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it is thinking together about the past the present and making sure what happened never happens again and to end stereotypes and colonize the image of central africa . pierre kompany came to belgium as a refugee from congo in one thousand nine hundred seventy five he's now the country's first black mare he son vincent plays for belgium's national football team he says the museum could be a cultural bridge. from now it is museum would be a different color both congo and belgian would better understand the mistakes made in the future that awaits us. while those behind the reopening of this museum hope that it will help belgians confront their colonial past some critics say it's a missed opportunity that a greater gesture would have been to return some of the looted artworks and objects to congo so these are not mere artworks for us they represent our ancestors so if my ancestors are enclosing the museum frozen in time then they are dead so i don't
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want to celebrate in this cemetery perhaps i would visit in the future if we start returning the works state museums across europe have come under increasing pressure from campaigners to return objects taken from africa they say it would address some past injustices but also force people in former colonial powers like belgium to know and confront a history that for too long has been ignored natascha butler al-jazeera brussels belgium well the year of all was defeated by returning to normal to the east side of iraq's second largest city but so very different story in the west of mosul rob bathurst explains. to hear music drifting across a public square in mosul would have been unthinkable just over a year ago when i saw fighters roaming the city streets and being outside after nightfall could mean a beating or even death is that. this is
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a message of peace that eisen is no longer here in mosul the society should live in peace and harmony after these dark days. this is the eastern side of the tigris river here people are trying to reclaim the night while knowing a short distance away lies stark remind us of battles. in the west side of mosul is still in darkness most of the people there. is alive but the west side is dead there is total destruction there it is like to hear regime a bomb dropped daylight reveals the devastation on the western banks of the tigris people who used to live in houses of bricks and cement and western mosul are now sheltering in tents in camps like this one thousands have lost everything parts of eastern warsaw may look like they're returning to normal but people from the west say there's nothing normal for them to return to. so do more harm and has been living in this tent with his family since their home in west mosul was bombed said
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whom lost both arms in the attacks and with hope we can return to mosul right now security is still fragile our houses are level to the ground there is no life for us there anymore it is better to stay in the camp for the time being despite the harsh living conditions people in mosul see the wreckage west of the tigris as a memorial to the city's dark past. but that the bustling parts of the east are the signs of a brighter future rob matheson al-jazeera the kurdish region of northern iraq. well still out here all the news our peter will be here to tell us how this eight year old girl scored a goal for gender equality in football that story straight after the break. my name's from novell and i an addict i'm on my phone all day every day and
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my tumblr is never really more than a few feet away the use of the internet elevates double mean just like gambling does and just like cocaine does i will experience my own unusual digital detox i feel like i don't want to how this thing is there all the time anymore my digital addiction on al-jazeera. fresh perspectives new possibilities fear less journalism. debates and discussions global terror attacks trial by a fair i'm so talented from those attacks filed by a quarter that's a good news story al-jazeera is award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe because we choose. only on al-jazeera.
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the conduct of his ball or his peter. thank you very much manchester city's unbeaten run in the english premier league this season has come to an end. side were beaten to nowhere chelsea on saturday. and david louise with the goals for the hosts at stamford bridge defending champions city had won thirteen and drawn two of their league games prior to this one the last sees them drop down to second in the standings behind little we are not here to be invincible sort of in between we are here to try to be champions so it doesn't matter to try to make one pull we're opening in the morning the ripple is better than us so we know it when we win games
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in a row a lot of games have become solid in thing to prove the same people who have done what we need to repay has to know we can do better. and move forward liverpool thrashed bournemouth foreigner earlier on saturday to move to the top of the table three of the goals came from egypt striker mohammad sell off liverpool are now a point ahead of city and the only team in the premier league still without a loss this campaign here are some of saturday's other results in england manchester united got a much needed win over bottom of the table full of arsenal beat had a field at home and tottenham one app less than. in italy the goals were flowing for napoli as they tighten their grip on second spot in syria lauren though in an atom onassis hit the back of the net for the home side with a car you should merely netting a brace in a comprehensive phone no win over france in no name napoli eight points behind
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leaders events but six ahead of into day on friday. but also nerves are meant to be a place at the top of the spanish pride after a four no when the local rivals espanol's pretty close in the league of their severe just three points behind they drew with valencia on saturday and let it go madrid are on the same points after they beat. madrid or behind they face wesker on sunday but the two biggest rivals in origin time football they will play the copper limited or its final in madrid on sunday after the court of arbitration for sport rejected barca juniors appeal against the match taking place barca felt they should be awarded the trophy after their team bus was attacked on route to the second leg of the plates ground last month the teams were level a two two after the first leg lee wellings reports from madrid on the controversial move to take the game to the spanish capital this should have been a proud occasion the first time in the fifty eight years of south america's top cop
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football tournament the big two rivals from argentina are contesting the final but now that final is ten thousand kilometers away from their home city in spain is capital madrid. south american confederation combo ball induced by faith made the controversial decision to move the second leg to europe after disorder and chaos two weeks ago in bonus areas of a plate fans attack the bucket junia's pass leaving several players needing medical treatment after two hours of politics and confusion the game was finally called off and an attempt to play the following day was abandoned so i thought calm about falling by the decision to apply the second i cared about about imagery a decision as much about fulfilling a very right as i was about five the met with encourage you to think i'm on the streets about a third twenty five thousand people from each competition you're trying to kids but only five thousand. in argentina. the final should be in argentina.
