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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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tuesday and once again when he was terrified raj across the dawsons new south wales and again towards city in a city where is the rain that you might think this should be the wet season the rain has been avoiding the last friday for a couple of weeks it's on its way just hasn't got there yet as the new zealand well another pretty high temps across churches ten above average not again on sunday probably for an effect the sea the clouds on the west side the mountains it dries up in the air warms as it comes down on the eastern side nevertheless the picture is about twenty three in oct in the wellington widespread cladding not so strong wind in the west bit of rain in the south of that is on monday come to see that's probably gone on the sun's a lot rather more prevalent so again trust church might be particularly warm. a face can tell a story without uttering
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a single one. and now england. can guide us. a simple touch inform us. the unconventionality of life witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. a lot of top stories here on altars there are fifty two fighters have been killed in a u.s. air strike on somalia the strike was north stop to protect a somali army base on saturday. police in athens used to asked to stop angry
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protesters from entering greece's parliament building thousands of people have been demonstrating against the proposed name change to the former yugoslav republic of macedonia. and sudanese security forces have fired tear gas to break up protests in the capital khartoum and city of. protesters are being taken to the streets for two months now to demand the resignation of president bashir. partial government shutdown in the u.s. and its thirtieth day and in a few more thousands of american workers will miss the second paycheck the president trying to attack democrats for rejecting his proposal to end the shutdown and provide funding for his border will the democrats say his plan is not a compromise and it was not offered in good faith practical hain is the latest from washington. a sign of the times a food bank sets up on the streets of the nation's capital aimed at feeding federal
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workers that are not getting paid many live paycheck to paycheck so for some this is the only way to feed their families. they aren't getting paid because u.s. president donald trump says that democrats want to put them back to work he needs money for his often promised border wall democrats have said no they'll debate border security but only after the government is reopened i can't see us keeping federal employees if hundred thousand people work. back and forth. these negotiations get to three of four weeks also appearing on the president's favorite conservative network fox. the vice president seemed to admit the federal workers are leverage and i mean you don't really think you just want to live rich and what and that you figure if you don't keep the government closed that they're going to go nowhere well again i go i was there i was sitting right next to the president when speaker pelosi said if she if we reopen the government and took
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thirty days to negotiate in fact that she would not give the president and i want to i want to ask you what your security or wall house speaker nancy pelosi actually said no to a wall democrats say they will fund border security the president walked out of that meeting but as the polls turn against him and his wall he's making democrats an offer he will reinstall the protections that he took away from around a million migrants in exchange for his wall so far democrats say no it is the impacts of the shutdown continue to spread across the country from long security lines at airports to federal loans not being given americans are wondering how this ends with no answer in sight pedicle al-jazeera washington. the opposition leader in the democratic republic of congo is challenging a top court's ruling that his rival predicts she sick a date won the presidential election often for you know is calling for peaceful protests but as a hailing the first peaceful democratic transfer of power since independence in one
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thousand nine hundred sixty coming to mina has more from kinshasa. the highest court in the democratic republic of congo announcing the next president felix. the. constitutional court judges dismissed an appeal by his rival mounted by you who alleged widespread vote rigging on polling day last month. are you accused you say kitty of making a power sharing deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila both deny that by you lose refusing to accept the court's ruling and is urging everyone to reject. this i consider myself the only legitimate president of a democratic republic of congo i call on the congolese people not to recognize someone who would take on that role in legitimately nor to a by orders coming from him. while for you know calls for peaceful protest the streets of the capital kinshasa appeared as they would on any other sunday calm and
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quiet. unlike the celebrate two scenes by security supporters that greeted the final ruling by the constitutional court. some of service say despite the allegations of vote rigging the promise of a new face of the presidency may be enough to allow for a smooth handover of power and that it's both a victory and a loss for congo's opposition should understand our concerns joseph kabila will wield power when he leaves office is behind the scenes is behind the decision but it depends the way just a kid and we rule during this their youth cut their relationship with god but this system. is not yet finished and still there despite the allegations and denials of murky deals to get elected just
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a kid is due to be sworn in on tuesday there's been a mixed reaction from the international community the southern at. cricket development community has welcomed the results appealing for everyone to accept the court's ruling while the european and african union say they have serious concerns about the final results what they have to say may be of little importance for many congolese who want to separating change from their new leader from either milan al-jazeera kinshasa zimbabwe's president. has cut short an overseas trip to deal with the ongoing unrest in his country at least twelve people have been killed and hundreds have been arrested during demonstrations against rising fuel prices local activists say seventy eight people have been treated for gunshot wounds with hundreds more suffering other injuries a spokesman for the president says the police crackdown is a foretaste of how the government will respond to unrest colombia's president has led
