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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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very windy we'll hear it so running out of options really his son nama rajapaksa who i spoke to a short while ago basically saying that his decision to step down which he will announce in an address to the nation tomorrow is about ensuring stability of the nation that right now given where things stand that he's stepping down to do this to ensure the nation's stability but rajapaksa really running out of options having been checkmated the supreme court finding that obviously the dissolution and elections which the entire ma in the rajapaksa camp really wanted in fact his son saying that when mine the rajapaksa took on the prime ministership it was very much with an understanding that it was to set up a sort of a caretaker government in the short term which would ultimately walk towards general election however as he said with no elections inside until the parliament completes four and a half years of its term as deemed by the supreme court they are going to basically
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find that they're sort of checkmated having to go on so that's a situation where we find my in the rajapaksa deciding and announcing his decision to step down from the post of prime minister we will hear that announcement little a seminal for the moment thank you still ahead as a seven year old girl dies in u.s. border police custody we look at the effectiveness of the trumpet ministrations strategy of building bigger walls to stop immigration. to reason made says she will get the brakes to clarification she seeks from the view of the jungle younker calls the un's own position. and there we still got
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a good deal of cloud that's feeding its way across the southeast in parts of china if we look at the satellite picture we can see it originates with the bay of bengal and then gradually works its way towards the northeast it could be figured out just to give us the old shower i think perhaps on saturday but on sundays the day when i think it's going to be a bit thick and then it's going to be over the eastern parts where there's the greatest chance of seeing a few outbreaks of rain to the north of that is generally quite cool so shanghai only getting to around eleven but fall malda force in hong kong with a maximum of around twenty four now out towards the west and we've got a storm that's developing in the bay of bengal it's in the shoot area of cloud it's been threatening to develop over the past few days now though it looks like it's going to steadily track towards the northwest so you can see plenty of rain here on our chart for saturday and then as we head into sunday that will push its way northward so very intense rains very strong winds are expected here as that system wraps itself up and heads up towards the northwest elsewhere a lot of cloud a few outbreaks of rain ahead of it but new delhi should be just cool of falling
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for the top temperature of twenty one degrees here in doha might be a little bit breezy at times for us on saturday but a top temperature of twenty six a few showers might be out towards the west over parts of saudi arabia. anti fascist anti establishment and. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of the bilbao stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with follow football hooligans. read old death on al-jazeera.
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out again undermines at the top stories here all mountains iraq desperately needed food and humanitarian supplies have arrived in yemen's port city of the data as a ceasefire between the warring sides appears to be holding. the u.s. president directed him to make payments during the twenty sixteen presidential election even though he knew it was wrong. rajapaksa is set to resign from his pigs told saturday to pave the way for the formation of a new government talk to rajapaksa lost to no confidence sites. a seven year old guatemalan girl has died in u.s. border police custody often entering the country from mexico immigration officers
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say she died from dehydration and shock eight hours after being detained it's not clear whether she was given food and also as she arrives for the police say they took every step to save her life but the american civil liberties union is blaming what he calls a culture of crusade. well president faces further battles with the new democrat controlled congress over his planned mexican border wall building a wall to keep undocumented immigrants out was a major plank of his election campaign previous administrations have already fortified parts of the frontier and smugglers admit this has made meeting people on drugs into the u.s. more difficult as holder points. stopping asylum seekers from crossing into the united states is one of the main campaign pledges of president trump. the t.n.t. one is a radio war that was first started and that the administration believes that. it
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stretches from the pacific ocean to debone tents and into the valleys. this is the old wall the new part is higher the razor wire was put up about fifteen days ago so now with the arrival of the caravan they harden the border. the fire one was added during the obama administration but asylum seekers are resilient and find new ways like through these water drainage pipes metal bars have been added on the american side but police say some just dug a hole and went in. seven hundred kilometers to the east and we are nogales it lays on both sides of the border with arizona i hear the war is part of the daily life along with the sad stories of tragic crossings this part was built on the george w. bush just an hour's drive away from the city and this is how the border looks like we haven't seen any patrol on our way here but anyone can just crawl underneath and
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on the other side you're in arizona the real challenge is to reach this area that. it was once the territory of the apache now it's under control of its choppers seen a low a cartel. through here that javier takes asylum seekers on a long trek through the mountains into us he's been doing this job for more than twenty years. it's the same people on the other side they give us the green light to move but it has changed a lot before the journey took three to four hours and ten years later it was fifteen to twenty now we can take four or five days it's a big deter it used to be a straight line. these rugged mountains are used to smuggle drugs and people both are done in close coordination but not at the same time. could take leaves people trafficking is a business that involves many on both sides. you have bad guys