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it's crazy i mean i can't believe that it. seemed possible well after the child care madrid does have a substantial argentinian population officially over seventy thousand people including a father and son on opposing sides and. it's too good an opportunity to miss we never dreamed of what your book or of a match in spain especially not a final you know risks are being taken there were four thousand placed security and stewards on a. river plights objected strongly to this which threatening a refusal to apply that manager. said fans have been robbed but their players and i would try ing to show diplomacy. he believes many people are hurt and that's something we can't fix with words only with results this is a unique event outside our country but we have to enjoy it. also
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a growing three years ago they were kicked out of this tournament when their fans attacked with his players they wanted to be declared champions. it's kind of a weird final and as a player it's important. not to lose focus because it's the copper liberty doris final image rid. back of the teams were given an incredible sendoff by the pounds it means so much to them but it's survival rate that often springs into hatred and violence argentina's window to show the world by could co-host the twenty thirty world cup was ruined by hooliganism and their biggest ever top guy was sent to spain. al-jazeera madrid. we now know who will play who in the group stages of the twenty nine thousand a women's world cup the draw for next year's tournament took place in paris on saturday hosts france will face a newly crowned africa cup of nations winners nigeria as well as south korea and norway in group a the norwegians will be without ballon d'or when. she hasn't
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played for the national team since twenty seventeen because of frustrations of how women's football was treated in the country groupie features two so i will check ins germany they have been drawn alongside spain china and tournament debutants south africa and the most successful team in the history of the competition and also defending champions the united states will face sweden thailand and cheney the u.s. have won the women's world cup three times before it comes with the territory i mean the history this program. the players kind of grow up in and so i think for myself and for the players it's the expectation the demand actually demands of your best tsunamis and so like i think you know i think for us it's it's going to be an opportunity for us to go out and test ourselves get the best teams in the world and i think our players thrive in that environment. the growth of women's football is thanks to many at the grassroots level like eight year old cabrera we reported her
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story in september when she told us that she couldn't play at her local youth football club in argentina with the boys because mixed gender teams weren't allowed in her area anymore she began a campaign with female players from argentina's national team and now the sixteen clubs in the sense of a province have reversed that decision. twenty ten open championship winner louis were states and is three shots clear with one round to play at the south african open in johannesburg where state isn't carded a four under par sixty seven in saturday's third round to move to first place on the leaderboard like the second round leader shall schwartzel the thirty six year old overstays and has never won the c. bend although he does have seven european tour titles under his belt schwartzel was one over par for the day. austrian skier marcel hirsch's bid to win a record extending eighth overall will come title is back on track he regained his spot of the top of the rankings with the sixtieth world cup race win on saturday
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dominated the giant slalom at valdez a winning by a huge margin of one point one eight seconds from henrik christofferson who is now finished second to her share in seven giant slalom races including the chung chang olympics since last december. and that's all the sport for us for now we'll have another update for you again later on in the role thanks peter you've been watching the observer news are with me wrong but we have a full half hour of news of in some of the break to stay with us. a recent u.n. report has given remuda agency to the fight against climate change over with threats like sea level rise at this year's climate talks in poland and the international community seize the opportunity to take concerted action today with al-jazeera the latest from the front lines of the climate crisis from the conference itself. it pays well and doesn't require diplomacy.
