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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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thank you very much indeed. justifiers watching on here live from london still ahead survivors of the two thousand and two bali bombing react with fury after the alleged mastermind is granted an early release. as donald trump prepares for another summit with kim jong un i'll tell you what south korea hopes will come out of that meeting. i was about to rain again name china in the middle of winter not much to it from the point of view the satellite picture was telling that cloud was white tops it's being fed from below a bit of moisture and that is a result during sunday with the rain turning off the west of hunan which means hong kong remains drawing quite over twenty four the cold is coming to shanghai on one
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hand isn't that cold or the height it's allowed to give it a little bit is snow and that's even visible on the northern edge come monday when the rain is heading south towards a rather cooler hong kong front as a gathering of clouds further south and to some degree on the same latitude further west the active from that brought the dust storms through the arabian peninsula still this one here which i think would use a few showers in pakistan over the next day or so and the northern edge of the head of the now developing storm bring significant snow to afghanistan northern pakistan the far north of india as well might have some effect in new delhi trees in the breeze maybe even sparking a shero seems unlikely most of india is dry and fine and that's still always now the case in the arabian peninsula but now look at the temperatures riyadh's about right at seventeen doha as in the cold side still with that northerly breeze and that doesn't change very much even on monday.
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taiwan. a sovereign island state or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people in power investigates the tactics of those to whom reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lies and prostrate ties on a. and we're going to the top stories here now to syria senator lindsey graham says the
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u.s. relationship with saudi arabia can't move forward until the murder of journalist has dealt with graham said congress will reintroduce sanctions against those involved in the killing of. crowds are gathering outside the democratic party. where a verdict is expected shortly over the depressed out of the disputed presidential election opposition leader he was declared the shop winner but runner up marching for you to insists he won by a landslide. and arrest warrants have been issued for thirty eight journalists and activists on charges of incitement and spreading false news protests have been taking place across the country for more than a month demanding the end of president bashir thirty year rule. and he's sixty six people have now been confirmed dead after a pipeline fire broke out in central mexico local residents had been siphoning off fuel from the leak when the explosion happened dozens of people are being treated in hospital for severe burn wounds john holmes reports from mexico city and what
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you may find some of the images distressing. it looked like a village celebration dozens gathered under a fountain of gasoline it had erupted from what next crew state oil company said it was in and legally tapped pipeline. they took their fill the soldiers sent to guard the pipeline looks on seemingly powerless then this happened. dozens of people were taken to hospital with burns many less fortunate were burnt to death the tragedy comes just as the government is trying to crack down the boy. i. measure all my sins. we want to offer our deepest condolences to the victim's families and to tell the victims' families that the entire government is with them and that we are sincerely saddened by what has happened i would also like to tell the family members of those who were injured
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that we keeping special attention at the hospitals and that we are trying to save lives. gangs and corrupt officials have been siphoning off petrol from the country's pipelines few years in two thousand and eighteen the army found more than six thousand illegal taps vulnerable pipelines have been shut down while the secured it's left many communities with shortages. the government's trying to make up those shortfalls by delivering petrol in heavily guarded tankers in the capital the system is beginning to work but elsewhere emits crews second city guadalajara and several states there are still queues operations costing serious money not just the tankers but the full thousand troops deployed to guard them pipelines and fuel death pose experts say it can't go on indefinitely the president's essentially made this a game of chicken let's see who gets tied first he said those dealing the country's oil or his government with its mounting cost of pipeline security and distribution
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. polls that show the majority of mates can support the president stand. by but if it's to fire people who are stealing the fuel it's good we just have to put up with it for a bit if it's to make the country better that's fine friday ended with another pipeline explosion in created all this time with no casualties but the clock's running for the president to come up with a long term solution to few there and all that comes with it john home and out zero mexico city thousands of people have gathered in the polish city of donetsk to been an emotional farewell to murdered mayor pavel adam of which he was fatally stabbed at a charity fundraiser last weekend and i'm a bitch served as the arabs don't for twenty years i was a liberal critic of poland's ruling party polish president and european council president donald tusk are among those attending the ceremony the twenty seven year
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old suspect has been arrested over the matter you know women's march in washington d.c. is underway it began two years ago in response to the election of u.s. president donald trump thirty countries around the world are taking part to shine a spotlight on the number of women's rights issues after instance always at the march in london and so this update. well this is one of several protests happening across the u.k. and across europe and here in london knows about three thousand people who have time marched through central london finishing up here in trafalgar square where several speakers are addressing the crowd on women's rights issues and the theme of this particular march here in london is called crowd and roses and that's a slogan actually came from a speech that was actually given in one thousand and twelve by an american female labor hand rights activist who said the worker must have fragile but she must have