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on both sides are no border guards who kept migrants in their homes or put them in the cars and let them go and i saw this happen so build one wall or two walls people will continue to cross and we will continue providing our service. a fortified border added personnel a new technology has slowed the movement of asylum seekers over the past two decades it will take the border in a war to stop it all together. along the mexican us border. the un rights chief has denounced democratic republic of congo security forces for targeting the opposition days before tense presidential election on thursday a teenager was shot days as an opposition rally in the central kasai region it brings the total number killed at opposition rallies this week to six separately a fire has destroyed thousands of voting machines and electro material at a warehouse in kinshasa voters head to the polls on december twenty third to choose
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a successor to president joseph kabila. if europe it will begin moving its troops from the board with eritrea in the latest sign of warming relations between the east african nations eighty thousand people died during the two year war between ethiopia and eritrea which ended in two thousand if you have his prime minister ahmed offered to withdraw the troops in september as part of a list of reforms ready transforming the political landscape in the horn of africa . british prime minister to resume a is insisting she can get the extra clarification she needs from the european union on her brics a deal to ensure it is passed by her own parliament it comes after occasionally he said discussions with the european commission president john claude younker who talks on our plans the e.u. has repeatedly said it will not move from its current position the main issue is the so-called backstop of the irish border which will become the only land border
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between the u.k. and the e.u. after bricks it or them so what is the rather complicated box or currently both northern ireland and the republic of ireland are part of the e.u. single market and customs union which means goods and services are traded with few restrictions once the u.k. leaves the e.u. this will no longer be the case the worst fear is that a hard border will be formed to separate the two islands it forced by physical checks and infrastructures both the u.k. and a you want to avoid this so they've come up with a safety nets in the form of the buck stop a temporary arrangement which will keep the border open and free off restrictions in the event of a no deal crucially it will also protect the good friday agreement which ended decades of conflict known as the troubles. the has been reporting that the e.u. is not willing to consider any further clarification. the e.u. is clear as i am that if we are going to be for the deal this is it but my
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discussions with colleagues today have shown that further clarification and discussion following the council's conclusions is in fact possible to speak now talk or florence leaves out that side be held as a parliament here in london so lawrence where exactly does the prime minister go from here having visited euro parable last couple of days. well i mean after all the fireworks of this week is going to be a bit of a hater's parliament i should explain it is deserted at the moment because all the m.p.'s are in their constituencies and so to reason he's got until monday now to figure out what he's going to say then to parliament when she has to address it and try to explain what she thinks she's achieved on her tour of europe over but over the middle of this week and the answer frankly in the opinion of most m.p.'s is going to be absolutely nothing should the data there when think she got anywhere at all in the same problem then will persist there talking about having a vote on her deal in mid january but if parliament still doesn't want her deal and
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if parliament at the same time doesn't want to fall out of the european union with no deal then it's got to consider whether or not to have a second referendum and or suspend the entire process of leaving the european union and it's that utter lack of clarity from the british parliament side that led john claud younger there to the european commission to use the word nebulous or cloudy to describe parliament's thinking because i think frankly the european union is now absolutely fed up of the u.k. going back to all the time and saying you need to give us more when actually it's up to parliament now to decide what it wants to do but parliament simply can't make its own you know i'm basing the you can sit basically and say exactly what may contrive to do in the british parliament but it looks like deadlock. yeah and the thing is from the european union side it isn't as though brics it's the only thing that they've got to worry about you know fronts clearly is in a big mess at the moment italy and budget is a massive problem the way the hunger in government is behaving is very into
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democratic to the european union and they're very worried about that they've got the european elections next may in the rise of the populists all of the continent to to preoccupy them as well and i just think they want the u.k. to get on with it and i think there is a view emerging that the frustration is not as though the e.u. from the leave the u.k. u.k. trying to leave the u. but keep going to the u.n. saying you need to make it easier for us to do it and so a calm really see whatever treason may have to say a press conference any particular reason why the e.u. would want to do anything else now because it's up to the u.k. to sort it out or and say in london thank you of course this market in the french city of strasburg has reopened today after the suspect in tuesday's attack was shot dead by police the french interior minister was there amid high security in the eastern french city the suspects sheriff cheshire cat was shot dead on thursday evening after opening fire on police a fourth person has now died after the gun attack several others were injured. and
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france is bracing itself for another saturday of yellow vests protests against the government despite concessions made by president emanuel earlier this week business is on the famous in paris a boarding up their shop fronts in case of more violence and damage tens of thousands of police are being deployed nationwide six people have so far been killed in four weeks of protests. kosovo's parliament has voted to turn its four thousand strong defense force into a regular army arguing it has a right to self-defense a vote in the one hundred twenty member simply has angered neighboring serbia which police the army would pose a threat to the ethnic serbs majority in the north of kosovo on the course of a one nine hundred ninety nine constitution drafted after serbian forces were driven out nato is the only armed force allowed to operate. but the kosovo army as well as the course or state and society will be more the
