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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 355  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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years we have cried out sort of the mars express a few months ago also that there are on the water reservoir of liquid water actually salty water but it's a substantial amount of water there which is pointing to the possibility of the life in the near future where nasa will finally go to mars i am sure they will get that some kind of science or biological activity present or in the past and what kind of the country. this finding add to our understanding. of the whole planet of mars and how it works well it is it is a very important way of starting mars from orbit we have they must spread the mars global surveyor as well from nasa and they are gathering pristine information if you see in detail the details of this quote a live crater on the remove the crater you see a lot of material as i weld the frozen water and probably frost and carbon dockside
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which we like dry ice. examining that way all these deposits are there together with the polar caps which also contain a lot of water and carbon dioxide while at the south pole and they on the on the north pole polar caps we realize the muskrats a substantial amount of water now the relevance of this society explained before is the where there were what we call water there will be liquid water on there on the ground in more benign conditions so to speak where life could have thrived even today or in the past and certainly there is a big reservoir of water for us from us going there in the future good to speak with us francisco diego in london thanks very much for being with us it's a pleasure. now police in japan have reportedly raided the home of nisanit ousted chairman off the prosecutors filed a new charge against him carlos go on as accused of a breach of trust it's alleged he understated his salary over
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a five year period he's been in detention since november on thursday a court rejected a request to keep him behind bars as the investigation continues but this new charge could reduce his chances of getting bail. the widening global wealth gap is raising particular concern in thailand off the once they named the country as the having the biggest disparity one percent of the population controls more than two thirds of the country's wealth scott high and the reports from bangkok. even though the physical distance between thailand's rich and poor can be small for it to pull up it's just a matter of metres the wealth gap between them has been steadily widening and according to one report it's now the world's largest lived in a bangkok slum for forty five years and now in the shadow of the capital's latest ultra luxury mall she picks while vegetables for her dinner to swear it should be kicked off the land her situation is not unique. a recent international report
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put thailand at the top of the wealth gap list in a country of nearly seventy million the richest one percent controls sixty six point nine percent of the country's wealth economist a bank executive and it raised concern on social media about the growing wealth inequality as it leads to social unrest like with the rival thai political groups known as the red shirts and yellow shirts that some things have been in new qualities you know for me. returned. problem is quite clear to me that inequality at the grassroots some town capitalist thailand's military government quickly responded to pump on it and the wealth reports when you look at the data the real data come from many countries table six has only forty countries that country when in doubt but if you look at all country
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around it will be a number one so for those ties at the lower end of the wealth chart it's not just about having few or no assets or even a low income it's about the lack of opportunities and resources so their chances and hope of changing their environment working their way up are extremely low a great deal of industries in retail in thailand are controlled by a select few firms or families they're well connected to the government ensuring their position at the top. top up lim chip doggone runs a craft beer company but he says he had to shift his brewing out of thailand because of regulations that favor the too large beer companies huge production minimums and strict advertising laws he was even arrested emanuel. you cannot do it because someone already told superior to fire. in the country that you know oh man i'm not going to. really hold up i think it's possible for them
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too many people live at the moment so all their money. according to economists pump in it those unfair advantage is given to people who are already at the top of the wealth chart are the most damaging to the economy and the country. it not only makes the rich richer but it takes money and opportunity away from others scot hardly al-jazeera bank on a. lump of coal isn't a typical christmas gift but one that needy families in south korea are grateful to receive thousands of charcoal briquettes are being handed by u.s. troops to households north of solve the coal is much needed for heating and cooking during the winter months. because in traditional american spirit across the world this is a season for giving. we're glad to be a part of. looking at the. wealthy whenever i see them. living in
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a warm place i truly appreciate. all right still ahead on.
