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tv   Jerusalems Palestinian Cabbies  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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this in the country trying to move on from a violent past in search of reconciliation and a brighter future because hawke al jazeera. hundreds of one journalist making their way to the united states on foot have crossed into guatemala dozens of asylum seekers plan to eventually join the caravan that's headed for the mexican border news that this group recently prompted us president donald trump to rally more support to build a wall on the border as part of this immigration drive. french president about his last and the hostile debate he's hoping to appease the so-called yellow vest movement after two months of often violent protests against the high cost of living that's about the reports. it wasn't the image that emmanuel mccall would have hoped for zeroing in a small town in normandy to launch his national citizens' debate police fired tear gas on people who'd been protesting peacefully many would have shaken and angry oh no no no i want to get out of the french president made hundreds of men as tasked
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with all the noise in public debates across france or topics like taxes and democracy. there should be no to both as we speak we must try to deal with these subjects as you notice to address the great to visions i mentioned him at all michael says that he hopes that his citizens debate will calm tensions and create a sense of national unity but the people in this town are convinced yellow vest protesters like this retiree say they don't need a debate but more help to cope with the cost of living. we're not going to give up they think we'll get tired but no we'll keep demonstrating in the streets for a long time and more people will join us because there's more anger in nearby guy your traders say business is slow and most shoppers are on a tight budget the debate ignites little enthusiasm here. i fear it could make things worse if no solutions emerge from this great debate and people in france
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could react very badly if. it's the immigrants who are taking all the money they have all the right this is the government says it will examine the best ideas from the debate after two months for macro it's a gamble he must persuade people that the initiative is a real sign of change rather than political hot air. al-jazeera. donald trump's nominee for attorney general has told a senate confirmation hearing he does not believe the special counsel's investigation into russian influence is a witch hunt as is often described by the presidents william barr has served as attorney general under george h.w. bush and also told centers that china poses a bigger threat to the u.s. to u.s. security and russia some democrats are concerned would take charge of the inquiry led by robert miller it's looking into allegations russia interfered in the twenty
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sixteen u.s. presidential election kabul is one of the most polluted cities in the world afghanistan's health ministry says more than three thousand people die every year because of pollution. d.c. has more on what's being done to combat a problem. this is children's hospital kids here are getting treatment for a potentially fatal lung infection doctors say is likely caused by toxic air particles a side effect of the extreme pollution in the afghan capital. the bad air has a huge impact especially on the very young and they do not have a strong enough or mune system to battle the toxins and once they get a chest infection their situation becomes very serious this can take the life of a child very quickly that afghanistan has been at war for much of the past forty years but experts say air pollution is now killing more people than the conflict the health effects institute in the united states says air pollutants were attributed to more than fifty one thousand deaths in afghanistan in two thousand
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and sixteen. a blanket of smog can often be seen over kabul skyline. it's being emitted by old cars poor quality fuel and people burning trash and it's everywhere in the city's busy streets it is a lot of traffic jam especially in the morning time and also in the evening time you. only only have the capacity of five hundred million. or more than eight hundred thousand when he calls movement in twenty four hours in kabul city. the government has been trying to get a handle on the growing problem its environmental protection agency has installed these devices around the city to monitor the amount of toxic particles in the air the government says if air quality reaches dangerous levels there are other measures that can be implemented we can prevent the activity saw factories or we
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will shut down the movement of the public transportation and some other measures we can take. back at the hospital doctors are warning their patients especially the young to stay indoors in avoid going into the smog along with bombs and bullets these mothers must now worry about the threat of pollution how middleburg d.c. al-jazeera. without is there are these are our top stories an attack lasting more than twelve hours at an ira be hotel is over kenya's president her kenyatta has offered his condolences to the families of the victims and promised to find all those who were responsible instant began when attackers targeted three cars and detonated a bomb in the lobby at least fourteen people were killed we will seek out the person that was involved. in the funding
