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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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zero zero. where ever you. the democrats take control in the u.s. house with the standoff with president trump over funding for a border wall showing no signs of ending. a long. live from doha also coming up evidence the announced pullout of u.s. troops from syria triggered more fighting there. taking the reins brazil's new president to advance his policy agenda. saudi arabia says eleven men suspected of being behind the murder of. have gone on trial in riyadh five of them facing the
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death penalty. although the new u.s. house of representatives now controlled by the democrats has passed the package of bills to end a partial government shutdown but the republican majority senate will likely block the legislation and the president is refusing to sign off on them because they don't include funding for his border war with mexico earlier the new house speaker nancy pelosi vowed to keep the trump presidency in check and end the stalemate jordan reports from washington. do you solemnly swear it's a day of firsts for the one hundred sixteenth u.s. congress do you solemnly swear that you new faces and some familiar ones being sworn into office and then getting down to work. democrat nancy pelosi still the first and only woman to serve as house speaker returns for a second time best to play younger more diverse and more liberal legislators who
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want reforms in health care the economy and immigration illegal palosi also has to temper colleagues desire to investigate and perhaps impeach president donald trump but first ending the federal government shutdown democrats will be offering the senate republican appropriations legislation to reopen government later today. we were doing so. they do so to meet the needs of the american people to protect our borders and to respect our workers that first move likely is going nowhere the senate majority leader explains why the senate will lock up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing the scheiber and. getting a presidential should mature in other words president don't trump says he will reject any short term budget that doesn't include five billion dollars to build
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a wall between mexico and the u.s. something democrats oppose earlier on thursday trump blamed the democrats for the impasse quote the shutdown is only because of the two thousand and twenty presidential election the democrats know they can't win based on all the achievements of trump so they are going all out on the desperately needed wall and border security and presidential harassment for them strictly politics analysts say this does not bode well for the eight hundred thousand federal employees who aren't getting paid and for the millions of risk of not getting emergency food aid health care or other services provided by the federal government we don't just have divided government the president of one party and the house of representatives of another party but we also have divided congress where the house and senate are controlled by different parties so that's a relatively unusual set of circumstances that makes it even more complicated for us to. for anyone to try to negotiate and find common ground on
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a prickly issues so far republicans and democrats say no reason to compromise because they both think they're right neither party has paid a political price because of the shutdown and that's how this has become the first drama of the new session of the u.s. congress rosalind wharton al-jazeera capitol hill. a u.s. president donald trump has praised nancy pelosi full regaining her role as speaker of the house he also renewed his demand for a war along the us mexico border yelled a briefing with border patrol officials saying they had stopped thousands he said were criminals trying to enter the u.s. last year and he gallagher has the latest from washington thank you. well as expected the democrats have proposed bills that would reopen the government which is heading into a two week shutdown but also as expected the republicans have made it pretty clear they will not sign off on these proposals mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader has said he won't even put this before president trump because president
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trump has made it clear he would veto the democrats' bills because he wants just one thing he wants more than five billion dollars to build a physical fence or barrier along the us mexico border and equally the democrats have made it clear they will not give him that money to do that what president trump is dealing with here is a new reality in power in washington d.c. nancy pelosi is now the speaker of the house the democrats have taken back the house of representatives and it's pretty clear this stalemate could continue for weeks to come there seems to be no solution in view and meanwhile eight hundred thousand federal workers continue to go without pay a mexico has called on the u.s. government to investigate why its border agents fired tear gas of people trying to cross the border near tijuana women and children were among those near the u.s. southern front here on tuesday the border agency says its staff were responding to rocks being thrown at the incident to widespread criticism with rights groups branding it an unnecessary use of force. thousands of people are dead after days of
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fighting between rival armed groups in northern syria people who'd been displaced by earlier conflict were forced to flee a camp near at make close to the turkish border of fighters and turkey backed rebel forces of lenny jirga for starting the violence in the area it is the worst fighting in this part of the country in three months. the latest violence is happening only days after u.s. president donald trump announced troops will his troops will leave syria turkey is considering a major offensive against kurdish fighters there mohamed atta reports from gaziantep near the turkey syria border. on syria is experiencing its last whiles in three months. al qaida linked fighters and taking back rebels a bottling out in a territory in the western aleppo countryside both blame each other for cheating
