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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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it isn't a policy now the moral question has common overwhelm the policy and frankly i don't think. solomon rather well ever be really welcome again here in washington but hunter pleasure talking to you thank you so much for your time there's plenty more ahead for you on this news hour will find out why easing violence in iraq is making it harder for people to build a peaceful future stroudsburg breeze so again a man hopes to find an on the run government ends up to forty eight hours it's. canelo is facing a tall order as he looks to add to his collection of titles we will hear from him ahead of the big fight in the big apple. and british prime minister theresa may has been in brussels looking for concessions from e.u. leaders on her brags that deal but european union member states say the terms are
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not going to change and in fact they are stepping up their preparations in case the u.k. leaves without a deal in march john hall with the support from brussels all the talk was of a disastrous summit for to resume a tense exchange is rebuffed by e.u. leaders who pleas for help fall in on deaf ears but the tone from the prime minister reflected none of it the e.u. is clear as i am that if we are going to leave with the deal this is it but my discussions with colleagues today have shown that further clarification i'm still scotian following the council's conclusions is in fact possible. there is work still to do and we will be holding talks in coming days about how to obtain the further assurances that u.k. parliament needs in order to be able to approve the deal prime minister may's brave face probably preempts the furious reaction she's likely to receive at home having delayed a vote on her brakes a deal this week promising assurances from the e.u.
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the dreaded northern ireland backstop isn't the traffic any m.p.'s fear it is she returns from brussels all but empty handed and e.u. leaders aren't doing much publicly at least to help. we have to exclude. the opening. of mrs may's insistence that legal assurances could yet be forthcoming seems contrary to the events of thursday night the e.u. twenty seven removed language in their pre-agreed conclusions that had pointed to the possibility of future discussions reportedly some simply don't believe there's any way may can get her break the deal through the british parliament the northern ireland backstop is intended to ensure that there can be no hard border on the island of ireland until a future trade agreement is in place between the u.k. and the e.u. it is an insurance policy it has to be open ended can't be unilaterally breached
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want to reserve main wants from the e.u. therefore a legal assurance that somehow the backstop isn't what it is is a legal assurance that can't be given. which is why all that was ever on offer from the e.u. with clarifications not renegotiation to reason may still hope some legal sleight of hand can be performed to persuade doubting in peace to back her deal the message from this e.u. summit is probably not going to hold al-jazeera brussels to sri lanka now where the disputed prime minister is to step down and the rajapaksa will be so. meeting a letter of resignation will address the nation on saturday hopefully ending a political crisis that began in october rajapaksa was sworn in as prime minister after the president's become a singer and dissolved the parliament finance as more from. prime minister in the rajapaksa announcing his decision to step down as prime minister to
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a gathering where party representatives who met the president earlier on on friday had gathered he told them that he hopes to address the nation and then basically step down from the post of prime minister bear in mind that this last forty days or so since my him that rajapaksa this country's former president was appointed prime minister has been controversial to say the least some people describing it as a political coup particularly after prison my three palace seriously in the appointed drop approx the prime minister having sacked unceremoniously run in a vehicle missing her the man who worked with a broad coalition to actually bring serious enough to power as president to defeat mahinda rajapaksa who is trying for the third presidential term i spoke to my rajapaksa son norma rajapaksa who confirmed his father's decision he said this had been taken to ensure the stability of the nation but to be honest in the rajapaksa
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not having many options he had gone to court because basically the vicar missing a faction of one hundred twenty two m.p.'s had gone to the court of appeal to file a writ petition asking on what authority bind the rajapaksa and he's fourteen ministers were holding office as a result as an interim measure there was a restraining order preventing minded rajapaksa and these ministers from functioning in those roles obviously today he petitioned the supreme court with a view to overturning that restraining order but the supreme court turned down that request and actually listed the case for hearing in the new year. now french officials have increased the death toll from tuesday's attack in stroudsburg to four gunmen opened fire on a crowded christmas market before fleeing in as we see now president in their meeting the police offices in the wake of the attack the suspect twenty nine year old sheriff's account was shot dead by police on thursday night after
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a two day man there's a large presence of police and soldiers deployed to provide security at this market which was just reopened a few hours ago right now the french president there making his presence films for him directly to those security forces. parliament has voted to turn its four thousand strong defense force into a regular army the country says it has the right to raise an army for self-defense and neighboring serbia says it violates international agreements which ended the war in the late one nine hundred ninety s. so we of course never recognize kosovo's independence and warms the army would pose a threat to kosovo so dominated north has more now from belgrade. kosovo's parliament approved the first read of the draft laws on october and during the process cause of a serbian minority remains opposed to the creation of course of the army a position shared by belgrade which denies course was existence as a state alexander who treated the president of serbia said he did not understand
