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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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sudan's president rallies supporters against protesters declaring a massive new push to bring him down. and this is also coming up. and thousands more lives will be lost if we don't act right now president has appealed to fear not facts uses a televised address to demand money for his mexico border war as democrats accuse him of holding americans hostage. the taliban calls off told with the u.s.
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prompting afghan and pakistani officials to consider the next move. north korean leader kim jong un wraps up a visit to china a day ahead of schedule. so sudan's president omar al bashir is addressing a pro-government rally in the capital khartoum trying to counter mass protests against his rule and the demonstrations has spread across sudan since mid december and began over the rising cost of food and fuel and government corruption payments meanwhile are organizing what they say will be another massive push for to resign let's bring now to the moment he joins us live from called team and pro-government rally ongoing right now and the president keen to demonstrate the support that he has. yes nick he did speak to protesters a few minutes ago and he basically sang the armed forces for standing by his side
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and he said that sudan has been quite well off and that if people continue to protest then there would be destabilizing sudan his words and say he said it was going to be like revolutions in countries like yemen and syria where people have been basically forced to leave their country and come to seek refuge in other countries including sudan but he's been very defined over the past few weeks he said he will continue to rule to them and to elections come in twenty twenty but basically we have proven that these forces started over the economy but quickly morphed into a process people saying that they want president obama bashir to resign and his twenty one year rule something he said he's not going to do as you said there will be another anti-government protest that's going to happen in a few minutes people said that they will try once again to submit a memo to the assembly and demand that the government basically step down and hand over power to an interim council. the government rather due to start about an hour these going to keep up momentum is a pressure going to keep on building they say they are not going to stop make they said that they will continue to demonstrate they will continue to lead their
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demands be heard and tell the president step down as i said that's something that he is not going to do until elections come in twenty twenty now there are concerns that more lives would be lost amnesty international says thirty seven people have been killed since the protests started in on december nineteenth of and there are concerns because the police have been responding by using what some government some foreign governments termed as excessive brutal force they've been using live ammunition and tear gas and there are concerns that will be used again to disperse the protesters who are going to march demanding that the president steps down so at the moment basically today is a reflection of the state of the nation of sudan people are protesting thing that they want the president to resign and the president is very defiant and calling for his supporters to stand by his side as he says that he's not going to step down until elections come in twenty twenty four here with thanks very much that's the latest from goal jim he will reporting. trump has declared his country faces a crisis of the hearts and soul in a televised address where he again demanded money for his mexican border wall and
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the nine minutes prime time speech blamed his political rivals the democrats for the standoff over immigration which is shut down parts of the u.s. government my kind of has more now from washington. the deadlock between congress and the white house continues democrats refusing to provide funding for a wall on the southern border president trump adamant he will not accept any budget bill that doesn't this is a humanitarian crisis a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul the facts though do not support the contention of a spiraling crisis wrists at the southern border in two thousand and seventeen was the lowest in forty five years the number of would be migrants detained last year was list them half of the total arrested in two thousand and seven every week three hundred of our citizens are killed by heroin alone ninety percent of which floods across from our southern border more americans will die from drugs this year then
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were killed in the entire vietnam war but this is contradicted by the drug enforcement administration which in a report last year said virtually all of the heroin sold in the united states comes through legal points of entry thank you and in a joint appearance the democratic leaders in the house and senate dismiss the address as nothing more than cynical fear mongering this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration the president's address and the democratic response has affected no change and at the weekend this will become the longest ever government shutdown in the nation's history mike hanna al-jazeera washington all straight to our white house correspondent kimberly harcourt's who standing by in washington d.c.
