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tv   Searching For Sanctuary P2  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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a lot of him a little older than that i got a call just saying right away i thought of the. book and raised. what i. cultural history some scribe layer upon layer at times of the race of those rejuvenating and reinvented. through the transformative power of public an unlikely collision of hip hop culture under indigenous tradition forms a community building project led by the godfather of graffiti. on a. more
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with more diversity the new look of the u.s. congress what it needs for the first time on january third will what it means for the democrats and for president all join us for coverage of this historic step in american politics the new deal was called on al to zero. president trump and why it's congressional leaders for talks with the white house as the government shutdown moves into a twelfth day. i
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don't welcome to live from a headquarters and a product also ahead. to start step inside a hindu temple to india supreme court slips a contentious battle. we hope that the saudi arabian oil sources will. british politicians and law was asked to visit detained saudi activists to investigate allegations of being tortured and a message. for the threat of force paying says the unification of china and taiwan as inevitable. leaders from both sides of the political divide will be heading to the white house for talks with the us presidents soon donald trump says he's ready to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown which has been in place for nearly two weeks
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on thursday democrats take over as the majority party in the house of representatives been refusing to sign off on the new spending unless it includes billions of dollars for his border war while it all began over border security wants nearly six billion dollars to build a wall on the southern border he says is the only way to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking the democrats refused saying the wall is a waste of money with the budget agreed around a quarter of u.s. government agencies were forced to shut down about three hundred eighty thousand employees are being forced to take temporary unpaid leave this includes nearly all staff the country's national parks as well as agencies dealing with housing and taxation another four hundred twenty thousand workers in areas considered essential still on the job but they're not being paid that means border security and customs control the airports will continue without interruption will trump is refusing to
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sign any budget without war funding bought as bargaining position may get weaker on thursday when the democrats take over the house of representatives let's get more on this. story is joining us live from washington d.c. when they do meet heidi what are we expecting from the meeting between trump and the democrats he is saying let's make a deal but neither side of backing down on the issue of the wall so what would a deal what can a deal look like. that's right and when trump says let's make a deal the question is is he willing to compromise from his position which has been fixed on this five billion dollars to build the border wall that he campaigned on and the leaders of both parties are vital to the white house this afternoon to meet with the president willie the debate will be between trump and the democrats that's because already a bipartisan bill to reopen the government and provide one point three billion dollars in border security funding not the wall per se has already passed the
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senate the only thing that came in its way was the workhouse it chancey of the house republicans who notably by to morrow will no longer control that chamber of congress because democrats will become the new majority so really the question is whether democrats will pass that senate bipartisan bill which under the leadership nancy pelosi has already said they would do and once that is passed will trump sign the measure this morning he tweeted again seeming to double down on this demand for the five billion in border funding however when that piece of paper is before his desk he will have to decide whether to reopen the government or whether to take full responsibility for the continued shutdown of the federal government he of course doesn't take full responsibility i mean he's sharing the blame at the very least with the democrats who as we've been reporting heidi will take over the house of representatives from those day what is this going to mean for the congress for
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the u.s. government. that's right and trump notably on december eleventh that was his last meeting with leaders of the democratic party in the white house and you'll recall he said on national television that he would proudly take ownership of the government shutdown over border security of course since then he has shifted the blame or attempted to on the democrats but democrats are signaling that they feel very confident going into this meeting this afternoon as well as the negotiations that will continue and they have seen this as an opportunity come tomorrow when democrats take control of the house of representatives to demonstrate to the greater american public that their party is more capable of governing than their republican counterparts which has resulted in the shutdown that will continue past its twelfth day if it continues heidi thank you very much for that for now that is cost for live in washington d.c. thank you. now u.s.