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one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for this is you know it's very challenging given the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. we do people believe that tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism you don't feel people are a good audience across the globe. all
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right it's good old sport now his thank you has the liver pool have the chance to go four points clear at the top of the english premier league they kick off away at wolves in just over an hour and go into the game in great form they're undefeated in the e.p.l. this season and that just come off a huge three one win against their arch rivals manchester united the victory over united was there six in a row in the league the reds manager however is not underestimating the power of the wolves who are seventh and have taken points from chelsea united and arsenal then they brought in a lot of players again so need a bit of time. being now really strong did they win the last four i
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think so that's that's a run as well so we have to go and be a read on our best manchester united's new interim coach only gunnar sol shire says he wants to manage the club on a permanent basis his first chance to prove his worth will be against cardiff in the e.p.l. on saturday with united down in six in the table and nineteen points behind the leaders liverpool. my job now is just for the next six months to do as well as i can and move the club forward as well as i can and i understand that there is this soul many so many managers that would love to be a manager of mine united so of course i'm one of them but it's not something that we've talked about it's going to due process now for for the next six months. real madrid take on the u.a.e. lane on saturday in the final of the club world cup and while the game gives reale the chance to win the competition for a third time in a row it could also be
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a landmark moment for captain sergio ramos if we all win it will be the twentieth title for ramos for the madrid club since joining in two thousand and five the thirty two year old's rail honors list already includes four champions league and four titles. in football you don't have a lot of time to enjoy what you achieved because you keep on carrying on i have to say thanks to all the people that helped me get to the position i'm in right now after every move dive lived and every moment i've experienced i hope that in the future i could be the player that has won the most titles for around madrid. a former australian cricket captain steve smith says he hopes to be back playing for the national team before next year's world cup on friday the twenty nine year old address the media for the first time since his tearful apology and the aftermath of march's ball tampering scandal smith is currently serving a twelve month ban for internet from international and state level cricket in australia for his involvement in the incident in
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a test match in south africa. i'm just moving forward day to day and doing what i need to do to prepare hopefully get another opportunity to play for australia and if that's an ashes so bad and no doubt the english crowd to be incredibly hostile i'm ready for that if that happens but you know nothing's for certain working hard and if i get that opportunity again then that will be. three time olympic champion the host who dominated day one of the los suns swim cup on thursday the hungary in one three races the two hundred meter backstroke two hundred meter medley and two hundred meter butterfly it was also a good day for another triple unpick champion run with joe joe of the netherlands he she won both the fifty meter backstroke and the fifty meter butterfly. the miami heat fought back from an early deficit deficit in the houston rockets a five game winning streak in the n.b.a. the rockets james harden scored eleven points in the first quarter to help the
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visitors to a thirty three twenty one lead but the heat fired into life from the second to get back within two things quickly on gravelled for the rockets after that one of their star players chris paul suffered a hamstring injury ruling him out of the rest of the game he took advantage of that and went on to clinch the win one zero one to ninety nine. there was also a win for the l.a. clippers over the dallas mavericks that's despite the mavericks teenage sensation don it scoring a career high thirty two points in the game. gave the nod reporting its lead with less than a minute remaining but the clippers would go on to edge it one twenty five to one twenty one. in the n.h.l. the tampa bay lightning extended their point streak to eleven and a shutout win against the calgary flames the lightning came back from three goals down and fought back to make it four four four seen the game into and out of tampa
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goalie luis was on fire thirty four saves including seven in overtime scored in the seventh round of the shootout to seal the five four win for. elsewhere the philadelphia flyers were in great form against the nashville predators breaking their four game losing streak the game was tied up. one won in the second period but the flyers quickly turn things around claude is your with the winner goal of the season make it to one national were able to find the tying goal though and drop the ninth consecutive. snowboard cross world cup is finally under way if you've been waiting for it after a delayed start to the season because of a lack of snow the sport is a mix between motocross and snowboarding and luckily there was enough snow for the event to happen in italy germany is omar this it in took home gold for the men in
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the women's event lindsey jacobellis of the usa took home the thousand points for her victory. that's all your sport for now more later back to you has a thanks very much neal yeah that's it for this news outlets turn you over to london and i'm on with more of the day's news. everyone all together right. now going places together.
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a war which produced one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world they will take shots even when they should not i believe that sometimes what the saudis have been doing. the story behind the deadly attack by the saudi led coalition forces on a school bus in yemen which killed forty children. yemen the solder. on al-jazeera. because we're not. sure that. rights are being violated. and freedom stripped away.
