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tv   Liberation  Al Jazeera  January 9, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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oh really so liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth a little i would love for this job. there are more a car and these are the top stories on al-jazeera sudan's president omar al bashir has been addressing a pro-government rally in the capital called to try and counter mass protests against him but there is a few step down as it continues to blame sudan's economic problems on years of international sanctions that morgan is in khartoum today it is the first pro-government rally that has been organized since protests against president obama to be sure and his rule broke out three weeks ago now the people have been mobilized by the ruling party and the government and they say that they want to show the world that the president is not unwanted as people have been demonstrating against him over the past few weeks but there is also another and to government
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ready that is being organized today and people say that they will try to proceed on to the national this latest humbly to submit a memo saying that they want the government to step down and an interim council be formed and till elections are held now the president has repeated over and over again including today and said that he's not going to step down he said if people want him to basically hand over power to a new government that has to happen after twenty twenty one elections are held the people are saying that they will continue to demonstrate and they will continue to make their voices heard today it is in a way a reflection of the state of sudan with people one on one side think that they want president bashir to stay in power until twenty twenty people of the other side demonstrating saying that they've had enough of his twenty nine year rule now those protesters who are anti-government have been with met with live ammunition and tear gas over the past few weeks and that is expected to happen again today it's not clear how the day would end it's not clear where sudan is headed to with the two sides defiant on their stance. donald trump has put his case for a border wall with mexico directly to the american people via primetime televised
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address it is necessary to stop drugs and violent criminals from entering the u.s. the budget standoff is shut down parts of the government for almost three weeks democratic party opponents of accused him of using fear instead of facts you know sect of state might pompei was made a stop in iraq on his tour of middle east capitals in baghdad where he met iraqi leaders as well as u.s. troops stationed there are believed to have discussed u.s. concerns about iran's influence in iraq a top u.s. diplomat is in the region to reassure washington's allies about trump's plans to withdraw troops from syria imran khan has the latest from baghdad. reading between the lines we can safely say that what was being discussed although it hasn't been officially released by the the americans old iraq east will be two key things on the american side it will be the iranian role within the country the secretary of state has long publicly said that he's very concerned about the iranian role within
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iraq both militarily and politically the iraqis currently have a sanctions waiver which allows them to do trade with iran so that's going to be the topic of discussion on the iraqi side will be very much a concern about president donald trump statement christmas there where he said that he was going to keep u.s. troops within iraq itself though the iraqi parliament is going to debate the u.s. role within iraq itself and it seems that the u.s. president made this announcement on his own without any consultation with the iraqis so at least now the iraqis are talking to the americans about any potential role. turkey's foreign minister is insisting that his country will reject a u.s. request not to target attack of kurdish armed groups in northern syria when american forces leave at the gabba so lou addressed the turkish parliament a day off to u.s. national security advisor john bolton reiterated their request in ankara olson's comments and get president when he says turkey will not compromise on kurdish y p g
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finds as it regards as terrorists north korea's leader kim jong un has wrapped up his visit to china a day earlier than expected it was hopes the talks chinese president xi jinping could lay the groundwork for another meeting with donald trump by the side said much about kim shadow but south korean media are reporting that he met president xi for about an hour more than a dozen consulates and embassies and astray have been evacuated off suspicious packages were delivered to them but he's collected samples at diplomatic missions in the capital cambra and in melbourne they're being tested for has just been terrible but there are no reports of any harm to staff. those are your headlines we're back with more news here on al-jazeera that's after the crusades an arab perspective.
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in the history of conflicts between east and west. the mightiest battle between cristiana to slam. a holy war in the name of religion. for the first time. the story of the crusades. from an arab perspective. the crusades began with the goal of capturing the holy land for christiana. over
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the years it evolved into something entirely different. in a sense one last thought is india. and the relevant is that he has a you must win the war and then not. let them walk in the courthouse each one of us who. had by all means a has a whole mess is that what went up must suck up and standing on. once more the holy city of jerusalem would fall to the crusaders but this time through the conclusion of an infamous treaty. many one hold. and fees i'll add that as madam. sally we let the top of the bubble. when they did. well i'm talking a couple of them in walk in with us had them in medina and when i became the less
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she. let off the two hundred years of bloodshed the crusader presence in the east was brought to its ultimate. home with all the money. in the fourth and final episode of this series. the story of the muslim liberation of the holy land from the crusades. the year eleven margy three. damascus the capital of the u. but state. of dentistry founded by salaam had diem in
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a you'll be known in the west. a solid in. the kurdish officer had risen to become the ruler of a powerful and united muslim front against the crusades. six years earlier. he had crushed the christian forces at the bottom of a team. and opened the way to the liberation of jerusalem. but in the spring. eleven ninety three after a brief illness solid dean died leaving the mighty muslim states in the hands of lesser men. full of us alive again again no. must
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sham we in latin. kennel question. why suspicion. of a nomad as imus a line. generated bennetta only to mean that many much you are my friend to found innocent problems on the mean leg willing to live he lives he has withdrawn its value why them and move while others in. the first crusade a century earlier had succeeded in establishing four christian enclaves in the levant and above all in the capture of jerusalem. the second and third crusades each led by powerful and famous european model. of ended in abject failure.