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how anyone in the world could approve the creation of course it was army or turn a blind eye to something as he said entirely in a collision with all international documents he added serbia will not breed the war drums but won't allow anyone to humiliate the serbs in cos or vida simply alleges the army's main purpose would be to ethnically cleanse course of a serbian dominated north a claim strongly denied by prishtina prime minister of course so what i was headed in i said the tree laws have a want us to protect the territorial integrity of course of all and to protect the citizens of all communities in course of syria the deputies begged by belgrade which does not recognize cause of his independence have blocked any such a move in the past saying creation of a national army required a change to the constitution and the u.s. led nato alliance which has four thousand troops in the balkan country has also in
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the past urged course of zero knowledge to create a national army unless the constitution was amended with the support of the say minority but three laws promoted by the cost of a government and paralyzed by a parliamentary vote other grated the mandate of the domestic also a security force skinner said to transform into an army something which a government said by thursday needs to make changes to the constitution early respect to cover a viscerally who is the speaker of the cause of a parliament and leader of the democratic party he denies cause of us army would be a threat to serbs in the north. that is a tactic of serbia just to provoke a the situation on the contrary. because there are security forces when you armies in multi ethnic army. we want good neighborhood we want to have a good piece of you three public of serbia very soon in this parliament people pause there is allusion to to have their love to serbia in order to have michelle
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erik of nations be trying kosovo and serbia as she best interests of republic of serbian people because they want to have one final agreement which will open a new era of partnership in the region we suffered a lot on the pause these not the interests of course of our son very public of course of a to have complex and serbia has to stop its intemperance on probation to not part of my country that is all what i can say no. a seven year old girl has died in u.s. border police custody immigration officers say she died from dehydration and shock eight hours after being detained what's not clear is if she was given food and water when she actually arrived border police though say they took every step to save her life but the american civil liberties union is blaming what it calls a culture of cruelty well one of donald trump's main campaign promises was to build a wall on the southern border which he wants to stop undocumented migrants crossing
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into the u.s. and people smugglers say previous efforts to fortify the border of made their work more difficult but it hasn't stopped them bill how many reports now from the mexican side of the border. stopping asylum seekers from crossing into the united states is one of the main campaign pledges of president trying. to tear into one this is a radio war that was first started in india ministration the place. it stretches from the pacific ocean to debone tints and into the valleys it's. this is the old wall the new part is higher the razor wire was put up about fifteen days ago so now with the arrival of the caravan they harden the border. to hire one was added doing the obama administration but asylum seekers are resilient and always find new ways like through these water drainage pipes metal bars have been added on the american side but police say some just dug
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a hole and went in. seven hundred kilometers to the east and we are nogales it lays on both sides of the border with arizona i hear the war is part of the daily life along with the sad stories of tragic crossings this part was built on the george w. bush just an hour's drive away from the city and this is how the border looks like we haven't seen any patrol on our way here but anyone can just crawl under. and on the other side you're in arizona the real challenge is to reach this area that. it was once the territory of now it's under control of its chapel. is through here that have year takes asylum seekers on a long trek through the mountains to do us he's been doing this job for more than twenty years. it's the same people on the other side they give us the green light
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to move but it has changed a lot before the journey took three to four hours ten years later it was fifteen to twenty now we can take four or five days it's a big deter it used to be a straight line these rugged mountains are used to smuggle drugs and people both are done in close coordination but not a decision time. could take leaves people trafficking is a business that involves many on both sides. you have bad guys on both sides are no border guards who kept migrants in their homes or put them in the cars and let them go i saw this happen so build one wall or two walls people will continue to cross and we will continue providing our service. a fortified border added personnel a new technology has slowed the movement of asylum seekers over the past two decades. it will take more than a war to stop it all together. and it is with us now from mexico to first of all
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the seven year old girl who died in border police custody is there any more clarity on that and any reaction to it. what we know at this point of the autopsy that should happen any time soon we don't have any more details so far but i mean her story is one of the many tragic stories that happen when these people try to cross into united states you can see just behind me all these crosses i go along the wall we've seen that in other spots and they're basically a reminder that yes people do risk basically everything to try to reach the american dream there's also reports of two guatemalan young girls who were crossing from the texas border one of them fell while hopping across
