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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 342  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2018 3:32am-4:00am +03

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a new law they say will increase censorship and stifle creativity the law prohibits artists and musicians from providing services without government approval originally applied to public spaces but now it's been extended to the private sector the government argues the new measure will prevent social disorder. still ahead on al-jazeera it will tell you how eight year old girl sport a goal for gender equality and football. including to slay mine people have been killed. we have united states have privatized the ultimate public war this was a deal with saudi arabia things would be different the saudis and other arabs when they came to britain would be all to help the students you know you will from so this meeting saddam is an interesting. shadow coming soon.
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stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives the caravan fact. one of the major issues before voters is the institution president from cannot stop talking about the news media separate from the from the misinformation from the. cries of b.b.c.'s reporter try to leave the listening post on out. until now in the coverage of latin america most of the world was covering khuda taz tragedies. and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding it to an education system that was introduced. in
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america to zero has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. as an assistant to al jazeera u.s.
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president trump says this chief of staff john kelly will be leaving the post the end of the year he made the comments to reporters just in the last few minutes kelly is the latest person to depart the white house after the midterm elections come our top story now we have just heard from the french government about those rallies that have been happening across the country really protests a prime minister at work fully call for a dialogue to resolve the situation while suggesting president may soon take action but you look as you. know tax is that important a threat to national unity we must continue with dialogue with coming together the president will propose measures to bring together the french nation and to deal with the challenges that they have to deal with me looking at on that in the meantime here's peter with sport thank you very much we now know who will play who in the group stages of the twenty nine thousand women's football world cup the draw for next is to him and took place in paris
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a short time ago host france will face newly crowned africa cup of nations winners nigeria as well as south korea and norway in group a the norwegians will be without ballon d'or winner. she hasn't played for the national team since twenty seventeen because of frustrations of how women's football is treated in the country now groupie features toots on world champions germany they've been drawn alongside spain china and tournament debutants south africa and the most successful team in the history of the competition and also defending champions the united states will face sweden thailand and chile the americans are three time world champions. the growth of women's football is thanks to many at the grassroots level like eight year old kunda laurie a cup or a we reported her story in september when she was told though she told us that she couldn't play at a local youth football club in argentina with boys because mixed gender teams weren't allowed in her area anymore she began
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a campaign with female players from argentina's national team and on thursday the sixteen clubs in the sense of a province reversed that decision the two biggest rivals in argentine football will play the copper liberty dollars final in madrid on sunday after the court of arbitration for sport rejected the pocket union's appeal against the match taking place barca felt they should be awarded the trophy after their team bus was attacked on route to the second leg at river plate's ground last month the teams were level at two two after the first leg the willing reports now from madrid on the controversial move to take the game to the spanish capital this should have been a proud occasion the first time in the fifty eight years of south america's top cop football tournament the big two rivals from argentina are contesting the final but now that final is ten thousand kilometers away from their home city in spain's capital madrid. south american confederation combo ball induced by faith made the
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controversial decision to move the second leg to europe after disorder and chaos two weeks ago in bonus areas river plate fans attacked the bucket junius boss leaving several players they didn't medical treatment after two hours of politics and confusion the game was finally called off and an attempt to play the following day was abandoned so i thought calm about falling by the decision to apply the second i cared about about image a decision as much about fulfilling a very right as i was about five the met with encourage you to think i'm on the streets about a third twenty five thousand people from each corporate officially tickets but only five thousand. in argentina. the final should be in argentina. it's crazy i mean i can't believe that it. seemed possible well after the child care madrid does have a substantial argentinian population officially over seventy thousand people
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including a father and son on opposing sides and. it's too good an opportunity to miss we never dreamed of a watch a book or of a match in spain especially not a final you know risks are being taken there were four thousand placed security and stewards on a. river plights objected strongly to this which threatening a refusal to apply their manager. said fans have been robbed but their players and i would try ing to show diplomacy if you're going to get a leader many people are hurt and that's something we can't fix with words only with results this is a unique event outside our country but we have to enjoy it. also agree three years ago they were kicked out of this tournament when their fans attacked with his players they wanted to be declared champions. it's kind of a weird final and as a player it's important. not to lose focus because it's the copper liberty dorris final image rid. back in the teams were given an incredible sendoff by the puns
