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tv   Mohamad At Eton  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2019 1:32am-2:00am +03

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on. a yacht danny that another and all men have it then me the guy who went ahead dismissed him in the group for gunny he won't run in the not one hundred in the middle and suitable until now and the kong has a few mine and he said. but they can't talk their way out of it and the police take them to a police station near the border with the who not out of the fifth the law that them to be at one. must apply part of a master plan of a blown out. of the wheat up. the something got along by it what a load of people are they then up to now known and the faculty smithy were up one o'clock. this is east. we should first person for.
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far far. less a lump on my side he can get it's going to come on be the come and get the hifi and a lot of the talk of the sort the slogan that rush when i'm so would often come you don't. you can jolly well me and if you know what it was i was a. want killin what several g.b.'s many then no one not if and i was a plain a dish only dog one bound up on one. hand in the heart. and one has another and. was a lesbian put on an oil as a man but did you have known this tellin the thim that's a whole lot of peony. for them but they let you have none of us not to have them be
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found on lida. well i'm in the with ben in the. aisle and then in the lot and i want to marry. him and he. is not a bad thank you know with i'm connected. after four weeks on the road ended on a back in hungary and the european union for the second time. their main concern now is to not get swept up by the police on this side of the border if caught in fingerprinted in hungary e.u. rules on refugees mean they'd have to claim asylum here and not in germany. in a. lot of any other looking at least. in the. almost.
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four years. if you. were. to physically. look honest in the little. woman who will. become. more. of a fellow. muslim but it's a get out of whack you know with a bullet through the three of us both of whom or. even. the other the middle. of the.
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but into. the. words i am. the lead of them another had most of them a con then the show feeding off with no other part of the i. was going to be whether he had. this. was a fellini. genie any. good in fact could be the only. looking for that play alive that i could get it up both. back on track they get to the outskirts of sec at and find other refugees lurking in the bushes. milat goes hunting first smuggler still wary of the hungary and
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police they want to move on. some hours later he suddenly reappears with a taxi. to get him. to book again. for the medina. awarded mother her nanny. that. so yeah national had he been the admin but there was that the. guardian. during. bush.
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after three days of roaming the city streets they found a smuggler. at a price will take them to their long dreamed of destination germany. they're in high spirits believing the end of this epic journey is just hours away. who want to help. it's. met you on the knesset mcadam us up to talk first of many would see the set of a ten to one. of them would be any miss muscle. and my saudi any baton and how i've been she feel or be what for and. for the. let's throw it had the. or doesn't help to plumstead you must be so i'll feel so ya
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know. or a good not. in the business of. doing one. somewhere near the border between hungary and austria. you might. get in the dreaded w was. stuck in the undergrowth a few hundred metres from the motorway the refugees keep trying to raise help from the smuggler back in budapest but he is hard to pin down. only if the video we see all the thing is just going. to measure. out of the helmet law on all day and all morning. and in the city if you. kick in and
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she got. up low i mean obviously maybe. they have a little food or water with them and some families with children decide to hand themselves over to the authorities tragically just a few hundred kilometers short of the goal. of this including midnight and did are going on and past the time as best they can. time drags on and night falls once again. it's a sort of sign. that. all of the. right we're. going to. eventually the promise transport arrives and they're back on the road.
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at last they start to eat up the miles. getting through austria with bewildering speed. but some see. it. oh yeah i did just that. you. wrong. it's almost the end of this epic journey and for me lad and did our time to go their separate ways for now because. just. to get us. into the.
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sea makes you. feel for a few. months. two years on life is more settled. now lives in cologne has been learning german and has made himself a home but syria is never far from his mind. although fully and i. can show. you what that has. oh and i. assume. you are a smart one. because she's going to. die but not everything is new he's hung on to
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the clothes he wore on the long road to get hair delivers confusional or. when to leave night and alicia doors are surely. a sit fever among convention philosophical. maillard keeps in touch with did out who lives in do it and only an hour away by train. the lights. go out and look down the queue. i see. it. every time they meet the memories come flooding back.
