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tv   North Koreas Secret Money  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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all of these wealthy countries which i'm very honored to do but many of them are so wealthy they can easily pay us the cost of this protection so you'll see big changes taking place and we've had great talks with countries friendly talks one of them said mr president yes we will work with you but for thirty years nobody's ever asked i said now we're asking took a long time said now we're asking and that allows us to spend much more money then these incredible budgets where it's just money going out and not coming back so wealthy wealthy countries that we're protecting are all under notice and all cooperating very nicely i would say they probably like other presidents more than me but that's ok i don't blame them i would too. there was
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a recent poll in europe the original poll when i first read i was one of the most popular people in the world and now they said he's not popular in europe i shouldn't be because i'm asking them to step up you have countries paying less than one percent in nato last year i raised forty four billion dollars more by saying i'm sorry you have to stand for the year before that my first year so it's just getting started i raised twenty four billion dollars with one meeting and until that it was just going down it was going down for fifteen years was just going down the numbers going into nato. and this year will also have a good year they're starting to step up. very unfair when germany pays one percent and we're paying four point three percent of a much larger g.d.p. we cannot be the fools for others we cannot be we don't want to be called
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that. and i will tell you for many years behind your backs that's what they were saying so there's a big difference we're going to be with nato one hundred percent but as i told the countries you have to step up you have to pay. minimum numbers actually the number should be much higher they said are two percent goal very few pay that but they should be much higher than that if you look at our if you look at what we pay it's massively higher than that. you're listening to a president from the pentagon where he's presenting a major review of america's missile defense program he says he's promising to prioritize defense above all else and to recognize that space is a new fighting the very let's join our course on an uptick in particle home who's also been listening in to what president has had to say that was the big announcement wasn't it the so-called fight in space. it was but i think before we
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get to that i just want to correct a few obvious lies that the president just told when talking about nato he said in his first and second year that he raised billions of dollars from nato allies that's not how this works he asked them to spend more on their own defense he's not actually raising money the president went into a pretty long speech about the border and the fact that the government shutdown possibly trying to use the pentagon in a way to say that this is a national security emergency i think that shows exactly where the president is because he is losing in the court of public opinion the vast majority of americans say they don't think they need a wall they blame him for the shutdown so using this opportunity at the pentagon to try and get his side of the story out once again but when it comes to the spaced out announcement which he was here to make yes the biggest headline is that he wants to basically weaponize space and i think it's interesting whether he meant to or not and the president said that he wants to use space for often siv and
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defensive weapons now in all of the briefings leading up to this the focus was really on making sure that the united states could shoot down any missile the president though just said he wants to weaponize space that's going to be incredibly controversial if it wasn't just a misstatement. so what the pentagon isn't visioning is these satellites that can basically track and see missile launches basically as soon as they happen they also want to spend money trying to figure out what kind of weapons could be put into satellites that could be used to shoot those down this again is going to really jar the international order most countries have been very reluctant to even consider weaponize in space but the president says he wants to go there but again the president can say what ever he wants and yes it is a powerful position but he doesn't control any money he can propose this in the budget he can also ask for drones is one of the proposals that can shoot down missiles with lasers and that technology doesn't exist so he can ask for all of
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these very side sounding things. but he can't actually do it unless he can get congress on board and let's not forget democrats now control the house of representatives they seem less likely to give the president one he wants so this is a big pronouncement but it urged caution it doesn't mean any of it's going to happen yeah just wondering pasi what sort of international reaction we're going to get to the things that the president is still talking about right now actually what we're going to see from the international community to the various aspects of this . but you know under president barack obama there was a push to talk about things like regulating space for how it can be used regulating the internet how that can be used since the election of donald trump that whole conversation is since pretty much gone away at least in the united states but this will likely add urgency especially in places like the united nations where people are going to probably express alarm because if the united states starts to try and weaponize space well then other countries could do the same thing so again this is
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his proposal it is what the pentagon has been working out it's a long delayed report it was doing a year ago it's what the pentagon would like to work out it doesn't mean they're going to be authorized to do anything like it all right particle cussing through to the heart of what the president has been talking about thanks to u.s. special envoy on the afghan reconciliation has arrived in pakistan to try to revive talks with the taliban zalmay khalilzad days missing pakistani lead us trying to bring the taliban back to the table last week top on leaders council to meeting with him accusing the u.s. of deflecting from the issue of withdrawing forces from afghanistan they've also rejected the involvement of the afghan government in the doddle. the pata city of health ministry in gaza is warning that at least three hospitals may be forced to close because of power shortages there isn't enough fuel it's a power generators the backup on reliable electricity supplies will stop the
