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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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to be confirmed so the post of prime minister to be filled as well as the ascension of the entire government and they're having. a huge dilemma because it means the future of the government is it going to be another coalition government that was forced to put together a coalition the united front when he came to power as prime minister with the president. because he didn't have a majority a two thirds majority in parliament so right now all these questions to be addressed but right now the issue of the disputed premiership in sri lanka seems to be. one step less confusing with. the rajapaksa making an exit. well many thanks indeed we're going to weather update next here on to zero then. i'm done being loyal to president trump donald trump points the finger at the president saying he knows that he's guilty of wrongdoing. and the christian church
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stands on the verge of its biggest split in centuries we'll tell you why. hello there we've got more rain working its way towards to key so we'll see the cloud increase during the day and a fair few outbreaks of rain most of those in the western parts and it looks like we'll see plenty more as we head through the day on sunday ahead of it plenty of cloud in the temperatures not too impressive anchor there only getting to around nine degrees so my cloud just filtering a little bit further south to say you may see one or two showers here as well elsewhere and forcing kuwait is not that well momentum temperature is only going to be nineteen or twenty degrees over the next few days it is malda here in doha so some will be around twenty six on saturday but there will be a little bit of a breeze that wind just easing a fraction as we head through the day on sunday and then all temperature of ringgit
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around twenty five down tools in southern parts of africa air and here we've got a few showers with this the most of those are in the north of alma stretching from angola all the way across towards madagascar some of those are pretty heavy but also watch out for this cloud in the eastern parts of south africa because that isn't really just going to be we're likely to see some rumbles of thunder mixed in with there are one or two rather shopper downpours as well a few more are expected as we had three sunday but it does look like saturday will be a more active day despite any thunderstorms that will still be warmed and jo'burg back both getting up to around twenty eight degrees you know that will force in capetown will be at twenty five. tonight to protect his life. but denied asylum a congolese activist must return home facing an uncertain future he once again finds himself at the forefront of a political revolution. trying to promote crecy can come
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a day every person who comes. back to kinshasa we can stop him entry on al-jazeera. well again the main news this hour here up there are reports of fighting on the outskirts of the yemeni city of data just a day after warring factions agreed to a ceasefire in the port city early on friday aid agencies took advantage of the truce to distribute food and humanitarian supplies. sri lanka's disputed prime minister and the rajapaksa is set to address the nation to announce his resignation
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in the next few hours the country hasn't had a functioning government for nearly two weeks now after a court suspended rajapaksa and his cabinet after they'd lost to no confidence votes at australia's prime minister scott boras snus formally recognized west jerusalem as the capital of israel unlike the us which recognized the whole of jerusalem as israel's capital earlier this year the strain is only recognized the western half of the city. britain's prime minister to resign may is insisting that she can get the extra clarification she needs from the european union on a briggs it deal to ensure that it's passed by our own parliament it comes after heated discussions of brussels more talks are now planned but the e.u. shows no sign of moving from its current position john howell reports from brussels . all the talk was of a disastrous summit for to resume a tense exchange is rebuffed by e.u. leaders her pleas for help fallen on deaf ears but the tone from the prime minister
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reflected none of it the e.u. is clear as i am that if we are going to be with the deal this is it but my discussions with colleagues today have shown that further clarification and discussion following the council's conclusions is in fact possible. there is work still to do and we will be holding talks in coming days about how to obtain the further assurances that u.k. parliament needs in order to be able to approve the deal prime minister brave face probably preempts the furious reaction she's likely to receive at home having delayed a vote on her briggs a deal this week promising assurances from the e.u. the dreaded northern ireland backstop isn't the traffic many m.p.'s fear it is she returns from brussels all but empty handed and e.u. leaders aren't doing much publicly at least to help.