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a wall on the other side and badly hurt her back the other one also badly hurt her leg and i'm sure that many other stories like this because this is really not an easy feat and with this sort of hardening of the border with the increased security personnel on the american side people are taking longer and longer they're going to isolated areas sometimes they do it on their own not with us mugler and certainly they probably don't understand how difficult it is and they're not equipped for such a track. politically speaking we hear a lot about the discourse from the u.s. side of the i don't know we've heard that much recently about what the mexicans are planning to do about this is there. a plan and a way forward on that side. of the mexican president has been saying that the solution is not building a wall but actually trying to develop central american eradicate the root causes
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that push all these people to make such a long trek i mean we're talking about thousands of kilometers just to reach this point and then once you're inside it's not it's not a guaranteed. that you will have a better life or you will find a job you can stay on documented for years if not decades we've met people who were inside were deported but they spent fifteen years in the united states basically trying to be as discreet as possible now mexico is saying that it needs thirty twenty five to thirty billion dollars to be there to be invested in central american countries in honduras and el salvador's primarily to create jobs for example in infrastructure education in the health sector but it also says that it needs to have the united states and canada on board and so far at least from what we're hearing and what we're seeing the united states doesn't seem to be fully on
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board with that there has been many phone conversations between the two sides but certainly we haven't here heard about any concrete plans to move forward but when you're on the ground when you speak to these asylum seekers it does seem that mexico's idea would be the one that would maybe stop the flow of people trying to cross into the united states. the mexico u.s. border thank you paula. in northern iraq several projects are trying to help the women to become more independent teach the new skills but funding is being reduced as the threat from i saw the piece to diminish matheson as the support from there becomes a refugee camp in the hook in the kurdish region of northern iraq. philos father says weaving a new future for her family which was ripped apart four years ago when i saw fighters swept through her hometown of sin john. i lost my eldest son
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who was the sunshine of my life i still remember him every time i work to meet other women at the camp he was killed on the night he was about to get married. how often. when i was always finally pushed out of synch. five remaining children eventually made their way to a refugee camp and conquer in the kurdish region of northern iraq. i used to cry all the time inside the tent i didn't have food to feed my children we barely had anything at all fearless now works at a carpet factory nearby she's never woven anything before. but her newly learned skills provide an income for years of the woman is said to be the backbone of their families but they isolate attacks in twenty fourteen shattered many of those families and destroyed tens of thousands of lives for lose like many of the women
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at this center lost a husband and several relatives the organizers of projects like this one hope that they will help the women to regain the confidence to become more independent and work towards a more peaceful future. it is true that still many of the women are still suffering what we need is a lot of support from the local authorities and from around the world the women still have a long road ahead but you can see hope spreading among them. this center is home to several projects run. by local and global aid agencies believe that but as the threat from eisel diminishes it seems the world's interest is fading too and we fear the world is no longer paying much attention to our suffering but we shall be asking for our rights until we draw our last breath we want to ensure a bright future for our children and generations to come. the future may be brighter now for filosa and her family but there are many other years it is who are still struggling to survive right matheson al-jazeera the hook the kurdish region
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of northern iraq still ahead on this news hour on the u.n. climate summit he said final day nations sound the alarm on global warming. and mexicans get the red chance to walk the halls of one usually reserved only for their presidents. and sport a norwegian veteran skier is going as well as ever on the slopes of a sleigh sonorously with that one of the spotlights. hello there we've got yet more rain piling its way into parts of ticky for the chance for us on saturday we can see some cloud there just nestling its way into the northwestern parts of tech and then pushing further rain as we head through sunday giving some of us some heavy rain particularly i think along the southern
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coastline plenty of cloud ahead of it as well and a few showers further towards the south too for the east largely fine and dry for many of us here and the temperatures holding up and around twelve degrees force in kabul now here in doha might be a little bit breezy at times on saturday but twenty six will be our maximum temperature could be a few showers out towards the west a mist over parts of saudi arabia but it looks like they will begin to break up as we head through the day on sunday for the south looks fine settled for since a lot but the maximum temperature of around twenty nine but this is about some africa day here it's been far more unsettled recently with showers stretching from angola all the way across through parts of madagascar in madagascar i think the rains are going to ease a little bit as we had three set today so still some showers here not quite as many as they have been and there will also be plenty of showers in the northern parts of alma as well but for the south it looks largely fine enjoy hort for a sin with the top temperature of around thirty three degrees for cape town at around twenty two rising there for some day.