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on their arrival in germany in late june two thousand and fifteen there are was reunited with his wife and now they have the child they want streambed of bringing up and safety. just as with me lad the uprising and the homeland they left behind is never far from there are stuart's indeed these days he works full time for the cause on a website devoted to a free syria. jani mark and other than a charlatan on a land sort of her family can look down my story. a while smartphone. thoughtfully checking your own mom folding marquardt swing and i feel one of us and. molly has a bet and that's what you know what and i wonder if you want to. but to
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a never did out and may not get together they'll take a moment or two to recall the ups and downs of their time on the road. i mean and. a lot this is not bother with. the addition of a. gun like other refugees who found sanctuary in germany. and did are say they'll always be grateful to the country that has made them welcome. but had things been different back in syria neither would have chosen to come here. and in the lead. but not the what are lama lo. the power. out of them and want. one day they say they'll retrace their steps and return to the land of their birth one day when peace and they've been left syria is restored. but finale like
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millions of others driven from their homes by war and conflict they will make the best of what they have others they know have not been so fortunate. in this year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport trade people in power travels to our good days to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket on the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they're from you know this would be
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a dismal he's going one bottle out when i got one of those yeah. europe migration on a zero. i am a fish every week a new cycle going to see any sense breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jan an ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel but that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. i mean this was different not just whether someone
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is going for someone to read this but if we think it's how you approach an official and that's what it is a certain way of doing it to qantas in and it's a story of dying out. it was one of the biggest bank robberies of modern times with over eighty million dollars stolen from bangladesh a central bank one of one east investigates how cyber hackers implicated the global banking system and on al-jazeera. in fact he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time months or even years absolutely i said that i don't think it will threats from donald trump has the political deadlock over his border wall enters
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a third way. to maria and this is the world news from al-jazeera the u.s. warns the syrian government not to see the patrol of its troops as a green light to use chemical weapons also taking on brazil's criminal gangs the new president sends troops to contain violence in the northeast. i'm broke but bride on the south korean island just twelve kilometers from north korea's guns where people are hoping talk of peace has silence them for good. it is a fifteen of the u.s. government shutdown and warning it could go on for months even longer saturday the president was still talking tough on twitter saying he didn't care about some federal workers not getting paid just because they're democrats. that was after
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friday when trump met with congressional leaders at the white house attempting to bridge differences over payment for the border wall it was the third meeting in as many weeks but when it was over little sign of any progress the speaker of the house nancy pelosi described it as lengthy and sometimes contentious backed up by the senate minority leader chuck schumer. so we told the president we needed the government when he resisted in fact he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time months or even years that the shutdown could go on for months or even a year or longer did you say that he did sure i did is that you're exactly right where we are absolutely i said that i don't think it will but i am prepared and i think i can speak for republicans in the house and republicans in the senate they feel very strongly about having a safe country having a border that makes sense without borders i've said it many times we don't have a country. is on the following developments the saturday in washington these things
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are going to talk more a believe at lower levels gabriel but still just a fundamental difference of opinions about how to move forward. yeah there really is they are meeting and all update you on that as meetings are happening at an annex building next to the white house vice president mike pence is involved in those meetings we saw him come and go from this building go back into the white house and he's leading these meetings with congressional staffers so. there's a lot of pessimism here in this city that these meetings today will lead to any sort of breakthrough in this because ultimately it comes down to two people and that's the president donald trump and the majority leader of the house of representatives nancy pelosi those are the two people that hold the key to all of this and by all accounts they will not be meeting this weekend so talks are going on but pessimism that will lead to anything this is really a stalemate and the bottom line here is that trump says he will not open up the
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government again until he gets that money for his border wall and pelosi on the democratic side said they are not going to give him money for the border wall they say they'll give him money for border security but that's not what trump wants and more specifically that's not what trump's base of course supporters want because he didn't campaign two years ago and become president by telling his supporters i want border security he says as we all know he wanted a border wall and so that's what he has to get in order to peaces supporters they will take us through what the shutdown looks like fifteen days in now i think donald trump as he would have it would be this a discussion about border security in the wall but more acutely it's about hundreds of thousands of every day americans. yeah it is there's real people that are behind this that are suffering because of this that's going on right now we've really got two things come all we've got about eight hundred thousand federal government employees these are not hugely high paid executives in the high levels