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we have to exclude. open. mrs may's insistence that legal assurances could yet be forthcoming seems contrary to the events of thursday night the e.u. twenty seven removed language in their pre-agreed conclusions that had pointed to the possibility of future discussions reportedly some simply don't believe there's any way may can get her break the deal through the british parliament the northern ireland backstop is intended to ensure that there can be no hard border on the island of ireland until a future trade agreement is in place between the u.k. and the e.u. it is an insurance policy it has to be open ended it can't be unilaterally breached want to reserve main wants from the e.u. therefore a legal issue and that somehow the backstop isn't. what it is is a legal assurance that can't be given which is why all that was ever on offer from the e.u. with clarifications not renegotiation to resume
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a still hope some legal sleight of hand can be performed to persuade doubting in peace to back her deal the message from this e.u. summit is probably not join a whole al-jazeera brussels donald trump's former lawyer says the president told him to pay hush money to two women during the twenty sixteen presidential election michael cohen insists the trump knew that making the payout was wrong color and gave his first interview since being sentenced to prison on multiple charges which include violating campaign finance laws related to those payments a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports. as the courtroom drama surrounding donald trump's former personal lawyer came to a dramatic conclusion this week michael cohen was largely silent not anymore i knew what i was doing was wrong in contrast to his earlier statements cohen now says trump knew about the hush money payments he was making to two women alleged to have had affairs with trump according to cohen the payments were directed by trump in an
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effort to influence the outcome of the twenty sixteen presidential election nothing at the trump organization was ever done unless it was run through mr trump he directed me to make the payments he directed me to become involved in these matters the payments were in the hundreds of thousands campaign finance law caps contribution to a campaign at twenty seven hundred dollars making the payments and the legal donation to trump denies he ever directed his former lawyer to break the law i never directed him to do anything wrong whatever he did he did on his own he's a lawyer a lawyer who represents a client is supposed to do the right thing that's what you pay them a lot of money on wednesday cohn was sentenced to three years. in prison his crimes include making false statements to congress tax evasion and arranging those payments during the two thousand and sixteen election he will begin serving his sentence in march he denies he's speaking out to embarrass the president but
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instead to further the probe into possible ties between the trump campaign and russia the special counsel stated emphatically that the information that i gave to them was credible and helpful there's a substantial amount of information that they possess that corroborates the fact that i am telling the truth here down the line i am done with the lying i am done being loyal to president trump cohen's conviction and scandalous revelations come as president trumps political and potentially legal problems are compounding cohen's cooperation also suggest the russian probe under special counsel robert muller is accelerating can really help get al-jazeera the white house u.s. president donald trump has picked his next chief of staff he announced that budget director mitch veiny will step into the role next year on an interim basis or then
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he takes over from john kelly who is stepping down after almost a year in the job. the u.s. and canada say they're committed to keeping politics out of the extradition case involving always chief financial officer china has called for one one joe's immediate release she was arrested in canada on december first on charges of violating iran sanctions but is currently out on bail washington wants her extradited secretary of state mike pompei you have met canada's foreign minister is hoping for a good outcome. the united states is engaged in an extradition process is making travel to canada the canadians have taken her into custody or released her on bail pending extradition and the extradition hearing. will continue to engage through legal processes to get the just outcome that's connected to that. we have is that a trade discussions that are ongoing with the chinese as the chinese have said or we're working on that wall all the other issues not just this particular issue have
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lots of complicated issues going on with china today all around the world and we work on each of those to get good outcomes for the people united states of america and respecting the rule of law each step along the way. the u.s. and canada say they're committed to keeping politics out of the extradition case involving the financial officer. that the u.s. department of homeland security says that a seven year old guatemalan girl who died in border police custody last week appeared healthy when agents found her they say she was mentally alert and had no visible trauma when she and her father were taken in at the southern border with mexico mike hanna reports from washington that many questions are being asked about the death of the seven year old from guatemala she was traveling with her father in a group of some one hundred sixty would be immigrants when they were arrested by border protection offices on the remote northwestern u.s.
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border she was then transported in a bus a journey of someone on the hop hours to eight customs and border detention center she fell ill during that journey she was then transported by helicopter to a hospital at el paso where she was pronounced dead of brain and liver failure it's a horrific situation there's no there's no two ways about it and it's. it's a sad time but it's also senseless it's a needless death and it's one hundred percent preventable if we could just come together and pass some commonsense laws to disincentive eyes people from coming up from the border and encourage them to do it the right way the legal way but critics contend that the trumpet ministration policy is a direct cause of the seven year old's death saying that they are making it so difficult for people to cross the border that they are traveling to more remote and therefore more dangerous areas in
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a bid to get into the united states the customs and border protection commissioner kevin mccullough in an address the senate judiciary committee on tuesday and he confirmed the fact that the war and more people were attempting to cross that remote southwestern border this a major issue he contends but at the same time he did not mention the death of the seven year old despite the fact that she had died five days before he spoke to the dish or recommitting it is law that such a death be reported to a congressional body within twenty four hours so questions about the commissioner questions about the trumpet ministration broad border policy one of christianity's biggest splits in centuries is expected to be formalized this weekend ukraine plans to create a new church independent russia's influence since the fall of the soviet union ukraine's dominant orthodox church has been divided into factions pru russia