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an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable reason the people that are called to the h one n one porsche isn't getting what if it was like you know a w h o has those chest who says don't hear in terms of trust that you trust who are knowledge is zero. the latest news as a frank's yellowcard the failure will continue to hold on in july but into the next week with details coverage classical criticism of capitalist economics to a fifty six billion dollar i am mansell to argentina from around the world these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts and without agent
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help they could become a lost generation. on the news i hear it al-jazeera and these are the top stories the united nations security council has been briefed by the special envoy to get men in the wake of a landmark agreement between the country's warring sides the u.s. secretary of state has also said that yemen may be at the beginning of a new chapter in the u.s. senate has passed resolutions taking aim at saudi arabia one that looks to end all military support for the saudi coalition fighting in yemen blamed the saudi crown prince for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi britain's prime minister teresa
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mayes in brussels trying to convince d.-u. leaders to help her save the briggs it deal on thursday the e.u. said maes agreement was not open for renegotiation he says it may be possible to have some parts of the deal. right so let's go back to our top story developments in the war in yemen ending the war in yemen not long ago i spoke to out of school who is the swedish ambassador to the united nations remembers sweden as the country which is just held the peace talks he told me this is a significant breakthrough in the peace talks. we've just come out of a meeting with the security council and you know after two years on the council sweeteners been experiencing a deep sense of frustration. over the lack of progress everyone has been saying that there is no military solution to this conflict yet it has been extremely difficult to move toward some diplomacy's an effective diplomacy so in
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that sense i think it's a breakthrough and hopefully we've turned the corner now after the meeting is in stockholm during that briefing today in the u.n. which you were just referring to there was a lot of praise for all the parties involved and that includes specifically saudi arabia and the crown prince mohammed with some of you comfortable with that given that you are trying to end a war which was hugely escalated by saudi arabia look we've reached a point where we just need everyone to now corporate be corporative and collaborate and we what we've seen the last few days or weeks is a different approach to the situation where people have been coming together to try to promote a realistic and effective diplomatic process and i think that needs to be that needs to be mentioned and we need to be supportive and thankful to everyone if they have now come to a different position that will look to towards
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a political solution that is to be welcomed let's talk about the next steps from here because i noticed mark local the un's humanitarian chief was saying in that briefing yes this is good news but it will mean nothing to anyone on the ground in yemen the people who he has heard from directly the people who are still suffering and would continue to suffer for some time what has to be done to keep the momentum going. well you know i think me and others today in the in the council meeting were same for size lee that you know this is good news but it needs to be implemented on the ground we cannot have that there is a celebration of a diplomatic breakthrough on paper but yet the people continue to suffer so you know we are looking towards a decision by the security council very swiftly we hope that would endorse what has been agreed in stockholm so as to you know to hold the parties to account in a strong is stronger terms if there were to deviate from what has been agreed it's
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also understood that the united nations back by the security council needs to support you know more physically on the ground through some sort of a monitoring arrangement that includes the governance of the city of the data but also the ports of data so that is the next sort of practical steps and political steps that we foresee does that mean do you think the likelihood of actual u.n. peacekeepers or monitors or blue helmets well i you know i we've learnt the sector general has asked the secretary that he leads to put forward you know and start working on options for what is what may be needed i don't for see a big peacekeeping exercise but i do think that international credible robust kind of monitoring on the ground will be helpful that you know they would probably not be armed but but in order to build trust and confidence and to ensure
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that the parties implement what they have agreed i think you know some sort of an international presence is important. the u.n. climate conference in poland is wrapping up and despite desperate pleas from negotiators for agreement and progress many issues remain undecided if not on resolved the events in delegations from rich countries arguing with their counterparts from poorer nations over just what should be done for the past two weeks more from. so we were to be out of here at six o'clock tonight but now they're making preparations for the conference to carry on into saturday people even taking bets that it might go on into sunday but to be fair is not that surprising because these things often run late and this time around it's particularly complex remember delegates from one hundred ninety six nations trying to oversee the complexities of this paris rule but to implement the