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the fight. with el acknowledge that while you wait for the third consecutive day al-qaeda fighters have been at second our positions in rural it will we have received enforcements and are pushing back fighting is now all around the village of up me the mccaffrey of slowly women. activists say that al-qaeda linked high attired in a sham group is trying to cut off tuckey budget fight is in the north enclave of a free from those in the northwest and province of it the group is now said to be in full control of the sort to take ton of that it has and several villages surrounding. the violence is causing the now familiar scenes of an exodus of civilians hundreds of fled their homes this new wave of fighting comes of the u.s. president don't trump announced last month that he was pulling u.s. troops out of city trumps decision has and get critics at home but also thrown the
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global on the ice inclusion in syria into chaos there's now less kumble between regional powers to fill the void that will be left by a u.s. troop withdrawal. at a meeting in unclear the presence of techi on iraq project a bedouin and but himself agreed on clay to call push. the arch. eisel and other terrorist groups pose a threat to both turkey and iraq and the countries should cooperate in fighting terror in the coming days i hope we will increase our relationship in this regard. on wednesday present tromping on a pot in tinge of tone announced that while u.s. troops will soon live syria there was no clear timetable he said he was keen to protect america's cut the wipe e.g. a group turkey considers to be a terrorist organization we want to protect the kurds nevertheless we want to
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protect ticket but i don't want to be in syria forever. it's safe and and it's death but the cards are already feeling a bundle of them last week cut a deal with syria shelving their aspirations for autonomy in return for a region that might protect them from destruction by turkey. turkey insists not it's. a military operation against sunni and kurdish fighters it's still it's been massing troops from the bull donovan son tonsil moving into city and territory it holds sway over files of syrian rebels allowed to touch. on the city of mumbai officials insist that it's just a matter of time before the fence of this moment one hundred at all does it does into. a report say eleven people from the same family were killed in airstrikes by the u.s. led coalition that's been fighting isis in syria local sources saying the attack
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happened in the village of ash shot in the province it's close to iraq's border and is controlled by i so it comes as a joint investigation by al jazeera and the intercept to reveal u.s. military had stepped up its bombing campaign against eisel in the region since president trump's announcement of the withdrawal of american troops report says the fiercest attack in the past week happened in. the village on the euphrates river is held by isis fighters donald trump said i saw had been defeated when he announced he was bringing american soldiers home from syria in december joshua landis is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he says the u.s. military is in a hurry to destroy it i saw in the area before the forces withdraw. there are a series of small towns that are sprinkled along the euphrates right next to iraqi border it still house isis fighters there are about sixty thousand people there all
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together with a few thousand isis fighters we believe hidden amongst the population and so the united states is in a hurry officers there the generals military have been told that they believe that at first it was one month now it seems to be a four month window before they leave but they're clearly in a hurry to try to destroy isis in these last counts and that means ramping up bombing and it seems that there has been you know there's less care being taken about targets than there was previously it's easy to claim that you're being strategic and you're not. not taking out collateral damage but in reality we see this going on all the time of brazil's new president jalal sonata began his first week in office with a purge of government contractors considered sympathetic to previous left wing governments also now held his first full cabinet meeting since getting sworn in two
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days ago he's already unveiled plans to step up privatizations toughen prison sentencing guidelines and hand control over indigenous land claims to the powerful agriculture ministry john homan has more from brasilia. of course from now he's president not open to begin making good on his election promises he'll face some big challenges. crime is number one more than sixty thousand brazilians were killed in two thousand and seventeen alone novel solution giving more people access to guns and police more license to kill you're going to hear good you need to descend to save the cowboys to defend themselves will honor and respect those who sacrifice their lives for safety. but brazilian officers already killed thousands most of them young black it's been questioned if an even harder line will work. less controversial but just as challenging his boss
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a noddles aim to curb corruption he's brought in sergio morrow the man in charge of latin america's biggest bribery investigation is his justice minister but it may be tougher than he thinks nice fight against corruption it's much more easier terms of how like the narrative that in terms of practice. the government has besides the fact felt a strong off the president to fight against corruption been assessed establish a lot of oily whole. gulf war and that if i jam like this i don't think so and then there's the economy twelve million brazilians are unemployed also not all says that free market economics and small government will fix that you know did you give the government once been more income seen anybody but if people really want to balance the books who have to make cuts to brazil's generous pension system it takes up more than half the federal budget that would be deeply unpopular how
