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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 83  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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people's fear of black people and fear of black congregation and what black people would do if they come together because i mean i even as a contemporary grown woman in my past twenty years of work in the workplace have even experienced at the water cooler at the copy machine standing with a mother a black colleague or two or three and don't let it be for white colleague would even say what do you guys can conspiring to do over here what do you guys cooking up over here and i know that was just like a really you know blanket statement the person didn't mean any harm but it just the vokes these ideas about black fear and even some of the stories like corner stores in black and brown neighborhoods have these pop policies just like maybe written on notebook paper on the door no more than two people in here at a time two or three people so these ideas of black people being together and being destructive been dangerous are really deeply rooted in the american psyche. you know. i'm not even sure if it's so much even so much of like there's more real fear of like you know ok this black presence here. it's almost as if white people
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consider the police to be their own personal care where like black people are like this. just isn't working correctly and they need to call customer service record to just get rid of problems were like this or some where they wish someone could clean up really quick. and the thing is when they do that you know while they might be thinking ok i just want the black people removed introducing the police to black people could be a potentially we thought situation and that. you know sometimes we did because of these phone calls because of this this annoyance. this feeling of i just don't expect them to be in this space and so i want to remove from outer space because i thought uncomfortable and the i can see you nodding there but i want to bring in this comment. bly walker says this is been going on in america for
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centuries it is one of the quote don't trust white people warnings given to us by our elders one warning to be careful as they want to give you a record so this is one person's perspective we actually spoke to a former dispatcher about when to call the police and when not to have a listen to christopher carver he's the operations director for the national emergency number association and that's a group that provides policy and education to nine one one centers around the u.s. have a. there are obviously things that are not emergencies that cause challenges for i'm such as power outages. sometimes barking dog complaints cannot be an emergency we've even had examples of calls united states for genset a fast food restaurant where there was a certain kind of fruit that was no longer available in those cases obviously the issue is not one that justifies the use of a life threatening you know
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a number designed for life threatening emergencies however in any other cases where it's never in doubt where the caller doesn't know exactly what's going on and they make that call to nine one one then it falls on nine one one dispatchers to do the best they can with the information that's reported. so dispatchers have to use or judgment but what about the people calling when you heard some of the reasons people are often not telling the truth that's that's a huge part of the problem and i think also is that i mean saying i believe that this person has a gun you know that's something that we've heard people call in and say to the police or in an instance what they are being be i don't believe that usually people who are stealing bring suitcases with them i just think that that's a little strange and so i agree with a lot of that there should be consequences and so if you are making these calls to police officers you should be held responsible for you know the cost of taxpayer
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dollars that are being used to bring out eight and nine ten police officers for a potential robbery and i think you know there is a bigger conversation to be had about racial bias but i think one thing is that money does talk and that if people saw a real financial consequences then maybe more would think twice before picking up the phone to call police about a frivolous incident which oftentimes i think is really just a power play you know with the barbecue situation it really kind of felt like oh no you're going to listen to me and if you don't listen to me but i'm going to call. the police and just because knowing our fraud history with the police that that word automatically shuts down some conversations and people will say well i would like to live today so i will leave you i'm going to go i'm going to see my way out and i think in that situation especially we have so much footage and you can really see that she was. kind of seemingly thrown off by the fact that these guys were not intimidated by her and that's why she was willing to stay on the phone for two
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hours i believe waiting for the police officers and i think she was wasting the time of those nine one one dispatchers who could have been responding to a real situation and so she should face consequences that are video of that playing i want to show this headline here this is the san francisco chronicle even in oakland calling the cops on black people just living their lives and of course because we could see the person who did the calling she has since been me means that look like this people are calling her barbecue back to you that is not her name and money. who did this and you can see her there and the back of dr martin luther king jr the martian d.c. here she is calling on the obama's this person has been in tears all day they tweet that's right i have a right so making light of the situation because sometimes and the only thing you can do is laugh but i wanted to go to this tweet here this is directed right to your. day wasn't allowed to sleep in that particular room she should have contacted
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on kind of campus staff or the d.a. and i think she's referring to the student who called the police on you but calling the police was blowing the situation way out of proportion and i would just like to know what made they look as if she didn't belong. what do you think it is. you know obviously i think everything that we've had about you know people utilizing the police as their personal apple care is true but also make history of america are you know it's interesting that this fear of black congregation and its fear of even black story is so similar to you know posts where you really air our reconstruction air and you know the pattern just seems so identical this this year you know black people are free they're living their lives we don't like this we should be on the plantation and we should be and for them it's not ok i mean i think if there is something very deep in the white american fight you've got to tell them that a black person being free on is a problem and that's
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a problem that needs to be resolved every time they want and if there's some people like you know like sarah not necessarily always right in pittsburgh right now there's like an issue going on and one of the communities that is kind of like small size is this whole conversation where there is very hyper. communities liberty and in this community there's actually one problem in this community. there's a billboard that has been erected and that. each month a different artist has an opportunity to put like a phrase on a billboard and it's just a piece of this a piece of art that exists in a neighborhood people look at the billboards look at the sayings and you know oh that's called us clever don't we think anything of it so a couple months ago black artist got a name of obese or worms really had this phrase up there to us that there were black people in the future. and that became an issue in the home feeling the.