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planning and execution of this hideous. we will pursue relentlessly wherever they will be until they are held to account we will continue taking every step to make our nation inhospitable to terrorist groups and their networks a vote of no confidence is set to be held against the u.k. government after prime minister to his amaze brecht's it was overwhelmingly rejected m.p.'s world the boat debates the motion later on wednesday that could trigger a general election. for president laurent gbagbo is expected to become a free man after the international criminal court acquitted him of war crimes charges judges said the prosecution failed to show his involvement in mass violence following disputed elections in twenty ten hundreds of hondurans making their way
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to the united states on foot have crossed into guatemala dozens of asylum seekers plan to eventually join the caravan that's headed for the mexican border news of this group recently prompted u.s. president donald trump to rally more support to build a wall on the border as borders and immigration drive some are being detained by migration officials checking their documents. french president emanuel markram has launched a national debate aimed at finding ways to calm recent protests the debates will focus on themes taxes green energy institutional reform and this isn't schip discussions will be held on the internet and in town halls over a period of two months or nine weeks france's witness violent protests from the so-called yellow vests movements. now with all the headlines are back with more news here on al-jazeera that's after the stream. the week began with use of a ninety day truce in the to protect us china trade. the world's largest supplier
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of liquefied natural gas is the biggest one. we bring you the stories the economic world we live. on al-jazeera. a bill that grant citizenship residency rights along religious lines in india has prompted widespread protests i debate on social media for me ok and i'm really good so maybe look at the citizenship amendment bill some of your thoughts of your twitter and the live chat and you could be on the stream. thousands of undocumented immigrants living in india would be granted a polish way to legal residency and citizenship under the citizenship amendment bill but the legislation is remarkable for who it leaves out the bill was crafted
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by the ruling bharatiya janata party or b j p it extends rights to followers of six religions who came to india from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan before the end of twenty fourteen that muslims who came to india in similar circumstances are not eligible people protested soon after the bill passed the lower house of parliament last week strikes were held across northeastern india student a women's groups in among those demonstrating against the proposals the bill has also split opinion online supporters of the bill say the b j p m prime minister narendra modi have taken a bold stand to protect non muslims who fled persecution in their home country but others say the bill is a political risk that may backfire on the beach before elections due to go ahead in april or may for a deeper look at the bill we are joined from new delhi by common pal. he is editor in chief of east mojo that's a digital news platform he has reported extensively from north eastern india raju
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is an independent journalist and writer she joins us from mumbai some result but the stars are is chief advisor and spokesperson for the all us some students union which lead protests against the bill he joins us from doha team and in new delhi we have swadeshi saying he is a former national vice president of the b j y m s the youth wing of the ruling b j p he's now an assistant professor at delhi university hello everybody really good to have you here and let me show our audience what this bill looks like it's not much to look at have to tell you this citizenship amendment bill twenty nine his page one his page two and and then we're done comma as you think i'm packing this for your. resists for your subscribers who are following this citizenship bill what are you telling them it is can you simply explain it you
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know as far as the citizenship amendment bill is concerned it is very simple i mean if you look at it in a plain and simple we need jobs citizenship to people who are non muslims who are you know induce well secured or karsies or following the sikh religion work with us you did in countries which i mean about india and they will be granted citizenship it's as easy as that but most lives if they're muslims when so this isn't your program we're not begrudge it to keep it simple that is how it is. i just want to show you what happened when this bill was passed in the lower house there was uproar havoc. and believe me i'm very sorry my dear if there are any migrants who are the victims of persecution anywhere in the country they can apply for indian citizenship and after that they will be able to live in any state of the country like any other indian citizen their responsibility is on the entire country and not just one state if you are not you can do they see big.
