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tv   The Tunisian Drone Engineer  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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al-jazeera. everything your. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next sixty minutes i will contest that vote with everything i've got to find and combative to resume a braces for a leadership challenge over her unpopular bricks and deal. a nationwide hunt across france for the gunman who killed at least two people at a christmas market in strassburg. free for a chinese executive was granted bail in
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a case that's tightened trade tensions with the u.s. . looking for a way out in lebanon palestinian refugees seeking new routes to escape desperate conditions. ok we begin in the u.k. where the bricks that drama has triggered a challenge to series amazed leadership of governing conservative party now tory m.p.'s will vote in the coming hours specifically at eighteen hours g.m.t. six pm local time prime minister may responding with defiance saying she'll face the vote of confidence with everything she says she insists the challenge from more than forty eight of her own m.p.'s risks derailing the brics it process. a change of leadership in the conservative party now will put our country's future at risk
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and create uncertainty when we can least afford it a new leader wouldn't be in place by the twenty first of january legal deadline so a leadership election risks handing control of the brics in negotiations to opposition m.p.'s in parliament. the new leader wouldn't have time to renegotiate a withdrawal agreement and get the legislation through parliament by the twenty ninth of march so one of their first acts would have to be extending or rescinding article fifty delaying or even stopping breck's it. well i was just a few hours ago this is live to resume now on her feet inside the house of commons replying to a question or a point there from the labor party opposition jeremy corbin mrs may just taking her as she listens to another question from one of the backbenchers let's just open the mics and get a sense of the atmosphere what's going on there inside the chamber and then that was this week she told us she wasn't going to pull a meaningful vote and then she did can i ask her now if she's going to rule out
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having a general election about eight. years can i can i say to the honorable lady first of all that i think the general election at this point in time would not be in the national interest. i. and secondly. and secondly she would have heard me say before in this house i think we should respect the result of the referendum a century sixty nine was given what we could call uncertainty about the future of the withdrawal agreement because the problem is to give people some certainty that say you nationals in the u.k. that whatever happens to that deal they will be allowed to stay on roughly the same terms as i read in that tragedy. bannable friend raises an important point because i know the e.u. nationals living here in the united kingdom will be concerned about what might happen in the circumstances if a deal is not agreed we've been very clear as government obviously they withdraw
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agreement that we've agreed does respect the rights and protection guarantee the rights of e.u. citizens living here but in the unlikely event of no deal i've been clear that this government will still protect e.u. citizens rights and we would wish to we wish to know would wish to know that actually other e.u. governments would respect the rights of u.k. citizens getting you hear me. thank you mr. thank you mr speaker i'm sure the whole house will join me in joining us joining the prime minister in condemning the shootings in strasburg and extending our sympathy to the families of those that have been killed or injured there mr speaker i'm delighted to see the prime minister back in a place after a little journeys having told the media this morning. having told the media this morning that she's made progress can she now update the house on what changes she
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has secured to her deal. that's what i would judge him and i did get travel to europe yesterday a meeting number of heads of government to the commission and to the european union council that's precisely because i had listened to concerns that were raised in this house and have taken those concerns to europe and no one is in any of them on that i met yesterday is in any doubt about the strength of concern there is in this house on this issue with the duration of the story but i'm interested that the right on the gentleman wants to know what progress we have made because actually the right honorable gentleman couldn't care less what i bring but for us it was. he's being whatever comes back from brussels he's going to vote against it because all he wants to do is to create chaos in our economy. did this division in our society and i want to say that
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a problem here i mean. it's very clear mr speaker nothing has changed. if she needed. it she needed any care for cation mr speaker if you needed any time if occasion about the temporary nature of the backstop she need to gone to europe she could have just asked her attorney general who said it in june as indefinitely. as the prime minister may recall when she left when she left on her journey we were about to start day full of a five day debate on the deal since the prime minister has not achieved any changes are either to withdraw all agreement all the future partnership can she now confirm that we will have the concluding days of debates and votes within the next seven
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days before the house rises for the christmas recess was a right honorable gentleman i had discussions with a number of people yesterday and i have made some progress but there is. but of course there is an e.u. council meeting there are further discussions to be round he asks about the meaningful very meaningful that has been deferred in the day should be announced in the normal way the business motion will be agreed and discussed in the usual way. this is when our own members on the other side when we've had a meaningful vote we how does a referendum on change that was. this way i do they want some meaningful data i'll give it one twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen when we leave the euro they owe it here i mean. totally and absolutely unacceptable there was.