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far president also not to get some responding to all of those challenges is going to be decided here in brasilia where his party has only about him but the seats in the houses of congress so he's going to have to negotiate. those that backed him and that includes ex generals evangelicals i grew business leaders and the financial sector if you want to get anything done and everyone will want to say these groups they are really willing to to fight each other so i'd say that the challenge is how to put these groups together and how to align expectations so that these groups become part of a government and not fragments i president bill so model run a successful campaign on the air isn't abuses of brazil's left of center governments now it's the time of the man from the right to see if he can do better job home of al-jazeera brasilia as they head on al-jazeera will tell you who's
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helping to revive the greek counseling. through tranquil arabian can you. and i can feel intense and it's a mission cantelupe. both rain and snow are heading for afghanistan which i think will be welcome and you can see the connecting system is a nice arc of cloud hearings for iraq they were but his sales or his way eastward so the daytime focus for friday looks like this potentially vast amounts of snow to afghanistan and there's a big gap through iran and even the event where you pick up the next storm system near turkey bringing rain to southern turkey fan also syria maybe just catching lebanon as well but probably staying largely offshore so suddenly breeze ahead of that potential there for quite warm maybe dusty as well temperature wise at this
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time the it is not a lot of variation to go for really twenty three in doha twenty five in abu dhabi and thirty four mecca you could say that for most days in the winter to be quarter was pretty good spread and there's very little cloud around at least south of the saudi border there is however an awful lot of action from the sky in southern africa is that what time of the year the obvious dark green blobs go from the coast of mozambique up through zimbabwe zambia up towards angola temporarily the showers further south and south africa itself they're not there but so i looked at a dry day on friday seems quite likely and possibly saturday too although if you're in durban you're very close to seeing big thunderstorms. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. president discusses his hopes for the country and the region. and challenges including poverty migration corruption and the case of julian a sole. lead in marino talks to zero zero. zero
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again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour a new u.s. house of representatives now controlled by the democrats passed a package of bills to end the partial government shutdown but the republican majority senate is expected to block. a joint investigation by al-jazeera and the interceptors revealed the u.s.
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military stepped up its bombing campaign against isis that's after president trumpeted decision to withdraw u.s. troops reports say eleven people were killed in the u.s. led strikes in northern syria in highschool controlled territory. brazil's new president jalal ball son oliver has held his first full cabinet meeting since getting sworn in two days ago his chief of staff announcing a purge of government contractors considered sympathetic to previous left wing governments. egypt is trying to stop the broadcast of an interview president of the fact that his sisi gave to us television network c.b.s. in the interview with current affairs show sixty minutes c c says the egyptian army is working alongside israel against isaw fighters in north sinai you also denies egypt is holding tens of thousands of political prisoners. so when we don't have a political prisoners who are prisoners of opinion we are trying to stand against extremists will impose their ideology on the people the now they are subject to the
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fair trial one hundred may take years but we have to follow the law and then they would have never mr president the organization human rights watch says that there are sixty thousand political prisoners that you're holding today as we sit here and a lot of other than me i don't know where they got that figure but i said there are no political prisoners in egypt residences but whenever there is a minority trying to impose their extremist ideology we have to intervene regardless of their numbers. and as we heard their rights groups say egypt's jails are filled with political dissidents human rights watch says political prisoners are routinely subjected to torture and rape while in detention the group also says hundreds of civilians are being sent to military trials for political dissent egypt's most notable political prisoner is former president mohamed morsi was overthrown by sisi in a twenty thirteen military coup assad is professor of law and director of the
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center on security race and civil rights at rutgers university she says just whole process in egypt is only part of the problem. the problem is that the judiciary there's a lot of questions whether it has been politicized and whether there is pressure on some of the judges to convict there's also serious concerns with the evidentiary process where defendants are not given the opportunity to bring forth the evidence and even defense counsel gone on the record in egypt say i haven't had a chance to defend my client so the process itself has many flaws and that's been documented so but but that's despite the fact that's the second order issue the issue is why are they being indicted in the first place and i just want to know that you know the vast majority of these. detainees are accused of being associated with the muslim brotherhood and what's problematic about that is that this work was