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and kimberly how has the televised address gone down. yeah doesn't appear to have moved the needle in a in any form or fashion those that agreed with the president remain firmly in his camp and those that disagreed with him remain in there it's interesting to know going into this there was a poll from a pretty reliable publication known as politico here in washington sort of getting the gauge of whether or not people thought this was a crisis according to their numbers forty two percent of americans believe that there is a crisis on the southern border with mexico due to illegal immigration another thirty seven percent believe it is a problem so and there's no dispute that there is certainly an issue in the united states among most americans they believe that congress is neglected over the last twenty years to reform the immigration system and this is the result as was stated though by chuck schumer the top democrat in the senate that the difference lies in
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not about border security but how to go about it in other words whether or not a wall is needed whether or not simply drone surveillance that type of thing would suffice so this is certainly something that both sides have tried to cast as either a crisis or not a crisis what essentially american saw though is a lack of fireworks for lack of a better word typically in these oval office speeches there's a sense of urgency many thought that the president would declare a national emergency none of that occurred in fact it was really just a stale repeating of messages on both sides you know a lot of uncertainty clearly does have support for what he's doing but how is it likely to play out i guess is anyone's guess. well i mean how it's playing out right now is that eight hundred thousand federal workers remain off the job many of them some of them and when it comes to contractors will never see their paychecks
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for this lapse time period so there's some frustration to start to build we're starting to see the effects with each day there is more and more of a compounding of the problems of having a partial government shutdown services that people have counted on are now being interrupted in some cases put on hold but the other thing that all of this is is going to be resolved as you heard in my canvass package there this is soon to be the longest government shutdown in u.s. history so the fight has escalated what we're going to see today here in washington is the democrats coming out standing side by side with furloughed workers making their case that this government needs to be reopened and then the issue of border security can be addressed after that the republican side the president is heading to capitol hill he'll be meeting with the republican rank and file in congress and then he'll also be meeting with congressional leaders a few hours after that at the white house to again try and resolve this the president said he thought this could be resolved in
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a forty five minute conversation that seems pretty optimistic given the fact that resolving immigration has taken twenty years and it has continued to fail in congress and then we also have the president tomorrow on thursday heading to macallan texas to try and make his case once again on the border so this is certainly something that is not easily resolved still the congressional leaders and the president say they're working on it but it doesn't look hopeful for the ordinary americans who right now are sitting at home hoping to get a paycheck looking like they won't get one friday as they were counting on are very much the can we hope it will be moved from washington. now you said your state might pump a has made a brief stop in iraq on his chin of middle east capitals america's top diplomat is trying to reassure allies in the region of donald trump's sudden announcement that he will withdraw all u.s. troops from syria right column has the latest now from baghdad it was on schedule visit last thing just a few hours and the secretary of state's met with senior officials including the
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prime minister maddy now reading between the lines that we can safely say that what was being discussed although it hasn't been officially released by the the americans all the iraq he's will be two key things on the american side it will be the iranian role within the country the secretary of state as long publicly said that he's very concerned about the iranian role within iraq both militarily and politically now the iraqis currently have a sanctions waiver which allows them to do trade with iran so that's going to be a topic of discussion on the iraqi side will be very much a concern about president donald trump statement at christmas that where he said that he was going to keep u.s. troops within iraq itself though the iraqi parliament is going to debate the u.s. role within iraq itself and it seems that the u.s. president made this announcement on his own without any consultation with the iraqis so at least now the iraqis are talking to the americans about any potential
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role like i say the visit was very short how much work will actually get done but a lot of iraqis are telling us that this is a good solid step in solving some of the problems between iraq and the u.s. . turkey's foreign minister is insisting that his country will reject a u.s. request not to target kurdish groups in northern syria when american forces leave. as address the turkish parliament today after a u.s. national security adviser john bolton reiterated the requested anchor bolton's comments angered the president recent typer one who says that he will not compromise on kurdish y p g fight as it regards as terrorists then you know middle east for the us to be this intertwined with a terrorist organization makes leaving it that much more difficult we continue to hear different voices coming from different levels of the american administration everyone can see we have been fighting against terrorist organizations in the region from day one we need to prevent the buy p.g. from turning into