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that's why so many in macau work for the casinos. but for those like g.e. on whose struggle it school. dropping out has become the less evil perseverance greater gamble. macao the future gamble on part of the viewfinder asia series unnoticed era. come on it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tigers nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness but it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspire. the u.n. to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow putin's example but how do you measure it. after. that it is. simply
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turning its pursuit into policy but time has done what no other country has. he fled to protect his life but denied asylum a congolese activist must return home facing an uncertain future he once again finds himself at the forefront of a political revolution to try to put democracy can come at a heavy personal cost. back to kinshasa i witnessed documentary on al jazeera. john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. the man charged with restoring stability to the white house donald trump's chief of staff john kelly is stepping down.
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hello i'm just audio tape and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. hundreds detained after another violent saturday of protests in the french capital . course in the middle of a u.s. china standoff beijing wants canada of severe consequences if it doesn't release a top telecoms executive. and the new law that seeks to find out what happened to the thousands who went missing in lebanon sixteen year long civil war. donald trump's white house already has one of the highest turnover rates for senior stuff in u.s. presidential history and now the chief of staff john kerry is leaving at the end of the year the retired marine general has been in the role for sixteen months he was chosen to bring order to what's been widely described as
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a chaotic white house trump is in talks with vice president mike pence his chief of staff nick as to take on the role. john kelly will be leaving recess but i don't know if i can say retiring but he's a great guy john kelly will be leaving at the end of the here will be announcing who will be taking john's place it might be on an interim basis i'll be announcing that over the next day or two but john will be leaving at the end of the year he's been with me almost two years now as you know between the two positions so. we're probably going to see him in a little while our white house correspondent can be how takes a look back at john kerry's time as chief of stuff. we just soiree general kelly crisis may have ended john kelly's time in the west wing down with the four star marine general was brought to the white house to restore order as president probably years president donald trump took him from his post just homeland security
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secretary in july of two thousand and seventeen he replaced the first chief of staff writes priebus thanksgiving kelly's first order of business was firing communications director anthony scare mucci who'd been on the job for just ten days for disparaging white house officials in a profanity laced interview for a time kelley was described as the adult in the white house reportedly imposing military like discipline on staff and limiting access to the president very well but in october of that same year a botched military mission in new share that left four american soldiers dead cause some to question kelly's judgment kelly attacked a congresswoman who criticized the president's mishandling of a condolence call to one of the widows it stuns me that a member of congress with a listen to a conversation. absolutely stunning but the controversy surrounding rob porter
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a top trump aide may have been kelly's biggest fumble kelly defended porter when his ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse so did the president as you probably know he says he's innocent and i think you have to remember that he said very strongly yesterday that he's innocent but the administration was forced to back away when photos of one ex-wife's blackeye surfaced bolstering her claims the case led to questions about how porter given his police record had received security clearances and led to others in the administration including the president's own sudden larger cushion or seeing their top secret clearance revoked other tromp reports surfaced that kelley had referred to trump as an idiot something both men denied other top officials like former secretary of state rex tillerson and former national security advisor h.r. mcmaster were let go after allegedly making similar insults in recent months kelli's tenure has been marked with reports of fights including reported shouting
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match with national security adviser john bolton as well as disagreements with first lady a lani a trump. kelly is the latest in a long list of high profile departures can really help al jazeera the white house eric cantor is a political analyst and author of the book the g.o.p. civil war he says john kelly was probably never the right fit for the role as it's the most political in the white house. now that we see that the president is perhaps going towards a reelection position as well as now you're looking at a more political front now that he has to deal with a democratic congress coming in in january. suggest that the president might need someone different in the perhaps kelly might not be the right person if he ever was some of the reporting that we've heard about president trump is he's even questioned why he even leads a white house chief of staff so i don't know if the president even thinks that this
