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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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preparations in case the u.k. leaves without an agreement by march prime minister it's recent may is asking for help from bloc leaders as she tries to sell her proposal to the british parliament but she's been told her proposals are not clear enough and the e.u. will present contingency measures next week will dominate cain has been following this all for us from brussels so dominic a clarification and assurances is what the u.k. prime minister is looking for any word on progress. no word so far and in fact to put it more bluntly that's pretty much what the e.u. wanted from her yesterday evening and they didn't get it either which explains why is very much the sense of failure as it were the prime minister came as you say seeking assurances but a succession of different e.u. leaders german chancellor angela merkel but also the presidents of the two institutions based e.u. institutions based this said to the prime minister several times what is it exactly
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you want and they didn't get answers which they felt was satisfactory say to take the situation forward course has them all the while looming large over everyone's minds is march the twenty ninth twenty nineteen that date that reason may set as the date for brakes it to happen for the u.k. to exit the european union now as you were saying in your introduction that house and the european commission has been preparing plans for what might happen if there is no deal if the u.k. crashes out they will be published on the nineteenth of december next week at its heart the route of the disagreements however you want to portray it is about this irish backstop more important the northern irish backstop what can be put in place to mean the republic of ireland and northern ireland part of the united kingdom in the transitory period following an orderly brags that as it were what makes it more difficult for tourism a is that men. any of the members of parliament from northern
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ireland support the d p r from the do you view the democratic unionist party their leader army in foster this morning as being making statements about how yesterday evening and just reading from and she says that she finds the reaction of the e.u. un surprising she says that the question now is whether tourism a will stand up to the e.u. or cave in as previously was the case well that sort of language the strength of language there indicates that the northern irish don't do you pretty seems not prepared whatsoever to take on at face value what reason may might bring back from this summit which suggests that there's no end in sight as it were for tourism may all right dominic cain live for us there in brussels thanks tony all right still ahead in our world zimbabwe's new president dance to a different tune the ruling party holds its conference we reports on the daily
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struggles facing people. it's the start of a whole new era of space travel reach beyond the skies a giant leap towards commercial flights to space. and that it's quieting cool word for the weather across the northern parts of asia at the moment we do have a few bits and pieces of cloud around and a few showers just picking up the moisture as they work their way across the sea of japan but i think football in large for most of us it does look like it's going to be more or less dry no wall no tokyo it's a maxim getting to just ten degrees of course and so we're getting just to one for the west is actually a little bit malda that has been increasingly getting mild as we head into sunday say beijing from two up to seven and force a new round but tell it to the dizzy heights of minus thirty and that's actually
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not too bad for us at this time of year because the towards the south and for some of us there's a good deal of cloud around but there's also a good deal of drawing weather for the southeastern parts of asia some of the cloud building a little bit thicker there as we head through sunday could be a few showers most likely around that far eastern coast but elsewhere well twenty four is fairly decent temperature wise in hong kong but shanghai's feeling a bit cooler with a maximum interest of eleven but the southeastern parts of asia the dry weather is in the east of the philippines has been enjoying a fine spell of weather recently more show is all with us as we head through the next few days and over the next weeks as well towards the west that's where the wet to weather is of the k.l. and singapore doesn't particularly but for saturday and sunday to.
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hello again you're watching our. top stories this hour the u.s. senate has passed a resolution to end all military support for the u.a.e. coalition fighting in yemen senators also blame the saudi crown prince for the murder of journalist. president is likely to veto both resolutions.