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border agents have again fired tear gas at people trying to cross the border in the the mexican city of tijuana women and children of among those trying to cross the border agency says it was responding to rocks being thrown at them as being more criticism all the other question paula for the deaths of two but among children in u.s. custody. well then on to other news now until indian women have defied a ban on entering one of the country's holiest temples they were bad by a supreme court but calls for gender equality a facing a backlash from conservatives who say that when the values are under attack and it's turning into a political fight ahead of national elections in a few months the jabari has the latest. under the cover of darkness and escorted by police these two women defied religious hardliners by entering one of hindu isms holiest shrines the shop a remodeled temple in the southern state of carola which attracts millions of
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worshippers ear their historic move is backed by india's supreme court which in september ordered the authorities to lift the ban on women or girls between the ages of ten and fifty from entering the temple. but the temples authorities refused so by the court's ruling and subsequent attempts by women to visit had been blocked by thousands of the bootees supporting the bam conservative hindu group say they believe women of menstruating age would defile the temples in a shrine local media is reporting the chief priest briefly shot the temple for purification rituals. decent clearly any issue of. elected in politics by am saying days after these two women ended up being. a dad the baby act was very in that. piece for. there had been these three men bad and getting
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a bit not object dad did not paris is a very very peacefully silent. war and what before that board. the care of a state president of the hindu nationalist party claims that these events are politically motivated. the b. did b. has been seeing local government orchestra going to plan what happened there declared a missile destroyer. to achieve this commune is going to need devious means advantage to be did this. on tuesday millions of women from across the state formed six hundred twenty kilometer human chain and called it the woman's wall it's an issue this become increasingly contentious in the run up to india's general election schedule for me on the dorsetshire pari al jazeera. days of intense fighting between two armed groups and northern syria have left at least thirty one people dead the fighting is taking place across two provinces aleppo and ad libbed
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al-qaeda linked fighters and turkey backed rebel forces are blaming each other for starting the violence the worst in this part of the country in three months it follows u.s. president donald trump's announcement of american troops withdrawal from syria british politicians and international lawyers have asked to visit detained activists in saudi arabia to investigate allegations that they've been tortured rights groups or those in custody include at least ten women some of whom campaigned for the right to drive but tory gate and the reports. these are some of the saudi activists that british politicians and international lawyers are demanding access to they want to investigate allegations that the women who campaigned for the right to drive have been illegally detained. the group also says they've been given electric shocks beaten and threatened with rape adar bam prison in. their quest to visit the women comes as the saudi government continues to
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struggle with the international fallout from the murder of jamal khashoggi the journalist was killed by a saudi hit team in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul in october the. tragedy it was obviously a total utter disaster for saudi arabia and it would seem that the responsible people who are responsible for the operation were also responsible for the detention of these men women's rights activists in britain is saudi second most important partner for arms sales and security but the murder so she has put a spotlight on human rights in the kingdom at least ten women are in prison for demanding more rights seven men who will say being detained for supporting them there are credible allegations that these people have been have been tortured the people as crispin blunt said the indicate the evidence suggests that people involved in the murder of tomorrow or of old in the in the torture and ill
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treatment of the of the women in men's men men as well in the in in their situation . saudi arabia denies allegations that the detained women are being mistreated the m.p.'s and lawyers have asked for a response by next wednesday to their request to visit the women in jail. there now netflix has removed an episode of a comedy show from a streaming service and saudi arabia after complaints from the kingdom. the boy's my mind that it's the killing of the washington post journalist for everyone to go oh oh i guess he's really not a reformer. they took issue with a program called patriot act because the host satirize the country and. on the killing of journalist. it's also highly critical of the war in yemen calling on the u.s. to reassess its relationship with netflix has defended its decision saying it complied with a valid legal request chinese president xi jinping is not ruling out using military
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force against supporters of independence in taiwan and his first major speech addressing the rhode island she said taiwan's reunification with china is inevitable but taiwan's leader has rejected that and said beijing must face reality and or schapelle has the story of. a new year's speech with a familiar message. chinese president xi jinping has urged the people of taiwan to accept that it must and will be reunited with china in a speech on the fortieth anniversary of a key policy statement he reiterated beijing's call for peaceful unification. we are firmly against any plots to create two china or one china one taiwan or taiwan independence we've achieved a major victory in the fight against taiwan independence or separatist activities nobody and no party can change these store.


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