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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2019 5:00pm-5:33pm +03

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generalism you don't feel inferior or a good audience because the book. a call for more demonstrations in sudan with anger growing over the crackdown on protestors. this is live from doha also coming up. zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing police there of brutality joining protests the president wants a national dialogue. hundreds of thousands of refugees wait to be moved to their new home the u.n. is finally allowed to visit the place that's been compared to a prison. and the race is on to find out who's in the running for this year's
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academy awards. a lot of protesters are back on the streets in sudan as anger is growing over the government's crackdown the student activists in the capital khartoum of demanding president bashir step down the opposition says forty seven people have now been killed since protests began last month when the government raised the price of bread president bashir is expected to arrive in qatar later on tuesday and to government activist in sudan has gone missing sources tell al-jazeera that ward was arrested by security agents he was last seen on wednesday when he went shopping in the capital. the home of dr bao because of the hamid in ca too has seen a constant stream of mourners since he was shot dead during an anti-government
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protest on thursday his house has also become a meeting place for supporters and sympathizers. who are well within what he did one of my five children he's my only son he never had a problem with anyone but he was always wanting to help those in need. three of the sisters are also doctors they say he was shot by members of the security forces are to makeshift clinic that he set up in the capital the family showed us a photo of a man in civilian clothes pointing a gun to words the house where their brother was treating the wounded. video of a shooting nearby on the same time at least two protesters were wounded. was a colleague try to rescue the doctor who was shot. a messy.
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the word that the people who were killed in sudan looked killed because they did anything wrong look at single car broken not a single house broken the people who are going out. to say you know if you screw it . i was a forensic expert says the doctor was shot from behind. we found pieces of metal in the room and in the lower part of his lung they'd be studied to determine the caliber and the type of weapon used and. so then the security forces and police deny any role in the killing of protesters with the. us police never used any live fire to any protest sites or any other occasion we never use live bullets in any situation. the same denials have been to eternity today by the head of intelligence and the target of the protest as president on bashir we're going to . leave we have now arrested people who belong to the abdul wahid militia
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and they acknowledge they were given orders to mix with protesters and kill them in order to stoke conflict and destroy the country the governing security doesn't kill people the weapon that's been used to kill dr abdul barker of the honeyed is not any type that our army or police possess or any of that exists in sudan. by god i say it's the regime that killed my son i will never doubt my certainty about it but i get in with our media and i'm sure they purposefully decided to kill doctors but my sister was arrested with the others they detained this told them that they were specifically looking for doctors who helped protest is that. the type of force being used by the government to quell the protests is adding to the controversy and confusion about the killings the government has employed militia to help the army combat armed groups in sudan for decades what's attracting attention now these
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militia men are mosque in their faces while attacking an arm of civilians in the streets of khartoum and other major cities and i think what the what the thinking then there is a very dangerous and unprecedented situation now when men in civilian clothes can carry guns battens a mosque there faces to confront protesters this proves the existence of a shadow army which is seniors ruling party leader talked about and yet you see him move anyone with him in there who do. as protesters chant peaceful peaceful they are drowned out by gunfire and tear gas. scenes of collective punishment like this are say the government's opponents a daily occurrence. so is the break into homes our security forces severely beat anyone suspected of hiding protesters the government says twenty six people have been killed so far in a month of protests to demand the better life rights groups say the total is at
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least double that the government's announced the setting up of an official commission of inquiry but protests that broke out over the rising of the cost of living last month continue to intensify and spread across the country and with every new protester killed hundreds more turn out demanding an end to the thirty year rule of president bashir. dizzier khartoum zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after recent protests that turned violent president emerson mango is calling for a national dialogue here to address the protests over rising living costs. condemned demonstrations which he said were not peaceful but he also criticised the police response he said violence or misconduct by our security forces unacceptable and betrayal of the new zimbabwe chaos and insubordination will not be tolerated
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misconduct will be investigated if required heads will roll a car bombs exploded in syria's letter kier district and reports say the been casualties footage on the state run news channel showed a large group of people in the street while wreckage smoldered on the ground the attack comes a few days after another explosion hit the mascot's. the escalation in rebel covert operations in government controlled cities could signal rebel groups tactics may also mean and i saw come back in regime controlled areas if they claim responsibility for the attack and attack by hooty rebels on the city of di's has killed one woman and injured dozens on sunday talks in jordan between hooty rebels and the saudi backed government to hash out details of a ceasefire in her data broke down. reports now on what this means for the tens of
