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somebody was a difficult job rather than an authoritarian leader with imperial ambitions and many critics of putin equally critical of the west meeting with russians from across the political spectrum andrei necrophilia discovers a complex attitude towards that country's leader and his policies in search of putin's russia jazeera. two months ago the american people spoke and demanded a new dawn. nancy pelosi reclaimed the speaker's gavel in the u.s. house of representatives and a new political reality begins for president trump. hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up after pledging to work with the new congress the u.s.
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president repeats his demand for a wall on the mexican border. taking the reins of brazil's new president moves to advance his controversial policy agenda. and evidence the announced pull out of u.s. troops from syria has intensified the fighting that. the new speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi has hailed a new door as a democratic party took control of the lower house of congress closely welcome to the my study vast group of representatives in american history and vowed to keep the trump presidency and check the first mission is to end the possible government shutdown and jordan reports from washington d.c. do you solemnly swear it's a day your first for the one hundred sixteenth u.s. congress do you solemnly swear the new faces and some familiar ones being sworn into office. and then getting down to work. democrat nancy pelosi still the first
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and only woman to serve as house speaker returns for a second time best to play younger more diverse and more liberal legislators who want reforms in health care the economy and immigration in the u.k. palosi also has to temper colleagues desire to investigate and perhaps impeach president donald trump but first ending the federal government shutdown democrats will be offering the senate republican appropriations legislation to reopen government later today. we will do so. or do so to meet the needs of the american people to protect our borders and to respect our workers that first move likely is going nowhere the senate majority leader explains why the senate will lock up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing the scheiber and. you know
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a presidential shouldn't rule in other words president don't trump says he will reject any short term budget that doesn't include five billion dollars to build a wall between mexico and the u.s. something democrats oppose earlier on thursday trump blamed the democrats for the impasse quote the shutdown is only because of the two thousand and twenty presidential election the democrats know they can't win based on all the achievements of trump so they are going all out on the desperately needed wall and border security and presidential harassment for them strictly politics analysts say this does not bode well for the eight hundred thousand federal employees who aren't getting paid for the millions of risk of not getting emergency food aid health care or other services provided by the federal government we don't just have divided government the president of one party and the house of representatives of another party but we also have divided congress where the house and senate are controlled
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by different parties so that's a relatively unusual set of circumstances that makes it even more complicated for us to. for anyone to try to negotiate and find common ground on a prickly issues so far republicans and democrats say no reason to compromise because they both think they're right neither party has paid a political price because of the shutdown and that's how this is become the first drama of the new session of the u.s. congress. warton al-jazeera capitol hill. well us president onil trump has praised nancy pelosi for regaining her role as speaker of the house but he also used the occasion to renew demands for a wall along the us mexico border he held a briefing with border patrol officials saying they had apprehended the thousands of what he called criminals trying to enter the u.s. last year. you can go to a barrier you can go to whatever you want but essentially we need protection in our country we're going to make it good the people of our country want it i have never
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had so much support as i have in the last week over my stance for border security for border control and for frankly the wall or the barrier i've been a border patrol agent for twenty one years i can personally tell you from the work that i have done on the southwest border that physical barriers that walls actually work you hear a lot of talk from the experts that you hear a lot of talk that there are experts that say that walls don't work i promise you that if you interview border patrol agents they will tell you that walls work i worked in naco arizona for ten years we didn't have physical barriers in naco and illegal immigration and drug smuggling was absolutely out of control we built those walls those physical barriers and illegal immigration dropped exponentially and you got to is watching developments for us in washington d.c.