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roses to meaning that women shouldn't just be able to just get by just survive the fish and also be able to thrive in their workplace and know life so that's the theme of the organizers are pushing forward on this particular march saying that there are modern struggles that women are still facing more than a hundred years later where basically protesting against the thirty measures that have basically stripped women in the u.k. of financial rights and security and stability so we're basically highlighting the impact the surgery has had on women up to eighty six percent more than men and we just want to basically say to the government and to everybody else that this can't continue austerity is a key factor in so many different issues that affects women from violence against women to the service is bad and survivors can access to racism to to breakfast. equal pay and this is so many different
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issues that women experience and the common denominator is asserting and of course brags it is looming large over this protest it's just weeks away and organizers here say are the smartest also about calling on the government to address are staring the issues that women will ultimately face they say as a result of that there are numerous cuts steroids to community services social services you got particularly target vulnerable women and they say that in a post that britain at the start or like i was. it had mastermind of the two thousand and two bali bombings could walk free from prison next week indonesia's president says eight year old bakar bashir will be released for what described as humanitarian reasons as she was jailed for fifteen years for his links to the nightclub bombings in which one two hundred people were killed and actually o'brien
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has more. than many of those in bali on that night seventeen years ago abu bakar bashir is a promoter of terrorism but for his lawyers and now the indonesian government he's an old man who suffered enough when i was up about zero carbon release was based on humanitarian reasons and based on acceptable reasons according to law among others i will book our bashir was to all use the oldest prisoner in indonesia he also suffered from the illness. the bombs were planted and not clubs more than two hundred people mostly tourists were killed and more became the most deadly attack of its kind on indonesian soil. the icy year old has so far served nine of a fifteen year jail sentence for his links to camps where the bombers were trained he had been an allergy for parole because he refused to renounce his beliefs president. into those lobbying on bashir has behalf and agreed to release him. but
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. one of the conditions for obtaining parole is being loyal to the philosophy of the state if inmates don't want to sign the document they cannot get released in this case the president used his authority to release bashir but some in indonesia suspect the president has one eye on elections and i pro and is concerned about accusations he criminalizes clerics the shia who set up an islamic boarding school known for producing feiss has repeatedly denied involvement in the bali attacks and says he's not hostile to the state. to have this country protected by god's rule for everyone is safe that's the meaning of defending the state i want to defend the country so that everyone is safe even muslim or infidels. of the two hundred victims were astray ians and one survivor who lost his friends in the attack is disappointed that. radical groups.
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do pine. and violate their own. the bombing spoke to beef up cooperation on security masses with the u.s. and australia always expressed that the date was aggressive by sions and we will continue to work closely with them on this issue with partners when it comes to capturing terrorism and religious extremism but despite those reservations but she is expected to walk free as any as next week. on al-jazeera the white house says the u.s. president is looking forward to another summit with north korean leader kim jong un which will take place next month but critics say little has really changed since their last meeting which some have dismissed as a photo opportunity donald trump says the two sides have made progress rid of a very good meeting yesterday with north korea i was radical meeting that lasted almost two hours. we were agreeing to meet sometime probably beyond the february.
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we picked a country but we'll be announcing it in the future. kim jong going to looking very forward to what he told me which made a lot of progress that has not been reported by the media but we have made a lot of progress. are a. concern. we're talking about a lot of different things but we've made tremendous progress that has not been reported on board but it will be. south korea says the summit will hopefully be a turning point for peace george noory reports from seoul. the announcement that a second summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un will take place at the end of next month has been met overall with a positive response the u.n. chief said on friday it was high time negotiations started again seriously and here in south korea the government said it would extend all the help it can to ensure
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the second summit is a success but it's difficult to be too optimistic about the upcoming summit essentially because the main difference between these two countries and that is on the issue of what denuclearization means still exists to the u.s. did leave their eyes ation means north korea getting rid of its nuclear arsenal in a way that can be verified before signs are that now north korea has not explicitly stated what denuclearization means but we know they expect it to happen in phases and they expect any action it takes to be met with something in return are they in the form of sanctions being lifted or humanitarian aid being extended now analysts have said that this upcoming summit could be an opportunity for north korea to try and gauge what sort of concessions it can extract from the trumpet ministration and the best case scenario really for the u.s. and for the rest of the world will be for trying to be able to pin north korea down
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to a detailed roadmap and timetable towards denuclearization as well as a detailed list of north korea's nuclear and missile assets because if this second summit fails to achieve anything it could risk being seen as nothing more than a publicist a stunt for these two need is the other nation of vanuatu is conducting a world first health trial using commercial drones to deliver lifesaving vaccines at the moment about one in five children that don't get all the vaccination as they need the move could revolutionize health care for some of the world's poorest nations under thomas reports run. delivering vaccines to people on air or mango audience used to take hours or even days but now a drone can reach them in minutes soaring over the sea over rugged landscapes which don't have roads or parts until recently this a long rough boat ride was the only way anything got to the village of south river