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thousands of people who've been displaced. these children used to have a home regular meals and even shoes but now they live here on one of the main streets in yemen's capital sanaa but their father mohamed fatemi says he fled from the southern port city of data because the fighting while lebanon is going to set it every night i take shelter under this blue sheet it is freezing out here we need help to find a job and a roof above our heads i'm sleeping on the sidewalk we hope humanitarian agencies will take notice of our condition i have left no stone unturned but i've got no answer we are suffering severe cold starvation and a third. mohammed and his seven children are not alone they are part of the two million people in yemen who have been displaced since the war began in two thousand and fifteen and also part of the twenty two million people needing eight survive but help is limited in yemen. yemen yemenis are suffering
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a sharp shortage of basic needs and all the relief agencies operating here cannot afford to meet all those needs therefore the red cross reiterate so that the political situation is a must in order to put to an end the suffering of the yemenis despite a cease fire in his hometown which came into effect last month mohammad is not hopeful about the future of his country over the future of his children and i have to look around and see for yourself how we are living our children are dying because of cold and hunger i am jobless i can't even afford to beg where do i go i'm a yemeni lost in my own homeland if no help is provided we will all be left to die there are reports of fighting resuming in her data over the past few days which not only threaten civilians who suffered years of conflict but also risks the fragile cease fire door such a pari al-jazeera. well global leaders are gathered in davos switzerland for the start of this year's world economic forum but there are big names who are not there this year many are staying home to sort out their domestic issues and they include
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u.s. president donald trump our diplomatic editor james bays is in doubt asked for so james what a difference a year makes and their boss just isn't this the same this year is it well when president trump is not of international event it is so different from when he is at an international event you could argue that actually get more business done and certainly more attention on the issues here because when president total trump turns up at an international summit of any sort any international gathering it's almost as though he he squeezes all the auction oxygen out of it and it all becomes about president trump he stayed behind because of the shut down business leaders political leaders here as ever in down there was worth remembering that as well as them every year leaders of international organizations the secretary general of the united nations antonio good terrorists will be here later in the week humanitarian organizations from the u.n.
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and the ngo sector one of those is save the children the head of save the children international told me a short time ago that she's here in the main priority is getting the people the other dignitaries here to focus on yemen. when i was in yemen last year children and people with was saying to me we feel that the world has forgotten us we feel that they don't care about our suffering and that is so mad when you think about this that yemen is the worst place to be a child right now the suffering in yemen the children to die of hunger the many many millions of people who don't know where their next meal is coming from that is true human suffering and it's all manmade it didn't have to be like that so this is why we need to make sure that people still understand the best walker going on and ask themselves what can we do to help that should be outrage also because the nature of war has changed so enormously now we see that cities are being besieged
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we see the denial of humanitarian access being part as have been used as a weapons of war we're seeing places where children should be safe hospitals schools playgrounds being bombed sometimes deliberately the nature of war has changed and i will agree that what we are seeing it will be a seeing now is very very brutal and we're also seeing that it is being done with impunity. well leaders like health funding schmidt come here to davos every year because they want to raise awareness of things like yemen but also because they want to raise money because there are so many business leaders so many politicians who provide the aid money for n.g.o.s like hers to work and clearly the global economy has a bearing on that countries are likely to be more generous when the economy is good
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here there are some serious concerns about a downturn in the economy coming potentially from china it's worth remembering a year ago when president trump was here certainly things in terms of the u.s. economy were looking very good indeed he was seeing seeming almost victorious as he wandered around a year ago perhaps one year on it's worth looking at where we are now and taking a bit of a stock take. one year ago when president trump arrived in davos the business world was already aware of the unpredictable nature of the u.s. is most unusual more president most of the well read intellectually focused and strategically minded business leaders who attend this annual gathering could not be more different from donald trump a man who once ran casinos and arguably sometimes ran his empire as if he was in a casino yet when he came here he walked around the halls on
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a victory lap he was proud of a strong economy united states is doing fantastically well and he stated here as he did many times elsewhere that he was most happy to be judged by one metric the stock market is smashing one record after another and has added more than seven trillion dollars in new wealth since my election. it didn't stay that way increased volatility at the end of the year meant two thousand and eighteen ended up the worst year on the u.s. stock market for a decade so would trump receive a similar reception if he was coming to davos this year i asked a leading economist i know it's quite different from last year he had just passed the big tax cut and they were about to increase spending the outlook for the economy in the short run was very positive and so there was a sort of a legitimate optimism about the u.s.
