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usually given that. inside the citadel louis talks to a g.i. activist about lottie's role of the national front. but the course is a future period in the into getting a check point on nor should we call you come up with a solid proof you have vital to do with what it was a good day to all you could you have by. the before you do. so i didn't want you to. evolve the fish called a microphone. three and it could mean jesus was one of the biggest put on leaving the commissions to. go in the shows they came in with and so we did what you were given the three dollars in. gold you got for partly because clearly you believe the you do either you're pushing to get this election or your the facility you know.
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believe a marine is a hard liner who appears to provide a link between generation identity and the party leadership already in vassal plays a key role in recruiting identity terry and who want to work for the national front . as louis discovers when he asked moran if you could get a job with the party. are you going to say well you know a lot of pressure jersey about on the president of brazil or you know you're always on your salary or your thoughts which they recover until we thought it was not over it all is going to be all of our. as it were none of what it is very surprising to see or really unfair hassel has so much influence with the national front folks this is a political force which is integrating with the national front which will end up in the party's programs and the speeches of national front officials. it is important
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because the identity ariens have succeeded in their strategy of entry. after the first round of the presidential election the two most popular candidates competed for france's highest office. marine le pen against the country's rising political force former banker emmanuel mccraw. the pen performs poorly during an election debate. but it is also assume. that all was not on the run off comfortably. you know if there was enormous despair and disappointment after the second round of the presidential election. after the debate between them in the pan and macron
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which led to her being internally contested. or strategy was put in doubt notably phillipos strategy that i want to cut to. the national front moderate vice president it was the biggest casualty of the infighting. you know what the role of laurean philippo was in the end to bring on board people who didn't come from the far right to vote for marine the pan which was a partial success he was the face of d.d. administration in the media why did florrie and philippo the. because in the end he felt that this cleanup at the national front was impossible of. course one mind of them are in the pan in six years with the party of extremists the dexcom gaudiness now this is your decision. as. so you. know what sass is if i truly can v.n.
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said you'll do three this and they're in you know who. they signal. is. not the guy in the guard who has at least one of the guns on the street and looks like you know some of the buff you know he says not that he committed like that was. the hassle blamed phillipos moderate line for the pens defeat. for nathan's interferes with the doctor who cut her service with the children with just the bombing of the plane if you stop with me she shows me how long it took me to pick up the phone the plane is obviously going to be good i've got to look up to the plate. remy murad took a job with the national front to promote the policies of generation identity he found an open door. brokers are really only. destructive but the
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truth is if you're going to efficiency often you're going. to be a pretty if you don't like the first six people look it up but. if you're going to be efficient but so you all had to give your boss but maybe if you got all the fault. and you. don't end up with when she lost the elections last year all the historic figures of the party who were fighting their tongues came galloping back and took the national front back you know that they would stand to the fray with these identity hereon positions in their baggage notably on the questions of immigration and. he wants to learn more about generation identity strategy to influence the policies of the national front. he meets a prominent activist. from pires. this is right that's what it was clear to me but
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it's what they're going to live with for all of this what he's going. to get has not been incredible images that i might. just be the one that's moving across the globe. on the outlook with. you know something interesting to do as he speaks in cleveland not to let. some facts if you're not going to save some of the right you may not circular if it was also a big job that one means a lot about where we're. sitting president little of what you want to keep going to demand going to do the research.