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a growing threat to our country we need to act against that well i say now from c.n.n. concealer who has the latest from al-bab in northern syria. we are in a town that was liberated by the turkish backed free syrian army a while ago and the stone was blown boy are still boned by other coalition forces and it has been hurt a lot that with its people with its buildings and after it was liberated by the turkish backed free syrian army and the margaret at the mo graphic has changed people who have moved out of has returned and there is some other migration from other places inside syria a relatively normal life has begun as we are told because there are schools there is a courthouse there is a measure these that they call where the local council functions and there are local police forces that is mentored by the turkish turkish army members here and when there is a vendor the local police forces here could interfere immediately however of course
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it was fear here is different to the kurdish dominated areas in northern syria and these people here in they most of believe that if a turkish military offensive is held against a pua idea and we have controlled area. those places could be liberated and they can go back to their homes like and members or other places or the weather is next then another play for britain's prime minister she brings her in battle bricks a deal back to parliament. plus the doom and gloom hangs over one of the world's biggest electronic shows with fears innovative and run out of new ideas. it was and. and i the cloud is streaming its way across the northern parts of asia now we've
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seen some heavy rain over many parts of china that's pushing its way northward and making its way across the korean peninsula by the time it gets up here though. it's just thin high cloud so it's not bringing us really any wet weather we're told it is still quite cold for many of us pyongyang at best getting to around two am for so we're getting to around three further east the temperatures are actually getting a little bit higher as we head through friday so if you tokyo we'll probably make it up to twelve degrees if we head further south and this is where we've seen the very heavy downpours over the past twenty four hours still more showers with this as we head through the day on thursday in a few outbreaks of rain a likely to be heavy still with us on friday stretching up towards shanghai where it will be quite cool a maximum temperature just of ten for the south fine enjoy force in hong kong twenty three degrees should be maximum here for the southeastern parts of asia was actually quite quiet at the moment weather wise for the philippines as being barely a shower over the past forty eight hours or so we could see one or two showers just
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make their way on to that eastern coast as we had three thursday and towards the west there will be a few showers bubbling up over borneo there's a wee trek in the way towards the west we could catch one or two in singapore and in kuala lumpur to. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's wild. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmaking this. week nice documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera.
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how do you watch al-jazeera reminder the top stories this hour and sudan's president omar al bashir has been addressing a pro-government rally in the capital called to try to counter mass protests against him. refusing to step down and blame sudan's economic problems on years of international sanctions. donald trump has put his case for a border war with mexico directly to the american people prime time televised address he said it's necessary to stop drugs and violent criminals and drug united states but trump's democratic party opponents have accused him of using fear instead of. your sexual state my point is made a brief visit to iraq on day two of his middle east to leave to discuss u.s. concerns about iran's influence in iraq and trump's plans for american troops.
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north korea's leader kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china than expected it was hoped the talks with the chinese president xi jinping could lay the groundwork for another meeting with donald trump i mean either side said much about kim schedule but south korean media reporting that he met president xi for about an hour trying to you has this update now from beijing. kim jong un's train was seen leaving beijing this afternoon and ever since the leader arrived in beijing on monday evening this trip has been shrouded in secrecy there have been reports that the leader visited some traditional chinese medicine factory on the outskirts of beijing earlier this morning before returning to beijing to have some lunch with some top beijing officials possibly even president xi jinping himself but we have received nor details about the visit from either the north korean or the chinese government we do know that president xi jinping met with kim to win yesterday for
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about an hour and they were expected to have discussed a possible future summit between u.s. president donald trump and kim jong un over the next few months now it's unclear whether kim jong un's train will return straight to pyongyang or whether he'll be stopping by another chinese city but what is clear is that this trip has been very positive optics for both north korea and china for north korea they've been able to show the world that they have a very powerful friend in china and kim jong il has been able to demonstrate himself as a more confident statesman than he was last year and for china well they've been able to show the world that they have very strong influence when it comes to pyongyang this is kim to wounds fourth trip to china in just under a year and this relationship is very important especially when you consider china's relationship with the u.s. china is currently embroiled in some very tense trade negotiations with washington and they're wanting to do what ever they can to improve their position in those talks and certainly leveraging this relationship with pyongyang is one of those