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paris agreement in two thousand and twenty three things they need to achieve to see how nations reduce carbon emissions the issue of climate finances specially for the more vulnerable nations and then to make sure that people do what they promise to do as a massive oversimplification is a lot more complicated than that and then you throw into the mix the perennial problem between the developing nations and the developed nations who shoulders the financial burden and you have what we have here which is at the moment stultifying progress a judge in brazil has issued an arrest warrant for the far left activists. he is wanted in italy in relation to four murders carried out in the one nine hundred seventy s. the sixty three year old italian who's also a novelist has been living in brazil since two thousand and four and with more from going to. the president elect. doesn't take office for another two weeks but
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he's long stated his opposition to what he calls criminal elements within the left wing groups both in brazil and abroad a supreme court judge has now why should an international arrest warrant through interpol for the italian fugitive says. he's been on the run since he broke out of an italian carolynn nine hundred eighty one where he was serving time for membership of an extreme left wing group the arm proletarians for communism since disbanded and he's accused of his part of the playing a part in the murder of four people two policemen a butcher and a jeweler a murder that he says he denies any part in he first went on the run to france then to mexico and later on super zeal where he's enjoyed a career as a writer quite often of crime novels he also enjoys the protection of the former president of brazil luis naseer lula da silva himself now serving time in prison on corruption charges he often says mr but d.c. that he would be tortured if he was sent back to back to italy and wants to stay in
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brazil brazil has long been a haven for those on the run from justice from their own countries but now it was says it will no longer be a state haven for those fugitives especially if they are of the left syrian kurdish fighters say turkish threats to attack northern syria are a declaration of war because president announced an operation could take place in the coming days if the u.s. doesn't remove kurdish rebels in the area a large part of northeastern syria is under control of the kurdish y p g which ankara labels a terrorist organization it says they have connections to groups in turkey that are pushing for independence the u.s. has backed and provided arms to the white b.g. in the past. critically ill refugees detained by a stranger in pompano guinea will have to wait until next year for any chance of getting treatment in australia last week in peace failed to pass legislation that would have allowed them to leave the man it's island prison camp meanwhile one detainees has been nominated for
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a prize recognizing human rights defenders here is his story in his own words my name is abdul aziz i'm an advocate for refugee on models are in poverty guinea when i came here i was sixteen years old and now twenty five i'm from darfur they killed many people from our tribes they came to indian easier and i thought that indonesia was a signature to a convention one nine hundred fifty one convention that they can resettle people from everywhere but i was wrong the first time when i fully to indonesia our board to song of the last five of my friends i still see their faces every day but i just trying to picture what happened to those people arrested by in the police and they were trying to deport me back to sudan i made it to christmas island the day when we have been removed from stralia from christmas island to darwin from darwin to papa new guinea i was not even a child i was terrified i was thinking about home i'm going to see my family again
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. in five years i've done a lot i've been nominated by the community my community to be as a community leader out of thought one thousand six hundred men we were only five or six people speak fluent english so much pressure on us i chose myself to be us a teacher also speak on their behalf sending emails because we used to have only one hour of internet every week i never use facebook i only use emails and sending to people's i smuggler phone to keep in touch with the journalists and the advocate i used to be harassed by the security guards all the time it's has my handwriting in every requests in every complaint i was ready for any punishment that they were so he wants to give it to me and i was ready for it because i know that this is a risk you know we told this man's we give them a false hope for them to go and sleep we do it because we want to keep them positive we want to keep them alive we are really really sick and tired of seeing our friends are buying one after another i'm living it is laura ingle transit
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center for nearly twenty years now since i've been brought to the forests of of the lumber of the detention center i was on the forefront of the guys who decided to stay. i never felt that i'm a freak in a five and harvey years except those twenty four they say i failed that people are calling my name as these instead of queuing k. is zero zero two every day i hear it and the stories that i heard from the people from the syrian refugee camp yemen refugee camp what can you do to help us which is really broke my heart our wall is to full of an inspiring people for the sake of people who have been dehumanised i really want to be a lawyer most of the people told me that you have that courage i cannot deny that i'm a leader i chose myself to be on that path and i'm not gonna regret as long as what i'm doing people are getting a benefit out of it i don't actually feel that pressure i dedicated myself i want to help as much.


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