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israeli forces have arrested dozens of palestinians who they say are hamas members in the occupied west bank recent violence in which two palestinians and two israelis were killed. the european union stepping up preparations in case the u.k. leaves without a break deal agreed by march the leaders are in brussels for a second day of talks as britain's prime minister seeks help to get her plan approved. reopened its christmas market two days after a gunman killed three people french police and soldiers have been deployed at the site the suspected attacker. was shot dead thursday night after a two day manhunt. the strasbourg christmas market gunman's time on the run ended in his hometown just three kilometers from where he committed his last the most violent crime of a life spent as a criminal sure he should count was spotted by police patrol when they tried to
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arrest him he shot at them they shot back killing him that was my thoughts are with the victims the injured with those close to them and my thoughts are with strasburg and of france wounded by this attack my thoughts are also with the security forces who were totally engaged ladies and gentleman i am proud more. police appeared to be closing in on chick out when swat teams raided locations in southeastern strasbourg earlier on thursday the twenty nine year old had served jail sentences in germany in france for a string of thefts and violent crimes one of chicago's last victims was waiting outside a restaurant for his family seemingly chosen at random in the wrong place at the wrong time she lucky getting the son the husband of a friend of mine was in his restaurant he survive and he's someone to the toilet but he's dead. she can't spread panic in central strasburg on tuesday evening as he
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ran through the streets shooting some people with a handgun and slashing others with a knife france remains on its highest level of security alert one thousand eight hundred members of the security forces have been deployed to patrol christmas markets across the country to try and prevent or discourage further attacks for three days sharif's account managed to hold out in an area he grew up in the southeastern suburbs of strasbourg his name was on a list of people who might have been a security risk to the french states but there are twenty six thousand other names on that list and impossible for the police to keep tabs on all of those people all of the time. bernard smith al-jazeera strasbourg a turkey is threatening to enter the syrian town of mann bridge if the u.s. doesn't remove kurdish fighters in the area turkish president says the operation could take place in the next few days a large part of northeast syria is under the control of the y p g kurdish rebel group turkey has labeled them a terrorist organization so in the y.p. g.
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have connections to groups in turkey that are pushing for independence the us has backed and provided arms to the wife e.g. in the past. zimbabwe's ruling party is holding its first annual conference since former leader robert mugabe was forced out when he's in bob hope it will provide solutions to the many issues the possessed president emmerson mangalore is facing growing pressure to turn the economy around i don't want us to reports from. some people here say zimbabwe has become the tenth province of neighboring south africa inside this trailer brought across the border are thousands of dollars worth of products zimbabwe's other kind of find in shops or are too expensive to buy in south africa. places as well just awful if you can afford it i like here in zimbabwe death so expensive so it's better for me to going to make groceries in the clothes will make it in south africa than to play in survival as i can't afford
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it's another sign zimbabwe's economy is in trouble people can't get foreign currency because of cash shortages shot in local stores where prices the more than tripled in recent weeks fuel is also in short supply and another frustration for struggling the moments a shortage of essential drugs and equipment in public hospitals has crippled the health sector some junior doctors are on strike over pay and working conditions if you visit any hospital right now nothing is happening and the do they know it in for the employer. affecting the doctors and the patients. the ruling party zanu p.f. is holding its annual conference in where the economy is not the only topic on the agenda reports of infighting within the leadership are again being heard on the first anniversary of the ousting of veteran leader robert mugabe a general factionalism can be even stronger than view and there was a big discussion that he said. he discussed the need for unity within the
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party the need for everyone to rally behind the the current of the party imagine many of. his biggest challenge is the economy the president keeps saying the country is open for business but others about want to know how and where he plans to turn things around al-jazeera. sri lanka's supreme court has ruled as unconstitutional the president's order to dissolve parliament and hold new elections it's the first time to do dishes he has ruled against the president in sri lanka the political crisis has seen president martelly policy seen a sack his prime minister. who in another blow to the president won a confidence vote on wednesday. delegates to the un climate conference in poland are trying to finalize the rules for a landmark agreement despite desperate pleas from negotiators for progress many issues remain undecided there were heated discussions in captivates a between rich and poor nations cup twenty four insiders say delegates failed to
