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just so i don't be so. happy with the view all. block a malicious wanting to create the weeds between the. turkish rebels who are in our three novels well those in aleppo so that they can control and defend their areas in the last remaining oppositional stronghold and further east in the country and mohamed chickie around the area where we have it seems we've got the turkish troops massing on one side of this city and we have syrian government troops massing on the other side i mean how what's the potential there for for there to be some kind of confrontation once u.s. forces do venture pull out. while the issue is we don't even know what clear timetable right now for the u.s. troop withdrawal given
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a time statement that he doesn't know when they're putting alt of course in the past two weeks we've seen the plan for up the withdrawal of troops from now where we have an all time high not all and there's been shifting alliances in those two weeks we've seen turkey been going to war fulton sending its tanks rolling across the border. topping their allies within the syrian rebel groups to get us cruel sauce possible to none because they want to get out the kurdish y p d forces from here of course the. kurdish y.p.u. fight is sensing that they have been pushed to the wall and abundant by the u.s. have also changed alliances they have called in on the invites of the syrian armed forces to come on to help them and protect them against the impending. offensive on by city now. when you look at the ground them how the pots and stuff shifted
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with turkey last year also being on the same page now after the moscow meeting last week. the promise by trump that it will protect the kurds since overtaken by events all right mohammed thank you for that mohammed today live in southern turkey close to the syrian border now let's have a closer look then of what president had to say about afghanistan we can talk to our correspondent in the pakistan capital islamabad kemal hyder kamau so president trump in his remarks in this cabinet meeting seem to see the war in afghanistan pretty much as a local affair that needs to be sorted out by the regional neighbors pakistan being first and foremost perhaps india and also russia. how do the pakistanis view the current situation in afghanistan which of course many now describe as being at a stalemate. really focused on the dollar
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long been saying that the only solution to the of one problem is the political one not a military one it should be remembered that when the u.s. led invasion took place after the september eleventh attacks in the u.s. the united states that main target but then they said they would go against the taliban. on and we've seen the dollar bond much stronger controlling majority of the provinces and having control of their targets don of course has borne the brunt of the blowback of the alvar and walt just yesterday progress on the military spokesman left and major general who are speaking to the media and he said to get started stand to gain from end of one piece because there is no peace in afghanistan and pakistan really continued to feel the effects of the of one wall this is a country which is hosting millions of refugees and their day they did it their day
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great doubt that what happened there not a lot is done so. clear and also the fact they do not dictate the water no one has done it want to get out and a blame game had begun many people will tell you they're branded a war then the blame game even irrational. saw fourteen rating up one it started saying that it became russia because all of that didn't rage and economic cost the american have already spent a trillion dollars and of what it's done so that is now an expectation that the americans want to leave but what kind of vacuum where do they leave behind it's something that everybody is quite nervous about on both sides of the border came in did indeed come out because of pakistan has been accused by many all all should we say parts of the poles of the pakistani establishment have been accused by many as actually having a hand in the war in afghanistan by virtue of at least offering sanctuary if not
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actively encouraging parts of the afghan taliban so is that still the situation and is this something that perhaps the pakistanis are going to be addressing living human ministration under him on kong. well first of all i need to have told the americans to reassess their policy which is florida according to pakistan the americans are looking forward to meeting the pakistani leadership in the near future perhaps within the next few months but did important to note that pakistani military had several operations in their tribal areas their fencing the border raid of one a stand and they are saying that if the americans have any tangible evidence to suggest that there is a sanctuary that are using stand as a launching pad that they should give that information to the pakistanis they did understood now that the taliban are able to launch their campaign there not run it