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andy this was a surprise press briefing from president trump is this pos of his new strategy and now the democrats have the house. i think what this was was an attempt to steal the limelight back from the democrats because today was all about nancy pelosi once again becoming the speaker of the house and that big shift in power in washington politics that will deeply affect president trump's remaining two years we know the president likes to watch cable news networks you can only imagine he was watching nancy pelosi pick up that gavel make that speech we know this is one of the most diverse congresses we've seen in generations with lots of new faces including the first native american the first palestinian american the list goes on so with just a few minutes notice the president took to the podium in the briefing room something he's never done before to once again hammer his argument home for funding for the wall along the u.s. border but the dynamic shift in power means that he essentially won't get that
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money anymore so you can only think he was really talking to his base here they like this fight they like the fact that their president is standing up to try and get so much money to build this wall but essentially that is now not going to happen but it seems that donald trump is not going to shift his position he's really digging in and we're approaching two weeks now of partial government shutdown and and he nancy pelosi has just been addressing the press about the legislation they're trying to get passed today can you tell us what's on the table well what the democrats are proposing is funding to eight departments plus the department of homeland security so it's not likely to pass mitch mcconnell's already said that he won't put this in front of the president but this is the democrats' attempt to try and get the government open to offer the republicans over a billion dollars in funding for enhanced security along the u.s. border but they won't give him the money he wants to build
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a physical wall let's listen to what nancy pelosi had to say we are diligent. diligent and persistent in trying to open up government as i said today on the floor we will take ideas good ideas from wherever they come including the idea of the appropriations bills passed by the republicans in the united states senate they passed six pills four of them on the floor with over ninety votes two of them in committee unanimously and those six bills can cover eight agencies departments of government so unlikely that president trump will sign off on these bills that the democrats are proposing to get the government up and running again so that leaves is again at this impasse with the partial government shutdown eight hundred thousand federal workers not being paid the american people getting increasingly frustrated but this seems like the battle lines are drawn president
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trump will not shift his stance on getting funding for the ball border wall and it seems that the democrats will not shift their stance on giving him the money he wants and he got a guy in washington d.c. with that update thanks andy well now mexico has called on the u.s. government to investigate why its border agents fired tear gas at people trying to cross the border near tear juana women and children were among those near the united states southern front here on chews day the border agency says that stuff were responding to rocks being thrown at them the incident widespread criticism with rights groups branding it as an unnecessary use of force. the u.s. has demanded the democratic republic of congo's election commission released accurate results from sunday's presidential vote. the congolese branch of the catholic church said it knows the outcome based on information from the forty thousand monitors its employees the church has not said which candidate it believes won the election but the ruling coalition of outgoing president joseph kabila
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insists its candidate won the most votes. brazil's new president diable scenario has held his first full cabinet meeting since being sworn in two days ago his chief of staff announced a purge of government contract is seen as sympathetic to previous left wing administrations also naro has already unveiled plans to step up privatizations toughen prison sentencing guidelines and to hand control over indigenous land claims to the powerful agriculture ministry john homeland has more from brasilia. puerto rico. from the now he's president not open begin making good on his election promises he'll face some big challenges. crime is number one more than sixty thousand brazilians were killed in two thousand and seventeen alone noddle solution giving more people access to guns and police more license to kill you are going to descend to save the cowboys to defend themselves will honor and respect those who
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sacrifice their lives for safety. but brazilian officers already killed thousands most of them young black it's been questioned if an even harder line will work. this controversial but just as challenging he's been so noddles saying to curb corruption he's brought in sergio bordeaux the man in charge of latin america's biggest bribery investigation this is justice minister but it may be tougher than he thinks the fight against corruption it's much more easier terms of electoral narrative than in terms of practice. the government has besides the folks felt a strong off the president to fight against corruption been assessed to establish a lot of the whole. governance if i jam but also all that stuff and then there's the economy twelve million brazilians run employed also not all says that free market economics and small government will fix that you did you
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give the government once been more than calm seen that. but if he really wants to balance the books you have to make cuts to brazil's generous pension system it takes up more than half of the federal budget that would be deeply unpopular how far president also not to get some responding to all of those challenges is going to be decided here in brasilia where his party has only about ten that the seats in the houses of congress so he's going to have to negotiate with all those that backed him and that includes x. generals evangelicals business leaders and the financial sector if you want to get anything done and everyone will want to search these groups they are really willing to to fight each other so i'd say that the challenge is how to put these groups together and how to align expectations so that these groups become part of