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by the end of the twelfth century. after a hundred years of muslim fight. the territory under crusader control was reduced to a tiny coastal strip to deliver its. pull. the crusaders were forced to adapt and revised their targets. and the more we saw him until which was. what other kind of how to move will be in there will be for order. if you make a name when you have let. me. but at the fact that this thought is iot. where hey at this roof but what the war sucks about what baba innocent appeal.
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now you all mean but i've got a bubble even on the bubble google it sucks. to be a buttercup well you know why i go but wolf wrong. when number. but i know. wealthy enough to walk. in addition to. one guy down while the idea of having to leave the. fresh air. and then as your family. feel full sure i will say that. the main. hired the venetian has control over two to ship them to the east. they couldn't afford to pay for the new it's the fee that they'd agree.
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to pay back in handy and doesn't force out what happens when. the woman in the. be dead man in zeal to shout what i'll do from a string of months who was there how did i get it will get i lost. jenna jenna a problem we should let these and how to. do you know we yet had beheaded. on the end of sacking constantinople twelve of. this is a remarkable thing for chrissake to have done so sank to the greatest christian city in the world it's something that provides roads across many parts of the west coast in the greek world to. an interesting the one contemporary greek writer says
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look when somebody. recover jerusalem what did he do he spared the christians and what have you done you christians you've taken a christian city and you've killed christians you should follow the example of some of the he was superior to you in the way that he behaved here. i look at if you have them a lot in the bible you look to the how dick has a picture for maybe out how to follow negative how to batek. folly being mean and can you look see for has that you're a learner and. in the left. brain i can use that they. are innocent young i'll be. militant misbehavior was so you know how well they know i was. innocent the third was a pope obsessed with crusading he inherited the failure of the crusade to recover
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jerusalem and the fourth crusade that he launched at captured constantinople the great christian city he tried to inspire yet another expedition what we know is the first crusade and this was designed to go through egypt and use the fertility of the knol the wealth of karo to have the resources to then recover jerusalem. in twelve eighteen. the crusaders finally found their way to the nile delta. the armies of the fifth crusade landed in egypt and captured the port of damietta. for three years the crusaders made no move to advance southwards towards cairo. but when they finally did their move would prove disastrous. as it had about the we're going to have a confessional effect that if we set
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a fire burning near. i'd them that aria. libyan beer. was a small fire born where so but in the how to allow you and i'll has a lot of the look the left was only at that intersection a little hamlet wow that you do know and the haka shaped. like in the whole you literally mean janish and. robin you know we do them with similar. bellies elec i what the hell baba wawa the thin bubbly young. a dowell the above that with a lot of men i'm that good just yet the part of a fellow american i'm hoping for president here but i thought what if the key thing any. howard. but she should have.