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to get things to other places to go about and the trek of many hours for vaccines which need to be kept cool that's expensive and impractical boats need lots of fuel backpacks don't have for generation and in remote villages there isn't reliable power needed for fridges to store vaccines long term drones mean vaccines can be delivered on demand i've been with the minister of health ten to five years and this is the most innovative and ambitious and exciting project that i've been involved in two companies commissioned by that i want to use government and backed by australia unicef and the global fund are investigating the viability of the new services across from the aussies archipelago it takes twenty minutes for a drone to reach south river from air mangos main settlement at dillon's bay but the battery on board can fly it for well over an hour the drone reaches one hundred ten kilometers an hour and can carry two point five kilograms on board this child
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is one of the lucky ones being vaccinated during the trial period otherwise it looks like and a lot longer we've had many conversations with with unicef at the global level and that definitely looking at what's happening in one or two other countries are interested to learn from let's have an happening in vanuatu to be able to replicate but also use drones just minutes on the ground before making the return trip what are being tested hair about the practical technicalities of delivering vaccines by drugs and economics is it financially viable to deliver primary health care by driving the company behind. this says yes largely using parts made by three d. printers their manufacturing cost is less than ten thousand dollars per drug and pulling the drones fly set roots oton asleep so there's no need to expertise locally the only marginal operating cost is electricity about four dollars a flight about a mile to but even that cost is removed when solar energy is used it is made to be
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robust and cost effective in a solution that we can we can talk to a country that can afford one hundred thousand all of a coal but we can bring the syme of a technical competence with all of us sitting behind me with this trial is a world first if successful it has a big implications the potential to fly out to primary health care on demand to remote spots worldwide and to thomas al-jazeera. oil and. i may be named after one of which is most famous lovers but one lonely amphibian has spent more than a decade searching for remands now love may be around the corner for romeo a rare frog in bolivia he's been described as the world's loneliest critic for vogue and is one of the last of his species online campaign that began on valentine's day raised enough money to send a team that found a mate for him in the bolivian rain forest and that's will history museum where he lives is confident he'll hit it off with a studio it was worth waiting for. him
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on the top stories when i was there you know senator lindsey graham says the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia can't move forward until the murder of journalists is dealt with graham said congress will reintroduce sanctions against those involved in the killing of her shoghi. if we will. start sanctioning those involved with the killing the mystery shogi will make a definitive statement that m.b.a.'s knew about it and is responsible for it and come up with a series of sanctions to make sure that others understand this is not what you do if you're an ally of the united states crowds are gathering outside the democratic republic of congo's top court where a verdict is expected shortly over the result of a disputed presidential election opposition leader to security was declared the
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shock winner but has been accused of rigging the vote with outgoing president joseph kabila runner up martin for you to insist he won by a landslide and filed a legal challenge at least sixty six people have now been confirmed dead after a pipeline fire broke out in central mexico local residents had been illegally siphoning off fuel from the leak when the explosion happened dozens are being treated in hospital for severe burns alleged mastermind of the two thousand and two bali bombings has been granted early release from prison by indonesian president djoko dodo on humanitarian grounds survivors say they're outraged that a two year old abu bakar bashir will serve only nine of his fifteen year sentence when two hundred people were killed in the night up attacks arrest warrants have been issued for thirty eight journalists and activists in sudan on charges of incitement and spreading false news protests have been taking place across the country for more than
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a month demanding the end of president bush is that hero. do stay with us people in power is up next when you feel after that i think. a suffering dog in state or a breakaway province of the people's republic of china that must inevitably return to make gun control as the battle intensifies to influence talk of a nice house minds on this question we've been to investigate the tactics of those to reunification is only
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a matter of time. asia's most vibrant democracy is feeling the heat from an increasingly powerful neighbor that claims it has a renegade province opened up once again we have a. president that i think in the democratic way of one element in any way. the two sides share a complicated history of civil war in china drove the fleeing nationalist army to taiwan in one nine hundred forty nine. it's had its own government since its own
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law was signed. and lately off freedoms not seen in many parts of asia and yet formally taiwan is not a country i love it's all very well wouldn't you go for a good. school i do wish. you luck because literally. the supporters of unification between china and taiwan insist both sides agreed in one nine hundred ninety two that there is only one china. but within taiwan the so-called one nine hundred ninety two consensus is the subject of much debate woman's and will enjoy them playing because it's home. now tensions have escalated since president chai of the independence leaning democratic progressive party took office both sides ramped up military activity in the taiwan