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problems for everybody in the. big league. because of that really we wanted to go ahead with the bill it's a divisive bill one politician says what our community talking about almost exact same words are being used this is a tweet from ten moira he would says this is citizenship amendment bill is a direct attack on the concept of equality that's in chimed in the constitution and an attempt to intensify communal antagonisms between the bengali hindus and muslims rather break this down for us in terms of being an attack on the constitutional principles. well malik i think you are missing the to decide absolutely guide because just months before the general elections the government is trying to do so
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for the rise issues and mobilize the majority voice because this is an attack on the indian constitution and the principle of because indian constitution does not allow for discrimination in citizenship to a true religion jane here you have citizenship granted to citizens from pre countries on the base of the bridge and just a week before the biggest possible lower house fly is going to read the protests from the north the state of assembly and and the government's policy has been to before going yes if you talk about persecution of minorities then why under clinton to go to the community you are discriminating on the basis of pridgen if you are really concerned about persecuted minority is why not look to the neighboring countries like a saw that i am and these are being prosecuted there in yes i think of it on the other side said the scale the example i will i'm going to make a point that they should appoint ms indian constitution is a living document and under article three sixty eight indian constitution again
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parliament has all the right minded and constitution and dislike of america and you cannot and meant that will be of they can cause you sion and it started for in them comic for the good of data all thing and constitution about supposed right to quality is right to cut a deal because with less impressed if the should of just as it did it caused equally unequal unequally those who were a secret could go to what educated those who were abused they would be given the r.t. and this is our government of india done to jump ship amendment bill i too must point you to saying i could make a legit business not a single line in the indian constitution that us for discrimination on the basis of religion then you to move it or turn it on villages or think it is a good new model community middle of the morning look at this condition policy all hard to get sixty million people because if you look at you and others around with that issue and. i'm just going to stop you for a second article three sixty eight article sixteen can we do this conversation without all of the articles this talk about the broader principles so what ash i'm
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thinking about you p j p the voting party in india this bill this is just that bill has got a lot of blowback people are really upset even your allies other parties are upset with you why. look we have to see this really even how did years india has been a country if you see it as a good community is from iran and other parts of the world now in the modern sort of you need a legal status for defuses for a prosecutor population and in last twenty years we have seen that many persecuted communities from different parts of what is basically from of gonna stand down and bangladesh they have come in india so we have to differentiate between persecuted people and those were coming for economic benefit there is a difference between both of them and we should become those were persecuted those who cannot go back to their territory and we cannot compare this with wrong doing
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you see i could be a bridge builder. coming early that it's say excuse me yes come out you go first and summit out then you follow up come ahead. you know i think you cannot differentiate between those who are persecuted and those who come just for economic benefit we have our neighbors who are in an economic crisis look at bangladesh not a country which is doing great we have a million mark not a country which is doing great we have pakistan they have internal problems so we will always have these people who are trying to come into india for a better life now india as a big brother should be looking at the welfare of these countries india is a very powerful country and india can therefore do that deal we are able to look after these smaller countries and create an atmosphere where these countries can develop trust in themselves we can continue to have refugees immigrants come in you can not differentiate at all between those who are persecuted and pretty then the
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problems that are like that's the problem that the assamese people have they believe that assamese has become a dumping ground for immigrants coming from everywhere so therefore the indigenous people are not comfortable with that they feel that they have cultural fabric is slowly getting destroyed because of a lot of immigrants if you the pressure that is what they're fighting against let me just remind you that some of our is the chief advisor and the spokesperson says the stance to continue and some just go ahead. this bill is a for me neal bill it's. a nice little bit. of the i didn't. have an obvious reason is underpaid because of this bill and that they're all going to disappear although some. organism has all the. leverage of the country was one when the
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beetle was introduced into looks about this is. very clear to us and a sovereign not. a farm and that's something. we cannot accept this bill was in this bill there is a problem accord was signed in nineteen if you were for hysterical some woman comic artist those liberal studies are from reserve and you want to learn muslim because by having students but after that when you aren't going to move their bills react well well it's not going to build what and are illegal what are you going to what i remember him doing you may be muslim we cannot accept this coming years bill and there are some innocuous cannot be the dumping ground for illegal bungler this is the business we let central government was. we got the memo that god and the governmental. level committee to look into that law takes all of our medical i'm.
