flurry of. disarming. within the demilitarized zone of war however there is still much progress to be made on north korea. and the united states is adamant that the. north korea. now architects some across the globe are competing for design glory of the world architecture festival the event recognizes some of the best buildings and future projects in the world. a report from where the overall been
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a has been unveiled. this is the world building of the year the company in singapore it's a vertical village for the elderly with care facility shops and all of the warm roof it sets an example for what's possible in the sprawling cities. to create a community of senior citizens who live in. being isolated in a little sort of. very vibrant mixed news mixed use development. to exchange. fashionable spectacles. among them one of the most distinguished design this in the world british architect david j. . there's a kind of tribe it's like a sort of no. camp. jay's work includes
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a privilege in england joe south korea a university in moscow and the museum of african-american history in washington d.c. the word goes beyond excellent construction it's about big ideas who are we water our aspirations in the last hundred years we know how to build so that is no longer the issue and we've taught many people how to build but what really becomes the issues how do we make architecture relevant to people how do we engender relationships to people with their architecture and environment just don't feel like they're machines just in the background successful architecture needs to work for people and in the case of this year's winner of the amsterdam architecture prize lots of people. the dutch capital has a new spine that all south metro line is ten kilometers long and has eight gleaming stations it took decades of planning fifteen years of construction and required
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a catalogue of engineering innovations to deal with the city's many canals and thick layers of mud. there is a transients about train stations which means that we often miss many of the details that go into designing a months of the effort that goes into engineering but perhaps that's half the success of good architecture but we don't know what it is doing to us as it takes us on a journey from a to b. . because regardless of how functional some architecture appears or how seamlessly it blends into the background it all aspires to quietly improve the way we live. the barca al-jazeera amsterdam it's time for another short break when we come back fun violence in argentina see spain being chosen to host the cup on the tourist final but the two finalists appealed against the move to madrid that's coming up a pawn in a sport in that state. talk
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about time for the sport is cool. thank you very much defending champions cameroon have been stripped of the hosting rights for next year's africa cup of nations after a meeting of the continent's football confederation and gonna have announced an actor on friday that compliance conditions had not been met by cameroon those include delays with construction as well as an escalation of the violence in the southwest the northwest of the country now two of the planned venues a new bidding process has been opened with morocco seen as favorites to host next
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summer's torment well earlier i spoke to african football rights and gary al smith who was one of the journalists out the meeting in our current he said cameron had fallen victim to the expansion of the tournament from sixteen to twenty four teams also want to come in and state television on the air live stream on you see you in the you know in the our announcement was given and he hits the streets and it was absolutely must see disappointment on the streets of comedy let's not forget that this is a country that hosted a twenty sixteen women's african cup nation and it's the biggest and the best anybody has seen in africa i mean had people. come in from western europe and they were saying that they wished western europe would get such a reception for the woman's african cup of nations so it might do what they could do it would do for the african cup for many i don't think that they thought they could lose it anyway i think that they generally thought they could be given time
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to finish it because those. we have to be honest and say that things have been a bit unfair to come aaron because one do wonder a bit it was for a sixteen team tournament only for a mob to win the presidency and then that decision. expanded to into four teams when they were originally prepared for sixteen teams as well so i mean they always thought that because of these factors they'll be given enough time to to finish the way that they started as well and finally from the political point of view miracle have always always reasoned out a mix of everything that. has been to be able to go through the africa cup of nations put into the most people i saw at that meeting today feels that you know what this is definitely a great swimmer who and i'd be surprised if it doesn't the main sponsor of afghanistan's women's football team has cut ties with the national federation over
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claims players were sexually and physically abused by male officials the former head of the afghan women's football department co-leader popal told al-jazeera that's men from the federation allegedly abused the female players during a training camp in jordan nine members of the side with then kicked off the team after the camp in february danish sports who accompany hummel as the sponsor that has ended its association then are calling for the immediate resignation of the federations president face investigating the claims as well. the decision to move the copper lever to dora's final to madrid in the wake of fun violence in buenos aires has been met with opposition by the finalists baka juniors and river plate south american football authorities announced on thursday that the second leg would be held thousands of kilometers away in the spanish capital that's after the rivalry between baccarat and river ended in the pocket juniors bus being attacked last week and the match being pursued by him twice barca have appealed the decision saying they want river plate disqualified while river also opposing the decision
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not to hold the match at their monumental stadium santiago said welcoming his fellow argentines to madrid brought with it some sadness. a little less. i can't stop making reference to the causes that bring this match here that the match gets played with an ocean of distance from bourne a series after breaking lots of hearts which is what happened it's a real shame overall as an example for the children it's a shame that part of our society is dedicated to break everything and that nothing works. but i mean a bit of you all regrettably for me this match is lost transcendence in my heart is what i mean it's lost a bit of interest and it's a shame to say that but it's the reality and i repeat i hope the final at the bernabeu helps to give a dignified closure to such a match and that the best team wins ben haywood is a spanish football journalist based in madrid for the evening standard newspaper he
