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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 19, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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his father all spoke and that trial which has gone on all day is wrapped up and right now it is verdict time as we speak jason van dyke the police officer who was charged in this case was just speaking a moment ago in the court he said he will have to live with this for the rest of his life this was the first time he has discharged his weapon as a police officer and he was proud of that and he said that he felt for the family of look on mcdonnell that nineteen year old boy he shot nineteen times many of them in the back as mcdonald was walking away with a knife in his hand and it was that knife that was the justification for this shooting but that shooting really lit up the black lives matter movement and a lot of activism not just here in chicago but around the country here it was the trial of a half century time in fifty years that a police officer here in the city of chicago had been convicted of murder but around the country that really resonated in cities where young black men had been
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shot by white police officers this is been a very closely watched case and a lot of people were concerned that there could be an eruption here in the streets of chicago there have been multiple protests since this happened in two thousand and fourteen and now it comes time for the verdict and jason vandyke will find out what the price is for the shooting he committed that day al-jazeera john hendren i've presson secada following that sentencing will bring you more as it happens thank you john. plenty more ahead on this news hour including mourners turned on sudanese police at the funeral of a man killed during anti-government demonstrations. guillen says are hit during the latest palestinian protests along gaza's border with israel. and the rules of basketball provide a confusing ending for the english crowd at the n.b.a.'s london game peter will be
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here to explain in schools. columbia's government says the leftist group was behind says days car bomb attack has a police academy in bogota twenty one people were killed and dozens injured when a vehicle packed with explosives rammed through checkpoints and blew up the group has not claimed responsibility for the attack. and to peace talks with former president santos in twenty seventeen but they were put on hold by his successor. yes he has more from. colombia's defense minister and the attorney general say they have enough proof and intelligence that demonstrates according to them that attacker was indeed a an explosives expert for the land rebel group that he had lost his right hand in
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a previous explosion and that he had been responsible for explosives training in rebel camp in different regions along the border with venezuela where the land operates and that also there the man that was arrested in the early hours of friday was part of an urban cell here in the capital bogota the attorney general says that allegedly he was caught on the phone speaking about is role in tears these attack if paul this is true or the government believes that to be true it could also have of course consequences on the ongoing peace negotiations with this rebel group the last one standing in colombia we're expecting the president. to make a decision on these peace talks later on friday at the end of a security meeting that's been ongoing since friday morning. mourners and
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police in sudan have fought after the funeral of a man shot dead in anti-government protests in the capital activists say at least fifty people have died since demonstrations began last month mama deval has more from khartoum. scenes of violence in the sudanese capital khartoum on friday morning as more people died at the hands of security forces police attacked mourners with gathered for the funeral of while you bashir the sixty year old died after being shot by police who had accused him of hiding protesters in his house in a suburb of the capital khartoum a police vehicle was overturned by the mourners as the confrontation got worse. there had been another funeral this for a doctor hundreds turned out for that but because of the team had been shot dead while trying to treat wounded for testers. overnight one protest of many are around
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the country focused on the hospital where the doctor and the boy died a spontaneous outpouring of anger and grief combined many are still mourning i don't know what our demands are the demands of everyone and god willing we will continue in a group be successful our protest today is large and we are going in the right direction and after friday prayers a seemingly endless stream of people determined to make their voices heard then you worry about the shoot to kill attitude. and the fact that the bullet that was used seemed to be exploded when you don't use the term you know i cannot kick and therefore he said. this is impossible and don't you think it's high it's been full weeks since the uprising began at first it was over the tripling of the price of bread and fuel the economy is flatlining with astronomy can inflation rates or fission figures put it out seventy two percent but now
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people say it's not just the soaring. and the lack of cash but it's about the way the country has been run for the past thirty years the government says few were on the floor have no rived starting to leave the crisis they also announced the routine of more common suits and the raising of salaries but want to see that it's not enough they'll be satisfied with nothing short of the move of president omar bashir from power one hundred one. the secretary general of the arab league says it's not the right time to reinstate syria's membership of the twenty two member bloc citing deep divisions arab league ministers have been meeting in beirut lebanon has been pushing to restore syria's membership which was suspended in twenty eleven following bashar al assad's violent crackdown on pro-democracy protests last month the u.a.e. and bahrain reopened their embassies in damascus for the first time since the beginning of the conflict. yemen's warring sides have failed to reach an agreement