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sure that should all the money a lot of damage i hear you also to a gash also he's not saying they could have done a dumping ground so daschle is trying to have a conversation with him and melissa. i hear olivia i want to clarify for our audience because i'm seeing lots of conversation about this on mine that there are actually two prongs of opposition to this bill and so what i shall give this to you but on the one hand is the problem of people who say this bill is anti muslim this is khalid on twitter he says that this really exposes. what he calls the anti muslim bias of the current far right government of india he gets pushback from someone who says that those opposing this amendment this bill are doing this only to appease muslims the muslim refugees have several countries to take shelter so where the hindus sikhs jayne's buddhists and christians where will they go if they are tortured in pakistan afghanistan or bangladesh so that strong one of opposition
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to this saying that it is anti muslim in the pushback saying it isn't on the other side though this tweet really echoes what you heard some of our saying earlier rashad says that india is for indians a sound is in india therefore a summons are for indians and not for illegal immigrants so it's that point so i dash i'd like you to address the people in assam who say this is not fair for the citizens the current citizens who are there now. the people of the misinformed or we should learn from our history what happened one hundred emails back and what happened in nine hundred forty seven islamic state of pakistan well built on the line stop religion only so that when we kids are not prosecuted they are so in the minority in the christians are. they are they were persecuted they were treated and they came they come every year more than five thousand in those are minorities they come through in the illegal migrants so
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we need to give a legal status to them those who come as a legal magnet for economic benefit we have to deal with them and we will deal with them properly. now was saying so if we are not learning from our history you know what happened with. us and if you want to convert. what happened restricted because . you really are. a foreign car from or maybe our regard for mccord worked very well or all of the country did not detect one of illegal border guards like you. so jeff you know i ask you something as somebody who has studied a little bit of indian history but i forgot and some of it so much of a state anything that swadeshi all the beekeeping part can do to make you feel comfortable with the citizenship bill or do you just want to get rid of it completely little if. you believe i mean you know if you elect minority improve i'm going to be we're going to build up with grip as anyone who does what
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it's bound to ok that's very clear let me just move on you hear a position it has to be scrapped ron i just want to share this tweet the you put out a little while ago you say here the amended bill pulse on jan eighth makes it clear that muslims are not welcome in india and it's a very transparent attempt to stroke the religious polarization before a general election shadowed for april slash may and always feel like this is the gorilla in the room of the elephant in the room where every sort of scatting around the elections all coming what has this bill got to do with elections as far as you're concerned. let me let's get to the realities of this bill has only been part of the lower house of the parliament it is unlikely that it will be passed in the upper house because the government does not have the numbers. the government even need the government has to bring an ordinance and even to be doing an ordinance it needs the power of the parliament to purely not be easy for the government to part with so that if the government trying to achieve when you have three months left or the general election then you have not very well then your promises but we know the
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resolution always works in a country which is divided to religious lines so that the media claimed against bill and other and other decisions made by this government is to stoke the rise and what are the subjects on which the government is more bearable with the unemployment you know whether it is inflation out of this is the only. plan and who does the government is talking quite in the northeast. it was interesting your look . so i can get interesting. you around and you see that if i am balanced if i'm to look at it in a very balanced way for the problems of the northeast where many people have gone out to the street this is really what they're protesting is not really about the bill being anti muslim or not most of them want to protect their homes from illegal
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immigrants now if you look at the entire state of us some that is what they're worried about the state is already burdened as i said earlier with illegal immigrants who number anywhere up to ten million so that is already run of the worries that they have the feel that this bill is passed then more people are going to come from bangladesh into law it's like a sign middle of his very if you are. a child in this bail those who gave before talk it was december two thousand they would be granted or just to pick up the property school they should have to live in india far more than six years so you cannot say that number one that actually is the right are going to be in the country one thing i'm not a lot you're not a big number but you cannot tell the plug it would be open and only one is there any longer one or any or all of the going to. get are still everybody just after the spanish accent you're making him your search when he said this. week and
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we're also giving constitutionally status to plastics of atomic art and we are also we have also given dr alister just a six month life communities of us and so of what agenda is to protect india's population of asylum along with those what prosecutors in pakistan bangladesh are of the distance so this is a lot and and it has nothing to do with the election law and by god election got mad election took place and we get people with something bigger to be given how bob does it even under pressure but under pressure to do that is that part and they also can't get it and they lost badly. so i'm going to jump in here because i want to bring in this comment we got live from someone who is a citizen of a psalm he says stop talking about hindu and muslim we the people of the north east are suffering get those illegals out or make them live in northern india states indian states we don't care whether they're hindu or muslim this person goes on to say that they are from the northeastern state of us and whether hindu muslim or
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whatever i don't want them in my state modi should take them to ghostwrite states and picking up on something someone that you were mentioning that india is for indians and not for people who are not from the country talk to us about what will happen going forward do you think that this will pass. under the little student or give me the. argument that we are getting we have love we have. become our people. we come out there will be called the. people who are far more important than the that we are we are going to need our moment you're probably going to get it but then programming is keeping mom you know dumping very well being on the people of our family and not going to always going to. tell you look bad or illegal illegal my grand.