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says it's going to be difficult for fans from argentina to get to the game. i've been on the fence of the spanish federation is warning asking about it could it's asian they don't know what the plan is yet you know you could sing the security imagine it's going to be a big police operation to you know plan for this game after everything that's happening in buenos aires madrid is of course used to homs hosting big games the kind of world cup final at the vendor bell bit a long time ago champions league finals big big games so i suppose the city is prepared for that but i'm not sure it's prepared for a river against barca i mean there are one hundred thousand arjan times in spain there or thereabouts so that you know a lot of those potentially could come to the games but the real hardcore fans i suppose that years are going about in winter so it is in other parts of argentina a probably going to find it very difficult to travel this time of year you know flights are already very very expensive it's the holiday season coming up i've had
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a quick look this morning flights return flights from one of centers to madrid over a thousand euros already average arching time wages around four hundred euros or a little bit more it's a lot of money to come out just for one game will be a huge game and it is going to be very very difficult for the fans with limited you know flights available perhaps they can chart a more planes and organize fans to travel out that way but it's very little time it's going to cost them a lot of money to come and watch their team and the united states atlantean ited are through two major league soccer championship match in just the second season as a franchise they were crowned m.l.s. eastern conference champions on thursday that's despite losing one nil to the new york red bulls on the night atlanta wrapped up the two match final three one on aggregate l. now has the m.l.s. cup on december the eighth where they'll be hoping to win just the city's second professional sports title and the first since the atlanta braves on baseball's world series in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. alonso will face the
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portland timbers in the final they wrapped up the western conference with a three two win over sporting kansas city after that stunning equaliser from sebastian blanco diego valarie made sure of the victory with his second goal of this game in the ninth minute of stoppage time this is the second time in four years portland have reached the m.l.s. cup they want it in twenty fifteen. south africa's former rugby world cup winning hooker naca dropped ski is in a stable condition after being shot three times by intruders he charged at the three robbers and tried to force them from his brother's house outside pretoria he was taken to hospital in a critical condition after being shot in the chest and abdomen but was stabilized in intensive care lindsey vonn has delayed her retirement from skiing into next season after a training crash left her unable to compete in her favorite world cup of end this
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year vonn posted a video of the crash to her you tube channel on friday she sprang to ligament in her name meaning she can't compete at lake louise where she's taken eighteen of her eighty two world cup victories the american is aiming to beat in the marston marks record of eighty six that soyuz pool for now will have more later on. thank you very much you couldn't find much more on websites all the latest on the g twenty summit being held in one us i was including the fallout from the murder of saudi german in the ongoing tensions between russia and ukraine the address al-jazeera dot com that's not a zero dot com that's it for me daryn of the news out don't go away there are back in a moment with more news. partners
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. december on al-jazeera. from hospitality to hostility toward hotels tells dramatic stories about icons of complex and last resort in divided cities an exclusive interview with nobel peace prize laureates. and add special
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antarctic sanctuary follows greenpeace as they campaign to create the largest protected area on. an annual convention that gives a platform to a global dialogue on critical challenges facing our world a new two part documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade december on al-jazeera. the un's new human rights chief discusses her challenges and plans going forward. tack and and there are some pushback some from our. talks.
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as the g. twenty summit gets underway in argentina the saudi crown prince cuts a lonely figure but finds a friend and vladimir putin. hello i'm down jordan this is our live from doha also coming up ukraine ups the ante and it's growing confrontation with russia announcing a travel ban on russia and then. the u.s. pulls some troops from mexico's border but extends the deployment of the rest while asylum seekers cope with dreadful conditions in the camps. and we'll look at why tourism is booming in the holy land and what it means for palestinians. the g. twenty summit saw the world's top economies is now underway in argentina it's supposed to mainly be about trade and climate change but the oakwood presence of saudi arabia's crown prince as a shot of the event after the killing of the saudi journalist. bomb had been salman
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remained on the sidelines of the first family photo but was then woman agreed to in front of the cameras by russia's president vladimir putin but also hanging over the summit is a crisis between russia and ukraine european union wants to use that meeting to confront putin over his country's actions and donald trump says he'll only hold an impromptu meeting with the russian president on tuesday was tory's abode begins our coverage. the world's most powerful leaders gathered. argentina's president. greeted each one of them. we have the obligation to show the world that global challenges have global solutions work climate change we can't resolve them alone there are several issues overshadowing the event like the presence of saudi crown prince mohammed bin laden and his suspected role in the killing of a saudi journalist. then there's the trade issue not only the ongoing commercial
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standoff between the united states and china but also the signing of a revised commercial agreement to replace nafta mexico and canada has so far been resistant to donald trump's protectionist measures but there was some progress as i said the task isn't done there is more hard work ahead to build resilient strong economies that support families everywhere in canada make no mistake we will stand up for our workers and fight for their families and their communities. and donald it's all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs on steel and aluminum between our countries the summit is a historic event for argentina and a chance for president. who is struggling with double digit inflation and recession donald trump promise the investment argentina so desperately needs we've known each other and on well we're going to be talking about lots of good things for argentina
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for the united states including trade including military surges and other things but we have a lot to talk a little bit o. times a day eighty five percent is. finding consensus on issues like climate change trade and migration is the summit biggest challenge especially when some of its members like donald trump are skeptical about many of the issues being discussed for many that make it more difficult for a big breakthrough that will benefit g. twenty nations in general and the rest of the world how will i just see that when i cited that one fish also joins us now from but as a result of this to raise it was saying in her report that the g. twenty is very much but overshadowed by the killing just talk us through the day.


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