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ukraine charlotte bareness reports. a place to worship god or russia because the jewel of nativity is it the same to all of a theological rift in ukraine the orthodox faith is split into factions russian lead and ukrainian lead priests and tonics church is one of more than twelve thousand that aligns itself with russia on saturday he must pick sides. orthodox priest will be too cute to save us same trees on ties with russia and creates a new independent church. we will not recognize its legitimacy this is not a council this is a gang of bandits who have gathered to take over the temples and destroy the church what kind of counsel is a. leading up to the making ukraine's religious rapture has had consequences the cathedral of nativity and other production churches were accused of whipping up religious hatred and raided by ukrainian security services years years ago thought
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i told them you serve the devil and i serve god let's see who is stronger and who's going to win. russian clergy are outraged labeling it the biggest split in christianity in a thousand years. they say it's a ploy by ukrainian president petro poroshenko to shore up support ahead of elections next year pushing coded champion the split he signed a cooperation agreement with the head of the church intervened. there's rabbitohs the state and the russian church some in clergy robes some in military uniforms or not afraid to commit sin in an effort to disrupt the decision but god is with us because we are fighting in iraq just battle for our independence. says pushing cohen is accused of using the church to spread propaganda supporters of the churches split agree which is the gentlemanly course of course we want the ukrainian church to not be under moscow so that russia does not employ and sarah
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decisions before. it goes off the three hundred year old st andrews church in kenya the pro ukrainian orthodox church survived an arson attack last month but it's not clear if regional politics will be as resilient very. shallow ballasts. delegates of the comp twenty four global climate change conference in poland will be staying on for at least another day because no final agreement has yet been reached the un event is spilling over into at least saturday as representatives from almost two hundred nations discuss how to implement the paris agreement will steffen is a climate change expert and counsellor at climate council of australia he says that while nations argue about who's to blame time is running out. it's really clear
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from the special report on the one point five target that we don't have much time left in other words we only have ten or fifteen years' worth of emissions left before we'll breach that one point five to retarget so this sense of urgency the sense that the science is saying we have basically squandered two decades of inaction the time is now here for absolutely decisive big reception i think that sits right behind the problems countries that have been having and coming to an agreement and it's becoming clear that if we want to meet the one point five and even two to retarget so we have to get out of the fossil fuel business so i think that's an enormously important and that we simply have to take and of course it's a very difficult one so that means we need to stop oil exploration need to stop and not conventional gas and gas and need to open no more new coal mines in the past what's happened is we've come out with compromised agreements this is happened year after year we've seen emissions now going up we've seen the concentration of carbon
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dioxide in the atmosphere going up even at a faster rate so this is telling us quite clearly that that this usual tactic of well let's compromise and get everyone on board simply isn't working so i think the real challenge to this meeting is saying are we going to have a different types of outcome where countries who really want to take big reception are actually to go go out on their own and start doing it and to and maybe even take trade or other actions against those countries that are dragging their feet israel's army and stemming demolish the home of a well known palestinian activist soldiers ends of the amati camp but refugee camp overnight on the outskirts of ramallah and started to set explosive so in the home of latif honeyed a son was accused of killing an israeli soldier in may by storing a cinder block on him from a rooftop. it
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is good to have you with us hello adrian to begin to here in doha the top stories now to syria there are reports of fighting on the outskirts of the yemeni city of for data just today after warring factions agreed to a cease fire in the port city early on friday aid agencies took advantage of the truce to distribute food and humanitarian supplies australia's prime minister has formally recognized west jerusalem as the capital of israel but scott morrison says his country were evolving its embassy from tel aviv from now astride it now recognizes him being the seat of the knesset and many of the institution is government is the capital of israel which jerusalem is the capital of israel. and we look forward to. jerusalem when practical in support of them and after final status to. donald trump's former lawyer michael
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cohen says that the u.s. president directed him to pay money to two women during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign cohens given his first interview since being sentenced to three years in prison on multiple charges he insists that the president knew that it was wrong to make the payouts sri lanka's controversially appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa sent to announce his resignation after just seven weeks in the job the country hasn't had a functioning government for nearly two weeks now after a court suspended rajapaksa and his cabinet after they'd lost to no confidence votes the u.s. and canada say they want to keep politics out of the extradition case involving the chief financial officer of the chinese tech giant holloway china has called for monk one chose immediate release following her arrest in canada on december first she faces charges of violating iran sanctions and is currently on bail the president of france emmanuel mccraw has paid tribute to the victims of the attack
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at the strasbourg christmas market four people died in the attack on tuesday the suspected gunman was shot dead by police on thursday those are the headlines the news continues here after al-jazeera radicalized youth read or death next day one of a new era in television news. this is that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand refugees here and . i got to commend you. hearing is good journalism. after all. the attempts of cover ups. some form of close. we saw the syrian army flag poised to high in the city as well as posters of syrian president bashar assad to speak for colbert. to go to miss
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salsa landed about one hundred meters away from us we're on the frontline but some pretty high end up in market and napa valley quickly exactly.
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