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ways more than a dozen consulates and embassies in australia had been evacuated after a suspicious packages were delivered to the police collected samples at diplomatic missions in the capital cumber and in melbourne to be tested for has a distant serial be mere reports of harm to stuff some of the parcels asserts have contained us versus about the building material that can cause cancer. the latest round of talks between the afghan taliban and the united states has been called off follows disagreements over the agenda for the two day meeting which was meant to start in qatar on wednesday. as this report. taliban leaders canceled a meeting with the u.s. officials only a few hours after telling the media they were willing to hold face to face talks in qatar in the coming days and the reason is differences over inviting the afghan government delegation to join the talks a few days ago the taliban rejected an offer to meet afghan government
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representatives in saudi arabia preferring instead to hold talks with the u.s. special envoy. at the united state in taleban both have some cards taliban also try to play chess board in politics they don't want to open up very soon they want to give little intake a lot. the afghan government says it's ready to me the taliban anytime anywhere but for the talks to succeed afghanistan needs help from neighboring pakistan the u.s. has repeatedly accused islamabad of providing safe haven for taliban leaders accusations dismissed by the pakistani government pakistan being the immediate neighborhood on a star is interested in any development in afghanistan leads to peace and stability
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of the region gotten the efforts underway to words a political settlement in afghanistan and the draw all of us troops should be part of a peace process we did to ensure that it is nor bar vacuum in afghanistan. despite huge international aid and a military campaign led by the us war is far from over and the taliban is far from defeated reports the trump administration might be withdrawing troops in the coming months triggered panic among afghan officials but the u.s. isn't the sole player in the region the russians invited the taliban and members of the kabul based afghan peace council for talks last year saudi arabia and the u.a.e. took part in the last round of talks in december. iran has also been active over the last few years building bridges with the taliban and the government iran says
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its goal is to ensure an afghan led peace deal. the talks gained momentum last year but it's unclear if all the parties are willing to make concessions and agree on a unity government. there are more talks underway this time between representatives of the afghan and pakistani governments in islam about and they're focusing on getting the taliban to the negotiating table with pakistan's help come a hunter explains. delegation. to try. to convince the afghan taliban to accept the government and face to face negotiations however both the united states and the afghan government have been asking pakistan to do that that dollar bond not listening to anybody saying that their regime and operate regime and stored by the united states and that david dog to the u.s.
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last time after their dogs and dog be on december the seventeenth and reached a u.a.e. and so would you officials were also present the government delegation was sitting in abu dhabi however the taliban refused to meet them so it is going to be a difficult doest august on all is the thing that the stakeholders in the region should also share that it sponsibility for trying to find a reconciliation and of honest on august on it already the prime minister. saying that it is a key priority for pakistan and the regional countries do establish be indicted war torn country and let horrible for instance in the democrats and republicans say provisional election results could be announced within the next two days they were supposed to be released on sunday but the electoral commission said it was impossible judy to tate's a collection of problems one spread reports of irregularities when the election took place at the end. a controversial bill passed by india's house of
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parliament has sparked protests in the northeastern state of a some legislation give citizenship to members of some religious minorities who have fled persecution in the country but opponents say it will take jobs away from indigenous groups the bill has also been criticized for excluding muslims. the british government is bringing its a little love the brits a deal back to parliament a month after his phoning a vote that it was sure to lose later on wednesday politicians will begin debating the agreement which sets out the terms of britain's departure from the e.u. on march twenty ninth but as jonah hill reports prime minister it's reason may has already suffered another setback to have brakes at platts. the british government is preparing the country for life outside the european union in particular for the possibility of leaving without a deal it's not a pretty picture queues of trucks shortages of food and medicine it is for many in
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parliament a worst case scenario but one that grows more possible by the day. hardly surprising then that those opposed to a no deal breaks it are doing all they can to prevent it i believe the government should rule out known to you but i think if it went unpunished must make sure that it has the powers to decide if it comes to the crunch it is time for members of parliament on all sides start ruling out deeply down to options to a country voting by a majority in favor of a measure that blocks public spending on a no deal outcome m.p.'s on both sides demonstrated their opposition to the government's current course. it's a significant defeat for the government here the successful amendment to the finance bill tabled by the opposition labor party with wide support is perhaps not the first salvo in a campaign aimed at forcing the government's hand it doesn't mean no deal planning will stop nor that no deal won't happen but it does put much more pressure on the prime minister to find a position that