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a government and not fragments. president bush will run a successful campaign on the arizona abuses of brazil's left of center governments now it's the time to learn from the right to see if he can do better to be john homan al-jazeera brasilia. still ahead on al-jazeera u.s. stocks full shop after apple says an economic slowdown in china has taken a bite out of its projected sales. sudan's president tries to stem the tide of protests with another appeal to the people. from the waves of the sales. to the contours of the east. hello it's raining again in central china you wouldn't think so we're in the middle of winter but it is we turn the wind back in from the side just from the cloud
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movement so the streak of rain. goes from union right up towards shanghai size east and this is front of the wall in twenty two and sunshine are going northward it's not that cold but i think we will see a bit of snow develop round will hang just as an example whilst the rain exists. a lot of cloud to boot a lot of four to a suspect much of it sticking to the south that also activities unusually got this tropical cyclone here on its way to make landfall in sutton tartans shouldn't happen in january but it is happening it's going to enhance the already wet weather and turn it into rather severe gales and wet weather i think some damage is likely in this part of thailand the thing will go across thailand head out towards the andaman sea during saturday i suspect and it's taken much of the energy from the atmosphere there's not much in the way of shasta the philippines or malaysia but indonesia you still have the potential most like in the eastern side of java body is the black musicians cycling concept today we'll watch it off of that of course
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beyond that it should be dry and it is dry and settled in most of india and disappointingly cold in the north. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. cultural historian subscribe layer upon layer at times erase others we do remain and reinvented. through the transformative power of public art an unlikely collision of hip-hop culture and indigenous tradition forms a community building project led by the dogfather of graffiti. ballet bureaus on a dozen iraq. welcome
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back i missed all of the attainder a reminder about top stories this hour the new speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi has hailed a new door as a democratic party officially took control of the lower house of congress promise to keep the trump presidency in check and end the partial government shutdown. donald trump has pledged to work with the democrats while renewing demands for a wall along the us mexico border he says he's received support for his plan. brazil's new president jaya both sonar who has held his first full cabinet meeting since been sworn in two days ago his chief of staff announced a purge of government contract is seen as sympathetic to previous left wing administrations. dozens of people are dead after three days of fighting between rival groups in northern syria people who've been displaced by conflict were forced
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to flee a company out to me close to the turkish border as fighting fled al qaeda linked fighters and turkey backed rebel forces are blaming each other for starting the violence in the area it's the west fighting in this part of the country in three months and there are reports of eleven people from the same family being killed in strikes led by the u.s. led coalition that's been fighting ice so local sources say the attack happened at the villages in the dairies all province it's close to iraq's border and is an area controlled by eisel it comes as a joint investigation by al jazeera and the intercept reveals the u.s. military has intensified its bombing campaign against eisel in the region since president trumps announcement of the withdrawal of america's troops the reports say the fiercest attack in the past week occurred in al kushner the village on the euphrates river is held by eisel fight is donald trump claimed i still had been defeated when he announced he was bringing american soldiers home from syria in
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december. joshua landis is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he says the u.s. military is in a hurry to destroy i saw in the area before forces withdrawal there are a series of small towns that are sprinkled along the euphrates right next to the iraqi border that still house isis fighters about sixty thousand people there all together with a few thousand isis fighters we believe hidden amongst the population and so the united states is in a hurry officers there the generals military have been told that they believe that at first it was one month now it seems to be a four month window before they leave but they're clearly in a hurry to try to destroy isis in these last towns and that means ramping up bombing and it seems that there's been you know there's less care being taken about targets than there was previously it's easy to claim that you're being strategic and you're not not taking out collateral damage but in reality we see
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this going on all the time saudi arabia says eleven suspects in the matter of journalist jamal khashoggi have appeared in court for the feste time say prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for five of the defendants but no names have been released so it's not known if two recently dismissed senior officials linked to mohammed bin sound man are among those charged jamal has been following saudi arabia's handling of the case. it was almost two months ago that the saudi prosecutor general's office held this press conference where they finally admitted that it was saudi nationals officials who were behind the murder of saudi journalists. back then they named eleven suspects they believed to be behind the murder of the journalist now those suspects they said that they were going to question them that they were being detained and in fact they were seeking the death