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this. this house agreed by programme motion this house a grade the five days i have to buy this house agreed when the first was going to take place the government tried to unilaterally pulled out and you know this house denies this house the chance of a vote on this crucial matter with the prime minister not government have already been found to be in toronto. to parliament her behavior today is just contemptuous of this bomb was a. mistake you are the party ministers are pulling behavior needs to be held to account by this house as indeed the people of this country are more and more concerned about the ongoing chaos at the center of her government. when she made her lancaster. car on both sides of the house
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the question or. the questions will be heard however long it takes and so will the . try to show all you do is wear out your voices and you won't succeed him and of subject journey this is when the prime minister made her lancaster house speech she said it's our turn to go shed to objectives and they were looking out and quoting the first objective is crucial we will provide certainty wherever we can and. does the current situation look or feel like certain so you can the prime minister mark your own homework on this matter. and indeed that is every stage at every say the right on one gentleman said we wouldn't get agreement in december we did he said we wouldn't get into that taishan period in march we did he said we wouldn't get to withdraw an agreement on the political declaration and we and we
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treat. concerns have been raised concerns have been raised about the stop and as i said we continue those discussions and no one yesterday was left in any doubt about the strength of feeling in this house but of course we all know what the right of all genders are the backstop is ignore the referendum and stay in the european union thank you. if there's an agreement why won't the prime minister put that agreement to a vote of this house. the federation small business is says that planning ahead is . impossible many many other people around this country find planning ahead impossible because all they see his chaos at the heart of government and an inability to plan anything to the future yesterday the cross party select committee including conservative m.p.'s for their committee for departing eckstein the european union unanimously found the prime minister's deal and i quote fails to offer sufficient clarity or certainty about the future will the prime minister gave
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the country at least some certainty and categorically rule out the option of no deal yeah right. the the way to ensure there is no deal is to agree to a deal that is the way. to ride. the rides honorable gentleman the right on the agenda and talks about the impact on businesses are turned and what will have an impact on businesses and down in this country or what we learned just a few days ago that the shadow chancellor wants to change the law. so the prime minister's reply must speak heard and he will be the prime minister business is will be affected by the fact that the shadow chancellor wants to change the law so the trade unions in this country can go on strike in solidarity with any try anywhere and so. that's not that may be solidarity with trade
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unions it's not solid hours here with small businesses and it's not solidarity with the ordinary working people who would pay the price of labor. and speaker by question was would the prime minister rule or no deal she has failed to do that. can i tell the prime minister this sorry saga is frustrating for businesses for workers and many. they are actually behind as well many though are trying to work constructively to find a solution yesterday. yesterday i have former bricks that minister said a new customs union with the could be the basis for a parliamentary consensus that when is she going to start listening to people that want to actually to find a constructive solution to this rather than denying polman the right to buy to and vote on her dale head was there are what you want one group of people that don't
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want to find a constructive solution is the labor party was there are was there are we say on the other side that's what we see on the other side of the chamber no prior notice no regrets it was. the to this thing. the mrs fake of the time for does bring on gen y. is a rough go of the prime minister the prime minister has negotiated her do you she is. there i don't know john when will be her jeremy corbin who was the speaker of the time for dinner is very young denied by this government is how it was the prime minister's negotiated deal she's told us it's the best and only a viable there can be no more excuses no more running away i put it before parliament
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and let's have the vote they want to have a houghton's with her conservative leadership vote today it is absolutely irrelevant to the lives of people across our country and it does nothing to solve the government's inability to get a deal that for the whole country she's already been found to be in contempt of parliament will she now put this deal before parliament and holds this ask elating crisis. which is so damaging to the lives of so many people in this country was a hero no for the multiplicity of changes in plan we've seen from the labor party that's one thing we can be sure about that whatever you turn comes next in labor's policy will send down. to one or two i said a moment ago the leader of the opposition must be heard and belatedly he was and the prime minister will be heard the prime minister for whatever change in labor
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policy will see he send out his henchmen to reveal it all to the world they in constant guard now have the guy. to a. high saying to the right honorable gentleman and i say to the right on the gentleman i think it's time somebody will explain it to the age of the opposition to it. was. an ice age the right to it and i think the right honorable gentleman but he should be honest with people he should be honest with people about his position have he couldn't care less about what he wants to do is bring down the government creates uncertainty so division and crash economy they were the biggest
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threat the biggest threat to people and so this country isn't meeting the e.u. it's a kobe and government. the. whole must in turn. was just bigger a few weeks ago right mackenzie from houston the people at least which. on wife having been a victim of through on like threats and brewing on social media and whose mobile phone he was just thirteen years old nearly ten thousand pounds has been raised in his memory for beautiful inside and out a scottish charity that supports the families of victims of child suicide because the prime minister said what this government is going to do to tackle cyber brewing not just to support and empower victims but to deter and prevent children who may be engaging in these acts not realising the consequences begin how because no