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it means so much to them but it's a rivalry that often spills into hatred and violence argentina's window to show the world by could co-host the twenty thirty world cup was ruined by hooliganism and their biggest ever top guy was sent to spain. al-jazeera madrid. the pressure is on the friending champions manchester city in the english premier league they currently in action at chelsea and need to win to regain the lead at the top of the table it's not looking too good right now and go to a country with a forty fourth minute goal giving chelsea the lead in that one at stamford bridge now earlier liverpool moved ahead of them in the standings with a four nil win at bournemouth three of the goals came from egypt striker mohamed salah like title rivals city liverpool are yet to lose in the premier league so far this season over in spain severe missed the chance to go top of the league as they
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were held to a one one draw at valencia so here are currently in second on the same points as atletico madrid in food as well as leaders barcelona but boss could reestablish a three point advantage later when they take on their city rivals espanyol that match kicks off in about an hour's time there's a huge game in the united states later this saturday atlanta united in the portland timbers will go head to head to be crowned major league soccer champions portland when the m.l.s. cup in twenty fifteen but eastern conference winners atlanta are the favorites despite this being just a second season in the league more than seventy thousand fans are expected to fill their stadium as they bid to win atlanta's first professional sports title since the braves won baseball's world series twenty three years ago. i think it started way back before we even stepped on the pitch in terms of putting the team together with the squad with the players that we have exciting young players. dynamic
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attacking wise and when i'm in the experienced i am a less experience of guys we haven't seen it it's a good combination and so. i think we've been able to get that right from the beginning which has allowed us to go and flourish on the pitch in the n.b.a. le bron james is thirty five points couldn't stop the los angeles lakers being beaten by the san antonio spurs in texas on friday james and the lakers had beaten the students on thursday and had a fifteen point lead at one stage of this game the braun getting the lay up here and drawing a foul san antonio accidentally listed le bron as a rookie in the pre-game notes would you believe. they'd make the three time champ look somewhat inexperience on the face it was this a bad time so quick fire three points in the fourth that killed things off winning this one one hundred thirty three one hundred twenty. after a long season lewis hamilton has finally got his hands on the fuse for me the one
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drivers trophy and world champion for the first time. lewis hamilton. hamilton was the guest of honor at the f.i.a. awards ceremony in st petersburg on friday the five time world champion promised to keep her raising the ball with mr adie's. i would be up here without this incredible team sorry you know i'm just really a chink in the chain the so many people and i'm sure for everyone has a team here has so many people in them in the backgrounds of the really the young son heroes and kind of we're the ones that come up here and and seen them receive these great awards but it could've been done without this great team so it's been a real privilege been with mercedes benz for the last six years it's crazy to think that this is my twelve season but. luckily keep me sane for another years so i'm not going to be the oldest driver and. and yeah but otherwise we just we just got to keep pushing. it i thank you very much. life in the east in
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iraq's second largest city mosul is beginning to return to normal more than a year after i saw was defeated the for those on the other side of town it's a very different story about the some reports. to hear music drifting across a public square in mosul would have been unthinkable just over a year ago when i saw fighters were in the city streets and being outside after nightfall could mean a beating or even death. this is a message of peace that eisen is no longer here in mosul the society should live in peace and harmony after these dark days. this is the eastern side of the tigris river here people are trying to reclaim the night while knowing a short distance away lies stark remind us of battles. in the west side of mosul is still in darkness most of the people there. is alive but the west side is dead
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there is total destruction there it is like to hear regime a bomb dropped. daylight reveals the devastation on the western banks of the tigris people who used to live in houses of bricks and cement in western mosul and i was sheltering in tents in camps like this one thousands have lost everything parts of eastern mosul may look like they're returning to normal but people from the west say there's nothing normal for them to return to. so do mohammed has been living in this tent with his family since their home in west mosul was bombed said lost both arms in the attacks and. we can return to mosul right now security is still fragile our houses are level to the ground there is no life for us there anymore it is better to stay in the camp for the time being despite the harsh living conditions people in mosul say the wreckage west of the tigris as a memorial to the city's dark past. but that the bustling parts of the east are the
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signs of a brighter future rob matheson al-jazeera the kurdish region of northern iraq that's all for me richelle carey here on the news hour and it's continuous from london. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all