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landlord contacted the person who's in charge of the or distillation asked him to take it though there were panels about this there were news articles about this like this was a big pittsburgh deal. why do you think that was. one i think that you know as everyone has so far and. just the idea of blackness right it's just the idea. that there. are a lot of black people. you know and. so there is that just the idea of that exists is a threat to people enough to make people want to have it taken down so i like that you took us into the future black people exist in the future but i want to move us to the past just for a second because we got a video comment from the dean of the university of virginia school of law and she raises a point that you raised a little bit earlier terry have
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a listen to what she said when you look at these incidents in historical perspective they have a very long pedigree going all the way back to the beginning of this country and in england where there were laws that really essentially made it a crime to be a person who was out of place in any way in the one nine hundred seventy s. the supreme court made it more difficult for the police to use such laws and they struck down a number of those laws but as you can see from these incidents they still continue there are still some laws on the books that are in a similar vein. so she says you know there is a history here which is the point that you were raising do you think though that that's in the minds of people when they're calling the police they can't be there they're not thinking of the fourteenth amendment and what led to it not just the right i don't know what they are thinking about that but i think that there have been just having this built into the d.n.a. of the country and into the system and the laws and there having been an extension of all of this i think is what is kind of evoking in people's minds again so these laws were basically enacted to be able to restrict and relegate black people's
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presence in public and that is connected to white people's fear of black people so i think it's really important that we recognize that and i think it's really important for white people to do some work and really recognize that too so when i . i'm making this call what am i actually doing what i'm what how does this overture really connect to this person's life and just what is going on and especially in this contemporary context you know because it's it's just not the time for people to be calling the police on black people for exams for just simply existing and actually embodying joy because that's why the part incident just really kind of teed me off because i mean you know black people just having a barbecue with frankie beverly in the background that's a crime you know what i mean. it's out of hand but i mean but again this country does have a history of not only just relegating black people but anyone who is not a able body heterosexual white male and there were laws on the books and the
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vagrancy act in the eight hundred fifty s. relegated the movements of. mexican people out in california there were a series of laws called the ugly laws that existed up until the one nine hundred seventy s. which basically said someone who had a physical deformity or what was perceived as a physical deformity or any kind of physical disability was not allowed to be seen in public so what i do in my media classes is i really try to make connections for students because it's important to know this history in know why if it was illegal for a black person a disabled person a mexican person to actually exist in public then that's also connected to why we do and don't see people reflected in the media and how they are reflected in the media so other than learning history and recognizing and recognizing how it plays into today's scenarios what to do about this you wrote a book yes. hold it up get it out all the way. to the end of the
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book you have some suggestions for recognizing privilege and how to tell others to recognize privilege in a way that won't have them turned off because a lot of people might be watching the show and think they're being racist very well i think one of the things i talk about a lot of my work is speaking up and not over and. i think specially in situations where black bodies or marginalized people are. are in danger that's when we need allies to actually step up and i think too often people are very comfortable with just saying i'm an ally and i changed my facebook profile picture to black lives matter but then when i'm in starbucks i mute when the police show up i don't stand up and say actually those people didn't do anything wrong and i believe in the barbecue video there the woman that was filming was actually challenging her you know and i think that that's really important because unfortunately those people are not going to listen to my voice and those are going to be situations where i'm not trying to get arrested i'm not trying to you know be in danger and so we really
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need people to step up and have those conversations with the members of their family who might be watching these events and saying well maybe they did do something wrong or i don't understand what the big deal is that's when we need you to step up and explain to the people that you care about and people that you have relationships with that this is not ok so that hopefully they aren't calling the police next time or they are making excuses for someone and i see you nodding there . grew out of that you're saying i mean it's up to them you know because we are not going to be able to infiltrate those like crucibles of like this those giving tables those hours those core poles those were unions that are those all white cocoa with the potato potato salad. you know we're not going to be able to have those conversations with them when it's. the white people that serves those of . us who are and whatever and the ones who are wanting this that's all the time we have so i have to thank all of our guests for having this conversation and for our