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family should be enduring a christmas with their child due to serious. book and i say to my honorable friend he has raised an extremely serious issue and i'm sure the thoughts of the whole house and the condolences of the whole house are. ben his family at this terrible time and this terrible tragedy that has occurred and as i say he's raised an incredibly serious issue because this is a question of cyber bullying it's one that we do need to address in both ways as he says both working with the internet companies in relation to what is put out on their platforms with working with schools to help people to be able to recognise this material and to deal with it but also to support those children who could as my own befriend said be the victims who might be all those children who might be carrying out these attacks and what our consultations showed last year on internet safety was that despite
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a range of voluntary initiatives and good work by range of charities and i commend the work of the scottish charity to resume there with robust performance squaring up against jeremy corbyn she was asked very specifically whether she would accept the order of people's vote a second referendum and a general election she said neither was in the national interest what was interesting about the back and forth that she may be there with the recording was the way that she didn't she avoided answering to very clear specific questions. she said that she had come back from her quick journey around europe yesterday with something he asked her twice what changes have you got to the deal that you want the house to vote on she avoided answering twice also mr korb and went on to ask a very clearly again would she rule out a no deal scenario she didn't talk about that either shouldn't answer that question he was also saying to it can we have the votes that we were scheduled to have
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anyway within the next seven days because he was making the point as well the house of commons is just about to go into christmas recess will stay with these live pictures and we'll talk to our correspondent john the whole journal what was your reading of her performance and also the atmosphere there it looks it looks pretty heated. and surprisingly perhaps given current events peter not just of course the year leadership contest within the tory party happening tonight but this is been quite extraordinary week parliamentarians would have gathered at the beginning of the week or indeed the middle of last week to listen to several days of debate ahead of a vote a crucial vote on that e.u. deal achieved structed to resume a with the e.u. and that was pulled and sort of mony asleep on monday in order for her to go off and try and renegotiate new terms so this is a big stream the exorcised house you can certainly hear it there in their responses to reserve may i think use the word robust certainly sounding very energized she
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has come out and said she will fight this vote tonight for this vote of confidence in her by her own side with everything she's got and she's not about to give way on wednesday at pm cuse her regular meeting with the. leader of the opposition to jeremy corbyn and his jibes about what she is planning to do next the situation remains therefore that there is no date set for a so-called meaning to meaningful vote on to reason may's deal no she couldn't give them any detail about what may or may not have been negotiate. i suspect the simple answer to that if there is one is that they won't be any detail until at least after the european council meeting this week of course all of the leaders would need to approve any new wording any of dinham to the dealer and she certainly would be in a position to make any announcements or not surprising there and of course all in abeyance now until the vote tonight when we'll know the result i'm told now nine pm is the time for the result when conservative party m.p.'s will have had their say
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over to reserve future will she stay or is it time for her to go journalist pause for a second to go back to mrs may inside the chamber again just to get a sense of where the shoes fielding questions on her party leadership and also the future of the deal and create more uncertainty and we the public those it's an easy day want us to secure a deal that delivers on that result and we shouldn't risk kind of control of the back seat negotiations to opposition m.p.'s in parliament because that would mean risking to laying bricks it even stopping breck's it none of that would be in the national interest so i think we need to get on and deliver a good press it for the country. hear me when i stood for election i vowed not to vote support any deal that was not in the best interests of lewisham west. by pulling at the brakes the vote the prime minister must now concedes that deal is the house and her own party appear to have no confidence
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in her but will she have confidence in the people and give them a say with the people's vote. it may. be on the later we have deferred the vote on the agreement and on this the issue that she raised about pushing the road back to the people can i say to her as i have said on this said to the first questioner the honorable member from bristol. and i have said in many occasions in this house this house put its face in the votes of the people of this country when we gave them the referendum decided to give them the referendum in trying to sixteen people voted to leave the european union it is now agin she says deliver on that journey i want to know. mr speaker this house is a duty to make sure that the next generation live better lives tomorrow than we live today so how does my right old girlfriend respond to the royal college of obstetricians and gynecologists audit that found that three quarters of the
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hundreds of babies who died or suffered brain damage each year could be saved by better care and what steps of the government taking to ensure that every expectant mother and unborn baby receives appropriate monetary. mrs may there stepping up to the mace again soon will fly through that particular question she was saying we can't risk or delaying it. on what people voted for in june of twenty sixteen of course fifty two percent of the u.k. people who voted in the bricks and referendum voted to leave the european union seventeen point four million of think journalism our correspondent standing outside on a chilly college green so join up that's really going to be her calling card when she meets them pieces into a five o'clock your time this afternoon before the vote between six and eight and then the results at nine about her party leadership she just basically summed up boil down there what she will say to them she will say stay with me and you will