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political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brittany's happiness is what we ensure it if that is quantifiable of advice simply turning its pursuit into policy but time has done what no other country has . it pays well and doesn't require diplomas. that's why so many in macau work for the casinos. in but for those like g.e. on whose struggle it school. dropping out has become the less evil perseverance agreed to gamble. future gamble part of the viewfinder asia series unnoticed zero. the latest news as a free press yellow card the failure will continue to hold on in her life but into
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next week with details coverage classical criticism of capitalist economics to a fifty six billion dollar i.m.f. all for argentina from around the world these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts and without agent help i could become a lost generation. another high profile departure from the white house the u.s. president confirms his chief of staff john kelly will leave the post at the end of the year. hello i'm maryam namazie in london yo with al-jazeera also coming up this hour hundreds of people are arrested as paris is once again swarmed by ghetto best
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protest as this time demanding emanuel back comes resignation china warns there will be consequences over the arrest of huawei executive man one joe on fraud charges on the belgian museum which is shining a light on the country's doc colonial past. we begin with breaking news this hour u.s. president donald trump says his chief of staff john kelly will leave his administration at the end of the year this is the latest in a series of moves by the republican needed to change his in a circle of aids. john kelly will be leaving resign but i don't know if i can say retiring but he's a great guy john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year will be announcing will be taken john place it might be ordered it debases i'll be announcing that
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over the next day or two but john will be leaving at the end of the year he's been with the almost two years now if you go between the two positions so. we're probably going to see every little while. or can really allocate has more now on john kerry's time at the white house. we just soiree general kelly crisis may have ended john kelly's time in the west way but the four star marine general was brought to the white house to restore order his brothers rather be president donald trump took him from his post just homeland security secretary in july of two thousand and seventeen he replaced the first chief of staff writes priebus thanksgiving kelly's first order of business was firing communications director anthony scare mucci who'd been on the job for just ten days for disparaging white house officials in a profanity laced interview for a time kelley was described as the adult in the white house reportedly imposing
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military like discipline on staff and limiting access to the president very well but in october of that same year a botched military mission in new share that left four american soldiers dead cause some to question kelly's judgment kelly attacked a congresswoman who criticized the president's mishandling of a condolence call to one of the widows it stuns me that a member of congress with a listen to that conversation. absolutely stunning. but the controversy surrounding rob porter a top trump aide may have been kelly's biggest fumble kelly defended porter when his ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse so did the president as you probably know he says he's innocent and i think you have to remember that he said first strongly yesterday that he's innocent but the administration was forced to back away when photos of one ex-wife's blackeye surfaced bolstering her claims
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the case led to questions about how porter given his police record had received security clearances and led to others in the administration including the president's own son in law jarrett cushion or seeing their top secret clearance revoked other trump reports surfaced that kelley had referred to trump as an idiot something both men denied other top officials like former secretary of state rex tillerson and former national security advisor h.r. mcmaster were let go after allegedly making similar insults in recent months kelli's tenure has been marked with reports of fights including reported shouting match with national security adviser john bolton as well as disagreements with first lady a lani a trump. kelly is the latest in a long list of high profile departures can really help al jazeera the white house let's get more on this story now with joe castro who is in washington an idea that
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had been reports for many months that there was a clash of personalities between the president and his chief of staff and that john kelly was essentially on the way out it's been confirmed by the president what else did donald trump say to reporters at the white house. well mary he said very little at this point but he did confirm that kelly is leaving by the end of this year the end of this month and as you mentioned this was a widely expected departure that had been rumored well even before the u.s. midterms these two men had wildly clashing personalities there's the free willing president who gave hours long press conferences at which you often find kelly kind of cringing in the corner and then you had kelly himself who is a retired marine general who was hired last year by trump to instill discipline and chaos in what at that time was a very chaotic white house. has he also was expected