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penalty for five of those suspects remember was turkey that initially released photos of the people they believed to have formed that hit squad that flew into istanbul just before that fate for control by the second and killed the journalist in the consulate now what is significant with regards to these latest developments on thursday is that the saudis are claiming that the first trial in the case of these eleven suspects has taken place or at least the first hearing obviously that wasn't open to the media it wasn't open to international human rights organization and there is a lot of skepticism as to whether this trial will actually enjoy and you form of let's say professionalism or justice considering that the saudi narrative from the very beginning with regards to the murder of jamal cultural she has changed almost on a weekly basis from them denying that he was still in the saudi consulate so then saying that they didn't know whether he was killed or not to then finally admitting that
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he was dead and then saying that it was an accident and much later on admitting that he was killed however it was a rogue operation throughout all of this time many people have been accusing the highest levels within the kingdom namely crown prince mohammed bin settlement of ordering the killing of. the saudis say that they are showing that they are trying to seek justice obviously the turks view that any justice to be served has to be done so inside turkey considering that this crime took place in its. bull there has been also a third call by rights organizations that believe that an independent investigation is take place one not led by turkey or by saudi arabia but maybe by a body like the united nations this latest developments will be used to highlight said by the saudis as we mentioned to show that they are seeking justice but skepticism with regards to strew intentions remains extremely high. well shares an
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apple have closed down ten percent in u.s. trading and it's west session since twenty thirteen it comes after c.e.o. tim tim cook surprised investors with the announcement at sashing revenue expectations by up to nine billion dollars he's bought the blaming the u.s. china trade war as caster explains. this i phone when a confident tim cook and now since the launch of apple's i'm ten in september the fanfare couldn't mask the risk his company was taking. would he not consume or is across the globe he willing to pay the one thousand dollar price tag of the latest and greatest i phone and now the answer is likely not on wednesday apple revised its revenue forecast for the first quarter lowering it by up to nine billion dollars and cook says it's due to weak i phone sales in china it's clear that the economy began to slow there for the second half and what i believe to be the case
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is the trade tensions between the united states and china put additional pressure on their car the u.s. is charging a ten percent tariff on two hundred billion dollars of chinese imports and china has responded in kind to sixty billion dollars of products shipped from the u.s. within two months the u.s. tariff on china will escalate to twenty five percent if the two countries don't come to an agreement i respect china and i respect president but they've been killing us some hundred seven billion dollars trade deficit slowest. five hundred. but economists warn of longer term consequences they say the trade war can create a negative feedback loop apple's losses have pulled down global markets which may further harm china's weaken economy which only means more losses for u.s. companies that do. business their chinese consumers have responded by turning
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inward choosing cheaper domestic brands over u.s. luxury goods from apple. to willingly because the quality of phones from china is local brands have become better and better their market shares are rising the homegrown huawei dominates the smartphone market in china its chief financial officer was arrested in canada last month accused of violating u.s. sanctions in her business dealings that stirred anger among chinese consumers giving them still more reason to support huawei and boycott apple we still have a possible sixty day window for them to come to some sort of temporary agreement i think if anything the trade war is bringing tensions that we already saw between the u.s. and china economically before trade talks between the u.s. and china are set to resume in beijing this week heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. sudan's president omar al bashir has promised to push through economic reforms as he defies calls from protesters and the opposition to step down two
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parties have withdrawn from the governing coalition as anti-government demonstrations continue but president bashir is refusing to budge he morgan reports from the capital khartoum for more than two weeks his opponents have been calling for him to step down but only bashir says he's going nowhere amid a crisis he blames on international sanctions. the dish. we are under siege we face war we have lost our main revenue which was the south spectrum but we still stand firm we are suffering but we still stand firm and we are working hard to sort out all the problems. the protests in sudan started over the state of the country's economy with people complaining of bradshaw's he is on high prices those complaints then escalated into calls for the president to resign curfews and emergency rule were imposed in some cities with some social media platforms blocked by the government the sudanese authorities say about twenty
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people died in the protests march by police using tear gas and live ammunition to disperse crowds opposition parties say the figure is higher learning more of the images out of the game that we've gathered the figure of about thirty nine killed arms and says thirty seven but the numbers we have are from our officers in various parts of the country who are working for the protests to continue to the regime is overthrown in recent days more protests have taken place this one in the eastern city of port sudan once again her demands for the government to step down as events are going to bashir has announced measures he says will improve the economy and reduce inflation but his critics are not impressed they say they've heard his promises time and time again during his twenty one year in power and they've had enough they've now place to put an end to his rule and while it's not the first time for the president to promise reforms some analysts say the tone use this time indicates the impact of the protests on the government. through in
