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it's citizens under threat by african gangs. but how real that is claimed. one east investigator on al-jazeera. called the muslim which is saying is now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said charnel us as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence voices of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom.
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a military coup attempt fails on with two suspected plotters killed and five captured. alone barbarous i read this is al jazeera live from london also coming up sudan says it's arrested more than eight hundred people since anti-government protests began last month president trump is to address the nation and visit the border with mexico is the heels in over funding for his war and greece asks in citizens to contribute to the cost of new warships for its aging fleet.
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thank you for joining us we begin with the government says it's retained control of the country after an attempt to overthrow president bungle was undergoing medical treatment in iraq soldiers took over the state radio station in a dawn raid but security forces stormed the building and killed two of them resting in the coup leader and four other alleged plotters nicholas hawke has more. lieutenants who all do what from the presidential guards burst into the national radio and television center calling for a popular uprising against iran's president. on the eagerly awaited day has a right when the army has decided to put itself on the side of the people in order to save kaplan from accounts if you're eating stop if you're having a drink stop if you're sleeping wake up wake up your neighbors rise up as one and take control of the street on the. outside gunshots
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electricity in the internet are shut down. and as gave any special forces stormed the building in a statement the government spokesman says calm has returned the situation is under control the african union in france which maintains nine hundred troops in the country have condemned the attempted coup president is in morocco seeking treatment after suffering a stroke last october and his new year's address to the nation he appeared frail a time slurring his words. go took over power in two thousand and nine after the death of his father who had ruled the country for forty one years. during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the bongo dynasty was challenged. opposition leader jumping to claim victory but the constitutional court ruled in favor of congo in an interview with al jazeera after the court's ruling he said he was accountable to the people i was the candidate of equal chance you know giving really every guy when he has a chance to really make it i'm not the i'm not the candidate you know or to restore
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privileges and yet high unemployment and a sluggish economy heavily reliant on oil exports have made life more difficult and costly many young people are now calling for change seeing their leader as absent and distant everything is crisis education health care and everything so people want to do something about it armed vehicles are now patrolling the streets of the capital the movie but with this latest coup attempt the bongo dentist he is hold on power seems fragile and uncertain because hawk al jazeera well the attempted coup has been huge news online and some japanese people abroad have staged protests outside their embassies mohamed has been monitoring developments on social media. the gabon attempted coup is generating international attention from kenya rwanda nigeria and zimbabwe to france and the united states people online are sharing the
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hash tag keep it on after the government cut internet access after the attempted coup as you can see on the map and went almost completely dark especially around the capitol hill and the start shared on twitter shows a drop in online traffic in gabon indicating the internet blackout and never blocked or monitors internet disruption it says connectivity was reportedly restored shortly after authorities regained control now aside from pictures coming out of some in the past for have also been getting involved in france this group of japanese gathered in front of the embassy in paris in support of the soldiers who attempted the coup they sang the national anthem and called on the soldiers to return democracy to go on. the suffering in the flesh not to be able to live freely under democracy we tell our brothers you took this morning not to shoot or kill but to resist in a peaceful manner restore liberty to the people of. and others are sharing their
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thoughts on lying here's what french companies activists have to say it doesn't be so long see if this is a coup d'etat it is very amateurish that's not how you do it first of all you've got to have an operational commander place secondly you don't simply tell people to come ahead and join us you have units that are already deployed to all important bodies and then we know when they will act that's how you carry out a coup d'etat if this is what they want you to do is amateurs but maybe this is not even what they wanted to do because i haven't read any work what their intention was. and some are drawing parallels to other military coups around the world some barboy thailand and egypt and this taught by pollen fine maps attempted coups between one thousand nine hundred fifty and twenty ten as you can see the most common have been in africa with fifty one point five percent successful.
