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tv   Never Again  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2018 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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teen this is roughly a fifty percent increase over the one hundred thousand the law that arrived last year aid organizations helping the starving infected and the displaced say some progress in sweden is urgently needed to end the suffering of millions paul chowder gian al jazeera well as i speak to. live from absolutely in sweden that's north of stockholm why those songs are taking place i said to take a funny way just set the scene for us and tell us how crucial how urgent these talks are for yemen forty these are quite crucial for the future of peace and stability in this is the thirst encounter between yemen's rival factions since two thousand and sixteen and this is what is going to happen starting from tomorrow and i understand that the government delegation is going to arrive in about four to five hours from now and they will
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start the talks to morrow with the whole thing and the united nations special envoy for you know two tracks here on one track that is this talk about the framework the future of vehement no this is where we have huge problems here differences. the whole thing is say i've just spoken to a senior member of the earthy delegation who told me that two forward president had he has to go and the prime minister has to go there needs to be a presidential council. and then a national unity government and then security arrangements about handing over weapons pulling out from the areas putting our the militias from different parts of the country there is the second track which is the confidence building measures particular when it comes to implementing a ceasefire that could extend across yemen prisoner swap and how to deal with the
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city of her data which have which has become the focal point now of the conflict in yemen the whole earth is are trying to work out a new arrangement with the u.n. where the u.n. is going to take over the management of the operations in the seaport of her data the government says if there's no deal here is still called the offensive to take over the city will continue and so any hopes then of a breakthrough on those sticking points on her date out on the cease fire on the transitional government is the mood optimistic. you know fawley this has been become an issue about yemen and journeys of their own is now a growing sentiment among the international community that because of the crucial role by saudi arabia which is the military campaign against the yemenis unless the saudis are willing to negotiate
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a political settlement there will be no peace and stability in yemen and the international community sees an opportunity here with the international pressure against the saudis building in the u.s. but in different parts of the world and they would like to convince the saudis and the abilities to stop the strikes in yemen and they are the way for a peaceful way took place in the building that you can see behind you about seventy five kilometers north of the city of store called but then the differences remain massive to the point where the hope is for example consider themselves to be the only digital in yemen something that has always been dismissed by the internationally recognized governments which control small tiny areas particularly in the southern part of the country but then the thrilling of that if they cannot get their act together set their differences aside yeah and could just further disintegrate thank you for that hashem had by reporting live from absolute in
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sweden. a monthly meeting between israeli and lebanese military leaders has taken on new significance after israel launched an operation to destroy tunnels along its border with lebanon on tuesday the talks are being facilitated by the un peacekeeping force in the area israeli commanders say they destroy the tunnels to counter a threat from hezbollah in any future conflicts. still ahead on al-jazeera i will have a live report from ukraine on the rising tensions between kiev and moscow. alison a series of regular heavy showers running through malaysia almost directly west woods and turning up into the gulf of thailand we have had significant rain in there are seventy five million beaches which mirrors what's happened on the on the
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borneo that we did have a couple days ago significant weather there in java flooding in central java but as you can see the good scattering of these showers their long way no no long way size but they certainly are concentrated in peninsula malaysia down in k.l. and probably singapore to some degree but rather less recently insular ways those showers around but they're going to see not everywhere now we house seems rather more active on the coral sea the first tropical cycle which you can no longer see since about nine hundred ninety seven fall apart now but his legacy is a mass of of moisture which gives a potential to be realized a big showers around the coast right up through the tropics of queens dence and tearing off through brisbane south of that is does a warm possibly too hot once again as the wind comes of the interior for adelaide and melbourne sort into the low thirty's clearly you can see the line here on the suspicious cold front when that goes through things will be cooler near forty in the interior and a rather poor disappointing twenty it is sunny perth. i
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enjoy bringing my. children to live can see and get more comfortable five years children are at the heart of america's love affair with weapons factories the very make to reap. there for a new machine and it's fun but the new generation is fighting fire with reason your money's worth listening to you because you don't want to see it and you can speak it fluently. never again. series on.