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economy a year ago what's become clear is that that was a short term boost not a long term boost and i think one has to look at the way financial markets have behaved over the last several months as at least creating circumstances where a recession is probably more likely. than it would have been otherwise so that would be a nightmare scenario course for president trump the idea of a recession coming because of course next year is election year in the united states in the combination of those two things is certainly not what a first term u.s. president wants trump not here not of his administration here but they're still going to get their message across one hour from now the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh who canceled his flight today have also is going to address the delegates he's using a video link to the main hole here in davos as i say the u.s. secretary of state speaking in one hours time all right james thanks for that james
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bays live for us in davus. still ahead on. paying their respects families gathered to remember the victims of last tuesday's attack in kenya. i will tell you why treaty between france and germany sparking opposition from the far right. hello the weather is set fire across china lots of sunshine also dry weather a little bit of cloud i would say was the western side of the country but it is going to say mostly settled and sunny said typed in hong kong getting up to about twenty celsius over the next couple of days shanghai hanging on to top temperature of around thirteen degrees twenty four taipei generally settled in sunny showers they come their way into the philippines once again manila at around thirty celsius
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it has some showers long spells of right into the north of india recently and some snow over the high ground in delhi has seen some rather lively downpours and this was the scene here yesterday some rather heavy rain coming three or right as we go on through the next couple of days at least as we go on through well when the state stays on settled by the stage nineteen celsius in the cloud right as the snow in the northern flank for the south is fine and it's dry thirty celsius for that poor for bengaluru close to that in chennai and similar values there for colombo as well over the next couple of days by thursday it should be drying up there for the fall north of in the dry and fine across the arabian peninsula tebbutt is up on a recent bout he said he compared to last week that where the top temperature of twenty three. whether online i want to start here on my laptop with
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a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has codebase i may go protest and instructed police to use force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice vote so lots of different reasons what's the difference types of bricks join the global conversation on al-jazeera. you're watching i just need a reminder of our top stories the protesters are back on the streets in sudan as anger grows over the government's crackdown the opposition says forty seven people
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have now been killed since demonstrations began last month when the government raised the price of bread. zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after recent protests there that turned violent president emerson used twitter to condemn demonstrations which he said were not peaceful but he also criticized police violence. a car bombs exploded in syria last comes just days after another explosion hit damascus apparently targeting security officials. memorial service has been held in kenya for six people were killed in an attack last tuesday twenty one people died when the storm the dusit hotel in nairobi police have released pictures of suspects they are still looking for five people arrested earlier on suspicion of helping the attackers have appeared in court has more from nairobi. a memorial for six of the
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victims. will be placed in my will be the first one to be followed and people expect that to happen. there was six workers working for a tech company. in the. statement the company they will walk through. they have put their lives on the line. of leadership on selflessness to save the lives. of. the whole familiarity to what is happening now. their loved ones will be killed. by gunmen who are on a campaign of hate and. unlike other attacks this fall seems to be much of a given. with many people praising the security forces for not only the
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number of people they managed to save in a very short time but also bringing the whole operation to one in a record time which is quite different from what happened in the center about twenty two when there was the talk of the wish to get more in twenty fifteen when else about one hundred forty. students in a university in the northeastern part of the country because there is also concerned that kenya might be free see the threat of homegrown terrorism and the government is saying defeat is going to carry out a massive security operation to recover as many of the illegally held firearms as possible. an uninhabited island in bangladesh will be the new home for more than one hundred thousand range of refugees who fled myanmar the un special rapporteur on human rights there has been given permission to visit the place on thursday but
