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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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here been presenting himself as a peace broker but the last thing the peace broker could do is to deploy intimidation on one of the interlocutors and this is i think it went down very badly with the with the taliban also with the pakistani facilitators just because pakistan and put in a lot of effort in convincing the taliban just to give up the path of wine and then continue talking to the united states but then this intimidation sort of this was seen as an intimidation by them if it is out and it evoked also very harsh response from the taliban spokesperson who said that well if the choose to fight it does then we are here to fight and i think this basically was a very unsmart move just because time is not on the side of as an american it is our goal president trump whereas taliban would say that while we have been fighting for seventeen years we could fight go on fighting for another five years so i think this is what i was talking about that mistrust possibly is the biggest and indeed i
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know the big elephant in the room and this is what all sides need to it was injecting into the talks by trying to trying to steer transparent in their in their talks with one another and omar somebody has to get something something for this to move event a little bit who is more likely to give something what are they willing to give for this not to just be another waste of time. of course peace has a car cost it will have a cost. to the afghan government to the afghan people. who are not taliban who do not wish to live under the taliban rule but it was so there has to be a cause for taliban as well they have to give up. on fighting to reach their end goal if that is power they have to give up on
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a control complete control of power they have to give up on overthrowing the government one of our games and what about what about running man what about the sticking point is demanded there that their prisoners be released is is that something even realistic that would be considered and what are those you know those are those are absolutely absolutely legitimate. talking items. and there is not a position either again from the u.s. envoy for peace or from the afghan government to the willing to discuss that in fact there are items that are way more important. now with the u.s. is open to discuss such as the status of its forces in afghanistan. and lastly. the recent talks in doha indicate. that discussion of such important items has begun and i would call it
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a breakthrough and in that respect are not agreed that. the recent statements was that bigger deal i mean he is not a mediator he is u.s. government envoy and therefore he will be stating the position of the us government which is ok but if it is peace but if taliban continue to fight then the u.s. will continue to support the afghan government that's not a new statement in the will hearing from any other u.s. envoy as well and i did not affect taliban as well in this. engage and interact with that two days when you have to it isn't possible to models discussion of him with taliban will indicate david if u.s. troops draw down there well that have any effect on on all of this. well the u.s. one point well over one hundred thousand troops in afghanistan and drew down to five thousand that did not mean that the taleban did not come to peace talks then
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so u.s. withdrawal of troops has been proven not to be the real object of the columbine what the taliban want is to have the islamic emirate back in to rule afghanistan the way they did before that is really the crux of the matter however eighty percent of the taliban afghan people don't want to call upon so at this point what has to give is a college bonds insistence that they need to bring the islamic emirate back into power once they pull back from that and sit down and have negotiations peace can probably be pretty rapidly achieved in june of this year there was a three day ceasefire it was amazing that on both sides taliban and government the soldiers sat there sat down with each other and had the families who hadn't seen each other for years visited with each other there was rejoicing on both sides on the taliban side and the government side about peace that is what should be the goal for everybody is that peace let me just say one thing about ambassador hollis i've worked closely with him over the past fifteen years i would be very careful
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about underestimating him and if you think you are going to help maneuver him you have to be but you should be very careful before you criticize him thank you all right that will be the last word and gentlemen appreciate this conversation very much i'm sure we will. call on you to continue it at some point thank you omar zakhilwal antioch school and david said and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time get our web site al-jazeera dot com for the discussion go to our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me richelle carey in the entire team here until hop i for now.
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you. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamabad period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his chemical procedures all those which most still years to do it. all while. science in a golden age with professor jim miller on al-jazeera. the battle over the minimum wage heated up across the country today thousands of fast food workers walked off the job desperate for a better way to choose if you cured your average worker a little more money they're probably going to be able to pay bills or maybe they'll spend a little bit more i'm going to do right now so fifty k. pena to be able to survive in twenty first century america i'm nervous we cannot afford for one of us alone a job. on al-jazeera. in
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an ordinary week doc to even atar at the hot aside to not the only functioning hospital in bunch town in north eastern south sudan and his steam operate on around sixty patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestige just nansen award which you won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since twenty three teen the war has divided the country along ethnic lines two hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan spinout state even this remote town and looked to be a bad hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the infrastructures which are especially in the upper layer. almost all away including mother cutlass bottles of stewart living there for the person who you know visions of the mother to walk into the city that they're supposed.
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the wife of a missing sudanese activist calls for the president to step down as he travels abroad during anti-government protests. hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up venezuela's leader accuses the u.s. of interfering in his country's affairs again and there was a revision of ties with washington. the u.s. senate will finally vote to end the partial government shutdown but it's promising to be a fight. this damaged world. and a warning on climate change at a meeting without leaders from some of the world's worst polluters.
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so the president has arrived in qatar in the middle of the longest anti-government protests and his time in office omar al bashir was in doha for two days of talks is due to meet the qatari i'm in shock to me been hammered out thani in the coming hours back in sudan basheer is facing daily demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year long rule rights groups accuse the government of cracking down on demonstrators they say at least forty people have been killed since the protests began well sudan's labor minister says the government's working to start a dialogue with the demonstrators with my views and if you are new we are required to exhibit more if it's in the coming days and this should include a teams to find common grounds with the youths protesting it is now and that they took to the streets as a spontaneous response to the government's failure as they have no clear cut political affiliations it is therefore at g.t.