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get of bricks it's really jettison me and the whole thing just goes into another level of shambles. yes that's right she's painting vote this evening as effectively a referendum on her deal be a referendum within her own party. and those are. the goalposts as she is staking them out this is the only deal that gets. across the line to be fair that is what she has said since it was concluded with the e.u. two weeks ago she is sticking very firmly to that script there is nothing better on offer albeit she has made efforts and continues to make the point that she has listened to the concerns of m.p.'s in parliament as they have expressed their grave misgivings about the much dreaded backstop the generation of that backstop the fact that britain could be caught in it indefinitely as per the advice of her attorney
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general and that she is making efforts with e.u. leaders to try and get some sort of wording in addition to the withdrawal agreement that would allay their fears she claims she's made progress there is the e.u. council meeting at the end of this week that may be her moment if she's allowed to do it to go there and try and actually get something on paper from the other twenty seven leaders and this is her pitch let me do this this is the only way we get breaks is without me there is the risk of no brakes it at all there is the risk of a new election in a jeremy corbyn government or there is a risk as well for those on the remains side of a much harder brakes if she is selling the best deal in town and that's her. rallying call and when she refused a little earlier journey to be drawn on what she got from other european leaders yesterday when she met mr root so when she met angle america i mean she was supposed to go to dublin a little later today that's been canceled i guess partly because what she would have got off in the background from shin fein would have been when you got to unite
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ireland because that was something they were talking about six seven hours ago on social media but are we saying or can we say that when she refused to be drawn on corbin's question about what changes can you make to the deal does that mean she got nothing from her european quick trip yesterday apart from a warm handshake and a cup of tea. i mean i think it's quite difficult for us as observers peter to to make any any sort of inference. like that simply because what we've learned up to now from the you negotiate is over breaks it and all sorts of other issues is that nothing is decided by the other than in that room by the e.u. leaders themselves and quite possibly on the night very late at night at the eleventh hour and therefore it would have been presumably unwise for to reserve may. to give any details of a conversation is with individual leaders at this point the e.u.
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has been actually steadfast in negotiating in lockstep as one unit fire its negotiated michel barnier there have been frequent repeated warnings against any attempt by the british government to try and pick them off individually to sort of try and divide and conquer that may well have been her gambit this time she may well have been given assurances that something is on the table in brussels and what she's unlikely i would have thought to have given any detail at all about that if it exists at all can we infer do you think journey what is half past twelve in the afternoon with you almost coming up top twelve so she talks to m.p.'s at five o'clock then there's the vote between six and eight as i said earlier can we infer because nobody has broken ranks and said if she loses the vote i would like to stand as party leader does that mean that in the in the corridors of westminster the conservative party the parliamentary conservative party thinks she's going to win the vote so therefore there's no point going up against her anyway.
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again i would say i would say that's a difficult inference certainly the people you talk to here outside parliament on the green arrow ministers coming in going their m.p.'s coming and going there are all sorts of observers analysis the consensus seems to be that she's got quite a good chance of winning that vote tonight one hundred fifty eight votes that would have to be cast to defeat her she has a good chance feel people. he'll of winning the question will be the extent of her within the margin by which she wins by one vote fifty percent plus one vote would be a technical victory but it would be be very questionable for her or ferrety as prime minister it would suggest that almost half of her own party was against turn against her deal she needs a comfortable victory as to the challengers i mean this is been going on this issue for weeks and weeks now months in fact there are an array of of likely
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potential challengers none of whom none of whom notably in the last twenty four hours or forty eight have ruled themselves out they may not have declared themselves challenges yet but none of them a group themselves out i'm sure there are a good number of people perfectly willing to challenge her to take her on and to take over her job although let it be said nobody is coming up with any plan any firm and detailed plan to much in contrast to her own and also for those people who genuinely focus in on the good of the country as opposed to those conservative m.p.'s who are being criticized for their internal political maneuverings i guess the people who are more interested in the country might say well look what you going to do is actually end up maybe with a party leader pro tem who's a hard to tear which is not necessarily for them the best pair of hands on the tiller to guide the party the government the parliament and the country and europe
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as well i guess through the bricks that process. much of this has really to do with it when it boils down with that hard right wing of her party they're the ones who've consistently been pushing the idea of a confidence vote there may well have been others who have joined that confidence vote now as a result of the government's decision on monday to delay to defer the meaningful vote but this is a movement being driven by the right and it is a big gamble for them. course because if she wins and if she does stay on then technically under the rules of this mechanism in the conservative party she can't be a challenge for another twelve months and that would see her with her with her good enough win let's say that would see her massively emboldened massively strengthened to continue her project her vision of brecht's it if she loses as you say the chances then become quite good of a far right on the conservative party successor to to reason may and among those