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you. we together can create the change we want. by speaking out by standing up by taking action. be the leader you are looking for stand up for human rights. but i don't want to be in syria forever. it's sad and it's death. donald trump defends his decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria despite an upsurge in fighting between rebel groups. and also robin you're watching al-jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming
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up in the next thirty minutes turkey and the us discuss the possible extradition of business with but then a good line from ankara accused of masterminding the twenty sixteen failed coup attempt. also the us government shutdowns that to continue into the new year after congressional leaders failed to reach an agreement on the border wall. and over the moon a chinese rover becomes the first to land on the far side of the lunar surface. welcome to the program president trump has described syria's war as sand and death while defending his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from the country speaking at a cabinet meeting on wednesday trump didn't provide a timetable for the military exit he announced last month against the advice of his defense chiefs but he did say he wants to protect kurdish people in the north of the country from spain accused of abandoning the kurdish y p g who's been key
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allies in the fight against. fast or slow but i think it's one of the if you want it or somebody said for much but i didn't i didn't say that either i'm getting out we're getting out of syria look we don't want syria. obama gave up syria years ago when he didn't violate the red line i did when i shot fifty nine missiles ed but that was a long time later so syria was lost long ago it was lost long ago and besides that i don't want we're talking about sand and death that's what we're talking about what we want to protect the kurds never the less we want to protect the kurds but i don't want to be in syria forever it's a hand and it's death i have a design has been following developments from gaza in temple the turkey syria border. the u.s. is not only putty in the. fight against the odds sold it he's an international
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coalition the bell populace some of them nato allies late. on from french troops already in the north and to syria and they need to when the united states forces want to get the troops will withdraw from syria in the past two weeks we have heard from a quick withdrawal which would happen within weeks just forty eight hours ago it was four months i'm out some place i didn't say about. days no clear timetable for withdrawal of the troops of course he's commented that syria is nothing but sand and death also costs dolls' on the commitment of the united states to finish. what is left off other so-called terrorist organizations like al qaeda allied to syrian rebels so. we are seeing us question also where the cut is for you
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to school have been. the most reliable of the u.s. officials how to call them in the fight against i still have not been thrown under the bus i'm on loud seeking new alliances going to it's the syrian government and by extension it on russia and inside syria as at least thirty one people have been killed after days of intense fighting between two old groups little of the clashes are happening in parts of aleppo an eclipse both sides are linked fighters and took each back to rebel forces blaming each other all starting the violence is the worst fighting in this part of the country in three months. a team of u.s. prosecutors is in the turkish capital ankara to discuss the possible extradition of a business man accused of orchestrating a failed coup attempt turkey says fertility loan that masterminded the twenty sixteen plot to overthrow the government more than two hundred fifty people died in
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the violence that followed and thousands of people were arrested including military officers police teachers and civil servants who lived in self-imposed exile in the united states since one nine hundred ninety nine denies any involvement so impressively is our correspondent with the very latest so who's arrived from the u.s. and who are they meeting in ankara. so i hope today we have a delegation in one car and the turkish capital of from united states to still a geisha in actually has people from the justice ministry foreign affairs and f.b.i. according to what we have learned from the sources here they're meeting with a similar delegation among the turkish side currently they are actually in the meeting according to the justice ministry sources we know that they are discussing about the evidence that turkey has submitted to united states in order to have had to look good on extradited and his followers eight to four of his followers to be
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extradited from the united states and president and on actually a mentioned when he was in g. twenty summit last december in argentina that he submitted he gave the names to mr trump and the list was submitted through a foreign minister chopper shoulder and they are expecting they told that the u.s. officials are working on extradition however until now turkey requested glance extradition many many times even before the failed quit in two thousand and sixteen but the u.s. officials have always stated that. the evidence that turkey gave the united states doesn't meet the standards. to have good men to be charged or prosecuted and or experts are sorry extradited from the united states to turkey that's why now they
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are discussing about the options of course turkey has some other other evidence that they have submitted to the united states mostly about the charter schools that the federal luckett are followers have been running in the states for many years it has been a big quarrel among the americans as well because. the the good on followers and those charter schools have been accused of being corrupted so clear that they are working. on the options but of course it is not it is not for sure whether they were whether the united says going to x. or that glenn because until now there judiciary perspectives have been critical but turkey at this time is also discussing had a lucky man be under house arrest so this is also another option that they are discussing today and after the meeting is finished although this meeting has been very discreet and very close we will be hearing more from our sources in ankara for the we will leave it there thanks for the. u.s.