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rights groups compare conditions on the island to neighboring in a prison i was really surprised because last night gave the approval to go ahead for me to go visit china for two years as you said i had no access and this time and they really part of my trip here they i was told that i can go when it's finished but you know but she promised me last july when i came here she said you can go after the rain so i think she's taking now she's fulfilling her promise because the rain has stopped and it's a dry season and i think she's willing to let me go and show to the world what it really is. the test of the name has more now from cooped up a long refugee camp in bangladesh center that is facing the enormous challenge of how best to host almost a million rohingya refugees caucuses are is now home to the largest refugee settlements in the world and the government says people keep streaming over the
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border from the unmarked at a rate of about forty thousand a year this mega camp is congested it sits on an elephant migration route and in less than two years the jungle has been heavily used forested one of the solutions the government has is to move about one hundred thousand rohingya refugees to a remote island it's called the heart is about a four hour boat ride from the mainland it is uninhabited and it's prone to flooding that is why it's controversial if you want special rapporteur says since the rohingya crisis began two has been pushing for access to this island on tuesday he told al-jazeera he is now going to be allowed to take a tour and that will happen on thursday a new treaty between france and germany is causing tensions in europe the two leaders warned of the dangers of nationalism as they signed the agreement it is aimed a deepening economic and defense ties between the two it will also boost cooperation
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with the e.u. and nato and far right groups have attacked the treaty assigning away the two countries sovereignty question but what has more from paris. what this treaty is really about is france and germany strengthening their cooperation and really placing themselves very firmly at the heart of what they see as a strong europe at a time when there's no doubt that the block is deeply divided now the treaty looks at areas such as partnerships and the military economic cooperation more cultural and youth exchanges france and germany may even in the future issue joint statements to the united nations for example and it also paves the way for what the two leaders of talked about for some time and that is a european army that would act under the nato alliance now it doesn't really change so much because france and germany have been a working in this way deepening their relationship for more than fifty years but it's certainly very symbolic because it comes less than four months before the
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european union parliamentary elections and at a time when both chancellor merkel and president are very aware that the rise of far right anti populous parties really threatens the future of the european union we also have a great looming so what these two leaders really want to do is present a very strong and united europe they want to talk about reforms they want to make sure that europe a europe that's united is very much in the voters' minds when people go to the ballot box in may china's economy is growing at its slowest rate in decades that's putting pressure on the countries job market young people in particular are feeling the crunch a record number of new graduates will be looking for work this year and those who have jobs so they're working longer hours for less pay catrina you reports from beijing. taking
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a swing at life's pressures. i doubt chinese you'd like to come here to break things and blow off steam. i don't like the lifestyle in beijing is too fast i have to get up early and finish late gin story working long hours for little pay is common among customers at beijing smash room. opened by just an engine and some friends last year she says china's economic slowdown is putting more pressure on young people so they didn't see that many people including my friends are feeling the pressure when the whole economy is slipping down many of my friends have to work for new jobs so many people are pressured from work so expect to see more clients after chinese new year the twenty eight yellow slump in growth and uncertainty over the trade war with the united states are starting to be felt in china's job market. according to
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a joint report by remain university and jobs like demand for stuff in the december quarter it was down twelve percent compared to the previous year while the number of job seekers grew by about eight percent chinese students preparing to enter the workforce. competition this year alone about eight point three million are expected to graduate beryl wang is one of them the massive student has been trying to find a job for when she completes his studies in june but so far she's had no success i've tried a lot of trials to interview the writing task i've gone through a lot but i haven't received any offers in the two. barrels optimistic she'll find something after the chinese new year in february but many of her friends have given up on beijing moving to smaller cities where it's cheaper and there's less competition for the new engine and the young people and a lot of pressure i think the government is very worried about unemployment which