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sorts of voices there are people who really don't care much for a deal at all who simply don't mind the idea of no deal being reached with the e.u. whatsoever they feel britain will be just fine in contrast it has to be said with an awful lot of economists who think differently. as ever thanks very much. tourism is still taking questions there inside the house of commons from backbenchers and also from opposition m.p.'s as well she has been roundly criticised by all the main opposition m.p.'s labor the s.n.p. played comrie the national party in wales the s.n.p. up and down the road for the s.n.p. leader and the closest has been has reached out on social media she did it yesterday on twitter to jeremy corbyn saying let's push the time is right we can have a moment in the sunshine let's push for a second referendum but the question would be nobody is clear and that's a whole different discussion we'll stay with these pictures and talk to our brussels correspondent today is dominic cain dominic any reaction where you are to
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these incredible scenes taking place in london. and not so far the the view here very much is the deal is the deal they had agreed which they told reiterated to her yesterday a few things have developed we know that president tusk that's the president of the council of ministers has met the e.u. sprigs it negotiator michel but on year is the curse of published his letter inviting all members of the european council ministers namely the heads of state heads of government here for the e.u. summit on thursday and friday and in his letter he refers to briggs it first of all saying how grave the situation is and the need to hear from the u.k. prime minister would obviously the huge kaviak there peter is will there be a u.k. prime minister tomorrow in order to take part in in whatever discussions the e.u. summit will have on breaks it because clearly if theresa may does not have the
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confidence of her own party then she can't stay as prime minister so that is a huge caveat there but for the presuming that she stays as prime minister presuming that she wins that vote of confidence then she'll be here and she will talk to the other twenty seven leaders of government and of course to the presidents of the. commission and at the council and there will be that discussion and afterwards as twenty seven i.e. all the other e.u. countries they will discuss where to go next but it's worth making the point reiterating that despite the the warm meeting reception that the reason they got here in brussels that she got in the hague that she got in but only as you referred to in your question to generally iran she also got the cold reality of we're not renegotiating this she's perhaps going clinging on to the suggestion from president that there could be intelligent use of clarification and interpretation
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but the reality is publicly at least there appears to be absolutely nowhere to go with this deal other than what's already been agreed and as we know is that members of the british house of commons have been saying they don't like that deal well that's the only deal that's on offer from here in brussels but even if there is movement dominick and she comes back with movement from the european meeting thursday and friday on the idea of the backstop and the hard border between the province of northern ireland and the republic the reality is then there are questions to be addressed about whether it's permanent or not and whether europe likes the idea of it being permanent or not or whether northern ireland i.e. the d u p and the irish republic with the t. shirt mr baraka whether they like it being permanent or not. yeah absolutely very many questions there peter and so far at least he doesn't seem to be able to provide the answers indeed it's hard it's unlikely that the e.u.
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leaders when they come here would like to be posed such questions because they are such difficult questions to answer certainly in a through one looks at the northern irish scenario people should remember that northern ireland writ large voted to remain in the european union and yet in so far as the parliamentary constituency. as in northern ireland concerned those constituencies that vote for shin fein who you refer to in your questions to jonah welsh unfeigned doesn't take its seats in the united kingdom parliament they are abstention it to the d u p represents northern ireland in the u.k. parliament the d.p. wants bragg's it and yet it knows that the voters of northern ireland do not so you have this real am person going on where the d u p is the party that looks at the deal that was proffered to them and to parliament by tourism in her government they look at it and they saying no there's no interpretation that could be put on the the backstop as it were that is acceptable to them so there is the problem as it
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were that the chief problem there is how does one interpret what was put there in a way that's acceptable bear in mind that whatever clarification comes from here would have to be clarified by all e.u. leaders is mr valid co you refer to the tea shop is he likely to accept what's put there again lots of questions not many answers and remember furthermore that theresa may was intending to go to speak to the tea shock in dublin today but because of this confidence confidence vote she's had to put that visit off now clearly if she loses that that confidence vote she can never hold that meeting she will no longer be prime minister so the problem for all concerned here right now is they're presuming that the prime minister will stay in office and now it's up to the conservative party to work out whether it wants to stay in office ok don thanks very much let's go back to tourism a still taking questions on that plan and of course the subtext of this loud and
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clear is the leadership challenge that she may face if she loses this vote of confidence the shuttle to take place between six and eight pm london time. what my constituents you know would be written to me to say i voted for briggs and i urge you to support our prime minister unreservedly and vote for these british ever. the prime ministers of the true central been trying circumstances head bangers from all sides in the supine up to two to labor party was meant she's not an impossible job but she's done so well and finally a food from starting so right i mean if lawyers thirty people in the harbor constituency to vote against the deal because political can also put the top two worst possible scenario for this country being off for last wave of government does the prime minister agree me so my constituents of the old commentary on the members of his it want to stop briggs and fundamentally damage our democracy hit one thing.
