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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 7  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2019 10:32am-11:00am +03

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as a tantrum and demands he get his way unless the government will be shut down it will create designs to encourage his worst instincts which are bad enough now in march we have the debt ceiling coming up people we you know people go along with this you know nasty way of governing imagine what will happen when the debt ceiling occurs imagine what will happen when the march budget or curse the government will unravel further than it has still ahead her to no pressure at the pump from mexico or tundra favoritism short supply in several states and grayson's government chooses crowdfunding to keep its navy a flood. hello
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again it's good to have you back we're here cross united states were watching one system make its way towards the eastern seaboard this is the clouds right here the system is moving quite quickly mostly would snow across the great lakes rain down here towards the south but by the time we get to tuesday most of the weather will be out here across the atlantic but still across the canadian maritimes we could still be seeing quite a bit of snow activity there here towards the west a much different story we're going to see a big storm system coming in off the pacific and that is going to bring a combination of snow winds and rain and that means we're also going to see in some flooding and mudslides across much of the area anywhere from british columbia all the way down towards him for cisco here on tuesday the storm makes its way in since it's go on tuesday and into wednesday the rain is going to be on the increase los angeles you'll be seeing a mostly cloudy day for you at about one thousand reads there well here across the caribbean we are looking at mostly dry conditions down towards the south and the east we are sensing showers here across parts of cuba the cayman islands over towards cozumel as well over the next few days the rain is going to continue across
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much of the yucatan down towards guatemala twenty two degree day if you managua about thirty three here on tuesday but as we go towards wednesday it will be a nice day in mexico city partly cloudy at twenty one and vanna a temperature of twenty eight. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. nice documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera.
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good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories chinese state media says north korean leader kim jong un as in beijing to meet with president xi jinping china is north korea's main ally the trip comes ahead of an expected meeting between kim and south korean president. turkey's president has praised on the trumps decision to withdraw u.s. troops from serbia tragic everyone says the withdrawal must be planned carefully there are fears that the u.s. pullout will pave the way for turkish assaults against american ally and kurdish fighters in northern syria and the former chairman of car company is appearing in court in tokyo where he's declared his innocence saying he's been unfairly detained and is accused of financial misconduct what she did not. the balls government says
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it's retained control after an attempt to overthrow the president ali bongo was undergoing medical treatment in morocco soldiers took over the state radio station in a dawn raid but security forces stormed the building and killed two of them arresting the coup leader and four other alleged plotters. lieutenant owned obiang kelly from the presidential guards erst into the national radio and television center calling for a popular uprising against yvonne's president ali bungalows to. the eagerly awaited day has arrived when the army has decided to put itself on the side of the people in order to save on from chaos if you're eating stop if you're having a drink stop if you're sleeping wake up wake up your neighbors rise up as one and take control of the street. car. outside gunshots electricity in the internet are shut down as get any special forces stormed the building in
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a statement the government spokesman says calm has returned the situation is under control the african union in france which maintains nine hundred troops in the country have condemned the attempted coup president is in morocco seeking treatment after suffering a stroke last october in his it new year's address to the nation he appeared frail a time slurring his words. go took over power in two thousand and nine after the death of his father who had ruled the country for forty one years. during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the bongo dynasty was challenged the opposition leader jumping to claim victory but the constitutional court ruled in favor of congo in an interview with al jazeera after the court's ruling he said he was accountable to the people i was the candidate of equal chance you know giving really every guy when he has a chance to really make it i'm not the i'm not the candidate you know or to restore
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privileges and yet high unemployment and a sluggish economy heavily reliant on oil exports have made life more difficult and costly many young people are now calling for change seeing their leader as absent and distant everything is crisis education health care and everything so people want to do something about it. armed vehicles are now patrolling the streets of the capital. but with this latest coup attempt the hold on power seems fragile and uncertain because hawk al-jazeera. a senior official says a new round of talks between yemen's warring factions may take place and jordan u.n. on. the whole things before heading to the capital of riyadh is trying to ensure that are in sweden as fully implemented. has more. peace in yemen won't be easy but the united nations envoy martin griffiths remains
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confident it will one day become a reality griffith's is triggering the region to ensure all the parties will implement the agreement reached in sweden last month the deal calls for the houthi is to hand over control of yemen's red sea port of her data of the warring factions remain divided over who should step in and run the facility where much of the food aid comes in. the exiled government says it's ready to take over and move dismissed by the who thiis who don't recognize the government of president opt out of the muscle had he. we hope peace efforts kick off a gratian comes to an end debility prevails in airports reopen. the un wants to bring yemen's rival factions to a new round of talks to discuss ways to improve the economy and tackle the deteriorating humanitarian situation on his arrival martin griffiths was shown
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children affected by the almost four year old conflict. the war has killed thousands of people and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes yemen faces the worst humanitarian catastrophe in warden times according to recent estimates as many as eighty five thousand children may have died of hunger since the start of the saudi u.a.e. led war against the houthi is the deal that was reached in sweden was the first breakthrough since the start of the war in two thousand and fourteen but the deal remains fragile fighting has resumed in some areas and a prisoner exchange is on hold. the internationally recognized government insists the healthy is must hand over their weapons and put out of the capital sanaa before there is any final peace deal but the houthi is who controlled most of the country