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reports from gaza on what is course the latest shortfall. a money d.b. is one of the around three hundred women a month to give birth in this women's hospital in rough southern gaza but first child has just been delivered bunches arean section. there are daily blackouts across the palestinian territory so this and many hospitals like it rely on generators for power for at least twelve hours a day but the fuel for the generators is fast running out again as most has a lot of chicken if you cross this and the israeli siege in general for twelve years has got worse over the last year we have to delay many procedures because of a lack of electricity and we having to distribute more blankets because it's so cold for the children without heating was the latest fuel crisis started when israel banned the transfer of the third installments of millions of dollars from carter to pay for fuel and the salaries of from us employees. with an election looming in israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has bowed to pressure from
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politicians and people accusing the governments of allowing the payment of hamas to keep the situation in gaza calm which it has been relatively speaking in recent weeks was the cause gaza's two million people just suffering a fuel crisis this is a protest by palestinian authority employees in gaza angry with president mahmoud abbas for increasing taxes on their salaries the. repeated gyptian and un reconciliation efforts have failed to heal the more than decade long rift between hamas and the palestinian authority which is dominated by abbas is fatah party. people are increasingly angry with abbas and the p.a. which has for years withheld money and fuel supplies to hamas controlled gaza pullout are presented today we are calling for a general strike among a workers because of the new palestinian authority no increasing taxes it is hurting us a lot we won't stop until the p.a.
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listens there are protests like this virtually every day in gaza now hamas says that the palestinian authorities refusal to allow vital funds to pay promising you know authority employees here in gaza is a bid by the palestinian president mahmoud abbas to cause whatever must describe the civil unrest or anybody to remove that much so from howard i do believe that the palestinian authority with owned a concession that we've been giving to them from hamas and something like that doesn't sound that out interested to have a gain by what she had been doing but was shooting system and toward to get out again. talking about the election talking about different things that we both full to have but unfortunately that is the baby or the template didn't get us to the kitchen hit and they have to make it to more difficult what each of us to in the division and to distort our unity at least two hundred fifty palestinians have been
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killed mainly by israeli army sniper fire since we can be friday protests started nichols's border fence almost a year ago. i'm only deaves postponed some lines in an incubator in this hospital his life in sounds like him depended on where the palestinian m d's rady politicians will one day put the differences aside torcetrapib al-jazeera gaza. in a month's time nigerians will head to the polls dozens of political parties have registered and are more than seventy presidential candidates nigeria elections are often big business with hundreds of millions of dollars expected to be spent on publicized just sticks and gifts for voters but it's awkward interest reports from sokoto states this election season the parties have cut back on the spending. nigeria's campaign season is underway and candidates are seizing the moment the
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crowd here may be huge but they're not close to numbers seen during the last general elections in twenty fifteen then the country's banks are open politicians every day of the week most nigerians including politicians of noted how that has changed. democracy is growing and we're doing over some of this culture that is necessary that the that should not be the case in a democracy of them quite a process with all of the needed to allow the people to elect their leaders without necessarily being influenced. there through violence or through into the addition of the use of money and their complete materials. today many politicians and public office holders have been taken to court for allegedly diverting government money to fund their campaigns including money meant for the fight against boko haram the scope of theft has shocked many nigerians. and as far as you know finding money tb
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and being the empty money been distributed so to fund activities activities but negative to the nigerian economy it made until after ten to fifteen we find something. there appears to be a lot of caution this time and the era of big spending for elections is disappearing in previous campaigns traders struggle to meet the demands of politicians will buy food and other goods to share with voters in the hope of securing their support cells why good but this year is different these bags of rice now you're a staple i've been here for days with few buyers. traders say the like of spending is hurting their business and. regardless of their religion a politician come here in huge numbers to buy rice to give to what is nothing much is happening in these. some pleasant surprise for us. pretty safe
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politicians saying creasing really turning to social media to complain and that's not good for business for many here at the market they say this is one campaign season they don't want to see in future but for others this is a good sign of an increasingly democratic nigeria i'm a crease al-jazeera so. funny caffeine addicts take notes a new report suggests climate change is putting off the world's wild coffee species at risk of extinction the research conducted by scientists at persons will botanic gardens shows how as temperatures increase on the bevels of rainfall decrease the area where coffee can grow diminishes scientists are calling for targeted action in specific tropical countries especially in africa i think climate change is a particular concern because the species we grow occur in very narrow climatic envelopes that means that as as the climate changes as temperatures increase
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and rifle decreases the suitable area for growing this coffee diminishes and as ever this much more almost website you should address is al jazeera dot com al jazeera dot com. and that's it for me in the team in london joined all doha colleagues in a couple of minutes a. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i could afford four hundred people why you're here to be the. savior if that are called give that up because if that everybody wants al-jazeera selects.