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sudan says it's arrested more than eight hundred protesters since anti-government demonstrations began almost three weeks ago the authorities say that at least one thousand people have been killed in clashes of the aristide international what's that number much higher and journalists covering the protests have suffered intimidation and violence from khartoum heba morgan has this report. when she was told to cover anti-government protests for her newspaper rabbi knew it would not be an easy assignment she'd heard of arrest in previous protests but didn't expect it to be her turn and just for carrying out her work. i went to cover the protests when a pickup truck came and fired a protest people fled in different directions i ran into a hospital tear gas was fired into the building mosques men came in and started threatening people and when they found out i was
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a journalist they arrested me along with the others they were beating people they arrested with battens as they took us to the station. protest in sudan started in december for bread price rises and high inflation within two days they turned into anti-government demonstrations with people demanding the president i'm going to sheer step down after twenty nine years in power the protests spread nationwide and some social media platforms are blocked workers from various sectors went on strike many were arrested for saying they wanted a change in government. we were holding up posters and had barely come out of the university compound when men in pickup trucks came and started beating us and told us to get in the pickup they took us to the station and started humiliating us and calling us names the protests are now in their third week with more to come in the days ahead sudan's government says eight hundred fifty people have been arrested since the protests began but opposition groups and
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activists say that number is well over a thousand the opposition also says security forces are intimidating people and tell the journalists to stop the news of the demonstrations from spreading the government says nineteen people were killed in the protests but amnesty international says the number was nearly forty in the first week alone the head of the police says his forces did nothing wrong that's out of haji that does work when you have you worked in what the incidents and violence are caused by those who want to destroy and loot and those who have alternative agendas for used weapons and burnt institutions and instigated people to protest against the nation the place of handled the protesters with the highest level of professionalism and self-restraint . they will continue to protest against president bush. because one says it will remain in power more lives are expected to be lost and even more are expected to be arrested as the two sides remain defiant people morgan al-jazeera heard it on. in
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gambia hearings have begun into alleged human rights abuses committed over more than two decades under the previous regime the truth reconciliation and reparations commission is looking into the twenty two year rule or v.i.i. janet who seized power in the west african nation in a military coup in one nine hundred ninety four is regime is accused of systematic torture executions and disappearances against opponents and journalists who was forced into exile after losing a two thousand and sixteen election the leaders of ethiopia and eritrea have reopened the border crossing between their two nations as part of the ongoing reconsideration between the former enemies ethiopian prime minister i.b.m. it and every trained president is a key had a ceremonial ribbon to reopen a border post that closed twenty years ago diplomatic ties were dramatically restored in a surprise the last july. the white house has announced that president will visit the mexican border on thursday in an attempt to pressure congress to end the
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partial government shutdown trump also says he will address the nation on immigration and the southern border on tuesday he's the man they more than five billion dollars to build a border war with mexico something the democrats strongly oppose he's threatening to use emergency powers to get it built that this fight over the funding of the wall has led to a partial government shutdown which has lasted seventeen days jordan has more now from washington d.c. . neither the senate nor the house are in session on monday here in washington and so there are no negotiations on trying to and the seventeen day long government shutdown this is a situation where this senate minority leader chuck schumer says that people are not only starting to run out of the savings but they're also unable to pay their bills and he says this is all because of a fit of pique coming from the white house if every time president trump throws a tantrum and demands he get his way unless the government will be shutdown it will
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create disaster a little courage his worst instincts which are bad enough now in march we have debt ceiling coming up people you know people go along with this you know nasty way of governing imagine what will happen when the debt ceiling occurs imagine what will happen when the march budget occurs the government will only ravel further than it has there are other unintended consequences because of the shutdown the environmental protection agency in the army are postponing a necessary hearing on clean water practices because the e.p.a. doesn't have the money to be open and those who receive food stamps may find themselves looking at empty cupboards come mid february that's because the agriculture department doesn't have enough money to fully fund the program past the middle of february there's also real concern that the millions of american taxpayers who are counting on getting refunds on their tax returns as well as the
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millions of retailers waiting for them to spend that money are going to be out of luck the treasury department is also closed for business. the head of brazil's environmental protection organization has resigned after the new president will scenario criticize the agency spending also now is frequently criticized the obama which is responsible for protecting the amazon rain forest and a right wing president has also announced that the funding of non-governmental organizations will be rigidly controlled it watching out there are still to come on the program. a disused air field turned into a giant truck stop a vision of post brings it to britain and generally in southeast england. and why this is wrestling baltz marks a step forward in iraq a women's fight for equality. a
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lot of welcome back here in the national weather forecast or here across europe we're seeing a slight break in the snow here across central europe but it's not to be lasting for very long because we have a new round of snow and this one's going to be followed by some very gusty winds across parts of central and northern europe tickles your forecast map here on tuesday the snow returns across much of central europe and then behind the system look at the winds we are expecting to see here across germany poland also back here across parts of the netherlands as well we're also going to be seeing some rain coming in from the north as well for berlin it could be a rainy day for you but for vienna the snow is back with a temperature there of four degrees down here towards the southeast we're looking at more snow for parts of turkey you will finally get that break as we go towards wednesday but another storm is brewing here across parts of italy and that is moving towards greece as well well for the other part of africa we are talking talking still some windy conditions across much of the area out here towards the
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east though it is the rain we could be dealing with alexandra you'll be seeing some rain showers in your forecast for cairo a mostly cloudy day for you here on tuesday at eighteen degrees but by the time we get to wednesday it is going to be mostly cloudy and we're going to see those terms just drop slightly to about sixteen degrees there tripoli windy conditions few with a temperature of sixteen and the ghazi attempt at sixteen as well. short films of the hook and inspiration. small stories of three young women challenging the world around. al-jazeera certain acts.
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of the back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera two soldiers involved in an attempt at a military coup in gaol and have been killed and five others abreast among them the man suspected of leading the group sudan's interior minister says more than eight hundred protesters have been arrested since antigovernment demonstrations began almost three weeks ago and donald trump will visit the mexican border on thursday in an attempt to pressure congress to fund this border war and to end the.


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