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remains adamant there are yemen's just about leaders. the president of the world bank has resigned abruptly three years before his term was due to expire. and says he'll stand on the global body next month well he has had differences with the u.s. president. change and the need for more development washington's share of whites at the bank well trump considerable considerable influence in choosing a successor. now greece is asking its citizens to help foot the bill for new warships and if that isn't enough the country may have to abort for funding. has more from athens. greece is thirteen frigates form the backbone of its navy but they are now three decades old. would cost more than half the price of
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a new fleet and without the capabilities so the heloc navy is looking for a brand new fleet and it's taking donations very little if there's a great ship owners and greek citizens to contribute something from their surplus in a special account set up to acquire a new fleet of frigates and a new flagship greek defense spending has fallen by forty percent to six billion dollars during a decade of recession and even though it's still one of the biggest spenders in later greece says it cannot afford new equipment and its traditional rival turkey now spends three times as much the problem is greeks already have the highest taxes in europe in an attempt to pay off the national debt and half the population still owes the government money. no. don't contribute the country has much bigger priorities than buying weapons we need better salaries better pensions better health care and education all the things that make a country civilized and where greece has fallen behind the european union is
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a real union it will help with our defense complicating masses to form a defense ministers are now in jail for embezzlement one of them for the contracts that upgraded the frigate fleet with greeks overtaxed at home the defense ministry is looking to greeks living abroad and the merchant shipping community these communities produced a rescue plan once before it was a donation of seven million gold francs this enabled greece to make a down payment of almost a third of the value of this cruise in the one nine hundred ten the george avert of ball the name of its benefactor and helped greece defeats the ottoman empire a second time and double its territory in the balkan wars now as then the navy wants to extend its range this time to cover its exclusive economic zone or easy as well as that of cyprus where hydrocarbons have recently been discovered or supposedly one of the reasons the greek fleet wants to update last revised upwards
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is the fact that it's now being called upon to safeguard the easy between crease and cyprus which is in the east med very far from where it's used to prowling sensually becoming for what they call green water navy to a blue water navy greece has long relied on the generosity of individuals and greek ship owners are constantly helping the armed forces but fleet renewal costs many billions of dollars to cover it greece will need friends as well as family jumps out of al-jazeera athens. watch amala says it's pulling out of an anti-corruption commission nine months earlier than expected and un backed body has been investigating top government officials and the family of president jimmy what a. this last year he decided not to renew its mandate and this week refused to allow the head of the commission back into guatemala but alice says it's an affair of the country's internal affairs. france is planning new legislation to stop
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unofficial demonstrations it is in response to the ongoing yellow vest protests across france that started in mid november and have often turned violent a promise to told french media that the right to demonstrate should be preserved but the people who break the no must face punished. to mexico now where several states are facing shortages at gas stations after a government crackdown on feel fifty along lines have formed at outlets in mexico's second city guadalajara the government says the disruption will continue as it seeks new ways to beat criminal gangs alan fischer reports. the see there's no shortage of petrol but that's little comfort to motorists caught in the growing lines across central mexico the state all farm pemex is changing distribution methods to be criminal gangs they've been tapping into pipelines stealing thousands of barrels of petrol at a time that inflicts steep losses for the company and the country the changes mean
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some places a struggling to keep their tanks through one of the worst affected mexico's second city quite a lot of the it's really bad because we already went to service stations but we don't have any gasoline it's been three days already there's all this it's a disaster everywhere to disaster i've been to two gas stations and they don't have anything look at this where else do we have to go if there isn't anything here worlds do go. mexico's new president says he's no idea how long people will face shortages. the truth is that we're already seeing probably result. we have a reduction of that has never been achieved before so we're going to keep moving forward. pemex says about seven billion dollars in fuel has been siphoned off since twenty sixteen alone the president has ordered the military to start securing key installations while the company is changing distribution to use more tankers and fewer pipelines that are easily targeted alan fischer. now competitors at the
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dakar rally are taking one of the toughest courses in the history of the race the road will take drivers and riders through the peruvian desert and this year there is little rest fied sanchez reports from. a last look at the vehicles and their drivers the toughest race in the world is gone with five hundred forty one competitors and three hundred thirty four vehicles. traditionally held in northern africa this year the latin american country of peru is the venue for the forty one year old rally it's until you can since ninety dakar he says he's made it to the finish line nearly every time now he says he'll need to be very focused. it will be a very difficult even though it's a few a day i think it will be very tough and several of us already know peru and we already know how difficult it is among the competitors one hundred thirty five
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rookies who don't know what's it like to race in one of them dutch pilot was leap it and says he's trained for two years going from the motor cross writing in the riding only have to learn avocation and writing together and that's big a big thing because you're writing. best for navigation. this one country rally will be special the largest group of women seventeen are racing in various categories and for the first time a young man with down syndrome lucas maron will compete next to his father although not particularly challenging.


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