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in the us main square in the hussle are joined by another far right activist. he tells them about an invitation he's received to meet a senior member of the national front on policy spokesman. did he i don't know if it does not mean you just do or simply say the speaker is not you're the boss of. sebastian shannon is open d.k. . hostile in the far right activist make homophobic remarks. you know sort of from an officer with prisoners he. could use it isn't it with you saying well those are. here but it doesn't mean that you don't agree with what. the hassle confirms that he also had a meeting with. but it's always usually
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a difficulty because we're going through because we don't have those who come to school which was a young horses working for them. in the open to take up. since new friends presidential election defeat china has emerged as one of the most powerful allies. news part of the national front group of the older friends council along wi fi amory. the band is also a member. louis is about to discover more unfair news links to generation identity. he visits the apartment of an activist he's met at the citadel from a wild matters that is unsure of the inside generation identity symbol so full of work. during the twenty seven thousand election campaign
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that was filmed alongside already and the hassle. they were attending a national front rally neely's where the niece of the party leader marian maher a shell was speaking. initially vassal was not going to attend. to this day in the. order for you to. see this if you feel. almost all. matters that claim the vassal only went after a personal invitation from a senior figure in lipans party. should you say if this is the role of all.
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but the hassle then run into another problem. if the issue is a host of others is. the hassle needed chinese help one small. or your vision is the for the first. is the shift. yes. but also although it's a misfortune which. vassal then went into the whole. much as i tells livy about the hassles but for the national front this is if this bloody vision of the full of people still exist. forces as the will to move on will still be as they all just.
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are on the cover a reporter discovers that members of the national front all welcome visitors at the citadel they discussed what would happen if the national front were to form a government. to mali your defense experts let's see who leave it out which could still be not only a treaty he had only been in the game you are one of those pascal sua says they would need to be all. you know and yes you need anybody in the media the feel of it which were the job on your ship is that if you leave us you will make your for the use of judgement of your because in the us the officials of the english don't think it's a long walk more than if. it's. nice but you're not sure how. good i hope you will have to do the of the more.
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significant part of it but above all that stuff. is what they were going to change said. she she understood. the national front members post often a ray of weapons. jacket and nothing was but since one copy of stone soup if you're curious to see him extradited me to. the shop it certainly wasn't going to. last year though you jemmett certain you know. convertable. there is a breeding ground that makes it possible to mobilize french white people against islam and muslims more precisely by promoting the idea of an ethnic war the idea of a probable civil war between muslims and others and what it is. if it is so
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off the cuff if the prophet. is a. really you know i mean. you know the. marine le pen said that since he became president of the national front he's publicly kicked out all those who've been filing racist or anti semitic she said pierre last week has never worked for the national front of the o. de france council. the pan added that already in vassal has never worked or written speeches for the national front. stated that his association lazy don't tell was distinct from generation identity and was not dependent on it. sebastian confirmed he told the hostel that the meeting with marian mar a shell was open to everyone he said that while basle did contact him to say he was
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not allowed in he did not go looking for him under the hassles subsequent application to join the national front had been refused. philippe marie said the recruitment of party assistance at the oda falls regional council is done within the law. he said the evidence presented by al-jazeera is an obvious interference by the cattery authorities in the run up to the european parliamentary elections in may twenty nine thousand. the hassles lawyers at the citadel does not represent generation identity and welcome the wide. of members of diverse persuasions. she said the hostile is not responsible for members who allege skirmishes took place which are either imaginary or which she strongly condemns the hassel said that being secretly filmed in a private space is detestable and that his discovery of this has irritated him. in episode two of generation hate the hassel tells g.i.