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agree on issues including how climate action should be funded mechanic has more from captivity so we were due to be out of here at six o'clock tonight but now they're making preparations for the conference to carry on into saturday people even taking bets that it might go on into sunday but to be fair is not that surprising because these things often run late and this time around it's particularly complex remember delegates from one hundred ninety six nations trying to oversee the complexities of this paris rule book to implement the paris agreement in two thousand and twenty three things they need to achieve to oversee how nations reduce carbon emissions the issue of climate finance especially for the more vulnerable nations and then to make sure that people do what they promise to do as a massive oversimplification is a lot more complicated than that and then you throw into the mix the perennial problem between the developing nations and the developed nations who shoulders the
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financial burden and you have what we have here which is at the moment stultifying progress so waiting for politicians to act on climate change can be frustrating or has mary on many on a home now with five things we can do right now to save our planet. climate change it's real it affects us all and climate scientists say if we don't act there will be irreversible damage to our planet with then decades the solution cut greenhouse gas emissions enchanting to claim green energy but don't wait for politicians to make the switch base plenty we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint number one become more energy efficient insulate our homes use images save the light bulbs in appliances and if we're not using the lights switch them off basis still make the switch to renewable energy number two is a bit more of a challenge but the costs of going green are going down as more of us use it number
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three is another big ask for many of us as a major cubbon dioxide polluters so consider using the car a little less diff we need a new one going to literally and no matter what we drive maintain it deflated ties to now come into gas guzzlers number four it's the three r.'s reuse what you have recycle what you don't need and the big focus right now reduce especially single use plastics like these they choke our oceans clogged the landfill and a made from fossil fuels finally consider going flexitarian scientists say you know literalists mate least a refuel eggs and embracing a more plant based diet will help us save our planet from the deforestation water pollution and greenhouse gases that record numbers of livestock produce each one of us can make a difference and inspire
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a ripple of change to hold our politicians and the fossil fuels industry to account and protect our planet while these still time. a virgin galactic says it could start commercial space flights as early as next year its rocketplane reach space for the first time on a test flight spaceship to launch from the mojave desert in the western u.s. and reached eighty three kilometers above the earth's surface the original rocket crashed during a test four years ago virgin galactic plans to offer ninety minute space flights for two hundred fifty thousand dollars well you know i spoke to virgin galactic founder richard branson and i asked him how big a step it was breaking the eighty three kilometer barrier it's obviously a great success i mean i think we're the first sort of norm country. run space to put people into space. it's been fourteen hard hard years to get
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here. it's the start of a whole new new era of space travel for. individuals around the world who would love to become astronauts for putting satellites into space and create and connecting people around the world who are not connected so today was an historic day and one that we've been celebrating and what about the physical stress that you go through on a flight like this i mean you going up pretty incredible speeds of course leaving and then re entering the it's atmosphere how physically manageable is this for the average untrained passenger. i talked to our pilots today about the physical stress on their body because obviously i'm going up in a few months time and i'm interested to know exactly how it was. and they said it was. we also do centrifuge testing to help people get their bodies
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prepared he said it was nothing like the centrifuge test it was just just stunningly beautiful and you're going straight up yes that you know from north to three thousand miles an hour in seven seconds there's a little bit of g. force on the body but you're just looking out of the window distracted by the beauty of what you see. and. what he says is he believes that it pretty well anybody should be able to. take this sort of sixty seconds of g. force that that it will entail it's not going to be cheap though is it for a ticket on a flight like this two hundred fifty thousand dollars a person that is well out of the financial reach of most of us what do you say to those who've argued that this whole space tourism project is is kind of to another preserve this of the super rich. well commercial space travel was the only quibble
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in price when it started in the early one nine hundred twenty s. across the atlantic and over the years as more and more people who had money spent the money the airlines were able to start bringing down the price down and down and down over over the decades and the same will happen with space travel it will be initially fairly well off people who will be able to fill our space ships that will help us build new spaceships by building new spaceships will be able to bring the price down so. my grandchildren. i think will. you know what will quite likely quite regularly go into space and i think many other people's grandchildren the same hopefully your children children as well. this is al jazeera it's going to round up now of our top stories the u.s.