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during talks in jordan who the rebels and the evony government have been negotiating in amman over a prisoner swap deal that was agreed in sweden last month but both parties have accused each other of lying and hiding crucial information about detainees they've now decided on a time table to exchange their views on the details of the deal israeli forces have used to live fire and tear gas on palestinian protesters along the gaza israeli border fence at least thirty palestinians including three medics were injured this footage shows one of three ambulances that were hit by the tear gas demonstrations have now run for forty three consecutive fridays as part of the great march of return protesters have been calling for the right of return of palestinian refugees and an end to the more than a decade long blockade on gaza by israel and egypt child struck that was at the demonstrations in gaza. we've seen
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a lot of gas fired today yet again this is the pool week of the friday protests along the gaza border a lot of i'm going to she's taking the way now there's a lot of anger here in gaza specifically at the moment over the withholding by israel of millions of dollars donated by qatar a lot of which is going to go towards buying fuel for gaza there is a serious fuel crisis on the strip at the moment hospitals are saying that some of them may have to close down the big issue certainly pull the israeli government is that a lot more of this money is going to go to war paying hamas employees in the netanyahu government on the pressure. by what he described as what we're going to see in that government that accuse him of basically paying hamas to keep the situation calm and in the street understand it thousands of people have been protesting in other areas along the border since they were all right i gave everything to say they will
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continue protesting until israel's twelve year line day when sea blockade is they call stop al-jazeera gaza. and palestinians have told al-jazeera they feel suffocated and trapped by the torturous process they're subjected to by israeli authorities just to go to walk from long angry lines at checkpoints to tough travel restrictions many say they're fed up with endless today's stephanie decker reports from one checkpoints in the occupied west bank day after day they rise hours before the sun. cold and cramped this is the only way for these palestinian workers to leave the occupied west bank to get to their jobs in israel. all of them have israeli work permits but we're told it can take up to two and a half hours to get through this checkpoint that was about it is the same thing every day this is not a live and what country in the world does this take place that only happens to us palestinians here because of the occupation these workers try to jump the queue for
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the record but there's little space down below. fights often break out here everyone is frustrated. yesterday was harder than today they close the doors for a while and we are trapped yeah a lot of the sure the suffering that we endure our work is one thing and the crossing is something else all our energy is taken from us here at this checkpoint so when a person loses all his energy here what is left if the israelis wanted we could cross in five minutes to around five o'clock in the morning that we've been watching thousands of palestinians cross here in the last hour or so i don't think anyone who doesn't have to enjoy this on a day to day basis would ever understand what it's like. we also one of the workers to film this crossing for us once inside more hold ups and queues and more frustration israel maintains that these security measures are essential to prevent
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potential attacks. there are many checkpoints across the west bank this is the main entry point in and out of jerusalem from there's always heavy traffic and people are fed up you know every day they tell us they will find a solution when are they going to find a solution for this everyone is frustrated when they come to the checkpoint they lose their tempers we are a people who don't know what is going to happen to us. so many palestinians have told us these measures make them feel suffocated and trapped there's been no movement on the political front no peace talks since two thousand and fourteen and a delay in the announcement of the us president donald trump's peace plan everyone we speak to says israel's occupation dictates their lives and there seems to be a resignation that there is nothing they can do to change that. stephanie decker al-jazeera in the occupied west bank venezuela's economic crisis has taken
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a severe toll on children many have been abandoned by their families who've left for neighboring countries to escape the financial hardship a growing number of children are living on the streets and orphanages are running out of space and money to house them from caracas to raise a boat reports. going to holly's eleven years old his mother left him in this orphanage two years ago she went to colombia to escape the ongoing crisis in venezuela as soon. as we were received here with open arms we are taught many things and i don't want to leave my dreams behind. this is they will mingle orphanage a place that provides a home to at least fourteen children and gives an education to dozens of others. they were little is in charge he says that what's been happening here is yet another consequence of the crisis i mean good job we receive children from other