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medical professional in the service of all citizens of course or for peace in kosovo and in the region and yellow and blue shirt chairs more from the serbian capitol belgrade. kosovo's parliament approved the first read of the draft laws on october and during the process cause of a serbian minority remains opposed to the creation of course of the army a position shared by belgrade which denies course was existence as a state alexander who treated the president of serbia said he did not understand how anyone in the world could approve the creation of course it was army or turn a blind eye to something as he said entirely in a collision with all international documents he added serbia will not read the war drums but won't allow anyone to humiliate the serbs in kosovo superior alleges the army's main purpose would be to ethnically cleanse course of a serbian dominated north
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a claim strongly denied by prishtina prime minister of course i would i wish had it in i said the tree laws have a want us to protect the territorial integrity of course of all and to protect the citizens of all communities in course of syria deputies begged by belgrade which does not recognize cause it was in the band this have blocked any such move in the past saying creation of a national army required a change to the constitution and the u.s. led nato alliance which has four thousand troops in the balkan country has also in the past urged the course of or not to create a national army unless the constitution was amended with the support of this a minority. delegates of the cup twenty four global climate change conference in poland will be staying on for at least another day as no follow agreements has yet been reached the united nations event when else spillover into at least saturday as
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representatives from almost two hundred nations continue their talks of how to implement the paris agreement or environment action nikolic has more from those talks and of each. so we were due to be out of here at six o'clock tonight but now they're making preparations for the conference to carry on into saturday people are even taking bets that it might go on into sunday but to be fair is not that surprising because these things often run late and this time around it's particularly complex remember delegates from one hundred ninety six nations trying to oversee the complexities of this paris rulebook to implement the paris agreement in two thousand and twenty three things they need to achieve to oversee how nations reduce carbon emissions the issue of climate finance especially for the more vulnerable nations and then to make sure the people do what they promise to do as a massive oversimplification is a lot more complicated than that and then you throw into the mix the perennial problem between the developing nations and the developed nations who shoulders the
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financial burden and you have what we have here which is at the moment stultifying progress the heart of the miss universe beauty pageant is set to feature its first ever transgender contestant i'm going to ponce who's competing as myspace says she's proud to be making history as the first transgender woman in the competitions sixty sixth year history the miss universe organization lifted a ban on transgender contestants in twenty twelfth of say vi for the crown in cock on monday as ever you can find much more about many of the stories are covering by going to our website usually address issues sound as ever dot com observe dot com for the latest news as for what. i don't mind at the top stories although al jazeera desperately needed food and humanitarian supplies have arrived in yemen for data as
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a ceasefire between the warring sides appears to be holding the international committee of the red cross is to live and three thousand parcels to the strategic port city the cease fire was agreed between youth iraq goofy rebels and the yemeni government at un back talks in sweden on thursday well the us ambassador to the un nikki haley says the security council must hold the warring parties to account the world's worst humanitarian crisis demands more than hope from the security council that peace will come to yemen it demands that we take action to hold all the warring parties accountable it demands that we address the iranian aggression at the root of the crisis it demands that lifesaving assistance reach the yemeni women and children who are suffering the most from this conflict and gorgon saudi arabia has been rising in the u.s. with the senate voting to condemn its longstanding are over the war in yemen and its role in the killing of jamal hashad j. the washington post is running full page keeping up the pressure over the murder of
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a saudi journalist who was a regular contributor to the paper there's been another twist in sri lanka's political crisis with mahinda rajapaksa set to resign from the disputed prime minister post on saturday rajapaksa son says he made the decision after meeting president won three part of syria's center sri lanka has been without a functioning government for nearly two weeks after a court suspended rajapaksa this cabinet when they lost to no confidence votes. human rights chief has denounced democratic republic of congo's security forces for targeting the opposition just days before a tense presidential election on thursday a teenager was shot in opposition rally in the central region it brings the total number of supporters killed. this week to six british prime minister tree's amazin system she can get the extra clarification she needs from the european union on her brakes and tail to ensure it is possed by her own parliaments the e.u.
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has repeatedly said it will not move from its current position. on their selections headlines this morning about half an hour's time stay with us radicalize use is coming next. the latest news as a free press yellow that's the barrier will continue going into the night but into next week with detailed coverage plastic of criticism of capitalist economics two zero eight fifty six billion dollar i.m.f. the for argentina from around the world these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts and without age and health they could become
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a lost generation. for the.
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