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it watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour istanbul's chief prosecutor's office has filed an application for arrest warrants to be issued for two senior saudi officials over the killing of jamal prosecutors strongly suspect former deputy intelligence chief oil port advisors south a tiny were involved in the planning of the murder in october meanwhile senators in the u.s. have called for action against the saudi crown prince. they say their assessment after briefing they gave their assessment rather after a briefing from the cia's directive. and the boards have arrived in sweden for talks to end a conflict the saudi government is also taking on early efforts in september. ukraine's president petro poroshenko has scheduled a meeting next week to create an independent church poroshenko has been pushing for the establishment of
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a ukrainian orthodox church that would be free of russian control the move would split the world's largest eastern orthodox the nomination and would reduce moscow's influence russia is strongly against the more let's speak to andrew symonds who is in ukraine's capital kiev for us so does this move by the ukrainian president will have any bearing on the current political situation the current tensions with moscow. doesn't have a direct bearing right now in terms of developments with this crisis it is a decision that's been made on religious grounds it has to be said they patriarch of constantinople back in october however it was petro poroshenko who was really pushing along this move by church leaders orthodox church leaders remember the russian orthodox church going back to solve it times had full control right across all soviet states and really it goes back centuries in terms of the churches in
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ukraine having control of the russian orthodox church through the patriarch of constantinople now what's happened is this the case of constantinople decreed that ukraine could break away and form its own independent church that's what's been announced now on december the fifteenth in so sophia cathedral there will be moves to elect a new leader of that church and it will be a unification of the churches that exist here but it sounds remarkably complicated but it's really colossal because it's a schism in orthodox christian christianity because russia has been enraged by this move and has split away and the russian orthodox church now the largest is really completely independent of constant constantinople and ukraine however you have many pro russian clergy still in ukraine of course and pro russian. orthodox christians so there is tension separate to everything else this underlying tension and power
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is using this as a means of breaking as you said in the introduction breaking politically from russia so a pile up of tension all round but a colossal weapon it would seem for pari at par shanker because there are thirty million plus orthodox christians who are going to go into this independence church and really this. is a massive political maneuver for him and along with all the complications along the way that go back centuries and tension on the streets also because a lot of nationalists want to take it out of pro russian clergy and pro russian congregations there have also been moves by the security services to actually interview russian clergy several russian clergy interviewed about exactly what their motivations are and what they're doing and what they're thinking so this is a pretty big new dimension not new perhaps the wrong word but
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a big extra dimension to the tensions that already exist thank you very much for that and are simmons live for us in care. british m.p.'s have begun five days of debate on teresa mayes prexy deal with the european union the democratic unionist party from northern ireland which props up a minority government says it will vote against the plan early m.p.'s halted to hold the government in contempt of parliament emotionless pass after the prime minister failed to publish in for the legal advice received on the deal or has more from london. or tuesday sourced series of setbacks for to resume a and her government it was supposed to see the start of five days of debate on her breaks that deal ahead of a parliamentary vote on it for next tuesday but that was delayed because politicians from all of the opposition parties here in westminster and the northern irish d u p a democratic unionist party as well who have been propping up trees
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amaze government called for a vote on contempt of parliament saying that the government had broken its own promise in november to publish their full legal advice on this present deal given to it by the attorney general the chief legal officer all along the government insisted that was not in the national interest but when it came down to it parliament just wasn't convinced i the are you still the right three hundred eleven the no use to the last two hundred ninety three so the are you have eight the eyes have eight are not. on death row and point of order care stoma. on a point of order mr speaker this house has now spoken on itself huge constitutional
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political significance it is i think unprecedented for this house to find ministers in contempt the motion makes clear the government must now publish the attorney general's final legal advice in full with the government. has now promised to publish the full legal advice from the attorney general but it's also been defeated in another vote in the commons and that was on an amendment to the withdrawal agreement saying that if it's rejected by parliament which is looking more and more likely then the commons will get a vote in january on the front be saying that in effect the government should do x. or the government should do y. and what that really means for the labor party in particular is that it will be able to say we do not we grew out leaving the e.u. with no deal the so-called cliff edge scenario there was another setback in luxemburg when the european court of justice took advice the u.k.
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could in theory reverse article fifty the process by which it said it wanted to leave the european union unilaterally so that if for example the country did go to a new referendum on the deal or a general election labor's preferred option right now then that could actually happen that's that's opening up a road for people who say that the only way out of the impasse is to put the question back to the people the u.s. special counsel has recommended no jail time for president donald trump's former national security advisor michael frayn saying his corporators substantially with the russian investigators robert miller says fein provided information about interactions between trump's team and russian government officials as the president was transitioning into office fame pleaded guilty in december twenty seventeen to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia he's the only member of trump's administration to admit guilt to a crime uncovered during miller's investigation john hendren has more from
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washington. the office of special counsel robert mueller has issued a surprising recommendation in court filings late tuesday miller's office said they recommend no prison sentence for michael flynn michael flynn is a former national security advisor accused of lying to federal officials about his relationships and his contacts with the russian government during the trump campaign the miller office says that among the things he helped with were links between the russian government and the trump campaign the report was largely redacted due to ongoing probes it did say that he did in fact lie about contact with the russian government and it also said he misled the justice department about lobbying for the nation of turkey many analysts suggest that trump is likely to issue a tweet storm after a number of tweets about the miller probe on monday this is likely to also prompt some response from the president although he did not respond on tuesday and there
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is more to come on friday paul man afford the president's former campaign chairman will be sentenced as well in the moeller office says that he is no longer cooperating with them they say that he had lied to them and they are revoking any cooperation agreement then on december twelfth michael cohen the fixer and former lawyer for president trump will also be sentenced and president trump has recently said that he is a weak person and he said he should serve his complete sentence that is completely different than what the president says about paul in a ford we will see in the coming days how the president responds to international credit agencies have done great as sri lanka's rating by one notch six weeks after the nation plunge into a political crisis on tuesday said print court judges began hearing at the titian that challenges the president's decision to dissolve parliament last month i think on a serious scene as planned to call this.


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