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senate has passed a resolution to end all military support for the saudi u.a.e. coalition fighting in yemen senators also blame the saudi crown prince for the murder of journalist. president trump is likely to veto both resolutions all this comes after some progress on the final day of u.n. back talks in sweden between yemen's government and who the rebels both sides have agreed to a cease fire in the port city of data which is the main route for food and medical aid into yemen the u.n. also says there is an understanding in their words between the two parties on the escalation in the city of tire is the other major center of fighting another round of talks is planned for the end of january you have reached an agreement on the day the porton city which will see a move will really point of forces from the port and the system. and the establishment of a gun ordered the governor it wide cease fires. the awareness of the role in the
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ports and this will facilitate humanitarian access of the floor routes to the civilian population and it will improve the living conditions for millions of yemenis israeli forces have arrested forty palestinians in the occupied west bank it says thirty seven of them are members of hamas including three senior leaders one suspect is accused of throwing a rock in injuring a soldier the european union is stepping up preparations in case the u.k. leaves without a break that deal agreed by march elitists are in brussels for a second day of talks as britain's prime minister tries to get help to get her plan approved at home police in france have killed the suspected gunman of tuesday's attack on a christmas market in strasbourg that followed a two day manhunt by more than seven hundred officers virgin galactic says it could start commercial spaceflight as early as next year its rocket reach space for the first time on
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a test flight spaceship to launch from the mojave desert in the western u.s. virgin galactic plans to offer ninety minute space flights for around two hundred fifty thousand dollars those are the headlines inside stories next. a confident reason may emerge is from ten downing street to surviving a critical low confidence vote now the u.k. prime minister is back in brussels can victory give a leverage with e.u. leaders this isn't a story. hello
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and welcome to the program or i'm wrong britain's embattled prime minister has survived a no confidence vote by members of our own party it was a narrow victory but it allows tourism a to continue negotiating with e.u. leaders for concessions on her briggs it deal but e.u. leaders have insisted the agreement is non-negotiable we'll get to our guests in a moment but first here's what the prime minister said as he arrived in brussels my focus now is on ensuring that i can get those assurances that we need to get this deal and if that i because i genuinely believe it's in the best interests of both sides the u.k. asked the e.u. to get the deal of the nine to agree a deal time recognise the strengths of concern in the house of commons and that's what i will be pushing to do that. i don't expect an immediate breakthrough but what i do hope these that we can start to work this quickly as possible on the
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shore and says this is necessary. put to reason may she must hope that the words of president john called younker of the european commission but with intelligent use of clarification and interpretation there may be a way ahead but central to this is how can the same form of words be acceptable in brussels and unexceptable in london and vice versa that is the question that dominates the proceedings here the question is is of such importance that it's hard to see what sort of resolution that can be given what the governments concerned certainly the german government but also the e.u. institutions have said that there will be no renegotiation. let's introduce the panel joining us on skype from london julian who is a french national living in the u.k. also a policy analyst for vocal europe an online news service in the english city of daraa
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tom brooks dean a professor of law and government at durham law school and also in london jonathan lis deputy director at british influence welcome to you all to reason may has survived just a belt survived a vote of no confidence in her by her own party however has her brags that deal survives let's start with you in london jonathan lest you think the brig's it deal is in any better position than it was twenty four hours ago. no it's even worse if that was possible first of all the the e.u. has already said on numerous occasions that they can't alter this northern ireland backstop and they can't fundamentally reopen the withdrawal agreement legally anyway and so all they can do is take it with some language but that's not good enough for m.p.'s it want to see the whole thing renegotiated so that reason may is going to be asking people to renegotiate it that she simply won't get what she wants and on the other to add to that she has now seen arrow thorazine vastly
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diminished in the vote yesterday so if she was able to do something before she's even less able to do it now because the e.u. won't take a seriously and there are one hundred seventeen tory m.p.'s it will probably vote against the deal no matter what she brings back because they can't support her as leader let me bring in julia no is here from london also you wrote an article that said keep calm and carry on negotiating is that still the case right now. i don't think we consider still the case any longer because of the fact that the e.u. has itself said that it is no longer negotiating you have even though you have sebastian could saying that they're going to work together to prevent an earlier brags it's all that means is that the ear is going to try to help through his main get this deal through. they are has already said that he's not going so france is not interesting negotiating this is not into negotiating this d.-mo study you'll be able to offer to reason that this point is a few clarifications
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a few notes and maybe even as was said yesterday the possibility of trip continuing the trade negotiations even if the backstop comes into effect tom brooks and everybody seems to be agreed that the are going to renegotiate however the reason may is looking for some sort of clarity on backstop what that might mean is does she get some sort of deal that says yes it's temporary and this is the date will come to an end why can't she renegotiate what's the legal precedent behind all of this. well the legal precedent behind this is that the negotiations have come to an end and there was a final deal that she then took to her cabinet clearly there was something short of complete unity on that and in particular worry about parliament not agreeing to this prime minister then went to the country and has been losing popular support for her particular exit plan so she's kind of in this model of kind