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i think is just me i think mr speaker this can be an occasion when i get a very short answer yes or a show mash it has. been chaos amazing on this moment this week is emblematic of the way this stuff and i have consistently cheated the people of our train and the lives of the prime ministers from the pound as fully two percent over the last full ten tabs have acted so quickly out of fighting and by n.h.s. the six means yes the prime minister if anything this is a price once paid taxes to pay his share of age she talks about what the government is doing to the n.h.s. it is this government that is establishing a ten year plan for the sustainability of the national have and it is this government that is putting the biggest cash and its history into the national health service to ensure it is there for all our constituents now and in the future
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and verse. does see prime minister agree that we all huge debt of gratitude to our police officers prison officers probation stuff who are in the front line of keeping your soul safe the first tucci of any government in that regard could i please our support minister to take a. close and personal interest in the twenty nine hundred twenty police funding supplement. the principal can i agree with mild of a friend i think we do an enormous debt of gratitude to all those who are on the front line putting themselves intentionally race before us that is peace officers but he is also a reference prison officers and i think the patient officers he referenced as well and i can assure you timely reminder there in the form of that question from conservatism to you that this is prime minister's questions she is fielding questions not just on not just on the vote of confidence or no confidence in her
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the shuttle for today she's also fielding questions on holy impurity domestic issues but if you're just joining us here on al-jazeera what you're looking at right now is the british prime minister the reason may in a special session an extended session i guess of pm cuse prime minister's questions she's been having a back and forth with jeremy corbyn the labor party opposition leader she was asked just before we went to her about forty minutes ago if she would go for a people's vote on your second referendum and then a general election she said no because the that was in the national interest was to call been asked to write or to change with her deal following on from her tour of various european countries yesterday she attacked him saying whatever she'd come back with although she didn't tell us she hasn't told us she would vote against it he then claimed that nothing had changed and then he asked her very very strongly could we have the vote on your plan for us which is a growth of the checkers plan and she came up with several months ago and within
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the next seven days and she said we've had a meaningful vote but was the original vote in the middle of june two years ago twenty sixteen he then asked her again would the prime minister rule out the deal as an option when it comes to the reality of it at the end of march twenty ninth she then again. avoided that question she said she can't risk or delayed a bit because that in itself would represent a major risk to the country and i guess to the rest of europe as well but she was talking in economic fiscal terms and as we've been exploring in the past forty minutes here on this special program what she was basically saying is we suspect what she will say to him piece when she gathers conservative m.p. around following on from those forty eight letters that have gone to the backbench the highly influential backbench one hundred twenty two committee she will say if you stay with me you will get. recognizable and it will be
3:42 pm
a bricks that based on the democratic will of the people who voted in the referendum in twenty sixteen if you jettison me this will be pretty much what we think she will be saying between five and six o'clock london time you will get something completely different you saw an m.p. there saying what we would get would be a hard left labor government that's way way way down the line and would very probably not happen because. it would involve a general election with a clear working majority for jeremy corbyn the house they're going in through a recess session so mrs may what's two hours three hours to gather her thoughts before she starts talking to conservative m.p.'s at five o'clock talk to him barbara who's live for us in london. she's coming out fighting she's coming out
3:43 pm
pretty strong looking. well she's sounding as defiant as she has ever sounded as she said in the last few hours she will contest this vote which is happening in just a few hours time as hard as she can there is still no no. real idea of whether or not she will while a lot of speculation here right now in westminster that to reason may could actually. win this confidence vote but by a narrow margin it would really be very subject to more outcome for her she really needs parliament behind her as we keep hearing she tries to get reassurances from other governments in the you from brussels some wording which might swing people in the commons to her deal ahead of the meaningful vote now on that meaningful vote jeremy corbyn was very very angry about how in his words to
3:44 pm
reason may have gone back on her words she he asked her for a date when parliament would get to vote on it on a deal whether or not it was tweet and he said what progress have you made on getting it changed concluded from her lack of a straight answer that nothing has changed in the last twenty four hours he he basically said that she is shirking her responsibilities and that isn't in fact something that some of her own backbenchers in the conservative party have been accusing her of in the last half an hour. of course the situation is that around more than two hundred fifty conservative m.p.'s have said that they will vote for her on wednesday evening but this is a secret ballot so really that's not very much to go on and at the moment lots and lots of people are asking themselves if in fact a reason may is defeated the process which will take weeks. really very
3:45 pm
badly timed that's putting it mildly and those have people are wondering whether in fact this means that the d. the chances of her deal if it were going to pass the parliament whether those actually diminish and whether that increases the chance of a no deal breaks it and if that increase the chance of a no deal breaks in that would happen because of the. time constraints or the overlap of the time constraints when it comes to making sure the bricks it is on shared jewel but overlaid on top of that you would have her possibly not getting the numbers she needs to see in your time combined then with a leadership challenge but nobody at the moment is breaking ranks and saying i quite like to be conservative party leader therefore prime minister. no of course not and i think that's an indication of how close it might be tonight but lots and lots of the conservative members of parliament think about openly and