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shadowy financial operations are propping up north korea's economy compering the elite and fueling the nation's missile into ships. one on one east investigates north korea's secret money on al jazeera. more than two thousand five hundred leaders from governments businesses and international organizations will meet at the next world economic forum to discuss the global political and industry trends one twenty nine t. dabbles special coverage on al-jazeera we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out
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of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start to search look in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us their trade of ivory is legal or not then we have a place who can focus law enforcement on take those out and perhaps choke the source of the id from entering the network take no one else is a. protest against a president resume on saddam the u.n. warns against the use of excessive force.
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead doctors in zimbabwe ways the alarm over the number of patients with gunshot wounds after a week of violence between protesters and security forces proselyting rise school but uses the saudi government of a pattern of law on his behavior which has been exposed by the murder of journalists jamal khashoggi. thank you for joining as they have been more protests in sudan prompting the u.n. to warn the government against using excessive force the demonstrations have become the longest and most sustained against president omar al bashir protesters want him to resign blaming him for the weak economy and rising prices saddam's government says twenty four people have been killed since the unrest began four weeks ago but put that figure out more than forty morgan is in khartoum with the latest i'm
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currently in peru where people have been protesting once again people come out to the streets to protest against present on the issue they've been asking for him to step down for the past full week the longest protest in trying independence if you see behind me and the people burning up people and the other side of town in full rehear have been tear gas if you police firing live ammunition to try to disperse the crowd that has not stopped them dipping dispersing in different parts of the town and it's not even the two that came out today several of the cities at least ten other cities also came out to protest against president bush who they say that we want him to leave and had a part in the interim independent council something music is not going to do now he said that he's going to try to improve economic conditions but people are saying that they print these promises over and over again and that the only thing they would like to see is for him to step down and hand over power he's been very defined the protesters have been very defiant as well and it's not clear where or how this would end up staying in africa a crisis in zimbabwe could engulf the whole region if it's not addressed. according
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to human rights watch the group says ruling the ruling zanu p.f. party supporters are beating up people and handing them over to the police doctors say they've treated sixty people for gunshot wounds after protests over a steep rise in fuel prices police have arrested hundreds of people including prominent white scientists the u.s. and e.u. have condemned the security forces crackdown on protesters zimbabwe's president. has been speaking on social media here's part of what he said on twitter on thursday he said i have been deeply saddened by the events in our beloved homeland violence will not reform our economy violence will not rebuild our nation he goes on to say resolving zimbabwe's economic challenges is a monumental task and while it may not always feel that way we are moving in the right direction there. is a senior researcher at south africa's institute for security studies he spoke to us earlier from zimbabwe's capital harare and says the financial issues are
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a hangover from the longtime rule of president robert mugabe. the problem or the grounds for the problem was laid quite a few years ago under the mcgarvie government when the mcgarvie administration began basically creating money out of nothing and it's rather complicated because zimbabwe is a dollar rise economy but basically the government began paying off the debts by infusing electronic money into the banking system which wasn't really backed by any u.s. dollars a tool so the value of that electronic money this electronic book entries zimbabwe basically operates a cashless society and depends on electronic transfers the value of the c electronic money has declined steeply it's now about a third of the real us dollar and of course people are paid in the select tronic in this electronic form so they the purchasing power of their salaries declined
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enormously and of course when the fuel price was hyped by about two hundred fifty percent this represented yet a further decline in the purchasing power of workers salaries and that's what sparked the violence the military have been deployed once again live ammunition is being used and people are being arbitrarily dragged from their homes and being beaten up if they are suspected of having taken part in the demonstrations that took place between monday and wednesday it's a very heavy handed approach it's very reminiscent of the mcgarvie era there's also been arbitrary arrests of people who are civil society leaders and activists and the internet was completely closed down from tuesday afternoon till wednesday evening and social media platforms remain closed by the government of
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zimbabwe so it's a very heavy handed response. u.s. person donald trump has just outlined a new missile defense review at the pentagon has singled out iran and north korea as ongoing extraordinary threats this is seven months after he declared that the nuclear threat had been eliminated it's we are committed to establishing a missile defense program that can shield every city in the united states and we will never negotiate away our right to do this second we will focus on developing new technology not just investing more money into existing systems the world is changing. and we're going to change much faster than the rest of the world human rights watch says the reputation of saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman has been wrecked by the murder of journalists. and