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down as far where the north and started. where there. can just less than forty eight hours to go it so that taliban are controlling most of the of and do not need to stand as they may have needed in the beginning when the u.s. launched its invasion against afghanistan come on live in the pakistan capital islamabad thank you. we've got a lot more to come on this ounces in the news hour including these protests public on the north and the blockade remains in place after an especially grim year for the people of gaza we look at whether there's any hope for twenty nineteen. and a slowdown in china takes a bite out of apple's process. a fantastic four for manchester united's new manager how he's already matched the face of a legend joe we'll explain in sports. the
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u.s. prosecutors are in turkey as capital to discuss a possible extradition of a businessman who's accused. of all cars straight in twenty sixteen's failed coup attempt more than two hundred fifty people were killed in the violence that followed and tens of thousands of people have been arrested the turkish government says. and his organization are also behind a campaign to inform trate state institutions including the policy of the police and the military that glenn who's lived in self-imposed exile in the us since one thousand nine hundred nine denies these allegations. donald trump is a both political parties to return to the white house on friday after they failed to end the possible government shutdown mr trump says he's prepared to let it go on indefinitely unless he gets five billion dollars to build his wall on the border
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with mexico. the garbage cans were overflowing outside the white house on the twelfth day of the partial government shutdown inside the president had convened his full cabinet to extol the virtues of his wall and blame the democrats for a budget impasse that donald trump and said he would take full responsibility for just a few weeks earlier i will be the one to shut it down i'm not going to blame you for it he then spoke to the press and though to be said he was now insisting on five point six billion dollars for the wall not even the two point five billion for a barrier but the white house had offered democrats as a compromise once the shutdown began. it. could be a long time and it could be quickly could be a long time it's it's too important a subject to walk away from later in the afternoon the democratic leadership made its way to the white house for the first direct talks with the president in weeks however this was organized as a border security briefing by department of homeland security officials as
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a negotiation clearly the president was continuing to frame the shutdown as a failure of democrats to understand what he says is an emergency at the southern border even as illegal border crossings are at historic lows and after the meeting the democrats said their plans have not changed they are now feeling the heat is not helping the president it is not helping the republicans to be the owners of the shutdown well as the president to open up government we are giving him a republican path to do that why would he not deal with incoming house speaker nancy pelosi has made it clear that she intends to pass several bills in the house on thursday to reopen the government with one point. three billion dollars for border security but no funding for trump's wall but to end the shutdown the senate will need to pass those bills as well and the republican leadership there says it has no intention of even debating them as i've said consistently for
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the last two weeks the senate what are ways to considering a democratic bill which cannot pass the chamber in which the president. the president didn't receive five billion dollars for the war when republicans controlled both houses of congress now that power is split that goal seems all but impossible talks are being planned for friday she able to see al-jazeera washington the apples fall says donald trump's trade center for china is at least partly to blame for the tech giant losing billions of dollars worth of business tim cook warned of lower than expected earnings for the first quarter of the year also citing we could demand from china the trumpet ministration fire the first shots in the trade war which is in both countries impose tariffs on each other's goods shown nichols is a reporter at the register or a tech news and opinion website and he argues that the trade tensions aren't actually to blame. i think what apple would like to do is really kind of as much as
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possible cite china fight the trade war slaves issues as the cause of this but as you noted the over the last couple years apple has significantly increased the price of the i phone we've tim cook special explanation of this is you're seeing kind of a combination of the trade wars kind of causing problems in china kind of worries over the economy and that's making people less likely to go in and purchase apple products so it's so you're seeing both apple saying this is the train where the economic policies but it's also you know our products are more expensive and fewer people want to go to the store and pay that much for a phone for hours trading it was something like seven point five percent drop in apple's share price i mean this isn't a huge hit for apple as far as the shortfall i believe it's only about four or five billion out of an eighty four billion dollar revenue. for the quarter but if this is something that investors are paying attention to and they did punish apple