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a majority in parliament can actually agree on. she wasn't in parliament but to resume a knows that if there is no appetite for no deal and her own plan gets voted down next week then her options are greatly limited either go cap in hand to e.u. leaders and plead for something better or consider doing what an increasing number of people and m.p.'s wanted to do which is hold another referendum there isn't a majority in support of any of the particular outcomes and that definitely isn't a support for an ideal so it is supported by around a quarter of the country around half those who voted leave in the e.u. referendum but it isn't as popular as remaining in the european union and when you ask the public which gripe are fast staying in your opinion or leaving with no deal staying in the european union does come ahead eighty days to break it and counting it is still for government policy to take britain out of the e.u. on march the twenty ninth but the government is not necessarily in firm charge of
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events jonah how al jazeera london malta will lead to rescue ships dogs that have been stranded at sea for weeks the maltese prime minister says the forty nine people on board will then be sent to eight european union countries refugees and migrants were picked up by two german charities on making the dangerous mediterranean crossing it's only malta and all of the e.u. states had refused to offer them or. now the annual consumer electronics show is happening in the united states this year that it has tumbling stock prices trade tensions and its role reynolds reports from las vegas a lack of new ideas four thousand companies from dozens of countries rolled out new products at the consumer electronics show l.g.'s new flexible t.v. screen made a big splash. l.g. has an all ad t.v. sixty five inches that rolls down and disappears from view into a box that is the first roll both flexible screen that we've seen produced from
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a major television manufacture the price tag around three thousand dollars this year there's an air of anxiety in these corridors tech stocks have been tumbling on wall street apple made a surprise announcement it would miss sales targets blaming weak demand in china chinese telecommunications giant weiwei is here even though its chief financial officer is under house arrest in canada fighting american efforts to put her on trial for fraud you know major chinese tech executives are attending c.e.o.'s giant tech companies are displaying smart home devices face recognition systems and more big picture products and then there are guys like golly rows of who got tired of folding all this kid's laundry but we have piles of laundry always waiting to be folded and who doesn't rose of the appliance called fold of eights will go on the market later this year price that about
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a thousand dollars on the corky side c e s twenty nine hundred features wearables for pets smartphone controlled doggie doors and a baffling proliferation of internet connected intelligent toilets there are plenty of items here that are fascinating and some will prove to be big hits with consumers others frankly nobody really needs but there's no truly revolutionary technology on display here at c s in fact many analysts would argue that the last really big innovation was the smartphone introduced by apple nearly a dozen years ago the next big wave might be household devices with advanced artificial intelligence or a this is one example. elec you build as a digital companion for elderly people living alone i try to be a friendly intelligent presence in your day to day life companies are charging
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ahead with that will become deeply embedded in people's lives all with little regulation or public debate the impact of this technological evolution will change human relationships and society in the coming decades for better or for worse robb reynolds' al jazeera los vegas. or let's have an update of the headlines here own al jazeera and sudan's president omar al bashir has been addressing a pro-government rally in the capital of culture trying to counter mass protests against him a series refusing to step down continues to blame sudan's economic problems on years of international sanctions he morgan is in khartoum today it is in no way a reflection of the things of sudan with people one on one side think that they want president bashir to stay in power until twenty twenty people on the other side demonstrating that they've had enough of his twenty nine year rule now those
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protesters who are anti-government have been with met with live ammunition and tear gas over the past few weeks and that is expected to happen again today it's not clear how the day would end it's not clear where that is headed to with the two sites they find on their sound donald trump has put his case for a border war with mexico directly to the american people via a primetime televised address he said it's necessary to stop drugs and violent criminals from entering the united states the budget standoff has shut down parts of the government for most three weeks trumps democratic policy opponents have accused him of using fear instead of facts u.s. secretary of state's mike pumpin has made a brief visit to iraq on day two of his middle east to believe to have discussed u.s. concerns about iran's influence in iraq trumps plans for american troops in the country . north korea's leader kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected it was hoped the talks with chinese president xi
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jinping could lay the groundwork for another meeting with donald trump neither side said much about kim shojo but south korean media reporting that he met president xi for about an hour turkey's foreign minister is insisting that his country will reject a u.s. request not to target kurdish on groups in northern syria when american forces would. address the turkish parliament a day after u.s. national security advisor john bolton reiterated the request in ankara bolton's comments to president resit top but one who says that he will not compromise on kurdish y.p. g five as it regards as terrorists or iraq today with headlines on got more news coming up here or not is a write off to inside story from a new class it is by no.
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president. coming from the administration over its plans to pull out troops from the national security advisor john bolton has been seeking reassuring. warmth it won't compromise if insights. hello and welcome to the program.


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