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this latest report it says a case says quote exposed a pattern of lawless behavior by the sound leadership it's pacifically criticizes the u.s. u.k. and france for refusing to stop arms sales to the kingdom the report documents ninety unlawful attacks by saudi led coalition some of which may account to war crimes saudi arabia is also facing scrutiny over its repression of dissidents and rights activists in the past year at least nine women were detained without charge three of them have been reportedly tortured with electric shocks and with things kenneth roth is the executive director of human rights watch he says it's ironic of the saudi crown prince who is selling himself is still selling in self as a reformer. things are actually getting worse in many respects and that's what we want to highlight here it's sad that it took the murder of a well known journalist like shit off the show need for the world to focus on what the saudi government is doing you know if seems like you know thousands upon thousands of yemeni civilians can die under saudi led bombing or star under the
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saudi let blockade and people don't notice it's just numbers but finally somebody they can identify with their world focuses on what riyadh is actually doing so you know be that as it may it's an opportunity to put pressure on the saudi government to change under the saudi crown prince the crackdown on any step in this direction as intense about and that's the irony of describing the saudi crown prince as a reformer you know gets on the social side he's trying to you know rein in the religious police but on the on the political side he has zero tolerance for dissent and indeed it will be seen as that either even women who flee the country and you know by walking with their feet are implicitly criticizing the saudi crown prince he goes after them so this is a big backwards year for domestic governments in saudi arabia and that's not even counting the many yemeni civilians who died to the saudi led coalition military
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efforts in yemen. in the u.k. prime minister to resume is having talks with rival party leaders trying to find a way forward on brecht said she's reaching out after narrowly surviving a no confidence vote sponsored by the crushing defeat over either withdrawal deal the prime minister has until monday to present her plan b. to parliament if she fails to get it approved then britain faces a real prospect of breaking away from the e.u. on march twenty ninth without a deal to avoid this a british government could propose to negotiate an entirely new agreement this would mean asking the e.u. for an extension to the departure deadline other options include calling another referendum as not be lection or cancelling breck's it altogether all of which prime minister may has flatly ruled out lawrence lee has more from the u.k. parliament in westminster. is three's a may the british prime minister prepared soulis into anybody else's opinion that's the question everybody's asking that the moments because having not listens when
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a body else's opinion and last deal on leaving the european union so catastrophic you this week she said she would take other opinions before coming back with a plan b. but what's ridiculous about is she didn't really need to host all these opposition leaders because she already knows that there's a great deal of concern about crashing out without a deal it's all people want an extension to leave the european potentially the end of the year instead or they want a second referendum and that's what they've gone in and said to her but her spokesman told little journalists this morning that her position is still that she won't rule out no deal and she won't countenance a second referendum and all these things so ill only become clear now that m.p.'s have left for the weekend and they're back in their constituencies it will become clear on monday if her position has changed at all but if it hasn't then it'll be a week and choose day when her plan comes to a vote in the house of commons that will see what the mood is really like because
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a number of amendments are already being tables demanding that parliament's rule out sleeving without any deal at all and also be a vote on things like extending to the end of the year so in the end if she's not prepared to listen then the still the potential for parliament to effectively outflanked her. well the prime minister of fellow e.u. state france has held a cabinet meeting to discuss ways to prepare for a no deal break set it off says more than fifty million dollars will be invested in french or sent airports to alleviate the impact of a so-called hard break said the contention c. fan focuses on cross border trade and transport the european union maintains the breaks it deal agreed with may is the best it can offer about the e.u. might be flexible on when the u.k. lisa block david taylor has an atheist in brussels one european lawmaker on kindly described the scenes in the house of commons of the last few days as
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a theatre of the absurd but make no mistake the tall european leaders are taking very seriously the prospect of a no deal breaks it approaching on march the twenty ninth all european capitals now making sure that contingency plans are in place they'll be reviewing those in the next few hours and few days because at the moment that prospect means that it's not only the united kingdom's economy that could be badly damaged but also the european union's there are talk all this talk of the recession looming here in europe there's been a downturn in the german economy the main engine of the european union and also worries over spain italy and of course france in the middle of the jewel asia on the yellow vest crisis so they're all looking to their own plans at the moment but hoping some sort of resolution can come forward now may.


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