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members use political violence when necessary be more civil if you want to go easy with a big believer in additional free thinkers like i'm some of the national front's biggest names see cookie turn up at the citadel. so it's not as a producer it's about the office and i think a lot more than just about everybody my little. baby this way is kind of what do you make of me got some very useful stuff for us on and. on counting the cost cattle becomes the first country in the middle east to quit opec un climate talks took place this week in a coal mining town plus why french president of money will not clones policies are so unpopular counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes does this house want to deliver bricks it
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i treat them a perspire owns a parliamentary vote on her unpopular breaks that deal but faces and emergency debate on choose day also. the sort of specifically i accept my share of responsibility wage hikes and tax cuts for the poor and pensioners french president manuel micro refuses protesters demands to roll back his reform agenda also. desperate asylum seekers trying to cross the us mexico border but instead mothers are separated from their children. and an exclusive interview with the nobel peace prize laureate salma it was shining a light on the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. welcome to the new science gadhafi company failing to sell a deal that's left both pro and anti europe camps unhappy british prime minister
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treason may has been forced to persist in a parliamentary vote but she'll have to contend with critics from both her own conservative party and the opposition has an emergency debate on choose day that means looking for more concessions from the european union but leaders in brussels insist the current deal is the only option here's lawrence lee with our top story. warriors of lawyers i would say remain as great as the country if not at war with itself in a deeply divided and angry this was the scene outside parliament as the prime minister was about to speak i don't agree with conservatives new fun and agree with labor. the warrior three where is the democratic will of the people should be respected yes we'll have to find out what it is or any yet as the representatives of the people the political class is equally in chaos order statements the prime minister. after so much time and energy spent on coming up with a way of trying to leave the european union while keeping everybody happy the prime
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minister has found a deal has so little support it could not get through a vote m.p.'s were openly mocking her in return she looks totally exasperated as it is clear that while there is broad support for many of the key aspects of the deal . yes on one issue on one issue the northern ireland backstop there remains widespread and steep concerns as a result if we went ahead and held the folks tomorrow the deal would be rejected by significant. we will therefore defer the coach actual for tomorrow. and not proceed to divide the house at this time but the opposition was having none of it if she's going back to brussels then she needs to build a consensus in this house there is no point no point at all in this prime minister bringing back the same deal again which clearly does not support the government is
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not supported by this house. and. gradually voices of being her dog you into the parliament might have no choice if it can also carry itself out to leave the e.u. but so hold another referendum it isn't even clear what the terms of it might be aphasic ailsa displays will not be the law of itself i won't miss embarrassing the adage says a week is a long time in politics but here right now they stagger from day to day making it up as they go along so back to brussels she will have to go where. the leaders of the twenty seven european union countries may offer her a small amount of sympathy but no way out of her nightmare as it stands the u.k. can neither find a way of leaving the european union nor persuading itself to abandon the entire project and reputations are being shredded in the process gloriously al-jazeera
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westminster in london. johnston is a reporter of politics home dot com an online publication that focuses on politics in the united kingdom where he says to reason may has probably reached a dead end. what the prime minister is hoping is that if she can get some kind of assurance over the irish backstop that she may be able to crawl bar enough of her moderate m.p.'s into supporting this deal but within moments of her making this announcement there was people within her own party the city of backbenchers who said this doesn't fix the fundamental problems that they have with the deal it also seems very unlikely that the northern irish party d u p will be mollified by any attempt to kind of fiddle with the wording of the backstop so it seems very difficult to know where it's going to go next the problem at the moment in parliament is that there's total deadlock there doesn't seem to be a consensus for where we can go next there is absolutely no majority for any of the
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possible outcomes and the one move that the prime minister possibly had which was to try and go back to the european union to try and change anough of the deal to gain support has already been shot down by the european union their irish t. shock has said there's absolutely no way that we can renegotiate the irish backstop and therefore this this plot seems dead in the water before she's even left britain will it stay in europe because his critics call him president of the richer and it's taken four weeks of violent antigovernment protests for french president to address the anger on the streets and his first address to the nation since the worst unrest in fronts in decades were called took partial responsibility and urged for calm the former investment banker announced a raft of concessions including the new and wage hikes and tax cuts for pensioners and the working poor but he refused to reinstate a wealth tax that was scrapped last year as a key demand of so-called yellow vests protesters who first took to the streets