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a demonstration in the capital bogota condemning thursday's car bomb attack which killed twenty one people the government blames colombia's last remaining rebel group the lens for carrying out the attack on us under a pity reports from bogota. i holding white flags for peace thousands of cologne means honored the memory of the twenty police cadets killed in the deadliest attack in the country in sixteen years. we are here to support our heroes that killed young kids and injured the mucilage of dozens we need to unite against terror terrorism wherever it is coming from. if protesters demanded justice in an end to violence they have been embraced the policeman who lined the streets president even whose government blames the last remaining rebel group in the country lane for the car bomb attack marched with the protesters as did police stations from across the political spectrum including former president clinton was santos the man responsible for the historic peace deal with five gravels in two
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thousand and sixteen which really is a very good signal that the countries unite around a very important course which is shame no two while ensuring no terrors i doubt but yet there were clashes along the route as some students demanded the government keep the option open for peace negotiations with the yellin you know you got your following thursday's car bomb attack president requested the cuban government which is hosting the talks to capture in extradite ten rebel commanders colombians are united in their message against violence but they remain deeply divided and polarized when it comes on how to bring about a complete peace in the country and again now the president even duke at this sided to shut the door on any possibility of continuing peace negotiations with the rebels you know what it was that we can't let the government instill fear and
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promote the return of who and really tries a human there's more to the story four hundred community leaders have been killed in the past year and we never see government mobilizing. for them and the closer to peace is the only way out of this we need the government to negotiate with the l. n. . oit. colombians fear the end of the peace talks could bring a new wave of attacks in a return to war in the regions where do your own operates but many feel this is a price they are prepared to pay in response to an attack that has shocked a nation just beginning to let its guard down after decades of conflict i listen to them al-jazeera look down. the death toll from a fire to fuel pipeline in mexico has climbed to two seventy nine as authorities vow to hold those responsible to account for in the case but in mexico are still attempting to identify many of the casualties from friday's explosion dozens of
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people are still unaccounted for and some of the corpses at the scene charred beyond recognition any survivors are being treated in hospital for severe burns five hospitals in the gaza strip are facing closure due to fuel shortages hospitals rely on diesel generators because of blackouts from gaza's only power station israel has been refusing to allow the delivery of five million dollars in cash from qatar to buy fuel child stratfor reports from gaza. ruf out of sorts already has suffered kidney problems all his life the ten year old needs dialysis treatment four times a week. food fuel to power hospital generates is he's fast running out his father says he has applied many times to have refined treated in israel but they have always refused. and even i don't pull for i am really concerned because my son relies on these three things because that is unique to these machines and keep my son alive because we stop him with and that scares me the. ministry of health says
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at least five hospitals where hundreds of patients need vital lifesaving treatment the various illnesses including cancer all face closure unless fuel is supplied soon. fuel shortages throughout israel's wild untamed you. can see blockade but the ministry of health is saying the situation of hospitals like this one with respect to the amount of fuel they have for their generators has reached a critical point and there are numerous reasons why the palestinian authority led by president mahmoud abbas based in new york you applied way spank has restricted gauss' electricity supply for years to put pressure on hamas. reconciliation efforts between hamas and fatah which dominates the palestinian authority have failed to heal the rift which is lost more than a decade the israeli government is also being blamed it blocked the third
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installment of fifteen million dollars from cancer after rockets were fired from the besieged palestinian territory earlier this month the country cash is needed to pay thousands of hamas employees and to buy fuel for gaza's only power station but many israelis objected to the government allowing any money into gaza from hamas. hamas denies accusations of exaggerating the fuel crisis so its employees get paid gaza's ministry of health says money from international donors to buy generate a few has all but dried up. we have for the last two weeks been in a very complicated situation it is very serious this has become a critical humanitarian issue for thousands of patients and hospitals across gaza amount to thousands of palestinian patients like his son know the difficulties of getting life saving medical treatment under the siege who go on john strafford al
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jazeera gaza two people have been killed and at least twenty two injured in a fire at a ski resort in the french alps the blaze broke out early on sunday in a workers' accommodation building in the resort town of course of n. several residents had to jump from windows to safety seventy five fighters to bring the blaze under control the course has not yet been confirmed a few has been held in london for six on known jewish victims of the holocaust the reins of the five adults and one child who died at the auschwitz death camp were donated to britain's imperial war museum in one thousand nine hundred seven coffins were lowered into the ground at a jewish cemetery in north london six million jews were murdered in nazi death camps during world war two the ceremony was attended by the israeli ambassador and the deputy german ambassador to the u.k. as well as the chief rabbi of the commonwealth you don't know.