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to be in a sense reined in by kellie's hiring a year ago that really didn't happen it only served to breed resentment in the president leading up to this point where both men seem to find this relationship untenable and we're expecting kelly's departure by the end of this month merriam what are you hearing their idea about likely successes to junk. well the name that everyone is saying is the most likely choices and make a years he is the chief of staff for the vice president mike pence errs as such if he's someone who is politically savvy and the type of person that trump wants and needs frankly as the new congress is sworn into office in january his republican political party lost control of the house of representatives in the midterms and he needs someone who will be on his side politically so really bad for the white house and for the president on capitol hill now it's not it's not it's not unexpected for
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a president to make a series of staffing changes after a midterm election but if you look at the number of departure isn't the types of people who have left the trouble miss. in this year alone we've had the attorney general the u.s. ambassador the white house counsel the u.s. secretary of state and a slew of other high position cabinet members now you add the chief of staff's position to that list and what we have is another wave of departures that's very reminiscent of what happened in the early days of troubles ministration when his mecurio style of management and his personality led to an unprecedented wave of departures and then alienating much of his team merriam thank you very much with the latest on that story from washington heidi joe castro well this of course follows the release of court documents on friday which directly linked the u.s. president to financial crimes allegedly committed during his twenty sixteen white
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house campaign the documents filed by new york prosecutors claim donald trump directed his personal lawyer to make it legal hush payments to two women ahead of the election additionally documents filed as part of the special counsel investigation into alleged russian meddling in the election also details previously a previously unknown attempt by a russian to help the trump campaign. has more in this now. shortly after the release of some of the prosecution documents the u.s. president expressed his lack of concern totally clears the president he wrote thank you it's not clear exactly what he was referring to but some believe the contents of the latest memos should provide some cause for concern for donald trump michael cohen was trump's long time lawyer and fix up he's pled guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations and it's this latter charge that now directly implicates the president in its filing prosecutors in new york say code made to hush money payments to women in contravention of campaign finance law that filing
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says as cohen has now admitted with respect to both payments he acted in coordination with and at the direction of individual one individual one is assumed to be donald trump so prosecutors are directly implicating the president in the crime the special counsel's moment about co and confirmed what was already in the public domain about failed attempts to build a trump tower in moscow that continued even as trump was on the campaign trail expounding about his proposed russian foreign policy however there are two new areas which might be of concern to trump firstly miller writes cohen provided the special counsel's office with useful information concerning certain discrete rusher related matters core to its investigation that he obtained by virtue of his regular contact with company executives during the campaign and cohen provided relevant and useful information concerning his contacts with persons connected to the white house during the twenty seventeen twenty eighteen time period. it's unclear what information miller is referring to during the campaign but it's striking cohen is
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also discussing trump's first year in office with the special prosecutor. miller has also submitted a document about former trump campaign manager paul manifold he was convicted of illegal lobbying for the ukrainian government as well as financial fraud the special prosecutor says manifold broke a plea agreement reached to provide information in return for like a sentence this involves a redacted name miller says while negotiating the agreement mamma for provided information about reduction that was pertinent to an investigation in another district however after signing the plea agreement metaphor told the government a different and exculpatory version of the events in addition miller says manifold lied about context he had with the trumpet ministration after he had reached that plea agreement the former director of the f.b.i. happened to be in capitol hill for a closed door questioning on friday he praised the special counsel's investigation but gave a reminder that a lot of questions remain the most important occasion of that is you don't know anything about it except when he files something court and that's what makes it so
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don't trump has now been implicated directly in campaign finance violations but it's not clear what these latest filings have to do with the russian collusion investigation if anything however taken in conjunction with this heavily redacted document that was filed earlier this week in conjunction with the investigation into a former security advisor michael flynn there's plenty of speculation she had written c. washington. a french interior minister says the yellow vests protests are now on the control its police levels could remain as they are until sunday thousands of protesters rallied across the country in a fourth weekend of demonstrations which began as a movement against a fuel tax but has since evolved into a challenge to president. david chaytor ports from paris.
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ha ha ha ha what the yellow vests called act for their protests played out with some familiar scenes in the center paris. hundreds of arrests were made but it didn't stop the clashes hot demonstrators tried to storm the blockades mounted by the riot police. started has now become. very some moving in on the other best protesters who are trying missiles at the police lines they're now using tear gas tear gas and stun grenades out.


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