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daughter. going to bother being younger when i would be doing a great you know what do you know somehow i'm not i've got some of that you know if you're somebody i let me just ask you this it's people watching this will wonder why you're so passionate and also you seem to be reading and going can you tell us what it is that is making you so angry so that we understand the passion of which a splitter. yes i can cite one example from the nine tribal business. it is a protected area where the tribal people it is enclosed by illegal bungalow because these are going to be not. any longer be part is that you do then brought by the league of bangladesh. because i learned that by legal gun law this is all double good report that we had saying all this by because bill will become a minority in our own mother lives that we cannot we cannot we are not like a second class did not need our own mother that we have. the would have to be.
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there we can mine own mother that people are not being not good at least like. getting off with that because. in your in your. state. area you will be a minority and i'm telling some. yes go ahead. yes some would judge some would judges will also tell you because that who was attacking the lump of look at them is people and who was encroaching this area and it's very much clear that illegal migrants from bangladesh. and those are what as you could get they will definitely not that they will they will fight for their own existence those who came together fought economic benefit those are what encroaching lack of land and those who are encroaching as some would tell you what they that day because god you know little but those are a tag line also that's our country and that little part there should be definitely
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stopped and those are what particular. ability they should be given proper treatment so they are. at the edges of like you to a little not a stop in on you see on the only india is going to. get in that part of florida are those are not counted that is really actually what parents here had come across one of them ago has been is that so their system of the just give me a man that's coming to have seems to me scrutiny is impossible whether so much corruption when illegal immigrant crosses from the bangladeshi border for as little as fifty dollars he pays he gets a passage into india he comes into india and for as little as you know less than fifty dollars he's able to make a voter card which is necessary as a citizen in india for you to vote you know he even gets in certain extreme cases a passport a government passport and that's the level of corruption if that is the level of corruption how do you verify these countries are stressed we do have more and more
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people coming in so the idea that only those who are persecuted would be allowed in that that's an ideal situation and i don't see any luck at all there and that's certainly is a little event that's also not concerned that is very much the people of the north east so these are purely that this will open for. or really was offered. a lot of land or is a comma and i hear what you say i'm just trying to see what actually is a response so let me just share this with everybody this comes from the b j p for india twitter page it says the modi government is committed to protecting the cultural and social identity of the assamese people one final thought i would like to get from you is that you say the citizenship bill for the b j p is not politically motivated but what's happened now and the stirring up in the
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protests how could that potentially impact the b j p politically. he's what brought us all b j b ne not to study bright and your dead last month look nobody election took place in a psalm and b j p one even without a sun go to a should be no party which live b.g.p. if you want it back but in that election up i'm going to but it does. disturb separately and but to get me even more up more than a hop obviously. you don't these at the depth and i'm far too gentle a man many of you and the people left us they have would date b.j. been bilko body election and it would because their dad that represented up in an about up to judge amendment so you'll get all the names brought as if they're part of a at least you know what i thought were just going on what are very competitive. will mean i get on all day so they don't come around i know i know i hear the conversation thank you so much positions are very clear some
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a job well propping up the show i hear the passion as well thank you for explaining why you still with a sway cama write us what ash appreciate your comments and you being part of the stream as go to the on like community only when someone who perhaps might share someone else passion here kahlil on twitter says the sense of hurt is already visible in public discourse and a psalm as many are blaming delhi of deciding a psalms future without caring about what the people of the state really want all right thank you very much for being part of the stream today we're always online at a stream on twitter see next time take you to the at the egypt the egypt the
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egypt the you. the latest news as it breaks in a poll just out sixty five percent of the faithful said that they think it will do a great or a good job with details coverage is the second time this year doctors walked out on strike the government is funded by issuing suspension. from the around the world increased warning level colleagues as a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home. it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the oceans twenty one geologists are secretly plotting new borders.
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