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places that we try to keep because there is a process for abandoned children one woman came with a three month old baby that she couldn't feed we're going to the level of undernourishment has increased among children because families colonel freed them but the situation is not easy for the managers of them. finding resources to support the kids is becoming more challenging every day both handling this orphanage are struggling to make ends meet they have to feed the children that you can see right behind me and educate them these are the latest donations then they have received you can see all of this bill and with all of this money they can barely bag one pack of bags the other problem are the medicines. is fifteen and has a new logical problem we're told he needs all these medicines to control the condition they're almost impossible to find and when they're located they're expensive president has announced new measures to end the economic crisis in
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venezuela but most economists say that they're unlikely to improve the situation anytime soon hyperinflation makes life here extremely difficult for most people. daughter was one of those who left she left her five year old son son in her mother's care. it's difficult i miss my daughter very much i really need her the situation here is harder and harder every day prices go up and up you work and work and it's not enough for anything there is no official data on how many children were left behind and in which conditions in the past years almost three million venezuelans have left the country it is an issue that war is lawyers like. a move to what we're seeing now is a new phenomenon of children that are left behind but some are cared for by their families and others are not so there is no control over who is responsible for their child legally whether they are studying or living on the street family thing
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venezuela are struggling to deal with the impact of the country's crisis leaving their country and children behind is for some parents the only option they see to survive. still ahead on al-jazeera where the eastern end of the five hundred kilometer irish border why people are worried about barriers to their business. the tiny plastic particles in everyday products and why the european union wants to ban them. and then sport one champion knocks out another. makes an early exit will be here with. hello again we're here across united states as we can it is going to be quite messy
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anywhere from the central plains all the way to the northeast and that is all due to a system that is developing right now and that is making its way towards the east take a look at your forecast map here on saturday heavy snow to the north a lot of rain down here across parts of the southeast and we could be seeing some thunderstorms there but we could also be seeing some near blizzard conditions particularly where we see these winds very very quick across much of that area that storm makes its way towards the northeast not only affecting united states perfect in the southern portions of ontario as well as into québec temperatures are going to be dropping behind the system you can see toronto minus thirteen degrees there new york it's going to be about three but very windy conditions is going to bring the wind chill down across much of the region here towards the west we do have another system coming in from the pacific that is going to bring some rain as well as more snow to the higher elevations well here across the caribbean not looking too bad but that same weather system that we were talking about in the united states is going to come down across the gulf and we do expect to see some change in the temperatures here across the yucatan as a pushes through for advantage though on sunday we're going to be seeing some sharp
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showers there with attempted there about twenty eight degrees no heat you bet for nasa twenty five in a beautiful day over here toward center domingo with attempt a few of about twenty eight degrees there. i didn't know that corruption has reached a level like nothing ever before in our john kerry. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the daytime we will honor the american people with the truth and nothing else discover the. for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera if you are looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going or what what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our
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obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to break through the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing on al-jazeera. bunkum back on the stars a reminder about top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un will meet for a second summers at the end of next month the white house made the announcement after north korea's lead new can negotiate how talks with trump and secretary of
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state mike compare. mourners and police in sudan have fought after the funeral of a man shot dead in anti-government protests in the capital khartoum activists say at least fifty people have died since demonstrations began last month. a u.s. policeman is about. to be sentenced for murdering seventeen year old black teenager in the kwan macdonald in one of the cases that triggered the black lives massive movement in a statement a short time ago jason van dyke told the court the last thing he wanted to do was shoot mcdonald. the white house is denying accusations from the house speaker that donald trump put troops and civilians working in afghanistan in danger by leaking information about a planned congressional trip say trump had canceled their military flight on thursday citing the government shutdown but nancy pelosi is accusing the president of revealing information about the trip calling it very very irresponsible pelosi and trump are at loggerheads over funding for