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criminalized after the president mohamed morsy who was democratically elected was deposed and ultimately in a military coup arrived a kurd and then all of its members who were very open politically who participated in nonviolent political activity became criminalized all of a sudden and if you were even accused of being a member you were automatically arrested and detained so egypt has quite a regime has created quite of a human rights catastrophe with these tens of thousands of people and some of whom are also secularists and human rights activists who have nothing to do with the muslim brotherhood and saudi arabia says eleven suspects in the murder journalist a mouse have appeared in court for the first time state prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for five of the defendants it's not known if two recently dismissed senior officials linked to muhammad bin said men are among those charged dramatic show yellow has been following saudi arabia's handling of the case. it was almost
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two months ago that the saudi prosecutor general's office held this press conference where they finally admitted that it was saudi nationals officials who were behind the murder of saudi journalists. back then they named eleven suspects they believed to be behind the murder of the journalist now those suspects they said that they were going to question them that they were being detained and in fact they were seeking the death penalty for five of those suspects remember was turkey that initially released photos of the people they believed to have formed that hit squad that flew into istanbul just before that fateful told by the second one killed the journalist in the concert now what is significant with regards to these latest developments on thursday is that the saudis are claiming that the first trial in the case of these eleven suspects has taken place or at least the first hearing obviously that wasn't open to the media it wasn't open to
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international human rights organization and there is a lot of skepticism as to whether this trial will actually enjoy and you form of. professionalism or justice considering that the saudi narrative from the very beginning with regards to the murder of jamal cultural she has changed almost on a weekly basis from them denying that he was still in the saudi consulates or then saying that they didn't know whether he was killed or not to then finally admitting that he was dead and then saying that it was an accident and much later on admitting that he was killed however it was a rogue operation throughout all of this time many people have been accusing the highest levels within the kingdom namely crown prince mohammed bin settlement of ordering the killing of. the saudis say that they are showing that they are trying to seek justice obviously the turks view that any justice to be served has to be done so inside turkey considering that this crime took place in its. ball there has
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been also a third call by rights organizations that believe that an independent investigation is take place one not led by turkey or by saudi arabia but maybe by a body like the united nations this latest developments will be used or highlighted by the saudis as we mentioned to show that they are seeking justice but skepticism with regards to riyadh's true intentions remains extremely high a u.s. prosecutor says are in turkey's cap too to talk about the possible extradition of the man turkey accuses of plotting to overthrow the government for total gooden is regarded by followers as a spiritual leader he's believed to have millions of supporters in turkey and his movement operates a network of schools around the world he was once an ally of turkish president. but now he's considered an enemy of the state with his movement branded a terrorist organization and says coolants followers infiltrated turkey's
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institutions he used this to justify a purge of the army and the civil service one also says coonan orchestrated a failed coup in two thousand and sixteen denies any involvement golan has lived in the united states since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and matthew bryza is a senior fellow at the atlantic council and a former white house official he says the u.s. president has become more open to the extradition. the whole move the whole atmosphere around this issue in terms of relations between the turkish and u.s. governments has softened as recently as late august and early september the turkish side was simply furious with the u.s. side for not having agreed to the extradition request the u.s. side and president trump are putting pressure on turkey for the release of that american pastor andrew bronson so the the sides were talking past each other and then in recent weeks president trump came out and said you know i'd like to see the extradition happen in the justice department should work on it so now it appears
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based on press reports here that turkey has provided some debt some perhaps some e-mails and some other data that shows that there may indeed have been plotting between learn and his team in pennsylvania and the coup plotters for the extradition to happen there needs to be sufficient convincing evidence to convince a judge in a u.s. court of law regardless of what president trump thinks but that also justice department officials are human beings and if the official line out of the white house had been we want to put maximum pressure on turkey as had been the case last summer well maybe they wouldn't put this extradition case that the top of the agenda now they appear to be putting it at the top of the agenda in southern thailand is bracing for the arrival of tropical storm public for causes i'm predicting to wrench will rain strong winds and waves up to four meters high when the storm makes landfall late to ferry service has been canceled bangkok and ways