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pretty significantly after hours trading. number of people killed in a building collapse in russia has now risen to thirty eight six children are among the dead mourners of placed flowers and candles outside the apartment block in magnitogorsk that's east of moscow rescuers are still trying to find three people missing since a suspected gas leak cause an explosion in the building on monday a baby boy who spent thirty five hours in freezing temperatures was found alive in the rubble on tuesday but is in a critical condition. protesters of four shops and businesses to shut down in the indian state of carola they've been holding marches against the entry of two women in one of the country's holiest hindu shrines at least one person has been killed and schools across the state are close public transport suspending the two women were the first to enter the temple in decades since the supremes court overturned
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a centuries old ban on women aged between ten and fifty now bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina won a landslide victory in sunday's elections that cemented her power for a fourth term in office but have been widespread reports of violence and voter intimidation leading up to and even on polling day many are accusing supporters of her own party charles stratford reports from the capital dhaka. twenty five year old saddam hussein is the leader of bangladesh his. student would call the child truly. it has tens of thousands of supporters the opposition say prime minister sheikh hasina used the chance to lead to intimidate threaten and commit acts of violence against them during the election campaign. including this attack on the motorcade of opposition leader kemal hussain. to be able to see the victims with the awami league and nation there was no violence committed by the roaming the us
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we followed the election commission when we kept communication ties with the awami league candidates they needed to know what the younger generation wants the opposition alliance has rejected the election is demanding another under a neutral interim government hussain rejects the allegation made by international human rights organizations that the awami league and the sheikh hasina has committed major human rights violations including forced disappearances in the murder of opposition activists. has become known to the international community as a mother of humanity we were able to help their hanger refugees or exult this proves she is humanitarian and that there was a lot of extra judicial caning and two in the military government paused do you deny that there was no intimidation by awami league supporters like your youth movement for. not only me but one hundred million voters they were new generation
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millions that through the won the league we won our independence and it's through the party the dream of a modern bangladesh will be realised. the opposition say more than ten thousand of its supporters were rest is it during an election campaign it calls a farce hussein and his young supporters say the opposition has no grounds for complaint. that al-jazeera dhaka. every time i have the weather in just a moment also coming up in the news hour. inside this courtroom there's been stories of drug trafficking corruption and murder were halfway through closely watch trial one of the world's biggest drug traffickers gabriel's onto a brooklyn that story coming up. and not an easy day for knows. coming up.
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from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. much of thailand is now poised for the arrival of some very heavy rain flooding rains pushing into southern parts of the country you can see in central thailand this is the situation where we have got very strong winds pushing for the high seas already starting to work show their hands ahead of the arrival of tropical storm power book we've been seeing some dams releasing water because we have the ongoing threats of widespread flooding coming towards the country this massive cloud which is moving into the gulf of thailand is tropical storm per book sustained winds around seventy five kilometers per hour gusting to around ninety kilometers per hour strong enough to do some damage that's certainly the case the situation is that the storm will continue to edge is way further north woods and west which is be go on through the next twenty four hours will say before does eventually make landfall so that's
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friday spicher huge amounts of rainfall coming in there will be widespread flooding across a good part of central and southern thailand maybe as much as three hundred millimeters of rain over the next three days or so we are going to see widespread flooding problems coming in across the country that's it serious some will then change as we go on into the weekend the system makes its way through and we're going to sit gradually pushing up towards bangladesh. the weather sponsored by cat time nice. cultural history subscribe layer upon layer at times erase others have been made to reinvent. through the transformative power of public unlike the collision of hip hop culture and indigenous traditional forms a community building project led by the godfather of graffiti.