3:46 pm
said we need a pretty leader to reason may is not that leader she doesn't believe in it she voted for remain and of course this european research group the e r g have continually said that what stories of me has come up with so far is the worst of all worlds but it will keep britain tied to e.u. regulations that it will get in the way of striking free trade deals with other countries this is the crucial issue within the conservative party and they do have a lot of say not just in parliament but outside as well amongst the conservative electorate but really beyond that as you are saying time is constrained because of that march the twenty ninth deadline but not just that the european governments whatever deal would be passed it needs to be ratified in those other european parliament's it's all going to take time some people think that theresa may up
3:47 pm
until now has been trying to for example get rid of that meaningful vote until as late as possible so that to scare politicians here into looking at it like this oh it's it's treason maze deal or we going to crush out without a deal there's no parliamentary majority for a no deal bricks it. that's clear but it really is hard to predict and as far as a challenge her leadership is concerned if she gets enough numbers she's secure and she's secure in the position for twelve months nobody else can challenge us so that's a done deal we get that if she looks weak i.e. she doesn't get too many people voting against her but it's enough to make her look weaker than she looked before it went to a vote of no confidence if there's somebody going to challenge her they can't then vacillate the time for them to come clean say yes i'm going to go for it that is now that is today or tomorrow or the day after and then if they don't do it within
3:48 pm
what three or four days maybe perhaps they then got to see a storm for the rest of the process that puts another leader in place that is not them. that's right so it is it is dreadfully complicated but the crucial thing here is that there are two sides of this equation and over in brussels in european capitals they will be looking at this and thinking hang on a minute here is a prime minister coming in asking for if not changes to the withdrawal agreement to the legal text that at least guarantees for example on the g. ration of the backstop over the northern ireland border now. who are we going to be dealing with in a few weeks time is it wise for us to try to start. putting at those threats right now when it might not be to resume may in a short period of time what is the what is the leverage from the british side for
3:49 pm
the european union to start reexamining what's already been concluded we've been hearing again and again from leaders like john clued you in current donald tusk that they are open to the idea of offering some kind of. and. apologies for that we seem to have lost the line in the dean will go back to him i'm sure in the next few hours so let's just unpack for the next thirty seconds or so what happens next all three hundred fifteen tory party m.p.'s in the house of commons the conservatives are eligible to take part in the vote of confidence into reason may's leadership two of them at the moment do not have the party whip however she needs a simple majority to win that means one hundred fifty eight votes if all the m.p.'s take part read one hundred fifty six if she does win she remains in office and can't be challenged for another twelve months if she loses she will have to resign and cannot join the leadership race in the vote to replace her if there are more
3:50 pm
than two contenders a secret vote will then be held among conservative m.p.'s the two remaining contenders will then face a postal ballot of all conservative party members up and down the country whoever takes charge of the party will become the next prime minister but won't necessarily have to face a general election john ashmore is the deputy editor of the online news website cap ex he says a change of leader isn't guaranteed to resolve the concerns about it. i don't see a clear path at the moment for her to get her deal through parliament anyway so we're stuck in this very strange kind of impasse where the tiers on the right of the conservative party want to get rid of theresa may but there's no real sign of a coherent plan on their side either and it's worth remembering in all this as well that let's say that a city or a lever does oust to reason may well their version of bricks is not necessarily
3:51 pm
going to appeal to the more program main wing of the conservative party so it's kind of like a parliamentary game of whack a mole you plug one gap and then another comes up and throughout all this also you've got to bear in mind the position of the the u.p.a. the northern irish party who are implacably opposed to stories amaze bricks so i don't think you can even if she comes through this vote intact i don't think it's necessarily bolsters her position all that much i think the sense among a lot of people is that if a very substantial number of tory m.p.'s vote against her that she might then resign anyway even if she has technically won the vote so you know all still very much up in the air on the right. ok for exits given your headache or indigestion we'll step away from events in london for the next ten minutes or so i'll wrap up some of the top stories for you
3:52 pm
the former prime minister who was sacked by the country's president has won a confidence vote in parliament grenell wickramasinghe received one hundred seventeen votes in his favor he was dismissed by the president smith republished at a senate in october needing to a political crisis so as not to reappoint a singer despite condemnation that his removal is against the constitution. french prosecutors are named the gunman who's killed at least two people in a christmas market in strassburg the twenty nine year old known as sheriff sr was convicted twenty seven times across france germany and switzerland for different crimes while the hunt for the suspect continues the police say he was injured after fleeing the scene on tuesday night. in the event that sharif c. was born on february fourteenth one thousand nine hundred nine and straws use well known to police in the judiciary mainly for offenses such as robbery and violence his criminal record contains twenty seven convictions in france germany and
3:53 pm