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in the seventieth anniversary of the wishes of whites that stand out. like this. stand up for human rights. young african footballers are traveling to thailand in hopes of becoming professional players but they risk discrimination and exploitation. when one east investigates thailand's football factory on al-jazeera . a major shift in u.s. military policy as president trump pulls troops out of syria and afghanistan. hello i'm maryanne demasi and london with al jazeera also coming up this hour.
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protesters clashed with police as the spanish national cabinet meets in the capital on regional capital. opposition supporters demonstrate in the democratic republic of congo after the presidential election that is postponed. to be excellent skill and i have been skiing for one year i want to ski in other countries i want to be the best at this school. and downhill dreaming we hit the slopes in ten stone with a new generation of ski is hoping for sporting glory. when alpha u.s. foreign policy is the key question being all staff to president donald trump's decision to pull his troops out of syria trump's shift in u.s. military strategy is one of the reasons his defense secretary says he's quitting
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james mattis becomes the latest high profile member of trump's administration to resign over policy differences is announcement also coincides with reports that trump has ordered the withdrawal of up to seven thousand u.s. troops from afghanistan which would harm its presence there let's get more or less from jordan who is live for us in washington it's been an extraordinary twenty four hours there in washington what are you hearing about the implications all this could have for u.s. foreign policy. well there's a lot of people like to talk about the fact that bipartisanship is rather rare here in washington but on this matter of gen matters deciding that he could no longer serve as the defense secretary there is bipartisan agreement that the future of u.s. foreign policy is very much in jeopardy and that indeed u.s. national security may be at risk mario we've just received
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a statement from senator dianne feinstein a longtime expert on foreign affairs who calls mattresses departure alarming and she once again deplored the president's decision to not just pull u.s. forces out of syria but also to cut by more than half the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan who were there in a support role to help the afghan military. protect the country from attacks from the taliban and other groups and also to provide a sort of mental us support effort to the central government as it tries to negotiate a lasting peace treaty with the taliban so there is a real sense that the united states is basically walking away from its traditional role of being engaged in foreign policy but also maybe heading into an area where its own security may be at risk and that's right there is mounting concern there about the impending departure of james mattis and. this sort of isolationist policy
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on the part of trump how how difficult could things get fan going forward. well one of the things that people tend to forget is that after you know nearly twenty years of a very forward leaning some would say activist foreign policy that it was led by the u.s. president you're seeing perhaps the start of a new pushback from congress which traditionally has deferred to the white house on foreign policy but we have seen in recent weeks that congress is saying wait a second we have something to say about the u.s. is a role in foreign affairs the u.s. is role in starting or ending wars the u.s. his role in trying to promote human rights good governance and other issues to protect human rights and so you're going to see much more pushback i would predict from both republicans and democrats and there's going to be probably a lot of very tough questioning about whoever the president decides to nominate to
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replace jim matheson over at the pentagon when you consider that it's not an easy thing one to just pull forces out of a zone you're going to want someone to be able to explain to congress how this can be done while still protecting the u.s. as national security concerns thank you very much for the latest from washington on that story in jordan. meanwhile take is present as you type i don't who has been a strong critic of american policy in syria as welcome the announcement and in return has vowed to get rid of. santa harder has more. the turkish military will stay on alert along the border with syria but the planned to cross border offensive against what turkey considers terrorists east of the euphrates is now on hold the target was the syrian kurdish armed group the white peachey which controls four hundred kilometer stretch of territory along the border . president treasure of tayyip erdogan cited
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a common understanding with washington as the reason for the perspire and went sort of their criticism in question number two since the beginning of the syrian crisis our diplomatic contacts with the us left us disappointed in terms of the results the trumpet ministration inherited problems that we experienced particularly cheering the obama presidency in face to face meetings and phone calls president trump and i have seen that we shared views on a range of issues related to syria yet the translation of the agreement to the ground was overdue and to fickle and finally in recent days we have been able to see the clearest and most encouraging statements to date from the administration trump announced american troops would pull out from north east syria this week the us president chose turkey over washington's alliance with the white p.g.a. a main source of tension between the two allies the decision was welcomed in ankara but the foreign minister met little childish provided more details on what turkey