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may lead to social unrest the official unemployment rate is about four percent but that's way below the truth last week the chinese government announced new measures to stabilize the job market start ups will be entitled to bigger larns and companies with zero a few layoffs will be rewarded. with employment pressure in china set to continue drilling is sure it won't be long before she returns to the smash room china's bad economic news continue to pile up it's likely the glass here you will to. al-jazeera beijing pakistan's prime minister is holding talks in qatar imran khan is in the gulf state for a two day visit him at qatar's emir shift the men in hamad if any in doha earlier com discussed increasing corporation in qatar and pakistan with the country's prime minister. a nominees for the ninety first annual academy awards have been announced
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the ceremony which honors the very best in the film industry will be held next month roma and a favorite lead the awards race with ten nominations each daniel smith rousey is a professor of media and communications at some mary's college in california he says roma could be the first foreign language film to take best picture. it's an inclusive year continues the academy's relative outreach to you know groups that it often ignored in the past. for example you know you have best picture nominee nominations for wiping out their black plantsman roma you know this is a relatively close of academy to some degree you know of and then there's also their usual kind of mean it's fair like rebooking bias which probably appeal to some of the older voters in their roma. family it seems and i think it has a great chance it's what's worked and it gets it is that it's a netflix film and it's you know foreign language and nowhere and i would still has
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never won best picture but this could be the year they make history on it seems like roma is kind of well positioned. the director has been winning best director you know where it's everywhere he's predicted to win this one so i can it's almost a question of whether they're going to pair director with picture they split a lot in this decade but maybe you know but they didn't split it last last year. this is agitated let's get a roundup of the top stories protesters are back on the streets in sudan as anger grows over the government's crackdown on dissent the opposition says forty seven people have now been killed since demonstrations began last month when the government raised the price of bread. and anti-government activists in sudan has gone missing seoul says tell that who would wonder what was arrested by security agents was last seen on wednesday when he went shopping in the capital of
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a morgan has more from khartoum. process and part of some will have already started some of the university students and how to swim in the universe of what any are came out to protest against president obama be sure and demand that he and his rule and step down now this has been going on for more than a month the biggest challenge to president obama bashir since he came into power nearly thirty years ago and there doesn't seem to be any end to it but people have been very concerned about how security forces have been responding to the wave of our protesters they've the people who are demonstrating say they're very peaceful there are armed and all they're trying to do is to get their message across to across the government that it should step down and hand over power to the interim independent council and to elections are held a car bomb has exploded in letter carrier syria the blast comes just days after another explosion hit the mascot's apparently targeting security officials zimbabwe's human rights commission is accusing security forces of systematic torture after recent protests that turned violent president emerson mango is
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calling for a national dialogue to address the protests over rising living costs used twitter to condemn demonstrations which he said were not peaceful the un special rapporteur on human rights in myanmar has been granted access to the bush and charter island in bangladesh yang healy will visit the area on thursday the uninhabited area will house more than one hundred thousand range of refugees but rights groups compare conditions there to a prison a memorial service has been held in kenya for six people who were killed in an attack last tuesday twenty one people died when a fighter stormed the dusit hotel in nairobi five people arrested earlier on suspicion of helping the attackers have appeared in court those are the headlines the streams next. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when he needs girls
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desperate to learn and asks why use the system failing them on al-jazeera. when one is aiming to stop all imports of secondhand clothing by the end of twenty nineteen but how do you wonders who depend on these items money and family ok and i'm really good on today's stream we'll look at the country's efforts to boost homegrown industries and in the trade in hand me downs send your thoughts via twitter and you tube. we're wondering government say that refusing use clothes known locally as to go and the tomba will restore dignity.


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