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top story. face calls in saudi arabia for the first time. seeking the death penalty for five of them. dismembered after entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on the table the second. u.s. president donald trump has described syria's war as nothing but and death cabinet meeting of the year the president also said washington's been carrying the burden of stabilizing afghanistan and wants neighbors packets. dan and russia to do more to fight the taliban. and president trumps the political leaders from both major parties to return to the white house on friday after they failed to end the partial government shutdown president says he's prepared to let it go on indefinitely until he gets five billion dollars for his mexico border war. all right let's get back now to our main story tickles the suspects eleven of them at least appearing in
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a saudi court for the first time over the murders jamal khashoggi now let's remember the journalist was last seen alive on october the second he went into the saudi consulate in istanbul he was never seen again the next day turkish security sources said he had information that he'd been killed inside the consulate in that his body had been dismembered saudi arabia rejected these claims and described them as lies turkish media published images of a fifteen member saudi team that arrived in istanbul on the very same day that he disappeared and said the group was at the consulate when the journalists arrived there from this point onward evidence linking not only saudi arabia but crown prince mohammed bin sound man to his death has been mounting in mid october the saudis finally admitted that he'd been killed but they said it was accidental
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that turkey insists it was murder and on november the tense it shared recordings from inside the consulate with britain france germany the u.s. as well as with the saudis and five days after that riyadh charged eleven suspects with the killing. let's go live to sin and cos our correspondent is in the turkish capital ankara and said i'm the news then that eleven these eleven suspects in saudi arabia have now face their first court hearing and the prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for five of them what kind of impact is that going to have on turkish authorities. martin first let me remind everyone that we don't know the names of those fifty eleven suspects who have been detained after. his murder and we don't know the names all those who are actually who are actually the asked for that's a penalty and this is listen this is this is the same way since the beginning of
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the investigation that was launched in riyadh and turkish officials have always complained about that also on the other side when it comes to is solid you prosecutor's office the officer has an uncle think twice and also i have to remind that the prosecutor asked for the death penalty but the court hasn't ruled anything like that so these are very important details i spoke to the foreign ministry right before our live and i was told i was actually given a diplomatic response saying that they would be reassessing the developments but of course this is a member what the turkish officials have always stated to turkey's foreign minister have always complained that the saudis had no corporation or collaborations on the investigation when the prosecutor came to turkey and met with this counterpart with the fifteen men with a delegation of him of his. according to the turkish officials he gave nothing he
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doesn't give any evidence and turks always wanted to know. the content of the interviews the saudi prosecutor's office held with those suspects those suspects whose names we have never heard about so it is important to know the names of those people because. as you know for instance a member a fifteen member hit squads came to kill them out over the second and we know the names of those people for instance one of them was al took bheki who's name who is known to be a forensic expert and the prosecutor's office that to bake it is thought to have this member to mouth to shoot his body. we heard that he was detained in saudi arabia but then we learned that he is living in a villa of a pool far from riyadh duff so. after the turks are suspicious that the saudi arabia will really provide justice for this case
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especially. after these incidents for instance one of the members of the hit squad albo stein they died in a suspicious car accident according to the investigation reports and turkey right after this murder he went to riyadh so turks actually see that every quest of a death penalty on this suspects will actually this silence this investigation so that turkish investigate it turkish investigators turkish persecutors will not be able to learn anything about their testimonies so until now there is nothing we have heard from the turkish officials that because uncle is very busy today and there are official visits there are delegations from the united states but for sure when we look at what they reacted on till now it seems turkish officials will not be a welcoming the death penalty to them because we live in the turkish capital ankara thank you. well let's go to the democratic republic of congo now because the
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election commission is saying that the results for the presidential vote may now be delayed because it still hasn't received most of the ballot papers regional monitors say sunday's election was relatively well managed despite several challenges technical and organizational problems meant that many people couldn't vote well more than a million others in three opposition strongholds they were excluded because of what we all thought it said were concerns about security and. well meanwhile the congolese ruling party says the internet will remain shut down in order to prevent disorder. the common front for the congo regrets the internet shut down monday but notes that some people tried to use the internet to put the congolese people against each other. we asked the population to remain calm and white peacefully for the provisional results that the electoral commission will publish in the coming days sudan's president omar al bashir is under immense pressure to implement