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as a state authority to find channels of communication with him to find common solutions for him ogun joins us live now from the sudanese capital khartoum heber so the president has arrived back home the protests are still continuing. yes there and this is the biggest challenge he's faced since he came to power thirty years ago people seem very determined they say they will not stop demonstrating on the streets and till he steps down now he's made it very clear that he is not going to stop he's not going to step down as they want this he says he's going to try to introduce economic reforms he's going to try to make the situation the living so conditions for people better but this it's not just about the economy it's about the way the country has been ruled during his time in office they say he's been ruling with corruption and that there has been no improvement and the big country has been in a downward spiral now let's remember that this process started on the nineteenth of december it's been more than a month since people first came out to protest and started with the economy but it quickly escalated and morphs into people demanding that he step down and hand over power to an interim independent counsel people have been arrested and people have
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been accusing the government of using brutal excessive force they say they've come out and armed they've come out in peace and they're just trying to voice their demands and their demands and their frustration but instead the government has been responding using tear gas and live ammunition now this government has also been criticized by the u.s. the u.n. and the e.u. and the e.u. for using live ammunition and tear gas against peaceful protesters and the government also said that eight hundred sixteen people have been arrested but activists and opposition groups say that that number is much higher and could be as high as a thousand people arrested since the protests began or ocho here morgan in the sudanese capital khartoum about as cross over know. he's live for us here in doha jamal so just talk us through what kind of support omar al bashir is looking for from council. well historically there's been a very strong relationship between doha and sort of to him over the years particularly when it's come to sudan and this is the new president in particular
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looking for some sort of help so qatar has sponsored the darfur peace talks it has provided a lot of economic support in terms of more than a billion dollars invested in that part of the country it's also looked to ensure that it was able to relieve the government's burden when there have been previous flashes of protests in terms of those protesting against the hike in fuel prices and other things so that could be one way of trying to look at it but also cut that has been a voice that has been at least not so. again store aggressive towards the populist movement sort of more popular movements rather that's have erupted across the arab world since two thousand and eleven is still as a government injuries a lot of let's say street creds among some of those pro-democracy movements or reform movements in the arab world so it is maybe uniquely poised to try and find some way out of this obviously the fact that he government has so far supported the
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government of sudan officially and maybe within these folks who will be looking to try and find some sort of a way forward in what's announcer's been or describe rather has been one of the worst political crises to face on or bashir since coming to power three decades ago jamal thank you i mean on the wife of a not to this arrested in sudan is pleading for the government to release her husband done calling for president bashir to resign so these american road one donald was detained by security agents a week ago in khartoum his wife nancy told down to zero he was appearing to take part in demonstrations the next day when nancy downs the husband is a peaceful end to this she's in the u.s. to help free him. i do hope that they will put pressure on the sudanese government to be able to assist in his release definitely counting on them with any leverage we have with the sudanese government to make sure that that happens as quickly as possible along with the release of all of the other political
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detainees he's always been a peaceful protest or he is. has been concerned for many years about the state of sudan and he has been trying to bring change. the voice of all the sudanese are really crying for freedom for peace and for justice. no ruler should be in control for thirty years so i'm really calling now for omar al bashir to step down. is a dictator that has been exploiting and oppressing the people for for many years. the trafficking agency says it's found thousands of missing girls and women in southern mali many have been sold as sex slaves in a gold mining camp serves the robber tween twenty to forty five thousand kidnapped women in mali recently raised a problem ten years ago and says plans are underway to return the woman to nigeria
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this go elsewhere exploited by virtue of the have only really believed to be from the blue our communities in various parts of nigeria six different states to be precise and tricked into going into mali giving the impression of doing to be getting jobs in the hood and the usual story some of them are actually we're actually a doctor that the arabs the idea of school uniforms on their way to school or back from school to a snatched by the kid not possible trafficker. president nicolas maduro says he's older a vision of diplomatic ties with the united states that's in response to u.s. vice president mike pence declaring support for anti-government demonstrators and opposition leaders balance reports. was energized protest isn't caracas rally the a movement hoping to push the president from power play. out with the usurper as
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unrest happened last year our armed forces the country soldiers many of them began to demonstrate their own happiness and today there are over four hundred officers in jail who have been tortured simply for raising their voices against the regime has broken the constitutional order. venezuela's opposition has momentum over the weekend twenty seven soldiers rebelled against the government they were later to tank by security forces. until monday they moved through caracas the streets with pots and pans a statement that reverberated all the way to the white house by mike pence the vice president of the united states and on behalf of president donald trump and all the american people let me express the unwavering support of the united states is you the people of venezuela raise your voices in a call for freedom. nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power. he's never won the presidency in
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a free and fair election and he's maintained his grip of power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him while protesters and the opposition have a powerful enough vocal ally the juror countered with a t.v. address of his own he warned then tools who attacked a cultural center named after old sira the late socialist politician i only remember that they're going to capture them all they all went to prison and that's when penalty for the fascists had handheld of sealing the jurors vice president then took direct aim at the us. simply because mr pence doesn't have a job now he wants to come and run venezuela handing out instructions on what should happen in venezuela openly calling for a coup d'etat in venezuela i will say it like the venezuelan people would say to you yankee go home. on wednesday the race or it will be challenged on the streets it's the end of the story of the full of venezuela's military government in one
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nine hundred fifty eight the opposition monks it with nationwide marches but they say this year its maturity needs to go. ballasts al-jazeera the u.s. senate will vote on thursday on competing bills to end the month long partial government shutdown is the longest in u.s. history with hundreds of thousands of federal workers going without a paycheck mike hanna has more from washington d.c. the clerk will read a communication to the senate in this largely partisan battle the faint flicker of a compromise senate leaders agreed to put two competing bills to the vote on thursday on saturday broken trop rolled out a bold comprehensive offer one drawn up by.


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