switzerland he's been jailed many times and was known by prison at the words for his radicalization work and his efforts to convert others while in detention in two thousand and fifteen he was also known to police for his radicalization he was put on a watch list and placed under surveillance well bernard smith has the latest now from strasburg. this is one of the streets in central strasbourg gunfire rang out last night at about eight o'clock in the evening the gunman is reported to exchanged fire with police who were on patrol here is part of security measures during the busy christmas shopping period and we've heard witnesses described scenes of chaos and panic as people run for cover in what is a very narrow alleyway it's then been reported that the gunman hijacked a taxi and this took him to a town not far from here near the on the french german border and it was a taxi driver who was forced to drive who dissent who told the operative told the police that he believed the gunman had been wounded he's been named by reuters is
3:54 pm
twenty right nine year old sharif shikata man with a long criminal record according to the interior ministry no indication of the interior ministry says that there's a terrorist motivation to this attack although the gunman is on a list of names a list of twenty six thousand names that they have in front of people who the your forty's consider are a risk. two. the french state government remains on the loose the interior ministry also says it's possible he has crossed the border into germany. he was president donald trump says he's willing to intervene in the extradition case against a top chinese executive if it helps avoid worsening relations with china eleven days after her arrest in canada among one joe way away technologies agreed to a bail bond of more than seven million dollars she also surrendered her passports and is wearing an electronic tag she faces extradition to the us there she is
3:55 pm
accused of violating sanctions on iran. i'm a group or any person especially a leader of the united states or a high level figure who's willing to make a positive effort to push the situation towards the right direction then of course deserves to be well received well one man one job being arrested was a mistake from the start we have already made our position clear to united states and canada who should immediately correct their mistake and release one joe u.s. senators are set to vote on a new resolution to end american involvement in the. war in yemen a similar vote was struck down last march after donald trump voice strong support during a visit by the saudi crown prince mohammed bin psalm on the latest resolution appears to have more backing on capitol hill following the outcry over the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi well mr trump has again reiterated his support for the saudi crown prince and says he is very strongly in power the cia boss bill is
3:56 pm
juicy briefly the house of representatives in a few hours about the murder of. the u.s. president and democratic leaders of spot in front of the media over plans to build a wall on the border with mexico mr trump has threatened a government shutdown if the new budget doesn't include money for the wall which he has repeatedly promised to build. there are no votes in the house majority vote for a war no matter where you are right if i really needed the votes for the wall in the house i would have them in one session but we don't it doesn't help because we did ten democrats and actually put your own worst critic on a negotiation we have for years and we're doing this in a very friendly manner it doesn't help for me to take a vote in the house where i will win easily with the republicans it doesn't help to take because i'm not going to get the vote one for the senate i need ten senators that's the problem government leaders in the democratic republic of congo are
3:57 pm
blaming rebel fighters for killing nine people the allied democratic forces are suspected of the attack in the troubled eastern region of benny a teacher in the town of sirte gunmen which is homes and stole the farm animals the i.d.f. sickies appealing hundreds of congolese during their battle for power over the past four years a gunman opened fire in a cathedral in brazil killing at least four people the forty nine year old gunman killed himself after being wounded by police in the southeastern city of company us he has no criminal record and his motive is unclear. ok let's just up some for you where we are right now with the brics it shambles can we call that the brakes in shambles yes maybe we can we're not editorializing of course tourism may she found a little after seven o'clock this morning local time but she is going to go through a vote of no confidence that will take place between six and eight o'clock this evening london time the results about should be made public by about nine pm we'll
3:58 pm
have a live update for you when we come back from westminster and brussels also user. from the neon lights of asia. to the city and this. hello sometimes thunderstorms are dramatic not just because of the noise but what they look like from above is just a mass of white clad across the northeast of argentina and europe right from below these are the shots taken this is in your right self a crowd maybe a flying saucer wave cloud thunderstorms all over the place and strike you
3:59 pm
sometimes through the show itself now that mass when it was thundering for about nine hours in the city's nest but a hundred men because of rain on the ground and there is more to come the system hasn't completely for the pa now a days worth of thunderstorms seems likely that it will dissipate to some degree with a majority of showers still in northern brazil well beyond and stretching west to ward ecuador north of the continent is fairly dry but we have seen recently a persistence of cloud and rain in honduras and this is it doesn't look very much but it's been raining for hours on end been reported over one hundred men to be in some places maybe two hundred millimeters that's got to have caused flooding now there is more rain still to come i think during wednesday though it does become rather less during surfacing and further up the same line still falling apart the likelihood is moral significance showers in cuba it was the bahamas that's musar snack and of course daylight shall still seem likely in the lesser antilles.
4:00 pm
the weather sponsored by cattle and peace. this is al jazeera. hello again i'm peter w. watching the news hour live from my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i will contest that photo with everything i've got. defiant combative to resume a braces for a leadership challenge over her unpopular breck's if deal. a nationwide hunt across france for the gunman.


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