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a us mexico border war. we want to thank god. we had to wait for mccain just in that the president. outing a trip has made it seem much more dangerous because it's just a signal to him better than peers that are coming naturally we never say anything and never give in sunni community into a battle you know you just never do present president. to help him understand that many people around him that should have known. but experts say if the political impasse continues as i have a serious impact on the u.s. economy but the more immediate effect of the shutdown is hunger demand from food banks across the country is growing as hundreds of thousands of federal workers are not getting at paychecks and you got to go reports from florida. for almost thirty
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years from shows mission has been a simple one takes up less food and feed the hungry soup kitchens churches and homeless shelters all the biggest customers for the last few weeks that's changed were just unloaded and loading all day long these vehicles are headed to locations across florida where the dealing with a new demand we are receiving more and more cars have hungry people throughout the state on because of the government shutdown so yes we are really responding two thousand and bedrolls as we do any other and that's a lot for all just one paycheck to paycheck so away from being hungry stuff here say the situation is unprecedented under normal circumstances this part of the warehouse would normally be empty but as you can see there are a boxes of things like spaghetti with label saying disaster assistance on the side and the demand is increased so much over the last few weeks the staff here now are working seven days a week just to keep up people going to treat them like we might if you are among
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those working. without pay or a traffic controller as many say their commitment to keeping the flying public safe is being tested i can say as time goes on the system beacons to be less safe it's definitely less safe than it was just a couple of weeks ago and now we're getting to a point now where it's it's a big distraction and people are worried those responsible for airport security are also working without pay and with no prospect of a resolution there's growing anger among federal workers. on florida's space coast nassar employees are calling for an end to the shutdown as many face financial hardships food banks charities and churches continue to support those hit by the longest government shutdown in u.s. history but as the weeks stretch on the choices the many get harder and to gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. police officer jason van
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dyke has been sentenced to eighteen one months in prison that's six and a half years for the second degree murder of black teenager kwan mcdonald and twenty fourteen this is the press conference happening outside the courthouse right now if you're caught lying if you're caught breaking the law however i want to say to our country this is a sad day for america and the american justice system this man has clearly committed murder. and and the murder in which he s. as committed has been shown all over the world everyone in the civil and conscious mind knows that this is murder and the reality of it is we have to do something legislatively to change this we must begin the process to do something legislatively to change this so that police officers that commit the kinds of crimes that jason van dyke has done and the three of also this will be convicted properly for the crimes and what they could which they're committed just like any other citizen in the state of illinois or in this case again as spoke earlier this
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morning and i talked about keep talking about this thirteenth amendment the thirteenth amendment as a one for men meant halfway because on the back in tibet thirteenth amendment it says when an african-american a black person is put in jail and is charged with a class x. felony he is then. to be revert back to be on the slate and is due to be paid slave wages we have more people in slavery now in twenty nineteen then we had at the height of slavery if america is serious about getting peace reform and getting justice for all and if this is going to be liberty and justice for all we must get serious about abolishing slavery in this country we have being treated like second class citizens here in the city of chicago this sentence represents the sentence of a second class citizen at a reduced mcdonald's like to a second class citizen and they suggest that there are no laws on the books for
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a white man a black man that a white man is bound thank you say that and i have no right hester asked the question would you like it immediate reaction outside the courthouse to the sentencing and i think there's going to kind of reaction i had to continue to stand back and properly i can properly address that i can just tell you that based on. the comments that are just made to you. we've been listening to some of the reaction. jason vandyke sentencing outside the courthouse in chicago where he's received six and a half years in prison and we'll have more reaction as that happens he's now in court and we'll be hearing more from the families. the democratic republic of congo is rejecting the african union's attempt to
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intervene in the disputed presidential election the e.u. is calling for the announcement of the final results to be postponed because of election fraud concerns provisional results which declared opposition leader heavy the winner being challenged in court by his rival most unfairly is accusing tshisekedi approaching to rig the outcome with outgoing president joseph kabila. has more from the capital kinshasa. government officials in kinshasa have told the african union that this is a sovereign country no one should interfere no one can tell the d r c how to run the elections they also say they can fees because they getting mixed messages from african leaders we know the african union is unhappy with the electoral process so far but leaders from the southern african development community issued a statement saying that the people of the d r c should be able to resolve their own crisis foreign country should not interfere and people especially. wait for an outcome from the courts we know that aid constitutional judges i mean to make an