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part is now looking for alternatives to the tactic of suppression by the security forces and trying to use politics to mobilize more groups to counter the protests i think this is the beginning of a new step. the protests will continue long term even if they stop for a few days there is more. of this of the possible throughout his twenty nine year rule president obama hasn't faced demonstrations for this long with no end in sight and as he struggles to appease those protesting it seems he might face them for longer he will more going to zero or to. ethiopia as controversial grand renee's on staten is expected to be fully completed and operational by the end of twenty twenty two the water and energy minister says it should start producing energy in twenty twenty the dam as part of ethiopia's bid to become africa's main power exporter but neighboring egypt is concerned the dam could lead to major water shortages two people have blown themselves up during a gunfight with security forces and the tunisian town of jeremiah the interior
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ministry says it happened during a raid of what it called a terrorist hideout three other fighters were also killed there thought to be senior members of an ice a linked group operating in city of the saide province south of the capital tunis. southern thailand is bracing for the arrival of tropical storm public hundreds of people have been taken to shelters set up by the government very services have also been canceled for cost as a predicting torrential rain strong winds and waves up to four meters high when the storm makes landfall later on friday china has made history by landing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon victoria tells us what insights it could offer about earth's nearest neighbor the dark side of the moon which can be seen from has long been a source of fascination and unexplored frontier celebrated in popular culture. but now thanks to a pioneering chinese space mission it is being explored for the very first time the
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chunky four spacecraft was launched last month and successfully landed on the far side of the moon at two twenty six g.m.t. on thursday. by ground zero used the whole process was as expected the result was pretty precise and the landing was very stable the current landing location is our most ideal landing place in other words we were right on target the chunky four carries a rope which will study the means to rain and send back samples to the scientists say the far side of the moon is geologically different to the near side one of the goals of this mission is to find out more about what lies beneath the surface but china's space dreams don't end that it wants to catch up with the united states and russia one day even leave the world space race china is treating the moon as the first big outpost in deep space for its long term plans it's already sent several
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missions to the moon it plans to send even more in the future including a sample return mission at some point but china is also setting its sights for mas and the asteroids and probably beyond it's been almost fifty years since neil armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon now the space race has a new contender china but as much as all world has changed the moon's mysteries continue to capture people's imagination victoria gate and be al-jazeera. i'm the star of the attained hall and these are the top stories the new speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi has hailed a new door in as a democratic party officially took control of the lower house of congress pelosi promised to keep the trump presidency in check and end the partial government shutdown our nation is in
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a storage moment two months ago the american people spoke and demanded a new dawn they called upon the beauty of our constitution our system of checks and balances that protects our democracy remembering that the legislative branch is article one the first branch of government co-equal to the presidency and to the judiciary. u.s. president donald trump has praised nancy pelosi for regaining her role as speaker of the house he pledged to work with the democrats while renewing demands for a wall along the us mexico border he says he's received overwhelming support for his plan brazil's new president also naro has held his first full cabinet meeting since being sworn in two days ago his chief of staff announced a purge of government contract is seen as sympathetic to previous left wing administrations. the u.s. has demanded the democratic republic of congo's election commission released
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accurate results from sunday's presidential voters the congolese branch of the catholic church said it knows the outcome based on information from the forty thousand want to avoid the church has not said which candidate believes won the election. dozens of people are dead after three days of fighting between rival groups in northern syria it forced people to flee a camp for the displaced close to the turkish border the fighting has intensified since president trump announced the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria a joint investigation by al jazeera and the intercept has revealed that the us military has stepped up its bombing campaign against eisel since trumps decision shares an apple have closed down ten percent in u.s. trading in its west session since twenty thirteen it comes off to c.e.o. tim cook surprised investors with the announcement at slashing revenue expectations by up to nine billion dollars those are the headlines i'll be back with more news here after inside story.
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facing the. ancient tradition they entered one of india's. women between ten and fifteen. hundreds of thousands and now united in the fight for the white they succeed against the religious conservatives this is inside story. and welcome to the program.


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