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president donald trump has us congressional leaders to the white house on friday after both sides failed to reach a deal to end the partial government shutdown trump said he's prepared to let the shutdown go on indefinitely unless he gets something to build a wall on the border with mexico. from washington d.c. . the garbage cans were overflowing outside the white house on the twelfth day of the partial government shutdown inside the president had convened his full cabinet to extol the virtues of his wall and blame the democrats for a budget impasse that donald trump and said he would take full responsibility for just a few weeks earlier i will be the one to shut it down i'm not going to blame you for it he then spoke to the press and though to be said he was now insisting on five point six billion dollars for the wall not even the two point five billion for a barrier but the white house had offered democrats as a compromise once the shutdown began. this. could be a long time and it could be quickly could be a long time it's it's too important
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a subject to walk away from later in the afternoon the democratic leadership made its way to the white house for the first direct talks with the president in weeks however this was organized as a border security briefing by department of homeland security officials not as a negotiation clearly the president was continuing to frame the shutdown as a failure of democrats to understand what he says is an emergency at the southern border even as illegal border crossings are at historic lows and after the meeting the democrats said their plans have not changed they are now feeling the heat it is not helping the president it is not helping the republicans to be the owners of the shutdown well as the president to open up government we are giving him a republican path to do that why would he not deal with incoming house speaker nancy pelosi has made it clear that she intends to pass several bills in the house on thursday to reopen the government with one point. three billion
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dollars for border security but most funding for trump's wall but to end the shutdown the senate will need to pass those bills as well and the republican leadership there says it has no intention of even debating them as i've heard consistently for the worse two weeks. and it was up wasted considering a democratic bill which got out and which the president. the president didn't receive five billion dollars for the wall when republicans controlled both houses of congress now that power is split that goal seems all but impossible talks are being planned for friday she able to see al-jazeera washington now it was u.s. astronaut neil armstrong who made history when he said that's one small step for man one giant leap for mankind becoming the first person to step foot on the moon now almost fifty years later it's china making new history it's landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon the first time a probe has ever been sent there the four could offer insights into the moon's
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origins and evolution getting to the dark side of the moon was key to what the chinese president calls his space stream to join and even lead the world's space race they start lending really demonstrates china's ambitions to catch up with the u.s. and russia become a major space power by twenty thirty it's often called the dog side of the moon because it can't be seen from earth previous spacecraft have seen it before but from a distance chunky falls lunar probe carried a rover with it and it's right now getting to work studying the means to rain and it'll eventually send back those samples to earth china's space dreams don't stop there in twenty seventeen it announced plans to send a person to the moon and has dedicated eleven billion dollars to its space agency's budget now morris jones is the author of when men walked on the moon he sends this mission will help china reach further into space. well china is treating the moon as the first big outpost in deep space for its long term plans it's already sent
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several missions to the moon it plans to send even more in the future including a sample return mission at some point but china is also setting its sights for mas and the asteroids and probably beyond so i think it's a sickly cut case that when a nation has big plans for outer space at some point you have to start exploring the moon and treat that as as part of your overall plan well in some ways it they are playing catch up but the chinese didn't even launch a satellite until nine hundred seventy s. so this space program does have a sort of a and historical lag with that those of america and russia but they're advancing very rapidly and even though it seems in some ways to be a bit of a catch up face the fact is they catching up to nobody by landing on the far side of the moon because nobody has done it before and it's a tremendous technical achievement just to set up the communications link.


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