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announcement on the way forward they could either say the feeling is the katie one the addiction which means he will be sworn in as president in a few days time they could order a recount all that could save the whole course was a mess and she be held again which could take months maybe even years and that means it could be the remains of president until those elections are held all eyes of. the opposition to the catholic church has won the election by sixty one percent if he's unhappy with the outcome from the courts. a kenyan courts ruled that five suspects in choose days hotel attack must be held in custody including a canadian national they're suspected of helping gunmen who stormed the dusit complex and killed twenty one people the somali based group al-shabaab says it was behind the attack prosecutors say the investigation is complex and they are pursuing more suspects in kenya and abroad. an appeals panel of the international criminal court has granted a last minute request to extend the detention of four me former ivory coast
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president. prosecutors have asked to keep him in prison while they appeal against his acquittal he was tried over post-election violence eight years ago in which three thousand people were killed still faces a twenty year jail term back home for financial crimes the funeral of a murdered investigative journalist has been held in ghana. helped expose corruption within world football's governing body fifa gone as president has condemned the killing as a heinous crime saying reports from the gun in capital. relatives and friends gathered at the local mosque to pray for the murdered journalist ahmed hussein so he was shot multiple times just outside his home in accra in what appears to be a targeted killing almost all do this from the north the other family from this place is all here morning you know it's something very shocking and what people
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were intending to do. in mom's will come to talk to us not to take the law into our equal yet we don't know who is a sponsible. of this unfortunate incident the the award winning investigative journalist and us army is among the mourners he hides his identity both to keep him safe and help with his reporting he worked with and is the leader of a team known as tiger i private investigations together they expose corruption in the gun in judiciary health sector and most recently saw. several hours after the killing and asked posted a video on twitter showing a member of parliament making threats against ahmed in june last year after their latest exposé on soccer that led to a lifetime ban from the sport for the head of ghana's football association for bribery and corruption and asked says the media environment in ghana is changing for the worse some some of which. might string tension with.
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city it's a shame. if we. didn't . know. the head of ground is journalist association agrees. we need to do something. in a position but. their rights. is government. run for the number of high profile targeted killings in the month of january and people are asking what's happening here. worrying trends. family say emotions are running high and they want they want those on from the police and the security services i'm up watching al-jazeera. british prime minister tourism
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a will speak to european union leaders this weekend ahead deal for leaving the bloc was heavily defeated in parliament three days ago may has been given until monday to come up with a plan b. she's met rival party leaders in the hope of reaching a breakthrough opposition leader jeremy corbin is refusing to join cross party discussions until a no deal breaks it is going to out well the biggest issue facing any breaks a deal is the irish border which would become the only land fronted between the u.k. and the european union and he's barco reports from calling the local businesses fearing for their future. who owns carlingford law for the past twenty years the question hasn't mattered but then breaks it happened. daryn coming in is an oyster man. his high end is consumed as far away as china the north shore is british the south is irish the waters in between are shared across border agency works for the
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interests of both sides. but it hasn't always been this way not far from here in one nine hundred seventy nine eighteen pretty soldiers were killed in an ira ambush during thirty years of six hereon violence in northern ireland was a militarize frontier. would have. been border a possible no deal breaks it has increased the prospects of a hard border the return of customs checks and extra paperwork could be devastating for the fishing industry that relies on speed it's just a complete disaster. but the last ten years. from no home port in the last seven years of new morning constant work. just never enough grip and so on and the failure got the business up go on and on and then brag that holmes was very frustrated. border will also impact on the movement of people the carlingford ferry
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is the only route across the lot people are crossing the border every day here between northern are in than the republicans are in for work in their daily lives the possibility of introducing any barriers to the free and seamless movements of vehicles and people. is a great concern to us for the past twenty years the border here are. very much. if no solution can be found most breaks in in either side of this law could soon be run by two distinctly different dorothy's complicating the lives. the return of a hard border remains for now a worst case scenario but the crushing defeat of the british government's breaks it deal on choose day has set contingency plans in motion on both sides of the border yes we are making preparations for we have to do that now. checks the ports and airports.


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