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is someone that he needs necessarily in this position to manage the white house because i think the president believes that this is a position that he himself can handle but now i think what the president might be looking for is someone who can actually begin to get him on a more stable footing politically where he can begin to ramp up his political campaign as well as begin working with a congress particularly a house that perhaps might not be as welcoming to him as he would like the outgoing u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has made her first public comments on the matter of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi this is what nikki haley's told the atlantic magazine the whole situation with she is we can't give them the pos we comes and the reason is you have saudi government officials that did this in a saudi consulate the saudi government doesn't get a pass we can't condone it we can't ever say it's ok because ever support such
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behavior and we have to say about us. the saudi crown prince has been in constant private contact with donald trump's son in law and middle east advisor jared according to a new york times report their relationship has continued even after the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the article reveals that kushner has been a strong advocate for mohammed bin sound none the informal contact was made despite a rule that national security council members must take part in all calls with foreign leaders is a protest in four acts for saturday's four massive demonstrations across france what began as protests against an increase in fuel tax has spread to wider resentment against president emanuel macaroons government the streets of paris and other french cities are relatively calm now as the groups of so-called yellow vest protesters returned home for the night but throughout the day some one hundred twenty five thousand demonstrators descended on the streets breaking barricades
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burning cars and vandalizing shops they were met by large numbers of riot police armed with tear gas and water cannon more than nine hundred seventy people are in police custody demonstrations were held across the country this was the scene in the southwestern city of bordeaux barricades could be still seen burning overnight and in neighboring to lose several large fires were lit by protesters in the center of the city french media reporting some thirty seven people were arrested by police the government in paris is calling for calm because you. know tax is that important a threat to national unity we must continue with dialogue with coming together the president will propose measures to bring together the french nation to do with the challenges that they have to deal with. well al jazeera is david chase who was in central paris throughout the day and sent us this report the the us.
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was what the yellow vests called act for all their protests played out with some familiar scenes in the center paris. was the hundreds of arrests were made but it didn't stop the clashes the demonstrators tried to storm the blockades mounted by the riot police. was started as now because the six nerissa are moving in on the other best protesters who are trying missiles at the police lights they are now using tear gas tear gas and stun grenades the was in effect on we did a first round didn't the curious act to not asked act three we don't exist today we do at four to see feel reacts they don't hear the word dignity dignity is all we want the dignity of making a living out of
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a war all right people from wanting to make one watch how the poor are going to keep feeding their children that's what i want to know what will we give to our children by the end of the month the shouts coming from the crowds. maclin resign but his interior minister had his own message for the yellow vests even it was delivered a safe distance from the fray to syria i see food in us that have actually be more injuries on the side of the security forces than on the side of the protesters because the idea is to contain things but the toxic has its limits particularly when we're faced with people who want to behave like it's. and it's a war that shows no sign of ending soon the standoff is continuing david chaytor al jazeera paris. china is warning canada of severe consequences if it doesn't release a top executive of want to. the world's largest telecoms companies the foreign ministry has launched a diplomatic protest calling the case quote extremely nasty while ways chief
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financial officer men one joe was arrested last week on charges of evading u.s. sanctions against iran the canadian courts are deciding on whether to extradite her to the united states where she could face that he is in prison castro is tracking those developments from washington d.c. . and a prosecutor laid out these charges in court on friday and he accuses me of tricking banks that have us operations into doing business with iran against those u.s. sanctions she's accused of doing this by telling those banks that everything was above board when they did business with her company while way when in fact huawei was operating in an official subsidiary out of hong kong that was indeed engaged with businesses any ran now maine was arrested at the vancouver airport but this happened at the behest of u.s. authorities on monday her bail hearing will resume in canada and the u.s. is working to extradite her for trial in new york that is unless china successfully
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intervenes it is able to convince canada against cooperating which it is forcefully trying to do now the timing is peculiar because the arrest of ming happened just as u.s. president donald trump was sitting down for dinner with china's president seizing ping in argentina last saturday trump claims he didn't know that this arrest was happening at the same time but china views it all as a national embarrassment particularly because maine is considered to be corporate royalty in china not only is she the chief financial officer of huawei which is the preeminent telecommunications company in china but she's also the daughter of that company's founder so she's widely respected among chinese business elites and their condemnation of her arrest has been swift and scathing they're accusing the u.s. and canada of kidnapping where the next but still ahead on al-jazeera deep divisions threaten the long awaited talks between warring parties to end the
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conflict in yemen. it was a. protest outside a major climate conference in poland but.


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