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a very clean with the senate. well the little bubbly how do i live there like about how to. bob our frederik and then i don't have the absolute. yard of. the whole. hamlet in the darkness in them as. it is. a service at home in a star how. a you'll be. at. a your beer a seles allez in a can or. three or you big brothers were engaged in fighting. and one of them. ruler of egypt took an infamous decision. he decided to seek an alliance with the holy roman emperor frederick the second. and yet in
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a shock. and then again. just let me add a bit. and. feel. i'm sort of out of nowhere in. how it was doing. when zillion. well i'm talking accompli demi moore hit us with a sell a million and one after tells the bullish. i'm in hand in no manner
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as an infant. when going up so if the qur'an one will embark for. four of them it's a meaningless sound of. a lot of the. lash and mase action raga a warning. that had it can feel normal to free. this sixth crusade led by frederick the second had managed to take jerusalem. but fifteen years later and twelve forty four. it was reconquered and thereafter would remain under muslim rule for the next seven centuries. because a. number by other figure and the quite honestly held a day of hard bob as they lick. his eyes in figure little bubble yet again i'll
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melich neues at this hour many products. of the ninth king of france was seriously ill he thinks he's going to die so he says if i survive i will take the cross and i will go say. and we said that. and i feel because. he. is the days that should be of course. well. you we must. pick it up and we must have been upset. that they get ahead but. let me just stop it. how does it have a solid real concept where men pick
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a goal to feel well i can. tell if i'm. not getting the neck of a good deal. unless you're not up to home a lot of your worn. axle b m m m m that's three hundred. percent in my budget and. well if you know what i will find a small levy. that's the ian lawson venue that the lobby of the. star. of the miss that. the media. retracing the path of the fifth crusade louis the ninth lead the armies of the
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seventh crusade south from damietta towards cairo. but the trap had been laid by the mighty slave war in a spot called a month's worth meaning the victorious. to a solid b. in the uk who went on mad enough to do a lot of the sort of meat and all of what i asked. for that. the thought. is that. i'm not one manic missed that as a bell and be selective about it when a month in months here. the year twelve fifty not only marked the
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a huge victory over the seventh crusade. but ironically the end of the whole way you've a dynasty. bolstered by their strength the number the men looks the slave warriors rose up to overthrow salaheddine successors. and take control of their masters state. has a couple up in mind when. the whole. island. and a half. and let go and in about their free. come see in a while. when i can and the body and the body unless it's
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a foreigner. after destroying baghdad. advanced westwards. two years later and with the help of the crusaders in the levant he captured aleppo and damascus. the only muslim power remaining in the region was the man looks into egypt. and the. safe. mode with. those. the k.
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you have physically got. the. i. the magazine. and from going to see what the mcconnell and unschooled are engaging. and then maybe they should be on the side. and that. was the mean and the whole. in the home alone for me and i said to him well.
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jani as possible isn't intisar enjoy. a sissy yes he. would and ricky. has he had modicum of. me and i was but that he. has in. those where. on a bit but not the better he. adds. would be a modest analyst in rah to feel. the theater and that's what has. come of us can. only mean.
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to god would you also want to move there. well you know. when the president. so much that i asked. the principal of. the second crusader entity in the east. for a hundred and seventy years this fortified city had successfully resisted the muslim
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assaults. but now in twelve sixty eight the armies of. the city. falls to the us in the late thirteenth century the frankie's states are pretty weak and itself is not the great principality the great. feature in the twelfth century that really does spell the end for the crusaders. the crusaders were left with just a few tiny foothold including eight. and it was this city. form the stage for the final scene. of the
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crusades. when a french soldier was murdered in a so-called terrorist attack. his mother retaliate who's with love. speaking out against intolerance and alienation she travels the world with the resolve of a grieving mother who lost a son but adopted a generation. of fighting hearts a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks in a poll just out sixty five percent of people said that they think it will do a great or a good job with details coverage is the second time. on strike the governor.
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from the around the well to the increased warning level calms us a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home. culturally i believe the muslims had a far greater effect all europe than europe on the middle east. the crusaders fought for old christmas because they failed to recognize the moment had arrived not it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploded religion in the name of the cross of the crusades an arab perspective the final episode liberation at this time on the. here is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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and there again i'm norah colander how these the top stories on al-jazeera sudan's president omar al bashir has been addressing a pro-government rally in the capital called to trying to counter mass protests against him but here is refusing to step down and continues to blame sudan's economic problems on the years of international sanctions the morgan is in khartoum today it is in no way a reflection of the fate of sudan with people one on one side think that they want president bashir to stay in power until twenty twenty people of the other five demonstrating think that they've had enough of his twenty nine year rule now those protesters who are anti-government have been met with live ammunition and tear gas
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over the past few weeks and that is expected to happen again today it's not clear how the day would end it's not clear where sudan is headed to with the two sides defined on their sounds. this bush's case for a border war with mexico directly to the american people via a televised address said it's necessary to stop drugs and violent criminals from entering the u.s. the budget standoff has shut down parts of the government for weeks trying to potence accuse them of using fear instead of facts. is actually of state might pompei was made a stop in iraq on his tour of middle east capitals iraq to baghdad where he met iraqi leaders well as u.s. troops stationed at believe to discuss u.s. concerns about iran's influence in iraq a top u.s. diplomat is in the region to reassure washington's allies about trump's plans to withdraw troops from syria.
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thousands of. headlines.