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reforms as he tries to overcome sometimes violent protests against israel now two of the nineteen passes in his governing coalition have defected and he spoke not long ago in the capital khartoum to workers' unions and blamed the country's problems on international sanctions which were imposed on the country for years. look we are under siege we face war we have lost our main revenue but we still stand firm we are suffering but we still stand firm and we are working hard to sort out all the problems despite the siege we have put an end to the villains we have brought security we've started precedented dialogue because these are the people of sudan. israel wants to make prison conditions even worse for palestinian inmates public security minister says jails will remove cooking rights start rationing water and reduce prisoners' autonomy and also lose the right to be housed
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with members of their own factions done says the measures are designed to deter future acts of violence. and we say in the palestinian territory because twenty eighteen was a difficult year for people living in besieged gaza we saw people rise up against the israeli blockade and those protests continue there were also several escalations in tensions between israel and the palestinian group hamas but those were eventually resolved by egypt as well as the un so what's changed for palestinians in the girls a strip for this new year seventy deca has a look. if anything defines the last year in gaza it is this thousands of young men already struggling because of the blockade now physically crippled. by good going to that has the year is over and nothing is improving i'm twenty four i don't have a job i don't have
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a house i can't afford to get married there's no water and electricity is an issue i got injured at the fence from me dying is a maza has to be better than this life but it is here along with israel that bounds in the palestinians in the coming throughout the year to highlight their frustrations almost two hundred have been killed by israeli sniper fire thousands injured almost a hundred of those young men. had legs amputated now the world took note for a while but it seems the international media is attention has now moved on these protests have become the norm and the blockade remains in place. the cash injection from qatar is now partially paying the salaries of how massively servants it's also fueling gaza's power plant increasing the electricity supply from what used to be just four hours a day although it's still far from a full day's worth of uninterrupted power these are temporary fixes twenty eighteen
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. witness the highest numbers and figures in terms of unemployment and poverty among the palestinians. unemployment among the palestinians in the gaza strip is is at the into the twenty thousand is more than fifty percent and its reach is about seventy percent among palestinian youth also as a result of the u.s. decision to freeze its funding to the. poverty among the palestinians in the gaza strip has risen to about seventy percent. add to that palestinian infighting between the two main parties and have mass president mahmoud abbas has imposed sanctions on gaza which is run by hamas causing an already ailing economy to choke . the political divisions have damaged all walks of life here i had to fire most of my workers because i can't afford their salaries i sold my car to cover the rent of my shop i believe if hamas and fatah don't reconcile
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things will not improve they need to reconcile that's the solution to everything. has mass in israel came dangerously close to all out conflict in november egypt and the united nations brokered yet another fractious ceasefire. but so far no long term political solution for gaza has been found stephanie decker al-jazeera gaza. ameri mexico southern state or what has been shot dead just hours after being sworn into office gunman opened fire on alejandro a powder c.e.o. as he was on his way to a meeting four other people were wounded in the attack a man's we know arrested in connection with the killing. of a child of one of the world's best known drug lords is resuming in new york after the holiday break prosecutors have been outlining the allegations against mexican joaquin el chapo guzman since their vendor but there have also been some rather
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unexpected moments as gabriel elizondo reports. most of. his life is the world's richest and most feared drug trafficker was dramatized in a hit television series and spondee genre of folk songs back in his native mexico. but inside a brooklyn courtroom the real life bushwalking el chapo guzman is playing out and it's no less an say tional among some of the extraordinary exhibits seen by the jury so far pictures of specially built submarines that prosecutors say carried millions of dollars of cocaine from colombia to guzman in mexico and elaborate tunnels they say he then famously used to get into the u.s. and then there were cans of pickled whole opinio peppers which it's claimed el chapo used to smuggle upwards of forty tons of cocaine into the u.s. worth five hundred million dollars a year this was goods months favorite weapon
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a diamond encrusted thirty eight caliber with his initials on it. security is tight for the trial with no cameras or video allowed inside the courtroom but that didn't appear to stop guzman's beauty queen wife emma coronel who was at one point caught with a cell phone in the courtroom the prosecution claimed she was secretly trying to text her husband through his lawyers. guzman's defense lawyers made the sensational claim that two former mexican presidents personally took millions in bribes from the sin of low a cartel they're pinning their hopes on an acquittal on arguing the real culprit is this man is male. a former ally of guzman and current head of this in a little cartel. a little oil coming into.
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this rare audio recording allegedly of el chapo guzman negotiating a multimillion dollar cane shipment was played in court analysts say it will be hard for the defense to refute the recordings that we heard in court the recordings will chop those voice it just really stings and i think that that makes it very difficult that they'll be able to pull it off if convicted guzman faces life behind bars but with several more people expected to testify the trial likely will not end at least for a few more weeks gabriels on doe al-jazeera brooklyn i'm rights activists in the u.s. eight of texas say the shooting of a black seven year old girl is a hate crime jazz mean bonds died on sunday after a man driving a pickup truck opened fire on the mother's car police say they won't speculate on the motive while they're searching for the gunman is thought to be low.


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