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of signing up to something that she's not able to sell it would seem perhaps probably not to her cabinet but certainly not to parliament or the country with with the negotiations over and it was noted at the b. start of this separate seedings that really they're supposed to be concluded about six months before march no one thought that it was going to go on a bit longer than that and it and it has but she's effectively run out of road which is why that the legal part has come to an end and she's really in a real pickle with this with this scenario. because in order to try to get that confidence vote from her own party she was making promises about getting changes to the legal agreement that she simply not going to be able to deliver and i think will frustrates members of her own party even more. and make up like tick people in the opposition parties jonathan less in london is true is
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a may simply rearranging deck chairs on a sinking titanic that is all she's doing right now. she's playing for time later she delayed the vote or not on tuesday because she wants to save her instead in which enraged party which is why they moved this very safe no confidence against her and so now she's going to the e.u. and asking for something which she knows she must know cannot be delivered and the reason she must know that is because they've been telling her for months and months so it seems extraordinary that she's setting herself up for failure the problem is that there is never going to be any way of squaring this impossible circle like so much else and brags that it is simply undeliverable the reason for that is that the k. parliaments are the reason that some conservatives are against the backstop is that it cannot be unilaterally terminated by the u.k. and there is no set end point but that is what makes it acceptable to the e.u. unprotect or the irish government so if you were to change that and make it
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acceptable then to the u.k. parliament it would necessarily become unacceptable the irish government and the e.u. and if objects which won't happen anyway because they're not rewriting the negotiation if you were to fudge it that it would satisfy no one because you would lose trust so really there is no middle ground you are satisfy the parliament or you satisfy the e.u. and for that reason you simply won't get this deal three tom brooks in durham you've heard of joe english just had to say there's really nothing that can be done we've not been in this situation in the u.k. before so is there any kind of legal precedent is there any kind of room for maneuver that the prime minister might have or is it simply this is the deal and she has to sell it or not if a she doesn't sell it it's a hard drugs it. i think this point about the prime minister playing for time she's certainly been doing an awful lot of that remember that for most of the two years that she or her team have been negotiating this breaks that deal they've been
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keeping the details secret even from her own cabinet he didn't find out about the details until a checkers meeting at the prime minister's residence in september and that's when we started seeing several i profile resignations including your presence the secretary and foreign secretary and then many others of course to follow and she's been trying to play this says it's either her back sits which is the only back sets or some kind of new deal scenario which the government is not planned for and would really genuinely cause cause some serious problems now the game changer in all this kind of what the legal way out potentially might be for her or or the legal way out for others in parliament is that on monday the european court of justice ruled that parliament can unilaterally without getting any new agreement from the you could could pause bracks it's a good pause it's leaving it could decide to not leave and revoke its its trigger
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that option is potentially attractive to those of course who would want to remain anyway that's not surprising but it could also be potentially of interest to those who want to leave those who recognize that the that the deal has been a lot more complex and more arduous that a lot of people probably thought at the beginning on both sides and would be able be an opportunity to kind of get the right kind of bridge for those who want bracks it get the right kind of exits in in place this is still on the table of course the other option is parliament could choose to hold to the referendum i'm somewhat surprised the prime minister has not gone for that in failing to get parliament on her side one way of getting them on her side in the next few weeks would be to call a referee. and i'm on her deal or to remain make it set between her trying to follow through on the referendum of her having the only option versus staying in the european union risky of course for her to do that but if she were to win that
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would give a i think a significant push to get her plan through parliament even against very reluctant m.p.'s she's chosen not to do that general election she could also call have a snap election called but that would be very difficult because while she would be well it well the power is there this could be used the difficulty is it would take a few weeks to kick off it would be at least six week process and we would really get dangerously close to that march state that any new government that came into place where they be led by her with be led by germany corben in labor or someone else they wouldn't have much room at all to get this deal agreed back they might miss the deadline to have that legal thing signed off to have the march. or if they wanted to do something else so general election is a very particularly difficult thing to see happening right now but a referendum is possible and and i'm still surprised he hasn't done that judy ho is
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is it time for the british government to hit the polls busson on briggs and call for a second reverend but a problem about question is that you firstly need to figure out that there's actually a majority in parliament for a second front as it is it may be the case when i hear very much but we have to admit that the number of people speaking out publicly for secret from them in parliament is relatively low we'll see how to be assured that jeremy quo binns labor party is also at the top for the time being not supporting one of earthly what have been lots of things behind the scenes but it's. like many things there are bridges it is going to affect we come out of or like many things is going to come out of nowhere and germy coben may be waiting for the last moment to call one to see if he can sort of take him chicken to reason may maybe he's hoping to hold one to call for one after there's a vote of no confidence and if he can force general election some to fit in the pause button.


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