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we don't know you really. we don't know which three. we don't know what you do for a living. we don't have. your car but there is one thing that we do. you. you. people in taiwan who aren't feeling so well have for generations of war did going to a doctor and visited a traditional chinese medicine shop instead that's out of the shops are shut down in the past twenty years and store owners fear when they die so will their industry catch up as what i am explains why. leave chilling dispenses traditional chinese medicine from this herbal store in taiwan natural medicine shops like this one have been used for generations as an alternative to visiting
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a doctor but the industry that depends on curing illnesses is dying taiwan's government hasn't issued a new operating license for twenty years. this profession in taiwan is on the decline it's become a so-called sunset industry older people have slowly left and younger ones don't have a license it's all very uncertain the license shortage started in the one nine hundred ninety s. as the government trying to regulate traditional medicine shops government leaders feared combining western and eastern medicine could lead to unforeseen medical emergencies it was hoped train professionals would take jobs in traditional shops but that didn't happen well pay a limited benefits failed to attract young doctors and now more and more shops are closing down. good shrink who knows her dispensary will only remain open while her ailing father in law is alive when he goes so will his operating license be done.
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with chinese medicine shops are forced to close because the second generation cannot legally carry the operating license our livelihood will be in jeopardy but more importantly it will be the end of a taiwanese tradition and cultural icon that it will be a thing of the past it will be difficult for them to emerge again an estimated two hundred taiwanese natural medicine stores shut down every year the total has been cut in half to about eight thousand in the last twenty years taiwan's approach is a stark contrast to china and hong kong where there has been a push to promote and export traditional medicine mounting concern anger has led to protests in the capital taipei now the government says it's trying to find a solution with industry leaders but shop owners fear it may be too late and employees such as lead channeling worry that it's not only her livelihood at stake but also a tradition that's part of taiwan's culture katia locus of began al-jazeera.
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and the wintry conditions in china's shining dong province of created an icy spectacular the plummeting temperatures of stop the flow of a waterfall creating huge icicles visitors have been gathering to admire the eighty meter high natural wonder which is allowed to tie at the country's most sacred mountain a phenomenon happens when atmospheric temperatures suddenly plunge well below zero stopping fast moving water and turning it into an array of icicles or spectacular. watching out here is a reminder of the top stories the u.s. military says it carried out an asteroid can somalia that killed fifty two fighters it was noised hours after the group attacked
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a somali army base they on group has also claimed responsibility for tuesday's attack on a luxury hotel and shopping complex in neighboring kenya. has more it's very hard to say the scale of the us or russia is somalia because it is largely secretive or porous no one really knows how many u.s. troops are present on the ground all we know is that the number husbands totally inclusive of all says donald trump came to office the awful took advantage of a loosening or frictions or who i'm going to engage they have a huge military base eighty kilometers away southwest of mogadishu in a place known as police dog and that's where the. most of the draw strikes police in athens have used tear gas to stop angry protesters from entering greece's parliament building thousands of people have been demonstrating against the
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proposed name change deal with macedonia scope here wants the change to take the country's name to the republic of north macedonia and many greeks object because macedonia is the ancient name of one of their regions. sudanese security forces have fired tear gas to break up protests in the capital khartoum and the city of. the protesters have been taking to the streets for two months now to demand the resignation of president bashir. the partial government shutdown in the us has ended its thirtieth day hundreds of thousands of government employees are struggling to make ends meet without pay president trump has attacked democrats projecting his proposal to end the shutdown and provide funding for his border wall the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is calling for nationwide protests after the constitutional court rejected his allegations of vote rigging martin for you is appealing to the international
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community not to recognize fixtures to k.d. as president those were top stories do stay with us witness is coming up next why for now. more than two thousand five hundred leaders from governments businesses and international organizations will meet at the next world economic forum to discuss the global political and industry trends one twenty nine t. dabbles special coverage on al-jazeera.
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thousand. remains amid all this year's show you a whole year old some of the time pop she's friends or someone calling issues shop ja rule. one don't mind gin should you call but i just went out on the. young children seem to cheer she she also teaches you which i didn't see which one go she was shot safe with also the machine with the ball to i. i. i don't think god. was like oh god you know he was there that was there. it was two thousand i was passing away as i'm still. i'll be sure about this is it the man on how to make you call you out on this you know i was passing this is not the right.
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or the american embassy i know. how he got to be able to do that i was eating habits and some of them had found out you know that you had problems among some of the members nobody was going to give all the problems that you want to be with you. how do you believe your change our are likely already oh i don't. know come to. the hole because she finds if you're on the same foot. as a quarter of this is going to hold one my father. john paul two. made. them
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