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the year twelve sixty eight. the crusades or principality of until. last fall up to the month or so tom davis. the crusaders now found themselves in a critical situation facing a muslim power fully mobilized against them. q the third the king of jerusalem now displaced in the port city of acre made contact with a member of. the medical slowly be a by the would the law to be about. a new law of the law as
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one thought. about the article in my medical sun to be a more would about the. middle fall. about a little soul. just be about as bad will figure out why abbas and what it was it wobbled blood. what got out of. bed and now a lot i mean old that's a good un fact that said that the folks at that are doing good that's a good. i don't believe in the whole way the bizarre had what it was to me and as
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i am and i cannot portend well here. what happened. forget the. other. and. let the ocean. minutes. to get. enough of all the gloom to shut down what we're doing to shine. in the moment is of seeing. how we. all want to be a dumas. during
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his seventeen year rule. berbers had captured all the crusaders in fortress. his military successes were reminiscent of the late great salt salata d. c s i love the virus that i am. headline. events man wilkie. coast. has a few minutes up on the. kentucky of some of the. shit ton of them tend to be a long row of our world of the ottoman and some of the many questions common among election after your. look.
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palawan yes thank monogamous yes in our i'm not terribly scale and. it's done for a islamiah and where would the feel of the show was the bobbin fell and you'll still. be misled far less the moment. than it is old then the neighbors and the whole way you're going to come see familiar would surely be in there alone never have and the other of of you familiar the matter was covered over the so you will must have a lot there's a fallacy. of the what's called them good indian ones. that and all the way to latin america and. of prussia attending. the adventure of attention was collateral how some has in the world discovered.
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enough to walk but there are not how to cut a log. on. alla at the will of you over. here then the time when. and then they sell their criminal court show for that with a higher than of official here that where the home of the show and i have a will and the robot which would have had well and that the then some real and no good if you. own a no no you can. be. well developed by the u. i do know that she would have put. them on a solid b. . aka. assembled the army
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and set out from his capital cairo. but the soon as he reached the outskirts of the city he felt. a muscle colonias that the human west that it now. why a gunman in. the new t o. home was home to lead another. enough to walk yet no. god who looks similar could have been the no one yet i thought on the mold are called them. to be enough in washington. for us of. course. how the us was. well enough said walk
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with a missile. so all the aka why holes as you saw them and that. little bit. of the high island and. then the funny. business but it was to me. a matter. and get me out yet among the young men let's see if and when the sun even out of the lab. before a lot more. than a man will solve the for unlawful.
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it's. all over. with the fall of acre. this unique chapter of history came to an end. after almost two centuries of bloodshed. will but the word to have been coined that would enter both history and popular discourse crusade.
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i don't let me and chad a billion head of senior. management center it's my home rub my militia smile hang. out how do you get a little belittlement and that i'm to stand in consoling. intent of killing it so he can bend v o f l cardinal lunch out of the most out of most gani made the little man man at monsoon. with i might win a few my bad procedures could was i had left. a man mostly in front of the clock want to have a. job you're hot at anything i'm at the bar and the live friend lives in a kind of school and what on some home unless you know about that many home and
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home study to. put in what he needed mostly mean be less this and that. let me start them a loveless. home and now has the laser power been missing hey well now the lays of how the money i love roman is the number right salute you have is and one of frank. if you're out of communion and it's heinous i.e. sheen filmed for a home of around one hundred to hialeah that how to visit your home they be a little sleepy. however behind the brutal fighting. was a unique opportunity as western europeans came to know their opponents. away from
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the sights of sieges and. in my better. woman who. will like it when. you. stand. because it. is only kapadia and see if the number do takes a get a clear cut you are not harbor i think you can learn to. be nico did. a did take some good i have been let go. of something. must have had.
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a while and she megalithic to catch a scale to sleep it could mean. a. minister and she means she has a day. and let you. know. we're not here. to potable as you. mustn't feel it now we're full steam ahead sooty was the head of the car furnace them and the. yard for the super can tell you how long i've been fucking those iraq the super into someone who tosses. enough. enough money. to buy. a sign on the machine or whine and.
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you know. why they're always. here why would. a lot of. what. but then i'm not. the owners of the saw a send off. was a little of a shock. going to let. us know if you want the. did. well. in the one moron been out of it no more on one. day yet that the sun idea. must go to them in a shot what i want to show. what
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they left in the middle east is debatable. you obviously left a number of large castles and structures. which in their turn influenced. local architecture. culturally i believe that the muslims had a for greater effects on europe than europe had on the middle east. and they had only one and there was a. no mother and the dialectic that i want to loosely mean land and found for pot of hot as i do for that one main sentimentalist a shop. run pretty much any are offered to be william that's due. to one lone woman on one occupant separate i was still. in the roosevelt island
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alchemy as he says he left it will he again he made a film. and then met again oh you know they look pretty but we had enough of the hold while this is about how rotten is. the heroes of the mist a lot of the children have files making sense. and i'm an atheist and feel. ill mussarat i let you off do and. stand feel something and stances it was recreated is that future to us carry at. the heart of the saline level. and for good to know it's years you will know alas there could be one few wild eyed little you how easily we feel out of the lottery.