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straits off to beijing cut diplomatic contact in two thousand and sixteen. china also forced a string of airlines and companies to amend references to taiwan on their websites i want to make us out to be on the way out on the all these recently. was young oh young guy goes on water we're hearing another. frosty relations with china come amid a strengthening of ties with the united states officially washington agrees with beijing that taiwan is a part of china but on officially it's one of the island's main allies. this year the us opened the new two hundred fifty five million dollar complex in the capital taipei it also committed to stronger military support for taiwan and passed a bill encouraging visits between officials from both sides as one then think it is
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feeling i don't think my president wanted to choose sides between china and the united states but the situation needs to be at least countrol manageable so all we are walking on the thai roll. for the chinese communist party a campaign to win the hearts and minds of the taiwanese people continues. here this year beijing announced its so-called thirty one measures placing such an taiwanese businesses and individuals on an equal footing with their chinese counterparts. within taiwan china is also making its presence felt. people in power investigates the fringe political groups working with beijing not to get eaten for nothing i think it's. really nice. we find out some of the ways china gathers information inside
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taiwan all to juggle their boots we're going to have a proposal social teaching go. ahead of local elections at the end of the year there were fears things could get even more intense almost sold else was to the. jungle no equal. to the salt. what's happening here. they showed up just after six in the morning or their job at out of hiding in pro unification politician one being drunk says he was completely unprepared by now he was adorable. it hit him hard as it turned out to the only true didn't that he underling higher than any child with him and no children. what followed was live streamed on his facebook page the video here. of our grandchildren for.
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the standoff which lasted forty minutes ended when police broke the lock i mean even when i was by the sort of helping mom in you know an image of a kid sounded many. passengers are listening to. the raid might not have happened were it not for this man joe home shoe a chinese citizen and former student at one of taiwan's best universities. he spent fourteen months in jail for attempting to recruit spies for beijing a charge he continues to deny today so how do you see that one's will that be it among alleged collaborators. when we meet again it's at a hastily called press conference. his father and two members of his political party have just been indicted and are awaiting trial we'll let you see what the
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reason for that for you what you mean or why. you mean it's also the wisdom of god i don't think you go that. wasn't what i wanted. but prosecutors insist the three politicians took money from the chinese communist party with former student joe home shoes acting as a middleman. the national chain she university is where he caught his postgraduate degree. joe declined our request for an interview but we managed to speak to a former exchange student at one of taiwan's other universities she's asked that we hide her identity. joe you'll run home courses ball will go soon for hashimoto's four. hundred one. coming out schools are going maples on hold the real. amy says she quickly suspected something was wrong but government officials
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wouldn't leave her alone to hunt for the washing machines and so she will. hope. the one hundred dollars you will wait until you get home and joe says she will hold you to say. three pm on a weekday afternoon outside the presidential palace in taipei and this is a regular site. members of the concentric patrick as an alliance are on their way to one of the city's best known van mocks taipei one o one. here they broadcast their message on unification to tourists from mainland china but they cannot tell you. that. and that is not what i want to let you do that everyone no one ever that you the family and they take on
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followers of the following spiritual movement who are publicizing the plight of their fellow practitioners in mainland china where the group is outlawed in my opinion but are you buying at the. and i had done this for you i knew that. today's exchange ends peacefully. but that hasn't always been the case. the concentric patriotism alliance has members regularly feature in online videos like these. their targets include pro independent supporters. democracy activists. as well as the following any kind of several of their members have been convicted of assault. within taiwan questions over the methods and funding sources of the concentric patrick ism alliance have swirled for some time. people in power has been investigating.
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posing as a mainlander who has recently moved to taiwan are undercover researcher has been getting to know the group. among the first things we learn is that co-founder jang su year is running in this year's local elections. the whole. thing of. this conversation with a supporter confirms what many have long suspected that the group pays people to attend its events. on. the concentric patry tism alliance is headed by seventy five year old child. originally from mainland china chao hosts of both hong kong and taiwanese identity
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cards. in this video he's in central taiwan marking the anniversary of the founding of the chinese communist party. but child was not always a believer. in one thousand nine hundred eighty four he wrote a letter to the then british prime minister margaret thatcher objecting to hong kong being handed back to china his letter began it is known to all that communist rule is characterized by suppression that leads only to bloodshed deprivation and dire poverty clearly chao has since had a change of heart but are chinese authorities funding his political activities here's what jang syria co-founder and manager of the concentric patriotism alliance has to say only. you know. that i
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handwritten and. then you and your friends in and. compete. in one. week. and you. see. these. at the offices of the taiwanese government spokesperson says more can be done to regulate all political groups woman. wendy. but even before changes to legislation police have started to act in early august they raid the offices.


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