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have stopped all flights to and from sam we airport hundreds of people have been taken to government shelters. ethiopia is expected to finish building its grand renaissance stand by the end of two thousand and twenty two the water and energy minister says it should start producing energy in twenty twenty dams part of ethiopia's bid to become africa's main power exporter and neighboring egypt is concerned the dam could lead to major water shortages. thirty three million visitors are heading to greece every year and they're helping revive a previously depressed housing market non europeans are being encouraged to buy with the chance to get a visa to stay if they spend enough johnson reports from athens. has just sold this one bedroom apartment to a chinese investor it has a panoramic view of athens but until last year the owners would have been lucky to
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get half the price it fetched two hundred eighty thousand dollars that's the minimum investment required for a greek golden visa which allows non europeans to live in europe it's the cheapest such visa in the european union and it's brought a flood of new money into a depressed real estate market. the main priority for people who buy these properties it's secure the golden visa and freedom to travel in europe they see it as a cheap investment in a property they intend to rent out. half of all golden visas in greece go to chinese nationals chinese companies have set up shop here to renovate and manage their properties foreign money is a bonanza for estate agents like us who've seen their business jump by more than fifty percent in a year and tourism is part of that bonanza short term rentals are booming in central athens and boutique hotels are springing up during the past decade house
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construction and house sales have fallen by ninety percent that has wiped three billion dollars off the tax revenues that were raised when property changes hands so governments introduced the highest taxes in the european union on property ownership anyone with real estate must pay to keep it and failure to do so means the government may seize it and their bank accounts. greeks are being forced to sell the property they spent generations building to meet tax obligations the head of the hellenic property federation which represents owners met greece's creditors when the property tax was introduced. predators said that this was a tax greeks must learn to pay because their real estate holdings are large compared to those of other europeans i don't think credit is understood that this tax goes against core values the greeks worked hard to build their property they often have to go overseas nobody handed them this property. the selling spree is
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also encouraged by banks which are foreclosing on twelve and a half billion dollars worth of property that backs non-performing loans and they've severely cut credit for new mortgages so even though average property prices have fallen by forty percent in the past decade few greeks are in any position to take advantage of opportunities jumpstart ople us al jazeera athens. this is a round up of our top stories the new u.s. house of representatives now controlled by the democrats has passed a package of bills to end the partial government shutdown but the republican majority senate is expected to block it earlier the new speaker nancy pelosi held a new era as her party officially took control of the house our nation is a stark moment two months ago the american people spoke and demanded
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a new dawn they called upon the beauty of our constitution our system of checks and balances that protects our democracy remembering that the legislative branch is article one the first branch of government to the presidency and to the judiciary. a joint investigation by al-jazeera and the interceptor has revealed the u.s. military stepped up its bombing campaign against eisel that's after president trumps decision to withdraw american troops reports say eleven people were killed in u.s. led strikes in northern syria in ice or controlled territories saudi arabia says eleven suspects in the murder of journalist amount have appeared in court for the first time state prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for five of the defendants it's not known if they include two recently dismissed officials linked to crown prince mohammed bin sun men southern thailand is bracing for the arrival
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of tropical storm pavel forecasters are predicting to rental rain strong winds and waves are four meters high when the storm makes landfall later ferry service is have been canceled hundreds of people have been taken to government shelters rizzo's new president jailed for scenario has held his first full cabinet meeting since getting sworn in two days ago is chief of staff announced a purge of government contractors considered sympathetic to previous left wing administrations mexico has called on the us government to investigate why its border agents fired tear gas of people trying to cross the border near to one of. those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now on al-jazeera it's the strain. it was one of the biggest bank robberies of modern times we don't for eighty million dollars stolen from bangladesh's central bank when one used investigates how cyber attackers input trade of the global banking system. on
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al-jazeera. ok in your industry and i'm willing to be allowed today can satire survive in a so called post truth era which out with a panel of noted comedians about the power of political satire and why you're leaving your comments and questions of the new king chat take a look at this rant by at tempted to call satirist home for. the leftist responsible for this result because the left has now decided to any other opinion any other way of looking at the world is unacceptable we don't debate anymore because the left won the cultural war so if you're on the right you're a freak you're evil you're a racist you're stupid you are a boss of deplorable how do you think people are going to vote if you talk to them like that when is anyone ever been persuaded by being insulted or only labeled so now if you're on the right or even against the prevailing.


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