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five centuries after the fall of acre. the last crusader foothold in the muslim peace. the french general napoleon bonaparte and his army dorion landed in egypt. now a province of the ottoman empire. after capturing cairo. he moved his army to the live. in an irony of history to polian his dreams of establishing a french empire in the east. were to be destroyed before the fortified walls of aig. but despite the failure of the napoleonic campaign. it would turn out to
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be the opening scene of a second wave of european ok patients. that are catching up. in that have an infant and i mean you and i and them to that for me. and the canal in finance and love to get there he at one time and i never had a lot of money and fantasy about tomato mush wofully. by the eve of world war one in one nine hundred fourteen. most of the muslim lands on the shores of the mediterranean were under the occupation of european powers. in december one nine hundred seventeen. during the british war effort against the ottoman empire. general edmund allonby entered
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jerusalem. after the city surrendered to his forces. the film that recorded the fall of the holy city. was mocked by the use of. over. echoing down through the centuries. thirty years after a vis seen. and under the auspices of western powers. are you entity was declared in the reach of. the state of israel. and. let them and now a lot of modal bio if you have to have them into that if it is where you might it might be to have shouted most of them are. the crusades ended more than seven centuries ago. but the impact of this chapter of
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history lives on very much alive in the modern world. the. much war going to be tough going to king's head says help in a few lot. we now see how we know meanness l.s.a. will be a part of the lemons and that you gave me learning to know them for having them was sad that a lot of them a lot of them out of the you will jani and i am of course seen. on the phone from. how long. the legitimate of her was selling it and how to build it. in the international of the shop.
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this crusade. this war on terrorism. is going to take a while. and the american people must be patient. i'm going to be patient says some ask and that he's able to sit on a cornishman. to me to desert storm does symbol with done a tremendous keep it on the leak. only print seafood euclid's to disease going to be temporal dispute between us is asked if this is our do you skip that you want to sit down with you and does your media brand of that would be sure to take leaving. enough of a degree of city to be as sure. as hell and on many. levels it will hold salary and they have family or to whom want to bang through and
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feel out of the room with one or more stock out of food and it will be harder than your house. that you. need tabula homes so we have to find an oil. only to. actually well laid the a-j. know how would. one him a good then feed them until we know. that she might have to be a few forums or. she had to get. the reaction after she michaela. has a calamity i live in. a flame tsunami klem. usa. will miss more well mcdougall what. will he. be.
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and now hanukkah star matty into the. style of the dean. is mostly. invested. for hundreds of years the struggle has continued in the very same lines. with jerusalem at its heart. as though this land regardless of its holiness. seems destined to live in eternal conflict between its inhabitants. and invaders.
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fighting behind the flag of religion. and marching under the banner of a crusade. to
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crank up the review. i didn't mean. to be going to look. at it has been incredibly us for some of us in south america recently these pictures are from sao paolo showing just how much water rezone the roads there it really was raining very very heavily and that wet weather has now extended into parts of argentina as well in fact the satellite picture shows that bright white cloud here and read a sense he has seen the lion's share of that rain with over two hundred millimeters of rain just in twenty four hours over one hundred millimeters of that was in just six hours so incredibly wet there we have had a fair amount of flooding and that system is still with us during the day on wednesday it's also going to be affecting us in europe why and still sticking around for thursday still causing us a major problems of a further towards the north and for the central americas here there's plenty of sunshine around a few showers for the bahamas and also a few showers just working their way into the coast of the temperament those will
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stick around as we head through thursday for north america well system in the northeast is beginning to move away but behind it is certainly is a war we're seeing the winds fire down from canada so a maximum in chicago just of minus four it's very different towards the west though hey we've got the winds coming out from the south so denver which should be around six or seven at this time of year is right about twelve the west coast though that's where for wednesday. the weather sponsored by qatar agrees. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories . providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. with nice documentaries to open your eyes on al-jazeera. new
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yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. this is al-jazeera. i know that this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. more protests against sudan's president omar al bashir is he addresses a large gathering of supporters in the capital.


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