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expects to happen next we need to. have already. started. he said two things one is called the nation the other one is that turkey will never let out any country any power to feel their work is very important because she is from two days there are lots of explanations from the minister of foreign affairs of france that they will feel that turkey will never let out. a delegation from the white peachy dominated syria democratic forces is trying to reach out to paris to seek support following the u.s. decision to leave it seems the message was not to france but to other powers as well the s.d.f. is believed to be reengaging with the syrian government to cut
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a deal that will allow it to stay in its autonomous enclave in the north east turkey has repeatedly said that it has no territorial ambitions in syria and its fight against the y.p. g. is about its national security interests it believes the y p g is the syrian offshoot of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party or the p.k. k. which is fighting for autonomy in south east turkey. turkey also backs what it calls the rightful owners of y p g controlled areas some arab tribes and others have accused the kurdish force of capturing predominantly arab lands and its military campaign against eisel those tribes who say they are being prevented from returning home or throwing their weight behind turkey which seems to be coordinating an arrangement on the future of that corner of syria with the united states senate. a check on the turkey syria border the u.s. government could be hurtling towards a shutdown the senate is carre debating
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a finance bill that includes more than five billion dollars for a wall along the border with mexico but it has very little chance of passing a shutdown would mean all but essential government services would cease to function president says his administration is prepared for a quote very long shutdown and lessie gets its way. so now it's up to the democrats as to whether or not we're going to shut down tonight i hope we don't but we're totally prepared for a very long you know. this is our only chance whoever you are millions because of the world the way. you yeah great order your ear. for more on this let's join alan fischer in washington alan is there still a chance that a government shutdown or partial shutdown might be a void it. i think it's highly unlikely i think we've moved in the last twenty four hours from unlikely to almost certain and how did we get here well donald trump
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seemed as if he was going to sign a continuing resolution which would help fund the government at least until the middle of february be wouldn't get any money for his border wall and certainly that's what was passed by the senate just a couple of days ago but in the meantime a number of right wing commentators decided to criticize donald trump once seeing what's the point of his presidency if we're not going to build the wall that he promised the other seeing that he was gutless for not pushing forward with this the idea that the money would have to come from the u.s. government rather than make scores donald trump had promised conveniently forgotten so after the senate passed their resolution it was due to go to the house but the house thought well hold on a second if donald trump doesn't want this he then called the leadership and said i want my wall and they passed a resolution that includes five billion dollars for his border wall will he get it well to get anything through the senate remember one hundred seats in the senate you need sixty votes and the republicans only have fifty one at the moment so it is
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difficult for them to get anything through and the reality is don't trump won't sign any bill that doesn't have five billion dollars for his border wall and the democrats would approve anything that gives donald trump five billion dollars for his border wall and so we're at this impasse donald trump says he's quite happy for there to be a long shutdown and you remember that ten days ago in the very bizarre meeting in the oval office in the white house with the two democratic leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi donald trump says if there's a shutdown that will be up to me that will be my fall but now he's saying this is all on the democrats and they have to do something to try and divert the shutdown which is no just over nine hours away so we started two thousand and eighteen with the shutdown and it looks as if we're going to end the twenty eighteen with the shutdown of a thanks very much allan brings up to speed with those developments and washington thank you.
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u.n. security council has voted to send observers to yemen to monitor a fragile truce between the saudi led coalition and who think rebels a vote concerns the implementation of a cease fire and yemen's key port city of data and the withdrawal of rival forces from the area it comes after a u.n. brokered peace negotiations or yemen's warring parties agreed to a cease fire in sweden last week or to find out more let's speak to our diplomatic editor james bays at u.n. headquarters in new york what does this mean for yemen and the progress that was made in sweden the other week well i think what the security council is trying to do here first is to endorse what happened last week in sweden and to make it legally binding so that very fragile shaky cease fire now is backed by a u.n. secure.


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