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against an increase in fuel tax but the movement soon became a wider protest against the government from paris natasha butler reports. so. when emanuel macaw speech was an appeal to french hearts he admitted making mistakes and called for national unity and upon the possibility i admit my share of the responsibility perhaps i made you think i didn't care i had other priorities i know that i have heard some of you with my words. the french president spoke after four weeks of near silence about the so called yellow fest protests the grass roots movement was sparked by frustration over high fuel taxes but has become a symbol of anger over the rising cost of living macro responded with some financial concessions nor in force we want to france where people can live from their work in dignity at the minimum wage will be raised by one hundred euros a month from twenty nineteen after watching the speech in normandy this group of
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protesters said they were unconvinced. i fear that few yellow vests will be satisfied with these crumbs personally i will be out there again tomorrow or the guy you wrote about locate france's far left leader said he believed the demonstrations would continue across the country. i think that there will be an act five of the beginning of the citizens revolution in our country analysts say this speech was a fine balancing act for him and a wal-mart call because the yellow vest protesters have such a large variety of demands he could never have appealed to all of them the experts say that his tactic was to try and convince the movement's more moderate supporters . he wanted to convince the majority of french people who aren't necessarily demonstrating but annoyed by taxes imagery for shows did going to be too far in his arrogance and liberal politics he gave concessions to the political left but i'm not sure it would be enough to reconquer public opinion during his presidential
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campaign makkal vowed to transform frogs but experts say he is a. pullets is now to push through his reforms could depend on what happens on the streets in the coming weeks. al-jazeera paris france washer man is a professor of environmental geopolitics of migration dynamics at the paris institute of political studies but he says the protests in france are likely to continue as always michael is seen as favoring the rich unless. the government announces a major fiscal reform any particular about the wealth stacks there is a clear demand from the yellow vests for the wealth tax to be reinstated and this is a fact that has been better done by a minority back home in the beginning of his presidency they will still be dispersed option that the rich pay less and that the poor pay more to come on tax was really the triggering factor of the protest and no we are in
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a difficult situation where of use the governments are starting to realize and or all of the issues are also social political and economic issues and i think the mistake that michael made was that to assume that these inventor measures would be technique out measures that would have no social a pretty good effect i'm really worried and concerned about the consequence that this might have internationally especially as leaders meet at the twenty four you get of it's a crucial climate talks these weeks i'm afraid that many of them will be reluctant to impose an end run of the legend seeing the protest that it generated in france it really says a second out that any promote on reform eighty enrolment the measure needs to be considered also as a social and pretty good measure. top executive of chinese telecom john tal way will spend at least one more night in custody after a judge in canada tonight a decision on bail by one juror is accused of breaching u.s.
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sanctions on iran faces fraud charges china has threatened canada with serious consequences unless she's released runnels is following the court proceedings in vancouver and sentence uptight top chinese technology executive beaumont joe will be spending at least one more night in a canadian jail and a judge here at vancouver's court house decided to continue the hearings into tuesday saying he was not quite sure whether the conditions that monk had proposed for her bail could be met the case has roiled financial markets around the world and increased tensions between china and the united states and china and canada and basters from both the united states and canada were brought in to the chinese foreign ministry in beijing over the weekend and given a severe tongue lashing and warned of unspecified consequences if ming is not
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released one of the sticking points according to the judge was whether mings husband lou shan zone could act as a guarantor that she would not leave the country or break her bail he said he was not sure that that was possible because mr lu is not a full time resident of canada so this case which has created a great deal of tension and create a great deal of financial turmoil in markets around the world will continue. they further said back to how edge of pan has become the latest country to ban government contracts with the company and fellow chinese telecom giant said reuters says the japanese government wants to guard against intelligence leaks and cyber attacks similar concerns have been seen by highway where they've been banned from building five g. networks in the u.s. australia and new zealand. a legal battle in china between two american tech giants
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is causing jitters on wall street qualcomm says apple suppliers owe it money for its patents and intellectual property and a court in providence has agreed granting an injunction against apple the court decision bans important sale of some i phone models in china apple is fighting the ruling and released a statement saying that qualcomm's effort to ban our products is another desperate move by a company whose illegal practices are under investigation by regulators around the world all i phone models remain available for our customers in china we will pursue all our legal options through the courts still ahead here on the al-jazeera news our reliance on coal and a trade war with the us put the brakes on china's green energy plans. protesters in yemen demand an end to the blockade on a key port and airport while warring sides are far away from the political solution . and little.


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