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of government these are working people that help the government run i mean as a whole host of people from national park service folks to t.s.a. screeners the folks that screen the luggage all the airports and screen you as you go through the metal detectors at the at the airports or the coast guard officials that haven't been paid either those are just three categories of people but it's them and their families that are not them that are not being paid it's affecting their families as well and the big part is that the government checks are supposed to be cut this weekend for next week's pay period so that if it isn't resolved they're not going to get be getting paid next week so it got that but then very quickly i also want to say there are tens of millions of other americans that are not govern employees that could suffer as well they're about forty million americans that receive food stamps which are government stipends each month to help them buy food at the supermarket these are low income americans that program is in risk of not having the money to give to people that need it given how long this
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shutdown is going on for so the longer this goes on the more people it'll affect and the key to all this come all is the people that it affects the most are not necessarily the politicians that we're talking a lot about it's the working class or lower income americans that are going to feel the hit of this the most thanks. let's look at the war in syria and an urgent plea to the united states from members of the religious minority zeevi community they don't want the u.s. to withdraw troops from northern syria a report by the free easy foundation is warning if washington leave syria before i sill is defeated and the armed group will make a comeback the report also requests the establishment of a no fly zone over northern syria to prevent a potential turkish soldiers on kurdish strongholds in the u.s. national security advisor john bolton is warning the assad government not to see the withdrawal of american troops as some sort of green light to use chemical weapons is not arrived in israel for
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a meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu on sunday before heading on to turkey and corona reportedly wants the u.s. to provide it with considerable military support including its strikes in the continuing battle against eisel after the u.s. pullout bolton is expected to discuss that when he meets his counterparts on tuesday in ankara a president who has been pushing for the u.s. to disarm syrian kurdish forces as well the ones it has trained in the fight against deisel more from how to tap. top on talkies priority least is that is a moment of kurdish y.p. the fighters who have fought alongside u.s. troops in the fight against yourself told them many times before the most effective force against but to talk to them nothing more than a terrorist organization an extension of the kurdish workers but the p.k. k. on one of them just a moat on the disc and with taken out of territory and they were near turkey's
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border with syria actually turkey doesn't want to see it might be deep controlling and if syria on has been in a war cruelty and with something weak saying they will come. home the tallent the city of men beach with a view of removing the white media from the ones just to call on support from the united states u.s. troop withdrawal process is complete but u.s. officials of tend to form on a period timetable several times turkish officials would not expect john bolton when he visits. on tuesday to come up with a timetable for troop withdrawal. u.n. envoy to yemen's arrived in sun on a mission to convince opposing sides in the civil war to adhere to a fragile cease fire martin griffiths previously helped broker the cease fire in the port city of a beta a saudi backed yemeni government on the hook the rebels have accused each other of breaking the griffiths is expected to meet the retired dutch general patrick come
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out who is head of the u.n. monitoring team in yemen. thailand's first tropical storm in thirty years of has left one person dead and another missing is rain wind and surging seawater uprooted trees and brought down power lines it has now we can to a tropical depression the risk of flooding though still remains for and slowly with the support from coast summary in southern thailand. less than twenty four hours after it made landfall public has been downgraded to a tropical depression the province of no concept appears to have been hit hardest by the storm. but. only five or six minutes after the storm hit the roof was blown away. dozens of buildings have been damaged power supplies disrupted and streets flooded thousands of people were evacuated ahead of its arrival. follow me there is wind and rain we have children in our family so we
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hurry to hear the head of our village urged us to leave as well the tourist destination of coast and other islands nearby suffered no severe damage as the eye of the storm passed farther south than initially forecast. public it's unlikely to have a long term effect on terrorism or economic growth in the southern provinces financial losses will stem mainly from the fact that businesses have got to shut for a couple of days. already boat ferry and flight services that were suspended on friday have resumed there were fears public could be the worst tropical storm to hit thailand in thirty years that fear hasn't been borne out weakened as it made its way across southern thailand and by saturday morning it had moved into the andaman sea florence li al-jazeera. still ahead for you on al-jazeera a showdown over immigration and one of the strain is largest cities. and shoppers
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in turkey face extra challenges at the table on that one. hello again well this hour we're going to take you towards the western part of the law and we have been talking about the rain that has been a big problem here across the region we've actually seen flooding in certain locations and the flood risk unfortunately is going to to new as we go towards the beginning of the week here just sunday map rain anywhere from the southern part of turkey down across syria into jordan also into parts of beirut we're going to be seeing that very heavy rain continue and as we go towards monday most of that rain continues so the risk of flooding is also going to stay in place across much of that area the snow does and across turkey making its way up here towards the north so better conditions there because conditions with encore seeing about minus two as
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your high down here towards quit city we do expect to see a passing shower there temperature few of twenty one degrees where cross the gulf we do expect temperatures to begin to go up particular here in doha where we're going to be starting the day here on sunday with a high temperature view of about twenty five degrees by the time we get towards monday it gets a little bit warmer we expect to see about twenty eight here over towards abu dhabi it's going to be a warm day as well with a temperature of thirty degrees and then very quickly i want to take you to the southern part of africa we are expected to see some clouds and rain over here towards durban the rain's going to continue and we do expect to see a temperature across the region of about twenty seven degrees johannesburg a little bit warmer at twenty eight.


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